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The Nebraska Supreme Court oversees the practice of law throughout the state, and it supervises matters related to the admission and discipline of attorneys. It holds mandatory jurisdiction over cases that involve death sentences, sentences of life imprisonment, or challenges to the validity of state laws. More broadly, the Court holds discretionary jurisdiction over appeals from the Nebraska Court of Appeals. This means that it can choose whether to hear any given appeal.

Seven justices serve on the Nebraska Supreme Court. Nebraska is divided into six judicial districts, and each of the Associate Justices represents a judicial district. When a vacancy arises, a judicial nominating commission will interview candidates for the position. The Nebraska State Bar Association chooses the eight members of the commission, of whom four members are lawyers. To serve on the Nebraska Supreme Court, a candidate must be a U.S. citizen who is at least 30 years old. They also must have practiced law in Nebraska for at least five years and must be licensed to practice before the Supreme Court. The Governor of Nebraska will choose the new justice from a list of at least two candidates. If the Governor does not choose the new justice within 60 days, the Chief Justice will choose a candidate from the list.

Once they have been appointed, a justice will need to go through a retention election to stay on the Court. The retention election will occur in the first general election that is held more than three years after their appointment. If a justice is retained, they will serve a six-year term before facing another retention election. To win a retention election, they must receive at least 50 percent of the votes. While a justice may retire when they reach the age of 65, or if they develop a disability, there is no age at which they are required to retire.

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Court Records & Documents

  • Some Briefs and Trial Court Documents may be available on Westlaw.
  • CourtLink and  Briefs, Pleadings and Motions may be found on Lexis.
  • To locate state court materials not available within Westlaw, Lexis or Bloomberg Law, see Dockets & Court Documents page in our Briefs, Oral Arguments and Other Court Documents Research Guide.
  • Some state appellate courts may make recordings of oral arguments and hearings available on their web sites.
  • The Law Library's ILL Services, a library-to-library resource sharing service, does not order court materials that are held only by the court's clerk. Please contact the court directly for copies.

Court rules may be found in Westlaw under Statutes & Court Rules and Lexis' Court Rules. Court rules may also be found within the court's web site.
Court statistics may be found on the court's web page, published in the court's administrative office annual reports.

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Case Information - eServices

The trial courts are located in the 93 counties across the state.  Nebraska has one county court and one district court in each county.  The counties of Sarpy, Lancaster and Douglas all have a separate juvenile court.  The judicial branch provides statewide searches for case information across all the trial courts in the state.  Records come from the trial court case management system, known as JUSTICE.

Each case record includes such information as:

  • Case summary
  • Parties to the case
  • Offense Information (criminal only)
  • Financial information (costs/judgments assessed and paid)
  • Register of actions – a listing of documents filed by attorneys, court hearings, judge orders entered, etc.
  • Judge notes (if applicable)

Case records available through online searches are public record.  Most court filed documents are viewable online as electronic images.  When viewing a case online, document images will be available as clickable links.

Individuals or organizations who are interested in doing a single search by party name, can use the JUSTICE One-Time Court Case Search.  There is a $15 charge, and the search will return up to 30 records.  Please read the instructions carefully, and use the contact information provided in the footer of the application if you have questions.  Also, please note, there are no document images provided through this service.  You will only be able to view case information.

Individuals or organizations who are interested in doing multiple, frequent searches over time, should create a subscriber account through  Each account has an annual $100 charge.  Up to 10 user names and passwords can be assigned to an account.  Any charges for accessing case information will be applied to the account holder and billed monthly.  General searches for lists of cases are free.  Searching criteria include:

Party name
Court type
Case type/subtype

Viewing the details of any case returned in a general search is $1.  There is no additional charge for accessing document images.

Searches can also be performed by Judgment Date and by Court Case Number.  Each of these searches is a $1 charge, with no additional charges for accessing document images.

Nebraska Press Assn. v. Stuart Case Brief Summary - Law Case Explained


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Supreme court search nebraska case

District Court

Serving Communities

The Third Judicial District Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction serving Lancaster County, Nebraska, which includes the city of Lincoln, as well as several surrounding townships, including: Bennet, Denton, Hickman, and Waverly.

With eight judges and one referee, the Third Judicial District Court serves a population of over 317,000.


As a district court in Nebraska, the Third Judicial District Court has original jurisdiction in all felony cases, domestic relations cases, paternity cases, and equity and civil cases where the amount in controversy involves more than $52,000. 

The Third Judicial District Court also serves as an appellate court in deciding appeals from certain county court cases and most state administrative agencies. 


Decisions from the District Court may be appealed to the Nebraska Court of Appeals and/or to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Nebraska Supreme Court hears arguments in pipeline lawsuit

Keith County Clerk of the District Court

511 North Spruce St - Room 202
Ogallala NE  69153-2146
Phone:  (308) 284-3849
Fax:    (308) 284-3978


[email protected]

The Clerk of the District Court is an elected position. The Office of the Clerk of the District Court is administrative in nature.  It is the responsibility of the Clerk, and staff, to receive, record and retain legal pleadings on criminal and civil cases filed in Keith County District Court.  Documents that are filed are scanned, microfilmed, indexed and placed in the Court files. All pleadings are entered electronically into the State Court Administrators statewide computer system known as JUSTICE.


The Clerk of the District Court also serves as Jury Commissioner.  Jurors are selected from a list of eligible citizens obtained by combining the list of Keith County’s licensed drivers with a list of registered voters. Jurors will serve on a panel for six months and can be summoned for trials in either District Court or County Court.


The Clerk of the District Court acts as a Passport Acceptance Agent for the U.S. Department of State.  As a Passport Acceptance Agent the Clerk executes the applications for passports and must be personally assured that the citizenship and identity of the applicant are valid.


The Clerk of the District Court is responsible for managing the administrative operation of the Mental Health Boards of Keith, Perkins, and Arthur Counties and sits on the Board as the lay person.


 January  Changes


Office Hours: 
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays


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