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Slate Digital Gates Bundle - Electronic Delivery

The gate is one of the most important weapons in an audio engineer’s arsenal. Used tactically, it can eliminate or reduce unwanted bleed or background noise from recorded source material. Used creatively, its applications are virtually limitless. Previously, Slate users have had to call upon gates from directly within their DAW or third-party plugins of choice. But those days are history… Introducing the Slate Digital Gates Bundle which includes two gate modules: Gate: Classic and Gate: Drums. You can now access nearly infinite gating options without ever having to leave your Virtual Mix Rack workflow!

Gate: Classic is a traditional, straightforward gate that is highly efficient in removing background noise from guitars, vocals, and other acoustically-recorded source material.

Gate: Drums is a highly-sophisticated drum application. It combines a gate based on transient detection with smart dynamic filtering so you can achieve far cleaner drum tracks than with a conventional gate.


One fierce gate to rule them all! Kill unwanted background noise in a variety of source material with ease. A classic gate setup with traditional parameters – threshold, ratio, range, attack, release, slope, and two distinct gate modes:

  • Classic: standard detection based on the signal amplitude only. Input signal can be filtered with the highpass & lowpass filters.
  • Vocal: introduces internal filtering that better detects a vocalist’s natural breathing. A unique timing circuit is added to smooth the opening and closing of the gate.

Gate: Classic also features highly-accurate sidechain filters, providing an array of creative options across the mix.


Unlike Gate: Classic, Gate: Drums is based on transient input. This means that the gate is triggered by sharp and soft transients rather than volume levels. With this unique processing, you can separate the transient from the signal tail, and apply different processes to each!

Gate: Drums is divided into three sections; from top to bottom:

  1. Transient Detection: The first step of the workflow – adjusting the detection to catch only the desired transients.
  2. Gate: The second step of the workflow – adjusting the floor and timing of the gate.
  3. Debleed: The final step of the workflow – filters the tail when a transient is caught.


  • Detection Filters: Filter the signal before detection, so the gate only reacts to certain frequencies.
  • Transient Detection: Controls the ability of the gate to detect more or less transient.
  • Detection Threshold: By excluding low levels, you can focus on a specific amplitude range and have insanely precise transient detection!
  • Debleed: Debleed On/Off enables dynamic filters.
  • Release: Controls the speed of filter activation once a transient has been detected.

Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle

The Slate Digital Custom Series requires the Virtual Mix Rack to function as well as an iLok 2 or 3 dongle.



The Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle offers a choice of two EQ plug-ins, the Custom EQ and Custom Lift, designed to combine all the best aspects of some of the greatest EQs available.

The Slate Digital Custom EQ combines the top end of classic tube EQs, the natural presence and clarity of the best discrete EQs and the fat low frequencies of vintage mastering EQs summing up the best of 12 legendary analogue EQs. But more than mere emulations, this EQ uses uniquely modelled boost designs and disting cut design and its own analogue modelled output section, in one stunning sound EQ that will never sound harsh boxy or muddy.

The Custom Lift EQ is a very easy to use parallel EQ designed to give you a great and natural sound very quickly. Both Low Lift and High lift work in parallel with the unprocessed signal to provide some of the most transparent and cohesive EQ augmented by the same custom analogue modelled harmonic output stages.

Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle Main Features:

  • 2-module bundle for Virtual Mix Rack
  • Custom Series EQ:
    • 4 analog-modeled Custom EQ bands
    • Smooth Hi and Low Pass Filters
    • Each Boost and Cut optimized for natural tone
    • Custom Harmonic Modeling for each band
  • Custom Series Lift:
    • 2 analog-modeled parallel EQ networks
    • 2 preset curves per Lift band
    • Natural, cohesive analog tone
  • iLok required
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Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle

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    Slate Digital VIRTUAL MIX RACK: The Channel Strip of Your Dreams!


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