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Dragon Age: Inquisition Call Me Imshael Quest Walkthrough

Dragon Age: Inquisition is full of sidequests to discover as you travel around Thedas, and many of these quests present you with different choices, each of which offers various rewards. One of the quests that offer multiple conclusions is "Call me Imshael", which can result in recruiting a new agent for the Inquisition, but only if you make the right choice.

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We've got a full walkthrough of this quest right here, so you can avoid canceling the quest by accident and also weigh up your choices properly based on the potential rewards. Here's everything you need to know about this quest.

Where to Unlock the "Call me Imshael" Quest

You can accept the "Call me Imshael" quest by speaking to Michel de Chevin in Emprise du Lion. He can found just outside of the village of Sarnia. If you have Vivienne with you, you will find out that the two characters have met before.

Michel will tell you about a demon called Imshael that is Suledin Keep and how he plans to track it down and kill it. Be warned, if you kill the demon in Suledin Keep prior to speaking to Michel, you will not be able to recruit him as an agent for the Inquisition.

Call me Imshael Walkthrough

Head to Suledin Keep, where you will find Michel fighting some demons on the road outside. Speak with him to discover that Imshael has sent demons to the village, and so Michel is leaving to defend Sahrnia and asks that you defeat Imshael on his behalf. As you have to head deep into Suledin Keep, it is worth completing the "Capturing Suledin Keep" sidequest at the same time.

You will have to fight your way through Suledin Keep, defeating lots of demons in the process in order to reach the upper level where the "Spirit of Choice" known as Imshael is.

Once you come face-to-face with Imshael, the demon will try and bribe you with riches, power, or virgins. You will have the option of accepting any of these offers or choosing to do battle with Imshael instead. If you accept a deal from Imshael, his accompanying demons will immediately perish and Imshael will fly off in the form of a crow. Here are the options and all of their consequences:


  • Pure Spirit Essence x3
  • March of the Everlasting x1

If you accept this deal, when you return to Michel, you will find that Imshael has killed him.


  • Sapphire x1
  • Pearl Pearl x1
  • Diamond Diamond x1
  • Emerald Emerald x1

If you accept this deal, when you return to Michel, you will find that Imshael has killed him.


Rather hilariously, Imshael will confess that he has no virgins to give, or, if you have Cole in your party, he will state there is one virgin but that you would not want him. Imshael will instead make a different offer to you — a Superb Corrupting Rune, or you can opt to make a different choice entirely at this point.

If you accept this deal, when you return to Michel, you will find that Imshael has killed him.


If you choose to do battle with Imshael, he will summon more enemies to aid in his battle in addition to those already nearby. Imshael will change between the form of a Fear, Rage, and Pride demon throughout the fight.

Defeating Imshael will reward you with the following:

  • Pure Spirit Essence x3
  • March of the Everlasting x1

Once Imshael is defeated, you can return to Michel and he will join the Inquisition as an agent, which will also unlock the war table operation "Assigning Michel de Chevin". This is the only way to recruit Michel as an agent, as all other options result in his death.

Regardless of which choice you made, you will also receive the following rewards:

  • 1,324 Experience Points
  • 150 Influence
  • 2 Power

Additionally, make sure that you claim Suledin Keep before you leave the area. 

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Dragon Age Inquisition Wiki Guide

Capturing Suledin Keep is automatically triggered when you resolve Take Back the Lion. Exit out the Tower Camp via the long bridge leading west. You'll go through an abandoned, ruined village. Keep going west, and you'll pass under a broken stone bridge. You'll know you're in the right place if you come to two large statues of owls with flaming bowls on their heads.

You'll encounter a small group of red templars. Take them out, then continue past them to find a damaged wooden door. Break it with any attack from any character.

Once inside the keep, the path is linear. You'll go through the keep, then up some stairs, then out in the open again. All the while, you'll have a few skirmishes against small groups of enemies, but it shouldn't be anything you can't handle if you've gotten this far already.

Though the quest marker updates and moves to the south once you're inside, you'll have to take a winding path to get there. You'll wind up going through pretty much every inch of the keep and some ruins around it, but again, the path is completely linear the whole time. Check out the screenshot below to see just how winding the path is.

On your way through the keep, you'll encounter a giant surrounded by red templars. As with bosses, take out the templars first, starting with the archers, before moving on to the giant himself. You may need to retreat back to the Tower Camp to restock your potions after that fight, but he'll still be dead when you return.

When you first enter the building after facing the giants, make sure you get the hidden chest in the rafters. Watch the video above for a tutorial on how to easily make it across the platforms. 

The path gets a little confusing as you near the end and start going up. Stairs, hills, double-backing paths, and terminating walls may confuse you. However, keep in mind that the path is linear, no matter how it seems not to be. Any “open” parts of the path—such as wandering around outside—still result in dead ends or cliff drops except for the way forward. The only exception is near the end, when a right turn will take you to a dead end with a treasure box. You can see the path to the last “room” of the keep in the screenshot below.

Once you see stairs, keep ascending while pushing toward the quest objective marker. You know you're going the right way when you'll eventually open two sets of double doors. Beyond them, you'll have to fight more templars and a behemoth.

After that fight, retreat again to resupply. From that “room,” turn right, and you'll see this in front of you...

The boss of the area is there, and you'll want to be fully supplied when (or if) you engage him.

Approach the red lyrium and you'll find an NPC named Imshael. As you approach him, you'll automatically speak to him. He'll give a choice: take money, power, or “virgins,” or attack him anyway.

  • If you choose power, he'll leave behind a box of loot containing an Amulet of Power and a unique shield. Some of your party members may disapprove.
  • If you choose money, he'll leave behind a box of loot containing valuables that can be sold. Some of your party members may disapprove.
  • If you choose virgins, your romantic interest will disapprove if they are in the active party. Imshael will balk on the deal, but offer a powerful rune. If you accept that, he'll leave it behind in a box, and your party members will disapprove.
  • If you attack him, you'll start the boss fight. Dispositions will not change.

If you choose to deal, no matter what it is, Imshael will leave and you'll be free to claim the keep unaccosted. However, he will kill a potential agent of Emprise du Lion, stopping him from joining the inquisition.

If you choose to engage, you're in for a fight.

Boss: Imshael

Imshael is a demon that hits moderately hard but doesn't have much health given his level and boss status. He's weak against spirit attacks and electrical attacks, and has no particular strengths aside from some status ailment protection. Several spiders and red templar horrors will arrive to aggravate the problem as well.

When the fight begins, Imshael in his demon form is spawned in a split-second before his minions, and he'll be the physically closest to the party. As such, all AI companions will engage Imshael himself first while ignoring the minions, which is the precise opposite strategy you should do.

The plaza where the fight takes place is a square. Imshael spawns in on the northeastern edge. His minions spawn in the northern and eastern corners to pincer you, but that leaves half the square vacant. Order your melee fighters to attack the spiders closest to the red templar horror, and send your ranged fighters to either of the opposite corners. Kill the spiders first, then then the templar horror.

The initial phase of the fight is the most difficult. The enemies have an annoying habit of targeting your weakest team members first, and the plaza is so small that it's easy to lose control of enemies unless the warriors are really on their game with taunts. The spiders especially switch targets quickly, and it's possible you'll quaff most of your potions before Imshael gets hit. Focus on clearing the minions, one at a time, as fast as possible, and don't be afraid to send ranged fighters running in retreat to keep distance.

When the initial batch of minions go down, a couple more will spawn in. Imshael will often activate barriers and teleport around the battlefield, but he doesn't do enough damage to warrant panic. His minions do, however; you must take them out first or risk getting overwhelmed by flanking damage. Keep moving, and ignore Imshael as much as possible. If necessary, you can break one warrior off from minions to taunt Imshael, but everyone else needs to be working on killing the minions.

Imshael will create a second barrier when he drops to 50% health, and he'll change form. The second form gains more status protections, becoming invincible to almost every type of status ailment. He becomes vulnerable to ice, resistant to fire, and neutral to spirit and lightning damage.

When Imshael falls to 25%, he'll change forms one more time. He'll be invincible to a few status ailments (but not all), and he'll be strong against electricity while other elements are neutral.

However, he won't summon more minions, so you can finally unload on him. As he drops in health, he'll twice create physical barriers, and he'll start hitting much harder. Warriors should quaff rock tonic potions if possible while holding his attention as much as possible. Oddly enough, Imshael can be panicked in this state, so if you need a breather to revive fallen party members, use any fear attacks or spells you have. It doesn't last long, but it will give him you just enough time to get the warriors back on their feet if they fall.

When you kill Imshael, you'll be able to loot some of the items he would have offered you if you had taken a deal. Note that when you have a chance, you should return to the first little village (Sahrnia), located west of the self-named camp, to speak to the blonde captain (Ser Michel) shown below to recruit him to the inquistion. However, in order to gain Ser Michel as an inquisition agent, you must first speak to him before clearing out the keep and killing Imshael.

No matter how you get past Imshael, continue through the plaza and up the stairs southeast to reach the claiming point of the keep. Once it's yours, the quest will resolve.

Nightmare difficulty

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/dragon-age-inquisition/Capturing_Suledin_Keep
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The choice demon in Empeor du Lion, does it matter if you just accept his deal? My guys are too hurt and I have no potions left to kill him. Blackwill disapproved, are there any other consequences later on?

Theres a potion resupply just before the doorway you walk through to get to him.

You missed out on some decent loot I think.

I know there was an amulet for cole, and a Superb Ring of something or another.

Yeah, I just reset my save. Not going to let him live.

If you can kill all the regular monsters in the fight and have brought a rogue, you can stealth to break combat, run to the opposite side of the arena, and have your party members revive. Grab his attention, kite him around, and let your party members hurt him. If they die again, stealth and repeat. I did this on nightmare 3 levels below him with questionable gear.

If you pick Power, he gives you the exact same thing he drops when he dies.

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.

NovaLevossida posted...

If you can kill all the regular monsters in the fight and have brought a rogue, you can stealth to break combat, run to the opposite side of the arena, and have your party members revive. Grab his attention, kite him around, and let your party members hurt him. If they die again, stealth and repeat. I did this on nightmare 3 levels below him with questionable gear.

Thanks, this sounds like a really good strat. Going to try it.

It's never a good choice to side with a demon. Even if it's as minor as allowing Imshael to live.

I had my female Inquisitor pick the virgins, Sera disapproved and Ishmael said how it's always so hard to find virgins these days and asked me to choose something else, I lol'd then I killed him.

GT:Schreckstoff PSN: JudasInHell
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aenimis posted...

It's never a good choice to side with a demon. Even if it's as minor as allowing Imshael to live.

Yeah, 5 minutes after I did it, I reset because I was like "sh!t, that was out of character". Kudos for bioware for making games that give you a conscience.

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