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Our Comprehensive Guide to the Best Airsoft Shotgun of 2021 | Gas & Spring Guns Review


Go with a tri-burst, single BB shotguns aren’t even shotguns.

We worked in the airsoft industry for over 2 years. We’ve played thousands of airsoft games both indoor, outdoor, MILSIM, competitive, casual, you name it. We stand by the above statement. Airsoft shotguns that fire just a single BB suck. In fact, quite a few of the shotguns out there are suspect. They look like a shotgun; you can pump them like a shotgun; but, they don’t FEEL like a shotgun.

We’re going to save you a couple hundred bucks on bad buys and show you some of the better airsoft shotguns currently available on the market.

What are the best airsoft shotguns available? We’re looking closely at 7 options for you, but check out our breakdown below for fast answers.

At a Glance Breakdown
Best ValueMost Competitive / Best OverallRunner Up
UTG Multishot Spring ShotgunJAG Arms Green Gas ShotgunGolden Eagle M870 Gas Shotgun
utg 3 shot burst airsoft shotgunjag arms gas airsoft shotgungolden eagle 870 airsoft shotgun green gas
Spring PoweredGreen Gas PoweredGreen Gas Powered
325 FPS300 – 330 FPS300 – 330 FPS
ABS Plastic & MetalFull MetalFull Metal
Pump ActionPump ActionPump Action
3 Burst3 Burst / 6 Burst3 Burst / 6 Burst
Very EconomicalTop Quality w/ Warranty & Lots of Aesthetic OptionsSimilar to Jag Arms w/o Warranty w/ Limited Options
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If you want to see our final breakdown – click here.

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Our factors for what makes a good airsoft shotgun

It must shoot more than a single BBThis is not negotiable – it simply isn’t a shotgun if it fires just one BB.
Shooting PerformanceWe look for consistent FPS, minimal shot spread, and decent range. We don’t expect to shoot targets out to 100 feet, but it’s awesome if the shotgun can.
Overall Build QualityWe check out the material of the externals and internals, how well it holds up to abuse, and how long we think the shotgun will last under normal use at the airsoft field.
The Fun FactorWe want our shotguns to be FUN to shoot. You should feel awesome when you pull the trigger.
Ease of UseMost airsoft shotguns are spring – which means that it’s a pain to rack the slide (very much unlike the real thing). We check to see if it is easy to aim, rack, and fire.
Other high quality featuresWe’re talking about add-ons like side saddles, top tactical rails, and other features that make the airsoft gun stand out.

Below are 7 of the top airsoft shotguns reviewed in depth. We believe they will let you make the most informed decision to determine your selection. Hopefully, your search for a good airsoft shotty will come to an end.

Keep in mind that all airsoft guns sold are federally mandated to include orange tip.

1. UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun

UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun...

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  • Shooting three BBs at a time is just plain fun.
  • Fixed stock + pistol grip makes racking the shotgun much easier.
  • Quick accurate for CQB.
  • Ridiculously low price considering the features.


  • Your arms will be weary after the 50th load.
  • You will run out of ammunition quickly so bring extra shells.
Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Spring (3 Burst)
Material:Hard ABS Plastic & Metal
Ammo:0.20g 6mm BB
Effective Range:100 feet

The UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun is a spring airsoft gun that’s able to fire off 3 rounds simultaneously (this is often called tri-burst, or the tri shot system). It fires multiple BBs at around 320 FPS with .20g BBs. It is able to do this because there are actually 3 inner barrels inside of the gun.

Additionally – this great product comes with a fixed stock which makes the pump action a LOT easier. The fact is – when it comes to pump action spring products – you’ll need to have a good degree of upper body strength to properly rack the slide. The full stock helps you brace the pump action shotgun against your shoulder (or even in some cases with younger players, their waist).

One of the coolest features here is that this airsoft weapon does come with a mock shell that holds 30 BB’s (30 BBs means you can get 10 shots before it goes empty).

The UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun enables users to pump and fire complete combat loads in order to execute serious missions or airsoft skirmishes. The gun has polymer construction that’s good quality along with a Matte Black non-glare finish.The included sling mounts are servicable, but nothing special.

We, at Airsoft Core, consider this model to be the baseline for all spring action airsoft shotguns to be compared to. In other words, all pump action shotgun products should be compared to this particular item.

We consider this airsoft gun to be the baseline for all airsoft scatterguns.

All in all, this is an incredibly fun airsoft shotty to shoot. The fixed backspin is great for 0.20g or 0.25g BBs. Any heavier than that and you’ll find the range very lacking.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for the best balance between usability, cost, and looks. The fixed full stock makes this the most competitive spring airsoft shotgun since you can easily make followup shots.

2. Jag Arms Green Gas Shotgun

jag arms gas airsoft shotgun

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Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Green Gas (3 or 6 BBs per shot)
FPS:300 – 330
Ammo:0.20g 6MM BB
Effective Range:100 feet


  • 6 BB's per shot. SIX.
  • Multiple firing modes if you want to conserve ammo.
  • Gas powered means each pump is easy.
  • Improved gas system from initial batch.
  • Very solid construction for hard play.
  • Integrated low profile tactical rail system for red dot sight attachments.
  • Utilizes the same mock shell system all the other products here use.
  • Classic 870 shotgun design.
  • Very good Tokyo Marui clone without the Tokyo Marui price.
  • Rear mounted gas tank makes refills easy.


  • This is pricey, but for a very good reason.
  • There are complaints that the orange tip is much larger than it needed to be.

If money isn’t too much of a problem for you – then stop. This is the best choice if you’ve got the money to spare. Realism? Check. Ease of Use? Check. High peformance? Check. High quality build? Check.

This shotgun is about as close to the real gun that current exists in airsoft form. This is a very well made clone of the famous Tokyo Marui line of compressed gas shotguns. The frame is completely made of metal and the furniture is made of extra sturdy polymer.

This is probably the most fun we’ve ever had shooting an airsoft gun.

The best parts though? Because this is a gas shotgun it actually is MUCH easier to work the pump than a spring shotgun (much like the real thing). Additionally – you can set this shotgun’s firing mode to fire not just three, but SIX bb’s at a time. In this department, this shotgun will create quite the spread and really no other type of airsoft gun will do this.

This makes this gas shotgun VERY fun to shoot. Opponents will be surprised when they take 6 BB’s to the face. Playing CQB has never been more enjoyable.

Gas powered airsoft shotguns like this 870 replica will utilize the cool 30 round mock shell magazine like the other tri-burst shotguns on this list. This particular model will come with 3 of them – giving you 90 rounds to work with. The gas tank is located in the rear and is fully removable so you can load it up with green gas easily. This is a great design as it protects the gas fill nozzle.

The short rail on the top of the metal receiver will accommodate tactical accessories like red dot optics or something similar. There’s probably not room for much else.

This is a pricey shotgun – but there’s really no other airsoft product like it in terms of it’s ability to sling multiple BBs per trigger sequeeze. Frankly, this one of the most realistic airsoft shotguns currently on the market.

The initial products coming out of this airsoft company had some problems having to do with the gas system, but they’ve since then sorted out their QC (quality control) issues.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for the most fun shotgun (and arguably the most fun airsoft gun in general) to shoot. The ease of racking a new set of BB’s also makes this the absolutely most competitive airsoft shotgun in general. This is easily one of the best airsoft shotguns available.

3. Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot 6mm BB Airsoft Shotgun

Elite Force Tri shot stubby shotgun

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Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Spring (3 Burst)
Material:ABS Plastic & Metal
Ammo:0.20g 6mm BB
Effective Range:75 feet


  • Tactical options not only look cool - but are very functional.
  • three bbs in a single shot.
  • Side accessory rail to attach airsoft accessories to give you an edge.
  • Included external shell holder is useful for the extra mock shells.
  • Short compact design keeps the weight down &amp
  • CQB capabilities high.


  • No stock only means you'll need a lot of upper body strength / conditioning to keep pumping.
  • Extra components are made of ABS plastic, which isn't the most durable.

The Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot is probably more “tactical” and “special forces” than the other multi shot spring shotguns currently on this list. One of the most unique factors of this airsoft weapon is that it includes a side saddle system allowing you to carry more mock shells (which are basically used as magazines in these shot guns). Additionally, it features a side rail & top rail for airsoft accessories like optics, lasers, and flashlights.

This spring shotgun package includes 6 additional 30 round shells – so it’s quite a good deal since you’re probably going to end up buying more shells to ensure you have enough shots on the field.

In the department of cool the two tone desert color will definitely turn heads on the airsoft battlefield. One negative we do have to point out is that it doesn’t include a stock. We very much prefer multi shot spring shotguns to have some kind of stock, even a collapsible or folding one.

On one hand – this cuts the length in half and makes it VERY easy to maneuver in close quarters. On the other hand – not having it means that the spring pump action will be difficult for younger players as all you have is the pistol grip. You’ll need to get some gains in the pectoral muscle department.

We’ve even seen adults get tired as they use this pump action shotgun for the 30th time in an airsoft fight.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for one of the shortest airsoft shotties available. It’s frankly one of the coolest looking too.

4. Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel Airsoft Shotgun

Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel...

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Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Spring Powered
FPS:300-330 FPS
Ammo:0.20g BBs
Effective Range:100 feet


  • Foldable full metal stock gives you options during gameplay
  • 3 BB's per shot is plain fun to shoot.
  • Full metal barrel in case you need to give something a shove (please don't).


  • The barrel is longer (more as a replica of a real pump action shotgun), but it doesn't provide much benefit.

The Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst, like the other selections, comes with the tri-burst feature allowing it to sling 3 BB’s in a single trigger pull. The main standouts here are the full metal barrel assembly and fully metal folding stock. This allows the users to collapse the multi shot spring shotgun for when they need to be quick on the move and extend it for when they need to fire more rapidly.

As mentioned earlier – it does allow you to brace the weapon better on your shoulder for rapid pumps, which is difficult on the upper body after the 20th pump.

The barrel of this pump action shotgun is longer than the other selections above – although that unfortunately doesn’t contribute to accuracy or distance. Airsoft BB range is dependent on good quality BB’s as well as the backspin provided by the fixed hopup unit.

In terms of overall function you’re going to find this shotgun to be somewhat similar to the UTG shotgun mentioned earlier in the article only running an ABS plastic frame with a full metal barrel.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for a folding stock on their airsoft gun. We wouldn’t call this a super competitive airsoft gun, but it’s pretty awesome looking.

Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel...
Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel...
  • Constructed with a full metal barrel assembly and a durable polymer body
  • Airsoft shotgun shells load and fire with a tri-burst function
  • Full metal swing folding stock quickly assists in firing both close quarters and at a distance

5. DE (Double Eagle) M56c M3 Tactical Shotgun Pump Action

de m56c m3 tactical shotgun pump action by...

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Gun Specification
Power:Spring Powered
FPS:300 Feet Per Second
Effective Range:100 feet


  • Tactical telescopic stock gives you multiple positions for length of pull while looking pretty dang cool.
  • 3 BB's per trigger squeeze is great.
  • Utilizes a shell magazine system that makes it fun to reload.
  • Seems to be less expensive than similar shotguns in this class.


  • The stock could be better at helping weaker / younger buyers run the pump.

The DE (Double Eagle) M56c M3 Tactical Shotgun Pump Action is similar to the others on this list by firing 3 BBs per shot via 30 round mock shell magazine. The main standout department here is that it features a shorter barrel & collapsible telescopic tactical stock. The main difference between this airsoft weapon and the DE m56a Double Eagle is the longer barrel and folding-stock.

The folks at Double Eagle managed to make an airsoft gun very comparable to the UTG multishot.

Much like the real deal, this component will allow you to twist the shotgun sideways. In real life – this is so you can check the chamber of your shotgun for safety. In the case of airsoft – it’s mainly to look cool (it certainly will!)

Much like the UTG & Lancer Tactical options above – this Double Eagle shotgun has a fixed hop up giving 0.20g BB’s good enough backspin to go out quite a distance.

The real question though – does the stock hold up the same way that a fixed version would in terms of helping you pump? Unfortunately, the answer is: not quite. It does help somewhat – but we’ve found that we’d overall prefer the fixed version for the durability and sturdiness.

It does help – just not as much as we’d like.

We’d like to end on a high note though. We’ve noticed that this shotgun, despite performing like the other airsoft weapons on this list, seems to run at a better cost than the others.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for that awesome looking Benelli M4 telescopic stock on a short barrel platform.

6. CYMA Standard Full Metal M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Full Stock)

CYMA M3 full metal airsoft shotgun

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Gun Specification
Power:Spring Powered
FPS:300 Feet Per Second
Effective Range:100 feet


  • Full stock + pistol grip makes for easy racking.
  • 3 BB multishot is fun.
  • Full length barrel is also fun.
  • Full metal receiver increases durability AND realism.


  • Full length barrel and stock makes this hard for younger players to use.
  • Long length also makes this slightly harder for CQB.
  • Somewhat pricey when compared to polymer receiver models.
  • Metal receiver increases weight.

CYMA gets into the airsoft shotgun game with this beast of a triburst airsoft gun. The full length barrel, full stock AND full metal receiver makes it feel like you’re wielding a true length Benelli M3. This is effectively similar to the UTG shotgun we described earlier in terms of internals, but instead featuring a full length barrel + a metal receiver instead of the polymer ones typically featured on other models.

We love the full stock length and pistol grip combo. It makes racking the slide much easier.

Unfortunately, longer barrel doesn’t mean it shoots further or more accurately. We think this shotgun uses the same fixed hopup setup like the other spring triburst scatterguns on this list, but instead the BB’s are wasting a little energy as they exit the muzzle. The FPS on our tests maxed out at about 305 with 0.20g BB’s.

In terms of actual field performance, it is about as good as the polymer models.

Nonetheless, the full length polymer barrel & full stock feel much sturdier when compared to the telescopic or folding stock options, and the receiver being metal is just awesome in both heft and handling. We think of this airsoft gun as a close 2nd behind the UTG.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking to wield a beast of a shotgun. Length and full metal receiver weight makes for something fun to swing around and blast a player with.

7. Golden Eagle M870 Gas Powered 3/6 Shot Pump Action Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun

golden eagle 870 airsoft shotgun green gas

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Gun Specification
Power:Green Gas
FPS:330 Feet Per Second
Effective Range:100 feet


  • So similar to the Jag Arms gas shotgun it is scary.
  • Gas powered means higher realism.
  • 6x BBs per shot!
  • A bit less expensive than the Jag Arms.


  • Build quality seemed to be somewhat' lower than the Jag Arms cousin.
  • Ours was a little gas inefficient.

Another Tokyo Marui 870 gas shotgun clone! This one is so similar to the Jag Arms we reviewed above that it is a bit scary. In terms of feature it has all the fixings like 3x to 6x multishot, easy fore-end pumping, receiver tactical rail for accessories, and the ability to take the universal 30x BB shotgun shells.

The main differences we saw had to do with build quality, as while they are similar it is noticeable that this model seems less well put together. There was slight movement in the foreend and the full stock needed to be tightened up.

We will be making LOTS of comparisons to the Jag Arms scattergun.

Additionally, we noticed that the included gas tank didn’t seem to be as efficient as its counterpart. We still got a good number of shots out of the airsoft shotgun, it was just noticable fewer before we needed to add more green gas.

Who is this shotgun for?

If you want the same level of competitiveness at a lower price, this is a great option. However, Double Eagle isn’t known for their customer service, so the Jag Arms might be a better choice if you want the quality control & warranty.

Golden Eagle M870 Gas Powered 3/6 Shot Pump Action Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun

Golden Eagle M870 Gas Powered 3/6 Shot Pump Action Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun

Our Ranks for the Best Airsoft Shotgun in 2021?

Now that we’ve looked through and reviewed the best airsoft shotguns of 2021, we want to go over what we think about all of them. This is to help readers with their selection and to get some idea as to why we value certain airsoft guns the way we do. Following is a short summary of the airsoft shotguns we mentioned above and how we at AirsoftCore feel about it.

1UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun

We consider this the baseline tri-burst shotgun to get. Firing 3x BBs at the same time is extremely fun and the spread even at 50 feet is not bad at all. The fixed stock is simply a must, in our opinion, in order to make the spring pump action bearable for long days in CQB rounds.

Multi Shot Airsoft Shotgun in skirmish | best airsoft shotguns at great prices
2Jag Arms Gas Airsoft Shotgun

The Jag Arms Shotgun is probably the most versatile product on this list. It’s capacity to fire 6 BB’s at a the same time and having the capacity to pump and fire the next shot rapidly allows this gun to great effect in a CQB or mid-ranged environment. It’s frankly the most fun we’ve had using airsoft shotguns. It is as close as it gets to simulating firing actual 00 buck (which usually holds between 8-9 shot each). When firing in 6x bbs mode you’ll make only 5 shots before needing to reload, which is similar to the magazine tube capacity of the real product.

Complete with all the fixings you’d expect for a tactical platform, this airsoft gun isn’t cheap, but there’s simply no other like it. Going with this selection will not cause any regrets we think.

3Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot 6mm BB Airsoft Shotgun

Not going to lie – this is a good looking product in addition to being one of the best airsoft shotguns on the market. The fact that it just has a grip is both a boon and a problem – we really don’t recommend it for younger or weaker players seeing as it only has a pistol grip. But, if you’ve got the upper body strength this will really do some work. Included with the airsoft package is a 7 total shells ensuring you’ll have enough rounds per airsoft game or competition to last.

This goes perfect with the integrated side saddle meaning you won’t have to fumble for shells in your pocket as you go. Any airsoft player who wears gloves as they play will know that reaching into your pocket to search for shells or magazines can be a problem. Having it on your gun itself saves you headaches.

Best Airsoft Shotguns | Shooting a UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun
4Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel Airsoft Shotgun

We do like the folding stock for this product. Having options while on the airsoft field is great to keep you versatile and capable in many circumstances. Unfortunately, the added barrel length doesn’t add much to performance and is mainly there for aesthetics. It performs about as well as the other tri-burst shotties in terms of distance and accuracy. The folding stock – we feel – is mostly kept in the extended mode and at that point you’d might as well stick to a fixed version for sheer durability.

5DE (Double Eagle) M56c M3 Tactical Shotgun Pump Action

This product is similar to its cousin the M56a Double Eagle and is pretty cool looking with the telescopic tactical stock. It has some features used in the real steel although it’s mostly for looks. What can we say? It’s fun to shoot like the other shotguns – we just wish it would’ve helped the user pump a bit more than it currently does.

With that said, it does seem to come with a lighter price tag allowing you to worry less about banging it up (which you will do – since shotties are for CQB).

So The Best Airsoft Shotgun Is..

The best shotgun is clearly the Jag Arms Scattergun HD Gas Airsoft Shotgun

If you’ve the cash to afford it and you’re SERIOUS about using an airsoft shotgun, then this is as good as it gets.

This choice has basically ALL the best features of the best airsoft shotguns on the list and some. The capability to rack the pump handle with ease will be a night-and-day difference to those used to the spring shotguns. Additionally, being able to launch SIX bb’s at a time is flat out fun.

The second best airsoft shotgun is the UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun.

This choice accounts for the balance between cost & effectiveness.

The capability to fire off 3 BB’s at a time and having a stock for easy follow up shots makes this quite a good bang for your buck. It isn’t so expensive that you’re afraid to get it banged up – but it’s durable enough to last quite a while with a degree of abuse.

It’s a no nonsense choice when it comes to cost vs what you get. Give it a go – it doesn’t cost much to see if you like it.

If we had it our way, gas shotguns would be all we use.

Where can I buy these?

See these links below to see current prices, up to date information, & user reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you recommend single BB shotguns?

We don’t recommend single shot airsoft shotguns because they suck. A single BB coming out of your gun just doesn’t FEEL like a shotty at all. Airsoft shoguns should feel AWESOME to use. Additionally, you’ll easily feel like you’re being outgunned on an airsoft field when you’re plinking single BB’s with opponents firing semi-automatic or even full auto your way. It simply doesn’t make for a good experience and you’ll feel helpless.

Now in the department of plinking at stationary targets a single BB shotgun is fine. You’ll quickly see that they’re all about the same though in quality and cost (which isn’t much at all.)

Lastly, if your goal is to cosplay or use it for a costume (be very careful if you choose to do this) then it doesn’t really matter what function the spring gun has, you’re just buying it for looks.

Do you recommend any specific tactical attachments?

We have no problem saying there are two main tactical attachments we recommend for airsoft: a flashlight and a reflex sight, in that order.

As you can guess, a strong weapon mounted flashlight will help you navigate the field as well as blind your opponents. However, the flashlight is actually extremely useful in highlighting your BBs as they fly through the air. You can literally see your BB’s flight path and what it does is allows you to visually confirm that you’ve made a hit on your target. This makes flashlight products a solid choice for a first accessory.

Next, we recommend a reflex optic. You’ll find that red dot sights are great for helping you acquire your target faster (remember how we said that getting the first shot is important?). The reflex sight , after you’ve practiced a bit, allowing you to just place your weapon dot on the target and you’ll know where your BB’s will land. You can spend more of your time on the search for opponents rather than getting your gun on target. Once you’ve gotten some practice, it’s not different at all from normal airsoft rifles.

There are laser pointers or tactical lasers, but we typically don’t recommend those as the laser can give you away as well as be cumbersome to use in close quarters.

If your airsoft gun has the capability we also recommend rear sling swivels as it makes attaching a single point sling far easier.

What airsoft equipment or tactical gear goes with airsoft shotguns?

There are vests and plate carriers build specifically to carry more shotgun shells. You could also go with a bandolier or side caddy. You could also combine all of these options to make full power combat loads for long missions.

Here’s a few recommendations:

How much do good airsoft shotguns cost?

Prices for shotguns can vary, but the average price you should pay for a solid tri shot spring shotty should be under $100. We would even argue that you should probably not pay more than $75 – although some of the triple shot spring airsoft shotguns these days have additional airsoft accessories that might make it worth the extra cost. Luckily, you can expect a free speed loader with most of these purchases.

Green gas shotguns you can expect to pay about double that at $200. This is fair really since gas shotguns are just way more complicated in terms of functions and have far more moving parts. Great shotguns in the gas variety will cost even up to $300.

If you go with a single shot BB type airsoft shotgun we recommend not paying more than $40 – $50.

Keep in mind that our recommendations above do not account shipping costs into the prices.

Can you reuse airsoft shotgun shells?

Yes you can, airsoft shotgun shells are completely reusable. You will need a speed loader in order to load them.

You can treat them like magazines in regards to other airsoft weapons. .

How do I get better at airsoft with the shotgun?

In a way – yes. One thing you’ll find is that the shotgun requires you to be accurate on your very first shot. The advantage with a spring or gas shotgun is that they actually cycle a smidge faster than AEG’s (like a Double Eagle M4) – and so on the draw your BB’s will come out of your barrel first.

But, an enemy with an AEG will have multiple firing modes, such as full auto, and if you do not get them on that first volley there will be problems. This isn’t like the movies where the enemy will miss because you’re the hero. You have to expect they’re just as skille as you are.

In short – you’ll NEED to be fast on the weapon draw and you’ll want to be able to move quickly. A major advantage we’ve found is that the airsoft shotguns have a tendency to be on the lighter side and this includes all the extra ammo you carry. So, you can potentially move faster than others with heavier airsoft weapons on the field.

If you can do these – you’ll find yourself excelling in the role of a shotgun expert. For more great tips you can visit this reddit thread.

How far will an airsoft shotgun shoot?

You can expect most of the good shotguns to be able to reach out to 100 to 150 feet fairly easily. Although, the chances of successfully scoring a hit at that range can be dicey. Almost all airsoft shotguns at this time of writing utilize a fixed hop up unit (no adjustable hop up unfortunately) – and so the backspin placed on the BB can’t be adjusted. This is unfortunately a limitation of the current technology for the current products above.

You’ll find that if you choose to try BB’s heavier than 0.25g that the range will drop off significantly, which can be a problem, but the increase in effective range might be worth it. See our article on airsoft effective ranges.

Spring vs Gas, which one?

If it was apparent in our statements earlier, we REALLY like gas shotguns. The reason really is that it best simulates the real steel with the easy to use pump action. The spring pump action products are still good for their price, but the gas shotguns just simply feel better to shoot in almost every way. If you had to only buy a single product and money wasn’t a concern we would say go immediately for gas shotguns.

Only go for the spring variant if you really don’t have the money to spend on the green gas shotgun.

Are there any semi auto airsoft shotguns?

We do wish a company would build something like that (an airsoft AA12 would be awesome). But, airsoft technology (at time of writing) hasn’t gotten to the point where they can make semi auto shotguns. If they do end up building a semi auto shotty – we think that it’d most likely be a gas type airsoft gun, and probably would be quite expensive.

There does exist the Tokyo Marui AA12 – but it is an electric gun and it’s… frankly not very good at its price point.

Can I remove the orange tip?

United States has federally mandated that all airsoft guns are to be sold with the orange tip. This is really for your own safety as you don’t want any police agencies believing you have a real firearm (which the brightly colored tip helps ID it as an airsoft product). You’d hope that United States law enforcement would be able to tell the difference between an airsoft rifle and a real one, but it is not really reasonable for them to assume. This is why the it is essential and removing them can create a problem.

With that said, you’ll find a lot of players end up removing their orange tip. Hopefully they know the risks involved. Ultimately, we want you to be safe, and the airsoft hobby / sport truly does NOT need any tragedies.

By removing the tip you can create other legal concerns as well.

Airsoft Shotgun Gameplay

Airsoft Gameplay by Rep the airsofter


12 Best Airsoft Shotguns: 2021 Ultimate Guide

Introduction to airsoft shotguns

At Redwolf Airsoft we have a seen a variety of airsoft shotguns over the years. Some spring powered , Some using various gases as propellent and more recently some even using electric motors like normal AEGs.

Unfortunately the popularity of airsoft shotguns does waver and as a result they often go out of production as will be evidenced by some entries on this list.

What To Look for in an Airsoft Shotgun?

So what can determine “ the best airsoft shotgun “ ?

Well this is certainly a can of worms as different people will have wildly different requirements and expectations. That said I would only consider something as a true shotgun if it fires more than one BB in a single shot. This will exclude some of the cheaper options which only fire one BB as they operate more like a pump action sniper’s rifle than an actual shotgun.

So with that said let me provide you my  list of the 12 best airsoft shotguns available in 2020. They are in no particular order.

12 Best Airsoft Shotguns

1: Maruzen M1100 Gas powered shotgun

So this choice will be familiar to anyone that has been around in airsoft for a while but maybe not so much for newer players and collectors.

Maruzen are a Japanese brand who have been around a long time and they are known for making some very nice looking gas powered replicas.

The M1100 is a gas powered ,semi auto , blowback shotgun that ejects shells !

BBs are loaded up to 5 at a time in the shells and then the shells are fed into the tubular magazine on the shotgun.

With each pull of the trigger all of the BBs in the shell are fired from the smooth bore barrel and the action moves rearward to extract and eject the spent shell and to recock the hammer and finally pick up and chamber the next shell.

This action does give some feeling of recoil although it’s very light . These shotguns however are somewhat fragile and prone to jams but are great fun to use

Maruzen M1100 Black Version Live Shell 'AUTOMATIC' Shotgun
  • Realistic features and mode of firing 
  • High quality replica
  • Blowback system makes it great fun
  • Can be quite prone to jams 
  • Does not like harder gases as it’s intended for 134a
  • Have fun chasing shells
  • Very short range

2: Maruzen m870

As with the previous entry this is again from the Japanese brand maruzen. Where these differ is while the M1100 is a semi auto shotgun, the M870 is pump action !

Obviously being manually operated does make follow up shots a little slower , however it does eliminate many of the jamming issues that occur with the M1100.

The build quality , shells etc all remain the same and several variants are available

Maruzen M870 Extension Custom Black Version
  • Realistic features and mode of firing 
  • High quality replica 
  • More reliability than the M1100
  • Pump action cool factor
  • Does not like harder gases as it’s intended for 134a
  • Relatively fragile internals 
  • Still very short range 
  • You still need to pick up those shells

3: Tokyo Marui M870 series gas shotgun

Now this entry is probably the one most readers will find most interesting. TM took what they had learnt from their spring shotgun series (more on this later) and took the idea to new levels with their gas system. 

The TM shotgun system is based around a very clever magazine system that utilises magazines that actually look like shotgun shells. Each shell holds 30 rounds 

To use this shotgun you take that shell and insert it into the chamber under the barrel. When you cock the shotgun it will load either 3 or 6 rounds from the shell into the chamber for firing. 

As I alluded to above , you can select between 3 and 6 rounds to be fired each time which means each 30 round shell magazine will give you either 5 or 10 cycles depending on which mode you select . Whichever mode you select the BBs will get loaded into 3 barrels ! each barrel has it’s own hop rubber and best works with 0.25g BBs.

The gas is loaded via a removable gas tank and spare tanks and shells can be carried to enable you to engage targets for longer. This system certainly has a lot of benefits over the other available systems . It has hop up so has decent range , it’s gas so far easier to cock than spring options , it shoots multiple BBs in each shot with good spread and it retains it’s shell so nothing to lose unlike the shell ejecting options. They are also quite robust and yet not overly expensive.

Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun
  • Very good performance 
  • Solid build quality 
  • Good aftermarket parts availability
  • Less realistic than a shell ejector 
  • More costly than spring powered counterparts

4: Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher gas shotgun

I will keep this one brief as it’s essentially the same as it’s big brother . The breacher is basically the CQB variant of the regular M870 . It has a pistol grip instead of the full stock and shorter outer barrel. Interestingly the inner barrels are the same as the larger version so there is no loss in performance !

It does however have a much smaller gas tank which means you will get less shots between needing to top up or switch tanks.

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher
  • Good performance
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to handle in tight spaces
  • Smaller gas capacity than the full sized M870
  • More costly than spring counterparts

5: Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun

So this entry is a great option for those that liked the two previous ones but want something a bit “cooler”. The KSG shotgun is a bullpup design which means the action is behind the grip hand and trigger unlike conventionally laid out long arms.

This means the overall length of the shotgun is reduced , making this a very handy shotgun to use.

It uses the same system and shells as the other TM gas shotguns (which also share shells with TM spring shotguns) which is handy for those with other TM based shotguns . However there are less options for customising the KSG than there are for the M870 types.

Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun
  • TM gas system offer great performance
  • Very handy to use in close quarters
  • Modern bullpup design
  • Lack of aftermarket parts 
  • Plastic body

6: APS CAM870 series CO2 shotgun

This one is certainly one of the most realistic airsoft shotguns available.

The build quality is fantastic and everything is metal where it should be.

The APS system (MKIII) is a CO2 powered system where the shells are loaded with the gas and up to 6x6mm BBs which are then fired all in one go down a smooth bore barrel like the real thing. The spent shell is then ejected when the shooter pumps the action and a new shell is loaded ready to fire. Shells are fed from the tubular magazine under the barrel.

Obviously this being a shell ejector means that you do have the concern of losing shells but this is probably the best shotgun to use for airsoft 3 gun or practical shooting competitions.

APS CAM MK-III-M Magnum Airsoft Marker
  • TM gas system offer great performance 
  • Very handy to use in close quarters
  • Modern bullpup design
  • Lack of aftermarket parts 
  • Plastic body

7: Dominator M870 shotgun

I will not dwell too much on this one as I do not believe it is available anymore. However it was a full steel airsoft shotgun based upon the long since discontinued Tanaka system.

It was a shell fed ,shell ejecting system similar to the APS but not as effective.

Dominator International DM870 Shotgun Std Full Steel 4+1 Version
  • Full steel shotgun
  • Realistic operation
  • Discontinued system
  • Expensive
  • Easy to lose shells

8: PPS gas shotguns

Again I will not going into massive detail as the PPS is also not currently available and is again based upon the Tanaka system. This time however it is not steel and had a far more affordable price tag but did not have great reliability.

PPS M870 Pump Action Gas Shotgun
  • Cheaper option for a gas shell ejector
  • Lighter weight for smaller players
  • Not currently available
  • Not as reliable as some other systems

9: VFC Fabarm gas shotgun

So this entry is probably the newest product on the list . The VFC gas shotgun is a licensed replica of the Fabarms STF12 and it utilises the same shell and gas system as the TM gas shotguns.

This one is certainly a good option for those who want that gas system in a more modern layout. 

The external build quality is very good and it replicates the cosmetic features of the original very well !

  • Very well built
  • Modern design
  • Working up up system for good performance
  • Quite expensive compared to others 
  • Low aftermarket support

10: Tokyo Marui Spas12  spring shotguns

So this airsoft shotgun is an older product but still extremely relevant today. It ulitilises the 30 round “shell” style magazine that Marui later used in the gas shotgun series. What does differ is that instead of gas , the older design was powered by a spring which is manually “cocked” when you operate the pump action .This does require some strength and especially on the version with no stock to brace against !

What these are good for is high reliability , very effective 3 BB shots out to very good range!

Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 (Stockless Version)
  • Lower cost
  • Great reliability
  • Very good performance
  • Can be difficult to cock for smaller or weaker players
  • Plastic construction
  • Low aftermarket support

11. BO Manufacture Fabarm spring shotgun series

So these airsoft shotguns are 3 shot , spring shotguns that basically use the same shell system as the Marui and VFC products but at a far lower cost.

Probably the best option for those on a lower budget as they still offer good performance and the stylish design of the STF12 isn’t anything to sniff at.

BO Manufacture FABARM Licensed STF12 18 inch Ressort Spring Shotgun - Black
  • Very affordable
  • Great 3 shot system
  • Modern design
  • Can be difficult to cock for smaller or weaker players
  • Low aftermarket support

12. Tokyo Marui AA12 electric shotgun

So the final entry on my list for best airsoft shotguns is another class defining product as it was the first electric powered airsoft shotgun.

The AA12 fires from either box or drum type magazines and feeds 3 BBs per time much like the spring counterparts. Each of the 3 barrels has it’s own adjustable hop unit which allows the user to set the spread of the shots.

The AA12 is select fire meaning this is the only shotgun on this list with both semi auto and automatic modes of firing!

Tokyo Marui AA12 Electric Gun
  • Automatic mode of firing
  • Reliable AEG technology
  • Good hop up system
  • High capacity magazines
  • Very bulky
  • Reasonably expensive
  • Very limited aftermarket support


In conclusion to this list I will remind you that “best” is usually very subjective. However I hope that you can use some of the points I have made to help you make a decision on what might be good for you.

Don’t forget to check out all these products and many more at

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Airsoft Shotguns

Known for its ability to launch waves upon waves of rounds down range with a single pull of the trigger, this weapon is known as an airsoft shotgun. Deadly in close-quarters engagements, most airsoft shotguns are breechloading and can be single-barreled, double-barreled, or in the form of combination guns.

Shotguns are a unique type of class in airsoft weaponry, as they don’t function the same as a GBBR (gas blowback rifle). With the appearance of real-life shotguns, not all of them will function the same or be powered by the same mechanism.

What are Airsoft Shotguns?

Similar to a rifle, shotguns come in a range of different action types, which as known single-shot and repeating. For those that are non-repeating designs, over-and-under break-action shotguns are by far the most common type. Although revolving shotguns did exist at one point, most modern repeating shotguns are either pump-action or semi-automatic, and some are also fully automatic, lever-action, or bolt-action to a lesser extent.

The common characteristics that make a shotgun unique center on the requirements of firing a shot. These features are the features typical of a shotgun shell, namely a relatively short, wide cartridge, with straight walls, and operating at relatively low pressure. But since this is airsoft let’s not worry about that. Ammunition for shotguns in the states is known as shotgun shells, shotshells, or just shells. Though if you’re from the United Kingdom you may know it as the cartridge. 

The ones we offer at Redwolf will function similarly to how a real shotgun fire, and come in a variety of prices suitable for everyone. These shotguns can 3 rounds of BB at once, or a single round but this all depends on the brand and model. They typically feed on a magazine that looks like a shotgun shell, which usually can hold up to 30 rounds. For example, if you fire them from a shotgun that can fire three rounds at once, you can have 10 shots per mag.

But obviously, a pump-action shotty is way slower to shoot than an SMG, rifle, or pistol but people pick shotguns for its super fun factor! Though the range on these shotguns is short, they still remain very effective at CQB. They can be powered by spring, electricity, or gas depending on the model and brand.

What to Look for in an Airsoft Shotguns?

Shotguns bring an interesting dynamic to Airsoft as it’s rather challenging to try and replicate the functionality and shooting style of Shotguns as replicas. So what type of airsoft shotguns are there? There are a few types of shotguns out there, which are the gas reservoir, shell ejecting action, or pump-action spring usually spring powered. Gas reservoir shotguns are quite fragile due to the way they are built, they will leak if not properly maintained. But with that being said very easy to handle and shoot!

Shell ejecting shotguns are by far the most realistic as not only are they propelled by gas but use shells containing the bbs. The majority of these shotguns have gas in the shells or in a reservoir. Reloading shells is a feature and chore, but if you’re into shotguns then it’ll be an exhilarating experience. These shotguns are the most realistic and really are the closest thing you can get to the real shotgun. 

Gas shotguns are much easier to manipulate as you do not have to reload a shell after every shot. As you are not pulling on a big spring this means it is much easier to pump as every shot is powered by gas. These shotguns fire a minimum of 3 shots as well and some models may have an option to shoot more. But that being said gas-powered means it will come at a price to operate and the green gas is particularly fickle during the winter months in places where temperatures get too cold for it to function efficiently. However, nothing beats the weight and feel of a nice metal shotgun and the sound it makes when you pump it.

If you ever do decide to go into gas shotguns, you should know that gas shotguns just like any other gas airsoft gun do require regular maintenance. It’s best to keep the internal seals lubricated by adding silicone oil while filling green gas. Pressure from the gas will disperse the oil inside of the gas shotgun each time it’s topped up.

For those on a super tight budget then look no further, as they are the most readily available and affordable airsoft guns in the market. All of them are manually powered by pumping the spring and the bb then fires from the barrel with a trigger pull. The rate of fire is only as fast as you can charge that spring.

What makes them so great is that they can also be used in all kinds of environments whether it’s a hot summer day or freezing cold winter. Not only that but perfect for young and new airsoft players who want to learn more about this sport. 

In colder weather, spring pistols are way more reliable than GBB pistols, and even the batteries on automatic electric pistols (AEPs) both of which can be adversely affected by extremely low temperatures. This represents one of the major advantages of a spring airsoft gun, as it can be fired in practically any situation without relying on batteries or bottled gas. This independence from external power sources causes some players to favor spring-powered guns. Spring guns are also less susceptible to the effects of water, where a battery-powered gun could short-circuit and malfunction when wet.

How Does an Airsoft Shotgun Work?

The ones we offer at Redwolf will function similarly to how a real shotgun fire, and come in a variety of prices suitable for everyone. These shotguns can 3 rounds of BB at once, multiple rounds, or a single round but this all depends on the brand and model. They typically feed on a magazine that looks like a shotgun shell which is filled with co2.

To load these shells with co2 you’ll need a co2 loader, the co2 capsule is placed into the loader. Careful with co2 as it can be dangerous if handled incorrectly! Once loaded all you need to do is charge the shells for a few seconds, place some bb’s inside, apply the cap onto the shell, then your good to go. Every time you pull that trigger it strikes the end of that shell which leaves a barrage of bb’s coming out and a smile on your face.

Spring airsoft guns are single-shot replicas that use the elastic potential energy stored within a compressed coil spring to drive the piston air pump. Then released upon a trigger-pull and rapidly pressurizes the air within the pump cylinder to in turn push the pellet down the inner barrel. You must manually recompress the spring under stress prior to each shot, typically by pulling back the slide (pistols), bolt handle (rifles) or forend pump (shotguns) on the weapon, which cocks and readies the gun. Thus spring guns are incapable of automatic or semi-automatic firing by design.

Though spring airsoft guns are generally not as powerful as gas ones, they have more power than electric airsoft guns. This is because stiffer springs can be used without the worry of overloading any motor-gearbox. Spring guns are generally inexpensive, and may not last long due to the tension exerted on the gun parts by the recoiling of a powerful spring. However, many spring guns can be modified and upgraded to last longer and shoot with even more power!

While most AEG also use springs to drive the air pump, they use external power sources and not considered to be in the same category as spring guns. Low-end spring guns tend to be much cheaper than their electric equivalents due to their simplicity and lack of electrical 


Spring and Gas Airsoft Shotguns


All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange. No person may openly display or expose any imitation firearm (replica firearm), in a public place. The term "public place" means an area open to the public or exposed to public view and includes streets, sidewalks, bridges, alleys, plazas, parks, driveways, parking lots, automobiles, whether moving or not, and buildings open to the general public, including those that serve food or drink, or provide entertainment, and the doorways and entrances to buildings or dwellings and the grounds enclosing them.

Any person who changes, alters, removes, or obliterates any coloration or markings that are required for by any applicable state or federal law or regulation, for any imitation firearm (replica firearm), or device in any way that makes the imitation firearm (replica firearm) or device look more like a firearm is guilty of violating the state or federal law.

By accessing the Site, you certify that you are older than 18 years of age or the age of majority where you live, whichever is older; that you are the owner of any credit card used to purchase on items on the Site; that you are familiar with all local laws in your area affecting your legal right to access airsoft products; that any products you buy are for your own private enjoyment and that you will NEVER share these products with a minor in ANY WAY.


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