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Delaware County Planning assists with the mapping needs of planners, municipalities, and the general public.

Maps can help citizens and policy makers to visualize community needs and plan improvements to make the communities smarter, safer, and more successful. The Planning Department creates maps to suit a variety of needs including natural features mapping (e.g. floodplains, elevation contours, soils, hydrology, etc.), civic mapping (e.g. libraries, police stations, hospitals, schools, etc.), transportation mapping (e.g. roads, railroads, bus routes, etc.), and more.

Parcel GIS data is maintained and disseminated by Delaware County’s Board of Assessments. To view parcels online, please click here to be redirected to the Public Access Page and click on Real Estate and Tax Records. To obtain parcel data or property maps, please contact Anita Bostwick, GIS Manager, at the Board of Assessments at (610) 891-4793 or [email protected].

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Viewing or purchasing current or historic Aerial Photographs

Acquiring available GIS Data Layers

Requesting a Custom Map

Browsing the Planning Department’s Map Gallery

Viewing Municipal Street Maps

Viewing Historic Maps

For more information on how the Planning Department can help with your mapping needs, please contact us at [email protected] or (610) 891-4497.


Find Parcel/Site Information

The Planning Department can assist in identifying zoning and regulatory information about specific parcels in Delaware County.

What is my parcel zoned?

A parcel’s zoning district can be found through its municipality’s zoning map. Most municipalities have zoning maps and district regulations on their individual websites, or can provide copies to the public. Municipal officials will have the most current zoning information for their residents.

We have also tried to provide zoning, plan, and ordinance information obtained through the Pennsylvania eLibrary. Documents may become outdated, as stated on the Pennsylvania eLibrary disclaimer page. If you need to ensure you have the most recently adopted documents, we recommend you contact the municipality.

Researching a property

The Delaware County Real Estate Parcels & Tax Records System and Homestead Status is a great resource for finding a site’s owner, building information, and folio and map numbers.

Need assistance finding your parcel’s regulatory information? Contact the Planning Department at 610-891-5200 or [email protected]

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Welcome To Delaware County Pennsylvania Public Access System

Important: This site provides access to the assessment office property records database in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
You can access public records by searching by street address or parcel ID.


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Disclaimer: While every effort is made to keep information provided over the internet accurate and up-to-date, Delaware County does not certify the authenticity or accuracy of such information. No warranties, express or implied, are provided for the records and/or data contained herein, or for their use or interpretation by the User.

Delaware County, its elected officials, officers, employees, and agents assume no legal responsibilities for the information or accuracy contained in this data, including any action taken from reliance on any information contained herein and shall have no liability for any damages, losses, costs, or expenses, including, but not limited to attorney's fees, arising from the use or misuse of the information provided herein. The User's use thereof shall constitute an agreement by the User to release Delaware County, its elected officials, officers, employees and agents from such liability.

In an effort to preserve the security and privacy of the citizens of Delaware County, name searching and property photos have been removed from the Real Estate and Tax Records system.

By using this information, the User is stating that the above Disclaimer has been read and that he/she has full understanding and is in agreement with the contents.

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