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To resolve the Pubg Mobile Network Error, I'm going to share with you two of the best methods by which you won't have to worry about getting your account banned, and these are 100% working solutions for resolving the Pubg Mobile login error in case you have a problem with updated Pubg Mobile or want to log in again after logging out. So, let's begin with the first approach.

1st method

Remove Pubg Mobile from your recent tabs and then proceed with the steps below.

1.Open the settings menu.

2. Select Additional settings from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose a region, then change the default option from India to any other country, such as the United States.

4. Now go to Pubg Mobile and open it.

Check to see if the Network Login Error has been resolved. Many players have been able to resolve the error using these steps, but if they do not work for you, try the second method, which will almost certainly solve your Pubg Mobile login error.

2nd Method

Remove Pubg Mobile from your recent tabs and then proceed with the steps below.

1. To resolve the Pubg Mobile Network Error, you must first download and install a DNS app from the Google Play Store.

2. Open the DNS app after it has finished installing, then click done and accept all of the permissions it requires.

3. Click the button to enable the DNS app; once it says connected, you're done.

Minimize the app but don't shut it down.

4. Now open the Pubg Mobile App and log in using your account information.

Close or turn off the DNS app once you've logged in to your Pubg Mobile account because it will cause ping issues in the game. You can also uninstall the DNS application.

3rd Method

This method is simple, but it is not compatible with all devices. Changing the location of their device fixed a login error in Pubg for some of my friends. And if you're lucky, it'll work for you as well.

• Go to your phone's settings.

• Change to a different setting.

• Select a different country by tapping on the region.

• Start your game.

And one of my friends told me that resetting his new device fixed his Pubg mobile network error problem.

Follow the steps outlined below.

• Launch the PUBG Emulator on your computer.

• Exit the game to return to the emulator's home page.

• To see the options, press “F9” on your keyboard.

• Go to “Settings” and click on it.

• Find and select the option "Apps" under "Settings."

• Selecting "Apps" will display all of the apps available in the emulator. Select PUBG from the drop-down menu.

• To clear all files, go to “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.”

• Restart the emulation program.

• PUBG should now be free of the "Network Error Login Failed" error and ready to play.

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Method 4

Using A VPN

Anomalies in your network settings could also be to blame for the error. You'll need to install a VPN to fix the network error in order to fix the bug.

Download a reputable VPN app from the Play Store or App Store. Opera Free VPN, TurboVPN, and NordVPN are three VPNs that I recommend.

  • Open the VPN app after it has finished downloading.
  • Pick a location that isn't in your home country.
  • In the app, press the "Connect" button in the circle.
  • You'll now be connected to a VPN in the chosen location.
  • Restart your PUBG Emulator and you'll be able to play once more.

Also, make certain that your internet connection is stable and error-free. If none of the above methods work, try restarting your WiFi or your device.

We hope that our guide to resolving the Network Error Login Failed PUBG Emulator blunder has been helpful in resolving the problem. On the off chance that you have any issues or ideas, if it's not too much trouble, leave them in the remarks area beneath.

Hope our guide on how to fix the Network Error Login Failed PUBG Emulator blunder has helped you in clearing up the issue. Feel free to comment below in the comment section if you have any problems/suggestions.


So, these were the methods to fix Pubg Mobile's Network Error Login Failed, and in this post, I answered all of your questions about

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I hope this resolved your Pubg Mobile network error. Make sure to forward this to a friend who might benefit from it, and please leave any questions or suggestions in the comments section below; we are always listening for your wise words.

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I don’t know what to do, because I have no idea how to log in to multiple accounts on Pubg mobile.

And the problem is that I always use one Facebook account to play PUBGM

But, last week my friend request me to play his ID to push the rank.
So, to log in to my friend’s Pubg accounts, I logged out mine.

But when I logged out of my ID, I am not getting the option to enter my Facebook email and password.

I tap on the login with Facebook, but again my current account is opening. Instead of appearing FB login box.

Are you also facing the same problem while logging into another account in Pubg mobile?
Do you know to use more than two Pubg accounts in one mobile?

I will tell you the way to add multiple Pubg accounts if you don’t know.

These are the steps to log in multiple PUBG accounts.

To login another Facebook account

Follow these steps to play more than two PUBG accounts.

Step 1. Launch the PUBG mobile and go to the game setting.

Step 2. Tap on the logout option to log out of your current account.

Step 3. Tap on the login with the Facebook option to add another Facebook account on Pubg.

Step 4. Here you stop, right?
If you don’t get a login box to enter new ID detail, minimize the game touching on the home button.
Now, open your Facebook and Facebook lite application and log out of your account from there.
Again, log out of your FB account, if it is logged in the other browsers like chrome, opera, anything.

Step 5. Maximize your Pubg and again tap in the login with Facebook account. Or, restart your game and tap in the login option.

Step 6. Now, the box will appear to enter your Facebook password and email. So, log in to another account to play your or, friend’s Pubg events.

So, those are the ways to log in to multiple Pubg mobile accounts.
But it happens only with some players.
Therefore, if you also encountered a similar issue, then your problem is solved.

To login Twitter account

If you have another Twitter account and facing a similar issue; then follow the same procedure to solve the problem.

You can create more than 2(multiple) Twitter account to play on one device.

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How to Login PUBG Mobile in Login Facebook by Emulator -- Review Again

PUBG Mobile is one of the games where you can create an account for free. However, if you open an account in the game other than any mail, you will join the game through a guest account. In this article, we have answered the question of how to exit the PUBG Mobile guest accounts, which is one of the most curious topics of PUBG Mobile players.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games by many players today. PUBG Mobile, where you can have fun with your friends, is a free download game on the Google Play Store and App Store . You can login to PUBG Mobile via your email address or Facebook account and start playing the game. 

However, users who do not yet have an e-mail or Facebook account can log into the game as guests. After a while, they want to log in to the game with their own main account. We explained to you how to log out of the PUBG Mobile guest account in the rest of our article.

How to log out of PUBG Mobile Guest Accounts?

To log out of the PUBG Mobile guest account, you need to follow the steps below. You can also log out of the PUBG Mobile guest account by following these steps.

  •  First, log in to the PUBG Mobile game installed on your mobile device .
  • Then, enter the “settings” section from the main menu .
  • Click on “general settings” in the settings tab and scroll to the bottom.
  • Click on the “Sign Out” item found here.

After following these steps, you can login to PUBG Mobile with your email address or Facebook account and play the game. Also, since this account will be unique to you, you can purchase different weapon skins and character outfits. We wish everyone enjoyable games.

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