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Begin Again (TV series)

2017 South Korean television series

Begin Again
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Promotional poster for Season 1

StarringSee below
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes
  • Season 1: 12
  • Season 2: 13
  • Season 3: 16
  • Season 4: 10
Production locationsSouth Korea, Ireland, England, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Netherlands
Running time90-120 minutes
Original networkJTBC
Original release
  • Season 1: June 25, 2017 (2017-06-25) - September 10, 2017 (2017-09-10)
  • Season 2: March 30, 2018 (2018-03-30) - June 29, 2018 (2018-06-29)
  • Season 3: July 19, 2019 (2019-07-19) - November 8, 2019 (2019-11-08)
  • Season 4: June 6, 2020 (2020-06-06) - August 9, 2020 (2020-08-09)
  • Special: December 22, 2020 (2020-12-22)

Begin Again (Korean: 비긴어게인) is a South Korean television program which airs on JTBC.

Season 1 aired on Sundays at 22:30 (KST) beginning June 25 till September 10, 2017. Season 2 aired on Fridays at 21:20 (KST) beginning March 30 till June 29, 2018.[1] Season 3 aired on Fridays at 21:00 (KST) beginning July 19 till November 8, 2019. Season 4 aired on Saturdays at 23:00 (KST), beginning June 6 till July 4, 2020 and on Sundays at 23:00 (KST) from July 12 to August 9.

Season 1 starred musicians Lee So-ra, You Hee-yeol, Yoon Do-hyun and entertainer Noh Hong-chul; the quartet's project group being named Begin Us (Korean: 비긴 어스).

Season 2 starred Kim Yoon-ah (Jaurim), Lee Sun-kyu [ko] (Jaurim), Yoon Gun [ko] (formerly of Brown Eyes) and Roy Kim in one team, with Jeong Se-woon joining the team later in the show. The second team consisted of Lena Park, Hareem [ko], Henry and Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician).[2]

Season 3 starred Lena Park, Hareem [ko], Henry and Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician), who appeared in Season 2 and being known as Family Band that has been requested by many to reunite again, alongside new members Lim Heon-il [ko] and Kim Feel to form the first team for the season.[3] The second team for the season consisted of Lee Juck, Taeyeon (Girls' Generation), Paul Kim, Jukjae and Kim Hyun-woo (DickPunks).[4]

Season 4, also known as Begin Again Korea (비긴어게인 코리아) as there is no overseas travelling involved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starred Lee So-ra (who appeared in Season 1), Henry, Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician), Hareem [ko] (who appeared in Seasons 2 and 3), Jukjae (who appeared in Season 3), Crush and Jung Seung-hwan.[5] Crush temporarily left the show after episode 3 and returned from episode 8, Lee Hi joined from episode 4 to 6 (plus episode 10),[6] Lee So-ra left after episode 5,[7] and Sohyang joined from episode 6.[8]

A year-end special titled Begin Again Reunion (비긴어게인 Reunion) aired on December 22, 2020, with the lineup featuring Yoon Do-hyun, Lim Heon-il [ko], Paul Kim, Henry, Lee Hi and Lee Su-hyun.[9]

Subsequently, an online version of the show Begin Again Open Mic (비긴어게인 오픈마이크) has been launched, and videos are uploaded on the show's Youtube channel on Mondays and Wednesdays at 18:00 (KST).[10]


Season Air date Airtime
1 June 25 — September 10, 2017 Sundays at 10:30 PM KST
2 March 30 — June 29, 2018 Fridays at 9:20 PM KST
3 July 19 — November 8, 2019 Fridays at 9:00 PM KST
(Begin Again Korea)
June 6 — July 4, 2020 Saturdays at 11:00 PM KST
July 12 — August 9, 2020 Sundays at 11:00 PM KST
(Begin Again Reunion)
December 22, 2020 Tuesday at 10:30 PM KST


Reputable musicians from South Korea travel overseas, to places where no one knows anything about them, and hold busking events. They would introduce themselves to the people in other countries through their performances.[11]

For Season 4 (Begin Again Korea), different from the previous 3 seasons, the cast members travel around South Korea to conduct Social Distancing Busking. The main purpose is to present music as a gift, to console the Korean citizens who have gone through difficult times due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.[12]


Season 1 (Begin Us)

Season 2 (Team Kim Yoon-ah)

Season 2 (Team Lena Park/Family Band)[a]

Season 3 (Family Band)

Season 3 (Dick2JukPaulTaeng)

Season 4 (Begin Again Korea)[b]

Special (Begin Again Reunion)


Season 1

Episode Broadcast Date Busking Place(s) Note(s)
1 June 25, 2017 Ireland
(Dublin, Galway, Slade Castle, Cliffs of Moher)
2 July 2, 2017
3 July 9, 2017
4 July 16, 2017
5 July 23, 2017 England
(Chester, Liverpool, Manchester)
6 July 30, 2017
7 August 6, 2017
8 August 13, 2017
9 August 20, 2017 Switzerland
10 August 27, 2017
11 September 3, 2017
12 September 10, 2017 France

Season 2

Episode Broadcast Date Team Busking Place(s) Note(s)
1 March 30, 2018 Team Kim Yoon-ah Portugal
(Lisbon, Porto, Cascais)
2 April 6, 2018
3 April 13, 2018
4 April 20, 2018
5 May 4, 2018
6 May 11, 2018
  • Roy Kim leaves the team due to studies at the end of the episode
7 May 18, 2018
  • Team Lena Park is shown for the last 20 minutes of the episode
8 May 25, 2018 Team Lena Park Portugal
(Aroeira, Lisbon)
9 June 1, 2018
10 June 8, 2018
11 June 15, 2018 Hungary
12 June 22, 2018
  • Henry leaves the team due to other schedules at the end of the episode
13 June 29, 2018

Season 3

Episode Broadcast Date Team Busking Place(s) Note(s)
1 July 19, 2019 Family Band South Korea
2 July 26, 2019 Italy
(Sorrento, Naples, Positano, Ravello, Amalfi)
3 August 2, 2019
4 August 9, 2019
5 August 16, 2019
  • Lee Su-hyun temporarily leaves the team at the end of the episode
6 August 23, 2019 South Korea
7 August 30, 2019 Second Team (Dick2JukPaulTaeng) Germany
  • Special appearance by Henry
8 September 6, 2019
9 September 20, 2019
  • Special appearance by bassoonist You Sung-kwon
10 September 27, 2019
11 October 4, 2019 Family Band Italy
(Verona, Sirmione)
12 October 11, 2019
  • Lee Su-hyun returns to the team
13 October 18, 2019
14 October 25, 2019
15 November 1, 2019 Second Team (Dick2JukPaulTaeng) Netherlands
16 November 8, 2019

Season 4 (Begin Again Korea)

Episode Broadcast Date Busking Place(s) Note(s)
1 June 6, 2020 Incheon International Airport, Culture Tank
2 June 13, 2020 Daegu
(Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center,
Keimyung University Daemyeong Campus, Suseong Pond)
  • The cast split into 2 teams in the day, namely
    • Cr-Reem-Lee (Lee So-ra, Hareem, Crush)
    • Sunshine Band (Henry, Lee Su-hyun, Jukjae, Jung Seung-hwan)
3 June 20, 2020 Daegu
(Suchang Youth Mansion, Daegu Stadium)
  • Crush temporarily leaves the cast after this episode
4 June 27, 2020 Gangwon-do
(Sokcho Deungdae Beach, Sokcho H Cruise)
5 July 4, 2020 Gangwon-do
(Gangneung Movie Village, Pyeongchang-gun Mountain Cinema)
  • Lee So-ra leaves the cast after this episode
6 July 12, 2020 Gyeongsangbuk-do
(Pohang Steel Mill, Andong Woryeonggyo Bridge)
  • Sohyang joins the cast
  • Lee Hi leaves the cast after this episode
7 July 19, 2020 Busan
(Cheongsapo Port, F1963, Songdo Beach)
8 July 26, 2020 Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do
(Jeonbuk National University, Jeonju Nambu Market Youth Mall, Gyeonggijeon)
  • Crush returns to the cast
  • Special performer: Lee Nau (Purple Rain), Park Da-som (Dancer)
9 August 2, 2020 Seoul
(Mokdong Ice Rink, Seoul Botanic Park)
10 August 9, 2020 Seoul
(Camping in the City by Walkerhill, Seoul Marina Club & Yacht)
  • Lee Hi rejoins the cast
  • Special performer: Hong So-jin


Recordings of some of the busking songs were released digitally on various music sites.

Season 1[edit]

Season 1

Episode 2

1."With Or Without You (Slade Castle Ver.)"Yoon Do-hyun04:00
2."Falling Slowly (Slade Castle Ver.)"Lee So-ra, Yoon Do-hyun03:42
Total length:07:42

Episode 3

1."Pop Medley with Moon River (Galway Pub Ver.)" (Moon River 외 POP 메들리)Lee So-ra05:07
2."A Flying Butterfly (Galway First Busking Ver.)" (나는 나비)Yoon Do-hyun03:24
Total length:08:31

Episode 4

1."To Find You (Galway Final Busking Ver.)"Yoon Do-hyun03:30
2."Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Galway Final Busking Ver.)"Begin Us06:45
3."(Bonus Track) Don't Leave Me By My Side (Slade Castle Ver.)" (내 곁에서 떠나가지 말아요)Lee So-ra05:13
Total length:15:28

Episode 5

1."Real Man (English Ver.) (Chester Busking Ver.)" (상남자)Yoon Do-hyun03:39
2."Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Chester Busking Ver.)"Lee So-ra03:45
Total length:07:24

Episode 6

1."My Soul (English Ver.) (Liverpool Busking Ver.)" (당신이 만든 날씨)Yoon Do-hyun04:28
2."To You Who Don't Love Me (Liverpool Busking Ver.)" (나를 사랑하지 않는 그대에게)Lee So-ra04:23
3."The Scientist (Liverpool Busking Ver.)"Yoon Do-hyun04:37
Total length:13:28

Episode 7

Episode 8

1."Don't Look Back in Anger (Manchester Busking Ver.)"Lee So-ra04:35
2."Imagine (Manchester Busking Ver.)"Lee So-ra, Yoon Do-hyun03:43
Total length:08:18

Episode 9

1."Come To Me (Montreux Busking Ver.)" (내게 와 줘)Yoon Do-hyun04:03
2."Date (Montreux Busking Ver.)" (데이트)
  • Yoon Do-hyun
  • You Hee-yeol
  • Noh Hong-chul
Lee So-ra03:24
3."Today (Montreux busking Ver.)" (오늘은)
  • Yoon Do-hyun
  • You Hee-yeol
  • Noh Hong-chul
Yoon Do-hyun03:59
4."Love of My Life (Montreux Busking Ver.)"Lee So-ra03:29
Total length:14:55

Episode 10

1."Stay Alive (Montreux Jazz Festival Street Ver.)"
  • Yoon Do-hyun
  • Heo Jun
  • Lee Sang-min
Yoon Do-hyun04:26
Total length:04:26

Episode 11

1."To Live In This Land (Montreux Jazz Festival Ver.)" (이 땅에 살기 위하여)
  • You Hee-yeol
  • Heo Jun
  • Hwang Ho-gyu
  • Lee Sang-min
Yoon Do-hyun04:45
2."I Remember (Montreux Jazz Festival Ver.)"
  • You Hee-yeol
  • Heo Jun
  • Hwang Ho-gyu
  • Lee Sang-min
Yoon Do-hyun03:40
Total length:08:25

Episode 12

1."Track 3 (Chamonix Busking Ver.)"Lee So-ra03:52
2."The Blue In You (Chamonix Busking Ver.)" (그대안의 블루)Lee So-ra, Yoon Do-hyun03:36
3."The Dreaming Girl Two (Chamonix Busking Ver.)" (꿈꾸는 소녀 Two)Yoon Do-hyun04:08
4."Raining Blossom (Chamonix Busking Ver.)" (꽃비)Yoon Do-hyun03:12
5."Autumn In Front Of The Post Office (Chamonix Busking Ver.)" (가을 우체국 앞에서)Yoon Do-hyun04:44
6."Bless You (Chamonix Busking Ver.)" (축복합니다)Begin Us03:57
Total length:23:29

Season 2[edit]

Season 2

Jaurim Begin Again: Porto Live

1."Fly Me to the Moon"03:07
2."River" (강)Kim Yoon-ah04:15
3."Shining" (샤이닝)03:40
Total length:15:52

Jaurim Begin Again: Lisbon Live

1."When Spring Comes" (봄이 오면)03:51
2."Consolation" (위로)03:40
3."Twenty Five, Twenty One" (스물다섯, 스물하나)04:34
Total length:12:05

Jaurim Begin Again: Portugal Live 2CD

1."Gloomy Sunday"02:45
2."Goodbye Mimi" (안녕 미미)03:11
3."One Fine Spring Day" (봄날은 간다)04:08
4."Spring In My Hometown" (고향의 봄)02:06
5."Nocturne" (야상곡)02:48
6."Going Home"03:57
7."Moon River"02:56
8."Shining" (샤이닝)02:42
Total length:24:33

Roy Kim Live in Begin Again 2

Begin Again 2 Yoon Gun Special Edition

1."Walking To You (Live)" (걷다 (라이브))03:54
2."Raining Apgujeong (Live)" (비오는 압구정 (라이브))02:04
Total length:05:58

Season 3[edit]

Season 3

Episode 1

1."It's You (Seoul Busking Ver.)"
  • Henry
  • Lena Park
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
2."Consolation (Seoul Busking Ver.)" (위로)Hareem03:29
Total length:07:01

Episode 2

1."Love One (Sorrento Da Emilia Live Ver.)" (사랑 하나)
  • Kim Feel
  • Lena Park
  • Lee Su-hyun
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
  • Henry
Total length:03:32

Episode 3

1."Incurable Disease (Naples Toledo Metro Station Live Ver.)" (난치병)Hareem04:09
Total length:04:09

Episode 4

1."There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (Ravello Busking Ver.)"
  • Henry
  • Lena Park
  • Lee Su-hyun
  • Kim Feel
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
2."One Day (Amalfi Beach Busking Ver.)" (어느 날)
  • Hareem
  • Lena Park
  • Lim Heon-il
  • Henry
  • Kim Feel
  • Lee Su-hyun
Total length:06:43

Episode 5

1."Thinking Out Loud (Sorrento Rooftop Bar Busking Ver.)"
  • Henry
  • Kim Feel
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
2."That Kind Of You, That Kind Of Me (Sorrento Corso Italia Busking Ver.)" (그런 너, 그런 나)
  • Hareem
  • Lena Park
  • Lim Heon-il
3."Pierrot (Sorrento Rooftop Bar Busking Ver.)" (광대)
  • Kim Feel
  • Lena Park
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
  • Henry
Total length:11:46

Episode 7

1."View (Berlin First Busking Ver.)"Jukjae04:04
Total length:04:04

Episode 8

1."Not Going Anywhere (Berlin Friedrichs Bridge Busking Ver.)"Jukjae03:42
2."Let's Go See The Stars (Berlin Monbijou Park Busking Ver.)" (별 보러 가자)05:19
Total length:09:01

Episode 9

1."Day By Day (Berlin Terrace Live Ver.)"02:38
2."She Said (Berlin Tiergarten Busking Ver.)" (사랑한대)04:26
Total length:07:04

Episode 10

1."Confession (Berlin Mauerpark Busking Ver.)" (고백)04:42
Total length:04:42

Episode 11

1."Fake Plastic Trees (Verona Piazza Bra Busking Ver.)"
  • Lim Heon-il
  • Lena Park
  • Hareem
  • Henry
2."Untitled Love Song (Verona Piazza Bra Busking Ver.)" (제목 없는 Love Song)
  • Henry
  • Lena Park
  • Kim Feel
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
3."I LUV U (Amalfi Night Sea Busking Ver.)"
  • Henry
  • Lena Park
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
Total length:11:44

Episode 12

1."I Love You (Verona Piazza delle Erbe Busking Ver.)"
  • Henry
  • Kim Feel
  • Lee Su-hyun
  • Hareem
  • Lim Heon-il
Total length:03:57

Episode 13

1."Girls Like You (Sirmione Solo Busking Ver.)"Henry02:23
Total length:02:23

Episode 14

1."Chocolate Story (Cremona Cathedral Busking Ver.)" (초콜릿 이야기)
  • Hareem
  • Lena Park
  • Lee Su-hyun
  • Kim Feel
  • Henry
  • Lim Heon-il
Total length:03:10

Season 4 (Begin Again Korea)[edit]

Season 4 (Begin Again Korea)

Episode 1

1."Go Abroad (Incheon International Airport Ver.)" (출국(出國))03:54
2."Youngblood (Drive-in Busking Ver.)"Henry04:03
Total length:07:57

Episode 3

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

1."Please (Gyeonggijeon Busking Ver.)" (제발)Sohyang 
2."Back In Time (Parking Lot Busking Ver.)" (시간을 거슬러)Sohyang 

Episode 9

1."Never Enough (Opening Ver.)"Sohyang 
2."Misty (Botanic Park Busking Ver.)"Sohyang 
3."Savage Love (Botanic Park Busking Ver.)"Henry 
4."Deep in the Night (Botanic Park Busking Ver.)" (밤이 깊었네)Hareem 

Episode 10

1."End of a Day (Opening Ver.)" (하루의 끝)Crush 
2."Marvin Gaye (Camping Busking Ver.)" 
3."You in My Arms (Marina Busking Ver.)" (그대 내 품에)Crush 
4."Faded (Marina Busking Ver.)"Henry 
5."If I Ain't Got You (Marina Busking Ver.)"Sohyang 


In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will be in red, and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue each year.

  • Note that the show airs on a cable channel (pay TV), which plays part in its slower uptake and relatively small audience share when compared to programs broadcast (FTA) on public networks such as KBS, SBS, MBC or EBS.
  • NR rating means "not reported".
  • TNmS have stopped publishing their rating reports from June 2018.

Season 1

Ep.Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[13]TNmS[14]
Nationwide SeoulNationwide
1 June 25, 20175.097%6.492%4.9%
2 July 2, 20174.378%5.728%3.9%
3 July 9, 20176.044%7.422%5.4%
4 July 16, 20175.115%6.250%4.4%
5 July 23, 20174.743%5.653%4.3%
6 July 30, 20174.763%5.857%4.3%
7 August 6, 20174.778%6.046%3.7%
8 August 13, 20174.944%5.647%5.1%
9 August 20, 20174.992%6.051%4.1%
10 August 27, 20174.369%5.150%3.4%
11 September 3, 20174.885%6.064%3.7%
12 September 10, 20174.541%6.000%4.0%

Season 2

Ep.Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[13]TNmS[14]
Nationwide SeoulNationwide
1 March 30, 20184.449%4.750%4.6%
2 April 6, 20184.348%5.271%4.0%
3 April 13, 20183.844%4.189%3.9%
4 April 20, 20183.564%4.546%4.0%
5 May 4, 20183.265%3.873%2.8%
6 May 11, 20183.849%4.725%3.3%
7 May 18, 20183.167%3.158%2.8%
8 May 25, 20184.171%4.911%4.4%
9 June 1, 20184.742%5.776%4.9%
10 June 8, 20185.063%5.766%NR
11 June 15, 20184.651%5.214%
12 June 22, 20184.021%4.650%
13 June 29, 20183.448%3.742%

Season 3

Ep.Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[13]
Nationwide Seoul
1 July 19, 20194.577%4.911%
2 July 26, 20194.106%4.644%
3 August 2, 20194.436%4.683%
4 August 9, 20195.093%5.789%
5 August 16, 20194.801%5.596%
6 August 23, 20194.736%5.518%
7 August 30, 20194.419%4.987%
8 September 6, 20194.338%5.011%
9 September 20, 20193.379%3.675%
10 September 27, 20193.864%4.306%
11 October 4, 20194.277%4.768%
12 October 11, 20194.763%5.050%
13 October 18, 20194.779%4.986%
14 October 25, 20194.839%5.162%
15 November 1, 20193.915%3.867%
16 November 8, 20193.600%3.654%

Season 4 (Begin Again Korea)

Ep.Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[13]
Nationwide Seoul
1 June 6, 20202.579%3.208%
2 June 13, 20202.383%3.004%
3 June 20, 20202.457%3.449%
4 June 27, 20202.273%2.744%
5 July 4, 20202.772%3.609%
6 July 12, 20202.177%2.889%
7 July 19, 20201.899%N/A
8 July 26, 20201.887%
9 August 2, 20202.042%
10 August 9, 20202.276%2.905%


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  1. ^Audio director of the show Lee Joon joins the team as the guitarist
  2. ^Audio director of the show Jung Ji-chan occasionally appears as part of the performing crew
  3. ^Both are promoting Tune in for Love on the show

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Story 8.5

Acting/Cast 10

Music 8.5

Rewatch Value 9.5

Hilarious and charming, great acting (especially female lead) even with the cliche plot device!

If you read the synopsis, this seems like every other contract-marriage drama but this one does it very well. Although this show might seem like it'll prey on cliche tropes, it actually is one of the most charming cdramas of the year in my opinion.

Characters: First off, you have actually supportive parents. They're not the stereotypical "evil" in-laws. Both parents are good-hearted and want the best for their children and just want them to be happy.

You also have interesting side couples. At first glance, you might think a love-triangle will deter the show, but it really doesn't. At first, you might find the SML as a "bad guy" but you realize that he's actually harmless and caring deep down - it doesn't fall into the pithole of an annoying second male lead. He actually cares for the FL and her wants/desires. The love-triangle essentially stops a bit halfway through and SML starts to focus on the SFL, who is one of the cutest "best-friend-character" of the FL. Even the initially annoying Tang Ping stops her bratty nature relatively quickly and becomes a supportive character instead, Overall, the characters are very enjoyable.

The main female lead is a forceful and strong CEO while the male lead is a caring, quiet, and considerate doctor. It's nice to see more strong female leads. Even though she's assertive, Zhou Yutong is SO funny and adorable as well. So many individual cute moments + cute relationship moments. Simon Gong plays his part great as a foil to the FL. There's great character developments and you begin to see a role reversal in the later episodes which makes everything so much more quirky and entertaining. Honestly, the leads + supporting cast are done so well!

Plot: It's nothing too special but I just wanted to say that it's a very funny drama. It's not really external conflict/plot-driven but more character-driven which I enjoyed a lot. There's actually "laugh out loud" moments. The chemistry between all the characters are great (leads with each other, different combinations of lead with supporting, supporting with supporting). Small misunderstandings are resolved relatively quick so it's a nice watch most of the time. The most important thing to note which might be a SPOILER is that there's actually a time-skip which breaks this show out of the mold of a generic contract-marriage drama. I generally don't like giving a "spoiler" but I feel like this one isn't that "important" to keep hidden but it's still important to mention since potential viewers might want to know. I normally hate a plot device like this, but in Begin Again, it's done very well -- reasons are valid, characters change and grow afterwards.

However, one issue I have with the plot is the business politics side. This is the one part of the drama where it feels forced and unnatural. Character motivations are unbelievable. It's not particularly prevalent but whenever it pops up, it just makes me want to fast-forward [but it's very minimal]. Honestly borderlining unwatchable for me; thank god the romcom aspect is done well to keep me locked in.

Conclusion: Watch this for the adorable characters. Strong female lead, nice male lead, character development, likable supporting cast. Even a show that seems to have many cliches, it actually subverts many obvious ones and is a great watch. It veers away from the melodrama tropes and is fresh and refreshing.

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Begin Again (Korean: 비긴어게인) is a South Korean television program which airs on JTBC. Begin Again 4, also known as Begin Again Korea (비긴어게인 코리아) as there is no overseas travelling involved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starred Lee So-ra (who appeared in Season 1), Henry, Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician), Hareem [ko] (who appeared in Seasons 2 and 3), Jukjae (who appeared in Season 3), Crush and Jung Seung-hwan.[5] Crush temporarily left the show after episode 3 and returned from episode 8, Lee Hi joined from episode 4 to 6 (plus episode 10),[6] Lee So-ra left after episode 5,[7] and Sohyang joined from episode 6.

On May 7, JTBC announced details about the upcoming season of “Begin Again Korea,” where the musicians will go on a busking trip around Korea and comfort Korean citizens suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Lee So-ra (Episode 1-5)



Lee Su-hyun (AKMU)


Crush (Episode 1-3, 8-10)

Jung Seung-hwan

Lee Hi (Episode 4-6, 10)

Sohyang (Episode 6-10)

Yoon Do-hyun

Lim Heon-il

Paul Kim


Lee Hi

Lee Su-hyun (AKMU)


  • Beautiful Mind Image

    Beautiful Mind

    Drama, Family, Romantic, Melodrama, Action, Comedy, Music, School, Medical


  • Circle Image


    Drama, Family, Romantic, Melodrama, Action, Comedy, Music, School


휘인(Whee In)\u0026멜로망스(MeloMance)의 환상 조합, '내 눈물 모아'♬ - 비긴어게인 오픈마이크


Again korean begin


[모아보기] 심신의 안정을 주는 음색 요정 헤이즈(Heize) 노래모음 #오픈마이크


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