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Subscribe to one of these sewing magazines to get sewing content in your mailbox or email inbox. There’s so many fun magazines!

Do you love to get mail? I do! I subscribe to a couple of sewing magazines, and I get so excited when each one shows up. There’s so many inspiring photos and sewing projects!

Some of these magazines have sewing tutorials, some have sewing patterns, and some are just full of inspiring creations. Some of these are sewing for kids, and some are sewing for women. Some of these magazines are for beginners, and some are for more advanced makers.

Which sewing magazine do you want to subscribe to?

sewing magazines

Do you love to read and learn about sewing? Check out some of these:

Simply Sewing is a practical magazine for anyone who sews or wants to start sewing. It offers easy sewing projects that get you behind the sewing machine right away.

Classic Sewing features beautiful patterns for children’s garments, casual pieces, gifts, and projects galore from everyday sewing to heirloom garments.

Selvedge magazine isn't about sewing as much as it's about fabric and textiles. It's a great way to learn about different fabrics, how they're made, and interesting ways to use them.

Sewn magazine is focused on fashion sewing and DIY. It features makers of color and beautiful artistic creations.

Ottobre is a magazine that features sewing tutorials and sewing projects. It's also packed full of patterns and instructions to make them.

My Image is a magazine full of sewing patterns for women and all the instructions to make them. The same company also creates the B-Trendy magazine which is also full of sewing patterns and instructions, but it's for girls and teens.

Sew Daily is the parent company for two sewing magazines, Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery. The first has sewing tutorials, sewing tips, and sewing patterns. The second has machine embroidery tutorials and patterns.

The Pattern Pages magazine is for those who love fashion and dressmaking. It's full of tutorials, pattern hacks, and sewing patterns.

Threads is a magazing full of everything sewing. There's a lot of advanced information to help you improve your sewing practice. When you subscribe you also get access to videos and exclusive articles.

Love Sewing is a magazine full of tips, tricks and clever sewing ideas. Every issue includes sewing patterns, the tutorials from industry experts, exciting projects, and inspiring articles. It has a little bit of everything.

Burdastyle is a magazine about self-made fashion. Most of the sewing patterns are based on the lastest fashions trends with new ones in each issue.


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Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

Sewing the first garment is a huge step for a newbie stitcher, so we’ve mustered up seven easy-stitch projects to make the process a little less daunting! Each outfit is designed to strengthen techniques like adding darts and using zig zag stitch, and as a few of the garments are no-pattern makes, you can channel all of your energy into mastering your sewing machine. But best of all, the PDF templates below are free to print and the instructions are included!

Ellice Top

Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

Introducing the layered blouse you’ve been waiting for! This no-pattern make looks lovely sewed in lightweight crepe, and will make a wonderful addition to your capsule wardrobe.

Elsa Sweater

Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

You won’t need to spend a fortune on a length of fabric for the Elsa Sweater, as it can be whipped up with just one-metre! It will also help you master essential dressmaking skills like stitching in the ditch.

Kimmy Poncho

Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

If you’re looking for a top that can be stitched in just a few hours, then search no further! The Kimmy Poncho is a perfect introduction to stretch fabrics, too.

Becky Blouse

Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

Our easy button-back top is guaranteed to nurture your core sewing skills as you’ll need to add darts and buttonholes, and use zig zag stitch.

Shakira Dress

Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

This frock is made up of two pieces and finished with an easy-sew neckband, plus there’s no need to shape the body as the tie belt feature will cinch in at the waist.

Anna Pencil Skirt

Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

With its subtle slit, concealed zip and only three pattern pieces, this versatile skirt is perfect for beginners!

Maddie Top

Easy sewing projects for absolute beginners

As there are no darts or fastenings in sight on this lovely blouse, you can focus your energy on creating the gathered raglan sleeves.

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Best Sewing Magazines for Beginners That Worth Subscribing to

best sewing magazines for beginners

Sewing magazines offer a lot more than you could get from simply watching YouTube videos. With all of the YouTube sewing videos and tutorials that are available to anyone with an internet connection, most people have forgotten about the real value of sewing magazines. For starters, all of them are made by experienced professionals. With all that sewing experience under their needles, they’ve learned quite a few helpful and practical tricks and cheats that can up your sewing skills instantly, and they will often share them with all of the readers.

Another great thing about sewing magazines is the inspiration they provide. As you check out their design ideas you’re bound to find something you’d gladly make for yourself or slightly alter it and get a unique creation of your own.

There are a lot of other cool things you could get from sewing magazines, ranging from digital versions of the magazine, over free original sewing patterns, to design tips and more. We need to support these publications. I want to actually encourage you to pick a sewing magazine and buy a subscription. There is nothing like slowly sipping your morning coffee, turning over the glossy paper pages and dog earring pages to reference later. It will never compare to mindless browsing on the internet or compulsively watching videos.

Here’s a list of the best sewing magazines for beginners to get you started.

We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Some of the links may be affiliate meaning we earn a small commission if an item is purchased.

Table of Contents

Top Notch Sewing Magazines for Beginners

I. American sewing magazines

Starting off this list, we’ll mention a few top sewing magazines in the US, for all of you guys used to measurements in inches and printing patterns on US settings.

american / us sewing magazines


This sewing magazine is considered as one of the top dogs in their field, so it’s not surprising that some of the readers refer to it as The Sewing Bible.

It offers something for everyone and it’s equally appealing for both beginners and experienced veterans. They often pitch neat ideas and trends but their forte is the way they explain seemingly tricky stuff in a way that it’s extremely easy to understand.

Their illustrations are straightforward and helpful, and they help the reader learn new techniques quickly and easily.

Sew News

Another great sewing magazine for both beginners and seasoned veterans. With a pleasant layout, this magazine catches your attention fast and gets you hooked onto it.

They offer a lot of patterns and instructions, with loads of photos along it to make everything easier to understand. From time to time, they will write reviews about sewing machines to help you choose the best one for your needs.

You will also find helpful news about sewing conferences in this one, so be sure to check it out if you like meeting fellow sewing enthusiasts!

II. UK & European sewing magazines

This segment will cover the best sewing magazines in the UK and Europe, who are used to measurements in centimeters and European pattern prints.

europe and uk sewing magazines

Love sewing

Love Sewing
Love Sewing
This sewing magazine is a favorite for all those sewing enthusiasts that love finding new patterns to try out. The magazine offers a lot of free patterns that can be downloaded and printed out easily and quickly.

Free patterns aren’t the only thing you can find in this magazine though, as they also provide their readers with explanations of different sewing techniques and how to use them.

For all of you who prefer digital editions, rejoice, because this magazine comes in that form too.

Mollie makes

Here we have a magazine that’s a tad different from the previous ones as it covers a bit wider range of projects. Apart from sewing clothes and accessories, this magazine covers a wide variety of crafts including embroidery, home decor, toys, and more.

Occasionally, they will also cover crafts like pottery, so if you are happy to indulge in new artistic adventures, Mollie Makes is the right magazine for you.

Simply sewing

Simply Sewing
Simply Sewing
A general sewing magazine, that’s what Simply sewing is about. In it, you will find everything from quilting ideas and tips, over sewing project ideas, to free patterns and more.

One tiny drawback about it is in the patterns. Unfortunately, they aren’t suitable for plus-size women.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the complexity of projects in this magazine. It might not be exactly for beginners, but a bit more skilled sewing enthusiasts. Not for experts, but not for total beginners either.


Burda Style - English ed
Burda Style - English ed
Burdastyle is one of the most widely spread sewing magazines in Europe, you can find it in most countries of the continent in their language. As such, it’s quite popular and easy to find.

The magazine provides its readers with outfit ideas, sewing tips, free patterns, and more.

A great thing about Burdastyle is that they also have a website with a lot of stuff from the magazine, so if you miss out on something, you might find it there.


Simply Sewing
Simply Sewing
Sew claims that they are the top-selling sewing magazine in the UK, and that doesn’t come as a surprise. They provide content for both experienced sewing practitioners and beginners, including sewing tips, ideas, patterns, and so on.

Sew likes to award their loyal readers, so if you subscribe you could get a gift like a mannequin for your sewing creations!


There are a lot of good sewing magazines out there in Europe, and listing them here could take forever. Just remember, if they offer free patterns and useful sewing tips, they are worth buying.


For all you cool people who get to live in Japan, here’s a suggestion for a great sewing magazine

Mrs. Stylebook

Keep up with the latest trends in women’s fashion with this trendy sewing magazine. Mrs. Stylebook will help you get ready for the upcoming season or upgrade your current style with their ideas, tips, and great free patterns.

You will find upcycling techniques, complete project tutorials, cute craft ideas, and other fun stuff in this magazine, so if you know Japanese and stumble upon this one somewhere, be sure to check it out.


That’s it for our list! Whichever magazine you choose from this list of best sewing magazines for beginners, you won’t make a mistake. Each one offers a lot of great things for their readers, and they are all worth buying, which is why they found their way onto our list.

Sewing magazines are valuable assets for sewing enthusiasts, so supporting them by buying them when you can is a smart thing to do. You will learn a few things and get some new ideas, and they will get a new reader. Everyone wins!

Not really into magazines? Check out the best sewing books for beginners (and beyond) or the top sewing youtube channels that we handpicked for you!


Sewing For Beginners Magazine (Digital)

About Sewing For Beginners

We'd all like to make our own alterations to that dress of pair of jeans that doesn't fit anymore, but might be afraid we lack the skills to do so. Don't worry, though, as with the new Sewing for Beginners you can pick up the skills you need easily and quickly, with clear step-by-step tutorials that make sure you create sturdy and good-looking garments. Learn the basic stitches, how to set up and use a sewing machine, and master vital skills like finishing hems, inserting tucks and darts, and attaching collars and sleeves. Practise your skills in the Creative Projects section, where we teach to make your own skirt of make-up brush holder, among many other exciting projects. Featuring: Setting up - Preparation is key for a successful project - find out everything you need here. Getting started - The basic skills, jargon and sewing know-how is laid out in this section. The next step - Learn the techniques that'll transform your projects and help you make your own garments and accessories. Creative projects - Practise your new skills and create some beautiful and playful projects.

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