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Darkest Dungeon Boardgame Kickstarter Already Funded

By Ramon Hara


The board game adaptation of Darkest Dungeon is one step closer to reality, now that the Kickstarter campaign is already funded in less than an hour.

Darkest Dungeon is an RPG game released by Red Hook Studios back in 2016. Those who have played the game know that Darkest Dungeon is famous for its difficult gameplay and touch choices, making it a game that some feel will also strive in tabletop form. Thankfully Red Hook Studios and Mythic Games announced that Darkest Dungeon is getting a board game adaptation, and it has just been revealed that the project has already reached its Kickstarter goal.

It is worth remembering that, while the board game adaptation's official announcement was made a couple of months ago, the Kickstarter campaign was only launched yesterday. However, it only took less than an hour for the project to meet its funding goal of $300,000. At the time of writing, the Darkest Dungeonboard game campaign on Kickstarter is now at $900,000 with 7,600 backers.

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The Kickstarter campaign also emphasized that the board game will remain faithful to Red Hook's popular dungeon-crawling RPG featuring a co-operative tabletop experience for up to 4 players. Moreover, similar to the original game, the board game adaptation will present players with several challenges as they traverse the dungeons playing as various characters and classes.

Also, interested players should know that Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is a Kickstarter exclusive and won't release to retail stores. The Kickstarter campaign details what players can expect in the upcoming tabletop game, such as its mechanics, stretch goals, and other freebies and rewards that pledgers will get for their contribution.

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is currently in development.

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As the launch of the Kickstarter draws ever nearer, we’ve decided to give you a small series of articles to introduce you to the much-anticipated Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game, our new cooperative miniatures board game directly adapted from the acclaimed video game.

Why Darkest Dungeon

Every new Mythic Games project has to be special, something that has taken months or even years of work and thought. And we are particularly excited and proud to present this one! We have a lot of video game fans on our team. Fans who like big licenses and the classics, of course, but who also enjoy the more independent projects.

And among the latter, Darkest Dungeon has always been one of our favorites, if not “THE” favorite. It plunges you into a dark universe, heroic and desperate, where acts of bravery often come with madness, fear and death. It is a game that deals with the human psyche and resonates within each and every one of us. The video game is particularly addictive, due to its universe but also because of its exceptional gameplay.

From the beginning of this project, we worked hand in hand with the creators, Red Hook studio, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with artists as passionate about their product as we are of ours.

With each new project, we try to innovate, with the proposition of something really new, and we believe we have once again reached a new milestone with this adaptation. The theme, a rogue-like dungeon crawl RPG, is unusual for us and has never before been offered in our range. It brings real innovations, such as the dungeon generation mechanism and its single tile on which you play at any time.

Moreover, the miniatures, which fully respect the artistic direction of the brilliant Chris Bourassa from Red Hook, are unlike any others on the market: their style and proportions are completely unique.

A challenging project

As with every new project, we want to offer you the highest possible quality, not only in the material but also in the art, sculpts and gameplay. Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game has a special place in our hearts because it is the adaptation of a license that we consider as having a “cult” following.

The challenge is to bring you back to the same sensations you had with the video game, without simply mimicking them. We have thus sought to complete the experience with a new way of interacting with your environment and your enemies: moving miniatures on a board, making tactical decisions not only in relation to your stance and available skills as in the video game, but also in relation to your position and movements on the tabletop.

Overall, adding the third dimension and miniatures allows you to experience Darkest Dungeon in a completely new way. Expect a cooperative and challenging dungeon crawl experience, with epic moments and enormous replay-ability, made possible by the game’s multiple variables (Curios, Quirks, Afflictions, Diseases, trinkets, buffs, debuffs, skills, bosses, monsters, levels, etc.). And all this while staying true to the dystopian framework of the game and its thrilling quotes, as if they were stated by Wayne June himself!

Will you answer the letter?

With this promise, we invite you, fans, game enthusiasts, and cult video game lovers, to join us on a new exciting journey through the secret corridors of the Darkest Dungeon, through a series of articles that will gradually reveal to you the different aspects of the board game. We’ll talk about Heroes, Combat, Exploration and our beloved Hamlet, highlighting every aspect of the board game, all before our torch stops burning. Darkness closes in, haunting the hearts of men.

So, what are you waiting for? Continue the reading! Read. Them. All!


Launching October 20th on Kickstarter !

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Darkest Dungeon board game Kickstarter blows past $1 million in one day

Yesterday, October 20, a Kickstarter campaign for Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game went live with a hefty goal of $300,000. Also yesterday, that goal was reached and easily surpassed. As of today, October 21, it has raised more than $1.2 million—and still has 15 days to go.

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game sounds a lot like Darkest Dungeon the videogame: 1-4 players assemble a team of ragged heroes at the Hamlet, and then embark on quests to explore dungeons, battle monsters, and help restore the Heir's mansion to its proper glory. But it's not just physical harm that threatens them—the "Stressful Affliction System" means each member of the party will have to grapple with potentially debilitating paranoia, abusiveness, fear, irrationality, and "a host of gameplay-meaningful quirks."

Campaigns in the board game will unfold over 11 missions, three per threat level, culminating in a faceoff in the depths of the Darkest Dungeon itself. Each hero will select three of seven available skills at the start of each mission (or more, once they're leveled up), and on each turn will choose from two available actions, including movement, interaction, changing stance, or using a skill. Between missions, you'll head back to the hamlet, where you'll try to recover from the horrors you've encountered.

There are only two tiers of rewards available, and as a big board game with a lot of parts, the pledges are fairly high. The "Corebox," which initially included a rulebox, eight hero and 64 monster miniatures, 32 dice, 12 double-sided room tiles, 16 hero boards, four skill boards, one Hamlet board, three main dashboards, 10+ Dungeon cards, 400+ Tarot, Poker, and Mini Euro cards, and 200+ tokens of various sorts, is $100, while $150 gets you that plus the Crimson Court add-on, with more monsters, tiles, and cards. 

Not cheap, no, but other hand, just look at it.

The runaway success of the campaign has already unlocked several stretch goals, though, meaning that both the core set and the Crimson Court will have more heroes, monsters, and rooms than originally planned.

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game isn't expected to start shipping until November 2021, to ensure that the makers have plenty of time to deal with any unforeseen complications. The Kickstarter campaign will run until November 6. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, Darkest Dungeon 2 is on the way, too—Red Hook Studios announced today that it will launch in Early Access on the Epic Games Store sometime in 2021.

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Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game - Kickstarter Preview - Part #1 - Dungeon Exploration

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Torchbearers, You still foolishly consider yourselves an entity separate from the whole. I know better. And I. Will. Show you. Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is not a game for the faint of heart. It is a game where a band of Heroes answers the call... (Read More)

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DOUBLE STRETCH GOAL! Fire and Crystal!

November 4th - via: kickstarter.com

Congratulations! You have unlocked a Pyre miniature and some Crystal 3D tokens! Torchbearers, About idols – fear them.The ones from the Pelagics and the warped flesh from the Darkest Dungeon might very well make you mad, but the Fanatic’s... (Read More)

A new version of the Templar Impaler

November 4th - via: kickstarter.com

Congratulations! You have unlocked a new (alternate) Templar Impaler! Torchbearers! The Darkest Dungeon. A mass of flesh and stone and star, twisting, coalescing into living things, absorbing corpses to give them new purpose. Sometimes, the dark... (Read More)

The Butcher herself is here - $3585K

November 3rd - via: kickstarter.com

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Butcher herself! Aaaah, the Butcher. A soul who likes to shave dead flesh and mush it into sausages, who curdles blood into pudding… and who loves a good fight. She sometimes take it to the arena herself,... (Read More)

GAMEPLAY UPDATE: The Hamlet Phase (4/4)

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DOUBLE STRETCH GOAL: Nothing but rooms

October 31st - via: kickstarter.com

Congratulations ! You have unlocked three absolute Nothingness miniatures and two new Weald rooms! Torchbearers, At the heart of the Darkest Dungeon, a sleeping god has awoken, born of the stars and void. The source of all evil on the estate, it... (Read More)

6 Hamlet event cards

October 30th - via: kickstarter.com

Congratulations!! You have unlocked 6 New Hamlet Event cards! Torchbearers, The hamlet has always been a quiet place, where the hubbub was only mere squabble over spoiled fish or a piglet stolen from its rightful owner. Now the remaining folks never... (Read More)

Kill the Abominations!

October 30th - via: dicetowernews.com

Mythic Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game that only has about a week to go at the time of this writing. The game is designed by Nick Niotis and Argyris Pouggouras with artwork supplied by Christopher Bourassa. Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game, based on the popular video game, plays 1-4 players, ages 14 and up, in 90-120 minutes. (Read More)

Release the snake! The Adder has come

October 27th - via: kickstarter.com

Congratulations!! You have unlocked an Adder miniature! Torchbearers, Snakes – the most common pest in some areas. They have been left unchecked in the estate, and for a good reason. Do you know the Adder’s gigantic head distill the most potent... (Read More)

A wave of wretched disease

October 23rd - via: kickstarter.com

Congratulations! You have unlocked 4 new Disease cards (added to the Core Box) and 3 new Cove Quest cards (added to the Cove expansion) Torchbearers, The Plague Doctor knows best: flesh is weak. Not only to swords and arrows, but also to squalor and... (Read More)

The Darkest Dungeon has 2 more rooms

October 22nd - via: kickstarter.com

You just unlocked a double sided Room tile for the Core Box + 1 mysterious and mesmerizing Boss for... You’ll know soon! Torchbearers, The Darkest Dungeon is bigger than it seems. This temple to malady and woe has been carved into the stoic perch... (Read More)

Brigand Cutthroat - One dreadful opponent

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You have unlocked three Brigand Cutthroats! Torchbearers, I remember the time of the rebellion, when the pitchforks were not used for hay, when scythe did not cut through weed and wheat, when pyres were not made out of joy for the summer solstice. I... (Read More)

The twisted Collected are here

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The Crimson Court: Enter the decayed gardens

October 21st - via: kickstarter.com

Torchbearers, In those younger years, my home was a hive of unbridled hedonism, a roiling apiary where instinct and impulse were indulged with wild abandon. A bewitching predator slipped in amidst the swarm of tittering sycophants. Though outwardly... (Read More)

The Spitter has now arrive

October 20th - via: kickstarter.com

Torchbearers... I have the feeling you’re getting acquainted with me, for all the constant prose I send. Here’s a new one, for a new addition to our little collection of horrors. Though they are testaments of abandon, I myself do not reel at the... (Read More)

Bone Captain and new Dungeon cards!

October 20th - via: kickstarter.com

Torchbearers... We have discovered a new foe! In the ruins of the manor, the old bones have stirred. Among them, footsoldiers and militia… but any good company also has a captain. The unholy undead need commandeering, and the Bone Captain assumes... (Read More)

The Tutorial and Old Road Tile

October 20th - via: kickstarter.com

Torchbearers! Do not start without a hint. Follow my lead, and you shall understand how things work. Follow the Old Road to the hamlet, a path without abomination, but not without bandits… that way, your adventure will begin smoothly. Women and... (Read More)

The Quest Begins - Funded

October 20th - via: kickstarter.com

 FUNDED!!!! Hello, torchbearers! Welcome to the Hamlet… and to the estate as well. Ruins, Cove, Courtyard, Weald and Warrens, all infested by corruption. And, of course, torchbearers… This milestone we – you – reached is just our beginning.... (Read More)

Delve into the Depths of DARKEST DUNGEON

October 20th - via: nerdist.com

Do you dare venture into the Darkest Dungeon? Grab a sharp weapon, don your armor, and light a torch as you get ready to delve into battle in Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game. This cooperative board game, based on the popular indie video game, is the dungeon crawl of your dreams. (Read More)

Mythic Games’ Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game Kickstarter Now Live

October 20th - via: beastsofwar.com

In Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game you take on the role of a band of adventurers descending into the depths in order to fight terrifying monsters, cruel and dangerous bandits and face down terrible bosses. Throughout all of this, you'll be growing and developing your characters, levelling them up and trying to avoid being dragged down into the depths of despair. (Read More)

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game Kickstarter Has Launched and is Already Funded

October 20th - via: dualshockers.com

The dungeon-crawling RPG Darkest Dungeon has been known for its brutally difficult gameplay and emphasis on having players make difficult choices in order to survive, and it’s one title that feels particularly well-suited to tabletop form. Thankfully, Mythic Games and Red Hook Studios are bringing their acclaimed title to the table with an official board game adaptation, which has been funded on Kickstarter in record time. (Read More)

Darkest Dungeon Board Game Kickstarter Launches

October 20th - via: comicbook.com

Mythic Games has launched the Kickstarter for its board game adaptation of the popular video game Darkest Dungeon. The tabletop game will adapt both the core Darkest Dungeon experience as well as the Crimson Court expansion, with 1-4 players venturing through randomly generated dungeons to complete quests, fight boss monsters, and prepare for a final showdown inside the titular Darkest Dungeon. (Read More)

Sours: https://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1162110258/darkest-dungeon-the-board-game/

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Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game - Kickstarter Preview - Setup


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