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Savage Rifle Re-Barrel Kits by E. R. Shaw...

  The barrel nut system for attaching the barrel on Savage rifles works very well for do-it-yourself barrel changes. And this Replacement Barrel kit from E. R. Shaw has just about everything you need to do a good job of it in your shop.
  Fits These Guns: The original Savage model 10 and 110 designs include several other models in short action (10) and long action (110). Short actions are the .223, .243, .308 length receivers. Long actions are generally the .270 win, 30-06, 7mm mag length receivers.
  These E. R. Shaw Re-Barrel kits fit Savage 10/110, 11/111, 12/112, 14/114, and the 16/116 short/long action receivers. They also fit the Stevens Model 200 version of this action and Savage Axis/Edge Rifles.
  They do NOT fit the WSM nor Target actions.
  Barrel Contours - Available in three tapers. The F-Factory tapers from approximately 1.060" at the threads to .570" at the muzzle. M-Magnum tapers to approximately .695" at the muzzle and Varmint tapers to approx .865". 11° Crown.
  Match Your Bolt Face - Your Savage Rifle will have one of three bolt face sizes. The .223 size, the .308 size, and the 300 Mag size. Be sure to choose a barrel with a chamber that will fit your bolt face (For example the 308 bolt face fits 22-250, .243, 25-06, .260, .270, 7-08, .308/30-06).
  Installation Available - We are expert gun smiths & can install your kit for $30 additional.E. R. Shaw Barrels for Savage Rifles
E. R. Shaw Barrels
Info/Order Factory Contour Savage Barrels 24" Blue
Info/Order Factory Contour Savage Barrels 24" Stainless

E. R. Shaw Barrels for Savage Magnum Contour
E. R. Shaw Rifle Barrels for Savage
Info/Order Magnum Contour Savage Barrels 24" Blue
Info/Order Magnum Contour Savage Barrels 24" Stainless

E. R. Shaw Barrels for Savage Varmint Contour
E. R. Shaw Varmint Barrels for Savage Rifles
Info/Order Varmint Contour Savage Barrels 24" Blue
Info/Order Varmint Contour Savage Barrels 24" Stainless

E. R. Shaw Barrels for Savage Muzzle DetailE. R. Shaw Barrels for Savage Tools

Savage Pre-Fits

Finished and Ready to Install Krieger Barrels for Savage Bolt-Action Rifles.
SAVAGE FANS! We are now producing PRE-FIT BARRELS for the line of Savage Bolt-Action Rifles. They are threaded, chambered, and crowned -- ready to install by a competent gunsmith with the proper tools and headspace gauges.

IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE on Krieger Direct -- ready to ship – a list of Savage Barrels Ready to Ship in popular configurations.

CUSTOM ORDER both large (1.120”) and small (1.060”) shank diameters. Please specify when ordering, what caliber/cartridge, shank diameter, and standard or custom contour dimensions desired. (Due to the number of choices with caliber, contour, etc., these barrels cannot be ordered on-line using our “Custom Order” option.)

Simply tell us about your project and see if we are chambering in your cartridge or suggest one that we may be able to accommodate. Call 262-628-8558 and ask to speak to one of our techs or send us an inquiry.

ADDED OPTIONS -- fluting, muzzle threads, matte bead-blast finish -- each at our standard additional pricing.

Savage Pre-Fit with no “Added Options” in 6.5mm is currently priced at $530.00+S&H

We hope you are as excited about our SAVAGE PRE-FIT BARREL as we are!
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Savage Drop-ins.
For years shooters have enjoyed the flexibility of the Savage Shooting System.
The ability to have one gun that is capable of having multiple caliber barrels each having its specific purpose has always been desired by shooters. Combine the design of this action with the accuracy of a Shilen Barrel and the combination will be lethal, (to the target that is).

Shilen Savage Barrels come threaded and fully chambered ready to be installed into the action with no additional machining or modification needed. Barrel finish will be polished for stainless and blued for chrome-moly. The customer may pick the finish length of their choice. There is an additional charge for lengths longer than 26".
Each barrel comes with the following crown based on the contour of the barrel:

Sporter - Radius Crown
Heavy Sporter - Recess Target Crown
Varmint - Recess Target Crown
Bull - 11 Degree Crown

Bead blast Matte available in stainless steel for an additional $35. Contours available to closely match factory contours and should require very little to no stock work.

See our Chamber page for available cartridge options. **NOTE: Savage is NOT available in .585" boltface cartridges such as the .338 Lapua.**

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that actual headspace gauges be used to determine if a barrel is properly installed and head spaced. In our opinion, this is the safest way to guarantee you will come back for more barrels.
NOTE: Savage is made in two shank dimensions and we recommend you contact Savage to verify your shank dimensions.

See below for contours and dimensions.

 Dimensions (inches)
Contour #ABC
  S3, Savage Sporter * 1.060 .585 22
  S4, Savage Heavy Sporter 1.060 .685 26
  S7, Savage Varmint 1.060 .800 26
  S8, Savage Bull Barrel 1.060 1.00 26
  S1, Savage LARGE Bull ** 1.120 1.00 26

  Retail Prices  
  Chrome-moly Match Grade (blued finish) $ 374.00
  Stainless Match Grade $ 374.00
  Stainless Select Match $ 449.00

* Sporter - - - .284 & down
** Large Bull - - - Barrel is only available for a large shank thread
Standard Shanks - 1.050 x 20tpi
Large Shanks - 1.112 x 20tpi - There will be a step in diameter right at Dimension A.

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