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oh yes, Wolfstar again! :)

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““You are nearly there,” said James. “Very close. We are … so proud of you.” […] “You’ll stay with me?”. “Until the very end,” said James. “They won’t be able to see you?” asked Harry. “We are part of you,” said Sirius. “Invisible to anyone...

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Sirius Black   Remus Lupin   Moony   Padfoot   moony and padfoot   the marauders   the marauders era   Marauders   marauders fanart   moony wormtail padfoot and prongs   James Potter   Prongs   peter pettigrew   Wormtail   Harry Potter   harry potter fanart   hp fanart   Illustration   wolfstar  

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Messers Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.

Marauders   the marauders era   the marauders   the marauders map   marauders era   marauders fanart   Remus Lupin   Sirius Black   peter pettigrew   James Potter   Moony   Padfoot   Prongs   Wormtail   hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry   hp fanart   Harry Potter   harry potter fanart   Illustration  


Laurent and Damen.

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“A scream comes, tearing its way out. And then another, and another.”

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A sketch commission of James and Lily c: It was super fun to draw xoxo

I have a time lapse video on my instagram : ) 

James & Lily sketch I commissioned from the super talented Nymre. [email protected]%$^&$#% I LOVE IT SO MUCH ♥♥

Reblogging here too <33

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“It feels like this.”

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

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This drawing took me forever but I guess it was worth it haha

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Marauders New Years party, 10 points to the house of the person who can guess what Sirius is planning 

happy new years eve!!  :D
party like sirius would. or maybe don’t…

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As much as I dislike the epilogue, I do think that Harry and Ginny are an awesome couple.  Here they are at some fancy shindig.

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“Mom? …Dad?”


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james and lily potter for viria because i said i would <3

I’m not sure why i made this all winter-y haha :/ the outline is kind of obnoxious but it was too hard to get rid of so i just said screw it loll ;___;

I’m working on a step-by-step for this, since it pretty much followed my usual process~~

also: i feel like there is another picture out there just like this, because as i was drawing it i was like ‘this looks familiar’ ;_________; i really hope i didn’t copy anything ;__;

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I’ve always loved Harry’s and Luna’s friendship! Took me a while and to be honest i’m not totally in love with it buuttt here it is anyways…

More of my art: tumblr, deviantart, twitter,instagram

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Lily: Did you get a Best Dad’s shirt for yourself?
James: Yes! Take a picture of me with this lucky baby.

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Harry Potter: 10 Fan Art Pictures Of Lily & James Potter That Fans Will Want To See

Harry Potter was 'The Boy Who Lived,' although his parents were not lucky enough to secure the same fate. Lily and James Potter, Harry's parents, died trying to save him from Lord Voldemort and fans are given glimpses of this mysterious pair throughout the series. They met at Hogwarts after being sorted into Gryffindor and fans have come to obsess over this pair and their past.

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Many pieces of Harry Potter fan art depict James and Lily in various situations, as artists recreate their stories. It gives others a greater insight into who they were as people and the life they were supposed to have together as they grew older with Harry. Keep reading to see some of the best pieces of Lily and James Potter fan art!

10 An Adorable Pair

The glimpses of the past that fans are given let them know just how perfect these two were for one another. Fans love this piece that shows their adorableness, as well as the romance as they stare deeply into each other's eyes.

It looks as if it was designed in their school-age days and the various textures that Mariness Rivera used in this portrait are what makes it so exceptional.

9 A Romantic Dance

Fans love this rendition of the pair, as it shows them dancing in a way that seems entirely romantic. The blue background helps to highlight their forms and the way in which their hair was created really makes the artwork pop off the page.

Siwsen is the artist behind this piece and understood just how much fans needed to see this touching moment between James and Lily Potter.

8 The Perfect Family

Fans often wonder what this family would have looked like had the Potters not experienced an early demise, and the results brings tears to their eyes. This portrait shows the similarities that Harry shares with each of his parents, as well as highlights the happiness they share with one another.

Harry wasn't given the chance to form this strong bond with them, but that didn't stop AndyTheLemon from creating this piece.

7 A Beautiful Baby Boy

The day that Harry was brought into the world was a momentous occasion for this couple, as they became parents for the first time. This portrait captures their joy at this moment and fans love the methods this artist used to bring this piece to life.

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The rough texture of their clothing attracts the eye, while the background reminds them of wallpaper in an older home. Lily's jewelry also seems to pop off the page, which gives it dimension despite its relatively flat design. LilyRedHaired is the artist of this piece and they captured this pair in a moment of happiness and new beginnings.

6 A Brisk Fall Day

Fall is the perfect season to depict this couple, as the leaves match Lily's red hair, while James' hair stands out.

Fans love how they look so happy in this portrait and the way in which they are drawn gives a deeper insight into their unique personalities. RibkaDory created this piece that has fans wishing things could have been different.

5 Together As A Family

This post depicts the pair as a young family with baby Harry in their arms and fans are obsessed with the different take on their appearance. The artist paints them in a new light and keeps them from looking their age, as they were only in their early 20s when they passed away.

Chidori-aka-Kate created this piece that leaves fans shocked as they realize just how few years this pair had to spend together.

4 A Childlike Rendition

Many parents adore this portrait, as it is the perfect thing to hang in a child's bedroom. Fans love seeing these three enjoying life at home with smiles on their faces.

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The added bit of magic for Harry's enjoyment was a nice touch, but this piece stands out as nothing on this list compares to its style. Pinkie-Perfect is the artist behind this masterpiece who envisioned what life would be like for this family before disaster struck.

3 Students At Hogwarts

It has already been mentioned how this pair attended school together at Hogwarts as members of Gryffindor, and fans can bet this was Lily's first reaction to James Potter.

He was full of mischief, which this artist captured in this portrait as Lily attempts to focus on the lesson at hand. The white outlines around the characters make them the focal point of this piece that Viria13 has created.

2 The Mirror Of Erised

Harry Potter found The Mirror of Erised during his travels around the castle grounds and it showed him his parents, as it was his deepest desire. The way in which this piece was created is exceptional, as it seems like an organized mess based on the blur of colors and unfinished lines.

Tengu-Arts created this piece that has fans remembering his desperation, as Harry would do anything to be close to them once again.

1 A Simple Sketch

This artist decided that a quick sketch of this couple was what the world needed to see and it almost looks like a selfie the pair would have taken together at Hogwarts. The details this artist managed to incorporate through shading is nothing short of amazing, as it captures the essence of both of these characters.

Katrina Young is the artist behind this piece and it showcases a time in this couple's lives that perhaps was a more carefree moment.

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Story of Lily Evans and James Potter

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Unique 10++ Harry Potter Fan Art James And Lily

Unique 10++ Harry Potter Fan Art James And Lily. Fanart for harry potter, featuring his folks as newlyweds. Add interesting content and earn coins. Les fan art livres/films sont mélangés ps: Tout plein de fan art sur l'univers de harry potter!

Harry Potter Fan Art James And Lily - Albus Lily And James Potter Harry Potter Fan Art Harry Potter Harry Potter Art
James thrown aside, lily tried to duel and failed. Harry potter jokes harry potter fan art harry potter universal harry potter fandom james potter lily potter lily evans scorpius and rose no muggles. Les fan arts dans ce livre ne sont pas de moi. Si vous souhaitez connaître le nom de l'auteur, demandez ou regarder le fan art attentivement. Some of the comics bring up excellent points, like the fact that lily.

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Harry Potter Fan Art James And Lily - 100 Lily Evans James Potter Ideas In 2020 James Potter Lily Evans Lily Potter

Find lily and james potter videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more.

That is, until she needs a personal favor & james has her halloween always seemed to represent a milestone in the tumultuous journey that was lily and james relationship. Some of the comics bring up excellent points, like the fact that lily. James, albus, and lily potter. I cant remember who cares also hey. Lily evans' and james potter's relationship has always been a complicated story; Were harry potter film creators hit by forgetfulness charms? The creator, amanda taylor, told us that, the intention was to focus on the two women lily and alice, since there are no official harry potter stories with. But when i look at it, all i hear is better wizards than you have lost buttocks.

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Lily \u0026 James Potter // Story


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