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1950 Plymouth Special DeLuxe Convertible

Although Chrysler celebrated its Silver Anniversary in 1949, that didn't stop the Corporation from trotting out identical, reserialed 1948's -- including Plymouths -- to open the 1949 model year. Meanwhile, Ford had debuted its stunning all-new 1949's way back in June of 1948. Like Plymouth, Chevrolet announced its 1949's in January 1949, but the Chevys were all-new. Plymouth limped along with its First Series 1949's until spring, when the "real" 1949's, the Second Series P-18 and P-17 models, bowed in March and April.

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Though late, at least "The Great New Plymouth" was all-new, and -- like its corporate sisters -- conservatively styled and practical. Compared to its Big Three rivals, the Plymouth looked higher and boxier. This was deliberate -- Chrysler president K.T. Keller had earlier told the postwar public that Chrysler would shun fads. The 1949's proved it: new but hardly radical, fully restyled but still tall and boxier than before. Only Chrysler called them "stylish."

No matter, the 1949 Plymouth sold well -- 520,385 in all -- and the lightly face-lifted 1950, "The Beautifully New Plymouth," saw 610,954 built. Changes included a cleaner, single horizontal-bar grille; smoother bumpers replacing triple-fluted units; and a larger rear window on some models. Only Plymouth among the Low-Priced Three sported any new sheet metal: slightly peaked rear fenders with flush horizontal taillights. Notably absent was the center-mounted brake light (long a Chrysler Corporation trademark), so decklid hardware was also reworked.

The 111-inch-wheelbase P-17 Deluxe series became the P-19, with business coupe, fastback two-door sedan, and all-steel two-door Suburban wagon as before. The 118.5-inch-chassis P-18's, now P-20's, listed DeLuxe two- and four-door sedans, plus Special DeLuxe sedans, Plymouth's last four-door woody wagon, and -- for sun worshippers -- a convertible.

At $1,982, the ragtop -- officially listed as the Special DeLuxe Convertible Club Coupe -- was the second priciest model in the lineup. It was also the second weightiest: 3,295 pounds. Only the four-door wagon outdid it: $2,372, 3,353 pounds. But when it came to "sporty good looks," the only 1950 Plymouth that came close to that description was the convertible. Despite the conservative styling, the cleaner-looking 1950 face-lift combined with top-down airiness to give the ragtop a pleasantly jaunty look.

Inside, the convertible imparted a feeling of richness, with pleated upholstery, deluxe steering wheel, and a two-tone dashboard generously trimmed in chrome. The last placed three round instrument clusters in front of the driver: a speedometer flanked on either side by the then-usual array of gauges. The central portion of the dash was dominated by a radio speaker grille, with the radio below it and heater/defroster controls at the bottom. To the right were a rectangular clock and glovebox.

As since 1942, Plymouth ran with its faithful 217.8-cubic-inch L-head six. Over the years, horsepower had increased by two to 97 at 3600 rpm, this on a 7.0:1 compression ratio. Though hardly exciting, the engine had gained legions of followers over the years. It was mated to a three-speed manual transmission.

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1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe

 Plymouth Special Deluxe photo
When automobile production began to get back into full swing after the War, buyers had to face car shortages, strikes, and a sellers' market. In 1946, the Plymouth station wagon was listed for $1,539 from the factory, but it was difficult to find a dealer who would sell one for that price. By 1948, the same station wagon was priced $2,068 - the higher model prices due to escalating labor and material costs. For 1950, the Station Wagon had a price of $2372 - and production was 2,057. Though the station wagon totals seemed low, the Special Deluxe was a popular vehicle, with 234,084 examples of the four-door sedan being sold in 1950.

The P-20 Special Deluxe was Plymouths most expensive vehicle in its model range. Power was from an L-head six-cylinder engine that delivered nearly 100 horsepower. A three-speed manual gearbox was standard, as was the woodgrain finish on metal interior panels, a nice selection of interior fabrics, and a bright metal windshield and rear window frames.

The P-20 was available in several body styles, including as a rolling chassis. Other options included a convertible and club coupe. Pricing ranged from $1,630 - $2375. Total production for 1950 for the Special Deluxe was 350,290 units.
by Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2010
1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe vehicle information


Chassis Num: 12480029

The top-of-the-line Plymouth model for 1950 was the Special Deluxe. It had bright metal front and rear window frames, front door armrests, dash-mounted clock and cigar lighter as standard equipment. ....[continue reading]

1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe vehicle information

Station Wagon

Chassis Num: 12387404

Many changes occurred in 1950 in comparison to their 1949 siblings. Although they had the same basic contours and slight mechanical dissimilarities, a host of changes had taken place, so much so that only the doors were bolt-for-bolt interchange betw....[continue reading]


Chassis #: 12480029 

Station Wagon

Chassis #: 12387404 

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List of Plymouth vehicles

Exterior Name Year Introduced Year Discontinued Platforms Generation Vehicle Information 1948 Plymouth Special De Luxe Club Coupe 3.5.jpgDe Luxe1946 1950 1 Full-size car. Special De Luxe was an upper trim model Plymouth Suburban Wagon (16344842661).jpgSuburban1949 1961 2 Station wagon 1951 Plymouth Cambridge (29176839133).jpgCambridge1951 1953 1 Full-size car, middle range model Brummen 2008 img 0049 (35854844865).jpgConcord1951 1952 1 Full-size car, least expensive model 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook.jpgCranbrook1951 1953 1 Full-size car, top-range model 67 Plymouth Belvedere II (9845141735).jpgBelvedere1954 1970 Chrysler B platform7 Middle range full-size car until 1965, intermediate car until 1970 1958 Plymouth Plaza (7437301556).jpgPlaza1954 1958 1 Entry-level car 1964 Plymouth Savoy four-door sedan.jpgSavoy1954 1964 Chrysler B platform5 Full-size car, least expensive model 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury photo-13.JPGFury1956 1978 Chrysler C platform
Chrysler B platform7 Top-range full-size (1956–1961, 1965–1974) and mid-size (1962–1964, 1975–1978) car, Sport Fury upper trim was available in 1959 and 1962–1971, VIP luxury trim was available in 1966–1969 Plymouth Valiant Scamp.jpgValiant1960 1976 Chrysler A platform3 Compact car 1973 Plymouth Barracuda photo-2.JPGBarracuda1964 1974 Chrysler A platform
Chrysler E platform3 Two-door muscle car Jerry Brown 1974 Plymouth Satellite.jpgSatellite1965 1974 Chrysler B platform3 Mid-size car, upper trim model of Belvedere 1970redGTX.JPGGTX1966 1971 Chrysler B platform3 Upper-trim mid-size muscle car Plymouth Road Runner 1969 5312706.jpgRoadrunner1968 1980 Chrysler B platform3 Basic-trim mid-size muscle car 1970 Plymouth Valiant Duster 340 (27366262585) (cropped).jpgDuster1970 1976 Chrysler A platform1 Two-door sports car SUperbirdEyes.jpgSuperbird1970 1970 Chrysler B platform1 Two-door race car / muscle car Cricket1971 1973 Subcompact car, rebadged Hillman Avenger1992-94 Plymouth Colt.jpgColt1974 1994 6 Compact / subcompact car, rebadged Mitsubishi MiragePlymouth Trail Duster.jpgTrail Duster1974 1981 Chrysler AD platform1 SUV 2000 Plymouth Voyager base 3-doorD.pngVoyager / Grand Voyager1974 2000 Chrysler S platform
Chrysler AS platform
Chrysler NS platform 3 Full-size van (1974–1983) and minivan (1984–2000) 1986 Plymouth Gran Fury Salon (14870099854) (cropped).jpgGran Fury1975 1989 Chrysler C platform
Chrysler R platform
Chrylser M platform 3 Full-size (1975–1981) and top range mid-size (1982–1989) car 1980 Plymouth Volare Duster.JPGVolaré1976 1980 Chrysler F platform1 Compact car Arrow1976 1980 1 Compact car, rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer CelestePlymouth-Horizon-1.jpgHorizon1978 1990 Chrysler L platform1 Subcompact car, called Plymouth Expo in Canada Plymouth Sapporo (1159952762).jpgSapporo1978 1983 1 Sports car, rebadged Mitsubishi Galant LambdaArrow Truck1979 1982 1 Two-door truck, rebadged Mitsubishi FortePlymouth Champ.jpgChamp1979 1982 1 Subcompact car, rebadged Mitsubishi Mirage79PlymouthHorizonTC3.jpgTC31979 1982 Chrysler L platform1 Subcompact car 1985-89 Plymouth Reliant K LE.pngReliant1981 1989 Chrysler K Platform1 Mid-size car, least expensive model Plymouth Caravelle, 83-85.pngCaravelle1983 1988 Chrysler E platform (Sedan)
Chrysler K Platform (Coupe) 1 Mid-size car, middle range model. First introduced in Canada in 1983 and then came to the United States in 1985 1983 Plymouth Scamp (14860591441).jpgScamp1983 1983 Chrysler L platform1 2-door truck, rebadged Dodge RampagePlymouthTurismo.jpgTurismo1983 1987 Chrysler L platform1 Subcompact car succeeding TC3 Plymouth Colt Vista 2.0 1988 (15168580470).jpgColt Vista1984 1994 1 Compact MPV, rebadged Mitsubishi ChariotConquest.jpgConquest1984 1986 1 Sports car, rebadged Mitsubishi Starion87-90 Plymouth Sundance coupe.jpgSundance1987 1994 Chrysler P platform1 Compact car succeeding Turismo Plymouth-acclaim.jpgAcclaim1989 1995 Chrysler A platform1 Mid-size sedan replacing Caravelle and Reliant 1990 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo red.jpgLaser1990 1994 Chrysler D platform1 Sports coupe 2nd Plymouth Neon -- 05-22-2010.jpgNeon1994 2001 Chrysler PL platform2 Compact car succeeding Sundance Plymouth Breeze .jpgBreeze1996 2000 Chrysler JA platform1 Mid-size sedan succeeding Acclaim 2008-10-05 Red Plymouth Prowler at South Square.jpgProwler1997 2001 Chrysler PR platform1 Sports car
Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Plymouth_vehicles
1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe, Gateway Classic Cars-Nashville#790


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