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Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit for 2001-2007 and 2011-2019 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax

At the heart of the new system is GM's 2020 Duramax L5P oil cooler. This cooler rejects heat 22% better at the factory-rated 450 horsepower when tested against the earlier 2017-2019 unit. At higher engine speed and load, the difference between the two coolers is even more apparent. 3300 RPM, 600 HP tests show a 31% greater heat reduction over the stock 2017-2019 oil cooler. The higher the horsepower, the great the improvement.

  • Cools 31% or better
  • More cooling plates for better heat rejection
  • Increased cooling stack surface area
  • Pre-installed 1/8-inch NPT sensor port for temp or pressure
  • Includes all hardware
  • Includes Baldwin B40150 oil filter

The upgrade kit’s performance improvement is primarily due to the 19-plate cooling stack found in the 2020 Duramax L5P oil cooler compared to the 14-plate stack in the 2017-2019 model. These improvements will be even greater on 2001-2007 and 2011-2016 Duramax engines, which came with only 10 and 11-plate cooling stacks. The additional cooling plates increase the available surface area for heat transfer, enhancing its ability to shed more BTUs than its predecessors while maintaining proper oil pressure.

The Banks Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit fits all 2001-2007 and 2011-2019 Duramax engines and includes everything necessary for installation, including a Baldwin B40150 oil filter, a 1/8" NPT sensor port pre-installed ready for oil temperature and or pressure sensor installation, as well as all necessary hardware, gaskets, and thread locker.

After testing all available filters, Banks chose the Baldwin B40150 for its superior filtration and oil pressure retention. The new filter meets or exceeds OEM specs, providing 99.8% efficiency at 30 microns, 99.1% at 25 microns, and 94.2% at 20 microns. The spin-on filter features an Anti-Drainback Valve and 25 PSID By-Pass Valve.

Sours: https://www.bankspower.com/i-3020-oil-cooler-upgrade-kit-for-2001-2007-and-2011-2019-chevy-gmc-2500-3500-6-6l-duramax.html

Max-Flow Duramax Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit

Fits 2001-2007 LB7 LLY LBZ 6.6L Duramax & 2011-2019 LML L5P 6.6L Duramax

Part# MAX-OCU-0116/MAX-OCU-1719

The Max-Flow Duramax Oil Cooler Upgrade kit includes an oversized oil cooler that has improved fluid dynamics to take full advantage of the cooling plates within the oil cooler. If you are concerned with oil temps or they are getting hotter then you will benefit from this bolt on replacement oil cooler for your Duramax Diesel. 


  • Improved internal fluid dynamics for better heat reduction
  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Bolt on replacement 
  • 35%-89% more surface area on the cooling stack


  • Engine Oil Cooler
  • Engine Oil Cooler Gasket
  • Engine Oil Cooler Adapter
  • Water Pump Outlet Pipe Gasket
  • Engine Oil Cooler Adapter Gaskets
  • Oil Cooler Inlet Pipe O-ring
  • Hardware Kit
  • Oil Temperature Sensor Adapter
  • Engine Oil Filter, select from options


  • Manifold gasket and up pipe gasket (if you are modifying your factory manifold)
  • Modified manifold, manifold gasket and up pipe gasket
  • If you have aftermarket manifolds without the heat shield boss you do not need to remove the manifold.

DmaxStore Note: Call for more fitment information on 2007.5-2010 LMM 6.6L Duramax Diesels.

Install Instructions

Sours: https://dmaxstore.com/products/
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Engine Oil Cooler Assembly, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM, 2001-2010 Duramax



The engine oil cooler is not typically a component that goes bad, but should be replaced after any catastrophic engine failure.  Any time metal is pumped through the engine from internal failure, it can accumulate in the oil cooler.  Due to the stack plate design of the oil cooler, cleaning out that debris can be nearly impossible.   The best way to protect a new engine investment is to put a new cooler on to prevent any contamination
It can also be the source of coolant/oil cross contamination.  If you have a layer of oil in your coolant bottle, carefully check the engine oil cooler for issues.
An easy way to test the oil cooler is to remove the oil filter and pressure test the cooling system. Any air escaping from the area on the oil cooler where the oil filter screws on is indication of it leaking internally.  This should be replaced.

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 11.2 lbs.
  • W11.0000” x H10.0000” x L11.0000”

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Engine Parts and Performance for Duramax - Oil Cooler for Duramax

The factory diesel oil cooler on your Duramax diesel is often a weak point in your cooling system. The small passages inside many diesel oil coolers can easily become clogged with particulates or scale in your coolant. This can choke the flow of coolant and lead to plenty of other problems like failed EGR coolers, loss of coolant, or even a blown head gasket. Sure you could just replace it with another stock unit, but that only pushes the problem down the road.

Upgrade Your Duramax’s Oil Cooler

Don't wait until your truck has oil cooler problems to do something about the stock unit. With Sinister Diesel, you can upgrade your stock engine oil cooler to allow for increased oil flow and more efficient cooling when your engine needs it most.

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Sours: https://sinisterdiesel.com/c-954989-shop-by-vehicle-gm-duramax-engine-parts-and-performancefor-duramax-oil-coolerfor-duramax.html

Oil cooler lmm

2020 Duramax L5P Oil Cooler Upgrade

If you've made it this far, you've probably looked at an earlier oil cooler. You'll notice this new one has a 3 bolt flange from the cooler to the elbow. You'll need another bolt as the older ones only used 2. The mounting bolts for the cooler are also different lengths. There are 5 of them total. I actually found these lengths on a post while doing my initial research and can confirm they are the proper lengths.

Here are the 5 bolts that hold the cooler to the side of the engine block.


You'll need:
2- 8mmx1.25 120mm long bolts
3- 8mmx1.25 40mm long bolts
1- 8mmx1.25 20mm long bolt

All of the 20mm are for the coolant elbow. 3 hold the elbow to the cooler and 2 bolt the elbow to the bellhousing adapter plate.

The cooler is held to the engine block with 5 bolts, as you can see. 2 120mm and 3 40mm. You can't mix those up.

I opted to get 5 20mm long bolts to replace all of the ones for the coolant elbow. Might as well while you're at it.

You'll need a few more seals, o rings, and some coolant to get this done. I opted to hit up Lincoln Diesel because they offer everything individually and it's much cheaper than buying an oil cooler gasket kit!

You need:
Water pump to coolant pipe gasket
Coolant pipe to cooler o ring
Coolant elbow to bellhousing seal
3 gallons of whatever coolant you use
3 gallons of water

Here they are in order of how they're listed from left to right.


I went ahead and order the o ring and seal for the oil cooler to the block. Green and black in the picture above. I didn't know it came with them. Better safe than sorry, but now you do and hopefully I can save you a few bucks! It's unlike GM (or anyone, really) to throw in anything extra...

This will likely be all until I get around to changing it out. Up to this point, you'll have gathered everything you need and it's a standard oil cooler replacement job. There will still be more pictures and data once I start monitoring oil temperature. Unfortunately, I won't be doing a before and after. I'm changing the oil pan as well and the new pan has a 1/8 NPT hole for a temp sender and I only want to change the oil once!


Sours: https://nc4x4.com/forum/threads/2020-duramax-l5p-oil-cooler-upgrade.199455/
UNBOXING a 2020 Duramax L5P Oil Cooler


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