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The Kluge Foil Stamping Process

Foil Stamping

What’s a Kluge?

A Kluge is an automatic platen press used for foil stamping, embossing, debossing, letterpress printing, scoring, die cutting and numbering. We have a total of 8 Kluge’s inhouse that are constantly running. This blog is going to focus on foil stamping and die cutting on a Kluge.

I am going to walk you through the process from beginning to end. The first step is to mount the die to the platen. The platen is then heated to 250 degrees. We only use copper dies because they provide the highest quality possible.


While the press is heating up, we check for position and even impression. The foil is wound through the press and heat and pressure are adjusted based on the artwork and paper stock.

Foil Stamp Printing

Due the amount of coverage for this job, we are stamping 4-up. We would normally run a larger sheet and stamp 8-up but in this case we can’t because we are using pre-kiss cut label stock.

Foil Stamping Process

Then we twist the sheet and stamp the other side.

Die Cuts

As soon as the first press is up and running, we start setting up the second press for the next color. It’s important to run both colors simultaneously to make sure we are in perfect registration. The second color is run the same as the first, 4-up work and twist. It’s a little harder to see the second color – look closely for the thin gold rule.

Die Cut Printer

The next step is to set up a third press to die cut the sheets. I know I said earlier that the sheets were already kiss-cut, so why do we have to die cut? Our customer ordered individual labels not labels on a sheet and in order to give them perfect margins on the finished piece we have to die cut.

Die Cuts Printer

The last step is to take the sheets over to the cutter for a final trim. We just have to box these up and they are off to the customer.

Die Cut Printing

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Sours: https://cannelli.com/the-kluge-foil-stamping-process/

Lot #21: Kluge EHD 14" x 22" Die Cutter with Upgraded Safety Guards and Latches - Click for Video!

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Foil Stamping, Die-Cutting, Embossing

EHD Series (14 x 22)
EHF Series (14 x 22)


Lifetimes. With an s. That’s how long our foil stamping machines last.

We offer a wide range of Kluge foil stamping, die-cutting, and embossing products, available at different price points and sizes to fit your company’s unique budget and needs. But each of our machines have at least three things in common:

  • They’re easy to use.
  • They last lifetimes.
  • They produce high-quality, well-built printed products that your customers (and their customers) can count on.

Our machines are multi-generational investments. We know you need a product that you can put on your floor and set in motion without a lot of fuss or extensive user training. You want to minimize maintenance and repair. And you want to guard against customer quality complaints, the likes of which you might have encountered when using substandard foil stampers or die-cutters in the past.

We understand those needs, and we’ve hand-crafted machines that meet each one of them.

Our Foil Stamping, Die-Cutting and Embossing Machines

Every Kluge foil stamping machine is designed to solve a problem for your business, meaning they are efficient, resilient, modern, and lend themselves to a wide variety of printed products.   

ApexFoil: Kluge’s Premier Foil Stamping Machine

The ApexFoil is our preeminent foil stamping machine, capable of creating best-of-class printed materials, from greeting cards and business cards to stationary, folding cartons, labels, book covers, and beyond.

The ApexFoil’s patented Compass™ control system features a touchscreen interface that makes it our most user-friendly foil stamping machine yet.

This intuitive, no-fuss digital panel substantially reduces (and in many cases totally eliminates) the make-ready time for your projects.

apex foil machine


Other advanced features in the ApexFoil include:

  • Interlocking safety guards with LED lighting
  • 24/7 programmable heat controls with pre-heat capabilities (further reducing make-ready times)
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Versatile, customizable “3-T” settings that empower you to control time, temperature, and tonnage
  • Much more

Learn more about the ApexFoil foil stamping machine.

The EHD Series (14x22): The Workhorse of the Industry

The EHD embodies Kluge’s history as the global go-to for foil stamping machinery. For more than a quarter-century, it has been the standard by which all presses in its class are measured. It’s even earned a nickname: “the workhorse of the industry.”

Rugged, dependable, and easy to operate, it gets the job done — excellently, consistently, and cost-effectively.

But this isn’t the same machine it was in the 20th century. We’ve made improvements commensurate with technology.

Today’s EHD offers speeds up to 3,300 impressions per hour and comes with delayed delivery, allowing it to accommodate sheets up to 17″x 24.75″ (431mm x 628mm) in size, with up to 40 square inches of die area.

EHD Series 14x22

Advanced features include:

  • Patented Delayed Dwell technology, which allows the EHD to start on impression sooner, bottom out, and remain on impression longer­ (thereby doubling impression time with no loss of production speed and assuring flawless foil separation from the stock)
  • A new, optional, freestanding mobile electronics console, which puts all the press operations in one place for easy access
  • Mechanical Foil Control System, allowing a wide array of foil draw and coverage with highly accurate registration between images
  • Many of the same advanced features found in our larger foil stamping, die-cutting, and embossing machines
  • Much More

Learn more about the EHD Series.


The EHF Series (14x22): “The Workhorse+”

This next-generation iteration of the EHD (above) offers all the same features within a stronger main frame, plus stronger platen bolts and heavier side arms for greater impression strength. This press nearly triples the EHD’s preload pressure.

 EHF Series 14x22

Learn more about the EHF Series.


Kluge Means Quality: Hand-Built and Backed by History

The quality of a printed product is especially important with foil stamping, die-cutting, and embossing machines. Why? Because the whole reason your customers want foil-stamped, die-cut, or embossed products in the first place is the appearance of quality. So that end goal is something we simply can’t sacrifice.

Even as we work to make our machines easy to use and cost-effective, the one value we never compromise is quality — the quality of the machine itself and the quality of the product it produces.

Indeed, quality is the reason we’ve been the leading brand in our industry since the early 1900s.

Brandtjen & Kluge, LLC began in 1907 and pioneered two game-changing machines (the Model M and Model N) in 1931. We are proud to have stayed at the forefront ever since. Today, thousands of Kluge machines are actively in use at commercial printing companies all around the world.

Each of those machines has been hand-built by an expert in printing press machinery. Your machine will be too. That’s the only way we do things at Kluge. We recognize that our machines are an investment for your company, so they ought to work like one — and last for lifetimes. That’s Kluge quality.

Get a Quick Quote for Your Business

At Kluge, we understand that a foil stamping machine’s value is determined by how much it boosts your business, and each of our systems is designed and assembled with that metric in mind.

Take your printing or finishing business to the next level. Boost your bottom line with a Kluge foil stamping, die cutting, and embossing machine.  

Get a quote for installing the ApexFoil, EHD Series, or any of our products: simply call (800) 826-7320 or contact us online.

Sours: https://www.kluge.biz/foil-stamping/
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