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Single-Hung & Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. Single-Hung windows allow ventilation through a single operable lower sash. Both offer easy cleaning from inside your home and remain flush with the wall, making them ideal for patios or walkways.

Best Selling IconBEST SELLING

400 Series

Double-Hung Window

  • Our best-selling double-hung
  • Unfinished pine or prefinished White, Dark Bronze or Black interior protected by vinyl exterior
  • Extremely energy-efficient, durable and time-tested


Replacement Windows iconGREAT FOR REPLACEMENT

400 Series Woodwright®

Double-Hung Window

  • Natural wood sash interiors in pine, maple, oak or prefinished White, protected by Fibrex®  composite exterior
  • Helps replicate the look of traditional architecture


Good Value iconGREAT VALUE

200 Series

Double-Hung Window

  • Tilt-wash design makes it easy to clean
  • Unfinished pine or prefinished White interior
  • Exterior vinyl frame in White or Sandtone



100 Series

Single-Hung Window

  • Made with Andersen-exclusive Fibrex® composite material
  • Warranted not to flake, rust, blister, peel, crack, pit or corrode
  • Movable lower sash allows ventilation
  • Available as replacement insert window


Most Efficient IconMOST EFFICIENT


Double-Hung Window

  • Our best-performing double-hung
  • Wood protected by fiberglass and Fibrex® composite material
  • Stained and painted wood interiors offer architectural authenticity




Double-Hung Window

  • Custom colors, range of interior woods and stains available
  • Wood protected by durable aluminum exterior
  • Sleek design with innovative locking system for discreet functionality


Andersen Sliding Glass Doors

The Andersen® Difference

Find out what makes Andersen® double-hung windows different and better than the competition.

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Full-Service Replacement

Double-Hung windows are available from Renewal by Andersen, our full-service replacement window division.


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Find a Certified Contractor

Vetted, trained and backed by the industry leader, Certified Contractors have extensive window and door knowledge to make any project a success.

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Parts Store

Need a Part?

Browse our online parts store to find genuine Andersen parts and accessories for your single and double-hung windows.


Sours: https://www.andersenwindows.com/windows-and-doors/windows/single-hung-and-double-hung-windows/

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows offer a timeless, classic appearance for any architectural-style home. Single hung windows are an excellent solution to create visual appeal in a vertical space. Ply Gem offers aluminum and vinyl single hung windows.

What are single hung windows?

Single hung windows feature a bottom sash that vertically raises for fresh air, while the top sash is stationary. The fixed top sash enhances weather resistance, improving energy efficiency and interior comfort.
Discover our series that offer new construction & replacement single hung windows below.

What are the benefits of single hung windows? 

The lower sash on our single hung windows can be cleaned easily form inside your home. For multi-story homes, double hung windows can be a better option for upper floors because the interior and exterior sash can be cleaned from the inside.

Space-saving by design, single hung windows don’t open to the outside like casement windows, making them an excellent choice for patios and walkways.

Single Hung Windows Customization Options

Ply Gem offers both vinyl and aluminum single hung windows for your new build. Our new construction single hung windows can be customized to fit your home’s design style. Choose from a variety of interior and exterior colors to fit your design preferences. We also offer a selection of hardware finishes and grille patterns to match the style of your home. Additional customization can be achieved through vertical and horizontal mulling (joining) of single hung windows to create unique combinations that can expand views and create dramatic curb appeal. Whether you’re building a classic craftsman, Victorian-style home or anything in between, we can provide the perfect solution.

Choose from a variety of glass packages Ply Gem offers to meet your home’s needs. We offer Low-E glass and high-performance energy options to improve the overall energy efficiency and comfort of your home. We also offer glass options for increased privacy, safety and sound reduction. Select single hung windows are tested and approved for impact protection in coastal areas that are prone to hurricanes.

Vinyl Single Hung Windows

Our vinyl single hung windows are engineered for durability and energy efficiency. They provide excellent insulation, keeping your family comfortable in any season. Our premium single hung vinyl windows are resistant to damage from the elements and feature long-lasting colors to enhance your home’s appearance.

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Aluminum Single Hung Windows

Our aluminum single hung windows feature a lightweight design with impressive strength. The aluminum frames are resistant to damage from insects and water. The streamlined frame design also increases the viewing area, providing more natural light.

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How much do new construction single hung windows cost?

The cost of our new construction single hung windows depends on your preferences. We have several available series which offer unique features to meet your needs. Single hung windows are a lower cost option to double hung or casement windows. Use our Find A Distributor tool to find a Ply Gem Windows dealer near you.

How To Buy
Sours: https://www.plygem.com/windows-doors/windows/window-styles/single-hung-windows/
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24×36 Window: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some top reasons to choose 24×36 windows for my home?

The 2×3 window is designed with different frame materials. You can also choose a 24 by 36 window glass of your choice.

A 2×3 window is very versatile in that it can adapt to different conditions and functions. Being weatherproof, you are not worried about changing weather conditions.

The 24 by 36 window can maintain its elegant look for many years, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

  • Reduction of energy costs

The 2×3 window is insulated and made of energy-efficient glass to reduce energy consumption for your home.

If properly installed, the window can be opened and closed to allow for natural cooling. Also, you can pair it with an appropriate 2×3 window covering to improve this property.

  • Enhanced security and safety

All 24 by 36 windows have a locking system to prevent them from being opened from outside.

You only need to clean the 2×3 window glasses from time to time when dusty. These windows can be maintenance-free, provided you choose the right material.

2. Is a 24×36 window the best size for my house?

Yes. A 24 by 36 window is a medium-sized window installed in many residential homes and small office blocks. Many rooms in your property can match well with a window of this size. However, it is only for your house if you have the right opening for it.

3. How much is a 24×36 window?

The price of a 2×3 window varies from one manufacturer to the next. Some factors such as the window type, frame material, and window glass type also influence the pricing. Windows are priced based on the effective area. The effective area of a 2×3 window is about 0.37 square meters. The product of this value and the unit price give you the cost.

If you have chosen a thermal break aluminum 24 by 36 window, then you can pay about $27-$125 for it. A 2×3 window made of a wooden frame costs between $72 and $220. The most affordable option you have is the vinyl 2×3 window, which costs between $22 and $110.

These 24 by 36 window prices vary by time. To get accurate estimates, contact the sales team with specific window requirements.

24x36 window size

4. What factors affect the cost of a 24×36 window?

  • High-end Brand vs. Low-end Brand

Popular and reputable 2×3 window brands are usually more expensive than the new brands.

2×3 windows are priced differently depending on whether you have chosen double-hung, casement, awning, bay, sliding, or tilt & turn. You also need to buy the right 24 by 36 window type for your house.

A 24 by 36 window frame can be made of either wood, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. The cost is based on the framing material, with vinyl being the most affordable and wood the most expensive.

You have many options of 2×3 window glasses to choose from for your window. Double-pane, soundproof, energy-efficient, argon gas fill, and Low-E are all properties of window glasses that will influence the price tag.

There is an installation cost for windows, and a 2×3 window is not different. This value depends on your location and demand for the service.

36x48 window cost

5. Can I negotiate a 24×36 window price?

Yes. Negotiation is allowed in any market. So, buying a 24 by 36 window will not be a different story. However, that depends on where you will be buying it. Some manufacturers or sellers have fixed prices with no room for negotiation.

Negotiating the prices does not mean you will buy a 2×3 window at the best price. If you are not familiar with the current market prices, you can ask a local trader or contractor. You can also contact George Buildings customer support for our 24 by 2×3 window prices.

6. What is the average cost to replace a 24×36 window in a home?

The cost of replacing a 2×3 window differs from region to region because of the labor cost. Buying a new window costs between $150 and $750, depending on the window design and material of the frame. You can also expect an additional installation cost of about $100 to $250.

7. How can I cover the 24×36 window?

There are many 2×3 window accessories you can use for covering your window. Think of a window screen, shade, curtain, blinds, and screen. Each of these is an excellent choice for dressing your window. You only need to choose the right one depending on your interior design requirements.

8. Do you have any certificates for your 24×36 window products?

George Buildings is a certified 2×3 window manufacturerin China. Being a global brand, we also have international certifications that show our adherence to the regulations and standards. Our 24 by 36 window products are produced under the following certifications:

  • NFRC
  • SGS
  • Intertek
  • CE
  • ISO9001

9. Do your 24×36 windows come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our 2×3 window products are covered by a 5-year warranty. We will repair or replace all defective windows within this grace time. We have a technical team that will assess the situation and takes necessary actions.

10. How do you pack and ship 24×36 windows?

Packing glass products is a challenge we have to admit, but we have adopted ways that ensure safety during transit. We use high-quality packaging material with excellent shock-absorbing properties. This ensures the 2×3 window glasses do not shatter or break.

George Buildings helps clients with shipping services. After packaging, we forward the products to our trusted shipping service provider. You can also let us know if you have a preferred shipping company. We will take the goods to them instead.

11. Can you show me the 24×36 window manufacturing process?

Words are not enough to explain our highly technologized 2×3 window manufacturing process. Because of that, we have attached a video showing all the steps that turn raw materials into lovely 24 by 36 windows. You can also visit the site to see everything for yourself, but you should book an appointment.

12. How can I buy quality 24×36 windows near my location?

We are a China-based 2×3 window manufacturer, but we can deliver the products worldwide. It never matters where you are. Just place your order online through our website, and your windows will be delivered to you on time.

Contact us and order 24×36 window online directly.

13. Who are the best window manufacturers in China?

China has many 24 by 36 window manufacturers. This number can be so overwhelming that making the right choice can be a challenging task. What I can say is that you can buy high-quality 2×3 windows from China, but what we cannot promise to use is, not all companies will keep to international quality standards.

Are you getting more confused? We have a list of reputable 2×3 window manufacturers that you should consider for the best quality. Check it out below:

  • Foshan George Windows Co.Ltd
  • Qingdao Jiaye Doors and Windows Co. Ltd
  • Qingdao Keddy Glass Co., Ltd.
  • Prima Industry Co., Ltd
  • Guangdong JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co. Ltd
  • Huangshi Mega Commodity Co., Ltd.

14. What to look for in finding the best window company?

Consider the following factors if you will be looking for a reliable and reputable high-quality 2×3 window manufacturer:

  • A wide window selection
  • Good warranties
  • Excellent window quality and efficiency
  • Tailored-made window products
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Operable installation guide
Sours: https://georgebuildings.com/building-materials/24x36-window/
Vinyl Single Hung Window Installation

Custom Aluminum Window Screens

Aluminum Window Screens Custom Made to Fit Most Style Window.
Single Hung Window Half-Screens      Horizontal Slider Window Screens      Single or Double Hung Full Window Screens    Click for Low Price Guarantee

Do you struggle with problem insects in your home? In the past, your old window screens may have been eaten up by insects like grasshoppers. Once you use aluminum window screen, you’ll put an end to the constant replacements. Our custom-made aluminum window screens allow you to build your perfect window screen to install at home.

Choosing aluminum screen truly depends on where you anticipate installing it. Aluminum is a delicate metal, so in high-traffic areas, it may not be the best choice. When pressure is applied to the screen, it can dent and mark the mesh. When installed in a low traffic area, aluminum screen can last an average of 30 years! Plus, it cannot be eaten by insects like fiberglass. When you create your custom aluminum window screens, you’ll pick the precise width, height, and frame size needed for your window opening. The frames are available in White, Bronze, Silver, Tan, and Champagne. They’re built with internal corners, please note screens made with 5/16x3/4 white frame will be made with solid external corners. You may even personalize the aluminum screen color in Charcoal, Black, or Silver to complement your home’s outdoor colors. Will your screen need a crossbar? If so, you can choose exactly where it should be. The hardware is included with your purchase. You’ll be able to select which type of hardware you’d like to use for installation. We offer hardware like tension springs, leaf springs, acorn turn latches, slide latches, spring plungers, and more. We’ll assemble your frames and ship them out in heavy duty packaging to prevent damage. All you’ll have to do is install it into place!

Get the freedom of keeping windows open without the threat of insects with these custom aluminum frame screens. Whatever size frame you need, we can build it to fit your window opening effortlessly. Aluminum screen is the top choice for those needing screens that will last undisturbed. When purchased in large quantities of three or more, your order will qualify for a quantity discount. This will allow you to screen your home for less! If you have questions about our window screen kit options, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

  • Quality New York Wire or Phifer Screen, .020 mil. Frame.
  • Wholesale Aluminum Window Screen Pricing at 25+ Screens
  • Save Up To 50% OFF With Quantity Discounts as Listed Below.

Order custom aluminum window screens today!


Sours: https://www.qualitywindowscreen.com/

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