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Grade 2 Workbooks

This post contains all our grade 2 free school textbooks, workbooks, and worksheets, perfect for classroom or homeschool use. Enjoy!

English Language and Arts Textbooks Grade 2

Grade 2 English including ELA, EFL, ESL, EAL, and all art related subjects.


Grade 2 ELA Activity WorkbookGrade 1 to 2 ELA Activity Workbooks and Teacher Guides

Publisher: Open Schools BC

This ELA activity book is suitable for Grade 2 English First Language students and can be used for developing grammar in English Second Language students who have already developed an understanding of the language. The book contains 29 different grammar activities, each one of the 29 topics contains a Guided Practice (“GP”) exercise and an Activity Sheet (“AS”) exercise.

OSBC Grade 1 English Worksheets
OSBC Grade 1 English Teacher Guide
OSBC Grade 1-2 English Worksheets
OSBC Grade 1-2 English Teacher Guide
OSBC Grade 2 English Worksheets
OSBC Grade 2 English Teacher Guide

Core Knowledge Foundation Resourcesgrade 7 English resources New York CCSS

Core Knowledge Foundation

Most of the Engage New York resources come from the amazing creative commons core knowledge foundation resources, herewith links to the individual resources for Grade 2 reposted directly here at FKB.

Grade 2 The Job Hunt Activity Workbook with Reader

Grade 2 The Job Hunt Activity Workbook with Reader

Publisher: Core Knowledge Foundation

This ELA activity book is suitable for Grade 2 English First Language students and can be used for developing grammar in English Second Language students who have already developed an understanding of the language. The book contains reading comprehension and grammar activities, this is based on the reader “The Job Hunt” and has a teaching guide also available. This is an example of one of the readers from Engage NY / Core Knowledge Foundation.

The Job Hunt Activity Book – pdf
The Job Hunt Reader – pdf


Engage NY – Grade 2 English Resources US CCSS grade 7 English resources New York CCSS

Engage NY

Grade 2 English Language resources, lesson plans, reading and writing exercises and questions, released as OER in CC-BY-NC. The resources at Engage NY, mostly from Core Knowlege Foundation have an amazing selection with texts, anthology, images, big books, reader texts, workbooks, teacher guides and more. There are over 177 resources in the ELA sector for second grade, with 12 teaching modules and 6 skills units, each one of the skills areas have a reader (book), activity book, and a teaching guide.



Punjab – Grade 2 English Activity Book*grade 4 English resources New York CCSS

Punjab Ministry of Education

A well presented Grade 2 English Language activity textbook from the Government of The Punjab. These resources make great ESL printables too.*

Grade 2 English textbook from Punjabi – pdf 


*Note: ELA resources from countries that are bilingual or where English is not the national language may differ from those where English is a national language.


Mathematics Grade 2

All our grade 2 maths workbooks and textbooks

Khan Academy Grade 2 Online Maths”Khan

Created by Khan Academy Maths

This is a comprehensive selection of online lessons (videos, articles, and quizzes) for Grade 2 Mathematics. Khan Academy provides these 2nd Grade OER resources for improving education. If students login there is progress tracking available, perfect for home school or extra tutoring:

Khan Academy Grade 2 Maths Lessons and Quizzes Online

Practice Tests and Exams Grade 2 practice tests grade 2

Publisher: FKB Free School Textbooks Project

Our Grade 2 Mathematics Practice Tests and Exams provide a large selection of 2nd grade maths practice tests and exams from a variety of different states and countries. These practice tests can help students test their knowledge to determine the level of understanding of Grade 2 mathematics, or they can be used by teachers as extra practice to administer to classes in lead up to the end of year tests.



CK-12 Grade 2 Online Textbooks MathsCK-12 Flexbooks online Grade 2 Maths

Created by CK-12 Foundation

This is a comprehensive selection of online lessons (explanations, images, worked examples, and interactive quizzes) for Grade 2 Maths. Ck-12 provides these 2nd Grade OER maths resources for improving education. The flexbooks provide an amazing customizable and interactive resource that can also be used offline.

CK-12 Grade 2 Maths Textbook and Practice Questions Online


My Maths Workbook Grade 2 practice questions grade 2

Publisher: Hannah Thompson

A series of practice exercises for Grade 2 Maths.




Science Textbooks Grade 2

All grade 2 science related textbooks.

CK-12 Grade 2 Online Textbooks Science


Second Grade Big Fun Workbook - (Highlights Big Fun Workbooks) (Paperback)

About the Book

Help kids prepare for second grade with this innovative activity workbook, featuring learning activities blended with a variety of puzzles that build skills in reading, writing and vocabulary, as well as math concepts, grade-appropriate social studies, and science skills. Full color. Consumable.

Book Synopsis

Hooray for second grade! This award-winning workbook reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom with a fresh approach to developing skills for school success.

With over 250 pages of fun puzzle-based activities including Highlights(TM) Hidden Pictures(R), second graders will practice a variety of skills in subjects like language arts, math, and science through exercises that will boost their confidence and supplement what they're learning in school. The book also has an introduction with simple tips for parents, a Certificate of Achievement, and online activities. Developed with educational experts, teacher-approved, and aligned with state standards, this workbook will engage students and get them excited about learning!

Addition and subtraction
Social studies
Map skills
Science and more!

Winner, Family Choice Award
Winner, PAL (Play Advances Language) Award
A Parents' Choice Recommended Book
PAL (Play Advances Language) Top Ten Pick

About The Author

Highlights Learning was developed with education experts to help pave the way for school success by pairing our unique brain-building puzzles and humor with curriculum practice to make learning fun. These award-winning products take the Highlights kid-approved approach and organize it into a progressive framework, aligned with school standards and supported by teachers. Highlights Learning workbooks and learning materials span a variety of print formats, including workbooks, practice pads, write-on wipe-off activity books, and board books.
  1. Satin moon eggplant
  2. Root candles colors
  3. Hate class of 2015
  4. Motorcycle header pipes

Open Court Reading Skills Practice Workbook, Book 1, Grade 2

Open Court Reading Skills Practice Workbook, Book 1, Grade 2 17, 20159780076670024

Depending upon the grade level, students practice the following skills: Alphabet Knowledge, Phonemic Awareness, Inquiry, Phonics, Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage. Each workbook has all the worksheets conveniently organized by lesson. These worksheets provide students the opportunity to practice and apply the skills they are learning.

Open Court Reading Skills Practice Workbook, Book 1, Grade 2

Grade Levels:2


MHID: 0076670023 |  ISBN 13: 9780076670024

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Product Descriptiong

Copyright: 2016

Depending upon the grade level, students practice the following skills: Alphabet Knowledge, Phonemic Awareness, Inquiry, Phonics, Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage. Each workbook has all the worksheets conveniently organized by lesson. These worksheets provide students the opportunity to practice and apply the skills they are learning.

Depending upon the grade level, students practice the following skills: Alphabet Knowledge, Phonemic Awareness, Inquiry, Phonics, Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage. Each workbook has all the worksheets conveniently organized by lesson. These worksheets provide students the opportunity to practice and apply the skills they are learning.

Brain Quest Grade 2 #workbook #grade2 #homeschool

Complete Curriculum Success Grade 2, published in full color with captivating illustrations to help stimulate learning for children, is divided into three learning sections: Math, English and Science. Each learning section is separated into chapters covering different concepts.

Use the unique QR code at the beginning of every section that leads the user to more online educational resources to help further develop the child’s understanding of Math, English and Science concepts.

Complete Curriculum Success Grade 2 also includes an easy reference answer key is included in the back of the workbook.

All Complete Curriculum Success workbooks are created in alignment with National and State standards.

Perfect Bound
8¼” X 11¼”
312 Pages

Topics Included:


  • Operations and algebraic thinking
  • Number and operations in base ten
  • Measurement and data
  • Geometry


  • Grammar
  • Oral Communication
  • Reading
  • Writing


  • Life systems
  • Structures and mechanisms
  • Matter and Energy
  • Earth and Space Systems
ISBN : 9781942830412


2 workbook grade

If you’re looking for the best second grade workbooks, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the most engaging, best-reviewed, curriculum-aligned resources to help second grades in specific subject areas or to avoid the summer slide.

Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!

Best Math Second Grade Workbooks

Introducing MATH! Grade 2

This workbook provides a comprehensive overview of second grade mathematics with instruction, practice questions, and answer explanations along with free digital access to videos.

Real review: “Great resource, it is divided into chapters/topics with explanations of the material first, then questions. At the end it has a mix assessment with questions covering all topics. Great help with 2nd grade math.”

2nd Grade Common Core Math: Daily Practice Workbook – Part I

This is one of the best second grade workbooks for helping students practice and master skills while becoming very familiar and comfortable with the state math exam and common core standards. 

Real review: “Easy way fun to study each weekday with a child. Broken into 5 daily assignments for a week. Tip of the day is very helpful.”

2nd Grade Common Core Math: Daily Practice Workbook – Part II

Second Grade Workbook

This workbook comes with 20 weeks of daily free response, weekly assessments, state-aligned Common Core curriculum, and an end-of-the-year assessment.

Real review: “Very good book with a lot of exercises to practice … All of them are divided by weeks and days. Tip of the day gives brief explanations to exercises for better understanding.”

Star Wars Workbook: 2nd Grade Math

It’s okay to look for fun second grade workbooks, right? Kids will use the Force while comparing number values, addition and subtraction, word problems, second and third-dimensional shapes, and getting ready for multiplication.

Real review: “The Star Wars workbooks are a perfect compliment to our online curriculum. They venture beyond grade-level standards in our local schools.” 

Word Problems Grade 2

This workbook introduces students to word problems dealing with multiple-digit addition and subtraction.

Real review: “I love this practice book. I am a teacher and bought this for our daughter who has a very difficult time with word problems. These problems start out fairly simply and move to much more difficult, multi-step problems.”

Best Reading Second Grade Workbooks

Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension, Grade 2

Second Grade Workbook

These second grade workbooks give students targeted, skill-building practice with more than 40 ready-to-reproduce pages. 

Real review: “I’ve always liked Scholastic’s educational products and these don’t disappoint.”

The Big Book of Reading Comprehension Activities, Grade 2

Kids will learn how to identify a story’s message and make connections between plot, structure, setting, characters, and more. This workbook contains 120 activities and progressive lessons. 

Real review: “Excellent. Best practice reading comprehension books on the market!”

Grade 2 Reading

This workbook provides grade-level appropriate vocabulary exercises including elements of both phonics and whole language instruction.

Real review: “The content is attention catching for young readers, and it’s just enough to exercise their skills without getting boring.”

Reading Comprehension Grade 2

Second Grade Workbook

This resource helps students master skills in mathematics, penmanship, reading, writing, and grammar. 

Real review: “Wonderful! So simple – story on the left, questions on the right. Many questions require thought, not just reading back for the answer word for word.”

Spectrum Reading Workbook 2nd Grade

This second grade workbook focuses on practice for reading comprehension including letters and sounds, word recognition, theme, integration of knowledge and ideas, main idea, story structure, summarization, key ideas, and details. 

Real review: “This is a great book for the kids to get better at reading as well as learning how to write response. An amazing book for the money!”

Best Writing Second Grade Workbooks

Grade 2 Writing

This workbook will introduce students to second grade vocabulary and writing skills in a step-by-step manner. 

Real review: “I love these books. They teach and reinforce what you’ve already learned in such an ingenius way. So much fun with bright colorful pages.”

Scholastic Success With Grammar, Grade 2

Second Grade Workbook

Each workbook includes more than 40 ready-to-reproduce practice pages of activities that correlate to state standards. 

Real review: “I’m using these books in the ESL classes that I teach (as well as for tutoring) and they are perfect as extra worksheets for in-class review and for homework.”

Star Wars Workbook: 2nd Grade Writing

You won’t need to go to a galaxy far, far away to encourage kids to love writing. This exciting Star Wars workbook covers sentence and story construction, spelling and vocabulary, creative writing and story prompts, practice cursive writing skills, and aligns with common core standards.

Real review: “This series works well. They are full of great lessons, and our kids are entertained by them enough to keep working. We call them their ‘fun books.’”

Writing for Minecrafters: Grade 2

Kids love Minecraft, and they’ll enjoy this workbook featuring the video game characters and concepts to make second grade writing practice fun! 

Real review: “This book made homeschooling so much fun for my son. He will literally do 4 to 6 pages at a time.”

180 Days of Writing for Second Grade

Second Grade Workbook

This easy-to-use resource provides second-grade students with practice in writing opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative pieces while also strengthening their language and grammar skills.

Real review: “As a preschool teacher, I bought these for my daughter and I love them. Very educational and still fun to do.”

Scholastic Success with Writing, Grade 2

Each workbook contains activities designed to meet state standards and includes more than 40 ready-to-reproduce practice pages. 

Real review: “This is a great writing book for your second grader. It is really helpful and helps keep them sharp. It’s also great for homeschooling and makes teaching that much easier.”

Best Science & Social Studies Second Grade Workbooks

180 Days of Science: Grade 2

This second grade workbook helps students analyze and evaluate scientific data and scenarios, improve their understanding of science and engineering practices, answer constructed-response questions, and increase their higher-order thinking skills. 

Real review: “Super happy with the content and how this book is laid out.”

Science, Second Grade: Learn and Explore

Second Grade Workbook

Kids can practice with exercises on liquids, solids and gases, global weather patterns, life cycles of living creatures like frogs, jellyfish, and locusts, and more.

Real review: “They have large lettering that is easy to read, and appropriate for a 2nd grade level.”

Geography, Second Grade: Learn and Explore

This workbook contains curriculum-aligned exercises on topics including familiarity with the compass, map grids, physical and political maps, and the concept of hemispheres.

Real review: “This workbook gets them talking about geography, making their own maps and legends, and interested in learning more. No fights to get this done.”

180 Days of Social Studies: Grade 2

Each week’s activities will cover a topic within one of the four social studies disciplines: history, economics, civics, and geography. Students will analyze primary sources, answer text-dependent questions, and improve their grade-level social studies knowledge. 

Real review: “Geography, Civics, Economy, and History are all included in this. I’d recommend it.”

Second Grade Essentials for Social Studies

Second Grade Workbook

These engaging activities cover continents and oceans, cardinal and intermediate directions, hemispheres, holidays and symbols, culture, money and barter, consumers and producers, and more!

Real review: “Just the supplemental resource I needed!”

Best Overall for Summer Second Grade Workbooks

Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 2 & 3

This workbook is designed to bridge the gap between second and third grades. Activities include reading comprehension, writing opinions, adjectives versus adverbs, place value, word problems, life cycles, map skills, and more!

Real review: “This is the third time I have done summer workbooks and these summer brain quest ones are perfection!!”

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades 2 – 3

With activities designed to take just 15 minutes a day, this workbook focuses on subjects including math, writing, reading, science, social studies, fitness and character building. 

Real review: “Simply put, this is a great activity book to help your child stay mentally active when out of school for the summer.”

Summer Blast: Getting Ready for Third Grade

Second Grade Workbook

This standards-based tool provides nine weeks of engaging and relevant lessons that support content learning in social studies, writing, reading, science, math, and art. 

Real review: “This is perfect, other books were teaching completely new stuff, this was a good review with a bit of new stuff at just the right level.”

Daily Summer Activities, Grade 2-3

Over 10 weeks, kids can work through activities to practice essential skills across subject areas, including reading, math, writing, spelling, and geography.

Real review: “This is a great workbook to keep skills fresh over the summer. We do one page each day, and the included achievement stickers are a nice motivator.”

What are your favorite second grade workbooks? Share on our WeAreTeachers DEALS page !

Plus, check out our top picks for second grade books.

26 Teacher-Approved Second Grade Workbooks

Trumpeter Numeracy Grade 2 Workbook

Grade 2 Mathematics

Summer Solutions Level 2 Math is for students who are entering grade 3. These students should be able to add and subtract numbers with regrouping, understand place value, recognize geometric shapes, perform simple measurements and conversions, work with time and money, and use groups of objects to understand multiplication. Additional skills in the workbook include reading and interpreting charts and graphs, calculating elapsed time, knowing basic multiplication facts (0, 1, 2, 5, 10), and understanding simple fractions. By completing just one lesson three days per week, students enter  grade 3 ready to begin learning new material right away. These summer workbooks include Help Pages and a complete answer key.


Grades Pre-K through Algebra I*

  • Supports retention of new learning and prevents learning loss
  • Includes 30 lessons and Answer Key

*Choose the level that matches the grade just completed.

$16.99 each (plus tax where applicable)


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