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It can always be a risk trying to choose the perfect wholesalers to purchase your salon essentials. Whether you need salon hygiene or styling products for your hair salon or if you need tanning or nail polish for your beauty salon, then these websites are able to provide you with the products that you need.

Here is a selection of Salon Wholesalers;

1. Salons Direct

Salons direct is one of the most popular online wholesalers, they have over 10,000 products on their website and they even sell salon furniture and barbering products, so you really could start a business with everything on this website. Their range of products are wide and varied and you can buy everything for every hair type and hair concern, as well as their selection of nail tips and gels. If you are in the hair and beauty industry, and you need products for your business, salons direct will most likely sell it. They focus highly on their customer service and that shows in their 10,000 positive customer reviews on Feefo.

2. Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty has grown from a single store in New Orleans to having stores all over the world as well as having a massive online shop. They supply their customers with the world's top salon brands, including L’oreal, Wella and Goldwell. Sally Beauty has grown to over 5,000 stores globally and thousands of customers everyday of their website. They put customers at the centre of what they do, so if there are any problems then they will make sure that they sort out the problem. Sally Beauty are also part of SalonServices. They have constant offers going on as well as having the possibility of next day delivery.

3. Aston and Fincher

Aston and Fincher supplies hair and beauty professional products both online and in stores. They allow free delivery over £50, and give the option for free next day delivery. The website also allows you to click and collect which makes it easier if you need a product quickly. They have a blog section as well as an educational section, this allows their customers to be able to book courses with Aston and Fincher themselves and allows their customers to be updated on what’s happening within the company and any updates on products.

4. Capital Hair and Beauty

Capital Hair and Beauty are well known within the UK and Ireland, they have 60 cash & carry stores, and they have a high focus on selling high quality hairdressing and beauty supplies to their customers. They state they are well known for their fantastic product range, great customer service and competitive prices. Capital Hair and Beauty have recently updated their website, which is faster with loading, you don’t have to re-register if you’re an existing customer, it’s completely mobile and tablet compatible and it also now has Paypal on their website. The new website is a lot more user friendly and it has a better design compared to the older site. They have boxes for their categories as well as having the options at the top.

5. Chop my hair

Chop my hair is a wholesale distributor that strives with keeping customers happy with innovative products, fast processing and shipping, and great prices that makes it easy to shop on the website and more memorial, for the customer shopping. It’s an easy platform that has a home page that’s incredibly salesy and down to the point. They know that professionals are coming to their site, so they know that they need to give their customers what they want and in a quick and timely manner. They have deals of the day that change daily, they have the latest products that have been purchased as well as the most popular categories. All of these products seem to change daily and it means that the customers have a short time period to get deals on the website, otherwise they will miss out.

6. Chris and Sons

Chris and Sons is the leading distributor for the UK hair and beauty industry. They are a multi award winning company that sells all of the important products that hairdressers, barbers and beauticians would need. They have free delivery over £30 and if you order before 3pm you are eligible for next day delivery (UK only). They also have a rewards system which allows their customers to earn while they spend. This is something that not many wholesalers do and it works out you only have to spend £25 to receive £1 worth of points. They have three major cash & carries in London, and have a large web following. Their website has the brands constantly scrolling on the home page, as well as having 4 banners that change every couple of seconds. They also have another scrolling bar that allows you to choose between new arrivals, best sellers, gifts and exclusive. This allows customers to browse on the homepage, and see if there is anything they would like rather than they want.

7. Salon Supplies

Salon Supplies stocks thousands of brands from L’Oreal to Kadus, and provide professionals with a one-stop shop solution. This allows new time professionals a chance to stock up on major products like salon furniture as well as smaller products that will be needed more often like shampoo and conditioner. Salon Supplies has 10 cash and carries as well as their online shop, so if you want to have a look at the products first before purchasing and you live in the South and Midlands then you could potentially find a store near you to shop at. They have a brochure that allows you to look at all of the offers that they are stocking on their website, and in store. The website itself is neat, it’s all the same size and nothing is over the lines, with each brand or product image there is a generic rectangle that is talking about the positives of the company, whether that’s the offer brochure, offers email, their service pledge or their seasonal furniture brochure.

8. Dennis Williams

Dennis Williams has been around for over 60 years and within that time they have achieved a lot. They have a way of helping all of their customers, from the big companies to the smaller local shops. They have 8 stores in the UK and their online shop has over 300 brands online and stocks everything from hair products to furniture, as well as beauty products. They are exclusively wholesaler, so they offer the most competitive prices, as well as selling popular brands like Wella, L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf to name a few. They offer free delivery over £50, and have constant deals on their website. Their website isn’t too long, which is a positive for the professional industry, as a lot of people know what they want and if they want to discover new products they can do it within the category sections. On desktop viewing you don’t have to scroll to see anymore content as what you see is what you get, in the design wise. It’s sweet and simple.

9. Cool Blades

Coolblades' aim is to offer high quality hair and beauty equipment for the salon owner/professional stylist & beautician, at the most competitive prices. They sell over 7,500 products including nail art products, paraffin and hair colour accessories, and have over 25 years of hair and beauty experience, so they know what they’re talking about. They choose the best products for other salon professionals, so you don’t have to worry about whether a product is going to be worth it because they’ve specifically picked the products from what they know is good quality. They also have outstanding after-sales service and they are committed to customer care.

10. Beauty Care Choices

Beauty care choices focuses on helping shoppers looking for their favourite products, from brands such as Wahl and Barbicide, and having them shipped directly to their home or business. It is mainly a wholesaler for the USA however they do sell to other countries too. They are known for fast shipping times, with 98% of their orders arriving within 3 days of purchasing the order (USA exclusive). Beauty care choices have a simple website that allows for professionals to come onto the website and buy what they want without having to go from one page to another trying to find the perfect product. All products are categorized and therefore makes it easier to find the right product.

11. Sleek Shop

Sleek shop wants to be the leading online source where you can purchase exclusive, quality beauty products. Their website doesn’t look as much like a wholesale website, which is a positive and negative. If customers see the website and assume it’s a normal retailer shop then they don't want to purchase despite it being a wholesaler’s, however it’s a positive because nobody else is doing it, everyone is sticking with the same formula creating the same websites that look the same, instead they’ve created something that looks just like a normal retail site but has wholesale products and prices.

12. Barber Depots

Barber depots doesn’t focus on all of the professional side of hair and beauty instead it focuses on the men’s side with a professional barbers wholesaler. They sell products that all barbers need, that includes shaving equipment to hair gel. They state that this website is used as both a retail website and a wholesale website, so non-professionals are able to shop on the website, however they do have a lot of professional products including floor mats, and hair vacuums. When you look at the website it does look more like a wholesaler website than a normal retail website, this could be because their main focus is selling wholesale products. The website itself is quite basic, which is good for men who typically stick to the same products they’ve bought before, and just rebuy the same products.

13. Boss Supply

Boss Supply is a niche market that iks focuses on. It focuses more on the accessories for wholesale than the products themselves. They sell furniture, towels, brushes, and then bigger accessories like curling wands and straighteners rather than selling mainly shampoo, conditioners or other treatment. This is good for those who do want specifically to update or buy new products completely, then you are able to get all of the products on this site. They are the largest supplier for salon towels and they focus on that, with salon towels having their own specific category. If you want salon towels Boss Supply is definitely the website to go too.

14. Marlo Beauty

Marlo Beauty has been going for 35 years and they state they offer the “greatest value on salon supplies”. It’s easy to order online and it gets sent directly to your doorstep. They are able to do same day shipping on orders before 2pm EST, so if you want to order for the quickest time of delivery then it’s best to order in the morning. Although just to take into account, just because it says same day shipping it doesn’t mean the same day delivery, they are two different things, same day shipping means when you purchase your order will be shipped that day, whereas same day delivery is when you purchase and the order arrives that day. They also have ongoing deals, some that are limited time only and some that are stock depending.

15. Salon Centric

Salon Centric is operating in 48 states and is the premier distributor of salon professional products. Not only do they sell products, they also include educational videos,shows and blogs. This is good because a customer would only need to go to one place to find everything they needed. They are committed to listening to the customers needs and working one-on-one with you to inspire creativity and help the customers business grow. They are imposing more of a personal customership than other websites, and they are focusing more on making the customer happy in their life than selling their products. On their main page they focus highly on selling products, and they often do deals for their customers.

16. Wholesale Salon Equipment

Wholesale Salon Equipment, is what it says on the tin, or the website rather. It’s a website for salon equipment that sell at wholesale prices. They sell other brands that create the salon equipment, so they are wholesalers selling on the brands products. They have hundreds of products that are all based around the salon, this is a website that you would need for less time than the other websites, however when you do go to the website you would be making bigger purchases. The website is simple but it does have a video embedded onto the home page, which can be useful. It is a USA website, so you may have to contact them if you are from another country and want information.

17. Just my Look

Just my look sell salon exclusive products as well as selling cosmetics. Just my look is not only for wholesalers but also for retailers as well. They present a range of over 4,000 products with over 150 different brands, like OPI, ghd and Yankee Candle. They sell products that both professionals and retailers could only find previously in separate stores. They have a similar website to the wholesale websites even though they focus a lot of selling both retail and wholesale products, where they focus mainly on products rather than on aesthetically pleasing images, however this works if they have a main focus on the wholesale industry.

18. Valley Beauty

Valley Beaut is a professional and salon quality online retailers, that sells products at discounted prices. However this is included in our list of competitors because of the fact that it sells similar products at a fraction of the price. Normal brands that would be more expensive, Valley Beauty sell for a cheaper price. This website not only sells hair care products for both men and women but it also sells skincare. So it’s like a wholesale version of most online retailers. This is a good website for those who want to find the cheapest place to buy certain products. They don’t sell a lot of skincare products however their selection of haircare is more varied.

19. Alan Howard

Salons direct is one of the most popular online wholesalers, they have over 10,000 products on their website and they even sell salon furniture and barbering products, so you really could start a business with everything on this website. Their range of products are wide and varied and you can buy everything for every hair type and hair concern, as well as their selection of nail tips and gels. If you are in the hair and beauty industry, and you need products for your business, salons direct will most likely sell it. They focus highly on their customer service and that shows in their 10,000 positive customer reviews on Feefo.

20. Razor Blade Company

Razor Blade Company concentrates on selling to individual barber and beauty supply stores, although they do sell to other industries as well. They focus on selling razor blades only, they don’t focus on selling other products related to razor blades like razors or disposal kits, they only focus on razor blades. This is a positive because it means that they are experts when it comes to razor blades and what razor blade is best for what product, the categories include single edge blades, double edged safety razor blades, as well as surgical blades and food blades.

21. Glamot

Glamot is a website that’s been going since 2003, their shopping advantages include worldwide delivery, free gifts for orders, a wide range of products and they have amazingly low prices. The website is exactly what is needed from the salon professionals, it sells everything you would need to have a business like popular brands, American Crew and L’oreal as well as toners, spray tanning and hair removal products. They even sell products for dog groomers.

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Wholesale Salon Supplies


Salon owners and stylists can shop for wholesale supplies at Qosmedix. Our accessories selection includes a wide range of bobby pins, hair pins, duck bill clips and rubber bands to suit an array of styling techniques. The salon-grade bobby pins deliver quality features, such as double-coated metal. They include rubber tips that protect hair from damage. Our crimped bobby pins keep professional up-dos, buns and braids secure. These accessories for hair salons come in black, brown and blonde colors for subtle blending. Our professional hair pins are designed to slide easily into the style. They are available in black or brown. Some of our salon hair accessories serve as essential supplies and popular retail items. They arrive with convenient hang tabs, ready to display. Take a look at our hair section clips. Their hinged designs are an asset to the stylist who is sectioning hair for cutting and styling. Packages of these accessories, often called Croc Clips, are also essential items for salon clients to purchase. Hair stylists can also purchase silicone heat resistant station mats, which help protect countertops and other surfaces from hot tools.

Bulk Supplies for Salon Styles

Do you create complex styles? We sell hair salon accessories in bulk that keep looks in place. Our bulk-packaged hair accessories offer exciting options for private labeling or color customizations. You’ll find that we stock hair and bobby pins in the larger quantity boxes that salons need. Choose from pound and half-pound boxes of bulk bobby pins from trusted brands, or order bags of rubber hair bands. We also carry individual salon items, such as a salon mirror or countertop mat. The mats perform a valuable service, protecting surfaces from extreme heat. Order individually or in bulk today from our expansive selection of beauty supplies. You’re sure to discover hair accessories and a range of products to benefit your customers.

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About Amazon Wholesale Salon Distribution & Beauty Supply

Are you a licensed professional stylist, cosmetologist, barber, or esthetician? Amazon wants to make it easy for you to find the products your customers and you love from salons, spas, and the biggest distributors in beauty. We’ve curated a selection of products and tools from popular brands including Oribe, ghd, Paul Mitchell, R+Co, Moroccanoil and OPI to help you care for your customers’ hair, skin, and nails. Men and women with curly, coarse, dry, fine, frizzy, oily, straight, thick, thinning, wavy, long, color-treated, normal, and flat hair are all covered by our assortment of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Find everything you need to provide solutions for chemically treated hair, scalp care, damaged hair, and aging hair. If your clients’ signature look needs clarifying, volumizing, heat protecting, moisturizing, relaxing, detangling, mattifying, texturizing, smoothing, softening, sun protecting, sculpting, or you are seeking products that enhance their color, curls, or shine, these professional-strength formulas will help you achieve the results you desire.

Bangalore Wholesale Parlour Shop 10Rs Only/Parlour\u0026Saloon Makeup,Cosmetic,Hair Straightners/Shopping

CosmoProf | Professional Salon Products and Equipment

  • All associates must wear masks at all time
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Cleaning & sanitizing all common areas of the store regularly
  • Daily health checks of our associates
  • Contactless Pick up is Available
Expand Your Salon with Products from CosmoProf™

CosmoProf is the leading distributor of salon products to Licensed Professionals in the beauty industry. With over 1,200 stores and 800 salon consultants, we are the ideal source for professional hair, skin, and nail products and supplies and equipment in all categories from the top manufacturers. With more than 25,000 products in stock, we offer products across all categories for salons serving all client types. Our wide range of in-salon and take home beauty supply products allows salons to expand their offerings while improving their retail and promotional performance.

Hair Care Products and Essentials

We offer professional hair color, barber supplies, and styling products from a number of top brands, including a wide range of products for textured, color treated and natural hair. In addition to shampoo, conditioner and other styling products, we also have a large selection of styling tools such as; flat irons and hair dryers. Check out our selection from the best manufacturers, including:
  • Pravana
  • John Paul Mitchell Systems
  • Matrix
  • Wella
  • #mydentity
  • KMS
  • Joico
  • Goldwell
  • Aquage
  • Wella Professional
  • Olaplex
  • Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Framesi
  • Farouk
  • Kenra
  • Sexy Hair
  • TIGI
  • Morgan Taylor
  • Sebastian
  • Rusk
  • BaByliss Pro
  • GIBS Grooming
Skin and Body Care

CosmoProf has a large selection of products for the massage and spa business, offering solutions for skin and body care. These include facial treatments, waxing, and creams. In addition, we offer all the related salon essentials needed to perform manicures and pedicures, professional waxing, and other salon services. We have everything you need to offer full-service beauty to your clients, both in the salon and in between salon visits.
  • Timeless By Pevonia
  • Biotone
  • Gena
  • Pharmagel
  • Cerapil
  • Repechagev
  • Cuccio Naturale
Salon and Spa Equipment

Impress your clients from the moment they step inside your salon with our professional salon equipment available in a variety of styles and colors. Give your salon a makeover and help create an inviting atmosphere with furnishings from Pibbs, Collins, Belvedere, PureSana and others. Whether you want an ultra-modern salon or one that feels more like home, you can get the result you’re looking for with our top-quality furniture and equipment. Our Salon Design Consultants can help you plan the salon of your dreams. Some of the equipment we offer includes:
  • Styling chairs
  • Reclining shampoo chairs
  • Dryers
  • Styling Stations
  • Counters and cabinetry
  • Manicure and pedicure carts
  • Waxing tables
  • Towel warmers
Learning Opportunities

Stylists looking to expand their skill set and gain knowledge about the brands and services offered at their salon should check out our store classes and other training opportunities. CosmoProf partners with major manufacturers to provide in depth technique and product-based training that is approved by the manufacturers. Our Educators also organize special events and offer business building tools and services so our customers get a heads-up on new products and trends in the industry. Check out any one of our large industry shows like Spring Style, Fashion Focus and Hair Exchange throughout the USA and Canada. .

Promotional Planning Assistance

We know selling is as important to a salon’s profitability as its services. We help both new and established salons organize programs to manage and promote their business. We can help you plan and allocate space for retailing, plus we offer tips for keeping up with seasonal beauty trends. .

Explore CosmoProf’s great selection of authentic salon quality products to broaden the selection and services offered at your salon. To find out more about how you can connect with CosmoProf to take your salon business to the next level, contact us at 1-800-362-3186. For your convenience, new customers can complete our new member online form by visiting our website

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Financing available upon approval. 

Wholesale Salon Equipment has been providing high quality products to the beauty salon industry for since 1992. We sell a wide selection of imported and Made In the USA products available with warranties ranging from 1 year to 6 years. Based in Minnesota and happy to ship our products to the lower 48 beautiful United States. We proudly carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau..

Wholesale Salon Equipment Has Just What You Need

Visiting our spacious showroom filled with beauty salon equipment and furniture along with our storefront showcasing our top of the line shampoo chairs and bowls will give you a great idea of the high quality hair salon equipment and beauty products sold at our store. You may also shop our wide selection of Wholesale Salon Equipment including used salon chairs and spa equipment online.

We also offer:
  • Beautiful shampoo bowls, shampoo chairs and backwash shampoo units
  • Styling stations and styling islands, Styling stations and styling islands
  • Shampoo wet stations, all purpose chairs
  • Portable stylist stations and roller carts
  • Stylist mats, shampoo mats
  • Chairs:styling chairs, shampoo chairs, dryer, barber chairs, task stools, make-up
  • Pedicure Spa units, carts, chairs,
  • Facial, massage,.chairs, tables and equipment
  • Cosmetology school equipment
  • Kids equipment
  • Reception desks, New and Used Salon Chairs, retail displays
  • Salon furniture
  • Fixtures and parts
  • New and Used beauty salon equipment, pick up only in Minnetonka, MN

At Wholesale Salon Equipment We Carry Salon Furniture Manufactures With Warranties Ranging From 1 to 6 Years,

We sell the highest quality beauty salon equipment made in the USA. Also imported equipment, Shop name-brand products from:

  • Collins
  • Kaemark
  • Pibbs
  • Jeffco
  • Takara Belmont
  • Marble Products
  • Paragon-Garfield Int
  • Kayline
  • Dani Meri
  • Rhino Mats
  • Unique ICU Mats
  • Fusion Pedicure Spa
  • Continuum Pedicure Spa
  • YCC Products
  • Union Beauty
  • AYC Products

We also offer just about any items that you may find necessairy to design a new hair salon image or to transform an existing hair salon with the a wide selection of furniture accessories which include parts, fixtures, mirrors, magazine racks, and more. Create a wish list for products you want to buy in the future. We offer financing on all purchases.

Visit our showroom to see how we can transform your hair salon, or contact us and speak with one of our beauty salon equipment team members and receive personalized help.

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