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Nearly every NBA team currently has a roster in compliance with regular season limits — no more than 15 players on standard contracts and two on two-way deals.

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However, there are still a couple teams that will need to make at least one cut before Monday’s regular season roster deadline: Charlotte and San Antonio.

The Hornets are carrying 18 players — a pair on two-way contracts, plus 16 on fully guaranteed deals. One of those 16 will have to be traded or released, and while Charlotte could surprise us, Wesley Iwundu looks like the most obvious odd man out. He was included in the summer Devonte’ Graham sign-and-trade deal for salary/cap purposes, and played limited minutes for the Hornets during the preseason.

The Spurs only have 17 players, but just one is on a two-way deal, leaving 16 on guaranteed contracts. Like the Hornets, they’ll have to trade or cut one of those players by Monday. Al-Farouq Aminu is San Antonio’s equivalent of Iwundu, having been acquired in an offseason sign-and-trade (of DeMar DeRozan) for salary-matching purposes. However, his $10MM+ expiring salary could make him a useful midseason trade chip, so the Spurs may be a little more reluctant to waive him now.

Jock Landale, Keita Bates-Diop, and Drew Eubanks are other possibilities, but the Spurs just gave Landale and Bates-Diop guaranteed money earlier this offseason, and Eubanks has taken on a slightly bigger role in each of his three years in San Antonio. Aminu still appears to be the most likely release candidate, but we’ll see today or tomorrow what the Spurs have in mind.

As we explained on Saturday, while most teams completed their roster moves early, the Hornets and Spurs can afford to take an extra day or two to consider their options without any financial ramifications, since they won’t be cutting a player who has a fully non-guaranteed contract.

While Charlotte and San Antonio are the only teams that have to make moves today or tomorrow, we’ll likely see a little more roster shuffling before Monday’s deadline. Players who have been waived by one team might appeal to another club that has an open roster spot or an expendable 15th man. And some teams carrying 15 players may decide to make one more cut to get down to 14.

Additionally, seven teams still have one open two-way contract slot and may look to fill those openings before the season begins. Those clubs are the Celtics, Warriors, Lakers, Magic, Suns, Spurs, and Wizards, as our tracker shows.

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Ben Simmons

When you think about the San Antonio Spurs franchise as a whole, it is hard to overlook the fact that they have always been winners and one of the NBA’s best organizations in terms of sustained success.

However, the end of an era has come in San Antonio and these last two seasons are just the start of what will be a tough rebuild. 

DeMar DeRozan, Patty Mills, and Rudy Gay departing in free agency leaves the Spurs with nothing but young talents, and seeing as they have missed the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time in their 55-year history as an ABA/NBA franchise, it is safe to say that they are not going to be the contending team we are used to seeing.

Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, and Keldon Johnson are just a few of the versatile young talents on this roster who are definitely key players for the Spurs to look to build with for the future, but could they also be utilized as trade assets to get an established star to San Antonio?

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: This Spurs-Timberwolves Trade Is Headlined By Thaddeus Young

Ever since they lost in the Eastern Conference Semifinals to the Atlanta Hawks in a year that they were supposed to contend for a title, the Philadelphia 76ers have been shopping around Ben Simmons and one of the teams who have been rumored to be interested in the young All-Star is the San Antonio Spurs.

Simmons has not reported to the team for training camp/practices and intends to hold out into the regular season until the 76ers meet his demands and trade him. However, the Sixers have remained adamant on the fact that they do want their All-Star to return and they will not trade him unless they get a terrific deal. 

Well, the Sixers are not going to be getting the deal they want anytime soon and with the regular season set to begin shortly, the 76ers are running out of time to remain a championship contender. Maybe they cannot win a title with Ben Simmons being their point guard, but if he sits out and they do not add someone else in favor of him, then the 76ers are in just as bad of a spot, maybe worse, than if he was on the court playing. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: This Spurs-Timberwolves Trade Is Headlined By Thaddeus Young

At 25-years-old, Simmons still has the potential to be one of the better two-way players in the league one day, but he will not reach his peak in Philadelphia as his time with the 76ers has come to an end, at least in his mind. San Antonio is interested in acquiring Ben Simmons, but do they have the assets to be able to trade for him? 

Let’s look at a trade proposal put together by Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report that sends Ben Simmons to San Antonio, giving them an All-Star to build around for the foreseeable future. 

Sours: https://www.nbaanalysis.net/2021/10/04/nba-rumors-philadelphia-76ers-san-antonio-spurs-trade-ben-simmons-2/
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Sixers Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Expressed Interest in Ben Simmons

As they embark on a rebuild, the San Antonio Spurs have been looking to add another notable prospect via the trade market. This past summer, the Spurs reportedly reached out to the Sixers as they considered trading for Philly's disgruntled star Ben Simmons.

According to ESPN NBA Insider Zach Lowe, the trade discussions between San Antonio and Philly's front offices, in fact, happened. However, they haven't gotten very far at the time.

Perhaps, Daryl Morey's asking price has something to do with that. Once Simmons became available via trade over the offseason, the Sixers reportedly asked for an All-Star caliber player to swap Simmons with or several young key players and draft picks.

Considering the Spurs aren't who they used to be, they'd have to go the latter route to land Simmons via trade. At this point, would trading several young players and draft picks for one player be worth their time? Not really. 

While Simmons has established himself as an NBA All-Star over the last few seasons, he hasn't proven to be a game-changing franchise player at this point in his career. Defensively, he's one of the best in the league, but his offensive skill set hasn't improved much on the floor since he entered the NBA.

Right now, Simmons' value is at an all-time low. As he wrapped up a disappointing playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks, where he averaged under 10 points per game and shot a historically bad 33-percent from the free-throw line, he has significant question marks around him as a player currently. 

Sure, the Sixers could move Simmons for a decent package, but it wouldn't put them over the top. Daryl Morey's strategy all offseason long has been to wait it out for other teams to get off to slow starts and add other disgruntled stars to the trade block. He continues to do just that as Simmons trade talks remain almost non-existent right now.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_. 

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San Antonio Spurs Trade Candidates

2 potential trade candidates for the San Antonio Spurs entering 2021 training camp

The San Antonio Spurs find themselves in unchartered territory entering the 2021-22 season. As currently constructed, they don’t have a squad that is a lock to get in the playoffs in the Western Conference. The Spurs are in perhaps the worst spot for any team in the NBA – ways away from competing for a title, but not bad enough to vie for more ping pong balls for the chance to land their next face of the franchise in the NBA draft.

The foreseeable future looks pretty dull for a team that has basked in glory the previous two decades. Though they do have a promising young core, none of them seem to be a franchise-changing prospect that they could build around and raise their ceiling in the future.

With training camps currently underway, it’s likely the Spurs will stick with their current lineup entering the 2021-22 campaign. Still, there are trades out there that San Antonio can still pull off that will, not only improve their outlook this year, but in the future as well. With that said, here are two potential trade targets for the San Antonio Spurs as they go through training camp.

Spurs trade candidates

1. Ben Simmons

This is an easy one. Ben Simmons isn’t even in a training camp as of the moment. Maybe the Spurs could be the team that gets him to one. The disgruntled Philadelphia star has essentially renounced himself as a Sixer and reportedly has no plans to show up for camp. With Simmons days in the City of Brotherly Love basically done, San Antonio can attempt to pull off a deal with Philadelphia to land the 3-time All-Star.

The Sixers will likely want Dejounte Murray in any kind of deal for Simmons. San Antonio will also likely give up some more of their young pieces and even a couple of draft assets in order to entice Philadelphia to a deal. While this may seem a lot for a player that has some major flaws in his game, Simmons is still a superior talent compared to any of the players the Spurs will give up.

There is no question that Simmons is still one of the bright young stars in the NBA. Despite his shooting issues, the Australian wing still possesses elite attributes in the other facets of his game.

Offensively, Simmons is one of the most gifted passers and playmakers in the NBA and should be someone coach Gregg Popovich will enjoy mentoring. Listed at 6-foot-11 and 240 pounds, his combination of size, length, athleticism, and speed makes him an absolute dynamo as a penetrator and on the open floor. Likewise, these same traits also make the 25-year old one of the best and most versatile defensive players in the league.

Simmons could thrive playing under Pop. His lack of a 3-point shot would fit well under the 5-time NBA champion coach’s traditional playing style, which doesn’t emphasize perimeter shooter.

If the Spurs are able to acquire Ben Simmons, they have finally found a true centerpiece that they can build their franchise around.

2. Collin Sexton

The Cleveland Cavaliers are unsure whether they want to give Collin Sexton a fat contract when he becomes a restricted free agent next summer. With Cleveland’s hesitancy to pay the incoming fourth year guard, they may just look to move him at some point. The Spurs could be a team that may just be willing to take him and reward him with a big bag next year.

In terms of a potential deal, perhaps the Spurs could construct a package consisting of some of their young wing players. San Antonio has a solid crop of lengthy defensive guards and forwards, including Lonnie Walker IV, Devin Vassell, and Keldon Johnson to name a few, that could become useful for the Cavaliers.

The Spurs, meanwhile, sorely need someone who could address their dire need for scoring. Sexton, who averaged 24.3 points in the 2020-21 season, is certainly a guy that fits the bill.

The 22-year old has established himself as one of the most dynamic scoring guards in the NBA. His scoring average has increased each year and most importantly, he gets his points in an efficient manner. Sexton has shot at least 47 percent from the field in each of the past two seasons and is a career 38.5 percent shooter from beyond the arc.

In San Antonio, Gregg Popovich will likely feature the former Alabama stud as their no. 1 scoring option. He and Dejounte Murray should will complement each other well in the backcourt, with the latter developing into one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA.

Should the Spurs get their hands on Sexton, their future will look a little brighter than it is right now.

Ben SimmonsCollin SextonSpurs

Sours: https://clutchpoints.com/2-potential-trade-candidates-for-the-san-antonio-spurs-entering-2021-training-camp/

Trade spurs

RUMOR: The trade proposals the Spurs are turning down for core young players

The San Antonio Spurs have missed the playoffs in each of the last two seasons. Ever since Kawhi Leonard was traded by the team to the Toronto Raptors, San Antonio has not been generally viewed as a serious threat to win the Western Conference title, let alone an NBA championship.

For most of the past few years, the Spurs have been in a competitive limbo; they haven’t been good enough to win a championship, but not that bad to be counted out as a playoff contender. In the process, the Spurs missed out on getting high picks in the draft. Even when presented an opportunity to secure such assets, the Spurs refused to budge because they did not want to let go of their youngsters, per Zach Lowe of ESPN.

The best-odds pathway to those players is at the top of the draft. It’s a common criticism of the post-Leonard Spurs that in dealing for a win-now floor-raiser (DeRozan) and keeping its veteran bench together, San Antonio missed its window for Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and Cade Cunningham. (The Spurs have also — justifiably — turned down offers of single protected first-round picks for some of their core young guys, sources said.

The Spurs finished with losing records in each of the last two seasons. They also haven’t made a splashy acquisition so far in the offseason, one that would make rivals clench their fists. They have youth, though, including the likes of Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, and Jakob Poeltl. The 2021-22 NBA season will reveal a lot about whether holding on to those guys is worth it.



Sours: https://clutchpoints.com/spurs-rumors-the-trade-proposals-san-antonio-is-turning-down-for-core-young-players/
San Antonio Spurs Trade Rumors Ben Simmons \u0026 Andrew Wiggins

The NBA trade deadline will be on February 10th, and you can expect the San Antonio Spurs to be involved in trade talks right up to that day. Uncharacteristically, the Spurs were involved in three separate trades in August, acquiring picks along with Doug McDermott, Thaddeus Young, and Al-Farouq Aminu.

With the assets they've acquired, many believe another trade will still take place with the Silver and Black before trade season is over. In Monday's season preview (subscription required) for The Athletic, Zach Harper offered a "random prediction" for every team, bringing up a potential trade in his assessment of the Spurs.

Saying San Antonio will "fully embrace the pursuit of lottery balls," Harper believes Aminu and Young could be shipped off to a contender for future assets.

The idea isn't farfetched at all, as Aminu's contract is a perfect trading chip to match salaries with another team while Young has been coveted by teams like the Phoenix Suns all summer. As of Monday morning, the Spurs still have to waive a player or trade someone to meet the league maximum of 15 players under contract by the end of the day.

While we've made the argument for why Young could thrive on this roster, there's still a lot to be said for acquiring picks in the middle of a rebuild. I'm of the mindset that the Spurs would be perfectly fine without his services if they're able to get something decent in return. As some teams start hitting rough patches or underperforming, they could start to look to San Antonio for that missing piece.

*Update: On Monday afternoon, Shams Charania announced the Spurs waived Al-Farouq Aminu. Given his extremely limited time in the NBA preseason, it wasn't a surprise. The roster now sits at 15, which is the maximum allowed by the NBA, so it appears Young is staying in San Antonio for the time being.

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As the season begins, look for the Spurs to continue to be in the middle of trade rumors all throughout February.

Sours: https://airalamo.com/posts/san-antonio-spurs-athletic-predicts-deadline-trade

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