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Art Deco Wedding Invitations

Art deco wedding invitations are the ultimate forerunner to a retro style wedding that will wow your guests. The term art deco conjures up mental pictures of beaded dresses, jewelled headpieces, bold geometric patterns and stunning asscher cut diamond rings. We tend to think of flapper skirts, Prohibition and the infamous Roaring Twenties. If you like art deco but with a twist, you could consider art nouveau wedding invitations. During its heyday in the first few years of the 20th century, art nouveau was characterised by natural line and form, often with plants and flowers being featured in artwork and decoration.

Art deco: a moment in history

The art deco period dates from to the late s and combines a mishmash of styles like cubism, Fauvism and Hollywood glamour, leading to the creation of a new artistic genre with an intense focus on modernity. s and even s wedding invitations feature bold geometric patterns, intricate details and gold accents often contrasted with black. s fonts art deco style are usually bold and block-like, often featuring letters with both thick and thin lines; anything too cursive was rare as it was dubbed ‘old hat’. Our vintage inspired wedding invitations can be customised to any colour scheme so you can have the design you love without changing the colour palette of your whole wedding. If you are planning a modern wedding but want a hint of old school charm, select a simple art deco design to prevent overpowering your original theme.

Nailing the colour and style

Elegant wedding invitations are all about choosing your design elements wisely. Whether it’s bold black art deco type, a chic gold art deco border, sleek and ‘modern’ art deco line designs, or black and gold art deco themes throughout your entire wedding day, pick the style that suits you and let it form a cohesive theme. Complete your wedding invitation suite with art deco save the dates, RSVP cards, place cards and wedding menus.

Art deco, Gatsby style

Gatsby style weddings aren’t complete without Great Gatsby themed invitations. Choose from our amazing Gatsby-esque designs and customise it to your taste. Vintage invitations are trending right now, and for all the right reasons: a Great Gatsby invite inspires thoughts of classic elegance, the golden age of Hollywood and a sense of timeless style. Who wouldn’t want those vibes at their wedding?

Keeping it simple and affordable

If you’re a no fuss bride (AKA a bridechilla, not a bridezilla) then we understand wanting to keep things at your wedding cost-effective and uncomplicated. Instead of searching for free art deco templates online with questionable quality and authenticity, why not just stick to an art deco template with one or two colours, or maybe a simple art deco border? Simple art deco designs are a way to bring a modern feel to a vintage genre.

Creating an entire art deco day

The vintage style doesn’t stop at art deco wedding decorations. There are ways to incorporate retro accents into all areas of your wedding day. 

At the ceremony:

  • Art deco bridesmaid dresses (slimline and beaded with shoulder accents or waved hair)
  • Art deco wedding programs
  • Chalkboard or printed wedding signage with art deco calligraphy or a simple art nouveau border
  • Art deco inspired wedding dress, complete with beaded headpiece and long sleeves

At the reception:

  • Art deco wedding reception venue (an old hotel or art gallery)
  • Art deco font on your place cards and wedding menus
  • Photo booth with art deco style frames and props (feather boa, beaded headbands, fedoras)

Whether it’s art deco templates to customise or the perfect art nouveau invitations that only need the wording changed, art deco stationery is ideal for transporting your guests back in time to join in on some retro fun. Plus, Paperlust offers complimentary envelopes, free shipping in Australia, and a customer satisfaction guarantee so you know that you’re in safe hands.



Get inspired with free downloadable Art Deco wedding templates

Inspired by the glamour of the s? It’s time to jump into the world of Art Deco Wedding Stationery.

It’s the 20s again! And it’s time to celebrate. While is full of all sorts of possibilities, nothing quite screams luxury and glamour like the designs of the s. Combining sleek patterns and dazzling finishes, the simple shapes and textures give print an opulent elegance that’s guaranteed to leave an impression.

With rich greens and golds perfect for Spring and Summer and darker monochrome colour schemes bringing a richer tone in Autumn and Winter, this versatile trend is perfect for any season- the possibilities are almost endless.

Plus, for the first time ever, we’ve created a free set of wedding design templates so you can easily experience this trend for yourself!

Let’s explore.


A simple Art Deco fan pattern

While the s is a decade remembered for its extravagance and success, a key feature of Art Deco wedding designs is simplicity.

Most of these designs focus on one pattern and use it to compliment the rest of the design. It’s a common misconception that you have to stick to rigid geometric shapes, but that’s only one type of Art Deco. Other popular patterns include, scallops, fans and diamonds which are either artfully placed around the edge or used as a background pattern.

Colour with Chrome

For a classic Art Deco wedding design, make sure to choose a bold monochrome colour scheme. The standout feature of these designs should be the pattern, so the background colour should compliment that. Shades like white, navy, black and green all work well and create a bold canvas for the rest of your design. It can also work well with pastels and is surprisingly versatile, so it’s a good idea to experiment and see which colours work best for you.

Bold and Gold

Download wedding invitation template

From your Save the Dates to your Thank You Cards, if you’re looking for opulence, shiny metallics are the perfect choice. Since Art Deco invites favour monochrome shades, gold, silver and copper accents really pop. For Wedding Stationery that really catches the eye, a touch of Foil will bring these metallic colours to life and capture the shimmering lights of parties past.

Make sure to check out our Foiling Tutorial so your artwork can hit the presses without a hitch.

Art Deco wedding details

Art Deco designs often have small intricate details and Laser Cutting is a great way to achieve that.

Utilising (you guessed it) lasers to cut shapes into your print, you can really get creative with the shape of your print. From adding lace detailing to the edges to creating scalloped flourishes to just cutting out something as simple as your own name- it’s the perfect way to add interesting elegance to your wedding suite.

Brighten your Envelopes

wedding art deco template

Don’t forget your Envelopes!

When sending Invitations and RSVPs, you can build excitement before they’re even opened with a Printed Envelope as part of your Art Deco wedding suite. Adding something as simple as a pattern or a monogram will really make your Envelopes look special. Plus, it’ll guarantee that they stand out against the welcome mat.

Envelope Liners also make a glamourous surprise and really cement your designs as high-end and special.

For a final touch, you can even add a Sticker or a wax seal to the back.

Discover our brand new free wedding templates

You’ve been asking, so we provided!

Art Deco Wedding Template

If you’re inspired to create your own Art Deco wedding designs but don’t know where to start, you can now download our free wedding template pack.

It includes a free template for: Invitations, RSVPs, Envelope Liners, Belly Bands, Stickers and a Save the Date.

We’ve even included a handy guide so you’ll be ready for print before you know it.


We know that a wedding is so much more than a day. It’s more than a dress or a venue- it’s the start of a journey and precious memories that will last a lifetime.

If you&#;d like to get up close and personal with our full wedding collection, make sure to order a free Sample Pack.

Or explore our wedding print boutique to find your perfect print match.


Make sure to tag your designs with #ProudlyPrinted for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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Wedding DIY

Art Deco Wedding Invitation DIY with Download &#; Print


If you’re a paper-lover like me, finding the perfect stationery for your big day is one of your top wedding priorities. And today I couldn&#;t be more excited to be not only introducing you to my latest wedding stationery discovery, Download & Print; but also bringing you the most fantastic (and easy to follow) tutorial for making these glamorous and Gatsby-inspired, Art Deco wedding invitations!

DIY Art Deco Wedding Invitation

If you&#;ve not heard of them before, Download & Print are a fabulous resource for crafty couples looking to add a personal touch to their big day (as well as budget-savvy couples looking to save a few $s) by DIYing their stationery. Founder, and designer of these delightful templates, Anna Skye explains: &#;At Download & Print we want all of our customers to experience the joy of presenting a handmade invitation to someone they love. We design invitation templates that can be easily personalized in Microsoft Word or Mac Pages. With our templates Bride&#;s can make invitations for a fraction of the retail and online price. We are proud to have helped Bride&#;s all over the world create invitations, as far away as South Africa, UK, Australia, France, Canada, and Saudi Arabia; using our templates.&#;

With a library of available design templates, and all at super reasonable prices, you&#;re sure to find the perfect suite for you, whatever your style, theme or budget &#; they even have plenty of fab freebies too! Including today&#;s swanky Art Deco inspired design from the Ornate Vintage collection, which just happens to be one of the most popular wedding invitations on Download & Print &#; and it&#;s easy to see why! The detailed scroll work and gorgeous fonts take us back to a golden age of jazz, flapper girls and F. Scott Fitzgerald glamour! The full suite of 15 matching pieces, which includes all your day of stationery, thankyou cards and everything, is a bargain at $ But if all you want is the invite, envelope liner and RSVP then you&#;re in luck, because today Anna is giving them away for FREE!

Now, let me hand you over to Anna for the step by step tutorial, but first a quick run down of what you&#;ll need&#;..


&#; Printable templates
&#; Printer
&#; White or cream card stock
&#; Paper cutter and/or scissors
&#; Double sided tape
&#; Black euro flap A7 envelope
&#; Black 4-bar envelope
&#; Gold star dream paper
&#; Bone folder
&#; Scoring tool
&#; Ruler

Oh, and when you reach the end of this tutorial, do check out the video for details on how to make the intricate art deco belly band. To me this is the show stopper. And I&#;m going to let you in on a little secret, it&#;s super easy to make. Enjoy!

Step 1: Download & Print

Art Deco Wedding Invitation DIY with Download & Print

Download the DIY vintage wedding invitation and open in MS Word or Mac Pages. Add your wedding details to the invitation and RSVP. The fonts used are Ecuyer DAX and Aerolite CP &#; both are free fonts. So download the fonts to your computer, then open Word and the template.

Only the dark text in the picture above can be changed. The heading text that is grayed out cannot be changed. Print the file.

TIP: Print one copy and check for accuracy. Have someone else check the file for correct spelling and dates for you too, because there is nothing worse than printing copies to find you’ve entered the wrong date!

When choosing paper I recommend paper that is between 65 lbs and 90 lbs. This is a heavier weight than standard copy paper to give a luxurious feel, but not so heavy that it will jam your printer. You can also take the file and print at FedEx Office or your local copy shop. They will have a paper cutter on hand also to save you time on the next step.

Download Free Wedding Invitation Templates

Step 2: Trim

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

Use a paper cutter or scissors to trim along the cut lines. A paper cutter will produce straighter cuts and you can trim more than one sheet at once, speeding up the process. Plain old scissors will work just fine too though.


Step 3: Envelope Liner

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

Print the envelope liner (it is the PDF file in the download) and trim around the edge. You can use a paper cutter on the three straight edges, then scissors for the curved flap. The trick to cutting a neat curve around the point is to hold your scissors still and rotate the paper.

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

Insert the liner into an A7 euro flap envelope, lining up the top of the flap just below the envelope adhesive.

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

Score the liner along the same crease as on the envelope. You want the liner and envelope flap to fold together. If you don’t have a scoring tool, a closed mechanical pencil or back of a utility knife will create a crease. Just don’t use something that is sharp enough to cut the paper!

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

Fold the flap down and stick two pieces of double sided tape to the back. Fold the envelope flap over and push down to stick the liner and envelope together.

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print


Step 4: Art Deco Band

And now for my favorite element to this set: The Art Deco Band! There’s no template for the band so you can change the sizes to fit your style and make the design your own. The dimensions listed below are what I used and what you see in the pictures.

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

Cut 1” wide strips along the long edge of the gold paper. This forms the band that will wrap around your invitation set. I used a lighter weight paper that was easily folded around the invitation set. Cut 3” square pieces from the gold paper. We’ll fold this into the art deco badge.

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

For some extra interest I used a scoring tool and created three lines along the strips of gold. This is entirely up to you though if you like the look or not, or have the time and patience to add in this step! I ran the tool along the band at random intervals, I had two lines closer together at the top, and another line near the bottom. Don’t cut the band! The scoring tool just creates an ever so slight indentation that adds interest when the band catches the light.

For the steps to create the origami art deco badge please watch the video &#; it’s so much easier to follow along with the video than try to explain here. Don’t worry though, it’s not hard to make; just a few folds and you’re done. The instructions for making the band and badge start at in the video.


Step 5: Assemble the Set

DIY Art Deco Wedding Stationery with Download & Print

Line the bottom point of the art deco diamond with the center scroll on the DIY vintage wedding invitation and wrap around the band. Make sharp folds at the invitation edge and pull the band so that it’s snug against the invitation. Use double sided tape to adhere the band arms to each other at the back, without sticking the band to the invitation. It needs to be able to slide off easily. Slide in the RSVP with 4-bar envelope and sit them on top of the invitation. The set is now ready to stuff in the A7 envelope and mail.

Isn&#;t it fabulous? As a bride who DIYed her wedding invitations, this tutorial would have helped A LOT &#; and they would have looked SO much better! A huge thankyou to creator Anna Skye of Download & Print for sharing this fabulous DIY with us today.

Now, if you love this design but would like it in another color palette take a look at the 10 color choices here. Or if Anna&#;s wonderful designs and skills have inspired you to DIY your invites, check out Download & Print and use the exclusive coupon code &#;CVB10&#; for $10 off your membership.

And be sure to keep an eye out here on Chic Vintage Brides, because Anna will be back next month with another creative wedding invite DIY, with the sweetest vintage handkerchief design, that you definitely won&#;t want to miss!



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2021 Art Deco Titles After Effects Template Free

12+ Art Deco Invitation Designs &#; Templates &#; PSD, AI, InDesign, Pages, Publisher, Outlook

Art deco has been visualized with all the glitz and glamour thanks to a certain movie. That&#;s why it is usually used as a theme for grand events such as a wedding. you may also see wedding invitations.

Art Deco Invitation Template

  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 4&#;6, 5&#;7 Inches


Printable Art Deco Wedding Invitation Template

  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Art Deco Fall Wedding RSVP Invitation Template

  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Publisher
  • Pages
  • Outlook


Vintage Art Deco Wedding Invitation Template

  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Publisher
  • Pages
  • Outlook


Art Deco Wedding Invitation

  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4&#;6 Inches, 5&#;7 Inches + Bleed


Wedding Art Deco Invitation Template

wedding art deco invitation template x

Birthday Art Deco Invitation Template

birthday art deco invitation template x

Why You Should Use Art Deco as the Theme?

Art Deco designs, as what you have initially seen, are all about class and sophistication. The straight lines immersed in a gold color that is sometimes covered in glitters &#; this is what draws people in. And, if you have noticed, the Art Deco theme was used more often since a certain movie came out. It became a hit because it showed a world of class, elegance, and power. Since then, a lot of events use this theme and the hosts require the guests to dress in suits and gowns and put on their best jewelry to make the night shine brighter.

Anniversary Art Deco Invitation Template

anniversary art deco invitation template x

RSVP Art Deco Invitation Template

rsvp art deco invitation template

Elegant Art Deco Invitation Template

elegant art deco invitation template x

Tips for Creating an Invitation

Creating an invitation is not something that people can do perfectly at first try unless a plan is made beforehand. Stop wasting your time, effort, and resources by following these tips:

1. Choose a Style

Choosing a style can be anything of your choice, be it something that you originally conceptualized or a style that&#;s already been proven and tested to be suitable for the event that you are holding. Select the style that you think you will be able to happily work on and will be satisfied with. But before you decide on the final design, first ask for the input of the other organizers or hosts if you are not the only one handling this event. It&#;s important to hear other people&#;s opinion on it and figure out if there are ways in which you can improve the style or if it really is appropriate for the event. You may also see formal invitation templates.

2. Go for Timeless Typefaces

Classic fonts are definitely the best way to go to play safe with the design. They have stood the test of time and they have this unexplainable power in them that makes your design never go out of style. But, you can also opt to have a different font style if the style demands it.

3. Think about the Practicalities

You may have deep pockets and a lot of time to pour out in the designing of the invitation, but it would still be best to practice being practical. In invitations, you pay for the materials and spend time in designing it. You are holding an event, an money and effort should be conserved as much as possible as there are other important matters other than the design. Be practical with how you spend your time and money by planning how you are going to tackle important issues like the sizing, orientation, and print finish before getting stuck into designing.

In terms of the sizing, there is no standard size for an invitation. You can select a size that fits with an envelope in case you are using one. It&#;s up to you if you want the invitation to be as big as a flyer or as small as a business card as long as the design fits the size and the details can be clearly read and understood. For the orientation, there are only two choices: landscape or portrait. The print finish will be decided on how you want the invitation to physically look and feel like. Choose the prin finish that you think will help your invitation to stand out.

Stylish Art Deco Invitation Template

stylish art deco invitation template

4. Consider Using Photography

Photographs are destructive if not done properly and it would actually take more than a few experiments to arrive at a satisfactory result. But, when done right, you can exponentially improve the look of your formal invitation. You can use the photograph as a background or border but you have to be careful that it doesn&#;t overshadow or cover any important element.

5. Properly Align Your Images and Text

As with every design, the positioning of your images and text should be carefully considered. They should be properly aligned in a way that it doesn&#;t look like a mess, unless if that&#;s the aesthetic that you are going for. Most of the times, the details are aligned in the center, but that will still depend on the design. Some designs require the text to be put aside for aesthetic purposes, and that&#;s perfectly okay as long as the result is as expected. You may also see art deco wedding invitation templates.

6. Select a Color Scheme

Transform your design with the use of different combinations of colors. The colors that you will choose should be complementary to each other. This creates a beautiful balance that will surely bring your design to its full glory. Experiment on various color combinations instead of changing the main elements of the layout. Sometimes, all it takes is a different match-up of colors to make your design pop! You may also see rustic wedding invitations.

7. Add a Personal Touch

This is important in every designing process. Sometimes, we get too inspired by something that we end up unintentionally copying its style. So, instead of creating this mistake, make sure that you sprinkle pieces of yourself on the design. No, not literally. Think of ideas that you think will best reflect your personality, like incorporating elements that portray your favorite color and hobbies, or something that the guests will take a hint of who you are. Doing this not only makes the design more personal but also distinct from everyone else&#;s. You may also see geometric wedding invitations.

Vintage Art Deco Invitation Template

vintage art deco invitation template

40th Birthday Art Deco Invitation Template

40th birthday art deco invitation

Tips for purchasing Art Deco Invitation Templates

Most of the times security concerns are neglected due to the perception that purchasing a template is something simple and basic. People are lax when it comes to security because they trust the website too much. But little do they know that some of these sites are only hiding behind a mask and are already in the process of phishing for your data while you enthusiastically scroll down their page. These data are often used to hack into your bank accounts and other personal accounts where they can steal something valuable. So, to avoid these hacking methods veiled in compelling offers, you need to know certain points to identify the secure ways for online purchases. You may also see rustic invitation templates.

1. Look for Legit or Verified Websites

As an average user, you usually just click on whatever is shown first in search results. There may come a time when the things that you are looking for are not on the first few pages and you just pick any source you can find. These websites are filtered and prioritized based on its security and legitimacy by Google or any search engine that you are using.  If you can&#;t find what you need, you will then be desperately looking for the result that you need further down the search results, and we can say that these sites may not be as secure and legit as those in the first few pages. So, to avoid being scammed, there are few points that you need to take note of to ensure that the site you are visiting is indeed safe and secure. You may also see invitation car templates.

  • Design.  The design is a subjective matter and you can&#;t judge the book by its cover. There are websites that have a shabby User Interface (UI) and poorly structured User Experience (UX) but are indeed legit and secure. But, if you think about it, who would want a bad design for their websites? None, right? So, if you stumble upon a well-designed website, it is most likely a legitimate and secure website. And, to add confidence in it, look at the domain and connection type if it really is secure.
  • Domain and Connection Type. For average users, this kind of technical information is nothing of great concern. But, if you are the type to take precautionary measures when using the Internet, then you definitely need to take note of the domain and connection type of the site you are accessing. To make it simple, you can verify the security of the site by looking at the URL of your browser. Usually, the word &#;Secure&#; is placed beside it, indicating that the website is using certain security protocols to protect your data from hackers. The keyword for security might be different with other browsers, but usually are green in text color. You may also see sample invitation cards.
  • Ads. Ads are the common medium for hackers to steal information. Those who are not familiar with ads will surely be tempted to click on them, not knowing that they contain viruses that can potentially harm your computer and steal information from you. So, to avoid such unfortunate situations, better stay away from websites that have too many ads on their page. Aside from it most likely being a huge scam, it doesn&#;t help in the aesthetics of the site and it only distracts you as you scroll down the page. You may also see word invitation templates.

2. Find Affordable but High-Quality Templates

High-quality designs don&#;t necessarily equate to expensive prices. There are templates that even though they are cheaper than the rest, they still offer stunning designs. In the end, it all depends on how far you are going to search for these hidden gems buried in the pages of search results. If you are lucky enough, you might even get a discounted price even though it&#;s already cheap. You may also see folded invitation templates.

3. Do Not Overspend!

Unnecessary spending is one of the most common problems when it comes to purchases. Sometimes, we can&#;t stop our desire to buy something especially if they are on sale. In the case of graphic designs and templates, these extra spendings happen when there are stunning designs that you want to purchase but don&#;t really need to have at the moment. So, to avoid overspending, close the tab of the website once you already have what you need. Shut down your computer or turn of the data in your smartphone if necessary.

Are You Ready for the Great Gatsby Gala?

Well, it&#;s not exactly a gala because the event might not require you to wear suits and ballgowns, but you know what we mean. The Art Deco gives this certain vibe like you are in a gala in the most sophisticated night ever. So, to hype up your guests, choose from any of these Art Deco designs and templates. Give them the night of their lives and prepare them for a grand event that they definitely won&#;t forget! Have fun and good luck! You may also see free invitation templates.


Invitations art template deco


Art Deco Invitations in a Snap


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