Black bathroom baskets

Black bathroom baskets DEFAULT
  • 18l Dotted Basket 18l Dotted Basket ZAR139.99null
  • 12l Dotted Basket 12l Dotted Basket ZAR119.99null
  • 5l Dotted Basket 5l Dotted Basket ZAR59.99null
  • 18l Dotted Basket 18l Dotted Basket ZAR139.99null
  • Dotted Laundry Basket Dotted Laundry Basket ZAR299.99null
  • 12l Dotted Basket 12l Dotted Basket ZAR119.99null
  • 5l Dotted Basket 5l Dotted Basket ZAR59.99null
  • Kwezi Laundry Basket Kwezi Laundry Basket ZAR559.99null
  • Two Tone Utility, Medium Two Tone Utility, Medium ZAR359.99null
  • Rattan Utility Basket, Large Rattan Utility Basket, Large ZAR999.99null
  • Rattan Utility Basket, Medium Rattan Utility Basket, Medium ZAR799.99null
  • Bamboo Bathroom Shelf Bamboo Bathroom Shelf ZAR999.99null
  • Wood Flat Weave Utility, Large Wood Flat Weave Utility, Large ZAR479.99null
  • Wooden Flat Weave Utility, Medium Wooden Flat Weave Utility, Medium ZAR379.99null
  • Recycled Wooden Crates, Large Recycled Wooden Crates, Large ZAR299.99null
  • Recycled Wooden Crates, Medium Recycled Wooden Crates, Medium ZAR259.99null
  • Metal Mesh Bin Metal Mesh Bin ZAR119.99null
  • Gridlock Laundry Basket, Medium Gridlock Laundry Basket, Medium ZAR299.99null
  • Gridlock Laundry Basket, Large Gridlock Laundry Basket, Large ZAR399.99null
  • 3 Piece Rectangular Woodslat Laundry Set 3 Piece Rectangular Woodslat Laundry Set ZAR559.99null
  • 3 Piece Rectangular Woodslat Laundry Set 3 Piece Rectangular Woodslat Laundry Set ZAR559.99null
  • 3 Piece Rectangular Woodslat Laundry Set 3 Piece Rectangular Woodslat Laundry Set ZAR559.99null
  • Plastic Woven Utility Square Basket, Extra Large Plastic Woven Utility Square Basket, Extra Large ZAR229.99null
  • Two Tone Utility, Medium Two Tone Utility, Medium ZAR359.99null
  • Two Tone Utility, Large Two Tone Utility, Large ZAR399.99null
  • Storage Cube Storage Cube ZAR399.99null
  • Streaky Utility Basket, Medium Streaky Utility Basket, Medium ZAR129.99null
  • Streak Utility Basket, Large Streak Utility Basket, Large ZAR159.99null
  • Bamboo Utility Basket, Large Bamboo Utility Basket, Large ZAR199.99null
  • Bamboo Utility Basket, Medium Bamboo Utility Basket, Medium ZAR179.99null
  • Corduroy Utility Laundry Basket, Large Corduroy Utility Laundry Basket, Large ZAR179.99null
  • Corduroy Utility Laundry Basket, Medium Corduroy Utility Laundry Basket, Medium ZAR139.99null
  • Daisey Plastic Utility Basket Daisey Plastic Utility Basket ZAR69.99null
  • Daisey Plastic Utility Basket Daisey Plastic Utility Basket ZAR69.99null
  • Polypropylene Laundry Basket Polypropylene Laundry Basket ZAR559.99null
  • 3 Piece Woodslat Laundry Set 3 Piece Woodslat Laundry Set ZAR559.99null


What to Put in a Wedding Bathroom Basket

Restrooms at weddings are often overlooked, but a few small touches will go a long way in making sure your guests are looking and feeling their best all wedding long. Which, trust us, is important—because no one's going to let loose if they're too stressed about a stain on their clothes or something in their teeth. This is where wedding bathroom baskets, or "amenity baskets," really come in clutch. Simply fill them with goodies your friends and family might need while celebrating with you.

Wedding Bathroom Basket Essentials

Not sure what they'll need? Obviously, your bathrooms will already be stocked with things like soap and toilet paper. Ask if there's anything else your venue or other vendors will provide, then fill in the gaps. Think along the same lines as what you've got in your wedding or getting-ready emergency kit. Here are some of the essentials, which are all super-easy to find at the drugstore, supermarket or on Amazon. But you don't even have to search for them yourself—click each link to shop the idea.

For the guys:

For the girls: All of the above, plus…

You should also consider the weather and where your reception is taking place when putting together your bathroom baskets. If you're having an outdoor summer reception, for example, you might want to include sunscreen, bug spray or blotting papers for post-dance floor shine.

Again, Amazon is always our go-to resource for inexpensive supplies. But you can also raid the travel-sized aisle to keep costs low—guests probably won't use a whole full-sized bottle of lotion anyway. Because all these items are, by nature, incredibly useful, we doubt any leftovers will go to waste though. Just use them as purse stuffers or vacation toiletries!

Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Don't forget about the baskets themselves! Since the items inside are what's most important, feel free to keep things simple (and inexpensive). That said, you're more than welcome to get a little fancy. It never hurts to tie wedding bathroom baskets into the overall decor theme. Wondering where to find bathroom baskets? The Knot Shop sells plenty of affordable vessel options, but for something more bespoke, try Etsy. Below, shop some of our favorite bathroom basket ideas. Then, consider pairing them with a bathroom basket sign. (Etsy and The Knot Shop are great resources for those too.)

This wicker basket is plenty big, and the style is versatile too: It's ideal for a rustic country affair, but could also work at a beach wedding.

The Knot Shop tapered wicker basket with white wash and liner in Medium, $12,

No, you're not limited to actual "baskets." Consider this cute crate which you can also personalize, this time with a hand-painted message.

The Lakeside Shed wedding bathroom basket personalized crate, $37,

Write a customized message on this chalkboard-adorned metal box, which saves you from having to buy a bathroom basket sign. It's equal-parts rustic and industrial-chic.

The Knot Shop tin box with aged finish & blackboard panel display, $24,

These modern, metallic wedding toiletry baskets are sold in packs of two for a discount, which is perfect if you're stocking separate men's and women's rooms. Plus, each one has a spot for a label that'll help you tell guests the items are theirs to use.

Spectrum Diversified wire storage basket, from $13 each,

Bonus: Premade Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Don't want to DIY? Try one of these pre-stocked bathroom baskets! They may seem pricey, but remember, they're fully stocked. Buying individual supplies adds up, plus organizing them on your own takes time! (And as you know, time equals money.)

We like this wedding bathroom basket's luxe look and spa-quality touches, like elegant scented lotion. Of course, it includes ultra-useful items too, like wet wipes, a mini sewing kit and even contact solution.

Marigold & Grey Signature restroom amenity basket, $157,

Here's another solid option that's a little cheaper. It includes everything from nail files to pre-pasted toothbrushes (seriously!). There are both mensroom and womens' room versions, plus different sizes depending on your guest count. This guys' basket accommodates over 50 attendees.

With You in Mind, Inc. restroom amenity basket, $126,

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Bathroom Furniture And Storage

Bathroom Storage Furniture

Here at Dunelm, we understand the importance of a tidy space when it comes to maintaining a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom . After all, when you’re relaxing after a long day, who wants to spend time in clutter?. With this in mind, we offer an extensive range of fixed and free standing bathroom storage furniture including bathroom cabinets, bathroom drawers, and bathroom storage units to help keep your essentials organised and your surfaces clear.

Tuck your lotions and potions out of sight with our range of wooden bathroom cabinets and bathroom drawers. Whilst our plain wood cabinets will bring a touch of charm to your home, our white free standing bathroom cabinets benefit from a fresh painted finish that will blend unobtrusively with most decors. Some of our most popular bathroom storage units come in natural wood, white, and grey.

Our mirrored cabinets also double as a handy reflective surface in which to check your appearance as you brush your hair or wash your face, making the most from your bathroom storage. A corner bathroom storage unit or cabinet can work well in smaller bathrooms, and a narrow storage cabinet is equally effective when space is at a premium.

When it comes to bathroom towel storage, our bathroom drawers offer the perfect space for folded towels, keeping them close at hand for immediate use. For a rustic twist, our wicker drawers will make a stylish statement whilst also providing room for fresh towels and a variety of other bathroom products. For smaller bathrooms, our tall and slim bathroom storage units units present a useful storage solution without taking up excessive amounts of space.

For a small toilet or shower room, you’ll need something a bit more compact, that’s why we also stock a range of small bathroom storage units as well as under sink storage and vanity units. Don’t forget to check out our range of hooks, caddies and accessories too!

Browse our full range to find beautiful bathroom furniture to suit you and your home.

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