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24 Units of Bulk Soft Fleece Blankets 50 X 60, Cozy Warm Throw Blanket Sofa Travel Outdoor, Wholesale (50 X 60, 24 Navy Plaid) - Fleece & Sherpa Blankets

24 Units of Bulk Soft Fleece Blankets 50 X 60, Cozy Warm Throw Blanket Sofa Travel Outdoor, Wholesale (50 X 60, 24 Navy Plaid) - Fleece & Sherpa Blankets at low wholesale prices. alltimetrading.com offers Fleece & Sherpa Blankets at bulk discounted prices.

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24 PACK NAVY PLAID FLEECE BLANKET - 50 X 60: Our soft comfy throw blankets are great for your home or car. Popular to travel on airplanes and long commutes. We offer a variety of bright solid colors and plaid patterns as pictured. Bulk wholesale fleece throws for the best value.
SOFT COZY FLEECE BLANKET THROWS - VERSATILE USES: Excellent for home and travel. Whether you would like an extra blanket for your couch, bed, or car. Our soft colorful blankets provide added warmth. Popular with pets, children, and can be used to play on for hard floors.
POPULAR DONATION ITEM FOR HOMELESS SHELTERS: Support a homeless shelter in your area with some blankets. Also used for refugees, disaster relief, animal shelters (dogs and cats) and detention centers. Great for sleeping and for a couch or sofa.
MATERIAL CONTENT: 100% Polyester. Machine washable, tumble dry low. Pets such as cats and dogs love our blankets!
YACHT & SMITH BULK FLEECE BLANKETS: Stock up and save at wholesale prices on our bulk selection of colored fleece blanket throws.

Sours: https://www.alltimetrading.com/24-units-of-bulk-soft-fleece-blankets-50-x-60-cozy-warm-throw-blanket-sofa-travel-outdoor-wholesale-50-x-60-24-navy-plaid-fleece-sherpa-blankets/p-2876591.asp

Stadium Blankets Wholesale

Wholesale Stadium Blankets | Promotional Travel Blankets | Custom Throw Blankets

Custom logo outdoor blankets go by many names - picnic blankets, football blankets, stadium blankets, camping blankets, beach blankets, concert blankets, and travel blankets, just to name a few. The many monikers of promotional outdoor blankets are there for a reason. Their extreme versatility makes them perfect for all of the activities/locations mentioned in the aforementioned nicknames, and then some. Custom blankets work very well as promotional products for campgrounds, parks sports teams, and more. If your business is more interested in having its logo displayed on indoor blankets, we have you covered. Our custom imprinted throw blankets are perfect for making things a bit more cozy inside of homes and businesses.

Fundraiser Stadium Blankets | Bulk Roll-Up Blankets | Wholesale Picnic Blankets

Different Types of Promotional Stadium Blankets

Custom Stadium Blanket Materials

Custom Design Stadium Blankets with Your Logo

Wholesale Branded Stadium Blankets FAQ

Different Types of Promotional Stadium Blankets

As is the case with all of our other promotional products for businesses and promotional trade show giveaway items, our stadium blankets come in a variety of styles, each with its own set of features and benefits. Over the course of the next 6 paragraphs, we'll tell you a bit about some of the most prominent varieties of stadium blankets & picnic blankets available on our site.

Custom Logo Sherpa Blankets

Sherpa blankets are heavy, soft blankets that feature thick piling and excellent insulation qualities. They're designed with warmth in mind, which means that our promotional Sherpa blankets are the perfect outdoor blankets to customize with your business logo. Our Sherpa blankets are made from polyester fleece and faux lambswool, which make them softer than typical Sherpa blankets.

Promotional Throw Blankets

A throw blanket is usually smaller than a typical blanket. However, what is given up in size is compensated for by what is gained in warmth. These blankets are most frequently used indoors and tend to have complex designs with many colors. 50 inches by 60 inches is the most frequently found size of throw blanket, but it's far from the only size. Some are used primarily for decorative purposes, but most are more geared toward comfort. Our custom throw blankets provide an opportunity to display your business logo in a portable and refined manner.

Wholesale Waterproof Stadium Blankets

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is one of the most widely used synthetic plastic polymers on the planet. It is very strong, tough, and sturdy. It has a leather-like feel and offers optimum protection against potential damage/discomfort that can be inflicted by both liquid and sand. Therefore, our outdoor blankets that feature PVC backing are among the best custom water resistant blankets and custom logo imprinted sandproof blankets on the market. These are blankets ideal for use at the beach or on wet grass.

Custom Picnic Blankets

Our roll-up picnic blankets do pretty much exactly what their name would imply. When in use, they can be rolled up and laid flat to provide a comfortable surface on which to enjoy an outdoor meal or to take in a concert. When not in use, they can be conveniently rolled up and transported via a carrying strap. Many of our promotional roll-up picnic blankets have Velcro closures. They also feature an outer front panel that is imprinted or embroidered with your company logo.

Custom Graduation Blankets & Bulk Fundraiser Stadium Blankets

Promotional giveaway items can often serve as a way to remember a special event or even a special group of people. Our personalized graduation signature blankets are a perfect example of this. These blankets bear the signatures of every graduate (though they can be used for other events as well, such as charity, fundraising, and corporate functions) and can be handed out at commencement ceremonies. They provide a way for classmates to remember each other and relive fond memories for years to come. At the same time, they'll see your school or business logo with every use, forming an emotional bond with your brand.

Branded Body Blankets

When sitting in the stands, grass, beach, or possibly on a stadium cushion, users will want a way to stay warm. For those who want a toasty blanket but still want to keep their hands free, there are few better items than our promotional full body throw blankets. These are designed with sleeves and neck tubes, allowing users to keep their hands free and even walk about without having to get out from under their blankets. They're not just for events though; they're just as useful and enjoyable when worn around the house.

Custom Stadium Blanket Materials

Our bulk promotional stadium blankets are made from many different materials. Factors such as softness, anti-pilling properties, affordability, color, allergy safeness, and many others will be what ultimately decides which fabric is the best for your business and its goals. In this section, we'll go into detail about the different materials that go into our stadium blankets and travel blankets as well as the features they possess.

Personalized Polyester Blankets

The vast majority of our promotional outdoor blankets are constructed of polyester. Polyester is a very broad term, and it encompasses a wide variety of specific material styles that go into our premium business logo blankets. Before we start to break things down into specific polyester materials, we'd like to give you a quick briefing on polyester in and of itself.

Polyester is a polymer that has an almost endless variety of uses. It is made up of a variety of natural and synthetic elements, and this is where the "poly" part of the word comes from. The "ester" portion refers to special naturally occurring chemicals that are mined from the bark, pulp, and leaves of plants. These chemicals are called esters. Esters have chemical properties that allow them to react with several other elements and thus they have many uses in nearly every line of manufacturing industry.

Typically, the ester portion of polyester accounts for 85% of its composition and the synthetic additives round out the remaining 15%. Our custom polyester stadium blankets are made of a very durable fabric that is resistant to being warped or stretched out of shape. Shrinking, wrinkles, and mildew are also worries that can largely be left behind when you're dealing with polyester products. When taking this into consideration, the reasons why polyester is a great choice for fabric construction are readily apparent. Polyester is also a very affordable material as compared to many others, but there are a few precautions one needs to take into consideration. It doesn't stand up particularly well to ironing or machine washing. Hand washing, surface washing, dry cleaning, and line drying are the most recommended methods for cleaning and drying our promotional polyester blankets.

Custom Fleece Blankets

Much like polyester, fleece can be broken down into several categories. Brushed polyester fleece, coral fleece, and polar fleece are some of the varieties that go into the construction of our company logo fleece stadium blankets & picnic blankets. Information on those materials will be provided in just a moment, but first a general explanation of fleece would be helpful. Fleece is a deep pile polyester fabric which is very soft and warm. It presents a fluffy, soft surface and in addition to its use in blankets, it is also employed as an inner lining for coats. It is referred to as a "performance garment" material, due to its durability, insulation abilities, and ability to repel water and avoid shrinkage. Most types of fleece are highly similar to wool, and are a great alternative for people with wool allergies. Our promotional polar fleece blankets are especially similar to wool and are very warm and often offer a degree of water resistance.

Promotional Sweatshirt Blankets

Our company logo imprinted & embroidered sweatshirt blankets are made out of an 80/20 cotton polyester blend. This blend makes for a soft, warm, and comfortable blanket. Sweatshirt blankets take ink exceptionally well. This because a lower polyester content allows for easier screen printing. Sweatshirt blankets are great as memorial gifts, especially those involving multiple signatures. They're popular with sports teams and as graduation gifts. Consequently, they are among the best promotional items for schools.

Branded Chenille Stadium Blankets

Chenille is another soft fabric that you'll find in some of our most comfortable promotional outdoor blankets and business logo stadium blankets. Chenille is a fabric that will last for a long time when it's handled with care. It has a more lightweight and delicate pile as compared to polar fleece and has a luxurious look and feel. Our promotional chenille blankets are a great choice for a romantic night of watching fireworks or cuddling at the big game. They're a business promotional product that you'll want to make part of the plan at your next outdoor promotional event.

Wholesale Acrylic Travel Blankets

If polyester family fabrics aren't ideal for your business, our promotional acrylic blankets are an item your business may want to consider for its next promotional event. Acrylic fabric is extremely durable and noted for its comfort, both in blankets and in clothing. These are luxury lightweight blankets that provide much more warmth than their light weight and simple portability might lead one to believe.

Acrylic fabric is capable of displaying bold colors that won't fade. Additionally, they offer the best in moisture management. They don't allow perspiration to sink in and prevent body heat from slipping out. A custom logo acrylic blanket from 4AllPromos works very well as a camping blanket. Our custom acrylic picnic blankets are great for enjoying all kinds of outdoor events while also gaining exposure for your brand.

Personalized Faux Mink Blankets

Faux Mink fabric, which is sometimes referred to as "minky", is a high-end fabric that lends an extra touch of class to our line of stadium blankets and business logo customizable indoor blankets. For as long as most anyone can remember, mink coats have been associated with the social elite and the most indisputable fashion mavens. Animal lovers might love the look of mink fur, but refrain from ever buying it due to personal ethical issues. Faux mink is an animal friendly fabric that allows friends of the furry to enjoy luxurious clothing and blankets without feeling guilt.

Our premium promotional faux mink blankets give your business prime access to the pinnacle of style and class when ordering fleece blankets wholesale. As a lightweight blanket style, our faux mink blankets are highly portable. When you order our promotional faux mink blankets embroidered with your company logo, you can rest assured that you'll be spreading brand awareness in sophisticated style

Promotional Wool Blankets

Though we offer several faux wool and faux fur blankets, our promotional wool blankets are some of the toughest and best looking outdoor blankets you can ever hope to find. Even though they are an animal product, they're still animal friendly. A sheep who isn't sheared will be in for a pretty unpleasant summer and a camper without a wool blanket can have a pretty unpleasant winter. While they make for great winter blankets, our branded wool stadium blankets also can be employed for usage year-round.

Custom Design Stadium Blankets with Your Logo

Our promotional stadium blankets, blanket totes, throw blankets, roll-up picnic blankets, and all of our other promo blankets can be customized with your company logo. The two most common ways of doing this are imprinting and embroidery. The next pair of paragraphs will shed a bit of light on both methods.

Custom Logo Printed Stadium Blankets

Silk screening, also known as screen printing, is one of the most common and affordable ways of imprinting a business logo onto a promotional product. It's a quality process that comes at a low price. Screen printed colors will have brightness and integrity and will proudly display your corporate logo. Our promotional screen printed blanket giveaways can be designed with your logo in one, multiple, and even full color.

Custom Embroidered Stadium Blankets & Logo Embroidered Picnic Blankets

Embroidering is a process that differs greatly quite a bit from screen printing. In the process of embroidery, a graphic is sewn into fabric. It lends a three-dimensional look to your company logo and really makes it stand out. Extremely elaborate logo designs don't always lend themselves well to embroidery, but in most cases, it is a great way to promote your brand. At 4AllPromos, you'll find a wide range of personalized embroidered blankets with logo designs.

Wholesale Branded Stadium Blankets FAQ

What are stadium blankets used for?
Our promotional outdoor blankets are perfect for baseball games, concerts, fireworks shows, picnics, camping trips, relaxing at the beach, hunting expeditions, or even some laid-back stargazing in the company of a backyard. Having your business logo printed or embroidered on one of our customized stadium blankets is a great way to spread brand awareness. A soft, comfortable, and durable blanket to sit/lie on makes any game watching experience all the more enjoyable. Smaller events such as fireworks shows, camping trips, or picnics in the park also give our custom business logo blankets a chance to shine. Our high-end outdoor blankets can be employed as a premium promotional trade show giveaway items as well. The same can be said for our promotional throw blankets, which are more traditionally used indoors. These blankets provide the perfect balance of comfort, style, and security. What better psychological associations could there be for your brand?
What does GSM mean?
GSM stands for grams per square meter and is a measuring unit for fabric density. The higher the GSM, the more dense and durable the fabric. If you've looked at our other business promotional items, you'll notice that GSM is a unit of measure that pops up with our promotional lunch cooler bags, custom recycled tote bags, and even in some of our promotional beanie hats & caps.
What are custom blankets with whip stitching?
Whip stitching is a simple stitching method in which straight stitches are made in the classic over-under fashion. Its primary use is in stitching two pieces of non-woven fabric together. Depending on intent, whip stitching can either blend into the fabric patches it unites or stand out for bold contrast. Our promotional fleece blankets with whip stitching can be printed or embroidered with your company logo.
What is surface washing?
Surface washing is recommended for many of our custom promotional outdoor blankets. Surface washing is a cleaning process which is used for blankets and clothing made from materials that aren't washing-machine-safe. A surface washable item can be placed in a tub, sink, or other stable container that is filled with water and mild detergent. When surface washing any of our custom business logo stadium blankets, we suggest that you use gentle movements and line-dry afterward.
What are custom signature blankets?
Signature blankets, as their names would imply, are promotional blanket giveaways that include the signed names of a group of people. They could be members of a graduating class, championship sports team, company staff, fundraising participants, charitable donors, or just about any other group that wishes to remember each other and their times together. To design one, we typically need you to send us a sheet of paper signed in black ink, with as many as possible on one page. Multiple sheets can be included if needed. We recommend a random signing pattern rather than straight columns for a more natural look.
Sours: https://www.4allpromos.com/category/stadium-blankets
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Bulk Case of 12 Backpacks and 12 Winter Throw Blankets - Wholesale Care Package - Emergencies, Homeless, Charity

Bulk Case of 12 Backpacks and 12 Winter Throw Blankets - Wholesale Care Package - Emergencies, Homeless, Charity

Moda West

200 ratings Write a review

This product is not Fulfilled by Ubuy and can take minimum 10 days in delivery. We might cancel the product from the order and refund you if any issue arise with the delivery of this product.


Out of stock

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • 12 VALUE PACK - Why buy retail when you can buy wholesale? Get the most out of your budget by purchasing 12 backpacks and 12 winter fleece throw blankets for one low price.
  • CHARITY/DONATION - These relief items are perfect for emergency supplies, disaster relief, homelessness, mission trips, non-profits, and community outreach projects.
  • BACKPACK DESIGN - A clean timeless design that is sure to remain in style, adjustable padded straps, a main large dual zipper compartment that is equipped with an overlapping zipper cover, front zipper pocket, and side mesh pocket for your water bottle.This backpack’s standard frame comes with padded back and adjustable padded straps accommodate a wide range of ages.
  • THROW BLANKET - Use this fleece blanket to keep warm and comfortable, protect furniture, bed, sofa, use for your business, use for travel or on the airplane, donate to the homeless, charities, non-profits and more! Perfect to use as furniture cover. Support homeless shelters, day care centers, refugees, animal shelters (dogs and cats) and detention centers. Large size, 50 X 60, these soft fleece blankets are soft and durable, machine washable. Random assortment of colors.
  • COLOR - Each case comes with 12 backpacks and 12 fleece blankets in assorted colors. Backpack comes in a random color.
Product Dimensions16 x 18 x 12 inches (40.6 x 45.7 x 30.5 cm)
Item Weight2.4 ounces (68.04 grams)
ManufacturerModa West
BrandModa West
Color12 Backpacks and 12 Winter Throw Blankets
Fabric TypePolyester/Cotton Blend, Polyester/Cotton Blend, Polyester/Cotton Blend, Polyester/Cotton Blend, Polyester/Cotton Blend, Polyester/Cotton Blend, Polyester/Cotton Blend See more
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only


Bulk Case of 12 Backpacks and 12 Winter Throw Blankets - Wholesale Care Package - Emergencies, Homeless, Charity

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3 best Blankets wholesale - Soft Warm Coral Fleece Blanket Winter Sheet Bedspread Sofa -

Wholesale New Design Glow Flannel Fleece Luminous Magical Blankets For Winter In The Dark


2>technic: warped knitting
3>spc: usually288F
4>gsm: 240gsm or customized
(or show me the total weight of the blanket)
5>Pattern: very soft and comfortable


130X160CM or customized


1>Solid color
2>rotary print and panel print
3> be customized ,like the pillow blanket :pillow +blanket


folded edge ,overlock edge,binding edge finishing(satin binding ,fleece binding ,silk binding )


Paper card,ribbon or customized


1> fabric stock for sample about 1 to 3days 
2> be customized according to your requirement about 7 to 15days for sample


1>azo free ,formaldehyde
2>FAR 25.853 for flame-retardant EN71, CE
you'd better show me the standard of test
and we could meet the standard for you

Quality service

1> take all the photos each processing
2>help you check the quality of the fabric when it's finish ,and mark which one is not quality
3> calculate the package information as soon as possible for you booking vessel
4> mark the information(printed) like GW of each package for your reference

Sours: http://dhtextil.en.alibaba.com/product/1600224351833-811579336/Wholesale_New_Design_Glow_Flannel_Fleece_Luminous_Magical_Blankets_For_Winter_In_The_Dark.html

Blankets wholesale winter

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Sours: https://sites.google.com/a/z.kao165.info/a933/throw-blankets-wholesale
मात्र 55 रुपए में blanket wholesale market -- single, double, kids, A/C, etc all types of blankets

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Ricky and Morty Eyes Open FLEECE BLANKET

Ricky and Morty Eyes Open FLEECEBLANKET
Well, Rick, that certainly is one way to keep your eyes open. What do you think of it, Morty? The two interdimensional travelers appear against a black background in this warm and wonderful Ricky and Morty Eyes Open FLEECEBLANKET that measures approximately 60-inches tall x 45-inches wide. Get your
Category: Bed and Bath
Price: Password required for wholesale pricing.
item uploaded: 10/11/2021


Show your love for your favorite king of the monsters, Godzilla! This FLEECEBLANKET shows off the fierceness of Godzilla and nothing will stand in his way!
Category: Bed and Bath
Price: Password required for wholesale pricing.
item uploaded: 10/11/2021


Show off your Marvel fandom with this Deadpool FLEECEBLANKET! This BLANKET is made of very soft FLEECE material with a fun Deadpool logo print. Ages 14 and up
Category: Bed and Bath
Price: Password required for wholesale pricing.
item uploaded: 10/11/2021

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''Heat & Belle Polar FLEECE BLANKETs - 50'''' x 60'''' - Classic Weight - Choose Your Color(s)''

"Heat & Belle Polar FLEECEBLANKETs - 50"" x 60"" - Classic Weight - Choose Your Color(s)"
"These Heat & Belle brand polar FLEECE throws feature a classic fabric weight of 180GSM, making it a perfect extra layer on a cool day, and a popular corporate or non-profit giveaway.This style is available in your choice of multiple colors. You may select one color per case."
Category: Winter Accessories/BLANKETs & Throws
Price: 4.5
item uploaded: 09/07/2021

Bambini Blank Red PolarFLEECE BLANKET

Bambini Blank Red PolarFLEECEBLANKET
"FLEECEBLANKETs� 100% Polyester Color: Red Size: 30x�36 On HangersStyle�3600"
Category: BLANKETs
Price: Password required for wholesale pricing.
item uploaded: 10/05/2021

Bambini Blank Blue PolarFLEECE BLANKET

Bambini Blank Blue PolarFLEECEBLANKET
"FLEECEBLANKETs� 100% Polyester Color: Blue Size: 30x�36 On HangersStyle�3600"
Category: BLANKETs
Price: Password required for wholesale pricing.
item uploaded: 10/05/2021

Plush FLEECE BLANKETs For Babies

Dimensions: 53 x 39 inches. Comes In Carry Case, As Shown. Assorted Colors & Designs Per Pack. Unit Price: $7.50/Each.
Category: A - Newest Goods From Banian
Price: $45.00 6 Pc Pack

Anti-Pilling Polar FLEECE BLANKET Sleepers .  Infant (#20918)

Anti-Pilling Polar FLEECEBLANKET Sleepers . Infant (#20918)
Infant Sizes: 12-18-24 Mos. For Boys & Girls. Mixed Colors & Sizes Per Pack. Comparable To Carter's, If Not Better. Retails: $10.00 & Above. Special Buy! Unit Price: $3.50/ Each. By "SUPER BABY".
Category: Infantswear
Price: $42.00 Dz - Pack

Whipstitch FLEECE BLANKET w/ Strap

Whipstitch FLEECEBLANKET w/ Strap
Pricing for a master carton of 20 pieces. Made from 12 Oz. polyester polar FLEECE. Features whip stitched edging and Velcro carry strap included.
Category: BLANKETs
Price: $81.00
item uploaded: 10/12/2021

Whipstitch FLEECE BLANKET w/ Strap

Whipstitch FLEECEBLANKET w/ Strap
Pricing for a master carton of 20 pieces. Made from 12 Oz. polyester polar FLEECE. Features whip stitched edging and Velcro carry strap included.
Category: BLANKETs
Price: $81.00
item uploaded: 10/12/2021


"FLEECEBLANKETs100% PolyesterColor: Blue, Pink, Yellow and AquaSize: 30x 36 1 Per PackCase Quantity: 24 Packs"
Category: BLANKETs
Price: Password required for wholesale pricing.
item uploaded: 10/05/2021


"FLEECEBLANKETs100% PolyesterColor: Blue, Pink, Yellow and AquaSize: 30x 36 1 Per PackCase Quantity: 24 Packs"
Category: BLANKETs
Price: Password required for wholesale pricing.
item uploaded: 10/05/2021

Soft FLEECE Paw Print Pet BLANKET - Qty 6

Soft FLEECE Paw Print Pet BLANKET - Qty 6
"Ideal for pet carriers and pet beds, this FLEECE Paw Print Pet BLANKET features an ultra-soft FLEECEBLANKET with a fun paw print and BLANKET-stitched edges. Measures approximately 39"" x 55"". Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged with a wrap around., Soft FLEECE Paw Print Pet BLANKET, "
Category: Animals & Pet Supplies
Price: 5.72
item uploaded: 10/10/2021

FLEECE Paw Print Pet BLANKET - Qty 6

FLEECE Paw Print Pet BLANKET - Qty 6
"Ideal for pet carriers and beds, this FLEECE Paw Print Pet BLANKET is ultra-soft and large to make pets comfortable anywhere. It is a perfect multi-purpose BLANKET for all pets with a cute paw print design. Machine washable. Measures approximately 60"" x 39"". Comes packaged with a wrap around., Fle
Category: Animals & Pet Supplies
Price: 5.07
item uploaded: 10/10/2021

FLEECE Baby BLANKET Countertop Display - Qty 48

FLEECE Baby BLANKET Countertop Display - Qty 48
"Cozy up baby girls and boys with this super soft FLEECE Baby BLANKET featuring a plush BLANKET in a dense weave for extra warmth and comfort. Edges are hemmed with double stitching for durability. BLANKET is great for wrapping around babies on the couch, sleeping with or rolling up and taking on ca
Category: Home & Garden
Price: 2.08
item uploaded: 10/10/2021

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See all matches for this supplier»

Solid Taupe Pet BLANKET Small

Solid Taupe Pet BLANKET Small
DII's pet throw BLANKETs are made from microfiber plush material that is so much softer than FLEECE, to provide your dog or cat with the most luxurious comfort. Your pet will love curling up with DII's pet BLANKETs while settling in for the night. These pet BLANKETs fit perfectly in any kennel o
Category: Gifts > Pet Gifts
Price: 8.63
item uploaded: 09/30/2021

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FleecePro | North America's largest inventory of wholesale fleece blankets and accessories.

FleecePro is North America's largest inventory of unbranded fleece blankets, promotional blankets and accessories.

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​Take them with You or Enjoy them at Home​



New for the Season


Our Expression of Elegant Design & Luxurious Comfort



New for the Season


Designed For Upscale Style and an Unbelievably Soft Hand




​Designed for Embroidery, Screen Printing, Laser Etching, Sublimation and more​.



New for the Season


Our Most Decadent Blankets in Popular Plaid Patterns


    / 6 / 6


    Our focus is on combining function and technology
    resulting in blankets that are luxurious yet affordable.


    We are determined to make our strategic-partners’ experience more amazing. Our innovative products are designed to make them more profitable.

    Deep Inventory

    Our multi-million dollar inventory allows your company to take orders for large quantities. One piece or 10K–we have the goods.

    No Risk

    Your company can place an order with us when you receive an order from your customer. No need to invest in inventory, warehouse space or a sourcing team.


    Our name is not on any products or cartons allowing your company to brand them as your own keeping your supplier's identity hidden. Though many of our partners still prefer to use the FleecePro name as it synonymous with quality & consistency.


    We're always on the cutting edge of technology and trends resulting in the hottest selling products and a steady flow of revenue for your company.

    5 Warehouses

    Having five strategically situated shipping centers across the U.S. greatly reduces transit times and freight costs.


    With over 25 years experience in the textile industry we have developed the right factories for a wide variety of products that your company can tap into.


    Perhaps it’s our attention to detail. Or the special yarns that we use. Or the thick plush fabric that makes them irresistible.

    Nobody makes blankets like FleecePro.

    Whatever the trick, it’s made us North America’s largest in-stock program for fleece blankets.

    Don’t settle for just any blanket. Insist on FleecePro. The sweet spot between luxury and affordability.

    Sours: https://fleecepro.com/

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