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I’m sort of obsessed with pretty girly things and feel like kitchen aprons are the perfect way to express the ultimate of femininity. What was that song from the Disney movie, “Summer Magic”? “Femininity, femininity, thats the way to catch a beau!” I love it… And even though I already caught my “beau” I never get enough opportunities to wear fancy frilly things so why not wear them while cooking? Its the perfect way to have fun and play dress up while being productive and feeding the fam. This design is my personality to a T. Pink, Ruffles, Bows on an Apron = perfection. I designed  it and my friend an amazing seamstress Mercedes Trump sewed it for me. 😉

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NARUTO - Pink, Frilly Apron

Kakashi & Sasuke from NARUTO.

This was done in answer to a challenge posted here: [link]

It was originally supposed to be a black & white ink drawing, but after scanning it for backup before I inked in more details, I was experimenting around and just ended up coloring the entire thing. So there's an inconsistency in the ink details which kind of bothers me.

The depth is off, but oh well. I've impressed myself just by attempting a full background. =P

I had also just finished viewing the latest book by the circle, Rauhreif, which had a lot of domestic-type scenes of them eating, so it had some influence on the setting. And yes, Kakashi/Sasuke *is* implied.

I may end up changing the colors around a little. I'm still not quite certain about them.

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Frilly Aprons are clothing items worn on a worldhopper avatar. They can be obtained from Item Alchemy.

This item is a granted wish from the Wishing Well thread, wished for by Pink (#129) and Softsy (#153).


A frilly apron tied with a shiny ribbon and sure to increase the wearer's chances of winning a baking contest.


Frilly Aprons can only be obtained through Item Alchemy.


Frilly Aprons are not used in any quests or events.


Frilly Aprons will not be requested by pets as part of their daily affection gift or quest.

Item Alchemy

Frilly Aprons are present in Item Alchemy both as an ingredient and as a result.

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Frilly apron pink


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