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New York Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

New York has a May-issue policy for pistol licenses in the state. Local counties are in charge of issuing the permit based on discretion.

The application process for New York CCW permit differs because there are various types of licenses issued by different counties.

However, you must meet all requirements of the New York gun laws before you are allowed to apply for these permits.

New York Gun Laws

You can conceal carry in New York with the New York Pistol License that serves as the state’s CCW permit.

But you have to be at least twenty-one years old before you can make a New York concealed carry permit application, with exemption to only members of the military.

New York only issues permits to residents, per time residents, and those whose place of employment is in the state.

There are also several local laws governing the possession of firearms in New York.

Also, the state does not require a firearm training before you can conceal carry, but this is not the case in counties like Westchester.

New York concealed carry permits are of various types, but the common one issued by most counties will allow you to possess your firearm in most places.

New York CCW Permit Reciprocity

New York does not have a reciprocity deal with any other state; hence it does not honor a CCW permit from states in the country.

Yet, you cannot possess a firearm within the territory of the state without validation.

Other things you should know about reciprocity in New York include the following:

  • States that will honor a CCW permit from New York: You can conceal carry with your New York CCW permit in these states. There are ten of them.
  • State that has restricted reciprocity with New York: Michigan will allow you to conceal carry within the state’s territory if you are a full resident of New York, and you have a New York CCW permit to show for it. This does not include those that have a permit based on being partial residents.
  • States that have a permitless policy: You can legally possess a firearm in these states without a CCW permit. But you must meet the minimum age requirements to do so. There are fourteen of them.

Before you can conceal carry in other states, even if they accept New York CCW permit or not, you have to be familiar with their gun laws.

Make sure you handle your firearms according to their gun law requirements, and you respect other restrictions stated by these laws.

New York Location Restriction For Possession Of Firearms

Even with your New York Pistol License, you are not allowed to conceal carry in every location of the state.

These places are defined by New York gun Laws as off-limits; hence you can get arrested for possessing your firearms there.

Places Where You Can’t Conceal Carry In New York

  • You cannot conceal carry in buildings or within premises of schools, technical institutions, colleges, and universities.
  • You cannot conceal carry in places used for children facilities or daycare centers.
  • You cannot conceal carry in state parks except when you are permitted to do so for hunting reasons.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in places like the Liberty island and the monument for the statue of liberty.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in a campground meant for the general public, except during hunting in the spring season.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in the Zoar valley multipurpose area except it is during the hunting season.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in some specific areas of the Adirondack mountain reserve.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in courtyards and courthouses.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in any mental health facility, except you have permission from those in charge.
  • You cannot conceal carry within government buildings and properties in some cities and counties of New York.
  • You cannot conceal carry in airports.
  • You cannot conceal carry within any city in New York except you have a permit from the head of police in that city.
  • You cannot conceal carry in places that have signage or posts that prohibits the possession of firearms within their premises.
  • You cannot conceal carry in any place that the possession of firearms is not allowed by the federal laws of the United States.

Places Where You Can Conceal Carry In New York

There are a lot of misconceptions about places where you can conceal carry in New York, and you must know that the gun law of the state does not restrict these under listed places.

  • Restaurants and Bars: You can conceal carry in restaurants and bars except if they prohibit the possession of firearms within their premises.
  • Private Vehicle: You can conceal carry in your private car, but you must be with your New York CCW permit at all times. Even though it is illegal to possess a loaded gun in your vehicle without the New York Pistol License, you are allowed to transport your firearm through the state of New York. Still, the gun must be locked in its safe or holster.
  • Forest areas of New York College of Environmental Science: You can conceal carry here with your CCW permit.
  • Places of worship: There are no gun laws in New York that restrict the possession of firearms in places of worship. However, since these places are private properties,  you can be prohibited from the possession of firearms within the premises.

Conceal Carry For Law Enforcement Officers In New York

The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act allows officers of the law to possess firearms in all jurisdictions of the United States without any location restriction or limitation by state and local laws.

This act covers active and retired officers in the country. However, the case is usually quite different for retired and out of service officers. 

They must meet the requirements provided by LEOSA before they can conceal carry.

In New York, only retired officers that reside in the state and have the required certification, according to LEOSA, will be allowed to conceal carry.

A certified LEOSA instructor of the state oversees this qualification process, and the officers can confirm the qualification process from their county of residence.

Most county requirements for retired officers include the following:

  • A New York pistol permit or a card issued by LEOSA.
  • An identification card issued by the law enforcement agency where the officer retired.
  • A notarized affidavit.

Buying And Selling Of Firearms In New York

Just like every aspect of gun laws in New York, there are stringent policies that you must abide by before buying, selling, transporting, and transferring firearms in the state.

Firearms Purchase Permits And Registrations In New York

You need a purchase permit before you can buy handguns in New York. However, you do not need a permit for long guns.

Furthermore, all handguns purchased in the state must be registered before sales are complete. But there are no registrations for shotguns.

Your New York Pistol License will also identify your handgun in terms of the caliber, the model, the serial number, and the manufacturer’s name.

The permit will carry information such as if the handgun can be concealed carry by the holder, or meant for specific locations.

You can also amend your CCW permits if you purchase a new firearm, or you want to remove an existing one from the permit.

Criminal Record Background Check In New York

Before you purchase a firearm in New York, the licensed dealer must complete a background check, provide proof of the check to the New York State Department, and keep a record of the sales.

Also, before you can transfer a firearm in New York, you must notify the state police department or your local law enforcement agency by writing.

This does not include a transfer between immediate family members.

Note that your New York Pistol License does not exempt you from the criminal record background check before buying a handgun.

Waiting Period For Buying Firearms In New York

Every handgun buyer in New York must obtain a New York Pistol License that serves as the CCW permit in the state.

Processing the permit requires up to six months.

Also, in September of year two thousand and nineteen, New York passed a law that the completion of firearms sales can only take place thirty days after the background check.

This is to solve the issue of delayed results for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Age Requirement To Possess Firearms In New York

You must be at least twenty-one years old before you can possess or transport firearms in New York.

Possession Of Firearms In Private Properties

You do not require a New York CCW permit to possess a firearm in your home or any property that you own.

Process For Purchasing Handgun In New York

One primary requirement for purchasing firearms in New York is the NICS background check. This also includes the exchange or disposal of guns.

The only exception to this is the transfer of a firearm between family members.

Before you can buy a firearm, you need to provide a purchase permit to the dealer.

You can apply for a purchase permit from the pistol license section in your local county.

The details that you must provide before the county issues a permit to you includes the following:

  • The make of your gun
  • The model of your gun
  • The gun-type
  • The gun caliber
  • The serial number of the gun
  • Proof of completed NICS background check from the licensed dealer.

Note that the background record check carries extra charges. This may be as much as ten dollars

All dealers are to keep a record of their transactions, and this must be accessible at all times by law enforcement officers.

In New York, a purchase permit is valid for just twenty days. Within this period, you must submit your firearm at the licensing unit for further inspection and entry into the state’s database.

Castle Doctrine In New York

The castle doctrine law in New York is a self-defense law that allows you to stand your ground in the face of an attack when you are in your safe territory.

So, the castle doctrine law allows the use of excessive force for self-protection as long as you are in your home of residence, and you are not the invoker or the instigator of the attack.

The law states that when a person who is in control, licensed or privileged to be in a building or dwelling place has any reason to believe that an intruder is trying to break in, then he or she can use a deadly force deemed necessary to stop such an attack.

However, in New York, you have to retreat from such an attack if you feel that it is safe to do so or when you are not in your dwelling place.

New York CCW Permit Requirements.

You must meet all New York concealed carry permit requirements before applying for the pistol license.

The requirements include the following:

  • You must be at least twenty-one years old.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America.
  • You must be of good moral character.
  • You must give a proper reason for the issuance of the CCW permit.
  • You must be a resident of New York or own a business in the state.
  • In some counties, you must complete a New York concealed carry permit class for firearm training; an example is Westchester.
  • You must not be a felony or convicted for any other serious crime.
  • You must not be a fugitive.
  • You must not have any judge protection order in your name.
  • You must not be a narcotic or an addict to hard drugs and controlled substances.
  • You must not be mentally impaired in such a way that it would affect your possession of a firearm.
  • You must not have a previously revoked license.
  • You must be a convict of any misdemeanor crime that has to do with domestic violence.
  • You must meet all federal laws required for concealed carry permit applications.

How To Apply For New York CCW Permit

If you meet all the stated requirements, the next step in New York concealed carry permit application.

The process to complete this includes the following:

  • Download the application form.
  • Complete the form and provide four references.
  • Submit two passport photographs.
  • Go to your county office or courtroom to submit your application. Also, provide your fingerprints.
  • Undergo the state’s police investigation and an interview by the FBI.
  • A judge, county sheriff, or commissioner of police will either accept or approve the application, based on your county of residence.
  • Receive approval or rejection mail.

New York Concealed Carry FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about concealed carry in New York.

How Long Is New York CCW Permit Valid For?

CCW permits in New York do not expire. However, there is a recertification process every five years.

What Is The Minimum Age To Conceal Carry In New York?

Twenty-one years old.

How Much New York Concealed Carry Permit Application?

The amount for CCW permit application varies by counties. But most of them cost twenty dollars for the initial application and ten dollars for recertification.

How Long Does It Take To Get My New York Pistol License?

The processing period for New York CCW Permit is six months.


Utah Concealed Carry Pistol Permit Course

By Leo & Olivia Nicotera

Utah Concealed Carry Instructors
NRA Pistol Instructors

Carry In Up To 34 States

With a Utah Concealed Carry Permit
(NY permitNOTrequired*)  


All Inclusive Course: 

- Current COVID guidelines followed

- 4 hour Utah class

- NY permit NOT required

- Passport picture included

- Fingerprinting included 

- Review of all document included

- $120 per person** - cash or credit card


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Serving the Upstate NY Capital District and surrounding areas (Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Latham, Glens Falls, Utica and Eastern NY)


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Multi-State CCW Class

Carry Concealed in 35+ States with our Multi-State CCW class!

The colors on the map show the states that will allow a NY resident to carry concealed in other states with the NY, Utah, Florida and Arizona permits, you can legally carry in 35 states with your UT, FL and AZ CCW permits!


States Permits that you have: New York, Utah, Florida and Arizona

Permits Honored: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Permits Not Honored: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon,Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina. (Many of the Red states allow you to enter and say in their state with you firearms. Some of these states in RED allow Open Carry. All states, by federal law, allow transport of firearms through the state under certain conditions. We will fully explain all of this in class. 

Click here for the CLASS SCHEDULE


Cost:$150 per person for all 3 permit certifications! (this is our Multi-State class for 36 state Concealed Carry)

Includes:– Training for all 3 Concealed Carry Permits in about 4 hours or less (covers applications and law for Arizona, Florida & Utah permits)– Photos taken & printed on-site (required for FL, UT permit application)– Fingerprinting completed in class (for Utah and Arizona only) Florida prints are done for free by your local Law Enforcement Agency with the cards we provide you with.– Photocopy of your photo ID (required for Utah application)– Arizona, Florida & Utah Application packs along with fingerprint cards and pre-addressed envelopes for mailing* Guaranteed within-24-hour response from one of our trainers to your questions by e-mail or phone after completion of class (only training group that offers this)* Our class includes everything, no hidden or extra charges (State fees listed below)** REQUIRED FOR CLASS – Students must present a valid Photo ID ** A NYS Pistol Permit is not needed for class
More info on the Florida permit class here: FLORIDA CCW Certification INFOMore info on the Utah permit class here: UTAH CFP Certification INFOMore info on the Arizona permit class here ARIZONA CCW Certification INFOClass fees charged by FTWNY do NOT include individual State Fees for Utah ($67/ good for 5 years) and Florida ($92.00/ good for 7 years) and Arizona ($60/good for 5 years) due upon mailing of applications. All 3 states will send you a notice 45 days before your permit expires along with the paperwork that you will fill out to renew your permit, you will not need to take additional training when you renew your permits.—————————————————————————————————————————————————To Register: Contact us at: [email protected] or 716.903.2558or fill out the contact form below with your Name & Phone Number and the Name/Date/Location of the class or classes you would like to register for.*Please be sure to check your e-mail spam folder as our response to your request may end up there. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please call to confirm your seat as sometimes our confirmation e-mail may not go through.

Like this:



Online Course Portal

In addition to our traditional class format, Powers Firearms Training is pleased to announce a new training format wherein you may take the law and safety portion of your C.C.W. initial class in an online format.  Once you complete the online portion of your course you must then at your availability attend the range qualification portion of your initial class.

This convenient Kern County Sheriff’s Department approved online course features:

  • Opportunity to complete the course from the privacy of your home or office
  • Course is completed at your comfortable pace
  • Short tests at most segments help solidify the learning experience
  • Features professional videography
  • Once the online course is completed, you then schedule your range qualification (see available range courses).
  • For range qualification, please bring all of the firearms you wish to list on your permit and a sufficient number of rounds of ammunition to meet your agency qualifications, eye/ear protection and a holster or case for the gun
  • Registration and payment is simple and easy to do through the course portal.

If you are ready to begin the classroom online portion of your initial CCW training, please CLICK HERE.

California Concealed Weapons Permit

Local agencies require those applicants who have been approved for a concealed weapons permit, to complete a one day course of instruction. This course covers subjects which include the legal, moral and ethical issues regarding the use of a firearm for self defense, range qualification, and firearms safety. Attendees should expect to bring the required equipment for the class, listed below. The range portion of the class is, philosophically speaking, more of a training approach and less of a qualification mandate. Range activities proceed slowly and we spend time working on skill building activities in order to help you feel confident in handling your firearm. However, keep in mind that we are evaluating you and our experience has been that you will qualify if you take the “training” portion of the range seriously. If needed, we can have you come back for additional range sessions until you are able to meet the standards. This class meets the Kern County Sheriff, Bakersfield Police Department, various local Police Departments, Inyo County Sheriff, Mono County Sheriff, Tulare County and various other agency requirements for training.

Some students take this class purely for the information and the training offered and have no intention of applying for a concealed weapons permit. However, if you are applying for a permit through theKern County Sheriff’s Department, you are strongly encouraged to apply for the permit prior to taking the class. Taking the class before applying for the permit does not help you in the approval process nor does it guarantee that you will be approved for the permit. Also, the class certificate is honored by the Sheriff for 90 days after taking the class. If you take your class first, you have only 90 days within which you must get the application approved by the Sheriff. If your application process takes longer than the 90 days the certificate is valid, you must re-certify your training.

Other agencies have different rules regarding applying for the permit, you should check with your agency regarding this process.

We are happy to offer our assistance with the California CCW application process at no charge to you. However, our assistance does not guarantee acceptance by the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your jurisdiction.  For further information please see our “How To” Article.

Equipment Needed

  • Firearm: a reliable handgun either pistol or revolver (loaner firearms are available upon request)
  • Ammunition: 100 rounds (minimum)
  • Magazines/Speed loaders: 2 magazines/speed loaders are required
  • Eye and Ear protection: “loaners” are available at class
  • Clothing: Weather appropriate. Low-cut tops are problematic and a “billed” cap is very helpful. The range portion will be held at a covered shooting area.

Multi-State Permits

We are happy to certify your Arizona permit, at no extra charge, whenever you are taking one of our California CCW classes. Please let us know at check-in that you wish an Arizona certification.

Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit

The Arizona permit is recognized or reciprocal in approximately 30 states. As a California resident you may obtain an Arizona permit, and you do not have to travel to Arizona in order to take a class nor to submit your application for a carry permit from Arizona.

You may obtain an Arizona CCW application via their website:

The permit is a 5 year permit.

Their fee: $60.00

Our Fee: NO FEE – if you are certifying for a Renewal or Initial CCW class

You must document training which may include any of the following:

  • Completion of any National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course.
  • Evidence of current military service or proof of honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions from the United States armed forces. (DD-214)
  • A valid current or expired concealed weapon, firearm or handgun permit or license that is issued by another state or a political subdivision of another state and that has a training or testing requirement for initial issuance. (Arizona will not honor a California permit as proof of training absent certain qualifiers)
  • Completion of any other firearms training that the department of public safety deems acceptable. (we will provide you with proof of training when you take your renewal or initial class with us and upon request)

CCW recognition and Reciprocity information may best be obtained from:

Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

The State of Florida will generally honor our renewal and initial class format as proof of training. We have Florida packets available at no charge upon request.

Class Locations

Bakersfield / Kern County area

Bishop / Tulare County / Inyo County area

Upcoming Initial Classes

Upcoming Renewal Classes – In Person (now available Online)

Calendar of All Classes


Course ccw

New York Concealed Carry Courses

Level 1 Firearms LLC

The New York Concealed Carry Course allows New York residents to meet all the requirements to apply for the New York Concealed Carry Permit, in a single day. This class meets and exceeds the New York CCW state and local requirements in any county. Taught exclusively by NRA and New York Certified Firearm Instructors, students receive a comprehensive explaination on how and when they can use their firearm for personal protection! Class is followed with live-fire exercises. This class is extremely informative! If you're thinkiing of carrying a firearm in public, this is the class for you!

Everything you need in one class with a concentration on New York Laws, when and where you can carry, the do's and dont's about concealed carry in New York and neighboring states.

New York Concealed Carry (CCW)

5. Add Lunch $12.00 - Highly Recommended!

New York Concealed Carry Course - MULTI-STATE

•   8 Hours In-Person Classroom Instruction and Range Drills. 
•   Class taught by a NRA Certified Instructor
•   Must be 21 years or older within the next year to attend this class
•   In-depth lecture on the judicial use of a firearm
•   1-Day Course (weather permitting)
•   Exceeds state requirements
•   Accepted by all counties
•   Hands-on training to maximize learning experience
•   Class taught in a casual, small group environment


1. Choose Class Date >>>

2. Add to PayPal Cart >>>

4. Add Rental Package:>>

3. Add Rental Package - $79.95 - Try a variety of handguns + 100 rounds ammo.

*    Winter months are October - February and may require separate range day depending on the weather.
**   Classes are non-refundable. We understand life changes and will accommodate up to 2 rescheduled classes.
***  Applicable credit card, materials, tax, and processing fees will be included in your total and vary per class and state.

6. Add Lunch to Class:>>

Our 100% Guarantee Policy
We are so confident in our training program that should you not pass any class for any reason, you may repeat the course at no additional fee!

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