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Coconut Jack's 



Outdoor Bayfront Patio Restaurant

 Kitchen Hours 11:00 am - 9:00 pm daily
The bar opens at 11:00 am - 2:00 am
Great food and live entertainment nightly 

Jet Ski Rental closed until 2-2022​
*Water Sports  Parasailing, Jet Ski Rentals 

Summer Hours 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

2301 Laguna Blvd.

South Padre Island, TX.


Welcome to Coconut Jack's
Tuesday Night Fireworks 9:15 pm All Summer 2021

Coconut Jack's Water Sports

South Padre Island Activity jet ski rentals, jet ski tours, parasailing, bar and grill restaurant.

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Coconut Jack's Jet Ski

South Padre Island Jet Ski Rentals Coconut Jack's

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Coconut Jack's Water Sports

Parasailing on the Gulf of Mexico from Coconut Jack's

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Coconut Jack's Water Sports

South Padre Island Activity jet ski rentals, jet ski tours, parasailing, bar and grill restaurant.

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Jet Ski Rentals & Tours, Parasailing, Food, Bay Views it is always fun at
Coconut Jack's 2301 Laguna Blvd. South Padre Island, TX. 
Stop by Coconut Jack's
Great Food,  Parasailing, Jet Ski Rentals      ​

Meet your friends at Coconut Jack's  Outdoor Bayfront Patio Restaurant & Bar for great food,

                   Watersports                   Tropical Drink Menu                     Restaurant Menu

Rentals Jet Ski, Jet Ski Tours, Parasailing & Great Food Welcome to South Padre Island Water Sports, food, and fun right on the bay of

South Padre Island, TX. Coconut Jack's SPI Music at Coconut Jack's SPI on Laguna Madre Bay  South Padre Island water sports.

Coconut Jack's SPI Grill South Padre Island, TX.  There is always something going on at Coconut Jack's SPI. We are adding more to our line up, so just stop by and see who playing tonight. Music South Padre Island nightclub and restaurant.

 Vacation 2021

10 am - 6 pm Daily  

Times are subject to change without notice 

2301 Laguna Boulevard and Marlin Street 


10 am - 6 pm Daily 

$75.00 per person +Tax Observer $25.00 + Tax
If there is room. 2301 Laguna Blvd. 


Welcome to Coconut Jack's 

Waterfront Patio Restaurant & Bar

Hours: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

South Padre Island Day and Night Activities 
Fireworks Tuesday 9:15 pm over the bay all summer 2021.


Visit Corpus Christi

  • Skydive South Texas


Bringing the thrill of skydiving to Corpus Christi, Padre Island, Mustang Island and Port Aransas, Skydive South Texas offers views of the Coastal Bend that can’t be beat! The locally owned and operated business is Texas’ only tropical skydiving destination. The drop zone is located on Mustang Island - after your dive, you can explore the popular island destination that has something for everyone.

Book your airborne adventure online today or visit Skydive South Texas to experience Port Aransas from new heights!

Monday - Friday: By Appointment
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

  • Scenic/Photo Friendly
  • View of the Beach and/or Gulf
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Port Aransas

Located In Port Aransas

You can find Port Aransas between Mustang Island and the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. This quaint city offers beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife. Don’t be surprised to see dolphins jump out in front of the large ships coming in and out of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. Its fine dining options and nightlife make Port Aransas a must-do when you want the full Coastal Bend experience. Ride the ferry and explore the cities in the North Bay area.

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Parasailing on South Padre Island


Parasailing with Breakaway CruisesAs part of a fun filled action packed week long winter vacation on South Padre Island, we had scheduled ourselves to go parasailing over Laguna Madre Bay and South Padre Island. But each day for five days, the conditions were not favorable for parasailing - thanks to some heavy winds and choppy seas. But the wind finally died and we immediately rushed over to , who had recently won an award as "Category Winner" in the "Activities" and "Eco-Tour" categories of the South Padre's Best Award. So I figured they were safe enough to tow our family 600' above the bay.

We (Mrs Texas Outside and our oldest daughter's family which included two boys ages 2 and 5) eagerly jumped aboard the boat and headed out to the bay. Being the gentleman that I am, we let another couple go first - no, we were not scared or timid, we were shaking because it was a little cold! The first couple made it look easy - both were strapped into a harness, sat on the back of the boat, the boat accelerated and the parachute Back for a perfect landingmagically opened, and they were gently lifted into the sky. Both of the grandkids saw this and their eyes went wide open, they cuddled closer to mom and dad, and looked scared to death! No telling what would happen when they were up for their ride.

As the first couple were flying 600' feet above Laguna Madre Bay, the oldest grandson and his mom got suited up and ready to go. He still looked very nervous but when the first couple returned safely with smiles on their faces and a big "WOW, that was fantastic," I think some of the fear left and the oldest grandson bravely stepped up to the launch platform, grabbed his harness so tight his knuckles were white as he hooked onto the parachute, and suddenly off they went. We were waving and cheering frantically and after a couple minutes he did make a little arm wavr back to us. After a safe landing, he was all grins and high fives and full of bravado and cheering his little brother on as he got ready for his flight.

Strapped in and ready for lift offDo you see an arm wavingGentle lift off Up and away

The 2 year old eagerly stepped up to he platform with a big grin on his face - I don't think he realized what was about to happen. He returned with he same big smile he left with! He said he loved it. And shortly after he landing, the spouse and I were flying over the bay - what a view of South Padre Island, Port Isabel, dolphin frolicking in the bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. And to top it all off, the sun was just starting to set. It can't get much better than that?

Ready for the 2 year old to take offTake off with a nice form from dadWay up there check out the viewNot the best of landings

Sunset over Port IsabelWe had parasailed years ago in the early days of parasailing and it was quite an adventure - the boat was a modified ski boat with a pole and 100' of line and a parachute. The boat took us out to a platform being towed by another boat, where we were strapped into a harness, and sometimes took off without being pulled face first into the platform or being drug through the lake before we were lifted into the air - and that's if we were lucky. Then they tried to land us on the platform without drowning us in the water or ramming us into the floating dock. Then it took about an hour for them to coil the line, air out the parachute, and get us back to shore with all your bumps and bruises. At that time we loved it and thought it was a real adventure. As I was explaining this to my grandson, who thinks I predated the turtles, I had to tell him our parasailing adventure was not before the dinosaurs! We also tried parasailing with a friend who bought a chute and some line and proceeded to find out that the wind was blowing the wrong way and the boat wasn't powerful enough to get us in the air after we were drug across the sand and face first into the lake.

None of that happens when you parasail with Breakaway Cruises. You walk onto a wide platform on the back of the wide stable customize boat, sit down on the rear platform as they attach the parachute, and as the boat accelerates the chute opens and you are gently lifted into the sky. The 600' of line is released by an automated winch system which also automatically pulls you gently back to the platform in a standing position. No sand, no cold water, no bumps or bruises, and no pain - how cool is that?

Getting ready to go parasailing with Breakaway CruisesGettng our harnesses readyGetting the chute readyGetting air in the chute

Now I understand why Breakaway Cruises was selected as "best of category" - they are efficient, friendly, and have a variety of fun things to do. In addition to offering single or tandem parasailing, they offer:

  • dolphin watch tours to view the dolphins playing in the bayFirst couple about to go sky high
  • eco tours where you search for dolphin as well as learn about a variety of fish, crabs, stingrays and assorted marine life brought on board from dragging a net behind the boat
  • fishing charters on South Padre Island and Port Isabel's newest and most spacious cruise and fishing charter boat
  • land and sea cruises on the Aqua Dog, a part of the cruise goes to an uninhabited beach
  • waverunner tours where you can get up close and personal with the dolphins, catch a wave along the jetty, and check all the working shrimp boats
  • snorkeling tours to view and swim with all the sea creatures in Laguna Madre Bay
  • sunset, dinner, fireworks, and special private party cruises

Make sure you don't leave the island without calling Breakaway Cruises (956-761-2212) and signing up for one of their fun adventures.

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South Padre Island Parasailing Spring break beach party Texas on the Ocean - 4k
Parrot Eyes Watersports

Parasail 700ft over the Laguna Madre Bay

Expierience our Island parasail adventure!

Parasail 700 ft over the clear waters of the Laguna Madre Bay and view the entire South Padre Island area. You can fly singles, doubles, or triples
A shuttle boat will leave our dock and transport observers and flyers to our USCG certified parasail platform where the riders will take off and land. This method is the safest way to parasail. Our Captain is one of the best in the Country and has over 30 perfect years of experience. Come fly over the crystal clear bay waters of the Gulf of Mexico where you can see the many of the wild marine life in the area.

With our 700′ line you are able to see the entire Island, Port Isabel as well as waves crashing on the beachside.
There’s no skill involved on your part and children are welcome.
Our parasail company is the only company on South Padre Island that can cater to large groups (up to 30) at one time!


Parrot Eyes is a tropical paradise for all who wish to experience fun activities, delicious food, and refreshing drinks on South Padre Island, Texas. You can find us just north of the Queen Isabella Causeway and only steps away from the warm Laguna Madre Bay. Stop by to enjoy an exciting afternoon of parasailing, kayak, SUP, and jet ski rentals, or a relaxing sunset dinner at our restaurant.

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JEt Ski and parasailing rentals south padre

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Kayak Rentals

Things to do while on south padre island, texas

South Padre Island, Texas has many different activities and adventures to offer. From fishing to kitesurfing to bird watching, the island of South Padre on the Gulf Coast of Texas has it all. This week Air Padre Kiteboarding would like to highlight a few favorite past times of many vacationers; south padre surf lessons, kayak rentals, SUP rentals, jet ski rentals, banana boat rides, and parasailing adventures. All these are activities that require little to no experience/ skill, and can be fun for the whole family or group of friends! We have collected some useful information on water sport activities on South Padre Island to point you in the right direction.

Jet Ski Rentals South Padre Island

Jet Ski Rentals

Jet skis, also known as wave runners, are a popular wastersport for many visitors of South Padre Island. The Laguna Madre Bay is a huge expanse of shallow water that is a perfect place to see by boat or jet ski. With more than a million acres of water to explore and miles of coastline to see, South Padre Island has many beautiful sites that can easily be seen from a wave runner. Jet Skis can be a fantastic thrill ride for families and friends, and only requires a driver's license to operate. Luckily there are many places to rent jet skis on South Padre Island, Texas. There are three available Yamaha wave runners to rent, ranging from single seater's to triples. Check out the wave runner rentals web page to reserve you spot today!


If you are looking for some thrilling heights, then parasailing is a easy way to catch some air. Parasailing is essentially an oversized parachute that you are strapped into and pulled up into the air by a boat. Parasailing can be done either in the Laguna Madre Bay or Gulf of Mexico on the South Padre Island, Texas coast. the Parasails can accompany one or two people and take them to heights well over 100 feet above the water. Parasailing is a safe watersport that does not require any skills. Take a look at the SPI parasailing web page, to get an idea of how much it costs, and reserve your spot today!

Banana boat rides on south padre island, texas gulf coast of america

Banana Boat Rides

Banana boat rides are great way to get the whole gang involved in a watersport all at once. A banana boat is a large inflatable tube that is pulled behind a boat or jet ski. As many as 5 or 6 people can sit on the banana boat and go for a high speed ride across the water. The great thing is no one has to worry about driving, so everyone in your party can just hang on and enjoy the ride! Jump on over to the banana boat rentals web page for more information, and to reserve a time for your party's adventure.

Kayaking Rentals on South Padre Island

Kayak Rentals

Air Padre - (956) 299-9463 - 5709A Padre Blvd.

South Padre kayak rentals are a great way to see the the shallow waters and marine life of the Laguna Madre. Single, doubles, glass-bottom, surf and even fishing kayaks are available to rent daily. Direct access to the water from the shop makes for an easy adventure that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. All equipment is provided - life preservers, kayaks, and paddles.

Kayak South Padre Island

Surfing Lessons South Padre

Stand Up Paddle board Rentals

Air Padre - (956) 299-9463 - 5709A Padre Blvd.

Interested in South Padre SUP rentals? Check out Air Padre for a great selection of SUPs ranging from several different brands and sizes. Stand up paddle boarding is a great new low impact sport, half mix between surfing and kayaking. The sport is easy and only requires a small amount of balance and technique. Great for all ages.

SUP South Padre Island

Surfing Lessons South Padre

Surfing Lessons and Rentals

Air Padre - (956) 299-9463 - 5709A Padre Blvd.

South Padre Island is home to the best surf in the Gulf of Mexico.South Padre surf lessons or surfboard rentals are a great way to experience the waves and water during your vacation to South Padre. No experience is necessary to learn how to surf, and all equipment is provided. With beginner specific boards, qualified instructors will get you up and riding in no time at all.

Surf South Padre Island

Air Padre Watersports Rentals Shop

Air Padre Watersports Rental Shop - (956) 299-9463

Air Padre watersports rentals shop is located at 5709A Padre Blvd. Situated on the main Padre Blvd. 3.1 miles north of the bridge, 1/2 block north of Morningside light - on the west side of the street. We are open for business from 9am - 5pm, 7 days/ week. Call us at 956-299-9463 if you have any questions regarding rental equipment, or to inquire about our various watersports lessons!

Other Available Watersport Rentals

Kayak Rentals

Kayak rentals

Starting at $30/ 2 hours

Rent kayaks on the Laguna Madre is a beautiful way to either start or end your day

Skydiving at South Padre Island with SKYDIVE SPI


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