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Pan pipes is to support a number of the same material sound tube, adhesive, binding, or frame in a fixed manner to combine them into a whole musical instrument, the sound inside the tube plugged with beeswax or cork, when playing, the airflow from mouthpiece over the top, hit the wall in the opposite side, the air in the lumen of the sound tube vibration generated noise, due to the different beeswax, cork position, the air inside the sound tube vibration period is different, so different airflow vibration frequency and thus it gave rise to different tone. Name: Panpipes Number of pipes: pipes Material: ABS #Music #Instruments #Handmade #15Pipes #Professional

Gewa Premium Pan Flute G 700.305

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Professional Lupaca Pan Flute 24 Pipes Tunable Bamboo Peru


This a professional panflute 24 pipes which is tuned in G+ (Sol) 440Hz.
This panflute is tunable.

You can choice for left hand or right hand.

Brand: Lupaca.
It is tuned in C major (Do mayor) 440Hz.
Tunable as other key as well
Number of pipes: 24. It has 3 1/4 octaves.
Skill Level: Professional Tunable.

Long pipe: 15 inches (38 cms)aprox.
Short pipe: 2.9 inches (7.5 cms) aprox.
Weight: 1.65 pounds (750 gramos) aprox.

Pipes from Bamboo,
Base: Stronge devil wood.

Case included

We do combine shipping cost. You can save money on the shipping if you buy more than one item

Shipping cost for this item

Shipping to North America

US$ 75.64

Shipping to South America

US$ 52.96

Shipping to Europe

US$ 76.36

Shipping to Rest of the World

US$ 89.45

Shipping to Peru


Plum wood tenor Pan flute

The 5 Best Pan Flutes for a Warm and Rich Sound (2021)

Wind Instruments

By Brian ClarkLast Updated: October 22, 2019


The Pan flute is one of the oldest instruments known to humanity. It still persists as a beautiful instrument used in folk music everywhere around the globe with different names and sizes but using the same principle.

The name ‘Pan flute’ comes from Ancient Greece and the legend of the creation of this flute by Greek god ‘Pan’. The basic principle on which this flute works, several pipes of different length tuned to notes and tied together to form an instrument was invented all around the world from South America to Asia. These instruments have different names in their indigenous places but are all basically the same instrument.

We made this list of top 5 pan flutes to help you with choosing the right one, as there are a lot of them that you can buy online. From beginners flutes meant for learning how to play to professional flutes for recording and live to play, you can choose anything from this list according to your needs and wishes and you can be sure that you are not going to be mistaken.


The 5 Best Pan Flutes – Our Pick

1. Artesanal Curved Pan Flute 13 Pipes Natural Bamboo

We open this list with this great, little, beginners’ ArtesanalCurved Pan flute. Curved pan flute made by a company named Piece of Heaven is a great little instrument that will give you the opportunity to learn how to play. It’s made from natural bamboo and has 13 pipes.

The sound of this flute is great, and for the small price it has, it really is a no-brainer if you should invest in buying one of these if you want to learn how to play the pan flute. You will get a high-quality product for a small amount of money.

2. Vangoa Pan Flute

Vangoa Pan Flute is another great flute made specifically for beginners. This flute is made from plastic, has 16 pipes and can be played in two different ways. The company that produces these cleverly designed them with two different mouthpieces you can attach and play the instrument in a different way.

First is a black mouthpiece with a plastic tube attached to it through which you can blow and move the end of the tube to hit different notes. Another way is to attach a mouthpiece that is pointed directly above the pipe holes with blowing licks that resemble the normal flute, making it impossible to miss the note like you could if you blew directly into the pipes.

Apart from having two separate ways of teaching you how to play, this flute is sturdy so it’s a great thing to buy for your kids if they want to start learning about music. Also, it’s fairly cheap so you won’t spend a whole lot on it and if your child doesn’t want to play with it, it’s not big spending after all.

3. Wind Melody 18 Pipes Pan Flute

Another of the beginner’s flutes, Wind Melody’s Pan Flute is a great, 18-pipes flute. This instrument comes with a plastic mouthpiece, which is used to make sure you play the right notes and hit the pipes at the right angles and a rather convenient travel bag in which you can store the flute and carry it with you.

It’s made of plastic and it has 18 pipes, giving you a larger range of notes you can play. Even though it is a bit pricier than the two aforementioned flutes, it does have more pipes and the quality of the build is a bit better, so you get what you pay for, without a question.

This is a great pan flute for beginners looking to start learning how to play who want their instrument to last them and give them quality time after they finished learning.

4. MoonAngel Pan Flute

And now moving on to some of the more serious pan flutes out there. MoonAngel’s Pan Flute is a beautiful bamboo 18 pipes pan flute that comes together with a red velvet bag to carry it in. Even though it comes at a lower-middle price-range, this flute shows the craftsmanship of the high-end pan flutes.

The whole thing is made out of bamboo which is really great as it gives the original beautiful sound the plastic ones can never fully achieve. This also means that you need a bit more maintenance in your pan flute, but that’s expected.

Also, this flute is curved, even though the same manufacturer does have the straight ones in the offering. All in all, this is a great, high-end quality piece that you can buy for a low price and shouldn’t really think about it twice. 

5. Ramos Antara Pan Flute

Ramos Antara Pan Flute is probably the best one on this list when you compare the build quality with the price you have to pay to get it. Ramos’s Antara pan flute is Peruvian style pan flute, made out of wood.

It is rather large to build even though it has 13 pipes. With it, you get a beautiful Peruvian-styled wool bag, that is beautiful just on its own.

Even though there are some more expensive flutes out there, you will be surprised by the high-quality sound you will get from this pan flute. Rich and mellow, if you know what you’re doing with it there is no different from some of the more expensive models. Thus, it’s great for recording and playing live.

More on Pan Flutes…

The beauty of this instrument is mostly in it’s eerie and piercing sound which can be scary but also most mellow and relaxing in the world. Somewhat forgotten in the 20th century, pan flutes became a thing worldwide through Romanian player Gheorghe Zamfir and Peruvian folk bands that emerged in the same time in the ’70s as part of world music.

That inspired musicians worldwide to start learning how to play and use this instrument in their music. Today, the pan flute is used in all sorts of music genres and styles and people around the world are starting to play it as it is easy to use.

As all of the wind instruments, pan flutes are played by blowing different pipes to get different notes. Usually, there are a lot of pipes so you can play more complex themes, but there are also small, beginners’ flutes with fewer pipes.

The flutes can be tuned using different things, mainly beeswax, blocking the pipes and thus creating different notes, but that is a complex and slow process.


We hope we helped you with the making of this list to sift through the market and choose the right flute. Even if you didn’t intend to buy one, we hope we inspired you with this article, as this is really a great instrument that is easy to learn and can give richness and subtlety to your music you didn’t even know you needed. Choose any one flute on this list and you are sure not to make a mistake.


Professional pan flute




Master  Pan flutes



All the Master flutes are made of the highest quality woods , varnished many times and polished to high gloss or mat. The wood is impregnated with natural substances.  A Master Pan flute can be made of woods: maple, acacia, cherry, plum,pear wood or grenadilla /Aflican Blackwood/.


see larger view

Maple wood Tenore Panflute



Listen the sample Professional Panflute - model Gran Baritono played by Marcin Lewandowski<<< Listen to the Gibonus Master Maple  Pan flute


grenadilla pan flute 

Grenadilla wood Tenore Panflute

Usually the Master Pan flutes are made on request according to customer specification.

If you wish to order custom Master Pan flute please contact me.


Plum wood Tenore Panflute




- the price includes fine case
- tuned in G-major (another key on request)
- frequency a 1-440 Hz
- long tubes from right-hand (left-hand on request)
- tuned with beewax
- warranty 2 years
- ask if your choosen Master-flute is in the stock













Teach yourself Pan Flute. Easy lessons. Study 1 to 8

Pan flute types to consider

During the medieval era, the syrinx spread across Europe and was still popular in Greece. It is sometimes referred to other names for example, in Romania it is called nai and in Turkey, it is called muskal. In general, all European pan flutes are made from the syrinx.

However, it is a mistake to assume that the pan-flute like instrument was only developed by the Ancient Europeans. The pan flute was called the paixiao in China. This pan flute was made of 16 pipes in a semicircular shape. It was said that the shape was inspired by the wings of a mythical bird called Fenghuang, also known as the Chinese Phoenix in the west.

The paixiao was famous during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE), although evidence suggests that this pan flute was in existence much earlier dating back to the 6th century BCE.

The pan flutes from the Andes are the most popular non-European ones. Even to this day, pan flutes strongly influence the Andean music and are a legacy of the Inca civilization.

How are pan flutes made

5 Amazing Pan Flutes - Create Your Own Folk Music

The one end of the pan flute tubes are stopped to reflect the standing wave so that it produces a sound with a lower octave compared to the one produced by an open pipe with similar length.

For the traditional South American style, dry corn kennels or small pebbles are placed at the bottom of the pipes so that they are finely tuned and the pitch is corrected.

The Romanian panpipes are made using wax, especially beeswax for them to be tuned. Special tools such as rubber stoppers and corks are used to place and remove the wax and tuning the pipes easily.

Choose the best pan flute by the following features

Wood quality

Most pan flutes are traditionally made from bamboo, local reed and giant cane. However, other pan flutes can be made out of wood, plastic, metal and ivory.

Player’s level

If you are a beginner, a small size pan flute will be suitable. This is because it is easy to maneuver it and is also lightweight. These features will enable you to easily tilt the pan flute to achieve the half notes and also attain the correct angle for playing.

A pan flute with 13-15 pipes, which has less than 2 octaves will help you in becoming skilful, move the pipes easily and understand the notes that each pipe plays. For a beginner, this process can be difficult to understand.

When buying a pan flute, make sure that it is made by a professional luthier, so that you can be sure that it is a good product and properly tuned.  There are pan flutes made by an artisan that is on sale but not tuned, they are not useful for playing.

Pipes quantity

There is not a consistent number of pipes for a single pan flute, they vary across different brands and manufacturers. Deciding the number of pipes you want in your pan flute is down to personal preference. If you are a professional player, you are more likely to want a pan flute that has a larger number of pipes. More pipes equate to more notes to play with, especially the lower notes.

For example, the Chinese Traditional 25 Pan Pipes which has 25 pipes is more suited to a player wanting a broader array of notes to experiment with.

Right or left-handed

5 Amazing Pan Flutes - Create Your Own Folk Music

You may not be aware but the pan flute can be suited to either right or left-handed players. Right-handed pan flutes such as the InkaTumi Beginner Bamboo Pan Flute are played with the longer pipes located on the left of the instrument. Left-handed pan flutes are more difficult to find.

But products such as the Chinese Traditional Pan Pipes (Left Hand) offer a left-handed playing option with the longer pipes located on the right end of the instrument.


Pan flutes offer a variety of different keys. From C major, E minor to F major, there is a large number of keys available. Although all keys can be transposed if you are playing in an ensemble arrangement, it may be easier to have a key that matches the majority of instruments in a group.

For beginners or solo players, the key is not very important to the overall sound. If you are a beginner who is interested in how notes of different keys relate to each other, you can check various videos to learn how to do it properly.

Sound clarity

It is good to test several different pan flutes to compare the clarity of sound that comes from them. Poorly constructed pan flutes will give a fluffy sound, while well-constructed pan flutes offer a tonal clarity that will make the pan flute stick out in an ensemble arrangement.


This feature of having a tunable pan flute is beneficial, especially for a beginner. This is because you can change tuning depending on the sheet or the song that you are working on. However, if you wrongly tune the pan flute, it may be difficult fixing it at the beginning, but you can be able to fix it.

If for any reason such as weather affects the tune of a non-tunable pan flute, you will need a luthier or an experienced pan flute player to fix it.

The pan flute has two major tunings, the G major and C major. The classic Romanian pan flute uses the G major tuning. C major tuning is also famous. You can find their music sheets on instructional books or the internet.

If you are a beginner, start with a curved pan flute. This is because the natural turn of its head makes it ergonomic. There are straight pan flutes but are not recommended for beginners.


5 Amazing Pan Flutes - Create Your Own Folk Music

The shape of a pan flute is one of two options: straight or curved. Whether you prefer straight or curved pan flutes are completely down to personal preference. Curved pan flutes such as the Chinese Traditional 25 Pan Pipes are widely considered to be easier to play as the curved playing surface provides a strong momentum when transitioning between notes.

Straight pan flutes such as the Ramos Professional Zampoña are slight more difficult to play as there is no extra force when moving between notes.


The majority of pan flutes come with a carry case. This can be a useful addition for those who are looking to travel with the instrument regularly. In addition to a carry case, some pan flutes such as the InkaTumi Beginner Bamboo Pan Flute have a decorative element on the body of the instrument which can add to the visual appeal.


It is always useful to check the warranty information when purchasing a musical instrument such as the pan flute. Although the bamboo construction is robust, knowing what elements you are protected by is important. The warranty agreements on the reviewed products are not specified. When purchasing online, do make you sure you take time to examine the terms and conditions as this is where the warranty information will be visible.

Pan flute playing tips

The video below gives a short three-minute introduction into what the pan flute is, where it originates and how to get started on the instrument.

It is a great watch if you do not know much about pan flutes:


Now discussing:

Best Pan Flute Brands, Best Pan Flute for Beginners, Best Panpipe & Greatest Syrinx

Best Pan Flute Brands, Best Pan Flute for Beginners, Best Panpipe & Greatest Syrinx

The pan flute can be used to produce melodious sounds by simply blowing horizontally through an open end towards the sharp inner edges of the pipes. Each pipe can be tuned to your desired keynote known as the fundamental keynote. By increasing the tension of your lips with an increase in the pressure of breathing, old harmonic notes are produced. The pipes of the Roman pan flute are arranged in a curvy manner, allowing the player to reach all notes without much hassle.

This type of instrument can also play flats and sharps, with a unique technique of both jaw movement and tilting of the pipes to reduce the size of the pipe’s opening to produce different pitch. There are two basic kinds of vibrators popularly in use; breath vibrato and hand vibrato.

When playing the hand vibrato, the player cautiously applies a calm motion to a specific end or point of the pan flute in the same manner the violin vibrato is manipulated. Breath vibrato technique is similar to playing the flute or any other woodwind, mainly with the use of your diaphragm.

What are the Best Pan Flute/Panpipe to Buy?

Generally, it is advisable to go for a smaller sized pan flute if you are beginner. The most crucial thing about playing this instrument is to have the proper angel while playing, it is important to master half notes. A smaller pan flute will basically come with a light weight, making it easy to maneuver for beginners.

Purchase a pan flute with less than or equal to two octaves (about 13 to 15), to help you understand the movement between pipes without stress. Using a pan flute with two octaves will help you know the functionality of each note and improve your skills with great speed. Otherwise, it becomes really complex for a learner.

Learning to play this instrument doesn’t require too much like many people believe today. The real and only true secret of playing the pan flute can be summarized in three words – practice, practice, and more practice.

The outcome of your training will be as a result of the effort and time you are able to invest in this instrument. Nowadays, there are different varieties of pan flutes to purchase both online and in the local markets. This has resulted to a high level of skepticism during purchases especially for the new comers.

The pan flute is also referred to as syrinx or panpipes. They belong to a group of musical devices basically on the concept of closed tube. They consist of multiple pipes in a step wise manner. These pipes are traditionally made out of giant cane, local reeds, and bamboo. However, other common materials include ivory, metal, plastic, wood.

18 Best Pan Flute Reviews (Best Pan Flute for Beginners & Advanced Player)

Here is a list of 18 pan flutes and their distinctive characteristics

1) Peru Treasure Pan Flute 15 Pipes Tunable Bamboo

This pan flute pipe made from natural bamboo measures about 7.1 inches in length and 7 inches width. The shortest pipe of this 15 pipe pan flute is 2 inches. The Peru treasure pan flute is compacted with a tuneable feature for easy manipulation of sound. They are generally great for starters and anyone ready for a steady experience from a novice level to an expert.

They are produced with the finest quality of woodland materials around. For a consistent and maximum tuning accuracy, the frame of the Peru Treasure comes with distinctive pipe channels.

The Peru treasure pan flutes are tuned to the key of C with a frequency of 440Hz and weight of 3.2 ounces. These pan flutes can be used in different indoor and outdoor activities such as scouting, camping, in schools, and other small gatherings. They have nice tone and are also easy to play.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

2) InkaTumi Peruvian Motives 13 Pipes

With this special bamboo pan flute, you can always play and practice the rudiments of organizing good sound from the wood pipe instruments in general. The InkaTumi Bamboo Pan Flute can be very easy to learn because of its simple nature. The features that accompany this product will have you master the instrument in a short period of time and with less stress.

The InkaTumi flute is tuned to the key of G major, with a frequency of 440Hz. Every InkaTumi flute has been crafted with the very best of amazonic bamboos with a length of 5½ inches and 1¾ in width. Due to it’s smooth and attractive nature, every tuning brings you closer to the music.

The sound that is produced from the InkaTumi Bamboo Pan Flute is of high quality, always producing nice melody. It is also possible to use this pan flute in solo concerts. For a perfect sound production, it can be played along other good instruments to produce a better sound.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

3) Cusco QT-21 3-Octave Panpipes

This 3-Octave Panpipe is an authentic piece of woodwind instrument that brings an everlasting rhythm to your home. It is one among many other pan flutes that are able to produce the real folk music back in South America.

The Cusco QT-21 3-Octave Panpipe is an instrument originally hand-crafted by the Peruvians with same techniques and materials passed down through centuries. It is a curved style of pan pipe with just 3-octave range as the name implies.

There are 23 canes of graduated length with a curve size of 17(1/4)-inch in length and measuring 12-inch in width. These windpipe instruments possess a refined, pleasant, and artistic symmetry which is uncommon with other similar instruments within the same price range.

From the traditionally hand-crafted colored ribbons to the classic and evergreen patina from the cane creeds, you can easily sense the pride and the quality in this beautiful masterpiece.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

4) Ramos Professional Peru Treasure–Standard Size Curved Antara Pan Flute With 13 Pipes

Generally, they are made from a refined bamboo crop. The Ramos pan woodwind device is the major instruments used to perform in the Andes over decades ago. This ancient pan flute comes with 13 pipes, with an increasing length bound together to form one pan flute. Each pipe of the Ramos Professional Peru Treasure is tuned from one note to another for creating different types of sound.

Typically, the windpipe instrument has occurred in many forms and shapes during the different season of development. The Ramos Professional Peru Treasure is tuned in E minor and measures about 11.5-inch length and 8 inches in width. They are commonly known as the zamponia or antara and many other names from different indigenous tribes from the Amazonian forest.

The pan pipes of the Ramos Professional Peru Treasure are perhaps a universal instrument of excellence from the old times, developed in every culture from the four corners of the planet Earth.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

5) Peru Treasure– Small Peruvian Tunable Angara Pan Flute

The Peruvian treasure pan flute comes in small sizes with a total of 13 pipes. As an added advantage, it comes with a manual that teaches you the basics of playing the pan flute.

They are tuned in the key of E (E minor), however, it can be tuned to any key by inserting a stick or pen at the adjustable end. The small Peruvian adjustable Angara pan flute measures about 6¼ inches in length with a 6½ inches coverage. The shortest is just 2 inches long.

With this unique musical instrument from Peru, you can always recreate the sounds of the “mystical Inca”. The Peru treasure pan flute offers an exclusively handcrafted pan pipe by wonderful artisans from Peru and other handicrafts.

They are crafted with durable and fine materials from the woodlands. For a better and consistent experience in tuning, the framework of the Peruvian treasure pipe channels is distinctively arranged.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

6) Fenglv 16 Pipes Eco-friendly Resin Pan Flute

These are nice little flutes that may serve as a fun instrument for someone just starting the pan flute practice. It was designed generally for learners who have the intention of eventually climbing up into the advanced realm of creating melodic sound from pan flutes. The shortest pipe of this instrument is measuring 6cm, the longest pipe measures about 26cm, while the width is measured to be 23cm.

This beautiful ivory pan flute with an environmentally friendly and non-toxic resin material is coupled with 16 pipes. They are built on the key of C, weighing 240g. Learning the eco-friendly Resin Pan Flute is a lot easier than other kinds of the pan flute.

This easy learning pan flute are not so expensive, and they come with a fantastic pronunciation and weighs about 9.1 ounces. It also comes with a wonderfully finished edge, rounded side-to-side and designed in a way to align closely together.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

7) Peruvian Motifs 13 Pipes Bamboo Pan Flute

The Peruvian Motifs with 13 Pipes of high class crafted bamboo Flute and a classic hand-made South American musical instrument with a difference due to the nature of it make up. The instrument is basically made from bamboo consisting of cane pipes of different sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest; B6 A6 G6 F#6 E6 D6 C6 B5 A5 G5 F#5 E5 and D5.

This instrument is bound together with the ribbon held together by wax or cord.

They have an inbuilt Inka motifs design with a major key known of G. Peruvian motifs is 144 millimeters long and 136 inches wide. This instrument has its roots among the South American people.

It’s basically designed not for learners or starters but requires a player who has been thoroughly taught in special playing skills with Peruvian Motifs 13 Pipes Bamboo Pan Flute. The uniqueness of this instrument is seen in the way it is being played and handled with a rhythmic tune from its distinct notes.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

8) Moon Angel 25 Pipes Flute Chinese Musical Instrument Pan Pipes

Moon Angel – 25 is another ancient musical instrument common among the Chinese people. This instrument is unique because it is easy to learn and also suitable for children and adults. Hence, it is both for beginners and instrumentalist who already have an idea.

Moon Angel pan flute is a high quality brown colored musical instrument designed with 25 pipes, this quality instrument is hand-made bamboo flute which basically weighs 3.06 pounds with varying sizes and instrument key C.

This traditional Chinese instrument is not only used during cultural activities among the Chinese people but is also used during sporting activities and in the entertainment industry.

The fact that the instrument is easy to learn by both young and old, attracts more learners when compared to other contemporary musical instruments not only among the Chinese but globally. The sounds from this traditional pan pipe are thrilling, danceable and give fun.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

9) Sanyork– Zampona Panflute – Traditional Design

This traditional hand crafted Pan flute is a product extracted from Peru fair trade and guarantees a great and attractive sound. They are great for the younger ones to play especially for those who desire to understand the fundamentals before advancing to the next level.

The Zampona Panflute is made of Andean bamboo and comes with a 13 pipe-channel of gradually increasing length and are very charming to look upon.

They come with beautifully finished edges, with pipes designed to fit closely together. It is also a good piece for music in fundraising, churches, camps, scouts and other smaller ceremonial events.

The Zampona Panflute is an ancient instrument for music which is based on the concept of the closed tube. They have been popular for a very long time as one of the best folk instruments and pipes are traditionally constructed with a giant cane.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

10) Alii of Hawaii Bamboo Pan Flute

This instrument is produced from a genuine bamboo material with a distinguishing glossy finish. It consists of 8 pipes in which the players blow through to produce a rhythmic and beautiful sound.

The Alii of Hawai bamboo pan flute is a curved wooden handmade wind musical instrument that originated from Indonesia. The uniqueness of this instrument, when compared to other contemporary musical instruments, is that it is not keyed to any particular note.

This bamboo pan flute does not produce much sound because of its makeup. It is not a professionally used musical instrument because it’s used on some few occasions and does not require any expertise.

The product is more like a toy or souvenir. Alii of Hawai bamboo pan flute is a novelty pan flute, not meant for serious use. The size of this instrument is not specific but varies, weighing 0.32 ounces with a dimension of 5.9 x 4.6 x 1.5 inches.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

11) Woodstock Chimes Bright Blue Pan Flute

Among many musical instruments, Woodstock Chimes Bright Blue Pan Flute stands out as a unique musical instrument and are generally easy and fun to play. The instrument Woodstock Chime’s about 5.6 ounces with a dimension of 5.5 x 5.5 x 6.8 inches. As a unique musical instrument, it is a perfect product for starters and/or children. They are affordable, attractive, and playable.

This instrument makes a lot of melodious sounds, full of life and it easily fit in the palm of the players’ hand. It produces a distinctive, beautiful and safe sound as regards to the level of intonation.

The Woodstock Chime product is made of a reddish plastic material with just eight whistle note. As one of the oldest musical instruments, Pan Flute has its root in Greek mythology. The record from mythology shows that god pan designed and played the flute he made from cane to remind himself of his lost lover.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

12) Peru Treasure–Pan Flute 15 Pipes Tunable Natural Bamboo

This pan flute pipe made from natural bamboo and measures about 7.1 inches in length and 7 inches width. The shortest pipe of this attractive pan flute is 2 inches. The Peru treasure pan flute is designed along with a tuneable feature for easy modulation of sound. They are generally great for starters and anyone ready for a steady experience from a beginner’s level to a pro.

The Peru treasure pan flutes are tuned to the key of C with a frequency of 440Hz and weight of 3.2 ounces. These pan flutes can also be used in different indoor and outdoor activities such as scouting, camping, in schools, and other small gatherings. They have nice tone and are also readily easy to play.

They are produced with the finest quality of woodland materials you could possibly find around. For a consistent and maximum tuning accuracy, the frame of the Peru Treasure comes with distinctive pipe channels.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

13) InkaTumi Bamboo Pan Flute– For Beginners

With this bamboo panpipe instrument, you can play and teach yourself the rudiments of producing good and attractive sound. The InkaTumi Bamboo Pan Flute can be very easy to learn for those with little idea on music. The features that come with this product will have you manipulate the instrument in no time and with less stress.

The sound produced from the InkaTumi Bamboo Pan Flute has some level of quality in it. It is also capable of performing in open or solo concerts. They can be integrated with other sound instruments to produce some classic and high-level sounds.

The InkaTumi flute is tuned to the key of C major, with a frequency of 4.40Hz. Every InkaTumi flute has been crafted specially with amazonic bamboos with a length of 179mm and 150mm in width. Due to it’s sleek and smooth nature, every tuning and playing brings you closer to your music world.

Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon

14) Q’awary 15 Pipes Bamboo Tunable Pan Flute

This brand of pan flute offers a range of dynamic sound intonation with a tuneable feature for easy manipulation of sound. They are tuned to the key of G major, ranging from G4 to G6.

The Q’awary brand has a dimension of 10¼ inches in length and a width of 8¾ inches. They are made with the best quality of bamboo you can probably find anywhere. They don’t cost too much but do offer a better quality. It is also a wonderful instrument to begin with or to keep as an extra instrument in another range.

The sound of bamboo and wood are different, and they are readily capable of for solo concerts. However, they are suitable for coordinated playing with other instruments and for understanding techniques and know-how. The Q’awary pan flute is a quality musical instrument for making harmonic sound especially for those with basic skills in music.

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15) Concert Series Pan Flute – 12-note diatonic scale, A to E

As the title suggests, the Concert Series Pan Flute comes with a 12 note diatonic scale from A to E. They are built and finished with the best quality of wood link materials you could ever think of.

The curved frame of this pan flute comes with individual channels to ensure a maximum and stable tunning accuracy. The Concert Series Pan Flute also comes with an average weight of 7.2 ounces.

The tunning of the head allows a faster and a comfortable style of operation. They seem to be stronger than other pan flutes, this could be as a result of the strong material used and the tough process of making it.

The Concert Series Pan Flute is expected to cost more because of its quality and durability. It comes with a smooth, creamy, and a more consistent appearance which does not affect the sound quality.

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16) L’MS Panflute Plastic Panpipes Percussion Woodwind Instrument (Plastic-Black)

For those who are just starting out in the journey of music wonders with the pan flute, this will be a good starting point. It was designed basically for the beginners who are ready to grow from intermediate to a pro.

The L’MS Panflute Plastic Panpipes is great for every music loving person. This pan flute is very easy to learn as sometimes, you do not require the assistance of a tutor to put you though. The tone of this pan flute is very nice, and forms the basis of other advance music sounds. The average weight of this pan flute is about 2.72 ounces, with a plastic-black color to go with.

Another special feature of this pan flute is that it comes with a fine Chinese knot. The L’MS Panflute Plastic Panpipes can be suitable for use in camps, scouts, churches, schools, and every other place that needs to be lighted up with such fine sounds.

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17) Jive Panflute

The Jive pan flute is a recognized brand with trademark office and US patent. They are specially handcrafted to produce the best sounds possible, and you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

This masterpiece is perfect for all music lovers who wish to gain insight into the rudiments of pipe instruments. It can also be played by an intermediate or advanced learner. The Jive pan flute made from the best quality of bamboo is weighing an average of 6.4 ounces.

With a dimension of about 11 inches in length and 9 inches width, the edges are designed to give a perfect balance while playing. The tribal design and color may be slightly different according to the inspiration of the artist crafting each piece.

Some discoloration may also be observed, but this is one of the characteristics of bamboo. This slight change in color also adds character to the product.

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18) Raan Pan Muang–Crafted Wooden Bamboo Pan Pipe Syrinx

Raan Pan Muang is an ancient musical instrument made from a readily available local material; Bamboo. This musical instrument was first used by ancient Greeks, which was most commonly played by shepherds.

Syrinx, is more of a wind instrument consisting of bendable cane pipes of varying sizes tied in the bundle held together by wax or cord (which could either be a metal, clay, wood, and plastic instruments are likewise produced) and this instrument is usually closed at the bottom.

Raan PanMuang is usually played by blowing across the top of the pipe, each providing a distinct note. Raan PanMuang–Crafted Wooden Bamboo Pan Pipe Syrinx is more of a precision musical instrument than a decorative piece, it consists of 8 Notes which gives a distinct and melodious tune in response to change of notes by its players’. This pan pipe syrinx weighs 0.8 ounces with a dimension of 6.7 x 4.8 x 1.6 inches.

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Choosing the Best Pan Flute or Panpipe from the Best Pan Flute Brands

If you are excited about mastering this instrument, you will have to know some basic skills. Some of these skills include lungs potency for blowing the pipes, dexterity and passion to learn new techniques, and coordination for moving between two pipes.

It is also essential to learn about the fundamentals of music to produce a truly touching and unique sound. If you are planning to acquire a pan flute for yourself, you do not necessarily have to buy an expensive one, especially if you are a beginner and you aren’t well vast in the world of music. If you are thinking about practicing how to play the pan flute yourself, you do not have to spend all your money purchasing it.

The capacity for some pan flutes to be tuned into your desired keynote makes it more useful if the player can use it very well. You can always adjust the tuning frequency to rhyme with the piece or song you are working on.

However, if you are using a tunable pan flute, the tuning can get out of place if care is not taken, it can become hard to reset unless with the help of a luthier or a pro player. There are two common tunings for a tunable pan flute, the G major and the C major.

The G major scale has always been the most popular (classic Romanian). The C major is also a common tuning for the pan flute. You may want to start with a curvy pan flute because of its ergonomic and natural setting. The other straight variations of this instrument may not be really advisable for beginners.


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