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Backyard Football


Humongous Entertainment


Infogrames 1999-2003, Atari 2003-Present


Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Macintosh, Nintendo GameCube

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Back after the success of Backyard Baseball and Soccer in 1999, Humongous Entertainment created Backyard Football. The 1999 version is the first of the Backyard Sports games to feature professional real-life players and sports teams. It was also the first computer game to include a custom player creation.

Following the 1999 release, new versions were released every year from 2001's Backyard Football 2002 to 2010's "Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush"

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List of Games[]

Title Year Platforms
Backyard Football 1999 Macintosh, Microsoft Windows
Backyard Football 2002 2001 Macintosh, Windows
Backyard Football 2002 Game Boy Advance
Backyard Football 2002 Nintendo Gamecube
Backyard Football 2004 2003 Windows
Backyard Football 2006 2005 GBA, Playstation 2, Windows
Backyard Sports Football 2007 2006 GBA
Backyard Football '08 2007 Nintendo DS, PS2, Wii, Windows
Backyard Football '09 2008 DS, PS2, Wii, Windows
Backyard Football '10 2009 PS2, Wii, Xbox 360
Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush 2010 Windows, DS, Wii, Xbox 360

Backyard Football Jewel Case (Windows/Mac, 2002)

Product Information

  • Football moves from the arenas and stadiums to the backyard as players assemble a team of seven kids to play either a single game or an entire season of Backyard Football. In addition to regular kids, players can choose several NFL players, represented as kids, to add to their team. The game includes a number of female players with the option to field an entire female team if so desired.

    As players win games, they are rewarded with special plays that can be used against the other teams. For instance, one play will knock the opposing team down while another one makes the team's jerseys and helmets into duplicates of the opposing team to confuse the quarterback.

    Players can choose not only where they play, but the weather as well: sunny, rainy, or snowy. The games are announced by Sunny Day and Chuck Downfield who report on how the plays were executed and show statistics. Players have an entire playbook and can make their own custom plays as well.

    Other features in the game include a choice of all 31 NFL team names and logos, custom trading cards, a point-and-click interface, and a tracking system for lifetime game and season statistics. Backyard Football is targeted at players in the five-to-ten-year-old range.

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    Humongous Entertainment

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    Backyard Football [Jewel Case]

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    Mouse, Keyboard

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    Choose from 31 NFL teams and a number of the NFL's top players Play one-on-one or joing multiplayer games Take your team through a full 14-game season and earn a trip to the Cereal Bowl

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Backyard Football, a sports game released in 1999 by GT Interactive Software. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (Windows).
Backyard Football is a series of video games that is one of the best sports game series. It uses an animation in which professional American football players are presented as children. The game system is based on the ability to strategically plan the match and conduct the game. The player chooses the team himself and has an impact on the selection of players - these are real players whose names are known to fans of this field of sport. For example, among the teams playing matches, in Backyard Football, the player can choose one of over thirty existing groups of the National Football League, which is the largest professional league in American football. In addition to the possibility of playing virtual matches based on all actually existing technical rules of the game, the player can also train individual players. The game allows training of specific characters, giving freedom and freedom to players who thus have an impact on the course of the games.

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