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When you start your Honda Stream, the OBD-II system runs a self diagnostic check on all major systems.  If any of these checks fail, you will see a diagnostic warning light on the dash for the corresponding system.  When the SRS system fails this check, you’ll see the SRS light.  SRS stands for supplemental restraint system.

Depending on the model year and what country you happen to be in, you may get something along the lines of SRS, a picture of a person with the airbag deployed, or the word airbag.  All of these should be treated as the SRS light.

Your Stream’s SRS light is there to tell you that there’s a problem with the SRS system.  If it comes on for a few seconds as the vehicle starts, that is completely normal and part of the diagnostic cycle.  It’s when it stays on that indicates there is a problem.


SRS Light on Causes:  Honda Stream

Honda Stream SRS Light On Diagnosis


Your SRS light is part of your Stream’s larger supplemental restraint system.  It works in tandem with the system to protect you in the event of an accident.  If all parts of this system are not working properly, it can cause the light to come on.

If you’ve been in an accident, the SRS light will stay on until the system has been restored.  It will not work until repaired.


Here are some common reasons that your Stream’s SRS light could come on:

Seat Belts

Safety belts are still the most important safety feature in the event your Stream crashes.  Modern vehicles have sensors running to them to let the computer system know if they are buckled, and if they are locked up.

If you have a seat belt that is stuck in the lock position, it might be the reason why your SRS light is on.  See if you can tug at it and get it moving again.


Seat Sensors

The seat sensors tell the SRS system that the seat is occupied.  Some older models have a manual button to turn the passenger airbag on or off.

Look under the seats to see if you can find any part of the wiring harness that has come dislodged or damaged.  This is a very common reason why the SRS light comes on.


Airbag (No Response)

If the Stream’s SRS system is not getting a response from one of the airbags, it’ll turn the SRS light on until the problem has been fixed, and the system has been reset.



The SRS system control unit may have gone bad.  If this is the case, you can have it replaced or send for a new one.  This often happens whenever you get into a fender bender that doesn’t deploy the SRS.  

One or more of the crash sensors may have been triggered, but not enough to deploy the SRS.  The SRS sensors can also fail and throw the SRS light on if there is water damage.  This is one of the reasons why it is not wise to buy a car with flood damage, even if it looks like it is otherwise fine.


Not Reset After Deployment

If your Stream’s SRS has gone off and been replaced, the SRS system needs reset.  It won’t just work until the SRS system has been reset by a shop, or you send the module to someone who can do it for you.


Driving Your Stream with the SRS Light On

It is not as safe to drive with the SRS light on.  Airbags have saved countless lives since their invention.  If you do drive with your Stream’s SRS light on, you are relying solely on the safety belts to keep you safe, which is not as safe.

All of the technology that keeps you from crashing is still there (if equipped), such as the traction control, anti-lock brake system, and blind spot detection.  But if you get into an accident, the technology that could save your life is going to be 30+ years out of date.


Conclusion:  Honda Stream SRS Light On

Your Honda Stream’s SRS system is complicated.  There can be a lot of different reasons why the light may have come on.  Most of them should be left to a professional. Just because the vehicle can be driven, does not mean that the problem should be ignored.  If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.  Thank you for reading and good luck!

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Troubleshooting Honda Airbag Light Problems | SRS

When your Honda airbag system functions properly, the airbag light comes on when you turn on the ignition but should turn off once you start the engine.

If the airbag system detects a problem, you will see the airbag light stay on. In newer models, a warning message will display on the dashboard stating the "check airbag system."

honda airbag srs warning light

Driving a Honda with an airbag light increases the chances of serious injury if you get into an accident.

Common Causes

Common problems that can trigger Honda airbag lights to come on.

  • Passenger occupancy sensor.
  • Disconnected or damaged wire harness.
  • Faulty connectors.
  • Blown airbag.
  • Blow pre-tensioner.
  • Dead battery.
  • Clock Spring.
  • Fault stored in the SRS module after an accident.
  • Defective clock spring.
  • Low battery voltage.
  • Unplugged connector.
  • Damaged Wire harness.
  • Damaged SRS / crash sensor.
  • Defective airbag.

The Airbag system is comprised of a control unit, multiple sensors, seat-belt buckles, tensioners, and airbags themselves. Any of these components can fail.

To find out why your Honda airbag light is on, read the SRS / Airbag module's fault codes. 

How to Read Codes and Reset Honda  Airbag Light

To diagnose and reset SRS faults, you will need a Honda OBD-II scanner such as Foxwell for Honda.

Basic code readers are not able to diagnose or reset the Honda airbag light.

  1. Locate the OBD-II port under the dashboard and connect your obd2 port used to diangose airbag light
  2. Turn on the ignition but do not start the engine.reset honda srs airbag light
  3. Allow the scanner to power on. Go to the Control Unit and select the Airbag menu.diagnose honda airbag light
  4. Scroll down to Read Codes. Review all the codes.clear honda airbag srs codes
  5. If codes are in STORED status, you can then proceed to clear the codes. If codes are PRESENT or PERMANENT, you will need to fix the issue before resetting the Honda airbag light with a scanner.clear honda airbag code

In the case of faulty or broken SRS components, the faulty component(s) will need to be replaced.

Do not install an airbag that was removed from a Honda due to a recall.


Check if there is a recall related to the SRS for your particular Honda vehicle.

If the fault is related to the recall, your Honda dealer will fix it free of charge, even if the vehicle is out of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

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SRS light is on

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O.K., here is the DIY for resetting the memory for your SRS Light. Your SRS Light may trigger and remain illuminated for several reasons. Some of these are:

  • Unplugging your gauge cluster
  • Unplugging your SRS harness(es) when you remove your seats
  • Unplugging any other SRS plugs and turning your ignition on

These instructions are intended ONLY for resetting your SRS Indicator Light when it is triggered for the reasons listed above. Your SRS Light may indicate a more serious problem that should be evaluated by your local Authorized Honda/Acura Technician. Remember, that airbag may save your life or the life of someone you care about so don't disregard that indicator light unless you are sure that it triggered for some other reason. That being said, here are some pics and instructions for resetting the SRS Light (note: These pics are from a 6th Gen Accord EX Coupe 4AT. The MES plug may be located in a different location on other models. Make sure you know what you are unplugging. There are no contacts inside the port that the MES Plug plugs into.)

Tools needed:

  • Flashlight (if needed to search for MES Plug under dash)
  • 2 1/2 ft. piece of small gauge speaker wire (insulation stripped off ends)

1. Locate MES Plug. It should be located near the driver's side fuse panel under the dash. The harness is yellow with two wires.

2. Unplug the MES Plug. It should look like this.

3. Insert one end of speaker wire into MES Plug (one wire in each contact)

4. Follow this sequence of shorting the other two leads of the speaker wire and turning the ignition to "on" (not accessory, not start)

  • Short and hold the leads while you turn the ignition to on. The SRS Light will illuminate for a few seconds then go off.
  • When the SRS Light goes off, unshort the wires. The SRS Light will come back on.
  • Short and hold the wires again. The SRS Light will go off.
  • When the SRS Light goes off, unshort the wires. The SRS Light will blink twice.
  • Start engine as normal. The SRS Light should illuminate for a couple of seconds as normal and then go off.
  • This series of shorting/unshorting needs to take place within a 4 second window of the SRS Light going on/off each time.

5. Sound easy enough? Should take 15 seconds or so for the whole procedure. Good luck.


For images go to this link....

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How to reset or turn off honda CRV SRS airbag light

How to Reset a Honda Accord SRS Light

The SRS, or supplemental restraint system, on your Honda Accord is responsible for deploying the airbag in the event of an accident. If this system is malfunctioning, the airbag may not deploy properly during an accident. However, the system does warn you of a system malfunction. The yellow "SRS" light on the dash will light up, indicating a problem with the system. Once you've fixed the problem, you need to know how to reset the SRS light on your Accord.

Step 1

Straighten out a paperclip.

Step 2

Pull down on the fuse panel cover under the steering column with your fingers to remove it.

Step 3

Locate the small yellow plug in the fuse panel. This is the SRS power connector.

Step 4

Unplug the power connector from the fuse panel.

Step 5

Stick one end of the paperclip into one of the terminals on the end of the power connector, and the other end of the paperclip into the other terminal.

Step 6

Turn the ignition on but do not start the engine. Wait for the SRS light to reset and shut off.

Step 7

Shut off the ignition, pull the paperclip out of the SRS terminals and plug it back into the fuse panel.

Replace the fuse panel cover.


  • "Honda Accord Repair Manual 2003-2007"; Robert Maddox, John H. Haynes; 2008

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