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Cardiff Corner Desk


All VMW pieces are Made-to-Order in 8-10 weeks at our Shop in Corona, CA
Wood Case Top Thickness: Standard: 1 1/4″
Wood Door Thickness: Standard: 1 1/4″
Wood Drawer Thickness: Standard: 3/4″
Construction Joinery: Frame-N-Panel
Drawer Construction: Solid Wood, Box Joint, Corner Block, 3/8″ Slatted Bottoms
Wood-On-Wood Drawer Glides
Produced from Old Growth Douglas Fir, and Salvaged Pine. All VMW’s materials are responsibly sourced, Sustainable and FSC Certified Wood
100% Solid Wood Construction
Slab plank table top, expertly joined for a flat surface
Hand Planned and Sanded, small natural cracks in the wood are considered normal and enhance the beauty of the tables
This item is Artisan made. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations in the wood are to be expected and celebrated
Each item is unique and no two are exactly alike
Piece dimensions fully customizable
Custom sizing and pricing by the inch and configuration available
Timber Type: FSC Certified Douglas Fir and Pine
Standard USA – $249.00 – $449.00 (Transit times 4 – 7 Business Days)
Standard shipping is a curbside delivery with liftgate service provided, on larger pieces assistants is recommended to move your furniture inside the house. Depending on the driver they may or may not help you bring your furniture to a dry area, such as a garage or lobby. Signature is required for all deliveries.
White Glove USA – $389.00 – $799.00 (Transit Times 11 – 22 Business Days)
Premium White Glove service includes a Delivery appointment, Un-Crating, Inspection, In Home Delivery, Placement in room of choice, Set-Up, removal and disposal of packaging materials


Materials for the farmhouse corner desk

I found some plans online to make a corner desk with a wood plank top.  You can find the plans from the rustic barn on this DIY website Handmade Haven. I changed the measurements on the plan to perfectly fit a corner in my living room as well as customizing it into a farmhouse corner desk.

I knew I wanted an antique top instead of using new wood so I found these two antique painted doors at an amazing antique mall in Lawrence, MA called Canal Street Antique Mall.  If you live in our area you have to check them out!

DIY Farmhouse corner desk

Anyway, during a Sunday trip looking specifically for something to use as a top for the corner desk, I was ready to give up.  Then there they were.  Two of the most beautiful antique doors I have ever seen.  Perfect for what I was looking for. My heart was beating out of my chest.  Just look at them.  Arn’t they georgeous!!

DIY farmhouse Corner Desk

Prepping and finishing the wood doors

When we got home I washed the doors with a 50/50 mix of vinager and water and let them dry in the sun for a few hours.  A lot of the loose paint chips came off during the washing. But anything else that was loose I vacummed up with the upholstery brush attachment on my vaccume.

DIY farmhouse Corner Desk

Next I used two coats of a satin water based poly to seal in the rest of the chips.  I’m going to bet that the paint on the doors were lead based.  I really wanted to make sure it was sealed well for this reason.  Please be very careful when you purchase anything antique that has pealing paint.  Clean up any debris immediately to prevent children or pets from digesting it.

Farmhouse corner desk

The only other thing I had to do was cut one of the doors down to the correct size.  My husband did this for me because I am completely petrified of a skill saw.  I can use any other tool including a chop saw or a jig saw but I just don’t feel in control of the skill saw and feel like Im going to cut off a limb.  Sooo…Thanks Babe.

DIY Farmhouse Corner Desk

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  3. Map of ireland counties printable
  4. Countdown streamlabs

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An aesthetically pleasing workstation deems to be inspiring and leads to an increase in one’s productivity and efficiency. Such an environment should be inculcated in both, one’s office and homes, and hence a proper table for each is a must.

Space optimization is key to any creative project, and L-shaped tables are a great way for just that. However, buying such tables from the market can cause a hit to your pocket. As a result, you might resort to cheap ones that are not very durable and often have defects.

In order to avoid this, we have curated a list of 19 DIY L-shaped plans for desks that you can undertake with minimal experience and prerequisites. These provide you with a durable and cheap alternative while maintaining the integrity of a classic L-shaped design.

DIY L-Shaped Desk Plans & Ideas

1. DIY L-shaped Double X Desk

See Plan

This table will immediately add an elegant feel to your workspace, with ample leg space, and it’s easy to move structure. Create your own stylish leg frames with an X trim and then assemble the desk support structure. Finally, position your tabletop on this base and finish this DIY project to instantly upgrade your working experience.

The step-by-step guide also provides you with instructions to fill pocket holes for a clean look to the table.

2. DIY L-shaped Office Desk

See Plan

Create this stylish L-shaped desk for your study and give it the professional feel you always wanted. Choosing crown molded legs with a thick base will bring exceptional sturdiness. Depending on how sleek you want the end product to be, perform calculated wood staining.

Your office study naturally gets a rustic vibe and you feel more productive while working on this new office desk.

3. DIY L-shaped Room Desk

See Plan

This L shaped desk design is perfect for your room and will add a chic vibe to it. The process also includes instructions on installing drawers into the design which work towards enhancing its utility.

The details for this project are divided into subparts which make it easier to comprehend the manual. This table is big enough to occupy two vacant corners of your room. You could literally set up a mini workstation with enough space for 4 computers.

4. DIY L-shaped Modular Office Base

See Plan

A thin-table desk made using a few tools and lumber, when joint together with a modular office themed narrow shelf base, produces this innovative L shaped design that fits perfectly into the corner of your room.


  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Hand Saw
  • Lumber
  • Screws
  • Wood glue

There are a couple of more basic materials that you can access from the guide.

5. DIY L-shaped Desk (Using 1 Plywood Sheet)

See Plan

This video will guide you through the entire process of making the entire desk using just one sheet of plywood. The final product will be sturdy and can be used for both office and home purposes. Even better, you get an extremely compact storage area packed closely to the tabletop.

Worried about cutting wood in such precise patterns? These 10 best cordless reciprocating saws could be a great addition to your woodworking arsenal.

6. DIY L-shaped Computer Desk

See Plan

Make this DIY table without using any advanced tools for under $100, just by following this video instruction to the pinch of perfection. The final product is bulky and construction assures it is even resistant to vibrations. This makes it the perfect corner piece for your room. Small and compact!


  • Lumber (2×4’s, 2×6)
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Circular saw

There are a couple of more basic materials that you can access from the guide.

7. DIY Butcher Block Desk

See Plan

A desk that can serve its purpose positioned in the corner, or center of the room, this DIY project completely dominates your room. The pipe-structured table gives you a proper place for devices like printers and scanners.

Build a desk with a rugged design (complemented by the black spray-painted industrial pipes) and a striking contrast of the bright wood color.

8. DIY L-shaped Workflow Desk

See Plan

If you need a large desk for a computer lab, to be used by multiple people simultaneously, you should try this DIY plan.

This plan makes use of slide over pipe fittings secured by set screws (instead of the conventional method), which makes it easier to use and more flexible as compared to threading pipe fittings.

9. DIY L-shaped Desk with Pipe Base

See Plan

This classy table makes use of live edge slabs and can easily fit into a bay window. The heavy tabletop is supported by the pipe frame.

You can use flanges to connect the slabs into the pipe structure. Tee fittings can also be used to tie the supports for both desks together. This will help save on the number of fittings needed.

10. DIY L-shaped Dresser Desk

See Plan

If you want a dresser-cum-table to liven up that dull corner of your room, this DIY project is what you need. With the framed-out drawer fronts, the molding, and beautiful legs, this dresser sure becomes the central attraction for your room.

Why not hit two birds with one stone? Solve the problem of storing the clutter in your room, while also getting a table work on.

11. DIY L-shaped Student Desk

See Plan

Perfect for all the teens, this study desk with its minimal built and maximal utility will definitely enhance your productivity.

There are 3 main steps as a part of the plan, building the base, the top, and then attaching them together.

12. DIY L-shaped Drawer Desk

See Plan

This plan provides you an easy schematic procedure to make your own L-shaped drawer desk that comes with storage units and drawers. To get strong joints and to hide the head of the screws, you should use a pocket hole system.

The middle piece merging the 2 drawer ends of the L-shaped table is what needs utmost attention too. Acquiring the perfect cut is a key element in attaining this exact design.

13. DIY L-shaped System Desk

See Plan

Refer to this PDF instruction booklet to make yourself a desk for your entire computer system, which provides you ample room for leg space and technical accessories.

This design features a large lap drawer with a matching drawer cabinet, and a bulging section in the middle of the table. If required, more drawer cabinets can be attached to either of the sides.

14. DIY L-shaped Corner Desk

See Plan

Despite being more of a makeover plan, a few existing drawers and wooden pallets could help build what you are seeing. The compactness and exemplary space-conscious design make it a must-try DIY project.

Use this cheap alternative to enhance your room décor and make working more enjoyable.

15. DIY Simple L-shaped Desk

See Plan

Boasting a generous width, the ends of this table give it a breathable look. Installing some casters could prove handy.

This lightweight table can also be easily transported which makes it perfect for the parties you host, outdoors or indoors.

16. DIY L-shaped Farmhouse Desk

See Plan

When you couple the ruggedness and dull color of the lower end of the table, along with the presence of 2 long shelves, this plan doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

You will need a pocket hole jig for the proper execution of the plan.

17. DIY Modern L-shaped Desk

See Plan

This table, though a little challenging, can be completed by using hand tools and giving the project its due effort. The end product will be a durable table that can be placed in your garage as a tools platform or even as a kitchen island. However, the instructions in the video do not include the finishing procedure, which has been left to your creativity.

If you’re overwhelmed by the wood cutting specifics mentioned in the guide then check out these top-notch sliding compound miter saws.

18. DIY L-shaped Rustic Table

See Plan

This rustic table serves as the perfect spot for all your mementos and paperweights. Place it in your study for personal use, or in the hall as a display for your guests.

Drilling the pocket holes will be the most difficult part of the project. However intimidating the legs may seem, carefully following the instructions will help you succeed in conquering the complex built.

19. DIY L-shaped Craft Desk

See Plan

A craft desk is a must for a DIYer, and what better way to do that than to DIY? Nothing beats the squared boxes on the front end. Literally anything you place there will add to the visuals of the entire L-shaped desk.

The guide provides you with separate instructions for the cubicles, main desk, and side desk, and then later arranging it all together.


L-shaped tables are the perfect means to fill up vacant corners in homes. A little creativity, open-mindedness to trying new designs, and wood assembling skills could go a long way in building a visually pleasing DIY L-shaped desk.

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How To Build this Awesome Farmhouse Corner Desk! LESS THAN $100!!!

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DIY 2 person corner desk for a kid's homeschooling area. Two computers, two yoga ball chairs, butcherblock countertops and gray Alex drawers from IKEA.

This large DIY corner desk is perfect for two people. We used 2x4s for the Farmhouse style legs, (2) IKEA Alex drawers, and butcherblock.

This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. As an affiliate for Cricut, Amazon and other sites, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please DIY carefully. View my full legal disclosures here.

Please read the whole post so you don’t miss any important information!

We’re geeks: we love computers and computer games. Our two older kids have hand me down computers that they use for school and games. When we moved, a priority project was fixing up our office with DIY desks and storage space.

In the meantime, it’s been a hot mess.

Initially we prioritized other projects like our DIY laundry room and DIY master closet renovation. We added a fan and light to the room last year too. But our school system opted for 100% online learning in the Fall so we HAD to finish the office area. The ADHD genes are fairly strong in our family and an ORGANIZED space is really important for my kids (and myself).

With all three kids home, however, it’s been difficult to tackle the projects. I’ve been working on each section of the project in small increments.

First finished? The 2 person corner desk for the kids.

Keep an eye out for the rest of our homeschooling and office renovation including:

  • (2) 4′ desks
  • (1) 5′ desk for my work area
  • (1) Tall shelf for the printer and other supplies
  • Wall shelves
  • Homeschooling station setup with labels, school schedules, etc.
  • Full office renovation reveal!

Did you know I have a store with all sorts of fun digital products? Here’s a few you might be interested in, or keep scrolling for the tutorial!

How to Make a 2 Person Corner Desk

When choosing your supplies, remember that butcherblock comes in different types of wood and finishes. Our butcherblock is 25″ deep and 1 5/8″ thick (ish). It was unfinished birch.

Our butcherblock tops are heavy so you may want to opt for a thinner piece if you want a lighter piece of furniture. We had to be careful about how we assembled these because we didn’t want the kids to wiggle the desks apart and end up with heavy butcherblock crashing down.


Alex Drawers for a Desk

The Alex drawers cost $79/each and we paid for shipping because the stores were closed when we ordered them. We could have built cabinets from scratch, but my husband poo-poo’ed that idea. We’ve never built drawers and we needed six of these so buying the drawers made more sense. If we could have purchased these already assembled, it would have been nice. I love buying used IKEA stuff for this reason.

Click here to learn How to Assemble IKEA Alex Drawers

Gray Alex Drawers from IKEA. Four setup across our office space in preparation for turning them into desks.

Preparing the Butcherblock

We carefully cut the butcherblock down to the sizes we needed: 58″ and 83″.

Butcherblock being cut on the driveway.

My husband used a hole saw to cut a 2″ hole in the back of the desk to run wiring through. Afterwards, he sanded down the raw edges to smooth them out.

A few tips for a clean cut with the hole saw:

  • Practice on a scrap first.
  • Use painter’s tape on the back and front of the area you’re cutting.
  • You can place a block of scrap wood under the butcherblock if you want to prevent blowout.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Your hole saw may not go through butcherblock this thick, but the hole saw has a drill bit in the middle that will go through. You can flip the butcherblock and insert your drill bit in that hole again to cut from the opposite side.
We used a hole saw to create a hole toward the back to feed computer cords through.

There’s an obvious good and bad side to the butcherblock. You want the flawed side on the bottom. I recommend applying your stain and poly to the bottom, then flipping to do the top.

I used Black Cherry stain and applied one layer of stain with a clean rag or brush, and disposable gloves. Once dry, you can apply another layer or two of the stain if you want the finish to be darker.

Black cherry butcherblock countertop (birch) before polyurethane was added to it.

Once the stain dried, I applied three layers of Polyurethane. Wearing gloves, I use an old clean sock on my hand to wipe on the poly. For each layer of polyurethane, you want to let it dry, sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper, then apply another layer of poly. Do not sand your very last layer.

You need at least three layers of polyurethane per side.

When staining, sanding, and applying your polyurethane, you want to use long strokes in the direction of the grain.

Building the Legs

The legs were fairly simple to build. I’m going to be putting together a woodworking plan for the legs so please scroll to the bottom of the post to get on the waiting list for that plan.

For each leg, you need (3) 27.5″ tall 2x4s for the vertical supports, (4) 15 3/4″ supports horizontally, and one diagonal support. These were assembled with pocket holes on the inside of the L shape.

You can use plugs for the pocket holes if you desire, but we left them as is as they aren’t easily visible.

2x4s cut and assembled to function as a leg for the desk/butcherblock top. This is made with a diagonal support for a farmhouse style look to the desk.

Once you’ve built your two legs, you should use Primer on the wood; regular paint + primer doesn’t work well for raw wood. Once dry, apply a couple of coats of gray paint. I used Scuff Defense from Behr because I had it on hand; it has more of a flat look to the paint. The Barnwood Gray isn’t quite the right color, but it will work. I may decide to repaint with a darker gray at some point.

This is how the two legs are positioned under my corner desk. There’s one in the corner to support the end of the right piece of butcherblock. Then there’s one to support the left piece. We could have used double drawers for each desk, but there would have been less leg space which wasn’t ideal.

Raw 2x4 legs for the desk and raw butcherblock setup before we stained and painted.

Attaching the Butcherblock to the Alex Drawers

We didn’t want to drill into the drawers because they’re not true wood and they might have split. The benefit to using screws, however, is that the desk can be taken apart again.

My husband suggested gluing the desk top to the drawers, but I wanted a removable option. I decided to use two sets of Large Command Strips per drawer. They should keep the desk tops from shifting around, but they stick together like Velcro so they can also be pulled off.

I placed the strips on top of the desk to show you the approximate placement, but obviously these goes under the butcherblock so they stick to the bottom of the counter and the top of the drawers.

Approximate placement of the Command Strips on the desk, however these went UNDER the desk... not on top.

If I want to remove the Command Strips altogether, I can use a hair dryer to heat up the glue and peel them off, hopefully without ruining the finish on the countertop or the drawers.

There’s nothing complicated about this part of the project, but you need to line up your desk top and drawers properly so you can adhere everything properly the first time.

Attaching the Two Pieces of Butcherblock

To attach the two sections of desk top, we used flat braces, specifically TP 1-13/16 in. x 5 in. 20-Gauge Galvanized Tie Plates. You need enough space between the IKEA drawers and the connection so you have room to screw them together.

Here’s a photo of the plates on top of the desk in their approximate placement… they’ll be attached UNDER the desk where they won’t be visible.

Two galvanized tie plates on top of the desk. These were screwed in UNDER the desk to hold the two pieces of butcherblock together for the L shaped desk.

Here’s a photo of them installed under the desk.

Galvanized tie plate screwed in UNDER the desk to hold the two pieces of butcherblock together for the L shaped corner desk.

Attaching the Legs to the Butcherblock

If you opt for a longer desk on either side, you could use purely the Alex Drawers for each side… so a total of 4 Alex Drawers. But the problem is that you lose leg space when you use two drawers so I don’t recommend that.

We built (2) legs; one for the corner and one for the left desk. The two Alex drawers we used supported the other sides. We were going for a farmhouse style leg.

Each leg is attached to the bottom of the butcherblock with (2) 1.5″ Corner Braces.

Corner braces hold the butcherblock to the legs of the desk.

Want the woodworking plan for the legs of the desk? Sign up for the waiting list for the plan below!

Want the Woodworking Plan?

Get on the waiting list for the woodworking plan! Sign up below to be notified when I release a woodworking plan for this project.

Thank you!

You have successfully joined our subscriber list. You’ll receive an email when the woodworking plan is available. 


Desk Accessories

I decided to go with a gray and orange yoga ball chair for the kids. According to the manufacturer: “this exercise ball chair helps to reduce restlessness, fidgeting and prevent boredom.” I figured it was worth a shot and probably better for their backs, seeing they’ll be at a computer from 9-3:30 four days a week. My 6 year old sits so nicely in his, but my wiggly 8 year old falls off at least once a day. I usually hear a thu-thu-THUMP as he slow falls. Super glad we secured the desktops. (2 at $59/each)

I also added a blue/gray leather desk protector for each child because I’m petrified they’ll ruin my beautiful butcherblock desktops! (2 at $20/each)

Total Project Cost for the large corner desk for two people: $637

  • Butcherblock: $408
  • 2x4s: $12
  • All Braces/Brackets: $5
  • Paint/Stain: $48
  • 2 IKEA Alex Drawers: $158
  • Command Strips: $6
  • 2 Chairs: $118
  • 2 Desk protectors: $40

Cost with the chairs and desk protectors: $795

This is fairly expensive for a desk, but it’s a nice quality custom desk so I think it’s comparable to what we would have paid otherwise. Many of these items I had on hand (the 2x4s, the paint and primer, some of the brackets) so they cost me nothing. I also have plenty of the paint and stain left to finish the other three desks for this room.

If you want to save money, use quality 3/4″ plywood instead and use trim. You should be able to make the desk top for this entire corner desk with (1) $55 4×8 plywood sheet. The top of the desk won’t be as thick, of course, but you should get a nice finished look (please send me pictures if you do this!). If you use plywood instead, your desk will run $284 or $442 with the chairs/desk protectors included. This is a HUGE savings and likely cheaper than you’ll find a two person corner desk, even used.

Total Finished Size of the corner desk: 83 1/8″ left side to corner, 83″ from corner to the right side.

iMac with headphones on it, birch butcherblock with dark cherry stain, a yoga ball chair, clipboard, gray container of school supplies, and keyboard/mouse on top of a desk protector mat. This is the homeschooling station for one of my sons. The full desk is an L shaped corner desk and big enough for two kids.

Please share and pin this post! If you make this project, share it in our Stuff Mama Makes Facebook Group. We have regular giveaways for gift cards to craft stores. You can also tag me on Instagram @doityourselfdanielle; I love seeing everything you make!

Homeschooling station setup for two kids. There's a desk mat to protect the butcherblock countertops, each child has a drawer to store their things, a yoga ball chair to prevent wiggles, and headphones so they aren't bothering each other. The DIY 2 person corner desk is built with Alex IKEA drawers.

Desk corner farmhouse

Reclaimed Wood Desk Industrial Table Rustic Wooden Executive Office Corner Desk L shaped PC Storage Unit Steel Farmhouse Display Chunky

From order to your home within 2 - 4 weeks.
Please read our shipping policies in our shop.
Scotland & NI can take longer, and incur a surcharge.
(Please check our shop announcements if you order during December or January, as the Christmas holidays can affect these times significantly)

Welcome to our listing for our absolutely stunning and iconic industrial desk. These desks have been carefully handmade in our Devonshire workshop, using only the finest materials.

The desk is made from near 2 inch thick reclaimed mature wood sourced from abandoned mills, churches, and industrial buildings, right here in the UK. We have meticulously sanded and finished the chunky antique wood with a dark wax flaunting all of its patina and charm, whilst leaving it smooth to the touch. Nail holes, scars, and dents have been revealed under a new light, which is impossible to reproduce in cheaply made, mass-produced furniture. The extremely unique, robust and heavy desk is made from box steel, giving a true statement shape and feel to the desk. If you are looking for a desk that screams iconic interior design, this is it.

Each desk is available in either Antique Oak (dark) or Antique Pine (Light) - Photographed is Antique Pine. Having trouble choosing your finish? Take a look at our wood finishing guide here
Every desk is handmade to order in our Devonshire workshop, which means we can alter the dimensions should you require.
Each desk takes up to 4 days to make and will be dispatched within 1 day of completion.
Upon purchase, please kindly send a contact number at the checkout so that we can pass this onto the courier to arrange your delivery.

Desk Dimensions:

Length : 70cm, 100cm, 130cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm

Width: 65cm

Height : 77cm

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DIY Computer Desk - How To Build a Desk - Farmhouse - Cheap \u0026 Easy - $100


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