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Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was a Disney Channelteensitcom that starred Hilary Duff as the titular character, Lizzie McGuire and focused on her adventures through junior high with her two best friends, Miranda Sanchez and David "Gordo" Gordon along with her family.


The series ran for two seasons (although 65 episodes were produced and aired), and due to it's success the series had a film released out in theatre, making it the first Disney Channel show to get one. Another difference that the Lizzie McGuire series had was that it often sort of broke the fourth wall in Lizzie's case, where an animated Lizzie would tell the viewers what she was thinking or how she felt during a scene.

The series had various famous guest stars, namely Aaron Carter and Steven Tyler. Hilary's sister, Haylie Duff, also appeared in the series as Kate's cousin.

Main Characters

  • Lizzie McGuire - a clumsy teen who dreams to fit in and be popular
  • Miranda Sanchez - Lizzie's best friend and very self-conscious teen, she's Mexican American but doesn't speak Spanish a lot
  • David "Gordo" Gordon - Lizzie's best friend since they were baby, and he's very intelligent, practical teen that dreams of being a director (which is why he is often seen with his video camera).
  • Matt McGuire - Lizzie's younger brother and is very much a troublemaker - often shown scheming and causing trouble especially for his sister
  • Jo McGuire - Lizzie and Matt's mother, she often the parent that figures out what her kids are up to and is one step ahead of them
  • Sam McGuire - Lizzie and Matt's father, a bit goofy and sometimes quite clueless about raising kids, and like his daughter is a klutz.

Reoccurring Characters

  • Kate Sanders - is the most popular girl at Lizzie's school. Originally one of trio's best friends, however Kate became popular and lost her old friends becoming Lizzie's enemy. Eventually they put aside their differences.
  • Ethan Craft - is the good looking, athletic boy who all the girls at school have a huge crush on. He lacks in the intelligence aspect, but he is kind and friendly to everyone.
  • Larry Tudgeman III - often referred to as "Tudgeman" (or simply Tudge), Larry is the stereotype of the school geek and is often treated like an outcast.
  • Lanny Onasis - is Matt's best friend that never speaks on-screen, but Matt seems to have no problem communicating with him.
  • Melina Bianco - is Matt's other best friend who loves getting him into trouble; eventually Melina and Matt develop some feelings for each other


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common tropes & fanon, any particular popular fansites?, etc

Lizzie McGuire's fandom was very active during the series run (2001-2004), and it remains still fairly active with works still being published at FFN and to AO3.

Lizzie McGuire fandom was mainly found on FanFiction.Net during the series run, which continues even today with over 2,700[1] stories on the website. The fandom was fairly small at LiveJournal, with only a few communities popped up with that as the main focus (most were general Disney Channel or Hilary Duff communities). A few small personal fansites on free sites such as Geocities, mainly filled with pictures of the characters or actors could be found during the active years of the fandom. Youtube videos also appeared, often to focus on the popular pairing, Lizzie/Gordo, or focusing on the film. Since the series went off air, the fandom has slowed, with many of the notable writers during its heyday moved on to other fandoms. The fandom is slowly moving to AO3, with only a few works posted per year since 2009[2].


Although Het was the popular shipping genre for the series, you were still able to find Femslash and has a small slash section.

The main het pairing for the fandom was Lizzie/Gordo, which could be considered the fandom's OTP due it actually becoming canon by the end of the series and nearly everyone shipped it in the fandom. Other het pairings existed such as Miranda/Gordo, Lizzie/Ethan, Miranda/Matt, Kate/Ethan, Miranda/Larry, Melina/Matt, etc.

The main Femslash pairings were Lizzie/Miranda and Lizzie/Kate. While slash is fairly small, one of the pairings that appeared is Gordo/Ethan.

Notable Fanworks

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See also: Lizzie/Gordo for more.

Archives and Fannish Links

LiveJournal Communities




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  2. ^AO3 lists only 21 stories overall for the fandom on June 15, 2014. By April 25, 2017, it lists 31 works.

Lizzie McGuire

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Lizzie McGuire is a fictional character.


After becoming a party couple, Homer and Marge watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie.


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Lizzie McGuire

Genre Comedy
Developer Terri Minsky
Production company Stan Rogow Productions
Country United States
Original run January 12, 2001 - February 14, 2004

Lizzie McGuire is a Disney Channel live-action sitcom created by Terri Minsky, running from 2001 to 2004. It is also the first live-action series of Disney Channel to have a film released in theaters. Starring Hilary Duff as the title character, the show follows the shy and clumsy teenager as she deals with the moments in her life. An animated version of her often tells the audience her inner feelings.

Lizzie Strikes Out (S01E21)

When Lizzie talks with her dad about their plans, Animated Lizzie deals with a snake that eats her. She struggles to get out in the outtakes.

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Lizzie McGuire

This article is about the series. For the soundtrack, see Lizzie McGuire (soundtrack).

American comedy television series

Lizzie McGuire is an American comedy television series created by Terri Minsky which premiered on Disney Channel on January 12, 2001. The series stars Hilary Duff as the title character, who navigates the personal and social issues of her teenage years; and an animated version of the character voiced by Duff, who performs soliloquies to express Lizzie's inner thoughts and emotions. The series also stars Lalaine, Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine. The series aired its last episode on February 14, 2004, after a total of 65 episodes were produced. A feature film, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, based on the series was released on May 2, 2003.

The series was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 2003 and 2004 for Outstanding Children's Program. The pilot received a nomination at the Writers Guild of America Awards for Best Children's Script. The series also received various awards and nominations at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards from 2002 to 2005.

A revival series was announced in August 2019 to be entering production for Disney+, with Duff reprising her role and Minsky returning as showrunner; however, Minsky later departed from the role. Lamberg, Thomas, Todd and Carradine were also attached to return to the series in their original roles. The series began production in association with Disney Channel, but entered a hiatus after Minsky's departure and did not resume, being officially canceled in December 2020.[4]


The series follows Lizzie McGuire, a thirteen-year-old girl who faces the regular personal and social issues of teenage years alongside her best friends, Miranda and Gordo, at junior high. Episodes depict Lizzie's transition into adolescence at home and school, including the friends' rivalry with their classmate, Kate, and affections for Ethan. Lizzie tries to develop her own identity, but is also attracted to the idea of popularity at school and longs for social acceptance among her peers. Lizzie shares a close relationship with her family: her mother, Jo; her father, Sam; and her younger brother, Matt. Lizzie's inner thoughts and emotions are conveyed sporadically in the episodes through her animated persona, who sometimes speaks directly to the audience.

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Hilary Duff as Elizabeth "Lizzie" McGuire, a shy and clumsy girl who tries to find her place in the world and become popular. Her inner thoughts and emotions are expressed through the soliloquies of an animated version of herself.
  • Lalaine as Miranda Sanchez, Lizzie's confident best friend, who enjoys singing and dreams of being a musician.
  • Adam Lamberg as David "Gordo" Gordon, Lizzie's childhood best friend, who has a passion in filmmaking and playing hacky sack. He later becomes attracted to Lizzie.
  • Jake Thomas as Matthew "Matt" McGuire, Lizzie's younger brother, who regularly develops schemes to create trouble around the house. He and Lizzie bicker but still care deeply about each other.
  • Hallie Todd as Joanne "Jo" McGuire, Lizzie's mother, who sometimes struggles with the pressure of raising a teenager.
  • Robert Carradine as Samuel "Sam" McGuire, Lizzie's father, who sometimes struggles with the pressure of raising a teenager and is a bit slow-minded.


  • Ashlie Brillault as Katherine "Kate" Sanders, a popular girl at school who was formerly the best friend of Lizzie and Miranda; she is now their frenemy.
  • Clayton Snyder as Ethan Craft, who is friendly and popular, and whom Lizzie, Miranda and Kate hope to date.
  • Kyle Downes as Lawrence "Larry" Tudgeman III, a stereotypical geek who is treated like an outcast at school. He likes Miranda.
  • Davida Williams as Claire Miller, Kate's new best friend who is jealous of the friendship which Kate had with Lizzie and Miranda.
  • Christian Copelin as Lanny Onasis, Matt's best friend, who does not speak.
  • Carly Schroeder as Melina Bianco, Matt's best friend, who likes to create trouble for him.
  • Arvie Lowe Jr. as Digby "Mr. Dig" Sellers, Lizzie's laid-back substitute teacher whom she perceives as cool.
  • Rachel Snow as Veruca Albano, Lizzie's nerdy but tough classmate.
  • Haylie Duff as Amy Sanders, Kate's older cousin.


Main article: List of Lizzie McGuire episodes



In 2000, Hilary Duff was asked to audition for a series on Disney Channel.[5] Created by Terri Minsky, the series was known by the working title What's Lizzie Thinking? throughout development.[5][6][7] The series was later retitled Lizzie McGuire, and Duff successfully auditioned for the title character of Lizzie, who was described as a regular teenager.[5][6] The premise for the series was based on a script previously written by Minsky, which featured the main character's inner thoughts and emotions as narration.[8] Producer Stan Rogow conceived a high-concept version of the script in which an animated version of the character would be featured to convey these thoughts.[8][9] This concept became known the "animated Lizzie" persona; and was also voiced by Duff. Rogow stated that the visual design of the show was inspired by the film Run Lola Run.[8]

Lalaine's character Miranda did not appear in the last 6 episodes filmed for the second season, or The Lizzie McGuire Movie, due to Lalaine leaving the series early to work on other projects such as You Wish!.[10] and Radio Disney Concert Tours. Filming of the movie and series concluded in December 2002 after 65 episodes were produced; a standard limit for Disney Channel's series.[11][12]

Canceled revival[edit]

In May 2003, it was revealed that Lizzie McGuire would end production due to contract disagreements between Duff and Disney.[11][13] The company was interested in transitioning the program into a high school-centered series for ABC and expanding the franchise with a further film, while Duff was receiving offers for lucrative roles with other studios.[11][13] After the series ended its original run, Disney Channel also considered producing an animated version of the series.[11] In November 2004, a pilot for an intended spin-off was ordered, entitled Stevie Sanchez, which was to center on Miranda's younger sister and her Latino family.[12] The series would follow the 12-year-old central character, who was played in the pilot by Selena Gomez, and would also feature an animated version of the character like Lizzie.[12] It was to star LaLaine and be produced by Minsky and Rogow.[12] The pilot was produced in 2005, but the series was not picked up in favor of Disney choosing Hannah Montana.[12][14] In 2014, Duff stated that she would be open for a reunion, and in December 2018, stated that there had been discussions about reviving the series.[15][16]

On August 23, 2019, it was announced at the D23 Expo that Disney was developing a revival television series of Lizzie McGuire.[17][18][19] The series was revealed to be in production for exclusive distribution on the Disney+ streaming service, with Duff reprising her role as the title character; and original series creator, Terri Minsky serving as showrunner.[17][18][19] The sequel series would have centered on Lizzie at the age of thirty, navigating life as an apprentice to an interior decorator, while living in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York City, and being engaged to a man who owns a restaurant in SoHo, Manhattan.[17][18][20][21] Lizzie would be forced to leave Brooklyn and return to Los Angeles after receiving significant news.[21][22] It was revealed that the animated alter ego of Lizzie would also have appeared in the series.[18] The series was to be produced by Salty Pictures in association with Disney Channel as part of an overall deal with Minsky.[17][20] Duff was to serve as an executive producer, alongside Rachel Winter, and co-executive producer Ranada Shepard.[20] In October 2019, it was announced that Thomas, Todd and Carradine would also return to the series, reprising their roles as Matt, Jo and Sam McGuire respectively.[23] Production on the sequel series began on October 29, 2019 on location in Washington Square Park in New York.[24] Further filming for the series would have taken place in Los Angeles.[25] In November, it was revealed that Federico Dordei would be joining the cast as new character, Dominic Shaw, and that Lamberg would be reprising his role as Gordo.[20][25][26]

Minsky departed as the showrunner of the revival in January 2020 after the first two episodes of the series had been filmed, due to creative differences with Disney.[27] Production of the series was placed on a hiatus and delayed until a new showrunner would be decided, with speculation that Minsky had been fired and the series would be canceled.[27][28] In February 2020, Duff hinted on social media that production had stopped because the series was not thought "family-friendly" enough by Disney+ executives.[28] Disney reaffirmed that the development of the series was ongoing and that a new showrunner had not yet been decided.[28] Duff later posted a statement publicly pleading for Disney+ to move the series to Hulu as had been done with Love, Victor and High Fidelity, stating that it would allow the series to fully represent the life of a thirty-year-old without the constraints of a "family friendly" classification.[29]The Hollywood Reporter stated that the first episode's script featured references to sex and involved cheating as a central plot point.[30][22] It was reported in April that Minsky was in contact with the writers of the series, and Duff was still in talks with Disney,[31] however, in December 2020, Duff announced that the revival was officially canceled.[4]



The series premiered on Disney Channel on January 12, 2001, as a special sneak preview, following the premiere of the film Zenon: The Zequel.[citation needed] The series officially premiered on January 19, 2001.[6][7] On September 15, 2001, Lizzie McGuire began airing in reruns on ABC as part of the Disney's One Saturday Morning lineup.[32] On September 14, 2002, the series continued airing as part of the relaunched ABC Kids lineup which replaced Disney's One Saturday Morning.[33]

In 2006, Superstation WGN acquired the rights to Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire.[34][35] The series was broadcast in Australia on the ABC.[36]

Home media[edit]

A DVD box set containing 22 episodes from the first season, titled "Volume 1", was released by Walt Disney Home Entertainment on November 23, 2004.[37]

Other media[edit]


A film based on the series, titled The Lizzie McGuire Movie was released by Walt Disney Pictures on May 2, 2003, in the United States.[38] Set after the conclusion of the series and her middle school graduation, the film follows Lizzie and her classmates going on a school trip to Rome, Italy.[39] The movie was filmed on location at Rome, at locations such as the Trevi Fountain.[39] The film earned $42.7 million at the U.S. box office, in addition to $12.8 million internationally, for a total of $55.6 million worldwide.[19][40] It received mixed reviews, with a 41% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 99 reviews. The website's critical consensus states it is a "harmless piece of fluff that ought to satisfy fans of the TV show".[41]


Throughout the early 2000s, the popularity of the series led to merchandise to be released by Disney, including a series of books and comics, a Lizzie McGuire character doll, a bedroom set, board games and video games. Toys were also released through a partnership with McDonald's in 2004. Fortune estimated in 2003 that Lizzie McGuire merchandise had earned nearly $100 million.[42] Two soundtracks for the series were produced; Lizzie McGuire and Lizzie McGuire Total Party!.


Critical response[edit]

On Rotten Tomatoes, Lizzie McGuire has an approval rating of 100% based on reviews from 5 critics.[43][44]Common Sense Media commended the realistic representation of friendship in the series and noted its relatability for both boys and girls.[45] Reviewing the series's premiere in 2001, Laura Fries of Variety described the program as "good-natured", and praised the ability of the writers to include adolescent vernacular and pop culture references.[6] A review on the DVDizzy blog described early episodes of Lizzie McGuire as "clever, funny, and pretty sincere", but suggested that the show later suffered from a creative decline in favor of more celebrity guest appearances.[9] A DVD review by in 2003 described the series as "wholesome", and noted the real world lessons which are presented.[46]

Katie Minard of Entertainment Weekly listed "Picture Day" as the best episode of the series in her 2016 ranking, due to its relatable plot and important moral.[47] Writing for The Gateway, Ashlynn Chand said that "One of the Guys" teaches young viewers that "femininity and masculinity aren't so binary".[48] Chand also described Duff and her character as a "style icon" in reference to the fashion of the episode "Last Year's Model".[48]



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🎶I've got somewhere I belong! I've got somebody to love! This is what dre-e-e-ams! Are made of!🎶” ―Lizzie singing her song in The Lizzie McGuire Movie and about her love interest, Gordo

Elizabeth Brooke "Lizzie" McGuire is the daughter of Sam and Jo McGuire, older sister of Matt McGuire, and the titular protagonist of the Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire, and its movie, The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She is portrayed as a caring, rational, and cooperative person, although her animated alter-ego displays her true feelings from time to time. She is the best friend of Miranda Sanchez, and the girlfriend of David ''Gordo'' Gordon.

Why She Rocks

  1. Lizzie is a very likable character, as she’s your average teenager going though some tough stage in life, but is caring, rational and cooperative.
  2. She has a great bond with her family, and despite her brother, Matt, getting on her nerves at times, she still loves him very much, and shows it on a few occasions, like protecting him when she thought a robber was breaking into the house in "Misadventures in Babysitting", which is heartwarming.
  3. She has a great friendship with Miranda, and it really shows, like when she saved Miranda from getting paint on her in "Picture Day", and when she helps Miranda get over her eating disorder in the very serious episode, "Inner Beauty".
  4. Lizzie has great character development as the series progresses, like before, when she didn’t want to anything with Kate, but they started to work together and get along more later on, and they are friends by the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie.
  5. Lizzie is a great friend to everyone, as the school went to her house to dance after she sacrificed herself to save the school dance in "You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire", and when they cheered for her when she sang in Rome during The Lizzie McGuire Movie.
  6. She is at her best during The Lizzie McGuire Movie, as she works together with Kate and Gordo to help her get famous, believes Gordo and Isabella when told that Pablo isn’t as sweet as he is, and after tricking him, she sang on stage alone after Gordo gave her confidence, and that lead to her becoming popular, but doesn’t let the fame go to her head.
  7. Speaking of Gordo, Lizzie has an awesome relationship with him, as they comfort each other at times, have some cute moments, and are always there for each other. They become a couple at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, with a great romantic kiss.
  8. Lizzie’s animated version of herself was a pretty good idea, as if she was to get her animated series.
  9. Lizzie's animated consciousness is used to portray her real feelings in situations where she's too kind to grow a spine, something we can all relate to.
  10. Animated Lizzie's snarkiness is hilarious and fun to watch, even for those who normally don't like Disney's sitcoms.
  11. Hilary Duff did an amazing job playing as both live-action and animated Lizzie.
  12. She, along with Andi Mack, is the best character created by Terri Minsky, as well as one of the best Disney Channel characters in history.

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