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Chocolate youngster Cole snuggles up on his new blue dog toy that his family the Hroncichs sent ahead of time in their puppy care package! They claimed him as their own at a young age, and watched him grow up via our website, sending along items for him to play with and get used to with his littermates before taking his very own toy home with him to his new household! (When ordering from Petsmart- please use our links, we receive credit for the referral and this helps support maintaining our website! )
" Ok, I ordered some items from the link to Petsmart on your webpage. They should be on their way to you as all items were in stock! 1 bag of Greenies,   ToyShoppe® Mint Green Plush Dog with Squeakers,   Petstages Soothing Cuddle Pal,
Nylon Adjustable Collar for Small DogsColor/Style: Red
Size: 5/16''W x 5-7''L   Also, I wanted to send a box of Iams Puppy Biscuts for momma Maisy but Petsmart had them on backorder, so in order to get them to you ASAP, I am going to send a box from Petco!   I am so excited, thank you! "
-The Hroncichs


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Testimonial #1

“You Can’t Go Wrong. When my Daughter bought my little puggy pups (yes, Brother & Sister both ended up raised by Nana), the “breeders” sent us with a supply of Cheese Pupcorn. We only have the Sis left after 13 years, but they both (Brother/Bruno & Sis/Roxy), but they have both enjoyed a lifetime of Pupcorn. I made sure of it. These treats are wonderful ❤️ ❤️”

- L. Lyman

Testimonial #2

"My young brother n sister Cavalier puppies just have to hear me open the bag of these delicious biscuits and they stop whatever they are doing. They want a biscuit. I use these biscuits for special behavior treats. They’ve been the perfect treat to train sit and stay because the puppies love the biscuit so much. Besides being desirable, they stay fresh. Thank you Evolve."

- Nancy N.

Testimonial #3

“We have a French Bulldog Julius, who is a very spoiled and finicky eater. Once we tried Evolve that problem was solved. He loves all. 4 flavors. Thank you for offering such a great food.”

- Michael W.

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Jack- Found his Guardian home!

What is a miniature golden retriever?

The term “miniature golden retriever” is used for any specialty cross breed containing golden retriever and a smaller breed to reduce the size of the dog. Here at Pocket Full of Sunshine, our line of miniature golden retrievers consist of golden retriever with a small amount of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Miniature Poodle.

How big does a miniature golden retriever get?

While we are not able to guarantee size, we will do our best to give you an estimate. See the current litter description and the weights of the parents. Our line of mini golden retrievers will range somewhere between 20 and 35 pounds.

What kind of environment do miniature golden retrievers need?

While every puppy has it’s own personality, there are certain consistent aspects of this specialty cross breed. Bright and inquisitive, these active social dogs love to be with their people. They enjoy training, walks, playing fetch and watching television. They are gentle with children and affectionate. This kind of dog is ideal for owners who want to spend a lot of time with their pet and are interested in a nurturing relationship.

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Ohio No. 2 on Humane Society's 'Horrible Hundred' puppy mill list

This photo taken in 2017, shows a dog with a bulging eye - one of the many dogs with medical problems found at Samples Creek Kennel, a Missouri puppy mill owned by Pamela Baldwin, who has been in all five of The Humane Society of the United States' "Horrible Hundred" reports. In the 2018 report, Ohio ranks No. 2 for having the worst puppy mills in the U.S.

When it comes to having the worst puppy mills and dog sellers, Ohio isn't exactly best in show, according to an annual report from the Humane Society of the United States.

The Buckeye State, which is home to 13 problem puppy mills, ranked No. 2 in the agency's "Horrible Hundred" report.

Ohio came just behind Missouri, which had the largest number of problem puppy mills — 23 — for the sixth year in a row, according to the report.

The Humane Society recently published a list of 100 problem puppy mills and dog sellers to help raise awareness about the cruel conditions at puppy mills. Puppy mills are large pet breeding operations focused on profit over animal welfare.

The Ohio breeders and stores listed in the report are located in the cities of Baltimore, Canton, Charm, Dundee, Fredericksburg, Loudonville, Millersburg and Sugar Creek.

The list is based on reported lapses in dog medical care, and factors in below-average ratings on Yelp, Yellow Pages and a number of other online consumer platforms.

According to the report, several reviewers mentioned "strong odor, puppies who look sick and animals kept in cramped enclosures" at Ohio stores.

Thousands of dogs are suffering in puppy mills throughout the state, according to the coalition Stop Puppy Mills.

"Mother dogs are forced to breed continuously in factory-like conditions, then discarded like trash when they can no longer produce puppies," the coalition's website says. "Dogs are crammed into small, filthy wires cages for their entire lives, denied basic care."

There are currently no state laws to protect animals from puppy mills and poor breeding; however, a new ballot measure to be introduced this November could change things.  

The proposed law requires commercial breeders — those with eight or more breeding females — to provide dogs with nutritious food and clean water, proper veterinary care, housing, exercise, socialization, and protection from extreme temperatures.

The proposal also prohibits commercial breeders and other sellers, regardless of where they are located, from selling dogs to Ohio consumers unless they meet these humane standards of care.


Ohio sunshine puppies

We are a professional breeder that offers our buyers the best companion puppies. Our breeding program is focused on HEALTHY, HAPPY, COMPANIONS. My family has been breeding for since the early 1990's. During this time we have learned the best and the worst things about breeding along the way. I know and understand it takes unconditional commitment to raise healthy, happy puppies. We are professional breeders This is not my job, it is my passion. I aim to make each generation of our puppies better then the last. Each breeding we do is planned out and their is a reason for each one. Our breeding programs have taken many generations to prefect and we always work to improve on them.

We LOVE to raise puppies, and love the families we meet and the lives we change with our bundles of joy. Our babies and adults are raised in happy, healthy, clean, socialized home environment. Each one means the World to us. It not only takes love, passion, education and effort to be successful breeders, it takes years of experience It is impossible to explain to you the amount of time being a professional breeder requires. It is a never ending task; there are no sick days, holidays or even short days. This takes 24/7 and we love every minute of it :0) . When you adopt one of our puppies you know you are supporting a professional breeder. As a professional we take great pride in our passion of raising happy, healthy, socialized puppies for our puppy parents everywhere.

Order your Pet Food at and Stray Animals Matter will get a $20 donation!

We are proud to say we are inspected by the state of Missouri and our vets on a regular basis. When it comes to picking up your puppy. We enjoy having you come to our home to pick up your new companion in person. We love to meet our clients in person, most of them LOVE to meet us. When this is not possible then we do offer delivery with an additional fee.

Here at Sunshine Puppies we believe for every person there is the perfect puppy and for every puppy there is that perfect person. Our online home ( offers potential puppy adopters lots of information about us and our puppies for sale/adoption. Feel free to browse all our pages. If you would like to e-mail us our e-mail is [email protected]

Order your Pet Food at and Stray Animals Matter will get a $20 donation!

Please spay and neuter

We are a member of MBPA

We are a member of MPBA

Order your Pet Food at and Stray Animals Matter will get a $20 donation!
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