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Curly hairstyles for men are undoubtedly stylish and they give men of different ages that youngish, but yet classic look. Naturally, men’s curly hair has envious texture, but there’s apparently a big misconception that curly hairstyles are quite difficult to maintain. If we’re keeping it real, every hairstyle requires maintenance, especially when you overlooking snatched up all the time.

Modern men rock curly hair better than their predecessors. They just don’t leave curly hairstyles to be the curly hairstyles they used to be back in the day. Men serve masculine drips by combining men’s curly haircuts with fades and undercuts. They rock the curly hairs so well that men with other hair texture are switching to men’s curly hairstyles.

What Makes Hair Curly?

There is a natural factor that makes your hair curly, it’s genetics. The hair growth angle and shape are determined by the follicle. When it’s asymmetrical, the strand is curved and oval-shaped. When the follicle is symmetrical, the hair is straight and the strand is circular. The protein keratin structure affects the shape of the hairs as well. When it is built up, the hair is curly. Also because it’s difficult for hair oils to go down the kinky hair, it starts to frizz. And, of course, there are numerous artificial ways to create curly men’s hairstyles.

Here are some insights that you need to consider before committing to the hairstyles for men with curly hair:

  1. Find out your type of hair to choose the right product.
  2. Use sulfate-free shampoos to prevent your curls from drying out.
  3. Opt for the curly hairstyles for men that are easily manageable.
  4. Give your hair enough conditioning to restore damaged locks.

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

How To Care For Curly Hair Properly?

The curly hairstyles for men look rockabilly only if the hair is healthy. So, maintain it in its best condition by keeping your thatch moisturized and nourished. The tips for curly hair men use to help accomplish this task successfully are the following:

  1. Cut down on shampoo use. Thus, you’ll prevent your hair from losing its natural oils from drying out and frizzing as a consequence.
  2. Prioritize the treatment. Look for the products that take care of your hair, not just cause curliness.
  3. Don’t save on conditioning. As we said earlier, it helps to keep your hair moisturized.
  4. Work with the wet hair. Apply the styling product and brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb while it’s still wet. This will prevent the hair from breaking and splitting the ends.
  5. Reduce the use of the heat. Hair straighteners and blow dryers don’t make any good to your hair. So try on limiting their utilization.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

How To Style Curly Hair

To succeed in styling either long or short curly hair men should stick to the following advice. First and foremost, you should keep in mind that how much time and effort you’ll spend on styling your hair daily directly depends on the way your hair is cut. So, ensure that your barber is skilled enough to deliver the right hairstyle for guys with curly hair. Then, you shouldn’t skimp on the hair styling products. It doesn’t mean that you should only buy the most expensive ones. It means that you should opt for the products that do what they say no matter how much they cost. And finally, your grooming routine really makes a difference. If you want your locks to look their best, you should remember not to wash them too often and use a special shampoo and conditioner that don’t case frizziness and nourish your locks instead.

Source: @tonyvoltaire via Instagram

Men’s Short Curly Hairstyles

The best curly haircut for men is neat haircuts for men with curly hair that are shorter on the sides like fades and undercuts provide clean palettes on which curly tops can rest.

If you are choosing hairstyles for short curly hair, understand that you’ll be working within parameters that can keep several inches of your luscious curls, and create shapes according to your facial structure. Tall texture, blowouts, mullets, perm hair men make short curly haircuts very attractive.

Here are some stylish curly hairstyles men can choose from:

Short Curly Hairstyles With Fade

On short wavy hair men wear, there are no limits you can’t go with styling. Combining a fade and an undercut can’t be too much. In fact, it’s like wanting a bold but yet swanky look. If there’s one haircut you should try with you short, it should be with a faded under.

To get the most out of your curly undercut, ensure the ringlets on top are bouncy and ample.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Quiff Haircuts For Curly Hair Men

The curly quiff looks more sophisticated and unusual compared to the traditional quiff men’s hairstyles. It can be styled in many different ways – slicked, brushed, messy or spiked. Complement your quaff with the buzzed cut sides and back to create a more striking contrast.

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

Taper Fade Mens Curly Haircuts

Almost nothing comes close when your curly short hair is resting on your taper fade. Curly fade has always been a classic haircut that gives men that posh masculine look. Best believe that you can never go wrong with a taper fade.

Source: @sirpaulcharles via Instagram

Cropped Mens Curly Hair

Cropped short curly hairstyles is one of the wavy hair men rock that leave room for flaunting the texture of your hair. So, if you want show off those curls, you can opt for a cropped short curls hairstyles. These hairstyles keep people’s focus on the top of your head while creating enough contrast to make your tight curls pop.

To add a touch of style, you can get the sides faded and complement the look with a surgical line on the side.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Rocker Locks

Most men’s haircuts are a reflection of their inner selves. If you love showing off your inclination into the rocker side, rocker locks is your best bet. It’s fancy cut it will still give your head a civil head.

Rocker lock can be achieved by shaving off your sides and nape while leaving the stripe of hair on top relatively long. Your layered curly hair won’t let this haircut look too savage.

Source: @reza_jax via Instagram

Taper Curly Hair Haircuts Men

Long curly hairstyles can be perfectly enhanced with all sorts of tapers. Thanks to the gradual transition from the short hair on the sides and back to the long hair on top, this cut looks moderate and smooth. For added contrast, you may want to go for a taper fade or undercut on the sides and a line up along the hairline.

Source: @alexthegreatvivarvia Instagram

Short Choppy Curls

If you don’t want anything elaborate, just some simple yet stylish haircut to tame your unruly man curl, then you need to chop the hair all over your head quite short. In case you still want to accentuate your hair texture, leave the top section a bit longer than the rest of the hair. This will help to keep the focus on your curly top.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Curly Hair + Undercut Fade

An undercut curly hair is still a hit till tomorrow. It adds splendor to your short curly hair, leaving you with that youngish look. Your curly hair on top will steal the show, but the well-trimmed sides and back of your head will attract the attention. Aside from being stylish, undercuts are easier to maintain, so you only have to focus on keeping the top of your hair looking classy. While on undercut, you can basically run your fingers on your short curls to give them the desired style.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

The short sides long top is one of the best haircuts for men with curly hair. It allows you to leave as much hair on top as you want. Just make sure that the contrast between the hair atop and on the sides and back is noticeable. This hairstyle has so many variations that we have barely lost count, from short curly hair with bangs and taper to curly long hair undercut fade.

Source: @keller_konturen via Instagram

Heavy Angular Fringe

Opting for an angled fringe haircut men with curly locks achieve a very bold and sharp look. The fringe haircut seems heavier than with other hair textures, but the right styling will fix it up. To add an airy and relaxed feel to your hairstyle, apply some hair styling product and tousle the curls with your hands. A mid fade will become a great accompaniment for such a ‘do.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

When you have such a defined hair texture, even short curly haircuts come out ample and outlined. Besides, as we mentioned before, short hairstyles for men are a surefire way to tame the craze of your ringlets. To make the look even edgier, get a two-level disconnected curly undercut on the sides, which can be pulled off only by the most daring fashionists.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Longer Bang And Full Beard

If you want a low maintenance haircut that allows you to show off your curls, then an elongated curly undercut bang is your way to go. Because it does not incorporate much hair on the head, you are welcome to complement the cut with a full beard.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Blowout Fade

A blowout fade is a perfect option for curly hair guys. Thanks for your hair texture, it is very easy to get, while the impact it makes cannot be overlooked.

Source: @corneliucrihan via Instagram

Curly High Top

Haircuts for men offer various kinds of fades – skin, drop, low, mid or high. The high top fade gives a clean and neat impression. And also, nothing distracts from the curls on top.

Source: @sidsottungacademy via Instagram

Curly Hair With Razor Line

Say, you’ve got at the idea how to cut curly hair, but something is still missing. To give your haircut an edgy and defined appeal, add a hard part to either side.

Source: @corneliucrihan via Instagram

Curly Pompadour

With their haircuts men make strong statements of their stylishness, masculinity, smartness and other qualities they want to accentuate. The pompadour haircut with all its volume and thickness gives the curly hair a completely new edge.

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

Curly Skin Fade

To make your curls the focal point of the whole look, complement them with a skin fade. As it takes off all the hair from the sides and back, nothing distracts attention from your defined hair texture. For an added emphasis, you can apply a hair styling product with a medium hold and matte finish.

Source: @egobarbers via Instagram

A long top short sides hairstyle is always a great solution hairstyles for curly hair men. It allows them to keep their kinks in check while giving their overall look a dapper and neat appearance. Besides, opting for it opens up a myriad of styling options for you. For instance, if you want to give your hair look an effortless and relaxed flair, tousle the top with your hand covered in a hair pomade or wax.

Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert via Instagram

Fancy Curls With Tapered Design

This hairstyle is made for really fashion savvy guys. Yet, if you dare to go for it, you can rest assured that it will never go unnoticed. What is more, it looks even bolder if you have coily or spiral curls. For an extra edge, team the curly top with tapered sides adorned with a hair design.

Source: @sirpaulcharles via Instagram

Textured Curls With Undercut

Another great way to give your curls additional emphasis is to opt for an undercut haircut on the sides and back. In this way, you effortlessly achieve a bold and contrasty look that requires minimum styling. Yet, for added prominence, you can give your curls a textured cut and enhance them with a tad of a hair product.

Source: @sirpaulcharles via Instagram

Messy Curly Quiff

With this hairstyle, you will undoubtedly be in the spotlight no matter where you go and what you wear. A messy curly quiff is an unconventional take on a traditional hairstyle. To achieve the look, you need to get a quiff upfront and style the back of your head messily.

Source: @shrunknheads via Instagram

Men’s Mid Length Curly Hair

In case the hairstyle men are looking for doesn’t fall into the category of short cuts, they should consider medium length hairstyles then. They are still easily-maintained, however, show off the splendor of your mane.

Source: @sidsottungacademy via Instagram

Tangled Curly Style

Remember that your hairstyle speaks for itself. Thus, if you want to make a strong fashion statement, you should really think through what your ‘do will look like. To bring enough volume and definition to your hair, flaunt your curly hair styles tangled. In this way, your locks will gain more flow and texture. For the utmost boldness, complement your messy hair men style with a double line-up.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Wavy Slicked Back

The slicked back hair is the perfect way to take your curly and wavy short hair under control. If you pair the slicked back top with the faded or undercut sides, you’ll get the perfect all-purpose hairstyle.

Source: @keller_konturen via Instagram

Medium Curly Quiff

However, if you don’t mind growing out your hair a little, a mid-length curly quiff is a great way to go for men with spiral hair texture. With such a length, you manage to show off your curls yet keeping the hair tamed. To make your curly quiff one of the trendiest modern haircuts for men, team it with a full beard.

Source: @fernthebarber via Instagram

The side part hairstyle is as effortless as it is eternal. It allows creating plenty of good haircuts for men, like this medium curly side bang.

Source: @corneliucrihan via Instagram

Curly Bowl Cut

The modern bowl cut is among the hair cuts for men that excel their predecessors at the texture and mess they employ. The sides are usually undercut so that the longer top, which goes in line with the bangs, could stand out more.

Source: @meha_barber via Instagram

To accentuate their curly hairstyles men exploit a fringe, which is an extended hair strand at the forehead. With curly hair, a fringe forms a wave, which creates diversity among the short hair styles for men.

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

Curly Hair Fade

In search of the softer looking men curly hairstyles opt for the fade hair because it implies having a transition from the long to the short hair on the sides and back. It also belongs to the low-maintained short haircuts for curly hair.

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

Curly Comb Over

Even though the comb over traditionally belongs to the straight and sleek types of cuts, a curly-haired man can also sport it effectively.

Source: @horatiuthebarber via Instagram

Curly Hair Undercut

Men curly hair undercut looks masculine, contrast and elegant at the same time. Give your side and back a short trim, while leaving the hair on the top loose.

Source: @londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

Curly Angular Fringe

The fringe doesn’t suit all the hairstyles for men with curly hair. It embellishes only those with a truly thick and dense thatch.

Source: @lanedorsey via Instagram

Slick Back Curly Hair

Mens curly hairstyles can look elegant and dapper as well. For instance, with such a hair texture, the slick back style gains a new twist. Besides, as you have curly locks, you won’t lack volume when slicking them back because they manage to maintain ampleness and fullness. You’ll just need a hair styling product with a strong hold to keep your ringlets in place.

Source: @spizoiky via Instagram

Curly Bob

Curly bob hairstyles suggest growing out your hair to the chin-length or a bit shorter. The hairdo looks flattering on almost every guy, emphasizing his facial features and giving them definition.

Afro Curls

Afro hair is just meant to be a bit lengthy. It’s an ultimate trendsetter of the medium curly hair cuts. Don’t go too long with the black men hairstyles. Just a neatly cut full head of hair is more than enough.


Blow-Dried Curls

Blow-drying is an optimum way to redefine the curls within the modern mens haircuts. As a result, you get medium wavy hair with added volume and bounciness.

Source: @meha_barber via Instagram

Curly Fringe

A fringe is often considered unfashionable and outdated. Yet, this photo proves that it can look stylish and trendy. To pull it off, you need to get the sides cut short while leaving enough hair on top to be swept to the side. Thanks to the defined texture, this hair look gains a distinct bounce and intricate twist.

Source: @shrunknheads via Instagram

Long Messy Curls

If you do not want to go for overly elaborate curly hairstyles for men, then you can simply let your hair grow long and end up with a prominent and eye-catching look. It does not require a lot of styling as well as maintenance. Just apply a blob of a hair styling product to define your curls and allow them to fall naturally.

Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert via Instagram

Curly Hair Boys

Have you ever noticed how cute boys with curly hair look? That said, if your kid has naturally curly locks, do not chop them off. Let him embrace his kinks as early as possible.

Asymmetrical Curly Fringe

Regardless of how controversial it sounds, but to make your face look more proportionate, you can go for an asymmetrical fringe. Because of its uneven shape, it will not take you any difficulty to disguise or draw attention away from any potential imperfections while the curly texture gives your hairstyle an edgy appeal.

Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert via Instagram

Hairstyles For Long Curly Hair Men

Long curly hair men are trying to manage and style so badly is a true gift. Long hairstyles for men could actually be confined to wearing natural locks loose and that wouldn’t be a loss to anybody.

Source: @meha_barberenrico.ravenna via Instagram

Man Bun

Still, if they do get tired of their long hair men can always stick to the man bun, which is one of the niftiest and trendiest updos for long hair.

Source: @grahamsnaturalcurls via Instagram

Long Glossy Curls

Although natural curly hairstyles look flawless without any styling at all, a bit of sheen won’t hurt. Work in a product with a delicate gloss into your locks for added shine. If you’re up to a fancy nigh-out with sophisticated long hair styles, gather your hair in a man ponytail.

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Shoulder – Length Wavy Hair

The shoulder length curly hair is perfect for those guys who want to brag about their superb hair texture but keep their curly hairstyles for men appropriate for formal occasions. With the wavy hair men, basically, do the same.

Source: @spizoiky via Instagram

Long Messy Waves

One of the best hairstyles for long hair is messy waves. It looks careless and natural even though you’ve spent all evening creating it. Long mens hairstyles for curly hair may require a lot of time and effort. However, the result is totally worth it. To get one of those intentionally messy long hair styles for men, you need to utilize a mousse that will give your curls a sleek, shiny and impressive look.

Source: @lanedorsey via Instagram


Oftentimes, dreads are a matter of need more than choice. This happens with the long Afro hair style men try to tame. If your hair has grown out too long to wear it loose comfortably, consider dreading it. Thus, you’ll get not only practical but also very swanky look.

Beach Curls

You may not be a beach person at all, but the surfer hair is a true staple of medium curly hairstyles, so you ought to give it a try alongside the other curly hair hairstyles.

Source: @lanedorsey via Instagram

Long Curly Hairstyles

You can never go wrong with long curly hairstyles for men. It allows you to show off your stately locks and make them the center of attention. Make sure though to take care of them thoroughly, as this hairstyle requires groomed and healthy appearance from your locks. Also, if you want to take it to the masculine side, pair this hairstyle with a rugged beard.

Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert via Instagram

Curly Hairstyles Tips

To always keep your curls in check, stick to the following tips:

  • Take care to choose curly hairstyles for men that are suitable for your very curl type.
  • So that it will not take you much time and effort to style your hair every day, go for a look that is easy-manageable and versatile.
  • Do not skimp on a premium quality sulfate-free hair shampoo that hydrates and nourishes your tresses for their healthy look.
  • Use a comb with wide teeth to eliminate tangles after taking a shower, which will save your curls from frizz caused by brushing.
  • Once in two weeks, condition your hair deeply, which will help you to lock in moisture and reduce damage.

Source: @reza_jax via Instagram

And you’ve made it. You’ve come through all 24 curly hairstyles for men and survived. Now it’s your time to efficiently use the obtained knowledge and sport your very own style for coiled hair.


What is the best haircut for curly hair for male?

Among the best curly haircuts, you can find a fringe, a pomp, an undercut as well as regular long, mid and short haircuts.

What can I do with my curly hair male?

Here are the main tips you should follow to get the most out of your curls:


Curly hair has gotten a bad rap for a long time. Admit it: when you think of men with curly hair, you’re picturing the untamed tresses of a Game of Thrones heathen or the overly-tamed wig of a 17th century French nobleman. What you’re forgetting about are the lovely natural curly hair locks that have become Entourage star Adrian Grenier’s signature style, or Justin Timberlake’s notorious closely cropped curls.

But we’re here to abolish those curly hair stigmas. Remember when your mum told you to eat your crusts to get curls? Mum always knows best. Plus, curls get the girls, it’s a fact. Luscious, thick, full hair is innately attractive to a woman because a) it means you’re not going bald any time soon and b) your children are likely to inherit the same attractive hairline.

Naturally curly hair can pose a few challenges, but haircuts for curly hair also have the advantage of looking fuller and standing out from the omnipresent crowds of straight-haired, side-parted clones. We say it’s time to embrace your mane’s twists and turns, with these men’s curly hairstyles.

Men’s Curly Hairstyles: Tips & Tricks

We all know that curly hair isn’t the easiest to manage. One minute you’re rocking glossy Shirley Temple ringlets and the next you look like Lenny Kravitz, and not in a good way. It might seem like one extreme or another for guys with curly hair, but there are some easy ways to maintain those waves and have them looking pristine and effortless in no time.

  1. Shampoo only once every 2-3 days to keep your curly hair from getting dry, and use a moisturising conditioner to cut back on frizz.
  2. If your goal is tight and tidy curls, use a high-hold, matte-finish styling product, and work it in from the roots when your hair is still damp.
  3. If you want to maintain volume in your curly hair, use a moisturising sea salt spray.

EXPERT TIP – Anthony Nader, RAW Salon Sydney

Embrace those curls you were born with guys and maximise the texture and different hairstyles for curly hair this season.

A few tips for men’s curly hairstyles to consider are;

  • If your hair strands are on the thicker side and you can’t manage the day to day styling, ask your hairstylist for some razored out pieces haphazardly cut throughout as this will give your hair more manageability and also be less buffi.
  • Don’t use a dry matt product as this will only make your hair larger than life and also your curls will be less defined.
  • To keep your curls looking and feeling soft, make sure you use a moisturising conditioner to keep hydrated.
  • When having your haircut, I always point cut the very ends, as this gives your curls more softness rather than cutting a blunt straight line which will only give the illusion of a “boxie” hard edged appearance.

Best Men’s Curly Hairstyles

Now you’ve mastered curly hair maintenance, let’s get down to hairstyles. Whether you prefer longer curly hair, short curly hair or a medium length in between, luckily there’s plenty of inspiration from the fashionable fellas of Hollywood.

Game of Thrones heartthrob Kit Harington is a prime example of longer curly hair done right. The actor keeps his natural curls shoulder length and fuss-free. If you’re partial to a shorter style, One Direction’s Harry Styles and Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley make a statement with curly hairstyles that are longer on top and cropped around the ears. As for mid length styles, look to Orlando Bloom and Matthew McConaughey for slicked back and sharp curly hair inspiration.

Styles to avoid are anything that resembles Justin Timberlake during his NSYNC days or the parted ringlets of Lost‘s Hugo Hurley.

For a complete rundown of some of the best curly hairstyles for men, check out the following guide.

Curly Hair With Quiff

One of the most common hairstyles you’ll see men with curly hair rocking is the humble quiff. A mainstay hairstyle for men with short and medium length hair, the quiff is a timeless hairstyle that can be achieved by virtually everyone.

However, compared to guys with straight hair, men with curly hair may find they have a slightly tougher time achieving a quiff due to the natural curls of their hair, but this also presents an opportunity for a completely unique look.

Simply warm up some styling paste in your hands and run through damp or towel-dried hair and move your curls into position and allow to dry naturally.

Long Curly Hair

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Brian May or Jimmy Page kind of guy (if you have to Google those names, shame on you) then you’ll understand the difficulty in taming long curly hair. However, equally, you will also understand just how amazing having long, luscious locks can be, and the conversations it will start.

While a long curly hairstyle is far less common these days, with men preferring to keep their curls more under control, if you want to rock what is known as the lob hairstyle, then make sure you consistently use hair product that helps to add volume to your hair.

Other variations of long wavy hair refer to when it is around cheek to shoulder length. Still long, but undeniably shorter than the aforementioned lob style, this style of long hair lends itself to greater styling options and equally head-turning looks.

Curly Hair With Man Bun

Love it or loathe it, the man bun isn’t going anywhere. We’re definitely of the opinion that it can look fantastic on some guys, completely transforming their look into one that is far more rugged and mature. It’s when you see the men who grow their hair out because they think they have to based on location, or simply because they’re a converted yogi master when it starts to look a little ridiculous.

Regardless, the man bun can look exceptionally great when it’s paired with curly hair. The natural curls add natural texture to your hair, and you may even find you have various shades of colour peeping through from the roots. As long as you’re prepared to go the distance when it comes to growing the hair out in the first place, you’ll reap the rewards of the messy bun.

Curly Hair With Fade

You’ll be hard pushed to go an entire day without seeing a man with some sort of fade haircut. They’re so popular and so versatile, and virtually all men can benefit from the graduated look on the sides and back of their head. Curly hair works particularly well with a fade haircut – whether it be a low fade, taper fade, or even a high fade – especially for those guys who love their curly locks, but don’t like the extra weight brought on by them.

By incorporating a fade hairstyle, you can remove the weight of the curls from around the sides of the head, leaving just the curly hair on top. From here, it’s down to you how you style it. You could style it forwards, similar to a Caesar cut or a French crop, move it into a quiff, or you could even use the fade to create an undercut, leaving long hair on top to drape down, or tie into a man bun. The options are almost endless.

Curly Hair With Mullet

The mullet hairstyle is perhaps one of the most divisive around, but if you find yourself in Australia, you’ll soon see it’s essentially a part of life. The mullet hairstyle calls for short hair on top (or at least, shorter than the back) and longer hair draping down the back of the head.

The mullet can actually be particularly effective when teamed with curly hair. Before you start thinking of sleazy 1970’s nightclub owners, the curly hair mullet has plenty of merit in the modern day. Admittedly, your style of dress may need to be a little more on the historic/nostalgic side, and it won’t suit all face types unfortunately – if you have long curly hair you’ll do well to ask your barber for their professional opinion.

Men’s Curly Hair FAQ


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Believe me, I know curly hair can feel like a hassle. It’s easy to look at other dudes with stick straight hair and think they have it easier or that they have more options. But curly hair has texture and can have volume, two things guys with straight hair want and can rarely get without the help of products and professional intervention. The grass is always greener on the other side, am I right?

Curly hair has a mind of its own and the impulse for lots of curly guys is to cut it very short, if only to make it easier to style and cut down on maintenance. And curly hair maintenance, while we’re on the subject, is very different from straight hair. Curly hair shouldn’t be washed as often because it can dry out easily, heavy products ,like thick pomades aren’t usually as good for it as moisturizing styling creams, and air drying can take hours. But that’s also the beauty of curly hair. If you take care of it and don’t try to control it too much, it can look absolutely amazing.

Hair texture varies and even guys with curly hair don’t all have the same type of curly hair. But whether your hair is tightly coiled or more of a wave, there are a variety of cuts and styles that can bring out the natural texture and allow you to embrace your curls with confidence and panache. Allow this list to show you exactly how cool curly hair can be.

The Textured Crew

As seen on Ryan Phillippe

Instead of keeping hair too short to curl, this longer variation of a classic crew cut allows natural texture to show through, especially on top. Keep the top a medium length to allow for shape, but not so long that your hair fully curls. Style it with a styling cream or cream pomade for a little bit of shine and hold without a greasy look.

The Royal

As seen on Kit Harrington

Curly hair looks great when there is enough length to really show it’s texture. Case in point, this long ‘do made famous by the King in the North himself. It takes patience to get hair to this length, especially if you’re growing it from a short style, but the payoff is a big one. Whether it’s tucked behind your ears or left to flow, a longer style like this is a showstopper.

The Outdoorsman

As seen on Jamie Dornan

Yes, you can have a beard and curly hair without looking like Grizzly Adams. The key here is the relatively short length on both the haircut and the beard. Keep the beard trimmed neatly so it provides contrast to the natural texture of your hair. Ask your barber to trim the sides of your head, but leave length on top for the natural curl to pop out.

The Let It Flow

As seen on Timothee Chalamet

All it takes to achieve a look like this is patience; don’t touch it for a few months and resist the urge to get it “shaped” or trimmed by a barber. Once you have enough length to tuck behind your ears, then you can get it cut into a mild wedge shape. A longer length will bring out curls and waves in your hair and using a matte styling cream will help make it look piecey and windblown.

The Modern Fro

As seen on The Weeknd

Tighter, coily curls tend to grow up instead of down; lean in to it! This is not the perfectly round afros you might be thinking of. Instead, ask your barber to shape it so there is more length on top and with a gentle curve down to your ears. Don’t go for smooth finish—leave it slightly shaggy around the perimeter to allow the texture to make it look cool and casual.

The Beach Bum

As seen on Matthew McConaughey

You can’t get a cut like this with a clipper. Ask your barber or stylist to give you a scissor cut, which allows for a more gentle shape and can bring out your natural texture. This is not a slick, groomed look. When hair is damp, spray on some salt spray to give that just-off-the-beach piecey look, and then let it air dry however it wants.

The Crop

As seen on Justin Timberlake

Not every style for curly hair has to be long and windswept. If shorter hair is more your vibe, that’s cool. Still ask your barber to avoid clippers and use scissors to create this crop to preserve some of the natural texture even when it’s short. Note that there is little to no fade—you want a uniform length on the sides with only slightly more on top.

The Go Big or Go Home

As seen on Nick Jonas

Remember when I said curly hair can have volume? Case in point, this style that uses natural curl to its advantage to create height on top. Leave the top long enough that hair can have a few full curls and the sides only slightly shorter. To style, spray a volumizing spray on damp hair and then use a curl cream to create smooth, defined curls.

The Woke Up Like This

As seen on Adam Brody

This cut shares a similar shape with the previous style, but isn’t quite as finished. You still want enough length that your hair can fully curl several times (or if you have wavy hair, it has a defined wave). The difference is that this style is way more casual. Use a salt spray or a light styling cream on damp hair and let it air dry naturally for this devil-may-care look.

The Grown Out Crop

As seen on Jesse Eisenberg

The the previously mentioned crop, this style only has very slight changes in length between the sides and the top and, in this case, the ears. The shape is similar, but the length is longer to allow for more defined curls to show through. The fringe (bangs) is styled toward the front and cut in a straight line across the forehead to show off more of your texture.

The Casual Superman

As seen on Jesse Eisenberg

This super look all comes down to styling. You’ll want enough length on top to create a defined swoop, but how much you have on the sides doesn’t matter as much. Use a high-hold product, like a matte-finish pomade, to slick the sides back with your hands, along with a styling cream on the top to give a more natural appearance. Finish the whole thing with hairspray to keep it in place.

The Free Spirit

As seen on Jason Momoa

The longer the hair, the more curl it shows off, and the beauty of natural curls is that they’re inconsistent. Showcasing the different textures in your hair is what makes this look seem cool and completely effortless. It also depends on length, so be patient and let your hair grow as long as you dare. And then give it a spritz of salt spray to help define the texture.

The Short Fro

As seen on Bruno Mars

Unlike a longer fro, this shorter version doesn’t require your curls be super tight and compact. It’s more about the shape than the length. You’re going for a round shape, nearly even on the sides and top, to create a frame of curls around your face. If your curls are looser, keep it on the shorter side to make sure they stay in place. If they’re tighter, feel free to go a little longer.

The Flat Top

As seen on Khalid

The impact of this style is height, which helps to elongate and slim your face. Ask your barber to fade the sides of your head tight and continue that line straight up. Leave the length on top long (as long as it can get and still stand up straight.) Keep it modern by not cutting the ends and instead allowing them to create a textured edge and then style with with a pomade or wax for maximum hold.

The Low Fade

As seen on Odell Beckham Jr.

A low fade, instead of a high-and-tight, looks great with curly hair because it allows natural texture to really shine. Keep the length on the sides short, with the fade only in the lower half toward the ears and then allow for a somewhat blunt edge between the sides and the top. Keep enough length on top to show off the curls in their full glory.

The Texture and Fade

As seen on Jimmy Butler

This style is the love child between the Flat Top and the Low Fade: taking qualities of both but creating something completely different. Keep the fade just around the ears and instead of a graduation, ask your barber to leave a blunt edge. Then bring the length on top a little lower on the sides so it starts just below where your head curves in. Use a wax or gel to define the curls and give texture.

The Leading Man

As seen on Richard Madden

Another slick style that’s all about the volume, this one can’t be done with clippers. Ask your barber to use scissors to cut the sides slightly shorter than the top, but leave enough length that they can be slicked back. Use a volumizing spray on the top as well as a styling cream or curl cream to create hold. Bonus points if you can get even more volume by using a hair dryer.

The Shine On

As seen on Dev Patel

The length on this style isn’t the point—the cut itself is similar to the Royal or Let It Flow. Instead, to get a sleek, shiny (but not overly wet look), it’s all about what products you use. A little bit of high-shine pomade on damp hair could do the trick—smooth it through and then let your hair dry naturally. Or for extra shine, use a little bit of hair gel (not too much or it will get crunchy.)

The Egghead

As seen on Oscar Isaac

The shape of this cut is ideal for curly hair, because the rounded edges mimic the texture of curls and allow them to shine. The sides are cut slightly shorter than the top, but not faded with a clipper. Instead, as the length graduates up, the angle is rounded to seamlessly merge with the longer length on top. Use a styling cream to create shine and texture with only a little hold.

The Lion's Mane

As seen on Corbin Bleu

Okay, this style requires a lot of hair and a little guts, but this version of the fro is great for guys who have a very defined curl that’s not tight enough to stand up straight. Grow it out long and then have it cut into a sphere shape. Forget a taper on the neck, too. Keep it long all over your head for maximum effect.

The Slick Back

As seen on Henry Cavill

As long as you have a moderate amount of length, you can slick back even curly hair, a look that is ideal for formal occasions. Use a classic pomade and apply it to damp hair working it through from the back to front of your head. Shape it by smoothing the sides back and finding your natural part with your hands. Let it air dry or use a blow dryer for a sleeker look.

Garrett MunceGarrett Munce writes about men's style and grooming.

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Curly Hairstyle Guide for Men 2020

If you think you hate your curly hair, think again. It’s probably the haircut. Curly hair men have different cutting and styling requirements than straight or even wavy hair.

In this guide, you will find 77 of the best men’s haircuts for curly hair for short, medium, and long lengths. Scroll down to get straight to the haircuts and hairstyles!

We also share super helpful styling tips and the best products you can use for your curly hair.

Different Haircuts for Men With Curly Hair

There are three ways to manage curly hair. The first eliminates texture and frizz with a very short haircut. The second is to straighten hair with a product, heat styling, or relaxer. The last is to make the most of your hair type. That’s what we’re here for.

There aren’t any pictures of curly buzz cuts, crew cuts, and other ultra-cropped looks because hair is too short to reveal any texture and looks straight. Instead, we have short, medium, and long haircuts with fades, tapers, and undercuts that highlight curly locks and are easy to wear.

Cool Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

So what are cool looks for curly hair? Anything that works with your natural texture. Styles with texture are one of the top men’s hair trends right now and you don’t have to get a special cut or use a special product to get it. In addition to the popular curly fade haircuts, we’ve got trendy looks like French crops, curly mohawks, and slick styles.

How To Maintain Curly Hair

Every cut at every length is a good haircut with the right care. The coils and shape of curly hair make it more prone to dryness and breakage than other hair types. Lots of conditioning will make hair softer and more manageable. Here are the basics of taking care of curly hair:

Shampoo Less

At most, shampoo hair every other day but less is even better. You can still shower every day. Break up any grime by massaging the scalp thoroughly. Condition hair every day. If hair looks or feels greasy in between, spray some dry shampoo at the roots and work it in.

Condition More

Daily conditioning isn’t always enough to keep curly hair looking it’s best A leave-in conditioner or few drops of oil after the shower lock in moisture and help fight frizz. Use a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week or at least once a month. The curlier the hair, the more additional moisture it requires.

Styling Curly Hair

On days you don’t wash your hair, use some dry shampoo to absorb oil at the roots. Then add products, but less than you use on freshly washed hair.

Curly hair men - best haircuts and hairstyles for curly hair

Types of Curly Hair

There is an official way to classify types of curly hair based on how much hair it takes a complete curl to form. Type 1 hair is straight, Type 2 is wavy, Type 3 is curly and Type 4 is kinky. Coiled hair can be type 3 or 4. In general, most people with coily and kinky hair are of African descent but not always. Black people can have looser curls, white people can have tighter curls, and curly hair exists in all genetic pools including Hispanic and Asian lineages.

Instead of those classifications, we’re going to look at the types of curly hair that require different care and products:

Thick + Coarse Curly Hair

Sometimes thick and coarse curly hair can be too much of a good thing. The key to soft, manageable hair is conditioner and lots of it. Get extra moisturizer in hair at every opportunity with a moisturizing shampoo, daily conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and even deep conditioning treatments like. Hair products for curly hair like creams and pomades hold hair and moisture.

Thin + Fine Curly Hair

The challenge for thin and fine curly hair is to avoid falling flat. Even with curly volume, hair products can weigh hair down. In addition to the right length and layers for your curl type, use lightweight products that define curl and fight frizz like mousses and curl creams.

Frizzy Curly Hair

Frizz is not a type of curl. Frizzy hair deviates from the surrounding texture, standing up or curling on its own. There are two main causes of frizzy curly hair. One you can control and the other you can’t. The former is hot and humid weather, the later is dehydration and damage. The good news is both can be combated with care and products.

First, towel drying hair with an actual towel can cause frizz. Dedicate an old t-shirt to the cause or try a microfiber towel. Second, don’t play with your hair during the day. The more you touch it, the more it will frizz up.

As far as products go, fight frizz with additional moisture and conditioning. In heat and humidity, oils and waxes define curly texture and keep away that summer frizz.

Tight + Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky curls are the tightest type of curls. Depending on if it is type 4a, 4b, or 4c curls, hair forms tight coils in an S- pattern, Z-pattern, or without a defined curl pattern. This type of tight, kinky curls are the most prone to dryness and breakage.

The quick rules for this natural texture are wash less, moisture, more avoid silicones and mineral oil in hair products, deep condition, don’t brush dry hair, and use protective styles, especially over bight.

Now, let’s check out the latest curly hair haircuts and hairstyles. Scroll down to pick your desired hair length, and then choose a cool new look.

Short Haircuts And Hairstyles For Curly Hair

1. Undercut For Short Curly Hair

undercut for short curly hair

A cool look that shows off short sides and longer curls on top. Disconnected with an undercut.

2. Curly Hair + 360 Waves + Short Haircut

curly hair 360 waves short haircut

A very stylish short haircut for black men. The 360 waves add definition to short hair.

3. Classic Short Haircut For Curly Hair

Classic Short Haircut For Curly Hair

A simple classic men’s haircut for curly hair. A great professional look for the office that can also be worn in a casual way over the weekend.

4. Short Taper Haircut For Curly Hair

short taper haircuts for curly hair

Another awesome classic men’s haircut, the taper shows a clean fade in the temples and the neckline.

5. Classic Skin Fade + Short Curly Hair

classic skin fade short curly hair

This is a great looking mid bald fade haircut for curly hair that is not as disconnected as an undercut. Line up in the front is super fresh.

6. Low Fade Haircuts For Short Curly Hair

low fade haircuts for short curly hair

Here we have a low fade short haircut for curly hair that is nicely blended where the fade meets the hair on top.

7. Mid Fade Haircuts For Short Curly Hair

mid fade haircuts for short curly hair

A cool mid fade haircut for curly hair that has a nice length of fringe hanging loosely in the front.

8. High Fade Haircuts For Curly Hair

high fade haircuts for curly hair

This look features a high fade blended into shorter curls on top.

9. Drop Fade And Curly Hair With Hair Design

drop fade and curly hair

Want a trendy cool look? Then get a hair design added to the fade on the sides. Here, the design separates a bald fade from the high fade.

10. Bald Fade And Short Curly Hair

bald fade and short curly hair

Another cool look for curly hair that features a hair design on the sides.

11. Short Curly Hair + Mohawk Fade Haircut

curly hair mohawk fade haircut

Okay, time to turn up the cool factor even more with a mohawk fade for curly hair.

12. Short Curly Haircut For Thick Hair With Shadow Fade

short curly haircut with shadow fade

A cool short haircut for men with thick curly hair.

13. Temple Fade + Short Curly Haircut

temple fade + short curl haircut

Keep some length on the sides and tidy up the look with a temple fade that disconnects a beard.

14. Temp Fade

temp fade

A super clean looking temp fade for black men.

15. Short Haircut With Burst Fade And Curly Hair

short haircut with burst fade and curly hair

Another haircut that makes curly hair look awesome. This look features a burst fade and line up in the front that looks crisp and fresh.

16. Short Curly Hair + Box Fade Haircut

short curly hair box fade haircut

A nicely sculpted box fade haircut in a short, almost medium length of hair.

17. Southside Fade Haircut

southside fade

This is a short, unique look that is perfect for Summer or hot climates.

18. Fade Haircut With Hair Design

fade haircut with hair design

This is one of the coolest short haircuts for men that we have seen lately. It features a high fade and short textured hair on top.

19. Stylish And Cool Haircuts For Short Curly Hair

stylish haircuts short curly hair

A cool fade haircut that separates the high from the low fade.

20. Haircuts For Thinning Curly Hair

haircuts for thinning curly hair

If you have thinning hair you could try out a short textured haircut like this one. It features a short fringe in the front and a high fade on the sides.

21. Fringe Haircut For Curly Hair With A Bald Fade

fringe haircut

A simple haircut for curly hair that features a longer fringe in the front and a mid bald fade on the sides.

22. Short Curly Hair Crop Haircut

short curly hair crop haircut

This crop haircut is all neat and tidy with a line up in front and an awesome fade on the sides that features a line.

23. Quiff Haircut For Short Curly Hair

quiff haircut for short curly hair

This is a popular style we have seen lately. A quiff haircut for curly hair and a low bald fade on the sides that disconnects the beard.

24. Short Textured Men’s Haircut For Curly Hair With Bald Drop Fade And Bangs

Show off your curly hair with a bald drop fade on the sides and back. This separates curls on top and makes them pop.

25. Cool Pompadour Haircut For Short Curly Hair

cool pompadour haircut for short curly hair

A classic and clean look for curly hair with a high fade on the sides.

26. Slicked Back Hairstyle For Short Curly Hair

slicked back hairstyle for short curly hair

Make your curls look slick by working some pomade into damp or wet hair. Or use a pomade that has shine.

27. Short Haircut With Shaved Sides And Curly Hair On Top

short haircut with shaved sides and curly hair

This is a modern version of the high and tight for short curly hair.

28. Short Summer Haircut For Men With Curly Hair

short summer haircut for men with curly hair

This short men’s haircut for curly hair puts emphasis on your curls. It features a bald fade that is perfect to stay cool all Summer long, or in hotter climates.

29. Short Men’s Curly Haircut With A Hard Part

A high fade and a hard shaved line creates a nice box fade haircut.

30. Short Choppy Haircut + Curly Hair

short choppy haircut curly hair

If you want a clean looking stylish look go for a textured haircut like this one.

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

31. Short Sides + Medium Curly Hair On Top

short sides medium curly hair on top

This is a super tight look. Medium loose curls on top. And an awesome low bald fade at the sides and back with a line up to keep things looking nice and tidy.

32. Medium Length Messy Curly Hair With Longer Fringe

messy curly hair medium length

This is a great haircut with a longer fringe in the front. This is a modern take on the classic 80s skater hair look.

33. Classic Tapered Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

classic haircut for medium curly hair

Don’t want a fade? Then go for a classic men’s tapered scissor cut haircut.

34. Modern Mullet Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

flow haircut for medium curly hair

Want to stand out from the pack. Keep some party in the back and all business up front. This is a modern mullet haircut for curly hair.

35. Layered Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

layered haircut for medium curly hair

Another good looking modern tapered haircut for men with curly hair.

36. Undercut For Medium Curly Hair

undercut for medium curly hair

This is a cool look for black men. The braided undercut haircut.

37. Blowout Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

The blowout haircut never goes out of style. It looks awesome with medium length thick curls.

38. Medium Length Taper Haircuts For Curly Hair

medium length taper haircuts for curly hair

Here we have a great haircut at medium borderline longer curly hair. It is kept clean with a slight temple fade. Longer fringe is styled back and to the side.

39. Low Fade Haircuts For Medium Curly Hair

low fade haircuts for medium curly hair

Another great haircut for men with curly hair that want a medium length on top. It features a low fade and the hair on top is textured and thinned out.

40. Mid Fade Haircuts For Medium Curly Hair

mid fade haircuts for medium curly hair

Want to keep a tight short feeling at the sides and the back. This haircut does that. Curls in the front and on top are kept thick and full.

41. High Fade Haircuts For Medium Hair With A Fresh Line Up in Front

high fade haircuts for medium hair

This is a cool haircut that is almost like a high top. The high fade and line up disconnects the tall hair on top.

42. Medium Length Loose Curly Hairstyles

medium length loose curly hairstyles

Another 80s skater inspired haircut keeps the long loose curly fringe in front.

43. Slicked Back Curly Hair Hairstyle In Medium Length

fringe haircut for medium curly hair

Another good haircut if you do not want short faded sides. This is an longer all scissor cut haircut for men with curly hair.

44. Stylish Haircuts For Medium Length Curly Hair

Medium length curls on top, a medium length fringe in front, and a mid fade on the sides.

45. Dyed Curly Hair Haircuts

dyed curly hair haircuts

Add some hair color to switch up your look. Totally cool and totally fun.

46. Shag Haircut + Curly Hair

shag haircut curly hair

Curly hair is perfect for the shag haircut.

47. Curly Hair Mullet Haircut

curly hair mullet haircut

Mullets have been a more popular choice of haircuts in recent years. Keep that flow in the back and keep it clean cut in the front and sides. Looks great with a baseball hat too.

48. Shaved Sides + Medium On Top

shaved sides medium on top

This curly haircut for men features a temple fade and some loose bangs in front.

49. Drop Fade And Curly Hair

drop fade and curly hair

Line up haircuts look really good with curly hair. The best of both worlds, medium hair on top, short everywhere else.

50. Medium Bald Fade Haircut For Curly Hair

medium bald fade haircut for curly hair

A super cool curly hair high top haircut with a bald fade and line up. Tight.

51. Mohawk Fade With Medium Curly Hair On Top

mohawk fade with medium curly hair on top

This is an awesome haircut, the curly hair mohawk fade.

52. Shadow Fade And Medium Curly Hair

shadow fade and medium curly hair

This haircut keeps the hair very short in the back and on the sides with medium length curls on top and a loose longer fringe in front. You can also style this hair back in a slicked back look for more formal occasions.

53. Temple Fade And Medium Curly Hair

This simple minimalistic temple fade gives this medium length curly haircut a clean appearance.

54. Temp Fade And Medium Curly Hair

temp fade and medium curly hair

A medium to long curly hair men’s haircut. Super tall on top looks so cool.

55. Burst Fade And Medium Curly Hair

burst fade and medium curly hair

Want to stand out? Get a burst fade with a hair design.

56. Stylish Haircuts For Medium Curly Hair

stylish haircuts medium curly hair

A modern take on a classic haircut. Curls on top are mostly cut at one length which gives this uniform look.

57. Fringe Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

fringe haircut for medium curly hair

A medium length curly men’s haircut with fringe. Essentially, a medium length crop haircut for curly hair.

58. Crop Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

crop haircut for medium curly hair

Another version of the men’s curly crop haircut.

59. Textured Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

textured haircut for medium curly hair

A super cool medium length men’s haircut for curly hair that features a long fringe and textured hair on top that is styled forward.

60. Medium Curly Hair Side Part Haircut

medium curly hair side part haircut

Curly hair is difficult to keep parted. Overcome this with a hard part shaved above a high fade.

61. Comb Over Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

comb over haircut medium curly hair

One of the best and most stylish men’s haircuts for curly hair that we have seen over the years. A nice tidy mid fade that is nowhere near the skin, with loose curls neatly styled forwards with the fringe.

62. Pompadour Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

pompadour haircut for medium curly hair

A cool looking pompadour haircut for curly hair with a high fade.

63. Medium Length Coily-Curly Hair

Super tight longer curls left to do what they do best – just be natural. Paired with a low bald fade.

64. Medium Curly Hair Haircut With Shaved Sides

medium curly hair haircut with shaved sides

A cool high fade haircut with longer curls on top.

65. Layered Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

Layered Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

Skip the fade and keep your curls longer all over. This is a great looking layered haircut for men with curly hair.

66. Choppy Haircut For Medium Curly Hair

choppy haircut for medium curly hair

A choppy messy curly hairstyle.

67. Temp Fade + Medium Curly Haircut

Temp Fade + Medium Curly Haircut

Another awesome haircut by Whitney VerMeer that lets the natural curls on top do their magic.

68. Taper Haircut for Curly Hair

A clean tapered haircut for curly hair.

Long Curly Hairstyles For Men

69. Undercut + Long Curly Hair

undercut long curly hair

Long curly hair on top undercut haircut.

70. Cool Fade With Long Hair On Top

cool fade with long hair on top

A cool low fade haircut with long curls standing up on top.

71. Messy Curly Hair + Long Length

messy curly hair long length

Another undercut for curly hair that looks cool and stylish at the same time.

72. Long Loose Curly Hairstyles

long loose curly hairstyles

Haircuts men curly

29 of the Best Curly Hairstyles for Men (Haircut Ideas)

Short Flat Curly Top

Short Flat Curly Top

Instagram @jarredsbarbers

A fusion of the high top fade and voluptuousness curls! Making use of curls but softening them a bit, this cut is an adaptation of the classic flat top fro.

Curly Drop Fade

Curly drop fade

Instagram @gilliefades

A curly drop fade gives a little more style and contrast than the traditional fade. Make sure to let your barber know not to go too high in the back of the fade. It will take away the style you want to have. This cut is a get-up-and-go type of cut. All that is needed is a curl sponge, and out the door, you go!

Modern Curled Mullet Style

Modern curled mullet style

Instagram @delilah_hair_studio

The modern curled mullet style brings edginess only a few men can pull off. When considering a haircut not too many men have, modern curled mullet is the way to go! It’s a cut for men with confidence and wanting to step out of the box.

Curly Wavy Hair with Hard Part

Curly wavy hair with hard part

Instagram @adryan_the_barber

Curly wavy hair with hard part is the closest any man can get to a combover. It’s challenging to achieve a combover on coarse, curly, or wavy hair. With the right length on top, you can somehow comb over the hair from the hard part. I recommend a product with a good hold to keep your curly, wavy hair under control throughout the day.

Shaggy Curls and Waves for Men

Shaggy curls and waves for men

Instagram @mens_curly_hair

Shaggy curls and waves for men look better on men with long hair as the extra length highlights the intricacy of the curls. Men with pear-shaped faces with a chiseled jawline would benefit from this hairstyle as it flatters the face, balancing it with the volume of the hair.

Mid Fade Short Curly Hair with Surgical Line Design

Mid Fade Short Curly Hair with Surgical Line Design

Instagram @13byblackstar

Guys with short curly hair who are looking to get an innocent but cool look, this is a great option!

Depending on your style and social freedom, you can spice the look up with a mid fade and a trimmed line design on either side or tune it down by going without. Makes good use of voluptuousness inherent in the curly hair on top, as it gradually fades going down.

Skin Fade Curly Frohawk with Line-Up

Skin Fade Curly Frohawk with Line-Up

Instagram @maxi_privilegebarbers

A skin fade frohawk is one of the men’s hairstyles for curly texture that’s looking trendy, easy to maintain, and super versatile! Basically, it’s the VW of haircuts, if you possess natural curly hair.

A faded short haircut like this would look great with a sharp line-up, too.

Short Textured Curls for Fine Hair

This cut is called the tornado curl, created by stylist Johanna Rose from Canada. The best part of this look is the tight sides with the crazy fun texture and curl on top.

If you have curly hair, this is a great short look. “The #1 product I recommend for curly hair is oil by Dark Oil by Sebastian. Make sure to hydrate those curls! Then get your favorite curl cream. I like Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion,” Rose explains.

Long Messy Curls

These long messy curls are on a rounded, layered curly cut. What’s great about curly hairstyles for men like this is the volume and texture that the layers through the top bring out, says stylist Sydney Redlins of Brooklyn.

This haircut on tousled curls is fairly low-maintenance on a daily basis. Redlins recommends a curl-enhancing product such as Davine’s curl cream. “Use a diffuser to dry if you like extra volume, otherwise, air drying is fine. Also, it’s a great style for a curly-haired guy whose hairline is beginning to recede,” Redlins explains.

Curly Undercut with Zero High Fade

This curly haircut is a zero high fade with disconnection or a long top. “I like to call it the fade and curl! No effort – it naturally looks great overall,” hair artist Jesus Romero of California points out.

This curly undercut with a disconnected fade gives a clean, modern, professional look while enhancing the natural hair texture. The requirements for styling are little to none. Romero suggests, “a foam or curl cream is great to apply while the hair is damp. After that, you have the choice of using a blow dryer for a faster dry time or you let nature take its course!”

Longer Curly Hair on Top with Short Sides

longer curly hair on top with short sides

Instagram @demetriusschool

This is a natural look with long messy curls on soft hair combined with short sides and sharp edges.

Use a sea salt spray and a matte paste when styling this haircut.

Curly hairstyles for men like this are ideal for the cool dude who wants to stand out with light curls.

Medium Curly Hair with Tapered Sides

medium curly hair with Tapered Sides

Instagram @vagabond_hair_academy

Opt for a curly haircut with taper fade to show off the natural texture of your medium curls! If you got that funny and gentle personality, this one suits you the best. When styling, use clay for added definition. A mist of hairspray will also maximize the texture of this tapered curly hair.

Curly Zero Fade

curly hair and zero fade

Instagram @barber.moin

With this curly zero fade, you’ll stand out and no more mainstream straight hair style! It’ll show more of your skin from the sides and the nape area while flaunting your black curly strands on top. This cut works wonders on both permed and naturally curly hair, and with or without facial hair.

Mid-Length Naturally Red Curls

This curly cut is described as having the best of both worlds. It’s a creation by barber Andrew of Canada.

“It has both smooth graduation and a ton of texture and movement. Clearly, the natural hair color was my favorite thing about this overall look. Redheads are a dying breed,” Andrew states.

Andrew recommends this curly cut to guys with thick curly hair. As for the fade, depending on the size and shape of the head, you can always bring the fade a bit higher or lower.

Soft Slicked Back Curly Hair with Low Fade

This is a variation of the classic pompadour with a tight low fade, curls, and slicked-back hair.

“My favorite thing about curly hairstyles for men is their versatility,” says Noel Feliciano of Connecticut, the barber behind this cut.

For the wet hair effect, Feliciano likes using American Crew Gel styling products for control and high shine. “Apply the gel to damp hair while combing it through with a standard cutting comb and some minimal blowdry styling to keep the curls soft and crisp. Finish off with the high hold hairspray from Ion,” Feliciano notes.

This curly slicked back style is best for the active professional male because of its refined look and the ability to loosen up the curls for a night on the town. It works well with medium to coarse textures with a medium to high density. Wavy or curly hair showcases the texture well on a round or square face shape to minimize the strong jawline.

Faded Medium-Length Curly Hair

This medium-length curly hair style features curls is a variation of many different cuts. It’s a “South of France” mixed with a burst fade and a semi-blowout taper. It’s different from the norm, according to barber George from Rayne, LA.

The product that George used for the curls in this style was Ultimate Wave by Paul Mitchell. This product is great for guys with curly hair.

George suggests, “The type of guy that should consider this style would be someone with natural curls that is of medium texture, and with a more rounded and full face shape. It’s perfect for guys whose lifestyle allows them to slap some product in and be on their way.”

Curly Haircut + Temple Fade

This is a bald temple fade for curly hair, designed by barber Amit Corso of Lancaster, PA. The fade is kept low to enhance the outline.

“These are his natural curls, so no products were used to curl his hair. I used Wahl clippers and Andis outliners to create the haircut,” Corso mentions.

This temple fade with short curls is a classic look that doesn’t go out of style. Round or oblong-shaped heads will suit this style the best. The longer the hairstyle, the tighter the curls!

The Curly Undercut

These textured curls with undercut are an asymmetrical shape between both sides rather than the popular side part.

According to hairstylist Robyn Pape of Canada, “since I’ve seen a rise in bowl cuts as a trend this year, I thought it would be perfect to try it on curly hair!”

This curly undercut is a great option for men who want to embrace their natural curls. Usually, people with this amount of curl prefer shorter, square shape cuts.

If you don’t like to tame your curly hairstyles for men down much, Pape suggests, “use a lighter paste rather than clay that would weigh it down. For these kinds of curls, I ran Kevin Murphy Free Hold medium hold paste through the hair while wet. Then, I used my blowdryer on low heat to shape the curl with my fingers until it was about 90% dry. Just before it starts to get frizzy.”

This guys’ short curly hair is definitely not one you see every day.

Long Curly Hair with Side Part

long curly hair with side part


Here’s a simple long curly hair with a side part that you must go for! Let your dark hair grow, and paint some blonde highlights because you’ll need a bit of brightness. Longer and tight curls need love more than any other hair texture. Thus, always find a product that provides intense moisture to prevent dryness.

Curly Faux Hawk + Burst Fade

This curly faux hawk haircut is a burst fade by barber Keith Littles of Las Vegas, NV. The texture of the hair allows for a great blend.

It’s not rocket science when trying to find a product for curly hair. For a natural curl, a small amount of gel or pomade of choice does the hair right.

Littles also adds, “men with naturally coarse but fine hair can sport this curly faux hawk. It’s a loud haircut with a lot of class all in one with curls in the mix.”

Old-School Fade on Tight Curls with Curly Fringe

Old-School Fade on Tight Curls with Curly Fringe

Instagram @jackieloveshair

An old-school fade with curly fringe makes an excellent, modern look! With this chop, men with curly hair can stay nice and clean. You can use both sea salt spray and clay respectively, as they are sure to boost your ginger red curls’ texture.

Bald Fade with Short Curly Twists

Bald Fade with Short Curly Twists


Featuring a bald fade with short curly twists that makes a lasting impression! Keep your hair moisturized for a healthier-looking edge.

The Curly Pompadour with Beard for Thick Black Hair

curly pompadour with Beard for Thick Black hair

Instagram @seuelias

Sharp and sophisticated, the curly pompadour is for gents who love a textured look. The sides are clean and faded to give the black, thick curls more emphasis. If you’re down for a bit more edge, added shaved lines on one side would do the trick.

Feel free to also pair this short curly hairstyle with a beard for a much exceptional outcome.

Curly Quiff

Curly Quiff

Instagram @alchemyorlando

This tapered messy curly quiff on brown hair combines classic and modern. No effort styling meets an accomplished appearance.

Stylish Curls for Men with Fine Hair

These are such stylish curls for fine hair! Grow your hair longer to show off your texture, creating an illusion of density and more body.

“This look is what I describe as a natural curl,” says stylist Amanda Hansen of Utah. She adds, “Curls are all around a great texture, especially for men. Natural curls are an effortless style that can be dressed up or dressed down.”

For men trying to wear their natural curl in this shorter style, Hansen advises that they should be open to purchasing the right product to help maintain it and control it.

Hansen states, “styling is simple by just letting it air dry, but you can use your fingers to twist the curls with some product to help them not get frizzy once dried.”

For thick hair, a flexible pomade is perfect to control the curl and frizz but doesn’t harden or glue to the head weirdly. With smoother curlicues or fine hair, a very light smoothing creme or light mouse would do the trick to style it while it’s damp to air dry it and keep it frizz-free.

For natural curls, oil is your best friend and will add extra moisture to your curly locks but also it can be applied daily.

Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

Instagram @stylemelexx

One of the best haircuts for men with curly hair texture is here! Flaunt your shoulder-length loose curls to make a statement. The length is a great choice, especially if you have a face shape with a bigger forehead. When styling long curls, amp up the volume and shape by using a curl enhancer that also adds a shine to your ginger shade.

Fresh Curly Afro with Taper Fade

Fresh Curly Afro with Taper Fade

Instagram @patrick_ina

Frizzy is in as you rock your natural hair with this afro curls style. Tapered sides are a bonus to an already astonishing and cool hairstyle like this one.

The Curly Man Bun

curly man bun

Instagram @hairstylebeardd

Play with your natural texture, and consider wearing the curly man bun for black men. It matches neat sides and nape for a fresher, cleaner vibe. This hairstyle for black men is sure to accentuate the warm blonde streaks on your black shade.

Short Curly Ringlets

short curly ringlets

Instagram @therealdremajor

Get that funky, bouncy look with these short curly ringlets! Paint blonde highlights on your black hair for a dimensional finish. Short c like this will need extra moisture to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

Top 5 Hair Cuts for Curly Hair! - Mens Curly Hair Hairstyles


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