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By Elizabeth Segran5 minute Read

If you’re in New Orleans and happen to see a group of women in sexy dresses and perfectly coiffed hair riding enormous motorbikes, don’t be surprised. They’re members of the Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club, a 10-woman Black biker gang that cruises the streets, sometimes stopping by the parades the city is famous for.

If you can’t catch them in person, you can get a glimpse into their world in the latest campaign from Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty. The two-minute video feels more like a documentary than a lingerie ad. It features six members of the group speeding through a warehouse district in New Orleans, the air filling with dust and smoke, and sitting at a bar describing the sisterhood of their group. In the voice-over, they talk about what they love about their city and how they’re proving that women have a place in the testosterone-filled world of motorcycles. But perhaps the most striking thing is how thoroughly they own their sexuality. In each shot, the women wear risqué bras, panties, and fishnet stockings—and it’s only in the last shot that the Savage X Fenty brand appears on the screen.

The Caramel Curves story goes back to 2005, when Nakosha “Coco” Smith and Shanika “Tru” Beatty met and discovered their mutual love of biking. Smith learned to ride from a boyfriend when she was 16; Beatty watched her father ride his motorcycle and wanted to learn as she got older. The two decided to start a women’s motorcycle club in New Orleans, but shortly after, Hurricane Katrina hit the city. A couple of years later, the two got back together and redoubled their efforts. This time, they were able to get other female bikers in the city to join them.
From the start, Smith and Beatty dressed in sexy outfits when they got on their motorbikes. While male bikers tend to wear hyper-masculine leather outfits, the women of Caramel Curves wear miniskirts, booty shorts, and tank tops. Many wear high heels while riding. “I’m the kind of girl who always wears heels, and I saw no reason to stop when I started biking,” Smith says. “It just feels so good to be looking cute and also feeling the adrenaline rush of riding. People already think it’s unexpected to see girls on motorbikes, but then to see us in sexy outfits, they don’t know what to think.”
The women of Caramel Curves are very deliberate about putting their sexuality front and center, but Smith and Beatty say they haven’t been harassed or felt uncomfortable. Beatty thinks this might be because some men feel intimidated by the strength they channel through their enormous motorcycles and the skill they demonstrate while riding them. “Some people think that we go to motorcycle meetups and there are men just like slapping our butts,” Smith says. “That has never happened to me before. And there are some single members of our group who are a bit frustrated because men just never come up to us to ask us out.”
To become a member of Caramel Curves, first and foremost you need to be a woman with your own motorcycle. (“You can’t be borrowing your boyfriend’s,” Beatty says.) Then, the members ask prospective candidates to join them on a number of activities to see if they can keep up. And since Caramel Curves also has a philanthropic component, Smith loves hearing each prospective member’s ideas for a charity event. In the past, they’ve held kids’ clothing drives for homeless shelters and done bicycle giveaways; they also throw an annual party where they raise money.

Part of the appeal of being in Caramel Curves, Smith says, is going directly into spaces that weren’t designed for Black women. In traditional motorcycle gangs, if women are present at all, they tend to perform supporting roles, wearing sexy outfits and clinging to the male riders. The women of Caramel Curves take pleasure in flipping the script. “We do the opposite,” Smith says. “We sometimes take men for a ride, sitting behind us.”

The Savage X Fenty team first came across Caramel Curves when they saw an article about the group in The New York Times. (The members didn’t meet Rihanna, who wasn’t on set when Smith and Beatty filmed the video.) But before collaborating, the team wanted to know whether the women would be comfortable being filmed in the brand’s lingerie. “They were really concerned about whether we would be comfortable, but we told them this is basically what we wear anyway,” Beatty says.

As they made the video, the members were fitted with pieces from the brand’s latest collection, which includes lacy bra and panty sets, strapless plunge bras with matching tights, and mesh teddies. Savage X Fenty has made an effort to be size inclusive, ensuring that each piece fits regardless of the wearer’s body shape. Smith liked how well the line fit, even while the women were in motion. “I’m a plus-size woman,” she says. “We’re all different sizes in the group, but the lingerie fit really well. We weren’t spilling out of our bras, and they stayed on even while riding.”

Over the course of her 15-year career as a pop icon and entrepreneur, Rihanna has embraced sexiness and frequently appeared in racy outfits. But in the worlds she creates on stage or through her brands, women are in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own sexual experience. They dress for themselves, not for the male gaze. The members of Caramel Curves seem to be exactly on the same page. They take pleasure in their own bodies and feel sexy in their own skin. This only enhances the power they feel when riding on their motorcycles. “Once, a guy said, ‘They look cute and sexy, but don’t get distracted: Those girls really know how to ride,'” Smith says. “It was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.”


Many famous men were motorcycle enthusiasts; they combined their passion for things like acting, music and adventure, with a love for Motorcycles. Motorcycle was a perfect outlet for their real life; riding on the open road with the wind in their faces left them invigorated and inspired. Now we will list the 10 famous biker men, check it out !

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1. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

2. Marlon Brando

Hot Biker Brando

Brando loved riding very much, Brando cruised the streets of NYC on his motorcycle, whenever his fame started to feel oppressive, he’d get on his motorcyle and simply head out into the Southwest, riding through the desert for miles on end.

3. Hunter S. Thompson

Writer Hunter S. Thompson earned his motorcycling chops the hard way: by riding his BSA A65 Lightning for a year with the Hell’s Angels. His experience  riding with (and getting stomped by) the gang became the book,

Biker Hunter

4. Clint Eastwood

Maybe Eastwood is only an occasional rider, he rode motorcycles as part of several of his films. 

5. Buddy Holly

In 1958, coming off a tour and flush with success, Buddy Holly and the Crickets decided to spend some of their hard earned money on new motorcycles. They flew to Dallas and started shopping the local bike stores. But the owners, unaware of who these young lads were, treated them dismissively; the owner of the Harley dealer practically pushed them out the door. But they found what they were looking for at Ray Miller Triumph Motorcycle Sales, where each man picked out one of the latest models: Buddy chose an Ariel Cyclone, J.I. picked a Trophy, and Joe B. decided on a Thunderbird. The guys then headed back to Lubbock on the bikes, but not before stopping by the Harley dealer to show off their new rides.

6. Steve McQueen

Before Steve McQueen made it big as an actor, he would compete in–and win–weekend motorcycle races on the first bike he owned–a used Harley. Even when Hollywood success came calling, acting gigs always had to compete against his passion for motorcycles. McQueen amassed a collection of over 100 motorcycles, his favorites being vintage Indians. When the weight of celebrity grew too stifling, McQueen would grab one of those Indian bikes and tear out of Tinseltown and onto the open road. McQueen loved off-road racing as well, and raced the Triumph’s TR6 in everything from the Baja 1000 to the prestigious International Six Days Trial.

7. Clark Gable

While this seems to be a posed press photo, Clark Gable did indeed ride a motorcycl 

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Alexis POV

After the incident with Alexis brother Ricky,

Her alarm clock goes off she gets out of bed and heads into the shower.....then got out and got dressed in a pair of blue jeans, long sleeve shirt, vans.

She blowdried her hair put a little bit a eyeliner grabbed her backpack and walked downstairs grabbed her wallet, keys, cell phone and her helmet plus her jacket and out the door, hopped on her 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R put her helmet on and gloves and drove to school....

Alexis finally got there she parked her bike and got off and walked in the college building..

(Fast Foward to the end when she gets out of school)

"Lex, hows your brother" her friend Lana said while walking out of the building "Lisa is with him, she didnt show up today" she says

"I know, the lovebirds, the doctor put him in ICU, so Im gonna go see him right now" Alexis said looking at her phone for the time 5:00PM

"Call me, let me know how he is" Lana says walking to her car

"Okay, Ill call you" Alexis says and puts her jacket on her gloves and helmet and starting up her bike and heading home....

After awhile of driving back to her house she drops her bag at home and drives to the hospital....

But on her way there she skids her bike to a stop there standing infront of her with the rest of HIS Bikers behind him blocking the path..

Anthony the guy Alexis would never get involve with agian ....Alexis & Anthony when she was 17 she ran away and thats where she met Anthony, made her sell his drugs hitting Alexis making her do drugs but then she finally had enough and she went back

"Turn off your bike and take off your helmet" Anthony says with authority Alexis just sits on the bike but she turns it off..Anthony walks up to her as she gets off of the bike and stands next to it

"Now..the helmet" He says as he walks infront of her, but Alexis doesnt take off the helmet "Take off your helmet, Now!" He shouts she sighs and takes it off her dirty blonde loose curls fall down gracfully to her shoulder blades

"Well..Well if it isnt Alexis...long time no see huh?" Anthony says "What do you want" Alexis says looking at him

"I have alot to do with you" Anthony states "I have nothing to do with you" Alexis says not showing any fear...

Then he looks at the bike "Nice bike" he says now walking behind her "But thats not all thats nice" He says eyeing her up and down..

"I dont have time for you shit today, I have to go" Alexis says he then grabs her arm roughly she turns her head to him "You'll go when Im finish with you" He says dangerously squeezing her arm tightly she winces

"Let go of me..your hurting me" Alexis says "What makes you think I care, remember you have a debt to pay, you work for me" Anthony says still looking at her

"I dont work for you anymore" she says spitting in his face he gets mad and backhand slaps her which in results bust up her bottom lip so its bleeding then she slaps him back in which he lets go of her arm..

"Dont you fucking put your hands on me!" Alexis shouts he grabs her by both of her arms then they hear other motorcycle engines comin there way, he stops

Alexis sees its Daniel Leader Of The Kingz BikerZ the rest of his bikers stop and Daniel gets off his bike walks to where Anthony & Alexis is at..

"Anthony" Daniel says "What do you want D" Anthony says "Well for one, take your hands off of her" Daniel says looking at his hands on Alexis arms "Why are you protecting her" Anthony says looking from him to Alexis...Alexis looks at Daniel "You see I have to" He states now looking at Alexis "Why?" Anthony says "Well I have to...a favor from her take your hands off of her" Daniel says with his hands in his jean pockets, Anthony takes his hands off of her and leaves with his bikers...

"Are you allright" Daniel says looking at her "Yeah..Im fine" she says looking down "No, your not..look at me" He said as she looks up at him "Did he hit you" Daniel says looking at her cut on her lip "No" she lied "Your lying, tell me how did you get that cut on you lip then" Daniel said still looking at the cut Alexis just looks at him..

"D, We have to go" one of his guys said "Yeah allright" he said looking to one of his bikers then back at Alexis "Here, clean your lip" He said handing her his black bandana she looks at it "Why did you come" She says looking at him "I said it already..he asked me to" Daniel says "I know your going to see Ricky so you should go already" He said she takes the bandana out of his and cleans her bleeding lip "Ok Im gonna go now" she said getting on her bike

"Be careful with that guy hes dangerous...if you have any problems come to me" Daniel says handing her helmet to her she takes and puts it on turns her bike on she reevs it up "Thanks" She says driving off to the hospital.............


Alexis finally arrives at the hospital she calls Freddie


*Freddie its me, what room are you in*

*Room 510*

*Allright thanks*

So Alexis walks in the hospital and gets a vistor's pass then she walks to the escalator to the Fourth Floor and to room 510 where brother is being kept.

As she walks in Alexis see's that her brother Ricky is awake and watching tv with Freddie, Freddie stands up and gives Alexis a hug as hugs him back

"Thank you for staying with him" she whispered in his ear "Im sorry, for what happened to him" He whispered back "Its okay as long as both of you guys are safe" she whispered back and they let go

"Hi Lisa" Alexis says hugging her "Lexy, hi" Lisa said hugging her back Freddie and Alexis sit in the chairs while Lisa sits on the bed..

"How are you feeling" Alexis says "Im hanging in there, there gonna let me out tomorrow morning" He says "What did they tell you" Alexis says looking at him "Gotta take it easy for the next couple of days" He said


Lisa said her goodbye to Ricky she had to go babysit her brother Lana came by for a little bit Freddie walked her out to her car after she said goodbye to Ricky


Alexis layed in the extra hospital bed while Freddie got the bed next to the window so they stayed with Ricky until tomorrow when they let him out


^^Alexis is wearing^^




Hot Biker Girls vs Biker Boys Best crazy Moments 2021 - Biker Boys - Biker Chicks - Girls on bikes

100+ Badass Biker Names

My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life.

100+ Biker Names: Biker or Bike Nicknames

Growing up in the biker culture, I’ve had a chance to meet many really awesome and interesting people. I’ve also heard many nicknames—some of them too colorful to place into this article. Typically, when you join up with a crew of bikers, your nickname will come naturally, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little outside help to influence the name.

A lot of nicknames I’ve heard are a mix of the person’s trade and their first name, like "Tattoo Mike." Obviously, Mike was a tattoo artist. Others were a bit more cryptic, like a gruff guy that I only knew by the name of "Rooster." To this day, I still don’t know what his last name was. Heck, he might not even have one!

Whatever your nickname, it should reflect who you are and what you portray or stand for. Below are some ideas you can use to help come up with your nickname. A good nickname doesn’t just sound cool; it tells a story. Remember that when trying to think of a nickname for others to know you by.

This list of names can also be used as inspiration for those looking for name ideas for their motorcycles—you deserve a fun, exciting biker nickname, and so does your bike!

Biker Names for Guys

As I said before, many times, your biker name comes naturally, but that's not to say you can't choose it yourself. Here are some tips to help you choose a kickass name.

  • Make it personal: Use your real name, profession, hometown, interests, or whatever information about yourself that makes your nickname unique to you.
  • Make it funny: It's not a requirement, but a funny name is always a great conversation starter! I bet Rooster has a great story behind his biker name.
  • Make it easy to remember: This isn't a time to get formal and fancy. Keep your name short and simple so fellow bikers will remember it.

Now that you know what makes a great biker name, here are some examples I've heard over the years.










Big Bass



















































Biker Names for Girls

Motorcycles aren't just for the guys anymore! Chicks like to ride too! Here are some naming tips for the ladies!

  • Make it fierce: You're badass! You're fiesty! You're a biker! If you're going to come up with your own name, make sure it illustrates what an awesomely intimidating woman you are!
  • Make it sexy: Of course, a leather-clad lady deserves a sexy name! If this is your style, pick a name that shows your sultry side!
  • Make it suit you: Most importantly, your name must match your personality or appearance! Are you a party girl? Tequila or Margarita would be fun names to consider. Maybe you've got a head full of red curls? Curly or Ginger might fit you perfectly!

Don't pick a name just based on how it sounds; pick it because it suits you! If you want some more ideas, here are 60 sample biker chick names to consider!













Bear Trap



Big Mama

























Mama Bear


















Old Lady

Wild One

How Do I Choose a Biker Name?

Make your biker name a good one—something you’ll continue to enjoy years from now. Remember, bikers are a family, which means this will probably be your nickname for life.

If you're stalled in the name-choosing process, consider what makes you unique. Think about your:

  • Appearance
  • Hobbies
  • Mannerisms
  • Personality

Come up with something original and interesting that will make people wonder. While you're trying to think of a clever biker name, make sure you're keeping up with all the latest biker slang; staying up to date on the lingo might help you find a fitting name.

Make sure the nickname makes sense for you, and certainly do your best to have a story that helps explain how you got it. Telling someone you got your nickname because “it sounded cool” might work for teenagers, but not for bikers. If your nickname isn’t self-explanatory, then make sure you know why you have the nickname you do.

Ultimately, you'll need to take your time to come up with the perfect biker name—don't rush; instead, wait until you come up with an awesome name that you won't mind being called for the rest of your days on the road.

Looking for a Name for Your Motorcycle Club?

Coming up with a name for your motorcycle club or biker group can be a challenge. Try to capture something unique about your group in your crew's name, such as where you live or something all your members have in common.

Below is a generator you can use to help you brainstorm ideas for your motorcycle club. The examples are general and can be used in any order.

Biker Gang: Motorcycle Club Name Generator

First WordSecond WordThird Word (Optional)

Color (i.e., blue, black, silver, gold, emerald, ruby, etc.)

Animal (i.e., cougars, tigers, wolves, dogs, etc.)


Interesting adjective (i.e., cool, curvy, bad, speedy, etc.)

Fun noun (i.e., angels, devils, boys, lovers, etc.)



Road-related term (i.e., speed, plugs, metals, travelers, etc.)


This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Naomi Rodriguez on August 14, 2020:

They called me Big Mama

Melissa on August 14, 2020:

My club calls me razor {for reasons} but my old man calls me duchess.

Justin on August 09, 2020:

My name is country in my mc. For my while hick ways and how I was raised

Jen on July 27, 2020:

Mine is blue, I don't have any idea for her name is it nice to be called him kymblue?

Elle on July 10, 2020:

I went by Wildcat during my days around the MC

kb on May 30, 2020:

I have a light green Kawasaki kx100 and need a girl's name for it. Can I have some help?

Babul Sorkar on May 13, 2020:

Very nice

shakeeba on May 06, 2020:

Arre wah! What a awesome names!!!

Eli on May 03, 2020:

Just did my first backflip so I chose big bass it’s so badass

Vishal jha on March 21, 2020:

I have duke 390 of 2016 model . While i ride it for 3 months and now it's time to give him . Her . A new badass name . I give her the name . (CARRON). Which i think is it's a badass name

Cris on January 01, 2020:

I have a 2008 Kawasaki zx10r and im trying to come up with a cool Instagram name. Can anyone help

Bob Abooey on December 21, 2019:

Trouser Snake

Deb Goodner on November 26, 2019:

Wild one and Brat

Colorado Female

jonathan banon on October 24, 2019:

john bender

jonathan banon on October 24, 2019:

the snakes of florida

Ann Rivera on June 19, 2019:

I am a big fan of celestial stuff and the main thing where I live is the Pagoda. I am pretty much a little smartass and i really need a cool name for the Women's Riding Assoc. I am joining. Please help. P.S I am a Libra

Heather Sanders on May 18, 2019:

Hello I just got a bite from my husband and I am looking for a good name for his motorcycles can you help me out

Grizzly Nightfire on April 27, 2019:

I'm Grizz

Alexis Alves on February 21, 2019:

Mine is brainstorm. I have a condition called hydrocephalus and have had multiple operations on my head. When I was born my parents where told I would not even walk or talk and here I am driving a Harley and getting a masters degree lol. I love my nickname because it has to do with what I've been through.

NCbikerMom on January 23, 2019:

My brothers named me Sassafras and I wear it with pride. Either way, bikers don't pick their own names, their clubs do. Big difference in someone who rides & a biker. Being a biker is a lifestyle. Blessed to have a man that doesn't mind that I ride my own. Wouldn't trade my brothers and sisters for anything!!

Donavich23 on January 21, 2019:

Names Tailbone. Michigan M.C. here.

Ethan on January 03, 2019:

Was looking for something else but here i am

Been nicknamed Poodle by my club for two reasons:

1) i have long hair and tie it up as whats been called a Poodle-tail

2) i have quick reflexes when it comes to people taking swings at me and when on the bonie and such

Jace williams on December 04, 2018:

Hi my name Jace Williams I from Decatur Indiana

I wanna be in biker gang please I want be in it for tomorrow

Please and I wanted be a biker from Jace

Debbie on November 08, 2018:

What's a good name for a white female biker.

they call me eagle on October 23, 2018:

i am good at dirt bike

Sloppy on August 10, 2018:

Im Sloppy, Central Wisc. In a M.C. up here

Mo on June 07, 2018:

I'm Karma! Cause good or bad I can f**k your life up.

kristopher on April 25, 2018:

my name is spooky cause i was born the day before Halloween.

K.R.Hoston on March 10, 2018:

Marines rock on !!! Let's ride ...... bossman USMC retired Nam vet

Manikandan.R on February 12, 2018:

Very boring names


Biker guys sexy

There is something about bikers that makes them irresistible to women of all ages, sizes and shapes. Women just can’t look away when a hot man on a motorcycle comes in sight. They give the bad-boy appeal a new dimension and you can’t spot that kind of allure anywhere else.

Let’s be honest here, what’s sexier than a man on a Harley? Only one thing – a woman on a Harley, of course, but in this post, we’re focusing on the testosterone wonders we all like to drool over: biker guys.

Did you know that the term “motorcycle” is among the most popular terms women type in search directories, when browsing through online profiles? And this doesn’t only refer to biker gals, but all women in general. At the end of the day, every woman wants a man with a little extra of that special ingredient in a guy: testosterone.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with metrosexuals and sensitive guys, but a rebellious, fearless man – is a rebellious, fearless man. The magic that comes along with that charming bad boy vibe splattered with independence and self-reliance is what a true man is all about. And no one pulls it off like bikers do.

Bikers Have An Unstoppable Lust For Life

We know for a fact that biker buys are considered strong, adventurous, rebellious and tough. Fortunately, they are now more socially acceptable than they were in the past. Any respectable citizen can have a candid fun-factor in their garage, and turn into a smoking hot biker whenever they feel like it. Just like tattoos, motorcycles are no longer exclusively associated with outlaws, but that sexy bad boy vibe still lives on, and let’s thank the heavens for that.

biker photo

Although biker guys freely embrace risks and tend to be on the rebellious side, the tough bad-boy exterior is, in fact, perfectly balanced by a soft, kind side when they’re off their ride. They are protective of their woman; they know how to make a girl happy in every way. Most of the bikers I’ve ever known are kind, intelligent men with hearts so big, they could fit the whole world in there. Yes, they are masculine, yes, they are tough, but they are also some of the sweetest, gentlest men you’ll come across.

Bikers Are Spontaneous

Any guy who owns a bike and enjoys riding it is the sort of a man you can expect to say: “Wanna go for a ride?” out of the blue. If the mood hits him, and he wants to head to the seashore, or the roads, or anywhere else, he will most certainly seize the moment and indulge his cravings. And the best part is: he’ll take his woman with him.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of the wind blowing in your face, while you’re squeezed with your big, sexy men. All you need to do is relax and let him take you for a ride that’s going to make you feel free, excited, empowered, strong and feminine at the same time. Is there a girl in this world that wouldn’t like this feeling? I don’t think so.


Bikers Are The Only Possible Match For Biker Girls

When a woman owns a bike and considers herself an avid rider, she simply can’t be with a man whose idea of a good time is sitting on the couch all night, eating popcorn. Boring, convenient guys can’t keep up with all the passion and lust for adventure biker gals have. Of course they are going to look for a man with a motorcycle. Not because riding together itself gives space for meaningful conversations (it doesn’t), but because they share a huge passion, and they understand each other perfectly. You can’t have that with an ordinary guy.

You can’t take an ordinary guy on a ride with you, without feeling more powerful than he is – and no real woman wants that. A biker girl wants to find a tough, strong man with a motorcycle, so their bikes can roar together and make them feel as connected as possible.

bikers photo

Dating a biker makes even the toughest women feel girly and tender. Nowadays, women no longer look to men for affirmation, or permission. As awesome as this might be, we all like to feel like a lady every once in a while.

Jumping on your man’s bike and letting him lead the way, trusting him with your life and feeling like a protected, tender woman is one of the best feelings a gal can get. It might sound a little bit old fashioned – and it probably is, but, boy, does it feel good!

Bikers: the ultimate rebellious, strong, masculine, protective and sweet men – this is what dreams are made of.

Photo: Pinterest

Hot Biker Girls vs Biker Boys Best crazy Moments 2021 - Biker Boys - Biker Chicks - Girls on bikes


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