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About POP Pony Maker Game

Design your very own character with the MLP Pop game! Join your friends Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy in their adventures! Create your unique pony to embark on a quest in Equestria. Can you find the true meaning of friendship? You will need the help of the five guardians of the Elements of Harmony!

The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Select one of the available options with a click of the mouse. Drag and drop the accessories to the desired position. Navigate the menu by using the continue button. At the end of the game, you will be able to print the final design or start from the beginning. 

Let your imagination run free

To begin with, you can select different designs for the two sides of your pony. Remember that you only get to decorate one side! You can choose matching options or even create unique combinations between your favorite ponies! Have you ever thought of Pinkieshy or Appledash?

Next, you need to personalize your pony. Choose an inspiring hairstyle from the multiple options available. No matter your personal style, you will surely find something fitting! From a hot pink mohawk to deep purple cornrows, the possibilities are very varied. 

You can even add a pair of whimsical wings! Whether you prefer lime green or cobalt blue, you will surely find a fitting design.

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Don't also forget to choose the best tail design. You can select something that matches your mane and completes your overall vision. However, you can be unique and go for something completely unexpected! Maybe a magical rainbow tail or even one made entirely of sparkles will finish off your look!

Now it's time to add the finishing touches to your character. You can choose a special sticker from the wide selection available. Maybe a lightning bolt or a flower is just what's missing! You can place them wherever you like by dragging them with your cursor.

What else you should know

You can place your newly-created character in one of the settings available. You can choose between 7 different backgrounds. Each one of them is a special place from Equestria, such as Pinkie Pie's Sugarcube Corner or Applejack's farm and orchard.  

You even have the option to add another pony to the scene that you have created. Click on the 'Add pony' button to create a new pony character. You will go through all of the steps again. Don't forget that you can play with the size and placement of the characters to create a truly unique scene. 

Have you ever wanted to be a   character in the My Little Pony universe? Now you have the opportunity to create a pony that matches your personal style and personality! Join Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and the rest of the Guardians in their epic adventures! They will make sure you have a blast and teach you the value of friendship!

If you enjoy playing POP Pony Maker, you might be excited to find out that there are 48 more My Little Pony games you can try! The most popular is Pony Creator, and the most recently added is Adventure Ponies

Sours: https://www.numuki.com/game/mlp-pop/
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Let's craft a pony with MLP Friendship is Magic Pony Creator

Pop Pony Maker

Game Description:

I will introduce new game Pop Pony Maker for free online at our website Gamesmylittlepony.com. As other My Little Pony games, you can play this game in your browser, your mobile and enjoy it for free. In this game, you will get an opportunity to know how to create your own Pony with my little pony pop. Very simple to play this game, you just use mouse and follow instruction in game. In this game, you will choose Pony character for each site. Then you will drag and drop your favorite stickers. There are some ponies as Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle characters. After you get a pony, you will select the stickers and make her to be more nice. Finally, you can print your artwork and decorate your room. As you know, this is a simple my little pony game, but it is very funny and interesting. You can play more game on our website. Please make sure to come back here and recommend it with your friends.

In the first game, you will choose a My Little Pony character. There are four parts such as snap it, pop it, style it, switch it. You will select a pony for each side. You will choose your favorite pony and start to create it. You will choose hairstyle with the nice color. Then you will take a pair of wings. You will continue to take a nice tail for your character as well. Finally, you will choose the background for her. This game is simple but it is very funny and interesting. I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game. Have fun!

Here is the game video to refer


How to play:

You will use your mouse to play this game.
You will go one by one of each level in game to create your My Little Pony character.
You will use your mouse to click the diamonds groups

Tips and Tricks:

You will find out the diamonds group.
Finish each task and next to other pages of game.
Please concentrate here and get score.
The strategies in this game are active and careful in the course of the game.

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Games pony making

My Little Pony Games

What are My Little Pony Games?

The My Little Pony frenzy is about to be even more interesting here on our website, because dear kids you can see that we have prepared for you a brand new online My Little Pony games category, in which you can meet with Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity or Rainbow Dash inside cute little girly games that you can play for free online even on your mobile phones and tablets.

At first, My Little Pony was just a toy line with cute little colorful ponies, but starting from 2019 until 2020, the toy line went from the markets to the TV screens of little girls around the world, and it has brought a lot of color, magic, and love for ponies for girls all ages until they become teenagers. The franchise moved from just making toys to making TV series, movies and even full cartoons with exciting adventures, magic and helping the girls grow up and learn how to deal with failure, happiness and with criticism when it's due, and so the kids that watch this show can get educated and start to form their own personalities that might be like the ones of their favorite My Little Pony characters.

The cute My Little Pony story

The first toy that was made from this now worldwide franchise was named My Pretty Pony and it started in 1981, where the factory made a very small pony made from plastic with a few hairs that had different colors based on the character that the kids wanted to play with. It was a revolutionary toy for that time because you could have wiggle its ears, move her tail, and wink with one of the toy's eyes. There were made even baby pony figurines of the Beautiful Baby and the My Pretty Pony series that continued with two new colorswhich are pink and yellow.

In 1982, the first My Little Pony toy was made, and there were six ponies that looked different, that had each a different color, and a cute little symbol on the back hip of the pony, which is a trademark of the series, and each and every one of the ponies or the families will have a sign, and they can be from apples, rainbows, sparkles or candy to lightning or clouds, and that will help you distinguish the pony families and your favorite My Little Pony characters from the rest.

The story of the pink, red, yellow or green ponies started to become even more popular in 1998, when there was the very first My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens game was released, in which there were four ponies that needed help to grown and take care of a full-on garden. You have to plant near the My Little Pony house a lot of plants - vegetables or fruit - that will help the ponies to eat when they are hungry, so the game is important to keep the pony that you love to survive day after day. Using the mouse, you would have clicked on a patch of land, and you started to plow it, making the land perfect to plant seeds, water them, give them sun, take care of them if they have pests and be sure that you will manage to harvest them when they are ready, and so all the cute ponies will have healthy fresh food to eat.

Between 2003 and 2009, the main story of the My Little Pony started to be even more popular, and even though most of you had at least one toy or puppet with the cute ponies, they are already the third generation that came out the factory, and they started to be more popular than ever because it's a new series of toys in which Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia or Apple Bloom are going to be even cuter than before, and so the My Little Pony TV show started to hit the world, and the girls lovedthe show, and so they started to follow the ponies in their magical adventure in the world behind the rainbows.

Each TV series episode is filled with color because every color is very bright the environments are blasted with sparkles and even cute little educational series, in which children all ages can learn how to stay away from danger, read correctly and even to start writing amazing letters that will appear in future My Little Pony games here on our website.

The My Little Pony families

There is a lot of fun and interesting characters in this new story, and the main characters in this new challenge will be Pinkie Pie, a pink pony with fluffy hairand three balloons on her hip, which is her icon that makes her easy to be distinguished between other ponies even from her family.

Twilight Sparkle is a very cute purple pony that has bangs and a few pink and dark purple hair. She is special because she is one of the few ponies in the story that has wings. Twilight Sparkle is not an ordinary pony, because she is a unicorn and she has a purple unicorn on her forehead, and her signature on the hip will be a big red sparkle surrounded by five other little white sparkles which are the logo of the Sparkle family.

Applejack is another cute My Little Pony character that is very popular, and you can see that is appearing in almost every episode and game here on our website. You can see that Applejack has orange skin with yellow hair, and the icon will be three red apples on her hip, and that's the sign for his family.
Fluttershy is one of the cutest and shiest pony characters, and you dear children can find her in a crowd by her pale pink hair and her yellow skin. She is going to have wings like Twilight Sparkle, and you can see that she will have three pink stars on her hip as a symbol of her family.

Rarity is one of the girliest characters in this new story, and you will see that she has a beautiful purple hairstyle with a white skin, and she has three diamond-shaped icons that are blue, and you will see that she always is ready for a makeover. Rarity is the second unicorn porny in the story, and you can see how much fun you can have dressing up and having a new makeup for each episode of the My Little Pony show.

The most colorful character is by far Rainbow Dash because she has light blue skin, and her hair is a rainbow with special colors, like yellow, blue, green, orange, red or purple, and we are sure that you will have a great time because she is filled with energy and always has a little adventure ready for you to play for free.

The Equestria Girls teenagers

Because the My Little Pony story and the little pony dolls have become so popular, there's a new story named Equestria Girls, in which the ponies that you already love are real teenage girls that need your help to get through a hard day at high school, and do all kinds of teenager things like makeups, makeovers and shopping for clothes that will make them look even cuter.

These teenage girls will look and will have the same names of the My Little Pony characters, and you will see that they will be beautiful, modern, and cute. Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Sunset Shimmer, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Twilight Sparkle are going to be the main characters of the story, and they will look amazing.

You can see that in these new challenges, and they are going to be beautiful and have special abilities and traits that make them unique. Rarity is the fashionista of the school, and you can see that she is going to be ready to give makeovers for any character that needs it, as she is the cutest and the most modern girl in school. Applejack is a musician in school, and she loves to make apple cider and serve people at school and see which one of her batches are best.

All the girls in the Equestria Girls show are unique, and you will see that they will have for you amazing sportsgames, adventure challenges, and even magic games for kids are ready for you to play with all of your friends even for free even on your phones and tablets.

There are a lot of fun games for girls like playing dress-up, makeup and hairstyle challenges in which you can see that the Equestria Girls are going to need your help to go to the spa and have facial treatments, massages and skin treatments that will help them have clearer and softer skin.

What is the My Little Pony?

The My Little Pony series started with a set of pony puppets and toys for girls.

Which are the cutest ponies?

The cutest ponies are Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle.

How do the ponies look?

Ponies look different, have different colors, some of them have wings, and even unicorns.

Is there a show with ponies?

The My Little Pony dolls appeared in a TV series and even a movie.

Are the ponies reals or just puppets?

The ponies started as being just puppets, and you can see that they started to be real in the Equestria Girls series.

How are the Equestria Girls look?

All the Equestria Girls look like the pony that they been created from, but they are human not ponies.
Sours: https://www.play-games.com/my-little-pony-games.html
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