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Flutter number format DEFAULT

Working with Cell Formatting

9 Apr 202113 minutes to read

This section covers the various formatting options in a cell or a range.

Create a Style

The following code shows how to create and apply cell style.

  • dart
  • Apply Global Style

    The Flutter XlsIO adds styles globally that can be applied to one or more cells in a workbook. This is a recommended approach to apply single style in different rows and columns, which improves memory and performance considerably.

    The following code snippet illustrates how to apply global style.

  • dart
  • globalstyle

    Apply Number Formats 

    Number Formats are codes that helps to control the appearance of cell values especially numbers in an Excel document. Excel recognizes the numbers in various formats like:

    • Number
    • Currency
    • Percentage
    • DateTime
    • Accounting
    • Scientific
    • Fraction and
    • Text

    This number format can be of maximum 4 parts, separated by semicolons. They are:

    • Positive Numbers
    • Negative Numbers
    • Zeros
    • Text

    Each part is an individual number format. Default format is “General”, it means anything that will fit.

    The following table shows various custom formatting codes:

    Number Code Description
    General General number format.
    0 (zero) Digit placeholder. This code pads the value with zeros to fill the format.
    # Digit placeholder. This code does not display extra zeros.
    ? Digit placeholder. This code leaves a space for insignificant zeros but does not display them.
    . (period) Decimal placeholder. The decimal placeholder determines how many digits are displayed to the left and right of the decimal separator.
    % Percentage placeholder. Multiplies by 100 and adds the % character.
    , (comma) Thousands separator. A comma followed by a placeholder (0 or #) scales the number by a thousand.
    E+ E- e+ e- Scientific notation.
    Text Code Description
    $ - + / ( ) : space These characters are displayed in the number. To display any other character, enclose the character in quotation marks or precede it with a backslash.
    \character This code displays the succeeding character you specify.

    Note Typing !, ^, &, ', ~, {, }, =, <, or > automatically places a backslash in front of the character.
    "text" This code displays the text.
    * This code repeats the next character in the format to fill the column width.

    Note: Only one asterisk per section of a format is allowed.
    _ (underscore) This code skips the width of the next character. This code is commonly used as "_)" (without the quotation marks) to leave space for a closing parenthesis in a positive number format when the negative number format includes parentheses.

    This allows the values to line up at the decimal point.
    @ Text placeholder.
    Date Code Description
    m Month as a number without leading zeros (1-12).
    mm Month as a number with leading zeros (01-12).
    mmm Month as an abbreviation (Jan - Dec).
    mmmm Unabbreviated Month (January - December).
    d Day without leading zeros (1-31).
    dd Day with leading zeros (01-31).
    ddd Week day as an abbreviation (Sun - Sat).
    dddd Unabbreviated week day (Sunday - Saturday).
    yy Year as a two-digit number (for example, 96).
    yyyy Year as a four-digit number (for example, 1996).
    Time Code Description
    h Hours as a number without leading zeros (0-23).
    hh Hours as a number with leading zeros (00-23).
    m Minutes as a number without leading zeros (0-59).
    mm Minutes as a number with leading zeros (00-59).
    s Seconds as a number without leading zeros (0-59).
    ss Seconds as a number with leading zeros (00-59).
    AM/PM am/pm Time based on the twelve-hour clock.
    Miscellaneous Code Description
    [BLACK], [BLUE], [CYAN], [GREEN], [MAGENTA], [RED], [WHITE], [YELLOW], [COLOR n] These codes display the characters in the specified colors.

    Note: n is a value from 1 to 56 and refers to the nth color in the color palette.
    [Condition value] Condition may be <, >, =, >=, <=, <> and value may be any number.

    Note: A number format may contain up to two conditions.

    XlsIO provides support for reading and writing various built-in and custom number formats in a cell by using the NumberFormat property of Range class.

    The following code snippet illustrates how to set different number formats in a worksheet range.

  • dart
  • numberformat

    Access display text

    Cell values can be accessed as text, number, dateTime and formula of Range class. In addition to this, there is another property DisplayText in Range, which returns a resultant value of a cell with its number format applied.

    The following code example illustrates how to display the text of a cell.

  • dart
  • Merging and Un-Merging Cells

    The cells can be merged using the merge() method in Range as shown as follows.

  • dart
  • Merged cells can be unmerged using the unmerge() method in Range as shown below.

  • dart
  • The below code shows merging and unmerging worksheet cells.

  • dart
  • Apply Built-in Style

    The following code snippet explains how to add builtInStyle for a worksheet range.

  • dart
  • Sours: https://help.syncfusion.com/flutter/xlsio/working-with-cell-formatting

    Can I format a number before it is rendered in <Text>

    I am rendering a node in Flutter app something like:

    is retrieved via a remote API and is one of the returned JSON field. It normally is more than 1,000.

    If I display the book count like that, it is a plain . I would like to make it be shown as .

    Currently, I have to manually modify that field using some formatter but this is cumbersome.

    I am looking for something like:

    grammar, where myNumberFormat is a function.

    In my previous programming in PHP and Twig, this can be done with a filter.

    Much appreciate your input.



    This solution is what I know and is absolutely correct. What I am looking for is an inline "filter".

    With this solution, a few things I don't like, the most of which is that, I have to split my one liner of text into several few segments: This sentence will be broken to 7 parts at least so that each number text section can be formatted via a and then wrapped in a surrounding .

    I am trying to see if there are more straightforward ways to do so.

    Sours: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43634478/can-i-format-a-number-before-it-is-rendered-in-text
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    Provides internationalization and localization facilities, including message translation, plurals and genders, date/number formatting and parsing, and bidirectional text.

    The most important library is intl. It defines the Intl class, with the default locale and methods for accessing most of the internationalization mechanisms. This library also defines the DateFormat, NumberFormat, and BidiFormatter classes.

    The package has a single current locale, called defaultLocale. Operations will use that locale unless told to do otherwise.

    You can explicitly set the global locale

    or get it from the browser

    To override the current locale for a particular operation, pass the operation to withLocale. Note that this includes async tasks spawned from that operation, and that the argument to withLocale will supercede the defaultLocale while the operation is active. If you are using different locales within an application, the withLocale operation may be preferable to setting defaultLocale.

    To specify the locale for an operation you can create a format object in a specific locale, pass in the locale as a parameter to methods, or set the default locale.



    All the different types of locale data require an async initialization step to make sure the data is available. This reduces the size of the application by only loading the data that is actually required.

    Each different area of internationalization (messages, dates, numbers) requires a separate initialization process. That way, if the application only needs to format dates, it doesn't need to take the time or space to load up messages, numbers, or other things it may not need.

    With messages, there is also a need to import a file that won't exist until the code generation step has been run. This can be awkward, but can be worked around by creating a stub file, running an empty translation step, or commenting out the import until translations are available. See "Extracting and Using Translated Messages"

    Messages to be localized are written as functions that return the result of an Intl.message call.

    This provides, in addition to the basic message string, a name, a description for translators, the arguments used in the message, and examples. The and parameters must match the name (or ClassName_methodName) and arguments list of the function respectively. For messages without parameters, both of these can be omitted.

    A function with an Intl.message call can be run in the program before any translation has been done, and will just return the message string. It can also be extracted to a file and then be made to return a translated version without modifying the original program. See "Extracting Messages" below for more details.

    The purpose of wrapping the message in a function is to allow it to have parameters which can be used in the result. The message string is allowed to use a restricted form of Dart string interpolation, where only the function's parameters can be used, and only in simple expressions. Local variables cannot be used, and neither can expressions with curly braces. Only the message string can have interpolation. The name, desc, args, and examples must be literals and not contain interpolations. Only the args parameter can refer to variables, and it should list exactly the function parameters. If you are passing numbers or dates and you want them formatted, you must do the formatting outside the function and pass the formatted string into the message.

    There is one special class of complex expressions allowed in the message string, for plurals and genders.

    However, since the typical usage for a plural or gender is for it to be at the top-level, we can also omit the Intl.message call and provide its parameters to the Intl.plural call instead.

    Similarly, there is an Intl.gender message, and plurals and genders can be nested.

    It's recommended to use complete sentences in the sub-messages to keep the structure as simple as possible for the translators.

    Extracting And Using Translated Messages #

    When your program contains messages that need translation, these must be extracted from the program source, sent to human translators, and the results need to be incorporated. The code for this is in the Intl_translation package.

    To extract messages, run the program.

    This will produce a file with the messages from all of these programs. See ARB. The resulting translations can be used to generate a set of libraries using the program.

    This expects to receive a series of files, one per locale.

    This will generate Dart libraries, one per locale, which contain the translated versions. Your Dart libraries can import the primary file, named , and then call the initialization for a specific locale. Once that's done, any Intl.message calls made in the context of that locale will automatically print the translated version instead of the original.

    Once the future returned from the initialization call returns, the message data is available.

    Number Formatting and Parsing #

    To format a number, create a NumberFormat instance.

    The locale parameter is optional. If omitted, then it will use the current locale. The format string is as described in NumberFormat

    It's also possible to access the number symbol data for the current locale, which provides information as to the various separator characters, patterns, and other information used for formatting, as

    Current known limitations are that the currency format will only print the name of the currency, and does not support currency symbols, and that the scientific format does not really agree with scientific notation. Number parsing is not yet implemented.

    Date Formatting and Parsing #

    To format a DateTime, create a DateFormat instance. These can be created using a set of commonly used skeletons taken from ICU/CLDR or using an explicit pattern. For details on the supported skeletons and patterns see DateFormat.

    You can also parse dates using the same skeletons or patterns.

    Skeletons can be combined, the main use being to print a full date and time, e.g.

    Known limitations: Time zones are not yet supported. Dart DateTime objects don't have a time zone, so are either local or UTC. Formatting and parsing Durations is not yet implemented.

    Note that before doing any DateTime formatting for a particular locale, you must load the appropriate data by calling.

    Once the future returned from the initialization call returns, the formatting data is available.

    There are other mechanisms for loading the date formatting data implemented, but we expect to deprecate those in favor of having the data in a library as in the above, and using deferred loading to only load the portions that are needed. For the time being, this will include all of the data, which will increase code size.

    The class BidiFormatter provides utilities for working with Bidirectional text. We can wrap the string with unicode directional indicator characters or with an HTML span to indicate direction. The direction can be specified with the RTL and LTR constructors, or detected from the text.

    Sours: https://pub.dev/packages/intl
    Flutter Widget - 67 - Easy to use Country Code Picker Widget in your Flutter App - Speed Code

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    Sours: https://www.codegrepper.com/code-examples/javascript/flutter+number+format+price

    Number format flutter

    NumberFormat.currency constructor

    NumberFormat.currency({Stringlocale, Stringname, Stringsymbol, intdecimalDigits, StringcustomPattern })

    Create a NumberFormat that formats using the locale's CURRENCY_PATTERN.

    If is not specified, it will use the current default locale.

    If is specified, the currency with that ISO 4217 name will be used. Otherwise we will use the default currency name for the current locale. If no is specified, we will use the currency name in the formatted result. e.g. var f = new NumberFormat.currency(locale: 'en_US', name: 'EUR') will format currency like "EUR1.23". If we did not specify the name, it would format like "USD1.23".

    If is used, then that symbol will be used in formatting instead of the name. e.g. var eurosInCurrentLocale = new NumberFormat.currency(symbol: "€"); will format like "€1.23". Otherwise it will use the currency name. If this is not explicitly specified in the constructor, then for currencies we use the default value for the currency if the name is given, otherwise we use the value from the pattern for the locale.

    If is specified, numbers will format with that many digits after the decimal place. If it's not, they will use the default for the currency in , and the default currency for if the currency name is not specified. e.g. new NumberFormat.currency(name: 'USD', decimalDigits: 7) will format with 7 decimal digits, because that's what we asked for. But new NumberFormat.currency(locale: 'en_US', name: 'JPY') will format with zero, because that's the default for JPY, and the currency's default takes priority over the locale's default. new NumberFormat.currency(locale: 'en_US') will format with two, which is the default for that locale.

    The parameter can be used to specify a particular format. This is useful if you have your own locale data which includes unsupported formats (e.g. accounting format for currencies.)


    Sours: ../..
    Flutter Widget - 67 - Easy to use Country Code Picker Widget in your Flutter App - Speed Code

    How to apply the currency format to the axis labels (SfCartesianChart) ?

    In this article, we described how to apply the currency format to the numeric axis labels.


    Flutter Cartesian chart widget provides support for applying currency format to the numeric axis labels in various representations. This can be achieved using the numberFormat property of an axis. There are two types of methods that can be used to format the numeric axis labels in currency format such as

    • NumberFormat.currency() - For formatting the currency values in locales currency pattern e.g. “INR1,21,000.00” instead of “121000”. In this method, you can control the representations such as decimal digits, name, locales, currency pattern, and symbols.
    • NumberFormat.compactCurrency() - For formatting the currency values in compact representations e.g. "$1.2M" instead of "$1,200,000". In this method, you can control the decimal digits as per required and you can also provide the symbol of currency as a parameter to the method, in order to replace the default currency symbol i.e., “$”.


    Currency representation


    The following steps explain how to use the NumberFormat.currency method in the numberFormat property of an axis.

    Step 1: First, import the intl.dart package in your project.

    import 'package:intl/intl.dart';


    Step 2: Initialize the Cartesian chart widget with the required properties and initialize the numberFormat property using the NumberFormat.Currency() method.

    SfCartesianChart(                 primaryXAxis: CategoryAxis(),                 primaryYAxis: NumericAxis(                   //Formatting the labels in locale’s currency pattern with symbol.                   numberFormat: NumberFormat.currency(                     locale: 'en_In',                     symbol: "₹"                 ),                 series: <ChartSeries<ChartData, String>>[                   LineSeries<ChartData, String>(                       dataSource: chartData,                       xValueMapper: (ChartData sales, _) => sales.value2,                       yValueMapper: (ChartData sales, _) => sales.value1,                   )                 ]             ),



    Compact currency representation


    The following steps explain how to use the NumberFormat.compactCurrency method in the numberFormat property of an axis.

    Step 1: First, import the intl.dart package in your project.

    import 'package:intl/intl.dart';


    Step 2: Initialize the Cartesian chart widget with the required properties and initialize the numberFormat property using the NumberFormat.compackCurrency() method.

    SfCartesianChart(                 primaryXAxis: CategoryAxis(),                 primaryYAxis: NumericAxis(                   //Formatting the labels to compact representations.                   numberFormat: NumberFormat.value2,                       yValueMapper: (ChartData sales, _) => sales.value1,                   )                 ]             ),


    If you do not want any symbols to be prefixed to the axis labels, you can also set the symbol property of the compactCurrency() method as null or emptyString('')as follows.

    SfCartesianChart(                 primaryYAxis: NumericAxis(                   numberFormat: NumberFormat.compactCurrency(                     symbol: '',                   ),                 ), )




    Axis labels in currency representation


    Axis labels in currency representation


    Compact axis labels with currency symbol


    Compact axis labels with currency symbol


    Compact axis labels without currency symbol


    Compact axis labels without currency symbol

    For more information on numberFormat property, find the user guide.


    View the sample in GitHub


    Sours: https://www.syncfusion.com/kb/11519/how-to-apply-the-currency-format-to-the-axis-labels-sfcartesianchart

    You will also like:

    NumberFormat class Null safety

    Provides the ability to format a number in a locale-specific way.

    The format is specified as a pattern using a subset of the ICU formatting patterns.

    • A single digit
    • A single digit, omitted if the value is zero
    • Decimal separator
    • Minus sign
    • Grouping separator
    • Separates mantissa and expontent
    • - Before an exponent, to say it should be prefixed with a plus sign.
    • - In prefix or suffix, multiply by 100 and show as percentage
    • In prefix or suffix, multiply by 1000 and show as per mille
    • Currency sign, replaced by currency name
    • Used to quote special characters
    • Used to separate the positive and negative patterns (if both present)

    For example,

    If the locale is not specified, it will default to the current locale. If the format is not specified it will print in a basic format with at least one integer digit and three fraction digits.

    There are also standard patterns available via the special constructors. e.g.

    There are several such constructors available, though some of them are limited. For example, at the moment, scientificPattern prints only as equivalent to "#E0" and does not take into account significant digits.


    NumberFormat([String?newPattern, String?locale])
    Create a number format that prints using as it applies in .


    A number format for compact representations, e.g. "1.2M" instead of "1,200,000".


    NumberFormat.compactCurrency({String?locale, String?name, String?symbol, int?decimalDigits})
    A number format for compact currency representations, e.g. "$1.2M" instead of "$1,200,000".


    A number format for "long" compact representations, e.g. "1.2 million" instead of of "1,200,000".


    NumberFormat.compactSimpleCurrency({String?locale, String?name, int?decimalDigits})
    A number format for compact currency representations, e.g. "$1.2M" instead of "$1,200,000", and which will automatically determine a currency symbol based on the currency name or the locale. See NumberFormat.simpleCurrency.


    NumberFormat.currency({String?locale, String?name, String?symbol, int?decimalDigits, String?customPattern})
    Create a NumberFormat that formats using the locale's CURRENCY_PATTERN. [...]


    NumberFormat.currencyPattern([String?locale, String?currencyNameOrSymbol])
    Create a number format that prints as CURRENCY_PATTERN. (Deprecated: prefer NumberFormat.currency) [...]


    Create a number format that prints as DECIMAL_PATTERN.


    NumberFormat.decimalPercentPattern({String?locale, int?decimalDigits})
    Create a number format that prints as PERCENT_PATTERN.


    Create a number format that prints as PERCENT_PATTERN.


    Create a number format that prints as SCIENTIFIC_PATTERN.


    NumberFormat.simpleCurrency({String?locale, String?name, int?decimalDigits})
    Creates a NumberFormat for currencies, using the simple symbol for the currency if one is available (e.g. $, €), so it should only be used if the short currency symbol will be unambiguous. [...]



    currencyName↔ String?
    The name of the currency to print, in ISO 4217 form.

    read / write

    currencySymbol→ String
    The symbol to be used when formatting this as currency. [...]


    decimalDigits→ int?
    The number of decimal places to use when formatting. [...]


    hashCode→ int
    The hash code for this object. [...]

    read-only, inherited

    locale→ String
    Return the locale code in which we operate, e.g. 'en_US' or 'pt'.


    localeZero→ int
    The code point for the locale's zero digit. [...]


    maximumFractionDigits↔ int

    read / write

    maximumIntegerDigits↔ int

    read / write

    minimumExponentDigits↔ int

    read / write

    minimumFractionDigits↔ int

    read / write

    minimumIntegerDigits↔ int

    read / write

    multiplier→ int
    For percent and permille, what are we multiplying by in order to get the printed value, e.g. 100 for percent.


    negativePrefix→ String
    Variables to determine how number printing behaves.


    negativeSuffix→ String


    positivePrefix→ String


    positiveSuffix→ String


    runtimeType→ Type
    A representation of the runtime type of the object.

    read-only, inherited

    significantDigits↔ int?
    How many significant digits should we print. [...]

    read / write

    significantDigitsInUse↔ bool

    read / write

    symbols→ NumberSymbols
    Return the symbols which are used in our locale. Cache them to avoid repeated lookup.



    format(dynamicnumber) → String
    Format according to our pattern and return the formatted string.
    noSuchMethod(Invocationinvocation) → dynamic
    Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]


    parse(Stringtext) → num
    Parse the number represented by the string. If it's not parseable, throws a FormatException.
    simpleCurrencySymbol(StringcurrencyCode) → String
    Returns the simple currency symbol for given currency code, or if no simple symbol is listed. [...]
    toString() → String
    A string representation of this object. [...]


    turnOffGrouping() → void
    Explicitly turn off any grouping (e.g. by thousands) in this format. [...]


    operator ==(Objectother) → bool
    The equality operator. [...]


    Static Methods

    localeExists(dynamiclocaleName) → bool
    Return true if the locale exists, or if it is null. The null case is interpreted to mean that we use the default locale.
    numberOfIntegerDigits(dynamicnumber) → int
    Sours: ../

    1023 1024 1025 1026 1027