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Arnette AN4271 ZORO Sunglasses


The Arnette AN4271 ZORO is a perfect choice of Sunglasses from the wonderful Arnette collection. These exciting Sunglasses have a compelling arrangement of wonderful features. Crafted from plastic and carefully constructed to display a bold look and stylish flair. A green or other hue mixed with white, a shade being mixed with black. The width of the bridge of this frame is 15 millimeters. Usually paired with polarized lenses, mirror coatings come in a variety of colors. Their highly reflective properties reflect heat, glare, and can enhance visual comfort. The eyesize of this item is 63 millimeters. Polarized lenses remove nearly 100% of surface glare from the environment around you, and are highly recommended for all outdoor activities. The length of the temple pieces are 130 millimeters. It’s nature’s color for water and sky. If you're looking for something masculine, look no further. These frames are specifically designed for men. the color of sunshine. Black is the most common color seen in the dark. It is fully rimmed along the edges to give a sense of completeness, lens security, toleration and absolute style. The rectangle shape helps draw more emphasis to your rounded facial features. Item ranges in price between $60 and $100. between black and white in color. Normally white light is considered to have all wavelengths (colors) of light in it..

By looking at the Arnette AN4271 ZORO you can tell Arnette does a fantastic job in revealing all the great qualities in these Mens Sunglasses. The various traits distinctively found adorned all throughout the Arnette AN4271 ZORO are truly fascinating. The different options available for the Arnette AN4271 ZORO exist to suite those looking for Sunglasses specifically made for the right style and physical features; Color 01/87 Matte Black / Grey,Color 259087 Transparent Grey / Grey,Color 263485 Transparent Crystal / Yellow,Color 272055 Matte Black / Blue Mirror Blue (Discontinued),Color 26346G Crystal Transparent / Light Grey Mirror Black,Color 26679A Matte Grey / Polar Dark Green,Color 41/81 Black / Polar Grey,Color 258722 Matte Blue / Polar Dark Grey Mirror Water,Size 63-15-130.

Feel at ease buying Arnette AN4271 ZORO from an online authorized reseller of Arnette. These Sunglasses made by Arnette are brand new & 100% authentic and carry a one year minimum warranty. Get your own Arnette AN4271 ZORO today.


Case for Arnette AN4271 ZORO Sunglasses

Designer Case Included

*Manufacturer packaging shown for Arnette AN4271 ZORO Sunglasses may vary based on product style. Image shown is only a sample of the case provided with the Arnette AN4271 ZORO Sunglasses.

About Arnette

ArnetteArnette is an easy-going eyewear brand that talks to young consumers. Moving away from the original surf & skate positioning, the mission of Arnette today is to become a global streetstyle brand for Young Millennials and Gen Zs, looking for an individual style at an affordable price. Arnette’s core values are authenticity and inclusivity, aiming to become the voice of youth culture.

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pazdah — More Zoro with goggles except this time he’s hard...

Okay lets first establish age.

Pretty sure Kakashi was 14 when Naruto was born. Then at the end of Shippuden Naruto just turned 17 so Kakashi would have been (14+17)= 30-31 at the end of the 4th Ninja war. At the beginning of Boruto I’m pretty sure it’s been 14 years since the 4th Ninja war (Though I remember them at one point in the anime saying it was 10 years ago but then I think they changed it to 14).

So 31+14 = 45. So Kakashi is 44-45 in Boruto which honestly isn’t that old so he should still look pretty young and HE DOES.

Here is Kakashi’s face in Naruto vs his current face (as Sukea) in Boruto. 



Now Iruka was 10 during the nine tails attack/Naruto’s birth. So he is 4 year YOUNGER than Kakashi so Iruka is 40-41 years old in Boruto.

Here is Iruka’s face in Naruto vs his current face on Boruto.


WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?! He looks like a rickety old man!

He is now dead eyed with hollow cheeks and deep laugh lines. He is only 40 years old! That is not old! 

Some might say that Kakashi always wears a mask so he had less sun exposure therefore he looks younger. Or “people age differently.” Wellll this is an anime and I doubt they thought of that when they did the character design because that makes too much sense. I will also say this. Iruka’s face looks way older than even Jiraiya’s and Jiraiya WAS 50! 

50 Year old Jiraya VS 40 Year old Iruka


Even without giving Iruka grey hair Jiraiya looks like a spritely young hunk in comparison. Iruka looks like he can’t lift a hardcover book.

And without comparing him to others, 40 IS NOT OLD.

Reference of how young people in their 40s can look:

Now there are totally people that look worse at these ages but these are some possibilities for fit floppin ninja who are fit AF. Aaaaaand these actors are all white and white people age pretty terribly.

So in summation… There is no reason for Iruka to look this old, and his Boruto design is trash.

Thank you, for coming to my TEDtalk.

Sours: https://pazdah.tumblr.com/post/173661182476/more-zoro-with-goggles-except-this-time-hes-hard
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Zoro Goggles

Guess who's started watching One Piece not long ago? :'D

.. yeah.. me.. :iconsweatplz: 

those who know me long enough probably remember that I wasn't very convinced by the series..
.. somehow I couldn't stand the drawing style .. and I got the idea that Luffy was weak.. I dunno why.. :'D

BUT.. now that I've started watching it..- no .. actually since the very first episode-  :'D .. I know now..

:iconginsheadbangplz:ONE PIECE IS AWESOME, MAN! :iconginsheadbangplz:

So here's my -still- favorite character, Zoro~ :iconmonkeyloveplz:

I love his outfit in this arc.. =w=" 
him and his goggles could've become my otp.. but sadly they passed away so fast T^T   RIP, Zoro's goggles.. 

also... Happy Birthday to Oda-sensei~ 

N over.
Roronoa Zoro and his goggles  from One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda~

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zoro and Tashigi first meet 😓😓😤


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