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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown sells Arizona home for $700K after she threatens to move amid marriage crisis with Kody

SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has sold her Arizona home for $700,000 after she threatened to move to Utah amid her marital issues with her husband Kody.

The Sun can exclusively confirm Christine, 49, sold her Arizona home for $700,000 on October 8.

 Sister Wives star Christine Brown sold her Arizona home for $700,000


 She initially listed the home for $725,000


Kody's third wife initially listed the home for $725,000 on August 5, according to Realtor.

She dropped the price by $25,000 on September 10.

The Flagstaff home features three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The abode sits on two acres of land.

The custom kitchen is newly renovated, as it boasts stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, an island and hard-wood floors.

The upstairs family room has a large stone fireplace and a bar.

The home has brick detailing all throughout, including in one of the bedrooms.

The abode also offers gorgeous mountain views, as Realtor describes the home as "perfect for those Flagstaff nights."

Christine's former house also features "solar panels" and a "heated work shop in the extra large garage."

 The home offers a stone fireplace and stunning views


 The kitchen is newly renovated


 The home is spacious


 One of the three bedrooms has cozy carpeting


 The bathroom has a rustic vibe


 The home has incredible mountain views


Christine and Kody bought the home when the family moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2018.

The Sun previously reported, Kody, 52, sold Christine the home they bought in September 2018 for $520,000.

Kody transferred the family home to his wife, to whom he is "spiritually" but not legally married.

First wife Meri, 50, and second wife Janelle, 52, rented homes when they first moved to Flagstaff.

Fourth wife Robyn, 43, and Kody bought a home for $890,000.

The family hoped to build on land they purchased in June 2018 called Coyote Pass, but they still haven't started construction.

Upon selling it to Christine, fans of the popular TLC were quick to speculate that the pair had parted ways, as Kody was also noticeably absent from milestones with the reality star and their daughters Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truley.

Fans even dubbed Christine a “single mother,” as Kody wasn’t photographed for their daughters’ first day of school in 2020 or for family outings.

The rumors continue today, as Christine recently visited Universal Studios in California with her sister wife Janelle and their kids, as Kody was missing from the family festivities.

On last season's Sister Wives, Christine expressed her desire to move back to Utah now that polygamy has been decriminalized in their home state.

But when Kody and her sister wives shut down the idea, Christine was brought to tears and admitted she “can't do marriage with Kody anymore,” as she “doesn’t matter” to him.

The Sun can confirm Christine has not closed on homes in Arizona or Utah as of October 11.

 Kody is also married to Meri, Robyn, and Janelle


 Kody sold the home he shared with Christine to her in August 2020


 The transfer of the home comes amid split rumors


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When we first met the Brown family from TLC’s Sister Wives, the 20+ member family all lived in a huge house in Utah. The clan, which consists of husband Kody Brown, his four wives, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown, and their 18 kids, became famous after the debut of their show. But being “open polygamists” had its downsides. The polygamous family ran into issues in 2011 and decided to uproot their family and move to Las Vegas where they could practice their religious beliefs in peace.

While Las Vegas may have been more accepting of their practices, the family felt like they were growing apart while living in four separate rental houses. Worried about the future of his family, Kody realized the key to bringing everyone back was to invest in a cul-de-sac where the entire family could live together.

The family paid approximately $400,000 for four houses, one for each wife, so that they could all live next door to each other. Although each house has the same floor plan, each wife made little changes (like changing the color of the kitchen countertops or rearranging the windows) for a personal touch. All the homes are Spanish-style with stucco siding, similar to most homes in the Las Vegas area.

In 2018, Kody decided to uproot his big brood again with a move to Flagstaff, Arizona. It was met with a lot of backlash from their kids, who had mixed feelings about relocating again, and the move was anything but smooth. Once they settled into their new rental homes in Flagstaff, Kody tried to convince his wives to agree to live in one large home that they would custom-build on their Coyote Pass property. After the idea was shut down, they decided they would build separate homes on Coyote Pass, but a delay in the sale of their Las Vegas homes caused a delay in the build of their new homes.

With all four of Kody’s wives living further apart than ever, it caused tension in the family which continued to play out on season 15 of their TLC reality TV show.

Take a look at the gallery below to get a tour of all the wives’ homes.

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The Utah House

When TLC first introduced us to the Brown family in 2010, they lived in this massive house in Utah. The house was actually three apartments that connected to one another, one for each wife and her children. But since Utah had a law against bigamy, which meant anyone caught practicing polygamy could be charged with a felony, the family felt it was best for them to move.

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Meri’s Las Vegas House

In 2013, the Browns invested in a cul-de-sac where they built four McMansions for each wife. The houses all had the same floor plan but are each different in their own way.

3 of 29



Robyn’s Las Vegas House

Although each house looks different on the outside, they all have the same Spanish feel.

4 of 29



Christine’s Las Vegas House

Christine’s house was the only one to have a turret and a “dry” moat outside (since it is the desert, after all).

5 of 29



Janelle’s Las Vegas House

"We all have the same floor plan, but we all made individual changes, so we had an opportunity to personalize," Janelle said about her home.

6 of 29



Meri’s Las Vegas Living Room

Her living room was open and spacious, and she had her furniture organized in a unique way.

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Robyn’s Las Vegas Living Room

Her living space was a bit more plain, although a personal touch she added was a piano.

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Christine’s Las Vegas Living Room

"I wanted a nice, cozy warm feeling for my house," Christine said. "I picked browns, soft, muted tones…I just wanted it to feel cozy."

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Janelle’s Las Vegas Living Room

For her house, she chose a country western theme with lots of horses, Native American patterns, and cowboy motifs.

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Meri’s Las Vegas Kitchen

All the wives chose different colors for their kitchens. Meri chose a light brown for her cupboards and country/rustic finishes for her decorations.

11 of 29



Robyn’s Las Vegas Kitchen

She chose slightly darker cupboards with lots of pops of red.

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Christine’s Las Vegas Kitchen

She chose black cupboards for her kitchen, and she thought her kitchen is “the best” of all the wives.

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Janelle’s Las Vegas Kitchen

Janelle described her kitchen as still a work in progress, but she decided to go with a "diner" aesthetic that she said she's still working on.

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robyn brown flagstaff arizona house


Robyn’s Flagstaff House

Robyn started her journey in a different home in Arizona, but she and Kody ended up purchasing this house for a more permanent residence as they wait to break ground on Coyote Pass.

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robyn brown flagstaff arizona house


Robyn’s Flagstaff Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room

The layout of Robyn’s home places the living room right next to the kitchen with a formal dining room off to the side.

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robyn brown flagstaff arizona house


Robyn’s Flagstaff Patio

Robyn enjoyed her outdoor patio while hunkering down amid the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020.

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christine brown flagstaff house


Christine’s Flagstaff House

Christine is only one out of her fellow sister wives who were able to stay in one home since they all relocated in 2018.

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christine brown flagstaff house


Christine’s Flagstaff Kitchen

This large kitchen with an island is the first thing that greets visitors when they enter Christine’s abode.

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christine brown flagstaff house


Christine’s Living Room

Right next to the kitchen is Christine’s living room, where she filmed this scene with Robyn where she expressed why she does not want to live in one big house with Kody, her sister wives, and their children.

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janelle's flagstaff house


Janelle’s Flagstaff House

Janelle and her kids enjoyed living in this one-floor ranch style house for the majority of their time in Flagstaff.

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janelle's flagstaff house


Janelle’s Flagstaff Bedroom

While filming a video call with Kody and her sister wives as they were all quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, Janelle gave viewers an inside look into the primary bedroom.

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meri flagstaff first house


Meri’s First Flagstaff House

Meri had the worst luck of her sister wives when they all relocated to Flagstaff together in 2018. Shortly after moving in, Meri’s neighbors complained to her landlord and said they did not want her living in their neighborhood because of her “lifestyle.” In a confessional that aired in January 2020, Meri said she agreed to move out but she ended up having to move back to Las Vegas because she couldn’t find a rental in Flagstaff to move into with such short notice.

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meri flagstaff second house


Meri’s Second Flagstaff House

Meri lucked out once she returned to Flagstaff after a brief stay in Las Vegas. She was able to move into a gorgeous four-bedroom home featuring a modern rustic vibe.

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meri flagstaff second house


Worth the Extra Money

Meri said her second rental was $175 more a month than her previous Flagstaff house, but she got almost triple the space.

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meri flagstaff second house


A Dream Home

Not only was the house beautiful, but it also included an elevator for easy access to all of its levels — and the main primary bedroom was situated on the secluded, private third floor. The home also included a second primary bedroom.

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meri flagstaff second house


Meri’s Flagstaff Living Room

Meri’s living room boasted a working stone fireplace and the steps leading up to the next level included an indoor waterfall.

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meri flagstaff second house


Meri’s Dining Room

The dining room was set right next to the living room.

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meri flagstaff second house


Amenities on Amenities

The Brown kids were amazed by the working waterfall in Meri’s digs.

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Check Out the Plans for the One House Kody Brown Wants the 'Sister Wives' Stars to Live In-2

He had a dream.Kody Brown made it a point to show just how much he wanted his whole family tolive in one house again on this season ofSister Wives, but he is no longer an “advocate” of the idea. 

“Not going to consider it,” the father of 18 tweeted on Sunday, February 14, as a new episode of season 15 aired on TLC. “Too much opposition … with gut level emotions. So hard, so sad.”

Kody shut down speculation that moving away from their cul-de-sac in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the cause of their family divide and said the issue ran much deeper. “It was a result of deep emotional need to be separate,” he continued in another message. “It is only obvious because of our behavior. Not stated, but felt.”

“For me it was the realization that one home would NEVER be an option for some family members,” the TV personality shared about what caused him to reevaluate his thoughts. “So many unshared emotions. Then a deluge of past feelings dumped on me.” As for their current living arrangement amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kody said he goes to each of their houses every three or six days. 

Up until recently, the 52-year-old’splan was to have his four wives, Meri,Janelle,Christine andRobyn, live under one roof with their own apartment-style sections of the house. In the middle of it all, there would have been a common area that Kody designated as “his” house.

The common area was going to be big enough for the whole family to gather and would have included one entrance at the front of the house due to zoning reasons.

Despite his wish to proceed, not every wife was excited by the prospect of living all together again after each wife had her ownhouse in Las Vegas. Christine, 48, in particular, was very against the idea during season 14 of theTLC series.

“I would happilylive next door to [my sister wives] for the rest of my life,” Christine said on the show. “Absolutely. With them? No, no. Have you met them?” The mom of six laughed afterward, but it was obvious she was serious about needing her own space and some privacy.

Christine live-tweeted during a February 2020 episode of Sister Wives and said she was “a better Mom living separate[ly]” from the rest of the wives. Meanwhile, Meri, 50, and Robyn, 42, had mixed feelings about the idea. 

How big are reality star salaries? Jason Tartick breaks it down with Us Weekly editors.

Janelle, 51, on the other hand, was worried their family wasn’t “as close as it used to be” because of their proximity. “I’m really concerned that if we choose to live in the four homes versus the one, our family culture will just continue to drift apart more and more,” she shared.

Take a look at the house plans that didn’t pan out in our gallery below.

Sours: https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/sister-wives-house-plans-for-the-browns-flagstaff-home/
Cody Moves Next Door Song + More Nursery Rhymes \u0026 Kids Songs - CoComelon

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown buys extra land next to ‘favorite’ wife Robyn’s home as he snubs other wives

SISTER Wives star Kody Brown bought an extra plot of land next to “favorite” wife Robyn’s Arizona home, as he snubs his other three wives Meri, Janelle and Christine. 

The Sun can exclusively reveal Kody, 51, and Robyn, 42, bought a plot of land next to their Arizona home. 

Kody Brown bought a plot of land next to his 'favorite' wife Robyn


The land was included in their July 2019 home sale for $890,000


The land was included in their house purchase for $890,000 on July 1, 2019, a clerk from the Arizona Assessor’s Office confirmed. 

Exclusive photos of the property obtained by The Sun show the family hasn’t built on the land, as homes and trees surround the vacant space. 

Kody and Robyn’s home boasts five bedrooms and fourth bathrooms. 

On Sister Wives, Kody threatened to divorce Robyn because she wanted to rent a home instead of buying to not stall the family from building on their Coyote Pass property. 

Their massive Arizona home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms


A source told The Sun Kody 'barely' leaves their home


But when no rentals for them and their five children were available, they ended up buying the massive Flagstaff abode. 

It has been long speculated Kody’s home base is with his fourth and “favorite” wife Robyn, who he shares five children with. 

The Sun previously reported that neighbors revealed Kody, Robyn and their children “barely leave the property.”

The Sun also previously posted photos of Kody’s rare visit to Janelle’s home ahead of their daughter Savannah’s 16th birthday. 

Robyn is Kody's fourth and 'favorite' wife


He visits Janelle and their children 'once a week'


The Sister Wives patriarch drove to Janelle’s one-story rental in Flagstaff from his and "main" wife Robyn’s home a few miles away. 

After arriving in his pick-up truck, Kody chatted with Janelle, 50, and their daughter outdoors for several minutes.

The family were all wearing masks and they maintained social distancing during their conversation.

A neighbor told The Sun that Kody “wasn’t there that often.”

Kody is married to Meri, Robyn, Christine and Janelle


The neighbor added: “We see him once a week or so.”

As for Meri, 49, she has been sparking split rumors from Kody in recent years by not wearing her wedding ring and posting cryptic quotes on social media. 

Earlier this month, she shut down the rumors by claiming she is “committed” to her marriage with Kody. 

Meri has been staying away from her husband and sister wives, a source told The Sun


But The Sun can exclusively reveal Meri has been staying away from her family.

An insider told The Sun: “Meri was not at her home in Flagstaff when she professed her love for Kody on Instagram. No lights, no cars and the blinds were drawn.”

The source said that over the course of a week, the Sister Wives star “didn’t visit Kody or any of the wives.”

Kody sold Christine their home, leaving her with a $394,000 mortgage


The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms


The extra land purchase with Robyn comes after The Sun reported the patriarch transferred the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home he shared Christine, 48, to her. 

The mom of six took out a $394,000 loan under only her name for the Flagstaff, Arizona home. 

Fans have speculated Kody has been in coronavirus quarantine with Robyn and spent Thanksgiving with her, as the other wives have rarely posted photos with their husband. 


Sours: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1989012/sister-wives-kody-brown-buys-land-next-robyn-home/

House kody brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown owes $1K taxes on home with Robyn as family ‘can’t afford’ to build on vacant land

SISTER Wives star Kody Brown owes over $1,000 in taxes on the Flagstaff, Arizona home he shares with wife Robyn, as the family “can’t afford” to build on vacant land they purchased back in 2018. 

The Sun can exclusively reveal Kody, 53, owes $1,058.31 in property taxes, which include interest, on the Arizona home he shares with fourth wifeRobyn, 42. 

Kody and Robyn Brown owe $1,058.31 in property taxes on their Flagstaff, Arizona home


Kody and Robyn bought the home for $890,000 in 2019


Kody missed two tax bills on the house, according to an Arizona court. 

Kody and Robyn bought the five bedroom, fourth bathroom home for $890,000 in August 2019.

The massive home almost ended Kody and Robyn’s marriage. 

The home they were renting went on the market, forcing them to find another house. 

The kitchen has stainless steel appliances


There is also a kitchen island


The living room has hardwood floors


Kody and Robyn almost divorced over the home


Robyn refused to buy an abode because she feared it would financially delay the family building homes on land purchased back in 2018. 

Kody threatened to "dissolve" their marriage, as Robyn eventually gave in and agreed to buy the home. 

The missed tax bills come as the family has been struggling financially. 

Kody and his four wives Meri, 50, Janelle, 51, Christine, 49, and Robyn have yet to build four homes on land they purchased called Coyote Pass.

Kody shares 18 children with his four wives


The family has yet to build homes on land they purchased called Coyote Pass


Kody said the family can't afford to build on the land yet


On the most recent season of Sister Wives, the family struggled living in four separate homes miles apart.

Janelle said the family dynamic “worried” her, while Robyn commented “we’re really acting like four separate families.”

The wives pushed Kody to begin building on the four parcels of land.

Kody said that just because their four homes in Las Vegas sold, that “doesn’t mean we have money.”

The family argued over building four homes or one giant home for all


The wives live in separate homes miles apart


The family also disagreed on if they should build one home or four separate homes, as Christine was adamantly against sharing a home with the other wives. 

Christine even pushed the family to move back to Utah, though they all turned down her idea. 

Meri rents a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home for $4,500 a month.

The home is estimated at $1,320,743. 

Meri is renting a home for $4,500 a month


Christine lives in a $520,000 house


Christine owns the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home


Kody purchased a home with Christine for $520,000.

Kody then transferred the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home to his wife, to whom he is "spiritually" but not legally married. 

In the Warranty Deed obtained by The Sun, “married” Kody is listed as the grantor, while “single” Christine is the grantee, meaning she is purchasing the home from him in the amount of “10 dollars.”

The Warranty Deed was dated August 28 and was filed with the Arizona court on November 6. 

The ranch house Janelle was renting was listed for sale on May 22 for $699,000. 

The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The seller found a buyer quickly, as the home already has a pending offer.

It is unclear what Janelle’s next move will be. 

The home Janelle was renting has been listed for sale


The house already has a buyer



Sours: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/15228398/sister-wives-kody-brown-owes-taxes-home-robyn/
Christine Says Kody Never Showered at Her House - Sister Wives

Sister Wives' Meri Brown Jokes About Bugging Realtor In Utah Following Christine's Shocking Decision To List Flagstaff Home

As Meri and Kody Brown’s relationship continues to crumble, the Sister Wives star joked about bugging a realtor.

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Meri posted a meme and tagged a Utah real estate agent — although the family has been living in Arizona for a while — sparking rumors that the 50-year-old reality TV star is moving.

sister wives meri brown talking realtor christine house for sale kody brown marriage rift

Source: MEGA

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The reshared post via her Instagram Story on Wednesday, August 18, was about how clients continuously annoy their realtor after they feel they haven’t responded quick enough.


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As OK! previously reported, Meri has been recently reflecting on her rocky year and relationship woes with polygamist partner Kody.

She shared a cryptic quote about not being able to fix the past, but always moving forward. “Life doesn’t allow for us to go back and fix what we have done wrong in the past, but it does allow for us to live each day better than our last,” the statement read on Monday, August 9.

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Meri and Kody have yet to get their relationship back on track since her 2015 catfishing scandal made headlines. Meri struck up a relationship with an online admirer she believed to be a man, but who turned out to be a woman.

sister wives meri brown talking realtor christine house for sale kody brown marriage rift

Source: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

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All while her relationship is in tatters, her Sister Wives costar Christine Brown sparked rumors that she was leaving the family after she put her Flagstaff, Arizona home up for sale.


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OK! learned the 49-year-old reality-TV star listed her Arizona home for $725,000, leading many to believe she was leaving the recently-unhappy Brown family nest.

According to Realtor.com, the gorgeous home is 2,400 square feet, boasts 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and sits on a spacious 2.5 acre lot. The property was purchased by the LuLaRoe clothing seller with her husband Kody in September 2018 for $520,000.

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Christine and Kody bought the home when the polygamist family all moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2018.

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However, first wife Meri, and second wife Janelle, 50, didn't move into the new house. Instead the pair rented homes of their own nearby. Meanwhile, his fourth wife, Robyn, 42 and Kody bought a home together for $890,000.

sister wives meri brown talking realtor christine house for sale kody brown marriage rift

Source: MEGA

In the April 18 finale of Sister Wives, Christine made it clear she wanted to return to Utah where polygamy was recently decriminalized. It's possible Meri is right behind her.

Sours: https://okmagazine.com/p/sister-wives-meri-brown-talking-realtor-christine-house-for-sale-kody-brown-marriage-rift/

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