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[ kwˈə͡ʊtə], [ kwˈə‍ʊtə], [ k_w_ˈəʊ_t_ə]
  • n.

    • adoption,
    • Aye,
    • absentee ballot,
    • casting vote,
    • abstention,
    • ballot,
    • absentee vote,
    • block vote,
    • absolute majority,
    • ballot box.
    • backlog,
    • collect,
    • accumulation,
    • capacity,
    • arithmetic,
    • balance,
    • divvy,
    • block,
    • amount,
    • batch.
    allotment (noun)
    • division,
    • parcel,
    • commission,
    • budget,
    • quantum,
    • split,
    • assignment,
    • partition,
    • stipend,
    • segment,
    • chunk,
    • stake.
    allowance (noun)communication (noun)complement (noun)cut (noun)dispensation (noun)dole (noun)measure (noun)Other relevant words: (noun)
    • pendant,
    • measure,
    • remittance,
    • dealing out,
    • triangle,
    • enrichment,
    • finishing touch,
    • Halver,
    • dispensation,
    • allotment,
    • import barrier,
    • cut,
    • filler,
    • percents,
    • rake-off,
    • percent,
    • allocation,
    • triangles,
    • part,
    • fillers,
    • rounding-off,
    • module,
    • modules,
    • lot,
    • modicum,
    • share,
    • dole,
    • Partage,
    • allowance,
    • portion,
    • ration,
    • makeweight,
    • piece of pie,
    • slice,
    • apportionment,
    • fifty-fifty,
    • equation,
    • rate,
    • turnout,
    • smithereens,
    • mission,
    • proportion,
    • halvers,
    • Quotum,
    • mite,
    • complement,
    • contingent,
    • percentage,
    • winnings,
    • remainder,
    • trade barrier,
    • piece,
    • limb,
    • Remittances,
    • sectors,
    • subsistence,
    • number,
    • holdouts,
    • proportionalities,
    • smithereen,
    • holdout,
    • proportionality,
    • rake-offs,
    • pendants,
    • makeweights,
    • ratio,
    • stint,
    • thin piece.
    part (noun)percentage (noun)piece (noun)portion (noun)
    • half,
    • helping,
    • fraction,
    • compartment,
    • member,
    • stock,
    • bit,
    • interest,
    • zone,
    • sector,
    • dividend,
    • subdivision.
    proportion (noun)ration (noun)share (noun)slice (noun)turnout (noun)
  • v.

    divide (verb)
    • going fifty fifty,
    • pro-rates,
    • go fiftyfifty,
    • measures out,
    • pro rating,
    • measured out,
    • pro rated,
    • went fifty-fifty,
    • piecing up,
    • go fifty fifty,
    • dis-perse,
    • dis burses,
    • pro-rating,
    • goes fifty fifty,
    • quotaed,
    • went fifty fifty,
    • went fiftyfifty,
    • dis perse,
    • slicing up,
    • slices up,
    • sliced up,
    • pro rate,
    • dis burse,
    • cutting one in,
    • pieces up,
    • lots out,
    • quotaing,
    • pro-rated,
    • deals out,
    • goes fiftyfifty,
    • dis-burse,
    • going fiftyfifty,
    • pro rates,
    • pieced up,
    • forking out,
    • lotted out,
    • forks out,
    • cuts one in,
    • pro-rate,
    • going fifty-fifty,
    • dis-burses,
    • lotting out,
    • goes fifty-fifty,
    • measuring out.
    Other relevant words: (verb)portion (verb)ration (verb)share (verb)
    • takes a part of,
    • cuts the pie,
    • goes dutch,
    • haddest portion of,
    • hath a hand in,
    • paying half,
    • hast a hand in,
    • had a hand in,
    • had portion of,
    • be stowed,
    • being party to,
    • gives take,
    • am party to,
    • haddest a portion of,
    • be stow,
    • is party to,
    • taking a part of,
    • hath hand in,
    • haddest a hand in,
    • payed half,
    • are party to,
    • hadst a hand in,
    • art a party to,
    • be-stowing,
    • was a party to,
    • gives and take,
    • dividing with,
    • taking part of,
    • art party to,
    • hast portion of,
    • having portion of,
    • give take,
    • had hand in,
    • has a portion of,
    • divides with,
    • be stows,
    • has a hand in,
    • gave take,
    • takes part of,
    • wast a party to,
    • have portion of,
    • took part of,
    • hath a portion of,
    • goes halves,
    • haddest hand in,
    • having a portion of,
    • hadst hand in,
    • hast hand in,
    • hadst a portion of,
    • paid half,
    • giving take,
    • going dutch,
    • hast a portion of,
    • had a portion of,
    • pays half,
    • hadst portion of,
    • having a hand in,
    • were a party to,
    • be-stowed,
    • take part of,
    • being a party to,
    • cuts pie,
    • went dutch,
    • cutting pie,
    • went halves,
    • wert a party to,
    • be stowing,
    • went in with,
    • hath portion of,
    • be-stows,
    • was party to,
    • having hand in,
    • be-stow,
    • has hand in,
    • divided with,
    • has portion of,
    • gave and take,
    • am a party to,
    • wert party to,
    • were party to,
    • took a part of,
    • are a party to,
    • goes in with,
    • going in with,
    • is a party to,
    • wast party to,
    • giving and take,
    • have hand in.
  • Other synonyms:

    Other relevant words:
    • Doling,
    • take a part of,
    • rationing,
    • Proportioned,
    • be a party to,
    • fork out,
    • pay half,
    • have a portion of,
    • have a hand in,
    • rationed,
    • parceled out,
    • give out,
    • cut the pie,
    • shell out,
    • cutting the pie,
    • going halves,
    • lot out,
    • go with,
    • go halves,
    • go fifty-fifty,
    • forked out,
    • parcelling out,
    • factoring,
    • dealt out,
    • go in with,
    • Parceled,
    • divide with,
    • cut one in,
    • divide,
    • Doled,
    • measure out,
    • Factored,
    • piece up,
    • Prorated,
    • parceling,
    • Parcelled,
    • parcelling,
    • deal out,
    • be party to,
    • Experiencing,
    • parcel out,
    • give and take,
    • slice up,
    • Proportioning.
    portion Other relevant words (noun):
    • apportion,
    • responsibility,
    • destiny,
    • assign,
    • routine,
    • commit,
    • component,
    • band,
    • team,
    • mess,
    • award,
    • bigger half,
    • continued fraction,
    • annuity,
    • gratuity,
    • dispose,
    • dispense,
    • piece of action,
    • appropriation,
    • prorate,
    • moiety,
    • provision,
    • attach,
    • gift,
    • term,
    • distribute,
    • dish out,
    • random sample,
    • turn,
    • harmonic proportion,
    • holding,
    • provide,
    • charge,
    • task,
    • handing over,
    • dose,
    • pittance,
    • fee,
    • dissociate,
    • due,
    • rule of three,
    • consign,
    • garnish,
    • footing,
    • instalment,
    • allow,
    • serving,
    • grant,
    • storage area,
    • store room,
    • subsidy,
    • deal,
    • largesse,
    • chore,
    • whack,
    • contribute,
    • divide up,
    • item,
    • crew,
    • degree,
    • section,
    • slash,
    • quarter,
    • appoint,
    • improper fraction,
    • arithmetical proportion,
    • stretch,
    • subgroup,
    • designate,
    • outfit,
    • bribe,
    • duty,
    • benefit,
    • adjunct,
    • hand out,
    • devote,
    • big end,
    • fate,
    • carve,
    • pension,
    • appropriate,
    • donation,
    • equity,
    • pin money,
    • allocate,
    • give away,
    • tribute,
    • tour,
    • subspecies,
    • quorum,
    • bounty,
    • administer,
    • classify,
    • subscribe,
    • dole out,
    • particular,
    • pocket money,
    • extent,
    • norm,
    • suerte,
    • end,
    • criterion,
    • alms,
    • detachment,
    • snack,
    • take,
    • bite,
    • bestow,
    • time,
    • shift,
    • compensation,
    • detail,
    • fair share,
    • job,
    • allot,
    • storage place,
    • volume,
    • train depot,
    • sever,
    • sampling,
    • obligation,
    • installment,
    • remuneration,
    • pay,
    • payment,
    • divvy up,
    • company,
    • quadrant,
    • plateful,
    • contribution,
    • sample.
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    • Adjective
      quota-free, quota-based.



Quota: Creole translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples

Norway had abolished its last textile quota as of 1 January 2001 and had granted duty and quota - free access to all products from LDCs as of I July 2002.

Nòvèj te aboli dènye kota tekstil li yo nan 1 janvye 2001 e li te akòde devwa ak kota - gratis aksè a tout pwodwi ki soti nan LDCs kòm nan mwen Jiyè 2002.

I've exceeded my quota of answering cops' questions.

Mwen depase kota mwen an pou reponn kesyon flik yo.

Norway combines access and quota regimes whereby total allowable catches are distributed annually among qualified vessels, including quotas for individual vessels.

Nòvèj konbine aksè ak rejim kota kote total kapti admisib yo distribye chak ane nan mitan bato ki kalifye, ki gen ladan kota pou bato endividyèl elèv yo.

I've been given 24 hours to meet my quota .

Yo ban mwen 24 èdtan pou satisfè kota mwen an.

You have exceeded your daily quota for legitimate excuses, and since I don't want to lose you as a friend, I insist on knowing why you're avoiding me.

Ou depase kota chak jou ou pou eskiz lejitim, e depi mwen pa vle pèdi ou kòm yon zanmi, mwen ensiste sou konnen poukisa w ap evite m '.

I made my sales quota for the month on Tuesday.

Mwen te fè kota lavant mwen pou mwa a nan Madi.

And thank God that, uh, crazy sound guy left the security cameras rolling, because the... that Emmy really drove up her quota .

Apre sa, di Bondye mèsi ke, uh, nèg son fou kite kamera yo sekirite woule, paske ... ke Emmy vrèman te kondwi kota li.

I'm gonna stop you there, Charlie, because I've exhausted my daily quota of worm talk and worm - related issues.

Mwen pral sispann ou la, Charlie, paske mwen te fin itilize kota mwen chak jou nan pale vè k'ap manje kadav ak pwoblèm ki gen rapò ak vè k'ap manje kadav.

But aren't quota systems illegal?

Men, yo pa sistèm kota ilegal?

Maybe I'll start on journalists when I've finished my cop quota .

Petèt mwen pral kòmanse sou jounalis lè mwen fini kota jandam mwen an.

they met their quality parenting quota .

yo te rankontre bon jan kalite kota paran yo.

Yeah, that quota's done for the year.

Yeah, ki kota a fè pou ane a.

Every household is assigned a quota of bag - making for the gunpowder.

Chak kay asiyen yon kota nan sak - fè pou poud pou zam yo.

Instead, bureaucrats and politicians prefer a quota system, whereby bureaucrats, not the market, select who immigrates.

Olye de sa, biwokrasi ak politisyen pito yon sistèm kota, kijan biwokrasi yo, pa mache a, chwazi ki moun ki imigre.

Each party of boys added a quota , less or more, and the pile grew.

Chak pati nan ti gason te ajoute yon kota, mwens oswa plis, ak pil la te grandi.

IIMs also follow a quota system, as per the provisions of the Indian constitution.

IIM yo tou swiv yon sistèm kota, tankou pou chak dispozisyon ki nan konstitisyon Endyen an.

There are no quota limits on awards of the Medal of the Order.

Pa gen okenn limit kota sou prim nan Meday Lòd la.

That same year, George Gallup, an advertising executive who had begun a scientific poll, predicted that Roosevelt would win the election based on a quota sample of 50,000 people.

Menm ane sa a, George Gallup, yon egzekitif piblisite ki te kòmanse yon biwo vòt syantifik, prevwa ke Roosevelt ta genyen eleksyon an ki baze sou yon echantiyon kota nan 50,000 moun.

Unused slots in the H - 1B1 program in a given fiscal year get added to the general H - 1B quota for the next fiscal year.

Fant ki pa itilize nan pwogram H - 1B1 nan yon ane fiskal bay ajoute nan kota jeneral H - 1B pou pwochen ane fiskal la.

There was a quota of four per year, excluding honorary appointments.

Te gen yon kota nan kat pou chak ane, eksepte randevou onorè.

Google has incorporated quota limits for Trends searches.

Google enkòpore limit kota pou rechèch tandans yo.

Prior to 2003, the quota was 100 Officers appointed in any calendar year.

Anvan 2003, kota a te 100 Ofisye nonmen nan nenpòt ki ane kalandriye.

Pethidine is in Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act 1970 of the United States as a Narcotic with ACSCN 9230 with a 6250 kilo aggregate manufacturing quota as of 2014.

Pethidine se nan Orè II nan Lwa sou Sibstans Kontwole 1970 nan Etazini kòm yon nakotik ak ACSCN 9230 ak yon 6250 kilo total kota fabrikasyon kòm nan 2014.

On 28 May 2012, the Andhra Pradesh High Court quashed the sub - quota .

Sou 28 Me 2012, High Andhra Pradesh Tribinal la anile sub - kota la.

In 2003, the three - year quota granted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans was increased to 975,000, with a maximum of 350,000 in any two consecutive years.

An 2003, kota twa ane Depatman Lapèch ak Oseyan yo akòde te ogmante a 975,000, ak yon maksimòm de 350,000 nan nenpòt ki de ane konsekitif.

Quota usage can have marked effects on female representation in governance.

Itilizasyon kota ka gen efè ki make sou reprezantasyon fi nan gouvènans.

Round - robin algorithm is a pre - emptive algorithm as the scheduler forces the process out of the CPU once the time quota expires.

Algorithm Round - robin se yon algorithm pre - preferansyèl jan planifikateur a fòs pwosesis la soti nan la. CPU yon fwa kota a tan ekspire.

The import quota from other EU countries is unlimited for personal use.

Kota a enpòte soti nan lòt peyi Inyon Ewopeyen se san limit pou itilizasyon pèsonèl.

In May 2008, Indonesia announced that it would leave OPEC when its membership expired at the end of that year, having become a net importer of oil and being unable to meet its production quota .

Nan mwa me 2008, Endonezi te anonse ke li ta kite OPEC lè manm li yo ekspire nan fen ane sa a, li te gen vin tounen yon enpòtatè nèt nan lwil oliv ak ke yo te kapab satisfè kota pwodiksyon li yo.

In the event of a deficit in the current account, Fund members, when short of reserves, would be able to borrow foreign currency in amounts determined by the size of its quota .

Nan evènman an nan yon defisi nan kont aktyèl la, manm Fon, lè kout nan rezèv, ta kapab prete lajan etranje nan kantite lajan detèmine pa gwosè a nan kota li yo.

In December 2015, the United States Congress adopted a legislation authorising the 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms.

Nan mwa desanm 2015, Kongrè Etazini an te adopte yon lejislasyon ki otorize Refòm Kot ak Gouvènans 2010 la.

The IMF's quota system was created to raise funds for loans.

Sistèm kota Fon Monetè Entènasyonal la te kreye pou ranmase lajan pou prè yo.

I Saw the Devil was Choi Min - sik's first major role since the changes to the Korean screen quota system.

Mwen te wè dyab la se te premye gwo wòl Choi Min - sik depi chanjman nan sistèm kota ekran Koreyen an.

On 26 July 2011 Marcelo attained Spanish nationality, which allows him to be registered normally rather than as a non - EU player, of which there is a strict quota allowed.

Sou 26 Jiyè 2011 Marcelo rive nasyonalite Panyòl, ki pèmèt l 'yo dwe anrejistre nòmalman olye ke kòm yon jwè ki pa Inyon Ewopeyen, nan ki gen yon kota strik pèmèt.

On 9 June 2008, the government ordered 15% quota for SC, 7.5% for ST and 27% quota for OBCs in teaching positions.

Sou 9 jen 2008, gouvènman an te bay lòd 15% kota pou SC, 7.5% pou ST ak 27% kota pou OBCs nan pozisyon ansèyman.

Dean Pollak wrote of the Yale quota for black students in response to a letter from Judge Macklin Fleming of the California Court of Appeal.

Dean Pollak te ekri nan kota Yale pou elèv nwa yo an repons a yon lèt ki soti nan Jij Macklin Fleming nan Tribinal Apèl Kalifòni an.

The quota required to be elected was 1,621, there were 12,962 total ballots cast.

Kota oblije eli a te 1,621, te gen 12.962 total vòt yo jete.

The Union Government on 22 December 2011 announced the establishment of a sub - quota of 4.5% for religious minorities within the existing 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes.

Gouvènman an Inyon sou 22 Desanm 2011 te anonse etablisman an nan yon sub - kota nan 4.5% pou minorite relijye nan ki deja egziste a 27% rezèvasyon pou lòt klas bak.

Quota systems favouring certain castes and other communities existed before independence in several areas of British India.

Sistèm kota ki favorize kèk cast ak lòt kominote te egziste anvan endepandans nan plizyè zòn nan Britanik Zend.

In early July 1990, Iraq complained about Kuwait's behavior, such as not respecting their quota , and openly threatened to take military action.

Nan kòmansman mwa Jiyè 1990, Irak pote plent sou konpòtman Kowet, tankou pa respekte kota yo, ak ouvètman menase pran aksyon militè yo.

Namibia's Ministry of Fisheries announced a three - year rolling quota for the seal harvest, although different quotas per year are sometimes reported.

Ministè Namibi nan pèchri te anonse yon kota twa ane woule pou rekòt la sele, byenke kota diferan pou chak ane yo pafwa yo rapòte.

A 1995 Brazilian gender quota was extended first to city councilor positions in 1996, then extended to candidates of all political legislative positions by 1998.

Yon kota 1995 sèks brezilyen te pwolonje premye nan pozisyon konseye vil nan 1996, Lè sa a, pwolonje nan kandida nan tout pozisyon politik lejislatif pa 1998.

Middlesex University was a medical school located in Waltham, Massachusetts, that was at the time the only medical school in the United States that did not impose a quota on Jews.

Inivèsite Middlesex se te yon lekòl medikal ki sitiye nan Waltham, Massachusetts, ki te nan moman sa a sèlman lekòl medikal nan Etazini ki pa t 'enpoze yon kota sou jwif yo.

Whilst legitimate and usually limited in quota , the schemes are controversial.

Tou lejitim epi anjeneral limite nan kota, konplo yo kontwovèsyal.

The quota for election was 6,609, with George Harry Webster was elected on the first ballot.

Kota a pou eleksyon te 6,609, ak George Harry Webster te eli sou premye bilten vòt la.
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Quotes containing the word quota

1. Me quota ang pag-ibig. Sa bawat limang umiibig, isa lang ang magiging maligaya. Ang iba, iibig sa di sila iniibig. Iibig nang di natututo. O iibig sa wala. O di iibig kailanman.
- Ricky Lee, Para Kay B

2. ...Man has a tyrant, ignorance. I voted for the demise of that particular tyrant. That particular tyrant has engendered royalty, which is authority based on falsehood, whereas science is authority based on truth. Man should be governed by science alone.""And conscience,"added the bishop."It's the same thing. Conscience is the quota of innate science we each have inside us.
- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

2. quota

noun. ['ˈkwoʊtə'] a proportional share assigned to each participant.

  • quota (Latin)
  • quota pars (Latin)

3. quota

noun. ['ˈkwoʊtə'] a limitation on imports.

  • quota (Latin)
  • quota pars (Latin)
SYNONYM vs ANTONYM 🤔 - What's the difference? - Learn with examples


A specified or indefinite number or amount:


The definition of a lot is a large number or greater extent.


(Law) The allowance of a specific amount of scrip or of a particular thing to a particular person.


Abatement; deduction; the taking into account of mitigating circumstances; as, to make allowance for the inexperience of youth.


Allotment of direct taxes on the basis of state population.


To use (a number) as a divisor.


One's responsibility, duty, or obligation; share:


The relation of one part to another or to the whole with respect to magnitude, quantity, or degree.


A giving out of money or food to those in great need; relief


A thing that is formed by splitting, such as a strip of flexible wood used for making baskets.


A brief formal prayer that is used in various Western liturgies before the epistle and that varies with the day.


Allocation is defined as the act of being portioned out for a certain reason.

Find another word for quota. In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quota, like: quantity, portion, lot, allotment, allowance, apportionment, divide, dividend, part, proportion and ration.

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Of quota antonyms


News Desk Students seeking quotareform reappeared on the scene with an August- 31 timeline for the authorities to meet their three-point demand, including recast of the quotasystem in government jobs.

Issue ultimatum for job-quota recast

ISLAMABAD -- In an unprecedented move, the Establishment Division on Tuesday recommended the cabinet to allocate a separate quotain the federal government jobs for transgender persons.

Transgender persons likely to get govt jobs

But a UNDP circular on the matter, released ahead of the May 2016 municipal elections, suggested that quotasshouldn't be perceived as a negative move, or a means of discriminating against women.

Women's quota on the agenda, but for later

China's state oil refiners have been granted a combined 1.315 million tonnes of quotasto export refined fuel under so-called general trade terms, three sources familiar with the matter said.

Refiners get fuel quotas

According to the distributor, customers receive speeds of up to 16Mbps with different quotas. If customers end their quotas, they are transferred to a lower speed quota, then finally slowing to 128Kbps.

TE Data distributors criticise Mega Plus bundles

It took place in response to the effectiveness of the quotaincreases under the 14th General Review of Quotas, which doubled members' quotason average.

IMF concludes review of access limits

Five Member States - Austria, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Cyprus, - exceeded their milk quotasfor deliveries in 2012/2013, and must therefore pay penalties ("superlevy") totalling roughly E 46 million.

Cyprus exceeds their EU milk quotas

CYPRIOT-flagged trawlers will be able to fish less bluefin tuna this year, after the European Commission reduced the threshold because the island had exceeded quotaslast year.

EU reduces Cyprus' bluefin tuna quotas

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