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An insider’s guide to creating diffuser blends

We’ve shared tons of fun diffuser blends, with scents that fit every mood, day, and situation—a pumpkin pie scent for the holidays, a beachy combination for summer days, a playful aroma for kids, and even a diffuser blend for every state.

Want to know the secret to creating unique, personalized scents? Follow our guide to custom diffuser blends and experiment with your favorite essential oils!

Getting started

Become a diffuser blend master by covering the basics with these frequently asked questions:Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

How many drops of essential oil should I put in my diffuser?

In YL diffusers, our recommendations range from 5-25 drops per blend, so adjust to your diffuser’s instructions.

If you like subtler scents, ease up on the number of drops. If the instructions call for 6-8 essential oil drops, start with 5 and work your way to stronger scents.

How many different oils can I use?

The possibilities are endless! There are so many scent combinations waiting to be discovered. If you find a blend you like that is 1 drop each of 10 oils, go for it! We usually stick to 3-5 oils per blend, but what matters most is your personal preference.

Can I use any of my essential oils in my diffuser?

Though most oils are ideal for aromatic use, we recommend following the instructions on the label of your essential oil bottle before you fill your surroundings with sensational scents. 

Creating custom diffuser blends

New to diffusing? Start with an oil that has an aroma you already love. Obsessed with Lavender? Diffuse it on its own to enjoy the sweet floral scent, and then use it as the framework for creating new combos.

Now it’s time to get creative!

Peppermint essential oil uses | Young Living

Lavender essential oil

Perfect pairs: Start with tried and true combos

Choose essential oils you use frequently, like a group of citruses or florals. Go with classic pairings like these:

You’ll learn quickly which scents you prefer, so you can start experimenting with more variations. To venture out further into the essential oil blend world, see our mix-and-match infographic to create more delectable pairings.

Terrific trios . . . and beyond: How to experiment

After you’ve found your perfect pair, pick a third oil to add.

Bypass the trial-and-error phase so you don’t waste any of your precious essential oils by doing the smell test before diffusing. Choose some oils you think would be great together, remove the lids, hold them in one hand, and waft them beneath your nose to get a sense of what they smell like together.

To find the right ratios, bring one oil closer to your nose and move others farther back. The one that’s closest will be the oil with the most drops in your diffuser blend. The ones farther away will require fewer drops in the mix.

If you like the combination, get diffusing! If it’s not quite right, switch out one or more of the oils until you find the perfect blend.

YL tip: Balancing scents 

Some essential oils have stronger scents than others—Basil, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon Bark have powerful aromas. Keep scents like these from overpowering your blend by adding just a drop or two.Brain Power essential oil

Already amazing blends: Let Young Living do the heavy lifting

Choose one of Young Living’s custom blends when you’ve hit a creative block. Try Brain Power™ when you want to create a focused environment or Fulfill Your Destiny™ for an energizing, transformational aroma. 

YL tip: When in doubt, come to the blog. We’ll keep creating more!

We love creating diffuser blends for you!

Now that you’re a diffusing fanatic, keep your diffuser clean so each blend you try is fresh. Learn how to take care of your diffuser on a recent blog post.

What are your favorite diffuser blends?

Spread the love in the comments!

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30 Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

30 Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes - great for beginners or anyone looking for new diffuser recipes -

Not sure what essential oils to use for your diffuser? Check out my list of 30 essential oil diffuser recipes that you can use day or night.

Diffuser on a desk with essential oils and a woman with a laptop working

When you smell a scent or an aroma, the smell hits the limbic system of your brain, which controls your memories and emotions. So that freshly-baked cookie probably makes you feel good about the times you baked cookies with grandma when you were little. Isn’t that amazing? Read on to find out the awesome benefits of aromatherapy as well as 30 wonderful essential oil diffuser recipes!

How Essential Oils Work Aromatically

Well, aromatherapy (or smelling essential oils) can do the same thing. They can help to support your mood and emotions. Think about how you feel when you smell a fresh-cut lemon or how about Lavender from the garden? Maybe energized from the lemon and relaxed with the lavender? Well, it’s no surprise. Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic essences of those plants. That’s why smelling them is a really effective way of using essential oils. This is called aromatic use. Be sure to check out How to Support Emotions with Essential Oils.

One of my favorite ways to aromatically use essential oils is with my diffuser, which uses just water and essential oil and disperses the scents into the air. There’s no chemicals, no fillers, nothing. It’s different from a humidifier as it doesn’t heat up the essential oils – plus, humidifiers are not made to hold essential oils.

Why Use a Diffuser Instead of Candles or Air Fresheners

A diffuser is a unique household must-have that can replace those plug-in air fresheners – which contain chemical ingredients that have been linked to a number of serious health issues – together with scented candles – which are far from “natural”. When you see the term ‘fragrance’ on an air freshener or scented candle, remember that it can include up to 300 toxic chemicals but still just say ‘fragrance’. There have been a number of studies that have shown that both synthetic air fresheners and scented candles can pose health risks.

That’s okay, there’s a better way… use a diffuser with therapeutic-grade essential oils instead. I know it’s a little overwhelming when you first get a diffuser and essential oils, so I put together this list of my favorite essential oil diffuser recipes. First thing to remember is to follow the manufacturers directions on your diffuser for how to clean, type of water to use, number of drops of essential oil, etc.

How to Choose a Diffuser

I have several models of diffusers, and I can tell you hands-down the best is Young Living. I use their oils in the diffuser too. But what I love about them (over the ones from Target or Amazon) is that the Young Living diffusers disperse way more essential oils into the air. You can literally smell the difference. The diffusers also come with a one-year product warranty, so you can easily get a part replaced or the entire unit if you need to. I had several diffusers from other online stores stop working within a couple of months with no replacement.

You can get a diffuser at retail, but I highly suggest getting a starter kit at 60% off that includes the diffuser for free. I really like the Desert Mist (which has different LED settings – even a candle flicker setting – and goes for 8-10 hours). That way you get the diffuser and the oils all in one set. I only use about 6-10 drops total in the diffuser for each use.

Where To Put Your Diffuser

Finding a space for your diffusers to reside can be a challenge. Where do you place your diffuser to maximize aroma while ensuring it harmonizes with your home decor? Here are a few useful tips.

First, and this may be obvious, place your diffuser in an area where you find yourself frequently. That may be on your bedside table, on a coffee table in the living room, in your kitchen, etc. This a sure way to experience and enjoy your diffuser

Next, place the diffuser below eye level. The aroma from your diffuser will rise on its own, so placing your diffuser in an area above your nose will prevent you from ever enjoying your oils. It’s also recommended that you place your diffuser in the center of the room, because the oil diffuses in a radial diameter. In other words, placing the diffuser in a corner of the room may cause the oil to hit the wall and rise upwards, reducing diffusion. However, if you don’t have an outlet in the center of your living room (like most people) just place your diffuser away from the wall.

You might also want to ensure that your diffuser looks great in your home by pairing it with items that mesh well in color and texture. Or you may want your beautiful diffuser to stand alone as a centerpiece. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find that it doesn’t take much to ensure get the most out of your diffusers. Now… some essential oil diffuser recipes!

Closeup of diffuser and esssential oils on a table with a book

30 Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

1. Wake up happy
This is an uplifting to diffuse first thing in the morning while getting everyone awake and in a good mood.

3 drops Bergamot essential oil
3 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

2. Wake up in the mountains
I love this duo because it reminds of waking up in the mountains in a gorgeous log cabin. The woodsy, pine aroma of the Balsam Fir smells wonderful with the floral Ylang Ylang.

3 drops Idaho Balsam Fir
3 drops Ylang Ylang

3.Wake up energized and ready to take on the world
This blend is energizing and uplifting – great for those of you who aren’t morning people but need to get going quickly in the morning.

3 drops Grapefruit
3 drops Joy (a blend made with Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Tangerine and Roman Chamomile)

4. Let’s get @#*% done 
This is the perfect duo to use when you’re on deadline for a project or the kids have homework.

3 drops Lemon
3 drops Peppermint

5. Time to focus and concentrate
When you need to stay focused and clear on your tasks, try this diffuser combination.

2 drops Brain Power
2 drops Lemon
2 drops Clarity

6. Feel like a kid again 
This combination smells a bit like a root beer float to help you bring back those times of when you were a kid again.

3 drops PanAway
3 drops Stress Away

7. I’m ready to relax
Just got home from work or school and need to relax? Try this duo.

3 drops Patchouli
3 drops Ylang Ylang

8. Help! The kids are bouncing off the walls!
Got kids who need help calming down? Try this combination in the diffuser when you want to help them settle down naturally.

2 drops Lavender
2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Vetiver

9. I need some peace in this house
I like to diffuser this combination when the kids are coming home from school. You can also diffuser 6 drops of the oil blend Peace & Calming.

3 drops Orange
3 drops Patchouli

10. I need my second wind
Use this combination when you need to unwind at the end of the day but still need something uplifting to get you through the night – like putting little ones to bed.

3 drops Stress Away
3 drops Peppermint

Get a diffuser and starter set of essential oils for 60% off!

11. Take a deep breath
This is a popular diffuser combination for those times when you need to take a deep breath.

2 drops Lemon
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Peppermint

Essential oils next to an oil diffuser

12. Take a deep breath, again
This is a combination that I found that works wonders, especially in the middle of the night when everyone needs to breathe easier.

4 drops Frankincense
3 drops RC or Eucalyptus

13. Light and refreshing
This is a great blend to diffuse while cooking. It has a light and refreshing aroma that’s, in effect, stimulating to the senses.

3 drops Rosemary
3 drops Lemon

14. Bugger Off
Use this combination thus keeping those outdoor annoyances away.

3 drops Lemongrass
3 drops Citronella

15. What’s that odor? 
I know I’m not the only one that deals with odors. Whether it’s from a musty closet or that stinky fish smell in the kitchen, this combination works really well. You can also diffuser 6 drops of the oil blend Purification.

3 drops Lemongrass
3 drops Orange

16. I’m in a funk
Need a quick mood boost? Try this amazingly uplifting aroma.

2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Orange
2 drops Lavender

Woman sitting with a notebook with a diffuser and essential oils in the background

17. It’s wintertime and I want to stay above the wellness line
You know that time of year? When you make your kids wash their hands constantly, and clean every surface of your home? Yep, this is the diffuser combination for you.

3 drops Thieves
3 drops Purification

18. Pumpkin spice latte
What’s the best part of fall? The pumpkin spice lattes, of course! Get that scent year-round when you use this diffuser combination.

3 drops Thieves
3 drops Orange

19. Hot apple cider
This is another fantastic aroma that will fill your kitchen and have you itching to make some apple pie.

2 drops Cinnamon
4 drops Orange
2 drops Ginger

20. I want it to smell like Christmas trees – all the time!
This is a great diffuser combination when you want the smell of Christmas trees or walking through a pine forest.

2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
2 drops Idaho Balsam Fir
2 drops Pine

21. Honey, it’s time to go to bed. Wink, wink.
Yep, this is the diffuser blend when it’s time to get it on.

3 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Orange
3 drops Idaho Blue Spruce

22. Honey, it’s time for bed – for HER.
You might want to check out my DIY lube recipe too. 😉 Give her a massage first while diffusing this combination to get her in the mood.

2 drops Clary Sage
3 drops Sensation
2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce

23. It’s 5 ‘o clock somewhere
It’s been a long day and it’s finally time to unwind and relax. Try this Coconut-Lime Mojito recipe.

3 drops Peppermint
3 drops Lime

24. Time for some tranquility
Diffuse this combination in order to get some calm and tranquility at the end of a long day.

2 drops Lavender
2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Roman Chamomile

25. Kids, it’s time to go to bed
This is a favorite bedtime blend particularly for my kids

3 drops Orange
3 drops Cedarwood

26. I need to stop thinking about 101 things before bed
This is the combination to use when you need to quiet the mind and shut off all things things you know you need to do… but can wait for tomorrow.

3 drops Vetiver
3 drops Lavender

27. I need to sleep now
Use this combination when you need to go to sleep in a pinch

2 drops Valerian
3 drops Lavender
2 drops Roman Chamomile

28. Mom, I had a bad dream!
Kiddos up in the middle of the night? Diffuse this especially soothing combination.

2 drops Lavender
2 drops Vetiver
2 drops Dream Catcher (an oil blend made with Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Juniper, Rose and other essential oils)

29. Honey, you’re nose is keeping me up!
Put this on your honey when he/she is keeping you up at night.

3 drops Valor (apply a couple of drops to the bottom of the feet too)
2 drops RC
2 drops Lavender

30. Sound sleeper no matter what
If your honey is still keeping you up, try this combination for you.

3 drops Lavender (plus one drop on your pillow)
2 drops RutaVaLa (apply a few drops to the bottom of your feet too)
2 drops Roman Chamomile

Did I miss your favorite diffuser combination? Comment below and let me know. I may feature it here on this blog post.

DIY Essential Oil Diffusers For Beginners

It’s best to start slowly. Start with 8-10 drops of essential oils in the diffuser. Over time, you could add more as needed, up to about 15 drops or as directed on your diffuser product manual. You can diffuse for as little as 15 minutes or a few hours. Set up the diffuser in your bedroom and let it run all night for a restful night’s sleep. You can run a diffuser in a child’s room too but be sure to use oils that are suitable for kids and leave the door open so the room can air out.

Combining Essential Oils

Be adventurous and try different essential oil diffuser blends. Hold different bottles of oils in your hand and move them around under you nose, inhaling the scent. If you like the combination then diffuse them. If it’s not quite to your liking, try again, switching out one of the oils until you find a combination that smells nice.

You can also diffuse based on specific needs – if you want to clear odors, improve concentration, relieve tension, or get better sleep – there are specific oils that will help.

Top Tips For These Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

  • If you are new to the diffuser, start slowly, add 8-10 drops in the diffuser.
  • Ideally place your diffuser in the center of the room, the aroma from the essential oil diffuser recipes diffuse radially.
  • Test out aroma pairings by holding the two oils in one hand and waving under your nose, swap out aromas and try different combos!
  • Opt for the diffuser starter kit, it’s great value!

More Essential Oil Resources

Did you try these essential oil diffuser recipes? Don’t forget to rate the recipe and comment below to let me know how it went. You can also FOLLOW ME on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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Grab a sweater, brew a fresh pot of tea, snuggle up under a blanket watching the fall foliage, and get your favorite Young Living Diffusers prepped for these Young Living Fall Diffuser Recipes!

Young Living Fall Diffuser Recipes

Fall is finally here! The time change “fall back” is approaching (nooo! I don’t want it to be dark for so long)! Right now, we’re enduring our third snow (already!) in October here in Colorado where I’m dreaming of actual fall foliage, not an early Christmas, ha! Maybe Mother Nature has blessed you with gorgeous foliage (if so, can you please send me pics?) and some delicious fall temps. I love that initial cool down after the heat of the summer, don’t you?

With autumn arriving, this cooler weather has gotten me in the mood to do a deep cleaning around the house! So yeah, it isn’t spring, but a good deep fall cleaning does wonders as you head into the holidays! Not only am I offering you wonderful fall diffuser recipes for you and your family to enjoy, but below is a recipe not only for a brewed Thieves Tea blend but also for a gorgeously fragrant DIY Fall Room Spray!

Fall Diffuser Recipes with Young Living Essential Oils

Break out any and all of your favorite Young Living diffusers for all these delightful fall diffuser recipes! Chock-full of lovely autumn favorite scents, like cinnamon, clove, ginger and more! These invigorating autumn scents will make you fall in love with the season! It’s making me even more excited for the upcoming holidays! I hope they do the same for you and your family, too!

Apple Cider Diffuser Recipe

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh apple cider? With traditional autumn scents like orange, ginger, and cinnamon bark, enjoy this uplifting combo in your favorite diffuser! Orange essential oil has a sweet, bright aroma reminiscent of a blossoming orchard of orange trees. Ginger essential oil’s spicy, invigorating aroma adds to Cinnamon Bark essential oil’s warm and comforting aroma! This combo exudes an all too familiar scent that is a favorite during the winter season!

Autumn Breeze Diffuser Recipe

Frankincense essential oil has an earthy yet uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness! Patchouli essential oil has a calming, relaxing aroma that’s best used during meditation or yoga practice, it’s perfect for this blend. Cedarwood essential oil has this woodsy, warm, almost balsamic aroma creating a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere. Combined with the other oils, this diffuser blend would be perfect to diffuse to help you unwind after a long day!

Autumn Rainfall Diffuser Recipe

Lavender essential oil is one of my most favorite oils to own, I carry it everywhere using it for a myriad of reasons! When diffused, it brings a fresh, floral, clean, yet calm feeling! Then you’ve got Bergamot essential oil’s effervescent citrus aroma which makes it a great addition to this diffuser blend! Bergamot has a primarily tart and uplifting aroma but there are also sweet and relaxing notes as well! These pair particularly well with Cedarwood essential oil’s woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma. Finally, Clary Sage essential oil has an herbaceous aroma that is believed to create a calm and relaxing environment. Altogether, you’ve got one powerfully calming fall diffuser blend!

Cozy Space Diffuser Recipe

Starting your day with Orange essential oil is like starting it with an uplifting burst of liquid sunshine, don’t you think? Orange smells just as good as it tastes in a glass of water, so delicious and invigorating! Clove essential oil has a spicy, warm scent that’s instantly familiar because of its connection to fall and winter holidays. Orange and Clove together remind me of making homemade pomanders when I was a child! Create a safe and comforting environment by diffusing Frankincense essential oil’s empowering aroma, particularly when you are seeking purpose or engaged in prayer or meditation. Blended together and diffused, you’ve most certainly got a cozy, uplifting, and empowering space!

Crisp Fall Day Diffuser Recipe

Raven essential oil blend is a cool, refreshing combination of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, and Wintergreen essential oils. A chilly yet minty blend with sweet undertones, Raven creates that feeling of an effervescent breeze through a grove of eucalyptus trees! Thieves essential oil blend is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils that fills any space with a rich and spicy aroma. As one of Young Living’s most popular products, Thieves blend is your go-to for an invigoratingly clean and spicy scent that smells just like fall baking! I diffuse Thieves every day! Together, though, this is a powerful blend of two powerhouse Young Living oil blends!

Fall Sugar Cookies Diffuser Recipe

This is one of my favorites right here! First, it’s got Cinnamon essential oil – Cinnamon as its sweet and spicy scent evokes memories of the holidays. With its bright and joyful yet familiar aroma, Lemon essential oil benefits skin and hair as much as the scent enhances your environment; it’s one of our best selling oils! Paired with peppermint essential oil, which also has a highly familiar and recognizable scent, these three oils together and diffused create a stimulating, focused yet delicious atmosphere!

Falling Leaves Diffuser Recipe

Clove essential oil has that deliciously spicy and warm scent evokes a feeling of nostalgia synonymous with autumn and the holidays. Just a few drops of Orange essential oil can fill any space with a sense of peace, harmony, and creativity! Cedarwood essential oil’s woodsy feel inspires quite a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere. Altogether you’ve got one intriguing autumnal diffuser blend!

Flannel Shirt Diffuser Recipe

Stress Away essential oil blend contains a unique combination of Lime essential oil and vanilla extract and has come to be one of my most sought after oils! It was also one of my first oils I ever used when I started my Young Living journey! In addition to vanilla and Lime, Stress Away also includes Copaiba, Cedarwood, and Ocotea. Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil comes from Young Living’s Northern Lights Farm located in British Columbia, Canada. Diffusing this rich and woodsy oil during meditation helps to create a fresh aromatic atmosphere. Combined with Stress Away, this Flannel Shirt Diffuser Recipe is a calming invigorating scent all its own!

Home Sweet Home Diffuser Recipe

It always amazes me when I get to try new scents blended together. This was one of those surprising ones for me, I love it a lot! The familiar scent of Rosemary essential oil has a robust, herbaceous aroma that pairs incredibly well with spicy Clove and juicy Tangerine! Tangerine essential oil smells just like the fresh citrus fruit and is as delightfully sweet as Orange. Paired together, these three oils in this Home Sweet Home Diffuser Recipe create a happy, inviting, and contented household!

Pumpkin Pie Diffuser Recipe

Who doesn’t love good old fashioned Pumpkin Pie! The scent of Pumpkin Pie screams holidays to me, and this fall diffuser blend is no exception! Cinnamon Bark’s warm and familiar aroma paired with Nutmeg’s equally as warm and spicy aroma that is additionally energizing and uplifting when Clove’s deliciously spicy scent! These three together – wow!!! This Pumpkin Pie Diffuser Blend is one you’ll create again and again!

Sweater Weather Diffuser Recipe

This one cracked me up and immediately calls for this gif, because COME ON. Sweater weather!! lol

Image result for sweater weather gif

Thieves spicy aroma already evokes a familiar sense of baking for the holidays, but paired with the inspiring and unique Citrus Fresh essential oil blend? Hellooooo! Citrus Fresh’s blend has Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Tangerine, Mandarin, and Spearmint and is so invigoratingly bright with a hint of minty coolness. Together with Thieves, I swear! This one is amazing! You have got to try it!

Warm Apple Crisp Diffuser Recipe

Similar to the Pumpkin Pie Diffuser Recipe, this Warm Apple Crisp Diffuser Recipe adds in the spicy aroma of Ginger, with its enticingly warm and energizing scent that’s as invigorating as it is delicious smelling. Together this diffuser recipe pairs the delicious scents of Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, and Nutmeg altogether for a diffuser blend you’ll want to diffuse endlessly!

BONUS Recipes! Thieves Tea Blend and Fall DIY Room Spray Recipe

DIY Thieves Tea Recipe

Thieves Vitality essential oil blend combines Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Cinnamon Bark, and Rosemary essential oils to create one of our most popular dietary products. These oils work together synergistically to offer overall wellness and support for a healthy immune system.* Using this blend in combination with raw honey and Lemon Vitality essential oil blend offers many health benefits when taken internally, including immune support and antioxidant properties.*

Autumn DIY Room Spray

If you’re looking for an instant pick-me-up, then look no further than this deliciously autumnal DIY room spray! Spray this on your curtains, pillows, and more! Cinnamon Bark, Orange, and Bergamot paired together make a lovely spray that invigorates as much as it

2021 Essential Oil Deal for You!

Our Black Friday Deal last year was so popular, we’ve decided to DRASTICALLY improve on that offer for 2021 for the BEST YET! (Coupled with Young Living’s HUGE promotions this month, too!) Check out all you can get for free for becoming a wholesale member (like Costco)!

If you enjoyed these Young Living fall diffuser recipes I’ve shared, be sure to check out my other Young Living posts while you’re here, and please considering sharing this and other posts with others!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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