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Childish Older Sibling

PJ: How am I gonna tell [their parents] that I lost our baby sister? I'm the oldest. They're gonna think I'm the most responsible.

Teddy:PJ, if it makes you feel any better... nobodythinks that.

Good Luck Charlie, "Baby Come Back"

An older sibling is usually supposed to serve as a positive example for their younger sibling. However, a good amount of the time, the younger sibling will view them as an example of how not to behave.

In fiction, the older sibling is often portrayed as being more lazy, reckless, and all around more of a troublemaker than their younger sibling. Usually an older brother will serve this role to a younger sister, though this isn't always the case. The younger sibling may find the antics of their older sibling endearing, or annoying. The older sibling, especially those who exhibit Manchild behavior, can also simply cause them to be wrapped into a bad situation that gets them both in trouble. This doesn't mean the younger sibling is perfect. They may be willing to get into childish acts, or perhaps the younger sibling is at an opposite extreme. Regardless, the younger sibling tends to be the more mature of the two. This can be Played for Drama where the older sibling feels inferior when compared to their younger sibling. However, despite their usual immaturity, there may be times where the older sibling shows that their younger sibling can rely on them in a pinch.

Compare with Disappointing Older Sibling (which is about younger siblings having a negative opinion of their older siblings, regardless of why or how justified it is), Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling and Aloof Big Brother (which is about the (usually male) sibling being cold and distant towards his younger siblings). Also compare Wacky Parent, Serious Child, which is a similar dynamic applied to parents and their children. Not to be confused with Big Little Brother, where the younger sibling is physically larger than the older sibling, though the two may overlap. Contrast Mature Younger Sibling and Annoying Younger Sibling.


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    Anime & Manga 

  • Blue Exorcist: Rin Okumura is a childish, Book Dumb, hot-head and is somewhat of a delinquent. In contrast, his younger twin brother Yukio is a polite, gifted scholar, and serves as one of Rin's teachers at True Cross Academy. This is later subverted in the manga, where, while both of them have issues with feeling inferior to the other, Rin eventually overcomes his, while Yukio's sanity degrades, and eventually results in him comitting a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
  • High School D×D: Serafall Leviathan. Despite being one of the Four Great Satans, she often shirks her duties in favor of engaging in cosplay and dote on her younger sister Sona, who is more intellectual and serious. Sirzechs Lucifer also counts compared to his younger sister Rias.
  • Hana Nono from HuGtto! Pretty Cure wants to become a mature and stylish older sister figure for others, but she's really a childish, dorky Genki Girl. Hana's younger sister Kotori is more down-to-earth than her, and she views Hana as too childish to really look up to.
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?:
    • While Fina is polite, responsible, and a skilled mage, her adoptive brother Argo is a shameless skirt-chaser who is useless in battle and never seems to be able to keep his mouth shut. As a result, Fina is usually the one to rein him in when he's acting foolish in public. This becomes increasingly downplayed as the story goes on, as while Fina is thinking solely about the present, Argonaut is thinking about the future and how best to make everyone smile.
    • Orna and Elmina are a twisted variation of this. Orna is cynical and can't fight, but can be reasoned with despite her fear of clinging to undue hope. Meanwhile, her older sister Elmina is a cold-blooded assassin who is single-mindedly focused on protecting Orna at all costs. Even when it's pointed out that the "paradise" she seeks to shelter Orna in will inevitably fall, Elmina refuses to listen to reason. Then Ryulu's Breaking Speech reveals that Orna is a Replacement Goldfish for Elmina's real sister and that Orna is absolutely miserable under her watch. This triggers a massive Villainous Breakdown in Elmina, who devolves into a Psychopathic Manchild and a Yandere desperate to cling to Orna for some kind of affection.
  • K-On!: Yui is an eccentricGenius Ditz who usually lazes about in her spare time while her younger sister Ui is more mature, hard-working, and responsible. Most of Ui's daily routine involves taking care of the household chores and Yui as well.
  • Catarina from My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! has the mentality and attention span of a young child despite having at least seventeen years of Past-Life Memories. Her adoptive little brother Keith on the other hand is very well behaved and often finds himself playing Cloudcuckoolander's Minder for her.
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!: Tomoko is a socially inept otaku who tends to laze about and play games. Her younger brother Tomoki is much more mature than her, taking his studies seriously, and is willing to help their mother around the house.
  • Osomatsu-san:
    • While all of the Matsuno brothers are man children with little to no social skills, Osomatsu himself, the oldest of the sextuplets, tends to embody their childish and lazy nature most of all. This is especially notable when he interacts with Choromatsu, whose moments of rationale tend to come from exasperation at Osomatsu's antics.
    • A good amount of the time, all of the other sextuplets are this compared to Todomatsu, who's the most socially adept, and other than Choromatsu, the most frequent holder of the Sanity Ball. This is especially the case compared to the 5th sextuplet, Jyushimatsu, who's a hyperactive goofball who often seems to be living in his own world.
  • Pokémon: All three of Misty's older sisters, the Sensational Sisters, are irresponsible, stereotypical Valley Girls — although the oldest one Daisy does get better with more time — more concerned with their appearances and shows than being Cerulean City Gym Leaders. While Misty is rather vain and temperamental, she generally comes off as significantly more mature than them.
  • Sailor Moon: Usagi Tsukino is regularly Book Dumb and prone to childlike behavior, while her little brother Shingo is much more studious and mature.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Katsuya Jonouichi/Joey Wheeler is a hot-headed idiot who rarely thinks before he acts. His younger sister, Shizuka Kawai/Serenity Wheeler, is much more calm and mature, though prone to moments of naivety.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Lua/Leo is hyperactive and immature, and tends to cry when he gets emotional. His younger twin Luca/Luna is the more calm and collected of the two.
  • YuruYuri: Sakurako Oomuro is a first year middle school student who frequently mentions her frenemy Himawari's large breasts and goes so far as to touch them. Beyond that she often slacks off her school cleaning, homework, and chores and is in general fairly hyperactive. Her 8 year old sister Hanako on the other hand does her homework without fuss, is stoic, and likes to drink black coffee, something Akari (another 13 year old and friend of Sakurako's) forces herself to drink.
  • YuYu Hakusho: A dark variation comes in play with the Toguro brothers. The Younger Toguro brother is stoic and honorable despite his villainous actions. The Elder Toguro, however, is a sadistic Psychopathic Manchild who throws fits of rage when things don't go his way.

    Comic Books 

  • Henchgirl: Mary Posa is a lazy #2 minion in a lower-ranked criminal gang, while her younger sister Paige is Photo-Girl, an up-and-coming superheroine who can stop time. Undoubtedly this happened because of their parents alternately ignoring and criticizing Mary because of her Boring, but Practical minor super-strength versus doting on Paige's potential as a superheroine. Paige, however, admires Mary's rebelliousness and tries to be a good sister to her, including repeatedly rescuing her - from the police, from heroine La Viuda, and from an empowered Amelia out for vengeance.
  • Downplayed in Mega Man (Archie Comics). Rock is the first of Dr. Light's Robot Masters, as shown by his official designation, DLN-001. But since he's programmed to act like a child, he suffers from Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! and giddily runs off into a robot convention. Compared to his "younger brothers" designed after him, like Elec Man or Guts Man, he often comes across as immature; however, he can be Wise Beyond His Years, and he's forced to grow up and take charge when his brothers get hijacked and reprogrammed.

    Comic Strips 

  • In Peanuts, Linus is Wise Beyond His Years, but also carries around a security blanket, sometimes sucks his thumb and has the strange belief in "the Great Pumpkin." His little brother Rerun gets increasingly embarrassed by him as the strip goes on, as he's already outgrown the childish traits that Linus refuses to drop.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

  • In Onward, Ian's older brother Barley is laid-back and impulsive, often to a fault. By the end of the movie however, Barley proves that he can be selfless and reliable when the situation calls for it.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • The Cat in the Hat: Conrad and Sally represent opposite extremes of All Work vs. All Play. Sally is an uptight control freak while her older brother Conrad is an immature rule breaker who doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. While both are portrayed as flawed, the film portrays Conrad as the bigger problem as his rule breaking puts their mother's job in jeopardy.


  • Ascendance of a Bookworm: Ferdiand's older half-brother, who is first mentioned in an early chapter from Ferdinand's point of view, eventually appears in person. He turns out to be much more childish than Ferdinand, even taking in account the fact that Ferdinand is one of the most straight-laced members of the cast.
  • In The Diamond Girls, Rochelle Diamond generally comes off as being less mature, responsible and perceptive than her younger sister Dixie. She spends most of her time hanging out with boys, fighting with Jude and whining about her situation, while Dixie makes an effort to help clean up the house and get things organised.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: While Greg Heffley isn't the pinnacle of maturity himself, his older brother Rodrick is a lazy, Book Dumb troublemaker who does little more than make life harder for the family, especially with how he acts towards Greg and Frank.
  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry finds out that Dumbledore was this to his siblings as a teenager. When his mother died, he wasn’t emotionally mature enough to take care of his sister Ariana (the youngest child) while his brother Aberforth was. He was also going to recklessly run off with Grindelwald to find the eponymous magical objects with Ariana in tow, even though she wasn’t in any shape to travel. Aberforth even says to Harry in the present that he didn’t necessarily mind his brother going off on said trip but the issue was that he immaturely didn’t have a good plan as to what to do with her and he wouldn’t let Aberforth quit school to take care of her.

    Live-Action TV 

  • 8 Simple Rules: Older sister Bridget is ditzy, shallow, and obsessed with her popularity and appearance. The middle child, Kerry, is very studious, responsible, and socially conscious. However, both mature after the death of their father.
  • Arrested Development: GOB, the oldest of the Bluth siblings, is a listless, perpetually unemployed manchild whose career as a professional stage magician is almost universally unsuccessful throughout the series, owing in no small part to his general lack of talent as a stage magician. GOB’s brief stint as president of the Bluth company is utterly disastrous for everyone involved, to the point that even he begs Michael to do the job for him. By comparison, middle child Michael Bluth is less eccentric, more experienced, and a somewhat more competent executive when put in a leadership position in the Bluth Company. Of course, since pretty much everything in this show is played for comedy, Michael’s sound management choices get the family into just as much trouble as GOB’s terrible decisions.
  • Good Luck Charlie: PJ Duncan is far more airheaded and immature than his younger sister Teddy. And while he's less of a troublemaker than his younger brother Gabe, PJ's far more careless than either of them. PJ's problem gets lampshaded in the crossover special with Jessie. When the group decides to split, Jessie initially puts PJ in charge of the boys' group; but then Teddy whispers into her ear and Jessie decides to put Ravi in charge instead.
  • How to Get Away with Murder: The relationship between Asher Millstone and his older sister Chloe falls into this. While Asher is very immature and silly himself, he nevertheless is capable of being serious and responsible when required, is a (mostly) functioning law student, and has a hidden caring side to his personality. Chloe, meanwhile, is dim, flighty, bratty, whiny, and irresponsible, to the point she can barely function in life without her family's money to support her.
  • iCarly: Spencer, the older brother and legal guardian of the titular Carly, is an energetic Manchild who often is too wrapped up in working on bizarre sculptures to actually take care of Carly. However, there are moments where Spencer steps up and acts like a proper guardian.
  • In Jessie, the eldest child, Emma, is normally too ditzy and self-centered to be trusted with anything, while the next one, Luke, is too much of a troublemaker. When any responsibility needs to be set, Jessie normally appoints it to Ravi, the third in line.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: The two oldest brothers, Francis and Reese, are both delinquents and troublemakers, with the former even being sent to military school. The third oldest Malcolm has his immature moments, but is also a very smart student and often the serious Only Sane Man of the family. Their younger brother Dewey is Wise Beyond Their Years and becomes more mature than all of them in later seasons.
  • The Middle: While Sue is still fairly naive and childish, she's easily much more responsible and ethical than her older brother, Axel. She also applies herself more than Axel, who often tries to skate by on his popularity and his status as a jock.
  • Scrubs: While J.D. is quite a Manchild himself, he has a much more stable life than his incredibly immature older brother Dan. This eventually becomes subverted after Dan works to improve himself after finding out how little respect J.D. has for him, resulting in Dan becoming a successful real estate agent. J.D. is initially jealous, as he took comfort in Dan being more of a loser than him, but gets over it and tells Dan that he's proud of him.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: While both Zack and Cody are fun-loving troublemakers to a degree, Cody is much more studious and cautious than his older twin Zack, who's reckless, hates studying, and is almost always the reason the boys get in trouble.
  • Tyrant: Jamal Al-Fayeed and Bassam Al-Fayeed are the two sons of a Middle-Eastern dictator, with Jamal immediately becoming President upon their father's death as he's the oldest. However, while both men have their internal conflicts, Jamal is much more insecure, prone to irrational behavior, and a Psychopathic Manchild, whereas Bassam is much more composed and wise. Flashbacks to their youth show that Jamal was too scared to kill a captured rebel at their father's behest, while Bassam shot the man without flinching.
  • Victorious:
    • Trina Vega is narcissistic, rude, and desperate for fame. This often results in Tori, the younger Vega, needing to act as her keeper, such as babysitting Trina when she's delirious from having her wisdom teeth removed, or needing to reel her in when Trina's bothering celebrities.
    • Based off the stories that Cat has told about her older brother, he's even more of a deranged oddball than she is.

    Video Games 

  • Purah is this in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. She's the genius older sister of Impa, but while Impa was the responsible, level-headed aide to Princess Zelda in their youth, Purah was a laidback Ditzy Genius more fond of experimenting with new tech and coming up with fun catchphrases than exhibiting a single shred of common sense. The first time you met them sets the stage quite clearly. Impa is in her traditional role as a calm, wise figure directing Link on how to proceed in his journey. Meanwhile, Purah has recently tested a Fountain of Youth device on herself on blind impulse and has reverted to a prepubescent child, with her closest colleagues being completely unsurprised by this.
  • Neptune of the Neptunia series is supposed to be the older of the two Planeptune sisters; but not only does she look younger than Nepgear, she even behaves more childishly than her. This, however, only applies to her human form; her goddess form is a completelydifferentstoryaltogether.

    Western Animation 

  • The Amazing World of Gumball: Played With in the dynamics between Gumball, Darwin and Anais Watterson. Gumball, who's the oldest, is reckless, irresponsible, troublemaking, and lazy. Darwin is more polite and better behaved, but also regularly gets caught up in Gumball's antics and is so innocent that it's clear he's the younger of the two. Anais, meanwhile, is responsible, serious, well-behaved, and very intelligent, to the point where she more often takes more care of Gumball and Darwin than vice versa. However, Anais is still very much a little kid who enjoys childish pursuits and can be incredibly naïve, whereas Gumball's cynicism can often give him a better grasp on the situation than either Anais or Darwin; he'll regularly point out the logical flaws in their idealistic fantasies.
  • American Dragon: Jake Long: Played with concerning Jake and Haley Long. Jake is reckless and irresponsible, while his younger sister Haley is a rule obeying perfectionist. However, when it comes to dealing with magical threats, Jake has much more experience in dealing with them, resulting in him being more likely to know how to handle even unfamiliar situations, while Haley's inexperience and youth results in her being more prone to crack under pressure.
  • Animaniacs: The middle Warner sibling, Wakko, is much more of a ditzy goofball than his younger sister, Dot. Averted by eldest sibling Yakko, who is arguably the sanest of the three (not that this is saying much).
  • Arthur: D.W. is a typical brat who often acts up for little reason or just because its funny to annoy Arthur. This doesn't slow down when she becomes a big sister to Kate, who is a very friendly and easy to care for baby.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender: While Sokka isn't completely devoid of a sense of responsibility, he's far less mature and more prone to overreacting than his younger sister, Katara. Sokka outright admits in "The Runaway" that he views Katara as a substitute for their dead mother even though she's a year younger than him.
    • The Legend of Korra: Bumi is the oldest among Aang's now middle-aged children, but he behaves very immature and childish. At one point, his younger brother Tenzin says that as a child he was the eldest, but always behaved like the youngest.
  • Despite being Dexter's older sister, Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory acts very childish, and is usually seen destroying or ruining the show's titular location (usually by accident), no matter how many times Dexter tells her to stay away from it. Dexter is endlessly annoyed by Dee Dee and sees her as a nuisance.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Ed is a dim-witted oaf who can rarely do anything right on his own. His younger sister Sarah, while not exactly mature herself, functions much better and, as a result, is more likely to be the one in charge. Their friend Rolf outright admits that he views Sarah as Ed's keeper, which Sarah doesn't deny.
  • The Loud House:
    • Leni, the second-eldest Loud sibling, is ditzy and uncoordinated, so she comes off as less mature than most of her nine younger siblings, especially Lincoln (who's the middle kid and is very strategic and logical) and Lisa (who's the second-youngest but a genius).
    • Because Lisa is a genius and because she hardly expresses emotion, even the most mature of her older siblings sometimes appear childish in comparison. Lucy, another stoic, sometimes makes her older siblings appear childish in comparison but not as often as Lisa.
    • Downplayed for Lynn, who's older than Lincoln, Lucy, the twins, Lisa, and Lily. She can sometimes act childish (like being a bad winner and riding her bike indoors) but usually acts her age, and again, she more only seems childish in contrast to Lincoln, Lucy, and Lisa.
  • In Regular Show, everybody assumes Don is the older brother of Rigby because Don has his life in order with a steady, professional job, is more personable, popular with his friends, and muchtaller than Rigby. The confusion manifested in the form of a significant, life-long resentment on Rigby's end against Don.
  • The Simpsons: Bart is perhaps the most well-known example in all of television. He's a lazy troublemaker who constantly pulls pranks or makes petty taunts. His younger sister Lisa is studious and responsible, and his other younger sister Maggie is Wise Beyond Their Years.
  • Steven Universe: Ronaldo Fryman slacks off at work, constantly pursues conspiracy theories that nobody else takes seriously, and can generally be very temperamental and egotistical. His younger brother, Peedee, on the other hand, is much more responsible and levelheaded. Despite all this, Peedee actually has a pretty high opinion of his older brother.

    Real Life 

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Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling

"Pichu's brother doesn't want him to get hurt. He's the smart brother."

Narrator, describing the Pichu Brothers in the Pokémon short, "Pikachu and Pichu"

In media, there's a tendency for siblings to be portrayed as opposites. Enter the Foolish Sibling and the Responsible Sibling.

In this trope there will be one sibling who is foolish, usually acting melodramatically and prone to doing irresponsible and impulsive things. They may be louder, more outgoing and usually more popular (or at least try to be), and desiring attention, especially from the opposite sex. Usually, they don't have outright bad intentions, they just don't understand that anything they do can have consequences for themselves or other people. Alternatively, they may just be a Horrible Judge of Character and get involved with the wrong people on a regular basis; they refuse to believe their "friends" could be anything but pure of heart, despite obvious evidence to the contrary. Their antics will be their undoing, getting them into trouble for which there is no one but themselves to blame. The Foolish Sibling may be a Bratty Teenage Daughter, Alpha Bitch, Fille Fatale, Childish Older Sibling, Annoying Younger Sibling, The Casanova, Manchild, NEET, Dumbass Teenage Son, or The Ingenue.

The other sibling is usually the elder of the two(sometimes much older) and will follow all the rules about how one is supposed to act and behave, being an exemplary version of a Proper Lady or The Dutiful Son. They're often more of a parental figure in the other sibling's life, even if their actual parents are still present. They might be quieter or plainer, though usually they are only quiet or plain by comparison to their obnoxious other sibling, and doesn't qualify as a Shrinking Violet or The Quiet One at all. They're almost undoubtedly smarter though and may be portrayed as a Bookworm, or just very concerned about rules, social and moral. Generally, the responsible sibling will try to steer their foolish sibling to the right path, taking it on themselves to look after the kid and make attempts to curb the other sibling's behavior. This seldom works, however, at least not until the end, when the foolish sibling gets their comeuppance or realizes the error of their ways.

They may serve as a Betty and Veronica pair. The responsible sibling is the one who will submit to an Arranged Marriage, which may be a Perfectly Arranged Marriage and is generally happier than the foolish love match of the foolish sibling.

A subtrope of Sibling Yin-Yang. Usually involves An Aesop about the right way to act, that is to say, be more like the responsible sibling and not the foolish sibling (although the responsible sibling may learn a lesson about "loosening up" and "having fun"). And while the responsible sibling is usually the elder of the two, the roles can be switched, with the younger sibling being the responsible one. Another possibility is a middle child being the responsible one to his or her older and younger siblings. However, there are some moments when the responsible sibling can act melodramatic and impulsive. Also compare Slobs vs. Snobs, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Right Way/Wrong Way Pair, The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry, and Cain and Abel.

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    Anime & Manga 

  • Inverted in Aruosumente. It's flamboyant, chatty and seemingly carefree Lante who takes responsibility when the serious, quiet Dante acts on an impulse and goes off the hook, sometimes even attacking people at random.
  • Asteroid in Love: Mira Kinohata is an energetic Genki Girl who is known to be not particularly intelligent, while her sister Misa is a composed Cool Big Sis who has a Teen Genius reputation.
  • Bloom Into You has the Nanami sisters, Touko and Mio. At the time of Mio's death, Mio was a highly respected Student Council President, while Touko was a shy girl with mediocre grades and few friends, making them come off as a downplayed version. In fact, it's the opposite. While Touko strived to improve herself and eventually achieved all the success Mio had, she learned that Mio was a slacker who delegated most of the work to her fellow student council members, including having them do her summer homework.
  • Rowdy, underachieving delinquent Romio and strict, no-nonsense prefect Airu from Boarding School Juliet.
  • In Bokurano, Daichi's uncle Kengo is the responsible sibling while Daichi's father is the foolish one. The latter disappeared, leaving his young children to fend for themselves, while the former is a businessman who employs Daichi and offered to take in the four kids.
  • In Brave10, Yukimura is the foolish sibling to Nobuyuki's responsible one, as Nobuyuki is very orthodox and straightforward, while Yukimura is the lazy, playful chessmaster.
  • In Charlotte, there's the Kurobane sisters. Misa, the eldest sister, was the Foolish sibling, since her reckless thrill-seeking ways got herself killed, and she remembers causing problems for her parents. Yusa, the younger sister, is the Responsible, being an Idol Singer who's far nicer and more level-headed, causing Misa to say that Yusa was quite unlike her in that regard.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Goten is nice, but carefree and naive, while his older brother Gohan is intelligent and responsible. Justified by the age gap between them and Gohan's murderous childhood before Goten was born.
  • Dr. Stone: Ginro is the foolish to Kinro's responsible. Ginro is the brother most likely to slack off or try and find the easiest way out, while Kinro's catchphrase is "rules are rules".
  • Ebisu-san and Hotei-san has the two Ebisu sisters, the younger of which is half of the eponymous couple. The elder sister is the foolish one, being quite lazy when it comes to cleaning and even forcing Mayo to take care of Hana. The younger sister, on the other hand, is responsible, being a highly efficient worker who balances her job with caring for her niece.
  • Fly Me to the Moon has two pairs of sisters.
    • The Arisugawa sisters. Kaname, the younger sister, is a responsible and hard-working girl who does most of the work around the bathhouse and is the Only Sane Man of the family, while her older sister Aya is rather lazy and immature.
    • Tsukasa and her adoptive sister Chitose. Tsukasa is a hard-working levelheaded housewife to Nasa, while Chitose is a Clingy Jealous Girl who seems to have nothing better to do than to try to break Tsukasa and Nasa up.
  • Gundam: Played with in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, where Judau is usually seen skipping school and doing things with his friends while his younger sister Leina is bugging him to get an education. However, it's actually reversed: the things Judau is doing with his friends is hard work in the junkyard, and he skips school to keep up this job so that he can save enough money for Leina to get a good education. Leina tends to ignore this and focus on the present, while Judau's thinking long-term.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Kagome isn't flighty per se, but often forgets to bring her homework to class, only for Sota to pick up the slack. Then again, considering she's spending most of her time in the Feudal Era, she can hardly be blamed for losing focus on her supposed off days.
    • The titular Inuyasha and Sesshomaru also exhibit this. While Inuyasha is brash, crude, and free of responsibilities, Sesshomaru is calculating and elegant.
  • In It's Tough Being Neeko, there's the Niito sisters. Nemuko, aka Neeko, is the Foolish sibling, being a NEET with crippling social anxiety. Her much younger sister Imoko is a high schooler who's willing and able to work part time having gotten a job at a place that rejected Neeko.
  • Yui and Ui from K-On! epitomize this trope. While Yui tends to be irresponsible at best, Ui cooks, cleans house, and even helps her older sister with her homework.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! has the responsible Tiff and the foolish Tuff. Tiff is quite intelligent, while Tuff is not too bright and tends to act before thinking.
  • Laid-Back Camp
    • Nadeshiko is an energetic ditz, while her sister Sakura is a taciturn Cool Big Sis.
    • Minami and Ryouko Toba. Minami is a hard-drinking Sensei-chan, albeit one who sometimes proves to be good at her job as a teacher and truly cares for her students. Her younger sister Ryouko often keeps Minami in check, such as texting her to make sure she isn't drinking too much while driving her students around on the Izu camping trip.
  • In Lucky Star, Kagami is studious and level-headed while Tsukasa is more naive and childish.
  • Played for Drama in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection, where Kyrie's inability to be like her more level-headed and responsible older sister Amitie causes her to develop an inferiority complex and leaves her open to Iris' manipulations.
  • In Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, remarkably, Kashima's younger sister Rei manages to turn CloudCuckoolander Kashima into the responsible sibling half. Rei being very naive and having a compulsion to publicly and inappropriately ship every boy and girl she sees interact with each other forces Kashima to play damage control and try to keep her sister's behavior in check.
  • In Moriarty the Patriot, Mycroft is the responsible Compassionate Critic to his impulsive, irresponsible, childish, and spoiled little brother Sherlock and bears the burden of their ancestor's sins alone in order for Sherlock to be able to live his life freely.
  • Naruto:
    • People expected the First and Second Hokage to be serious, loyal, responsible people. Only the younger fits this description on a normal day. His older brother instead thinks it's a good idea to teach a toddler how to gamble. Yes, the First was responsible for Tsunade's gambling addiction. It also counts as Hilarious in Hindsight, since Fanon usually depicts them in reverse positions. Hashirama was often depicted as the responsible one, and more compassionate than his younger brother, who was often depicted as a playboy who has a notable percentage of descendants everywhere. The only part that stuck in Canon was Hashirama being the more compassionate one.
    • Sakon and Ukon fit, Ukon's favorite phrase even being "wise older brother, foolish younger brother." Ukon seemed to be the more pragmatic of the two, while Sakon was more sadistic in liking to drag things out.
    • Kinkaku and Ginkaku, for what little panel time they had, may fit as well. They are half-siblings or fraternal twins. Kinkaku is bigger and seems to be the more observant and pragmatic one in battle. He's also rather stoic in the manga. Ginkaku is the louder of the two, and more prone to smirking and losing his cool. He's the one that ends up being taken down first, and according to Kakuzu, it's not the first time, since Kinkaku is known to rage when it happens.
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! has Tomoko and Tomoki. Tomoko is the older sister and tends to laze about and play games. Her younger brother Tomoki is more serious about his studying, calmer and even helps around the house without being asked, even making his own lunch for school. Lampshaded by their mother, who thinks Tomoko should be the responsible sibling because she's older.
  • Non Non Biyori: Natsumi is much more carefree and irresponsible than her older sister Komari. Komari is generally more responsible, but has her moments of immaturity (ironic, since she looks younger than Natsumi and wants to be perceived as her actual age).
  • Yuuya and Yamato from Nukoduke qualify despite not being siblings. Yuuya is a loafer who frequently runs away from his class chores and causes a lot of trouble for his school mates. Yamato is the student council Vice President who must constantly remind his friend to pull his act together. Other characters regard the two as brothers (as they grew up together) and generally consider Yamato as Yuuya's guardian.
  • Siblings in One Piece often have this dynamic even if they aren't biologically related.
    • Nojiko and her adoptive sister Nami. Nami frequently got into trouble by stealing, and later became a pariah in the village by joining the Arlong Pirates(although it was to free her village), making her Foolish. Nojiko, however, is far more mature for her age, to the point at which her adoptive mother Bellemere described her as the mature one, and grew up to become a tangerine farmer, making her Responsible.
    • Luffy and his brother Ace. For the most part, Ace is much more level-headed and intelligent than Luffy, making him the Responsible sibling to Luffy's Foolish sibling.
    • Franky and Iceberg, Tom's two apprentices. Franky was the Foolish sibling, spending his time building battleships in the hopes of using one to take down a Sea King, and his inventions ended up being stolen and used to frame Tom. Iceberg was the Responsible sibling, having worked on the sea train with Tom, united the shipyards of Water 7 under his leadership and deceived the World Government for years, with his more eccentric traits being Obfuscating Stupidity.
    • Lola is the Foolish sister to her sister Chiffon's Responsible as fellow children of Big Mom of the Yonko. Lola ran out on an Arranged Marriage, and was naive enough to think her mother still loved her, which is why she gave Nami Big Mom's Vivre Card. Chiffon, however, is significantly more intelligent, going along with her marriage to Capone "Gang" Bege while plotting with Bege to assassinate Big Mom.
    • Ulti and Page One of the Tobi Roppo. Ulti is significantly more childish and hot-tempered, resulting in Page One having to keep her in line.
  • In A Place Further than the Universe, there's the Tamaki sisters- Mari (aka "Kimari") and Rin. Mari, the older one, can be fairly childish and immature, even going off to Antarctica after forging her mother's signature on the permission form. By contrast, her younger sister Rin is far more serious and responsible and helps talk Kimari into only packing what she needs for her trip.
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby Crimson Passion & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Indigo Wisdom is a manga starring Polar Opposite Twins Alpha and Omega. The younger twin Alpha has Tsurime Eyes, is more serious, and is more calmer. The older twin Omega has Tareme Eyes, is goofier, and is more hot-headed.
  • Played with in The Rising of the Shield Hero. Naofumi was originally the Foolish elder brother due to his poor grades and otaku lifestyle, so his parents forced the younger brother to become the Responsible son. The stress of meeting their expectations drove him to adopt Yankee culture, becoming the Foolish brother, only for Naofumi to play Responsible by helping him blow off the accumulated stress with galge games. Afterward, the younger brother returned to being Responsible while Naofumi became Foolish.
  • In Sailor Moon, the main character Usagi is ditzy, fun-loving and lazy, while her younger brother Shingo is much smarter and more responsible.
  • In A Scummy Gap Student With A Hard Life Calls Upon A Lady of the Night, Makino, the younger of the two Hanabusa sisters, is the foolish one, having failed her college entrance exams and become a Rōnin due to being too lazy to study, leading her to waste money on a lesbian call girl and concoct schemes to get closer to said call girl. Her older sister, however, got into a good school, making her the responsible one.
  • Sorcerer Hunters has brothers Carrot and Marron. Carrot is a shameless skirt-chaser who tends to be lazy until the prospect of hooking up with an attractive woman comes along; then he charges headlong into danger. His younger brother, Marron, is thoughtful and considerate and takes his job as a hunter seriously.

    Comic Books 

  • Charles Soule's Daredevil has responsible Sam and foolish Hannah. Sam works bad hours doing a crappy job in order to support the two while Hannah goes out clubbing.
  • The main characters of Exorsisters, Kate and Cate Harrow. Cate is very mature and responsible, while Kate is a Hard-Drinking Party Girl. The twist is they actually aren't sisters, Kate is Cate's soul- Cate's mom made a Deal with the Devil and lost her own soul, but gave up Cate's to save herself. By the time Cate got her soul back, it was sufficiently different from her to become its own person, Kate.
  • In Witchblade the main character Sara Pezzini is the responsible sibling to Julie Pezzini's foolish sibling. Sara is a cop while Julie has got into trouble, and has even gone to jail for dealings drugs.
  • Wonder WomanVol 1: Lila is the elder more snarky and much more responsible sibling to her sister Eve. The elder Brown sister has lost sleep trying to keep her sister's idiocy from getting her chucked in prison, and Eve was willing to sell government secrets to an Axis spy because she was embarrassed at the possibility he might publicly reveal she'd gone on a date with him.

    Fairy Tales 

  • In Bearskin, the youngest daughter responsibly accepts the man to whom her father had promised one of his daughters after her two sisters scornfully rejected him; for one thing, she notes that True Beauty Is on the Inside and the man had kindly rescued her father, a total stranger.

    Fan Works 

  • In The Fledgling Year, Corin is the straitlaced, responsible twin and Cor is the impulsive, insensitive one (tendencies which were hinted at in the original canon, and are explored and developed in much more depth in this fic).
  • Played with Highly Questionable Decisions and Satsuki and her two younger sisters, Ryuuko and Nui. By the account of being older, Satsuki tends to more responsible and is the Only Sane Woman when it comes to dealing with the latter two, especially Ryuuko with Jerkass and reckless tendencies and Nui with her innocence. However, at times, she did demonstrate herself to be Not So Above It All (if Ragyo listing of dos and don'ts is a clue).
  • We have this in Kill la Kill AU with Satsuki and her sisters, Ryuuko and Nui. Satsuki tends to be the more responsible one, often trying to steer her sisters in the right direction, regardless if they like her to or not, and it upsets her when they don't listen to her, while the latter two tends to do what they want, whenever they want to and sometimes it comes back to bite them.
  • The Rose and the Crown has the Gerard siblings: dour, dutiful, upright and responsible Etienne and foolish, feckless, debt-ridden but charming and funny Lucien.
  • A played with example in Secret Sunshine, where Ryuuko is the responsible sibling to Satsuki's foolish, as the latter left her child to be raised by Ryuuko, forcing her to be more responsible to care for her niece, while Satsuki, for some reason, didn't want to deal with the responsibilities. To really emphasize this, Satsuki was mentioned to be living her life "like normal" (going out with friends, for example), while Ryuuko was mostly left to stay at home with Kiko. Not surprisingly, Ryuuko is pretty resentful towards Satsuki for that.
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords:
    • Hatsuzakura Thinks Like a Romance Novel often without regard to what others feel about the matter, while his older brother Shokudaikiri is decidedly tired of his antics.
    • Kasen may be blatantly playing favorites with his brothers, but it's not that his concern for Sasanoyuki doesn't have ground – the latter robotically follows objectives at the expense of his own well-being more than once, leading Kasen to use his captain authority to order him to take care of himself at one point.
    • From the get-go, Hinata is painted as a Leeroy Jenkins who is very insecure about beingThe Generic Guy, while his older brother Juzumaru is more firm, grounded and worries about his safety.

    Films — Animation 

  • In Big Hero 6, Hiro is the Foolish sibling to Tadashi's Responsible. Hiro would rather spend his time bot-fighting since he graduated from high school early, while Tadashi regularly attends college and wishs Hiro would do something more productive with his intelligence. At the beginning of the film, Tadashi rescues Hiro when Yama and his goons were going to beat him up.
  • Soraya and Parvana from The Breadwinner. The first we see of Parvana is her moping over her family needing to sell her nice dress, and the first we see of Soraya is her criticizing Parvana for slacking in her chores. Later on, Parvana disguises herself as a boy to support her family, walks through a possibly mined tank graveyard, gets punched for trying to bribe a prison guard, and hits the Talib who had her father taken away in the face with a brick. Soraya, meanwhile, cooks, cleans, and helps take care of her toddler brother, as well as emotionally supporting her mother and grudgingly accepting her Arranged Marriage.
  • Frozen:
    • Played with in the first film. At the start of the story, Anna is the Foolish sibling, being a sheltered princess who is willing to marry Prince Hans, a man she's only just met, while Elsa is the Responsible future queen. This sort of dynamic is explored in the "A Sister More Like Me" picture book, which also shows the sisters accepting each other's differences. As the film goes on, though, Elsa's determination to isolate herself makes her come off as more foolish, while Anna ends up becoming more responsible as she braves danger to get Elsa back.
    • In Frozen II, Anna and Elsa's dynamic from "Frozen Fever" is carried over with Elsa continuing to be overconfident and reckless and Anna acting as her voice of reason and caution.
  • The Incredibles:
    • In The Incredibles, Dash is the foolish sibling to Violet's responsible sibling. Dash is stubborn, hyperactive, and acts out against having to hide his powers. Violet is quiet, doesn't cause trouble unless provoked, and knows when it's their time to save their parents. Dash plays pranks on his least favorite teacher while Violet doesn't get into trouble at school.
    • Played with in Incredibles 2. Evelyn seems like the Responsible to Winston's Foolish, as Evelyn's the one who comes up with the means to implement Winston's ideas. She also softly scolds him for his over-enthusiasm and childlike tendencies, and keeps business conversations on track from his tendency to get sidetracked. These roles are reversed once Evelyn is revealed as the Screenslaver, when her misplaced anger and bitterness towards superheroes (who she blames for their parents' tragic deaths) causes her to endanger lives to ensure they stay illegal. However, Winston is in turn responsible enough to go back and try to help save the innocent people caught up in Evelyn's scheme.
  • Lilo and Nani of Lilo & Stitch. Lilo is a wild, irresponsible kid who constantly causes trouble, while Nani is a hard-working person who wants Lilo to grow up happy and safe. This is slightly deconstructed — 19-year-old Nani acts responsibly because she was forced to grow up fast after their parents died and she was promoted to parent; while Lilo is only six, still suffers from residual trauma caused by the parents' death, and some of her antics are a result of being bullied by other children since she doesn't fit in. Lilo is also almost taken away by social services because of several unfortunate events caused by her (and Stitch's) antics.
  • The Lion King: This dynamic between dangerously childish Scar and wise and just Mufasa escalatingbadly is what kicks off The Hero's Journey.
  • The first part of The Prince of Egypt showed this dynamic, with Ramses as the responsible sibling and Moses the foolish one. Future Pharaoh Rameses is terrified of disappointing his father, while Moses tries to get him to lighten up.

    Moses: You know what your problem is, Rameses?
    Rameses: What?
    Moses: You care too much.
    Rameses:(smiling) And your problem is, you don't care at all.

    • Conversely, though, Moses also shows enough responsibility to recognize when his antics have gone too far, and to stick up for his brother.
    • This then gets reversed in the second half. Moses takes responsibility for being God's instrument and freeing the Hebrews, while Rameses defies God's will even as Egypt is suffering a divine beatdown.
  • In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Jefferson Davis (Miles' father), and his younger brother Aaron. They used to "tag" buildings in their youth but drifted apart when Jefferson became a police officer, while Aaron stayed the way he was and at some point went to work for the Kingpin as The Prowler.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • In 27 Dresses, Jane is the elder, responsible sister and her younger sister Tess is foolish.
  • In Brother, this is more or less the dynamic between the Bagrov brothers. Danila is the responsible one, Viktor is the foolish one (despite Viktor being older).
  • Cries and Whispers: Karin is the eldest sister, more prompt in helping the dying Agnes and has her mind on settling the affairs of the house. Maria is the youngest who cowers in the face of Agnes' suffering and is shown to be fairly hedonistic, going as far as attempting to fool around with the doctor who's come to visit his terminal patient. Agnes, the middle sister, is too ill to be anything but passive.
  • In Double Harness, Valerie is irresponsible, callous, and selfish while Joan is level headed, frank, and reasonable.
  • In Four Brothers, Jeremiah and Jack are far more responsible and rational than their more impulsive and hot-headed brothers, Bobby and Angel.
  • Played straight and is the main plot point in Jason's Lyric, besides the love story. Jason is the responsible and dutiful son, while Joshua is the Hot-Blooded and troublemaker son to their mom, Gloria.
  • A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints downplays it. Antonio may be a Jerkass but he's protective and the more functional responsible sibling. His younger brother Giuseppe is terrible with people and The Friend Nobody Likes because of it.
  • In Sisters (2015) Kate and Maura perfectly fit this trope. It's shown that this is a problem for both though; Kate is constantly getting fired and her own daughter doesn't want to live with her, while Maura never gets to enjoy anything because she was worried about everyone else.
  • In Sucker Punch it's not known if Sweet Pea and Rocket are related in real life - but they are sisters in Baby Doll's fantasy world. Sweet Pea is the forward-thinking responsible older sibling, while Rocket is said to have been the foolish one who had trouble at home with their parents.
  • Sunshine Cleaning: Rose is the hard-working, responsible older sister. Norah is the lazy, rebellious younger sister.
  • Thor: Before shit gets real, Loki and Thor. Loki- though younger- was the bookish, reasonable, responsible brother who was implied to regularly attempt to talk sense to Thor, who was childish, reckless, and volatile. However, it's played with in that as the movie progresses, the brothers switch places. Thor's time on Midgard as a mortal mellows him out and he matures into The Wise Prince, while Loki's insecurities (and the discovery of several painful truths about his heritage) lead him to attempt a plot that backfires horribly on him and begins his path to self-destruction and villainy.
  • Troy: Hector is The Dutiful Son and Happily Married to Andromache; Paris is more impulsive and has no wish to settle down with one woman before he meets Helen.
  • Tuff Turf has Morgan Hiller, who's constantly getting into trouble and has been kicked out of multiple prep schools, and his older brother Brian, a responsible student on track to become a lawyer.
  • W. portrays George W. Bush as the foolish sibling to his more responsible younger brother Jeb. As a result, Bush falls under the impression that his parents favor Jeb over him and spends much of his adult life trying to gain his father'srespect.
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: Scott is the rebel of the Summers brothers, while Alex, being older, is the more responsible one.


  • In the first opera from The Ring of the Nibelung cycle, Fasolt and Fafner are this during their first appearance, with Fasolt being the gullible and emotional brother, and Fafner the calculating and rational one. However, the situation quickly slips straight into Cain and Abel.

    Myths & Religion 

  • Classical Mythology: An Older Than Feudalism example is the Titan brothers Prometheus ("forethought") and Epimetheus ("afterthought"). While the former was clever and rational, the latter was foolish. In Plato's discussion of the myth, Epimetheus completely bolloxed everything when the two brothers were given the job of creating humans and animals. Since he lacked foresight, he came down to humanity last and had nothing more to offer, so Prometheus had to steal fire and give it to humans to prevent our extinction. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Epimetheus enthusiastically received Pandora from the gods, despite all of Prometheus's warnings that she would be a blight upon humanity. He was right, she was. This is the Ur-Example in Western Literature.
  • Japanese Mythology: Foolish brothers are the reason why the Japanese pantheon is ruled by a goddess. Amaterasu's first brother, Tsukuyomi, killed the goddess of food out of disgust at the way she procured the food, so Amaterasu vowed never to speak to him again, hence why day and night are always apart. Amaterasu's other brother, Susanoo, was a Sore Loser who threw a massive tantrum after he lost a competition with her and was banished to Earth. His descendants initially ruled the world, until Amaterasu ordered her descendant to depose them.



  • Rabbit Hole: Becca is the responsible wife and mother. Her sister Izzy is a wild child that gets into bar fights after having sex with another woman's boyfriend—and gets knocked up by said other woman's boyfriend.

    Video Games 

  • Crash Bandicoot: Crash, the resident Cloud Cuckoolander, is the foolish older brother to Coco, who's smarter and has more common sense (although not without a few antics of her own).
  • Devil May Cry has a very complicated case of this with Dante and Vergil. At the first glance, you can assume that Dante with his devil-may-care attitude cares only about entertaining himself, barely taking responsibility for anything in his life, while the calm and composed Vergil is the responsible twin that takes everything seriously. However, their actions under pressure can testify otherwise: Dante becomes a bit more serious when things get tough, while Vergil shows cracks in his persona, easily becoming irritated when something doesn't go his way. Dante surprisingly also displayed a lot of maturity in his teens, saving up enough money to buy space for his shop and intending to become a Devil Hunter, while Vergil ran around the world in pursuit of power, even fathering Nero during a one-night stand, which shows that despite his cold and calcutaing facade, the older brother can still be prone to impulsive decisions.
  • Lyndon and Edlin of Diablo III were close brothers who chose different paths when they grew up. Lyndon became a scoundrel and started running with the Thieves' Guild more to amuse himself than anything. Edlin became a city guard with a wife and children.
  • Dragon Quest:
    • Dragon Quest IV: Meena is dutiful, commited and circumspect. Her sister Maya is a lot less serious and loves to gamble.
    • Dragon Quest V:
      • Parry is reckless and a bit of an airhead whereas his sister Madchen tends to take her role as a princess more seriously.
      • Prince Harry was initially the foolish sibling to Wilbur's responsible sibling. Ironically, after his character development, Harry has become much more competent and responsible than Wilbur has.
  • In Ensemble Stars!, the Aoi twins seem like a clear-cut case of this, with Hinata being a hyper-enthusiastic, Perpetual SmilerGenki Boy and Yuuta being much more thoughtful and reserved, but it's twisted a little in that Hinata is much more into their idol duties and so is sometimes the one pushing Yuuta (who worries about being defined entirely by his brother) into practicing more.
  • Artoirel and Emmanellain de Fortemps from the Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy XIV are Responsible and Foolish, respectively. Both of them show signs of childish behavior, but Artoirel is the heir to the noble Fortemps family legacy and thus The Dutiful Son, while self-centered Emmanellain is more or less a Lazy BumUpper-Class Twit.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • In Fire Emblem Awakening, Lucina, who's Chrom's Kid from the Future, is a serious and mature girl compared to any of the second generation units who can wind up as her siblings- Male Morgan, Cynthia, Kjelle, Brady, or Inigonote Respectively the children of the Female Avatar, Sumia, Sully, Maribelle and Olivia, any of whom can marry Chrom- with each of them being significantly more eccentric in their own ways.
    • Felicia and Flora from Fire Emblem Fates are Foolish and Responsible, respectively. Felicia is Foolish in that she's quite incompetent as a maid, being clumsy and terrible at cooking. Flora is Responsible, being the much more competent maid and cook.
    • In Fire Emblem Gaiden, Delthea is the foolish sibling to her older brother Luthier's responsible sibling, being Brilliant, but Lazy where he is hardworking.
    • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Hilda is a rather lazy young noblewoman, while her older brother Holst is an accomplished warrior and commander who is responsible for defending the Leicester Alliance from Almyra. It's played with a bit in that part of the reason why Hilda is lazy lies in her belief that she'll never measure up to Holst.
  • Despite being equally talented at fighting, Kim Dong-Hwan and Kim Jae-Hoon, Kim Kaphwan's sons from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, are this, with Dong-Hwan being the Foolish one (a lazy slacker who prefers the Korean nightlife to strict training) and Jae-Hoon being the Responsible one (taking more after his dad in both looks and dedication, to the point of actually inheriting his Hou'ou Kyaku).
  • Technically, they're cousins, but Grand Theft Auto IV's Roman Bellic plays foolish gambling addict to Niko's responsible contract killer.
  • inFAMOUS: Second Son: Delsin (Foolish) and Reggie (Responsible) Rowe. Delsin is an unemployed delinquent, and Reggie is the country Sheriff who expresses much embarrassment at having to keep arresting his younger brother. Though Delsin starts becoming more responsible after unlocking his Conduit abilities.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has Impa and Purah. Impa is a very serious and responsible woman who always helps out and explains things to Link in a straightforward manner, while Purah is a very perky woman who decided to test a newly-designed Fountain of Youth rune on herself without doing any safer preemptive tests first and who frequently treats Link in a very teasing and mischievous manner.
  • While not exactly foolish, Daniel from Life Is Strange 2 is considerably more carefree and reckless than his older brother Sean. Which is not ideal, considering how Daniel is the one with telekinesis.
  • Mega Man Battle Network has the foolish sibling be Lan/Netto Hikari, who likes to sleep in and neglect his studies, and Megaman/Rockman.EXE aka Hub/Saito as the responsible sibling who has to be his brother's alarm clock and personal nanny at times.
  • Claus and Lucas from Mother 3. The former is the foolish one, and the latter the responsible one, which shows the most strongly in how they react to their mother's death. Claus goes off to get revenge, while Lucas obediently remains at home and indirectly spills the beans on where his brother went via a Suspiciously Specific Denial.
  • Subverted with Kannon and Seishi Bosatsu from Namu Amida Butsu! -UTENA- – they bear the personalities associated with this trope with Kannon a kind but strict Team Mom and Seishi a Manchild who engages in Big Brother Worship, but Kannon spoils Seishi rotten and Seishi is nice and sweet enough to never take advantage of his brother's trust or become a spoiled brat.
  • Miwako (responsible) and Yumi (foolish) Shimizu from the Nancy Drew game Shadow at the Water's Edge. Though also a bit of an inversion— Miwako's prudence renders her very apprehensive and unwilling to help Nancy with the mystery, instead attempting to discourage her from continuing, while Yumi is actively helping her, albeit in a very cryptic, indirect manner.
  • Dōjo and Oguna in Onmyōji. Dōjo is a Spoiled Brat who doesn't hesitate to insult even her older brother when he tries to reason with her, even though he always puts up with it. According to Oguna's in-game autobiography, there was a time when Dōjo was lost eight times in a single month.
  • The Stamatin twins in Pathologic. Petr is a co-dependent alcoholic shut-in, and Andrei (while spending most of his time in the twyrine den coming up with ways to screw with people, and therefore not responsible in any traditional sense of the word) is a dangerous man with a strong force of will, and considers it his personal mission in life to protect his brother from the outside world. In particular, professionally. They work together as architects - Petr designs avant-garde buildings that break the laws of reality and Andrei does the civil engineering necessary to erect them.
  • Persona:
    • Partially lampshaded in Persona 3. When Ken Amada joins the team, Junpei assumes a Big Brother Mentor role. Yukari mentions something to the effect that Junpei's is like the foolish sibling, while Ken's the responsible and mature one.
    • In Persona 4, Ryotaro Dojima was apparently the foolish sibling to the main character's mother, since he's implied to have been a bit of a troublemaker when he was young, such as earning himself a thrashing from his father by riding around on a bike.
    • Persona 5:
      • Eiko and her brother. Eiko is a somewhat poor student who ends up falling in love with a manipulative host and nearly getting sold off if not for Makoto's intervention. Meanwhile, her brother is apparently quite talented, and that fact, along with their parents' favoring him helps cause Eiko's issues.
      • Youji Isshiki and his sister Wakaba. Wakaba was highly eccentric but was also an exceptional cognitive psience researcher and a loving mother to Futaba. Meanwhile, Youji is fairly wasteful with money, thus causing him to extort money out of Sojiro, who'd taken Futaba in after hearing about Youji abusing her.
      • Kazuya Makigami, a petty thief and Mementos target, and his more studious younger brother Naoya, whom Kazuya bullies.
  • Solatorobo gives us Red and Chocolat. He's somewhat Hot-Blooded and is the one who actually fights, while she is Mission Control and manages the team's financial issues. In this case, the responsible sibling is only 13, while the foolish one is 17.
  • In Stardew Valley, Haley is the Foolish to Emily's Responsible. Despite her outgoing attitude, Emily is the more mature of the two and works part-time in Gus' bar, while Haley seems very childish for her age, throwing tantrums at the thought of being forced to do household chores and mostly just loitering about.
  • Played with Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. While Mario is characterized as impulsive and Luigi is described as the more level-headed one, the contrast rarely comes into play in the games or is often reversed. Mario can become focused on the task at hand and Luigi can make foolish decisions due to his cowardice.
  • Downplayed with Polar Opposite Twins Jade and Floyd in Twisted Wonderland. While initial character profiles and in-game introductions establish Jade as calm and mature and Floyd as a Brilliant, but Lazy hedonist, it soon becomes clear that Jade enjoys chaos and their Slasher SmileCreepy Twins shtick as much as Floyd does, and indulges much of Floyd's behaviour due to wanting his twin's happiness more than anything.
  • Played with in Undertale, where Papyrus appears to be an ambition-minded skeleton dedicated to serving the royal guard, while Sans only seems interested in pranks and loafing. The reality is that Papyrus' attempts to be serious and mature makes him come across as quite (unintentionally) goofy and, as it turns out, he doesn't have a single mean bone in his body, and as such he's incapable of actually hurting anyone, meaning he is not really cut out for bodyguard work. Meanwhile, Sans secretly spends a lot of his time trying to keep his brother happy and is quite cynical and melancholic beneath his goofy surface, and he hides his own problems to not worry his brother. And if the player behaves evilly enough, he is eventually driven to attempt to kill them, and unlike his brother he will not show any mercy.
  • In the prologue of Until Dawn, Beth is strongly implied to be the responsible sibling, compared to her twin sister Hannah whom Beth calls "naive", even to her older brother Josh, who was seen passed out drunk.
  • Played with in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines with Voermann twins—the responsible Therese and the foolish Jeanette. And by "played with", we mean that they are actually two extremely split personalities inhabiting the same body; they are actually Malkavians and this is how their madness manifests itself.
  • In The World Ends with You, Beat and his little sister Rhyme. The former is a hothead who isn't terribly bright, resulting in him making unwise decisions and his parents giving up on him. The latter is mature for her age, serving as the voice of reason as Beat's partner and never gave up on Beat. This is emphasized when you acquire their bookbags as secret pieces of equipment; Beat's is beaten up, while Rhyme's is in pristine condition.

    Visual Novels 

  • Ace Attorney
    • The Fey sisters in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Maya is the Foolish sibling, being a rather childish 17-year-old with a voracious appetite for ramen/burgers(depending on the version). Mia is the Responsible sibling, being a successful defense attorney who left her village to find her mother and prevent any disputes between herself and her sister over who would succeed the family name. It helps that at the time of Mia's death, she was 27 and Maya was 17.
    • Played with in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney with the Gavin brothers. Kristoph is a defense attorney known as "The Coolest Defense in the West" for his calm demeanor, has an excellent win record, and is generally unflappable. Younger brother Klavier is a wild-card prosecutor who flirts while in the courtroom and is the lead singer of his very own rock band outside it. Kristoph is also the Big Bad of the game, and Klavier one of your best allies in bringing him to justice.
  • In Beyond Eden, Oscar Edenic is the dutiful first son responsible for managing his family's household and fortunes, while Edward Edenic is the wild third son who was expelled from school for an unknown incident and seems content to spend his days gambling and practicing shooting. Their conflicts are manipulated and exploited by Villain Protagonist Alex Wake in multiple routes.
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has Mondo and Daiya Owada. While calling a biker gang leader "responsible" would be a bit of a stretch, Daiya was the glue that kept the Crazy Diamonds together, and ultimately sacrificed himself to save his brother, entrusting him with the gang. Mondo, for all his Hot-Blooded and manly attitude, was deeply insecure, which was why he challenged his brother to a race, leading to Daiya's death, and why he later killed Chihiro in a fit of rage, making him come off as the foolish one.
  • In Marco and the Galaxy Dragon, Tera Isezaki is eccentric, proud, and fond of flaunting her family’s vast wealth in various ways. Her younger sister Rakka, by contrast, is humble, down-to-earth, and acts as the family’s self-appointed Minister of Finance to keep Tera from blowing their money on dubious purchases from Galaxy Auction.

    Web Animation 

  • DSBT InsaniT: Bill is the Foolish Sibling, and Whitney is the Responsible Sibling. Bill is bombastic and will charge right into confrontation. Whitney will try and approach confrontation nice and easy and will Take a Third Option if possible.
  • In the GoAnimate "Character gets grounded" videos, a lot of the troublemakers have this dynamic with their siblings. It's worth pointing out that these are simply the most common dynamics between these characters in the grounded videos, and some videos have been known to reverse the characters' dynamics or even have both be Foolish:
  • Ichabod and Calamity in No Evil, with Ichabod as the studious, neurotic one (Responsible) and Calamity as Brilliant, but Lazy (Foolish).
  • Trick Moon: Prince is the responsible one, but as he is trapped he has to rely on his foolish siblings Trickshot and Pocket. Despite his obsession with looking "cool", Trickshot takes his job more seriously than Pocket, grabbing her when she stops to save her game after Mage steals the Moonstone.


  • Adventurers! has Karashi (responsible) and Mizuna (foolish). Both were trained as ninjas, and Mizuna was actually a prodigy, but she misunderstood all the favorable comparisons to Karashi, fled, and joined Khrima. When the sisters duel, Mizuna throws a sudden childish fit upon realizing that Karashi broke one of her earrings, with the comic's title sarcastically urging the reader to guess which one was the older sister. Upon her Heel–Face Turn, Mizuna is shown to still be impatient while training.
  • In Concerned, there's the Frohman brothers. Gordon Frohman is the Foolish sibling, with the misadventures resulting from his spectacular idiocy driving the plot of the webcomic. His twin brother Norman is the Responsible one, having saved Gordon's life many times since they were children, only for Gordon to not understand that Norman was saving him.
  • Cucumber Quest has the Brother–Sister Team of Cucumber and Almond. Cucumber is a bookworm who would rather hide the Artifact of Doom and end the quest to save the world before it's even necessary. Almond is so excited for said quest that she invokesYou Can't Thwart Stage One.
  • Elon and Myari of Ears for Elves, oh so much; they fit the opening paragraphs of this page to a T. Older brother Elon is cautious and methodical where Genki Girl Myari is impulsive and excitable.
  • General Protection Fault
  • Nebula has older sister Earth as a naive Genki Girl, with her younger sister Venus being a pragmatic and more mature Deadpan Snarker.
  • Julie is mostly the responsible sibling and Angelika is mostly the foolish sibling in Our Little Adventure.
  • In Pacificators, we have Larima and Taffe. It's not quite so straightforward, though; Larima is The Ditz and Genki Girl who loves being a Pacificator, and takes her duty seriously. Taffe is The Stoic and The Lancer, but she never wanted to be a Pacificator in the first place.
  • Rowan Fitzpatrick in Rhapsodies is much more grounded than her manic, hyperactive, Ditzy Genius brother, Brian. This is the main reason she's the office manager in their financial consulting firm.
  • Rosebuds: Maria ends up being the foolish sibling practically all the time, while Maricela and Rosa often share the responsible spot.
  • Anna and Susan from Sire make up both halves of the Jekyll & Hyde-Child, thusly one sister is rational, calm and reasonable and the other is completely and utterly without inhibition.
  • In Suihira, Hadima, the protagonist's elder sister, is the responsible future queen in a Perfectly Arranged Marriage. The protagonist, Wahida, acts like a Royal Brat before running away on a Mission from God, which is conveniently bestowed on her days before her own wedding.
  • In The Veligent, Kade is the more laid back sibling, while his brother is the more serious and responsible one.

    Web Original 

  • In Petscop: according to their descriptions, Roneth is the responsible to Toneth's foolish because he learns from the latter's mistakes and doesn't need to be watched all the time (implying Toneth does need to be watched all the time).

    Web Video 

  • Aaron has two brothers, Chris and Adam. Adam was a drunken wreck in his teen years, making him the Foolish sibling. Chris is well-adjusted and living away from home, making him the Responsible one.
  • The Cry of Mann:
    • Berry is the responsible sibling, to Jouglat and Jack's foolish sibling. While she works hard trying to keep the family from falling apart and tries to act as a moral compass of sorts, Jouglat goes crazy due to his warr obsession, and Jack spirals out of control due to his obsession with his art.
    • While they're not actually blood-related, they're practically sisters, and they share this dynamic. Mabel's the responsible one, who tries to protect both herself and Ashes from the soldiers, whom she doesn't trust or care for. Even after she falls for Glintz-Terry, she refuses to take action and thinks of herself as being naive. Ashes is the foolish one, who chooses to flirt with soldier Durkin and shows no fear when dealing with the other soldiers, a mentality that Mabel chastises as being too foolish and dangerous.
  • The Nostalgia Critic and The Other Guy. Also slightly played with, as The Other Guy is proud to reveal that he controls the Critic like a puppet-master. As they do a lot of videos as themselves reviewing modern movies, Doug and Rob will play this dynamic too. Doug's usually the ditzy, slightly crazy Wide-Eyed Idealist, while Rob is more cynical and can smack Doug down when he gets too far.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • In the "Bowser Junior's First Grade!" story arc, Emily Coleman, who is one of the few students who has some common sense and maturity, serves as the responsible sibling to her crazy brother, Patrick's foolish sibling.
    • In "Chef Pee Pee's Family", Chef Pee Pee and his unnamed sister serve as the responsible siblings to their sister, Stacy's foolish sibling. In particular, Stacy spends most of her time cheering the same word: "Queef", much to their annoyance.
    • In "The Koopalings! Part 2", Junior, Iggy, Roy, Larry, and Ludwig are the responsible siblings, while Wendy, Morton, and Lemmy are the foolish ones. In particular, Wendy smashed a dish over a spot she missed, and later cut the couch in half with a chainsaw which led to Mario and Bowser getting evicted from their apartment, Lemmy broke a table with a cannonball from Bowser's clown car, and Morton smashed another table with a hammer, with Junior trying to stop them all the while.
  • Cream Heroes: Dodo is the Foolish, having jumped atop Claire's kitchen cabinets despite the dangers and has eaten soil, silicone and paper. This stands in contrast to his brother Toto, who tends to be calmer and more responsible, acting as a defender from the robot vacuum and the zombie hand massager. Notably, if Dodo doesn't go to DD or Nana for comfort when he's upset, he will seek out Toto.


Delsin and Reggie Rowe

Delsin is the foolish one, known for vandalism and mischief, while Reggie is the cop who always has to bring him in.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling
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  2. Ikea alligator
  3. Upshift houston

Big Brother Instinct


If you made her cry, start running.

"Big brothers... you know why they're born first? To protect the little ones that come after them!"

Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach

One very common way to establish that a male (or increasingly frequently female) character is a Nice Guy (even if the niceness is hidden under a gruff exterior) is to give them an instinctive desire to be a respectable big sibling to smaller or younger characters (in more cases female than male). These other characters may be truly younger siblings, or they may be completely unrelated, or even older, but the feeling is the same: to act as their protector.

The Big Brother Instinct serves to explain fan attraction to Moe tropes and devices as an emotional, rather than sexual, response. There seems to be something inherently comforting to an awkward male about being looked up to by a younger girl for support. Therefore, Moe can be wish fulfillment about taking a "big brother role" instead of about being a Love Interest. Rather amusingly, it's also quite often that the trope gets inverted, and the younger sibling wants to protect the older instead. Hilarity Ensues when both versions happen at the same time.

If both characters are male, the older (or in the case of twins, the physically stronger) brother will usually act as the younger/smaller brother's protector, to the point of treating him like a child, even when the younger brother is fully capable of protecting himself. This behavior can come across as loving and nurturing or as condescending and smothering. If the older brother goes to extreme, morally questionable lengths for the sake of the younger sibling, then they are a Knight Templar Big Brother.

Compare Mama Bear, Papa Wolf, Family Man, Extremely Protective Child, My Sister Is Off-Limits!, Promotion to Parent. Compare/Contrast Big Brother Bully. While the two may seem mutually exclusive at first glance, they frequently overlap in both fiction and reality: the same sibling who makes their little sister's life a constant parade of pranks may have a If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... conversation with her new boyfriend. Also, contrast with Disappointing Older Sibling when the character either lacks the Big Brother Instinct or is completely ineffectual at protecting the younger sibling.

Has nothing to do with the TV show Big Brother. The 1984 meaning of "Big Brother" is covered under Big Brother Is Watching.

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Other examples:

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    Myths & Religion 

  • Several from the Classical Mythology:
    • Apollo, despite being the younger twin, tricks his twin sister Artemis into killing Orion because he feared this was one guy for whom she could give up her vow of chastity.
    • To the great surprise of those who watched the movie Troy, Agamemnon in the original Classical Mythology and The Iliad has this in spades where Menelaus is concerned. Paris fucked with Menelaus, Agamemnon will make Troy burn.
    • Speaking of Troy, Helen of Troy was once kidnapped by the hero Theseus (according to some accounts, at the age of seven) because her beauty was so great he wanted to marry her – her brothers Castor and Pollux got her back, though.
    • There's also one regarding Castor and Pollux themselves. Castor was the son of Leda and her husband, the King of Sparta. Pollux was the result of Leda being seduced by Zeus, but it hardly mattered to them. The brothers were inseparable heroes until they were defeated in battle. Pollux, being a demigod, went up to Olympus, but was unhappy because his brother was in the mortal underworld. so Pollux marched down there and refused to leave unless Castor went with him, presenting the Gods with a tricky conundrum. Long story short, the brothers became the constellation Gemini.
    • There's a Big Sister Instinct in the play Antigone. Oedipus' two sons, Eteocles and Polynices, were quarreling over the kingdom inheritance and eventually killed each other in a duel. Their uncle, Creon, decried that no one would bury the brother he liked less (essentially leaving him to rot shamefully in the streets) on the penalty of death, but what did the brothers' sister, Antigone, do? Defied his order and buried her brother, of course!. This ended tragically, though, with Antigone put into a tomb and hanging herself, while Creon himself had to lost his wife and son indirectly because of the grief of Antigone's death.
    • Heracles had a mortal half-brother named Iphicles, the son of his mortal stepfather Amphitryon by their shared mother Alcmena. While Iphicles obviously couldn't match Heracles's divine strength or fighting skill, he was still a Badass Normal in his own right who accompanied Heracles on his military expeditions. Heracles was inconsolable when Iphicles was killed in his war against Sparta.
  • More "little sister instinct". A very religious Italian woman named Angela Merici was very depressed when her older sister Gianna Maria died without rites, and prayed ceaselessly to make sure her soul would be at peace. One day, she received a vision telling her that Gianna was in Heaven with the saints. In gratitude, Angela devoted the rest of her life to teaching, religion and service to the poor, founded the Order of Ursulines, and ultimately became Saint Angela Merici.
  • Happens in a couple of places in The Bible. One passage in the Song of Songs goes "We have a little sister, and her breasts are not yet grown. What shall we do for our sister on the day she is spoken for?"
    • When Shechem (the man, not the town) rapes Dinah, Simon and Levi make sure Shechem (the town, including the man) pays for it dearly. Jacob isn't happy about this, but they still don't feel they did anything wrong.
    • When Tamar, a daughter of David, is raped by her half-brother Amnon and thrown out, her full brother Absalom sends his servants to kill him.

    Pro Wrestling 

  • A group of GLOW villains kidnapped Little Fiji to lure her older sister Mountain Fiji out of the arena to ensure Mountain Fiji wouldn't get another victory. Little Fiji's opening rap even refers to giving her sister a call if she's in trouble.
  • The Hardy brothers, Matt and Jeff. Matt as the older brother, both in story lines and Real Life, often plays this role (when he's not this, he instead is the Jerkass).
  • Jay Briscoe had this reaction after Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team used an ether soaked rag to defeat Mark Briscoe in a fight without honor. ROH match maker Nigel McGuinness was able to put off Jay's vengeance but wasn't able to stop it because he could not get the obvious rule patch he wanted enforced.
  • CM Punk is clearly fond of those he considers his little sisters, in Kayfabe and in Real Life. During his Chicago Street Fight with Chris Jericho, his opponent proceeded to taunt his little sister who was sitting ringside. She promptly slapped him in the face. When Chris tried to go after her, Punk pretty much lost it and beat the shit of Jericho, including putting him through the Spanish Announcers' Table with a flying elbow.
  • Jericho himself qualifies for this trope in real life. At Summerslam 2016, after the controversial ending to the Orton-Lesnar match that saw Randy Orton bloodied the hard way by Brock Lesnar (and later revealed to have suffered a concussion), a furious Jericho backed Lesnar against a wall, demanding to know if that had been intentional. Repeat: Jericho was willing to get into a real fight with Lesnar if he'd hurt Orton deliberately.
  • Roman Reigns of The Shield had this for his two other teammates, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Even after Rollins stabbed him and Ambrose in the back, he still has this for Ambrose and it's been implied that he still has somewhat of a soft spot for Rollins. In fact, some of the main reasons why he hates The Authority, particularly Triple H, is because of the pure hell they've put Dean through and their corruption of Seth.
  • Bella Twins:
    • When Stephanie McMahon was using her power to bully Nikki in revenge for Brie embarrassing her, Brie arrived at the show as a fannote She had quit WWE to prevent Stephanie from stripping her husband of the title. and got her revenge - when Stephanie slapped her at ringside, Brie got the police involved and Steph was arrested for assault.
    • Even one time when the twins themselves were feuding, Brie prevented AJ Lee from attacking Nikki at ringside.
    • Averted one time when Brie abandoned Nikki to get attacked by Kharma. Nikki forgave Brie, admitting she would have done the exact same thing.
  • Undertaker is possibly the best example of this with Kane, whom he's come to the rescue of numerous times. Seeps into Knight Templar Big Brother depending on how far he's willing to go for retribution should be he unsuccessful in saving Kane at the time.
  • Stevie Ray is also a real life example. During his podcast, Stand Up For Greatness, he revealed that when he heard that Mike Awesome had hurt his younger brother Booker Tin a match, he confronted him. Stevie made it very clear that if Awesome had admitted that he intentionally hurt Booker, he would've kicked his ass.


  • Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton absolutely loses it when she finds out that her sister Eliza's husband Hamilton cheated on her and broke her heart. In a cut song called "Congratulations," she drags Hamilton for a whole two minutes. Despite showing some love to Hamilton, Angelica Schuyler will not take any of Hamilton's shit and will always put Eliza, her only remaining baby sister, before anything and anyone in the world. One of her lines in "The Reynolds Pamphlet" sums it up:

    Angelica: I love my sister more than anything in this life / I will choose her happiness over mine every time!

  • Emma Borden from Lizzie is fiercely protective towards her younger sister. With their mother's death and abusive father, Emma essentially became a parental figure to Lizzie. It is clear she feels responsible for her happiness and well-being (more accurately, lack thereof). Given the subject matter, her efforts to save her sister don't exactly work.
  • Inverted in Les Misérables; in some productions Gavorche has this attitude towards Eponine who is his older sister. He tries to go to her when she gets shot, and cries after she passes.

    Web Animation 

  • Broken Saints: Heartwarming Orphan Shandala, the heroine, is looked after by her adopted parents' son as if she were his own flesh and blood.
  • DSBT InsaniT: It may seem like Killer doesn't care for his twin sister, but he'll defend her if he finds the need to.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Agent North, with such a trustworthy, older-brother instinct that he gets assigned Theta, the AI fragment composed of Alpha's innocence. He's the only one in the program qualified to take care of a being of pure innocence. But seriously, watch seasons 9 and 10. The dude lives and breathes trust.
    • Blue team. Sure, Caboose is an idiot. But he's their idiot.
    • Wash eventually develops it for the Reds and Blues. In the flashback, he tried to mimic North's, but CT wasn't buying it. As of Season 11, Wash especially has this in regards to Caboose, trying to keep him from getting overcome with depression after Church leaves and, in Season 12, making sure Freckles is okay after getting captured by the Feds.
  • Gender-flipped with Yang in RWBY, as one of her primary character traits is how protective she is towards her little sister Ruby (to the point that there's an entire Image Song devoted to the subject). When the events of Volume 3 leave her a broken mess suffering from PTSD and depression for several months, it's the realization that their father can't take care of her and go after Ruby at the same time that ultimately gives her the motivation to come to terms with her trauma and begin her recovery.
    • Expanded on a little more in Volume 8: when Ruby starts entering a stress-induced Heroic BSoD, Yang is the first to reassure her and tell her not to give up. When Neopolitan is seconds away from stabbing Ruby, Yang doesn’t hesitate to jump into the line of fire and save her.
  • Parodied in RWBY Chibi. When Ruby can't open a jar of pickles, Sun tries to help her but also fails. Yang turns up because her "big sister sense" is tingling. She insists on opening the jar of pickles for a reluctant Ruby, who drags Sun off to a safe distance while Yang wages open warfare, complete with using weapons, on the jar.

    Yang: You dared to make my baby sister hungry? You're going down jar!

    Web Original 

  • Dead West has a character, The Porcelain Doctor who is enforcing this trope into others. His aura, called the Devil's Veil, shows him fragile, weak and casts a glamour to make others like him (or wanting to crush him). He cannot turn it off, which really annoys him, but is notable that Gervas, our narrator would feel the same without falling to his aura. His real big brother is more along the lines of a Knight Templar Big Brother.
  • Decembersville: Nutty Jimmy is like this to his sister, Sarah. As illustrated here.
  • Dimension Heroes: Rob displays this trope towards his fellow Dimensional Guardians, reasoning that as the leader, he's responsible for their safety.
  • The Other Kind Of Roommate has Terry showing this for Beth. It's treated as cute and protective before it gets controlling and is explained as the reason they broke up.
  • In Worm, this is a major part of Grue's makeup –- in fact, his trigger event came when he was defending his little sister from his mother's abusive boyfriend.
  • The Adventure Zone gives us Lup. Even while trapped in the umbrastaff, she still kills off Edward for basically torturing her twin brother.

    Web Videos 

  • Aaron has two brothers getting into a blazing row. When the younger one comes home drunk, the older immediately comes to his rescue.
  • The web documentary F*** Kayfabe: Wrestling with Labels -– Cianan and Matt have this towards Bobby. Bobby jokes that himself and Pete both think of the other as their little brother so they decided to be twins instead. Bobby has this for Kev and even refers to him as "my little brother" in the Special Thanks at the end.
  • In the Noob webseries and comics, any enemy bothering Gaea has a decent chance of having Golgotha show up for a serious beating, regardless of her location when the bothering started. A variation in that Gaea is a Dirty Coward rather than weak and Golgotha's protectiveness is simply stemming from their history as Childhood Friends.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • Rob Walker will be the first to admit anything that didn't work out in an episode, but if you go too far and insult Doug instead, he will make you sorry.
    • In character terms, while The Other Guy is a Big Brother Bully when the Critic is alive/sober/lucid, he'll always show how much he cares when nobody else is around.
    • They're not related but in Demo Reel, after Donnie (Doug) gets kidnapped, badass stoic Carl (Rob) tears down the forest looking after him and makes sure he's okay when he returns.


Avatar the Last Airbender

Hurt Katara at your own risk.

Alternative Title(s):Big Sister Instinct, Little Sister Instinct

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BigBrotherInstinct
The Likable Sociopath Trope, Explained

Knight Templar Big Brother

You have a younger sibling. Either full-blooded, half-blooded, or just adoptive (or, in some odd cases, more than one of those at once). Especially a little sister. The kid is wronged somehow. What do you do?

Do you deal with the offender in a calm, civil manner?

Or failing that, perhaps you are a little upset, yet you keep control over your emotions, and keep yourself as restrained as you can?

Or do you go after the offender, the offender's friends, anyone connected to the offender, as well as anyone who even looks like they could be an offender sometime in the indeterminate future and kill them all in as painful a manner as possible?

If you are the latter, then congratulations! You are officially a Knight Templar Big Brother (or Knight Templar Big Sister).

This trope is what happens when a character takes the Big Brother Instinct to the extreme. They don't just protect the younger sibling, they absolutely destroy anyone who'd so much as even look at them wrong. Much like the Knight Templar and Knight Templar Parent, the Knight Templar Big Brother often genuinely believes that what they are doing is right and fully beneficial to the younger sibling, which often results in a clash of siblings later on within the show or work.

Contrast with Spartan Sibling.

See also Knight Templar, Knight Templar Parent and My Sister Is Off-Limits!. If the characters aren't actual siblings, it probably is Yandere.


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    Anime & Manga 

  • Let's not forget Urd from Ah! My Goddess, who makes it clear that she will do anything and use any power she has to in order to protect her sisters Belldandy and Skuld. Urd has to continually "punish" Aoshima after his latest rape attempt against Belldandy or Skuld (he tried to force himself on her when Skuld grew up after Yggdrasil crashed). Urd stood up to her own mother Hild, the Daimakaicho, telling her to stop tormenting "her little sister" Skuld after Skuld incurred her wrath. Also, Urd actually passed the test to become a First-Class Goddess (the highest level that every goddess tries to attain) but declines because First-Class Goddesses have to use their powers to protect everyone; Urd only wants to use her powers to protect her sisters. Since Belldandy goes absolutely postal if anyone even blinks wrong at Keiichi, it is easy to overlook that Urd is a Templar Knight Big Sister as well.
  • Akira's older brothers in Ai Ore! Love Me! are quite protective of him.
  • Shinnosuke from Apocalypse Alice, who tries very hard to be The Unfettered in wanting to save his little sister. To achieve that goal, he's sworn off anything unnecessarily detrimental to him, such as sticking his neck out for others as he can't afford to die before rescuing his sister. That said, keyword is tries.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Mikasa Ackerman towards her adoptive brother Eren Yeager, since he killed her parents' murderers, saved her from them, *and* let her into his family. She's violently over-protective, to the extent that she will ignore direct orders or the greater good (such as helping evacuate citizens) to protect him. On numerous occasions, she's threatened the lives of even her True Companions, making it clear if forced to choose between Eren's well-being and their lives, she will kill them without hesitation.
    • Levi was one to his ill-fated surrogate little sister, Isabel, in the Spin-Off prequel about his past. When she came home beaten up and missing a pigtail, he went out. He comes home that evening, cleaning blood off a knife, and won't answer when their companion Farlan asks if he killed those responsible. When Isabel and Farlan both get eaten by an Aberrant, Levi loses it and utterly MASSACRES the Titan in question.
  • Mahiro from Blast of Tempest is this for Aika. He was insanely protective of her and demanded that she didn't get romantically involved with anyone. Probably had to do with the fact that he was in love with her without being aware of it.
  • Bleach has a few examples:
    • Ichigo adamantly believes the reason a big brother is born first is to protect all the little siblings that follow. He will force-feed this belief by the sword if he has to, to any big brother he catches not protecting their own siblings, as both Orihime and Rukia's respective big brothers discover. When he feels anyone he cares about is being threatened, he becomes single-minded about saving them, taking on both Soul Society and Hueco Mundo when Rukia and Orihime need rescuing from their respective hostage situations. When his entire family and social circle are brainwashed by a villain, he is left so isolated from the very people he is trying to save that he actually comes to accept that the only solution will be to kill the villain instead of simply defeating them. When Yuzu dies in the fourth movie after being exposed for too long to Hell's miasma, Ichigo completely loses control, enters his super-Hollow form, and destroys Hell's gate.
    • Byakuya once made two separate vows: a promise to his dead parents that he would always uphold the law, and a promise to his dying wife to protect her sister, Rukia. When Rukia is sentenced to execution, those two vows conflict and Byakuya is forced to choose the vow that was made to his parents, which trumps a vow made to a wife. Ichigo helps him resolve the conflict, freeing Byakuya to do what he wanted from the beginning - protect Rukia. He does so with a dreadful, single-minded purpose; when Zommari decides to kill an unconscious Rukia, Byakuya intervenes. When Zommari is defeated, he rants about Shinigami's arrogance in thinking they have the right to slay hollows. Byakuya corrects him, explaining that killing Zommari has nothing to do with being a Shinigami and that it's instead because Zommari dared to point a sword at Rukia.
    • Hitsugaya and Hinamori have been raised together by an old woman they both refer to as their grandmother. He is incredibly protective of her despite being the younger of the two to the point where he attacked a perceived threat to her with such force two nearby vice-captains were caught up in the power he unleashed (one of which was actually her). In the end, their relationship is exploited by Aizen, who tricks Hitsugaya into stabbing an illusion of Aizen — when the illusion disappears, it's revealed that Hitsugaya has stabbed Hinamori. As a result, Hitsugaya vows to become strong enough to protect Hinamori from everything.
    • A deconstructed case with the movie character Kokuto within the franchise. His younger sister got killed and Kokuto killed her murderer, but Kokuto got punished later on and ended being in Hell in his afterlife. He could not accept his punishment and tries everything to break out of Hell, even going so far as to manipulate Shuren and his men to lure out Ichigo to Hell and use his Hollow powers to break his chains. This is where the Foil part kicks in. After Ichigo's sister is revived, Ichigo returns to Hell to save his friends from Kokuto's hands and not to seek revenge on him, while Kokuto's desire for freedom comes from his hatred for his punishment, as he thinks that he doesn't deserve that for revenging his sister. Hell sympathizes more with Ichigo and lends him its power to defeat Kokuto, who then gets punished even harder.
  • Touya from Cardcaptor Sakura has shades of this because he promised his mother on her deathbed that he'd protect Sakura. For one, he jumped over a fence and tried to beat up a 10-year-old boy for bullying Sakura.
  • More than one Sympathetic Murderer in Case Closed is a brother or a sister seeking revenge for the death or ruin of their younger or older sibling. Some examples are Toshiya Tadakoro (kills his boss for causing the death of his Ill Girl sister while Moving the Goalposts), Akiko Sayama (kills a corrupt PC programmer for causing her older brother's ruin and suicide), Chieri Aki aka Eri Akechi (kills two Alpha Bitches for framing her long-lost younger sister for drug trade and making her commit suicide), Masao Kouda (doesn't kill anyone but becomes a bank robber to hide his loot in the backyard of the man who killed his younger sister and forces them to dig in to find the girl's corpse), Midori Nozaki (brews a mix of Fatal Method Acting and Thanatos Gambit to both commit suicide and take the woman who made her sister kill herself down with her) and others.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • When Last Order is kidnapped, Accelerator reverts back into the person he used to be, except in an effort to save her. Slaughter ensues. The lesson in all this? Only those who don't value their lives shall mess with Last Order
    • Mikoto also has shades of this herself when she discovers what's happening to her clones, whom she considers her younger sisters, and what she's willing to go through to stop the Level 6 Project.
  • In Chrono Crusade:
    • When Rosette Christopher's little brother is kidnapped by the Big Bad, she makes a Deal with the Devil and spends four years training as a Church Militant. The moment she discovers the location of her brother, she travels from New York to San Francisco, guns blazing, killing any demon that attempts to get in her way, all while being the only Badass Normal in the manga (the anime eventually gave her holy powers). In the manga, it all leads to a battle between her and Joshua Christopher himself who is strong enough to tear apart a massive army of demons with his bare hands. And she kicks his ass.
    • There's also Fiore, who considers herself as something of a big sister to Joshua. She seems gentle and demure at first, but when the time comes she doesn't hesitate to die in an attempt to protect Joshua, even going directly against her master's orders in the manga.
  • Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass.
    • After his younger sister Nunally was wounded in a terrorist attack (that also killed their mother), he ultimately started a war and took over the world, all for her sake. And when she found out, she gotpissed. That said, it's shown she was given a skewed (to say the least) perspective of what Lelouch was doing by Schneizel and at the end when she finds out the truth she actually approves of what he did and just wishes it didn't end in his death.
    • In Season 1 Mao, a Stalker with a Crush to Lelouch's partner C.C. kidnapped poor Nunnally and strapped a bomb to her. Lelouch was already very pissed off at Mao since he first Mind Raped his poor, sweet classmate — and a totally innocent bystander which he had no business to involve — Shirley and then did the same to his Forgotten Childhood Friend Suzaku; needless to say, Mao did not meet a pleasing end.


  • Another Knight Templar Younger Brother is Fire God Apollo from Cyborg 009, towards his older sister Hunt Goddess Artemis. When the girl died very tragically, the already unstable Apollo went literally insane with grief and killed the culprit, then let himself die whispering his sister's name.
  • In the manga of Death Note Light Yagami claims in an early Motive Rant that part of the reason he's killing criminals en masse is to make the world a safer place for his little sister Sayu. It might even be somewhat true. Sayu is, after all, the only person he refused to kill when it would be to his advantage to kill her. Then again, it could be that he just realized Mello would keep kidnapping people until he finally did something about it other than kill their prisoners.
  • Detective School Q: Kunihiko and Akihiko Ichinose become this, trying to protect their sister Kaoru from a Smug Snake aunt who wants to become her tutor and steal the fortune she inherited from their Missing Mom alongside a Phony Psychic accomplice. They kill the psychic first, and then they murder the aunt when she finds out and tries blackmailing them. Only the psychic was their mom under a disguise, having faked her death to save her business and watch over her kids. Whoops.
  • Mad Scientist Komui Lee of D.Gray-Man is very protective of his younger sister, Action Girl Lenalee. So much so that Link, wanting to go into a room which Allen had locked him out of, threatened him with, "you leave me no choice. I am forced to tell Supervisor Komui that you are in a sealed room with Lenalee Lee," to which Allen quickly apologized and let him in. There is also an anime-only filler episode where Komui mistakenly thinks that Lenalee is going on a date with one of the Order's scientists and has to be convinced to simply stalk them all over town instead of outright killing the guy. He then repeatedly tries to attack and is comically restrained, until eventually he manages to summon a huge robot to aid him. An excellent summation:

    Reever: Section Chief Peck, I would advise you not to look at Lenalee that way.
    Peck: Why? Does she have a lover?
    Reever: She has a brother.

  • Henry Wong from Digimon Tamers went from being the most rational and calm guy in the group to being temperamental, hasty, and reckless when his sister ends up in the Digital World.
  • Durarara!!'s Shizuo Heiwajima tends to act like this in regards to his little brother, Kasuka. While he has reason to be concerned for his brother's safety and privacy (Kasuka's a popular actor, and has been stalked by both rabid fans and the paparazzi in the past), Shizuo takes it a bit too far by immediately becoming suspicious of any mention of his brother by strangers, innocent or otherwise. Said suspicion usually escalates intotree-throwing.
  • Both inverted and played straight in Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Edward is multiple times in the series confronted with the question of how far he's willing to go to save Alphonse, but sanity and morality usually win out. However, in an early episode of the 2003 anime adaptation, Alphonse comments that if something were to happen to Ed, Al might well go on a killer rampage just like Scar did.
    • Scar counted as one himself. The realization of his brother's death sent him into an uncontrollable rage, during which time he killed the Rockbells. He later moves on to hunting down and murdering State Alchemists to avenge him.
  • Ryo Mashiba from Hajime no Ippo was orphaned when he was in high school, so he had to raise his younger sister Kumi on his own. Being a borderline Sociopathic Hero, he ends up as this towards her, and it's both played for drama and for hilarity.
  • In Hell Teacher Nube, the demon Bakki can bounce between Laughably Evil and evil... but if you hurt his little sister Minki, you. are. DEAD.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
  • In Hunter × Hunter, Illumi Zoldyck's feelings for his younger brother Killua are...intense. He is extremely overprotective and possessive of him. Being creepy even by the standards of a family of assassins, his protectiveness manifests in twisted ways. Such as shoving a needle into Killua's brain to make him into a coward who will flee from any confrontation against a powerful opponent. Threatening Killua is also Illumi's Berserk Button. During an otherwise civil conversation, the very moment Hisoka implies he wants to kill Killua, Illumi puts on a Nightmare Face and radiates a killing aura so intense that Killua can feel it from miles away. He immediately calms down when he realizes Hisoka was trolling him. Note that Illumi only feels this way towards Killua. He seems indifferent towards Milluki and Kalluto and he wants to kill/enslave Alluka.
  • Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School has this for his sister Miyuki. Even when she's quite capable of defending herself, it's best not to threaten her, or Tatsuya will make the culprits p a y.
  • Shouri Shibuya, the protagonist's older brother, from Kyo Kara Maoh!. He always felt responsible for protecting Yuuri, so after learning his little brother's eventual fate to become the Maou of another world when both of them were children, Shouri decided to get strong enough to continue protecting him even as Maou. Unfortunately, he wasn't there yet by the time Yuuri actually went to the other world, and on top of that, his little brother found protectors in that world who were more capable than Shouri could hope to compete with. Neither of these things sat well with him, and his struggle to deal with this and learn to let Yuuri go be king is a major part of his character arc.
  • Subverted with Seimei Aoyagi from Loveless. To him, it doesn't really matter HOW you treat his younger brother Ritsuka. Seimei believes that Ritsuka belongs to him and will get rid of anyone in his way.
  • Caren, the Aloof Ally of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, starts dangerously close to this, having been perfectly fine until her twin sister was kidnapped. However, while she blames and berates the good guys as well as the bad, she does do a lot of reluctant rescues and admits that she was wrong instead of going off the deep end.
  • In Mission: Yozakura Family, Kyoichiro made a mistake that badly injured Mutsumi, stressing her so badly that she gained the streak of gray in her hair. Because of this, he's resolved to protect her no matter what, beating up or murdering anyone he sees as a possible threat to her. He even says he'll simply lock her in the house where she'll be under surveillance 24/7 to ensure that she's perfectly safe. Even after Taiyo marries Mutsumi, Kyoichiro continues to seethe with animosity for him and wonders if he can Make It Look Like an Accident. His obsession with Mutsumi is so extreme that he goes into withdrawal and gets tremors when he's separated from her for too long.
  • Thanks to growing up with a living Angst Nuke as a brother, Big Little Brother Ritsu Kageyama of Mob Psycho 100 has developed a reflexive need to shield Mob from anything that might be too upsetting. Said protectiveness has manifested in such actions as abusing his student council privileges to purge the school of potentially bad influences, purposely "failing" to protect Mob's sketchy mentor/employer when subbing in for an exorcism, attempting to strangle a stranger to death for harassing Mob, and having a nervous breakdown when he learns his brother's crush might like someone else.
  • Naruto:
    • Kankuro becomes one of these as a part of his Character Development, reacting violently to anyone who badmouths his little brother Gaara in front of him and going after Gaara alone after Deidara and Sasori of Akatsuki kidnap him and Kankuro's teammates are nearly all killed in an explosion. Given that Gaara used to be an Ax-Crazy psychopath who regularly threatened to kill Kankuro, this is quite a drastic change. Sadly, it all goes horribly wrong when poor Kankuro gets his arse handed to him by Sasori, and Sakura barely manages to save him.
    • Kinkaku seems to fit here as well. He and his brother, Ginkaku, are Siblings in Crime who work well together. Ginkaku's most used word in his life being his brother's name. In their battle, Ginkaku is backed into a corner, and he calls for his brother's help, but him saying his brother's name gets him sealed, as he wasn't supposed to say his most-used word at the time. In response to this, Kinkaku flies into a rage and undergoes bijuu transformation. Kakuzu, nearby states something must have happened to Ginkaku because it's been ages since he saw Kinkaku in such a state. Darui apologizes to Kinkaku, but he just states it's too late and attacks anyhow, and rips through the division like crazy. Special preparations had to be made in bringing down Kinkaku, with the Raikage stating he was unstoppable otherwise. Prior to Ginkaku's sealing, Kinkaku was rather stoic, averted in the anime.
    • There's also the Raikage. When he is told his brother Killer Bee was killed by Akatsuki his response was to call an international meeting to stop Akatsuki. When he found Sasuke he became so hellbent on revenge that he didn't even care if he lost his arm to kill him. And his leg, too, if Gaara hadn't stopped him. It's also possible that, despite all that, if Gaara hadn't stopped him, Sasuke would have died.
    • Itachi Uchiha towards Sasuke and the Leaf Village. The whole Uchiha Massacre episode was set up to protect Konoha from the coup d'etat his own father was planning, and though he was able to kill both of his parents, his best friend, and his girlfriend, he couldn't bring himself to kill Sasuke. He even went so far as to threaten to leak the village's information to every rival village if Sasuke was ever hurt due to something the leaders of Konoha had done or ordered. Let's not even discuss the deal with their fight to the death or the fact that Itachi let Naruto get away from him after said Idiot Hero promised to straighten the then-rogue Sasuke out. And after what happened to Madara when Sasuke saw his Sharingan, it's rather frightening to imagine the exact consequences of someone doing anything to permanently injure Sasuke.
    • Neji Hyuga becomes this for his younger cousin Hinata in Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth, where he beats up and kicks everyone who wrongs Hinata. He mostly does it to Naruto, because Naruto obliviously says inappropriate things to Hinata, which leads to Neji beating the crap out of Naruto. There is also this instance where Hinata timidly approaches Naruto, Neji, and Lee. Neji tells Naruto and Lee to be patient with her and wait for her to speak. More than twenty minutes pass and then Hinata finally gathers the courage to say something about the weather, which makes Naruto and Lee burst out That was it?!, making Hinata feel bad and depressed, which makes Neji kick Naruto and Lee into space.
  • Ninja Girl & Samurai Master: Nobunaga is this in regards to his sister Oichi. When Hideyoshi decides to "describe" Oichi by giving out her three measurements, Nobunaga's reaction is to point his gun at him.
  • Nisekoi: Haru, Onodera's little sister, is incredibly hostile towards Raku, the boy who Onodera has a crush on, due to his rumors and reputation of being a sort of Yakuza prince and playboy.
  • One Piece:
    • It's the younger brother, Monkey D. Luffy, that deploys this behavior. He goes on a rampage once he hears that his older brother, Portgas D. Ace, has been taken captive by the World Government and is on death row. He not only breaks into the heavily-guarded Impel Down and nearly gets himself killed by trying to go against the Big Bad Magellan but also decides to go further to the Marine HQ when he fails to make it in time to prevent his brother from being transferred to his execution site. He also gets furious when he comes face-to-face with the man responsible for his brother's capture. When Luffy is taunted that part of the reason that Ace went up against the man is that he threatened to kill Luffy and turn him in for his bounty, Luffy loses control, attempts to flatten him, and has to be reminded that saving his brother is more important than avenging his defeat.
    • Played straight with the older brother Ace. When he found out that Luffy was being targeted, he wasn'tpleased at all.
    • Rounding out the brothers is the not-quite-dead Sabo. There isn't anything Sabo wouldn't do for Luffy, his precious baby brother and, with Ace's death, the only family he has left in the world. In fact, the only reason Sabo hadn't joined the war to save Ace is because of amnesia — which was only cleared up when he read an article detailing Ace's death. Hence, Sabo is willing to cut a bloody swathe throughout the entire damn world if it meant protecting his only remaining brother.
  • Deconstructed in Overman King Gainer: Asuham Boone will react violently (and disproportionately) towards any slight to his younger sister Karin, even minor or imagined ones. The whole reason why he wants to capture Gain and thwart the Exodus is that he had convinced himself that Gain had seduced and abandoned her, while the truth is that Gain and Karin had a one-night stand and Asuham overreacted. It gets so bad that during the last episodes, Asuham goes insane with rage and decides to destroy both Gain and the Exodists by awakening the Overdevil, a world-ending Eldritch Abomination. He gets better, though... Perhaps too much.
  • PandoraHearts:
    • Vincent Nightray is one year younger than his brother Gilbert, but his obsessivelove for him definitely qualifies for the trope. When they were children, Vincent used his Apocalypse Lad powers to destroy an entire city in order to save his brother. In present time, Vincent's stated goal is to erase his own existence so that Gilbert will be happier.
    • Another possibility is Xerxes Break, towards Sharon Rainsworth. While it's not specified if they had romantic feelings for each other or simply a strong familial connection, on the event of the latter, Break certainly qualifies. When Sharon is struck in the face by a Baskerville while trying to protect him, Break, despite being damn near collapsing from the strain on his body, absolutely refuses to stop massacring the Baskervilles until he avenges her resulting injury.
  • Kanba Takakura from Penguindrum, as of episode 21. It ends with his Redemption Equals Death.
  • During the years of Pretty Cure, many of the Cures who have siblings got angry when a villain dared to attack those said siblings, but the only one who got really mad was none other than Cure Black, who actually killed a villain (Gekidrago) for revenge of hurting her Annoying Younger Sibling.
  • Shuzen Akua/Akua Shuzen from Rosario + Vampire. So much as threaten her little sisters, and you die, regardless of who you are. Even her grandfather, the super-powerful and ancient vampire Alucard.
  • Inverted in Rurouni Kenshin in that Enishi is a Knight Templar Little Brother. So concerned about his older sister's well-being and so seething with pure hatred toward his brother-in-law for killing Tomoe's fiance that Enishi collaborated with a league of Shogun assassins alongside his sister in order to kill Kenshin - and this was while he was nine. After witnessing Kenshin's (accidental) killing of Tomoe, Enishi's hair went white from shock and stress and he dedicated his life to taking revenge on the man who killed his sister (going as far as selling weapons on the black market to fund his plans) as he felt he had nothing left.
  • Phoenix Ikki of Saint Seiya embodies this trope when his little brother Andromeda Shun is involved, to the point that putting Shun in life-threatening danger became the default way to work Ikki into any given storyline.
  • Kagetsu of Shamanic Princess adores his little sister Sara. So much so, that when the Powers That Be give her as an offering to a powerful sentient magical artifact, he steals the artifact at the risk of causing the collapse of his world to save her.
  • Kayo's brother in the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series has a Big Brother Instinct at first and then becomes this, trying to kill Miyu for getting close to his baby sister.
  • This trope is revealed to be Folken Lacour de Fanel's main motivation in The Vision of Escaflowne. Having failed to pass the Dragon rite (and having been mutilated in the process), Folken joined Dornkirk in hopes that he could create a world where his younger brother Van won't have to fight as king.
  • Ran Fujimiya in Weiß Kreuz is downright obsessively protective of his Ill Girl little sister Aya. He became an assassin in large part to pay her medical bills (she's in a coma), and he is not in the least bit rational about threats to her safety.
  • Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! is this towards Yugi (and later, Yugi's friends as well) in the earlier issues of the manga and season 0 of the anime, viciously destroying anyone (both teenage and adult) who bullies or otherwise hurts them by playing sadistic games with Saw-like stakes or by invoking magical penalty games that drive them insane. Sometimes the bullies' actions are severe enough to warrant it, but most are Disproportionate Retribution. He also shows this to a lesser degree in the Duel Monsters anime, particularly in season 1 (before Yugi's influence mellows him out), and in season 4 (when Yugi's soul is stolen.)

    Comic Books 

  • Corsicans in Asterix. This is what happens when a Corsican asks you if you like his sister. If you say you don't like her, he'll feel you've insulted her. If you say you like her, he'll kill you for daring to flirt with her.
  • In The DCU, Kal and Kara are cousins but have a sibling-like relationship which is even closer than usual due to being the last ones of their kind. Hurt her and Superman willpummel you and pin you to the physical limit of the universe, even if you are a god of Evil. Hurt him and Supergirl will beat you to death, even if you are a multiverse-eater.
  • Beryl from Destroyer Duck, who is prone to get rough to protect her younger sister Opal from anyone.
  • Lynne to Marcie in Finder. He wouldn't give his older sister Rachel the time of day, though because he figured out she's only his half-sibling and isn't actually a halfbreed like him and Marcie.
  • She-Hulk and the Incredible Hulk are cousins, but they have a Brother/Sister relationship. She-Hulk can take care of herself most of the time, but pity the poor fool who harms She-Hulk within proximity of The Hulk. She-Hulk herself can be extremely overprotective of The Hulk as well. Iron Man got his ass handed to him by Ms. Hulk when she found out Stark exiled Hulk into space.
  • How about that time Nightwing freakin' killedThe Joker with his bare hands when he thought he killed Robin? Of course, ol' Bats quickly revived him afterwards, but even still.
  • The Mighty Thor: Thor's brother Loki is a manipulative, deceitful god of lies and mischief, and he often does bad things and sometimes gets punished for them... but if you dare hurt him unjustly Thor will smite you from the face of the Earth.
  • Quicksilver for the Scarlet Witch, except that he is her twin, not big brother. But recent portraying of Wanda's power suggest that if you attack Wanda, you are lucky if Quicksilver kicks your ass before she has to use her power.
  • Strangers in Paradise: Katina Choovanski is quite capable of taking care of herself, but her crimelord sister still keeps interfering in her life - sometimes by killing people horribly because they tried to hurt Katchoo, sometimes by trying to ensure that she ends up with the "right" love interest. Our heroine does not appreciate this.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage): Raphael, while not being the most even-tempered character, is psychotically protective of little brother Michelangelo — to the point where he states that the "thought of Mikey being hurt makes him experience violent rage" (see The Other Wiki). And considering how violent Raphael is usually...
  • In Uncanny X-Men, Colossus is this toward his sister Magik, to the point where he allowed himself to be possessed by the demon Cytorrak and became the new Juggernaut to protect her, losing his humanity and the love of Kitty Pryde in the bargain. Subverted in Avengers vs. X-Men when Illyana reveals she had manipulated him into becoming the new Juggernaut to make him see that she wasn't his sweet little sister anymore but a monster he shouldn't care for. Right off the bat Colossus vows that he would kill Illyana if they ever met again, but later they make up.

    Fan Works 

  • In "The Red Monarch", Sousuke Miyabe is one for his little sibling Tatsuki. To put things into perspective, 10 years ago, he kills several Center agents, nearly kills M.O.M and Colin Price and even kills his own parents when they try to protect Colin. Tatsuki saw ALL OF THIS, which comes back in literal nightmares. To get the full story, if you read the spoilers, read The Red Monarch until you reach the most recent chapter, as it is still ongoing. The link directly to the story is provided for convenience.
  • In "Murderer's Row", a Prison AU of Red vs. Blue, Grif and Simmons were thrown in prison for murdering a man who hospitalized Sister.
  • In Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella, Sayaka adopts an orphan. Someone kidnaps her. Do the math.
  • In Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, Neji is a Knight Templar Older Cousin for Hinata, going to varying lengths to keep Naruto away from her, up to and including attempting to manipulate events so Naruto will get kicked out of Konoha High School. Hiashi approves, especially after they find out Naruto was one of the legendary Nine Terrors, but Hinata herself is not pleased.
  • This Bites!:
    • Ace, as per canon. Cross has a distinctly This Is Gonna Suck reaction when he's about to reveal to Ace and Luffy that their other brother Sabo is still alive because he knows that not only will Ace not believe him but will see it as nothing more than an extremely cruel manipulation. Cross promptly gets subjected to near-strangulation and the full force of Ace's Conqueror's Haki. This is the best-case scenario Cross imagined - Luffy later confirms that if Cross had gone about it with any less delicacy he would likely be dead.
    • When the SBS accidentally broadcasts everything that happens on Omatsuri Island, the people who are traveling with Ace have to constantly keep up their own Haki to avoid being incinerated just from standing near him. This is an entirely reasonable reactionfor Ace to have, of course.
  • In the PandoraHearts post-series fanfic Beyond the Winding Road, Anderson is this to Oz, doubting that Oz can take care of himself due to his past mental health issues. He goes after Gilbert, whom he sees as a stalker, with all the viciousness of a bull shark. It's sort of justifiable, though, as Oz is implied to have had problems with stalkers in the past and had too many psychological issues than to deal with it himself. Anderson even accuses Gilbert of going along with his brother's "delusions" just so he can find a psychological trigger.
  • In the BleachPeggy Sue fic Hogyoku ex Machina, when Ichigo learns of Toshiro Hitsugaya's interaction with his sister Karin (soccer game, anime filler), and is led to believe that she had developed a crush on her, the first words out of his mouth are "He dies." Toshiro, who is eavesdropping along with many others, is understandably disturbed. Later, after Ichigo reenters the Final Getsuga Tensho form... What makes this particularly effective? Ichigo always addressed the Squad 10 captain as Toshiro, regardless of how many times the latter demanded to be called Hitsugaya-taicho instead. The circumstances surrounding the above interaction make it so that, when he finally uses the preferred title, the captain immediately begins praying that Ichigo would call him Toshiro again.

    Ichigo: You saw everything? All of you?
    [Yamamoto nods]
    Ichigo: Good. Hitsugaya-taicho.
    [flash steps next to Toshiro and puts his hand on his shoulder, one finger dangerously close to his neck, and the cloth Ichigo is touching begins to burn away from contact with Ichigo's Physical God state]
    Ichigo: Stay out of the living world.

  • In The Hunger Games fic Spectator, Peeta and Thresh act as this for Prim and Rue respectively, Thresh making it clear that he doesn’t want to hurt Rue (leaving it open to the viewers’ interpretation what he’d do if it comes down to just the two of them) and Peeta vowing that he’ll make sure Prim gets home for Katniss's sake even if he has to die for her.
  • Rules: Deconstructed. Light tries to rationalize his use of the Death Note as a way to protect Sayu. A bad car accident later, Light almost kills the innocent drivers of the other car with the Death Note. After Elijah/L manages to make him see sense, Light comes to the bitter realization that even if he manages to make sure criminals will never harm Sayu, he can do nothing to stop random accidents or diseases from doing the same.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Belladonna is murderously protective of her girlfriends, so it is no surprise she is this for her potential half-brother Ash. When she learns that he has suffered loss at the hands of a jerk, she vows to make that person pay.
    • The older Eevee Brothers also show shades of this, as they become a tad aggressive towards Ash when he shows up at their party, thinking that if their little brother Mikey tries to emulate him by not evolving his Pokémon, he's taking a huge risk of failing as a trainer.
  • Jon is this to Abby in Legacy Series. If you so much as lay a finger on her without her consent, he will get very, very protective. And since he's the new incarnation of the Arrow, you really don't want him mad at you.
  • In The Loud HouseRule 63 fanfic One Girl With Ten Brothers, Linka's overly-protective brothers go into this when she goes on a date with Robbie Dan (Ronnie Anne's male counterpart), who used to bully Linka.
  • Call of Darkness:
  • Chase, Rex, and Ryuusei all show signs of being protective of Seika, but none so much as Ryuusei. Even when he was trapped in the Spirit World, the mere threat of a Summer King angry at her for offending his little sister Seika was enough to cause Marguerite to back down.
    • Also the case with Yukio Yamada. His primary concern for demanding to kill Kiyoshi is because Kiyoshi tried to kill his twin and his cousin. Later, Chase has insight into Yukio's motivations to protect his twin brother and cousin, but find Seika lacking, because he doesn't know if she can measure up to provide adequately for all three of the Yamada cousins.
  • In Kara of Rokyn, hurting Kara is one of the few things that might make Superman drop his pacifist stance.

    Superman: That crazy Lex Luthor, if he really had hurt you, I don't know if I could keep that oath about not harming anybody.

  • Ren from A Gift of Love loves his sister Lien. Don't look at Lien the wrong way. In fact, don’t even look at her. You’ll die for it.
  • In Run Girl Run, an AU fic where The Umbrella Academy are supervillains, they retain their canonical protectiveness of little Vanya...but it's warped. When she has trouble sleeping, they offer to brainwash her into doing it. When she runs away from them and their blood-bought luxuries, they put a bounty on her head.
  • Parodied in this Persona 5 comic. Yusuke asks the Joker for his blessing to date Futaba. Joker responds by grabbing Yusuke by his shirt and holding a knife to his throat, questioning what did Yusuke do to his baby sister. And then Futaba steps in and asks what they are doing in a deadpanned tone since this was 4th time this happened (meaning the entire series of events was most likely an act).
  • Played for Drama in Family, where Goro and Futaba are half-siblings through Shido, and Goro was adopted by Wakaba. After Wakaba's suicide and Futaba being framed as a cause of her death that led to strings of abuse from her relatives causing her deep trauma, Goro has become greatly protective of her. So when Ren asks him and Sojiro about her (which should be impossible since she remains hidden in their home), Goro freaks out and slams his wall to trap Ren, furiously demanding the other boy to tell him how he learned of her. It's only when he sees Ren's terrified reaction that Goro pulls back.
  • In Dead Last Blossom, Kakashi and Obito are brother figures to Naruto and Sasuke. During one of Team 7's mission reports, they run into Kakashi, and he recognizes something is wrong when Naruto swats away an Affectionate Gesture to the Head. He then deduces that it is because Naruto doesn't want that side shown to his third teammate Sakuyanote Sakuya often tries to solve missions on his own instead of talking with his teammates, while Naruto is distrustful of any outsider thanks to being the Hokage's son and the Kyuubi's container, and id the boy as a stress factor to the blonde. Obito quickly realizes Kakashi's conclusion and steps in to protect his student from any hostility from his old teammate.
  • Archer in Lancer Gets Serious collaborate with Caster in secret for his own long-term plans. That is until he discovered that Caster had taken control of Berserker after capturing Illya due to being the Lesser Grail, then he starts his counterattacknote For context, Illya is Shirou's/Archer's older sister.
  • Katsuki Bakugo in Viridescent might still be an arrogant ace like in canon, but he also a Big Brother Mentor for Izuku. When the Sports Tournament match between Izuku and Todoroki pushed Izuku into using his quirk at max power, revealing him as the son of feared villain Heat Viper, Bakugo faces off against Todoroki in an unexpectedTranquil Fury as he seemingly trashes Todoroki in their match effortless, when in truth pushing his own body to the limit with his explosive quirk.
  • In The Gender Bend Omake: Big Brother Zeref, Zeref, the darkest and most deadly mage in black magic history and the tyrannical emperor of the most dangerous, richest countries in the world, goes out of his way to personally assassinate Luca Heartfilla. Zeref was initially going to do his best to ensure he remains alive due to being friends with his mother, but that changed when he found out Luca was in a relationship with Natsu, his little sister.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Alpha Dog. When Jake Mazursky learns that Johnny Truelove has kidnapped his little brother Zack to get back at Jake, he promises his estranged stepmom that he will do anything to get Zack back. Jake immediately goes on a rampage, crashes a local house party held by some of Truelove's friends by beating up half the people in the room and when Truelove calls him up, Jake threatens Truelove with enacting brutal and painful vengeance unless he releases Zack. Deconstructed, however, in that this doesn't help Zack's return at all and just prompts Truelove to relocate with his victim.
  • American History X: Derek threatens to feed Cameron's heart to him if he continues trying to corrupt Danny as he did with him.
  • Haru from Beverly Hills Ninja: "I may not be the Great White Ninja, I may not be one with the universe but I know this...NO ONE MESSES WITH MY BROTHER!"
  • The Blind Side: Michael is usually a Gentle Giant, but a drug dealer hits Michael's Berserk Button by making sexual comments about Collins, and Michael flies into an Unstoppable Rage.
  • This is one of the main plot points behind Dead Man's Shoes. After the main protagonist, Richard, returns from the war to discover that his brother was pulled by a group of thugs, Richard puts justice into his own hands and murders them all.
  • Four Brothers: Bobby Mercer is already pretty violentand short-tempered to begin with, but hurt his younger brothers and he will put you in either the hospital or a body bag. He proves this multiple times throughout the movie, especially when he goes on a murderous rampage against Detroit crimelord Victor Sweet and his cronies after the murder of youngest brother Jack.
  • The titular character of Ginger Snaps starts out as a Knight Templar Big Sister and gets steadily worse over the course of the movie, as her transformation into a werewolf makes her more and more aggressive. For example, she kills the janitor because she thought she saw him look down Brigitte's top earlier in the movie.
  • Jason's Lyric: Jason confronts and gets into a vicious fight with his girlfriend, Lyric's, brother, Alonzo "A-1", upon learning the latter viciously tortured his younger brother, Joshua, for messing up the task in the bank robbery.
  • In the 1938 Yiddish film Mamele, Khavkhe (Molly Picon) takes care of her whole family. A gangster, Max Katz, recruits her brother into a burglary gang and courts her sister (with the intention of turning her into a prostitute). Khavkhe manages to pickpocket Katz's gun and makes him write a letter breaking up with the sister. ("You may be a Katz (cat), but you'll leave here as a kitten.")
  • Leon: The Professional: This is pretty much the reason why Mathilda Lando wants to kill Norman Stansfield and his gang of corrupt DEA agents and cops since they murdered her 4-year-old brother alongside their father, stepmother, and stepsister.
  • Tony Montana from Scarface (1983) is just a tiny bit overprotective of his little sister Gina, even going as far as murdering Manny Ribera, his best buddy, for sleeping with her behind his back. However, unbeknownst to him, said friend had married Gina the day before. Worth noting that more than one critic has observed an incestuous undertone to some of Tony's actions of which Gina also accuses him when she tries to kill him in revenge.
  • When the protagonist of Sick Girl finds out her little brother's being bullied, she hunts the three bullies down, kills one of them, and forces the lead bully to drown the other, then ties him up in her barn and spends several days torturing him to death.
  • Do not hurt Molly in Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers, emotionally or physically. Angela will kill you for it. Just ask Ally, who was drowned in an outhouse for committing that crime!
  • Something Wicked: Bill is a police officer who is violently protective of his sister Which she later takes advantage of by manipulating him to kill her murder accomplice and pin her crimes on him.


  • Gretchen Richter in 1632 is a gender-switched version of this, for her brother Hans.
  • Cal Leandros:
    • Niko Leandros would burn the world to protect his brother. The only reason Cal ever gets near to any combat is that Nico is a firm believer that the only way to be ready for combat is to actually participate in it.
    • Cal reciprocates the sentiment just as strongly. And considering he's slowly slipping into a Sociopathic Type VAnti-Hero over the course of the series with Niko as his sole Morality Chain...the question isn't if he kills you, but how much he'll make it hurt before he does so.
  • The Dresden Files: You do NOT mess with Thomas Raith's siblings, not even if you're their father. Especially his younger siblings Inari and Harry (who, though younger, reciprocates the sentiment as the Relative Button is a pretty big frickin' deal to him).
  • In Hell's Children, by Andrew Boland, you never, ever mess with Acheri, or her de facto big Brother, Precision, will Mind Rape you.
  • Thresh in The Hunger Games seemed to take Rue, the girl from his district, in as a sister because when she died, he was infuriated by her death. During the feast, Thresh overhears Clove bragging about Rue's death to Katniss. He then kills Clove to avenge Rue.
  • Max in Maximum Ride. She's normally a calm and easy-going person. However, she treats the flock like her own brothers and sisters. If you're foolish enough to threaten one of them, you're gonna regret it.
  • James Vane from The Picture of Dorian Gray. His little sister Sybill killed herself when he was working abroad, so when he found out, he swore to kill the culprit, Dorian Gray. He almost got his wish, but was accidentally shot to death.
  • If you decide to kill and eatHannibal Lecter's baby sister, don't be surprised when her brother tracks you down and makes a shish-kebab of your cheeks. With mushrooms.
  • Wings of Fire: Darkstalker's father, Arctic, kidnaps and mind controls his sister Whiteout. Darkstalker responds by doing a mind-control spell on Arctic himself and forcing him to disembowel himself with his own claws.
  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Jason has lots and lots of security hired, and is paranoid about Alia's safety. After The Reveal of his true intentions, it's questionable whether he actually wanted to protect Alia for any reason beyond ensuring she lived long enough to start the war she's destined to bring.

    Live-Action TV 

  • In Arrow, Oliver's sister Thea takes a new drug called Vertigo and drives under the influence due to family issues. So Oliver does the reasonable thing and visits her in the hospital, and then he tries to support her legally, especially after the judge wants to make an example of her, and tries to help resolve the family issue that led to the car crash. So why is this entry here? Because he also tracks down the drug lord that made the drug and sells it, known as The Count, and injects him with the very drug in its purest form in an insanely large quantity, leaving him insane due to the drug making him imagine being in the most excruciating pain possible. The episode ends with him spasming violently and screaming strapped to a hospital stretcher as a doctor explains his extreme condition. And he never got NEAR Thea, only being an indirect cause!
  • Cesare Borgia is this to a somewhat frightening degree in regards to his younger sister Lucrezia. By the third episode, he's threatening to cut her husband-to-be's heart out with a dinner knife if he's "ungallant". He shows some signs of this towards one of his younger brothers, Gioffre. Not so much with Juan.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy warns her friends in the Season 5 finale that she will kill anyone who tries to lay a hand on her little sister, Dawn, True Companions included, even though Dawn's death might prevent the apocalypse, and Dawn is a magical creationonly a few months old instead of a natural-born sibling.
    • In Season 2, Willow is kidnapped by a group of vampires looking to revive The Master, intending to use her (and a few others) as a human sacrifice. Xander, who blames this on Buffy being depressed and distracted after being clinically dead, threatens to "kill [her] myself" if Willow isn't rescued unharmed.
  • Jing Tian from Chinese Paladin 3 boomerangs from having a simple Big Brother Instinct to full-on Knight Templarhood. For example, his reaction to seeing his best friend "threatening" his little sister with a Healing Shiv is to attack and nearly kill him.
  • Burn Notice:
    • Do not pick on Nate, Michael Westen's little brother. It is unhealthy. As those involved with Nate's assassination in Season 6 discovered.
    • In the episode "Comrades", there is a deconstruction. Michael meets a Russian woman named Katya whose little sister Elena is kidnapped by the Russian Mafia. Michael has to convince her that being a vengeful big sister might not actually be in the little sister's interest.
  • Carnivàle: Don't get in between Iris Crowe's little brother and...anything. Just don't.
  • Chuck: No matter how he tries to negate it, John Casey seems to take that road in regards to Chuck, even though he always claims it's to protect the Intersect. The Casey Doth Protest Too Much, indeed.
  • Firefly: Don't mess with Simon's little sister. Just don't. And don't mess with River's big brother. Pity the poor Reavers.
  • Friends — Ross attempts to be this to Monica after she got engaged to Chandler, stating that if Chandler ever hurt her, he was going to "...hunt him down, and KICK HIS ASS!". The rest of the friends (including Chandler himself) found this hysterical.
  • Game of Thrones: Jaime seems to be one of the very few people who genuinely loves and cares for Tyrion, and he thus reacts badly when Tyrion's safety is threatened. Cersei also mentions that he would have killed Robert if he found out about the Domestic Abuse in "You Win or You Die". He also refuses to kill Tyrion when Cersei asks him to after Joffrey's death.

    Jaime: He's my brother. He's our brother.

  • Big Bad Kanzaki Shirou from Kamen Rider Ryuki very definitely fits this trope.
  • It is revealed in one episode of Malcolm in the Middle that Reese is this to Malcolm, and that was the only thing keeping him from getting beat up for his smart mouth. Malcolm finds this out when his brother decides to be nice for the rest of his life.
  • Mr. Robot: Even if she is his younger sibling, Darlene will not let anyone manipulate and hurt her older brother Elliot and use his mental illness against him. She was slightly mad at Angela, whom Elliot was in love with for using his split personality for Stage 2 plan and working with the Dark Army behind their backs.
  • Don Eppes of NUMB3RS. Not just towards Charlie, even (although Charlie is definitely the primary trigger for this). Don behaves like this towards the team in general.
    • "Trust Metric": When given a choice between boarding a foreign ship illegally and possibly letting Colby die, the only question Don poses to make the choice is whether Colby's death is a likely outcome or not. The fact that a rescue operation would require breaking international law is clearly not relevant to him.
    • Watch very carefully when Don blows up at Nikki in "The Decoy Effect". It's not the case he's worried about, it's that Nikki could have been hurt or killed.
  • Though he isn't the oldest, Tommy Shelby of Peaky Blinders is very overprotective of his younger siblings, especially Ada and Finn — in fact, much of Season One is taken up with Tommy doing his damndest to get Freddie Thorne away from his sister because he believes Freddie is just using Ada to get at the Peaky Blinders and leak information to his Communist allies. It's only towards the end of the season that he finally decides to let them be together when he's convinced Freddie loves Ada more than anything.
  • Prison Break: Don't mess with Linc or Michael will come up with an elaborate plan to destroy you. Don't mess with Michael or Linc will kick your ass.
  • Sons of Anarchy: At six years old Abel is shaping up to be one that would make even Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself scared: after learning Gemma killed his mother he attacks another boy, claiming it an accident. He is caught swinging a hammer around to protect his younger brother Thomas. When Gemma is given birds as a gift he takes a page from Vito Corleone and kills them before putting them in her bed, then goes one step further by stabbing his toys and painting threats on the wall. And to top it off he reveals to Jax what happened.
  • Supernatural has the Winchester brothers. Both of them.
    • If you think of putting even a single finger on Sammy, you should be fist and gun proof. Or, if you're an angel, messing with Sam to get Dean's agreement is a very bad idea.
    • After making Sam watch Dean die over a hundred times in one episode to try to desensitize Sam to losing Dean (it doesn't work; after Lilith kills Dean, Sam turns to The Dark Side for vengeance and the power to save the world) the Trickster/Gabriel comments that:

    "Whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands."

    • You probably don't want to mess with Castiel on Dean's watch (or vice versa) either, although they are more like unofficially adopted siblings
    • Lucifer and Michael might have been trying to destroy one another, but Lucifer got pretty vengeful when Castiel Molotov'd Michael.
  • Justin, from Wizards of Waverly Place, tells his younger sister, Alex, that he always thought he would intimidate her boyfriends if they got out of line, and in "Wizards vs. Werewolves" he fights Mason (who is in full werewolf mode) for her with his bare hands.
  • In The X-Files, Scully's big brother Bill. It's really annoying since this is a woman who has been shown to be able to handle herself time and time again amongst a predominantly male-oriented workplace. She goes out of her way to never be accused of special treatment because she's a woman. And yet she lets Bill push Mulder around all the time.
    • It's not all the time. Bill and Mulder meet about twice in the entire course of the series, and though Bill bad-mouths Mulder, the fights between the men usually happen when she's not around. Not to mention Mulder is capable of holding his own in those fights. The annoyance of this trope comes more from the fact that Bill is making assumptions with half the story.
    • Also slightly justified when it comes out that Bill has always acted like this as a result of having to be "the man of the house" when his father was away at sea, and that Dana has always taken his opinion with a grain of salt. It's not only Mulder Bill has a problem with, but her having a life different from what was expected of her: joining the FBI rather than practicing medicine, not getting married, having a child out of wedlock...Mulder is only a part of it, though a substantial part.
    • And though his little sister is gone for the entire series, Mulder could most definitely count. He's spent his entire adult life searching for and avenging his sister's kidnapping. Samantha Mulder is the reason Mulder works on the X-Files and why he is so determined to uncover the conspiracy. He does not hesitate to hurt or kill someone in the process of finding her.
  • On Youngers, Jodie's brother is this. He threatens to beat Jay up for just looking at her and when Jay breaks up with her, she tells him, which leads to a beatdown.

    Myths & Religion 

  • The Bible
    • Absalom from The Bible, who learns that his sister Tamar was raped and humiliated by their half-brother Amnon and, instead of going to their father David to demand he step up and administer punishment, he goes and kills Amnon himself. David was already well aware of what had occurred (2 Samuel: 22-23). His response was to be 'very angry'... and do absolutely nothing. Absalom decided to take justice into his own hands - it was obvious none was forthcoming from their father, the king.
    • In a similar incident, two of the sons of Jacob killed everybody in a village for mistreating their sister. Presumably they wished the feud to end right away. To put it into perspective, Jacob's daughter Dinah had been raped by a prominent member of the village who fell in love with her. Despite the circumstances, he and his father wanted to smooth over relations with Jacob's family and offered to pay for her dowry as if she'd still been a virgin, which was actually quite a generous offer at the time. Jacob seemed to warm up to the offer, but his sons demanded that all the men of the village circumcise themselves to become part of Jacob's tribe. The men agreed, with the idea that they would now be able to intermarry with Jacob's tribe. After all the men were circumcised and helpless, though, Dinah's brothers Simeon and Levi took advantage of the situation and slaughter the entire village, taking only women and children alive as slaves. When Jacob criticized them for the actions, saying that no one would trust him now, they only replied: "Our sister should not be treated like a whore." Jacob went along with this right up until just before he died, at which point he called them in and disinherited them for wiping out an entire village for the actions of one man.
  • Mabinogion:
    • In The Mabinogion, Efnisien gets hugely angry when his half-sister, Branwen, was married to the king of Ireland while he was away and couldn’t give his opinion: And thereupon he rushed under the horses and cut off their lips at the teeth, and their ears close to their heads, and their tails close to their backs, and wherever he could clutch their eyelids, he cut them to the very bone, and he disfigured the horses and rendered them useless. And this is just his initial reaction.
    • When Branwen's husband starts treating her like a slave, all her brothers go to war to defend her honour.
  • Apollo of Greek Mythology tricked his sister Artemis into killing her almost-Love Interest Orion because he didn't want her to break her vows of chastity. (Though technically, he's her younger twin.)


  • Lenny Priestly of Survival of the Fittest v3 will do anything to make sure his twin sister Elizabeth is safe. Literally anything, as he kills people for this reason. Though possibly a subversion, as it has been implied that he used her as an excuse to kill, especially since he went Ax-Crazy and stopped being an Anti-Villain.


  • The filecards for G.I. Joe members Barrel Roll and Bombstrike, and the filecard for Cobra operative Blackout contain a story where Barrel Roll acts as Knight Templar to rescue his sister Bombstrike after Black Sheep brother Blackout kidnaps her.

    Video Games 

  • The Big Sisters from BioShock 2 are the embodiment of this trope. To make matters worse, they are incredibly fast, can easily kill you with a few hits, have a lot of health, climb walls, plus they often make mooks spawn and occasionally flood the area which results in visual impairment. They are the reason why most players were happy when the fight for a Little Sister was only against a Big Daddy.
  • Konoe A. Mercury, better known by her nickname "Nine", of BlazBlue is one of the Six Heroes who battled and defeated the Black Beast. And she happens to be fiercely protective of her baby sister Celica. If she so much as suspects that you might cause trouble for her, she will roast you alive with her magic. Note that merely being male is enough for her to have such suspicions. Worst case scenario, you are blown to oblivion by one of Nine's creations, the GODDAMNED Nox Nyctores Kill Sat Take-Mikazuchi, which is exactly what she did to the Beast.
  • In Borderlands 2, it's implied that Scooter acts like the trope towards his sister, Ellie, despite Ellie telling Scooter to leave her alone and stop setting her customers on fire.
  • Bug Fables has Riz, a paranoid damselfly who lives in an isolated fishing village deep within the treacherous Far Grasslands with his little sister and father. He loves his family deeply and is fiercely protective of them to the point that he tries to fight Team Snakemouth to the death when they approach his home. Even after beating him and earning his trust, he still doesn't completely trust them around his family and will go ballistic if they give his sister a snack.
  • In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Raul Menendez is willing to bomb Los Angeles and start a world revolution that could get millions of innocent people killed to avenge the accidental death of his sister Josephina at the hands of Woods.
  • Albus in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Pretty much does everything he can to protect Shanoa in the first half of the game, going so far as to appear a villain for it, until Barlowe is outed, anyway.
  • Targeting Axel's little brother is not a good idea, something a repo man learned the hard way at the end of the Axel story. And as aforementioned Dark Hero learned the hard way, do not abduct Adell's siblings or Rozalin's "servants". For any reason at all.
  • The plot of Disgaea Dimension 2 can be summed up as this given that Xenolith would allow the Netherworld to transform into something similar to Celestia as well as give up his life if it means saving his little sister Etna. Alas, Etna constantly refuses to acknowledge that Xenolith is her older brother even with her life on the line. Of course, one particular bad ending has Xenolith fail to save Etna when she refuses to acknowledge that Xenolith is her older brother and destroys the artifact that is destroying the Netherworld with her powers in it. That power ends up killing her and everything he has done had been for nothing.
  • The Big Bad of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, Void Dark, started his interdimensional conquest across all Netherworlds to gather enough power and the right Overloads to resurrect his sister, Liezerota, and create the ideal world for him and his sister to live in, the lives of everyone else be damned. Even after he dies in the final battle, the evil spirit within his heart goes on a violent rampage to protect his sister at any cost, even possessing her.
  • In Dragon Age II, the player character can act like this towards their younger sibling, Bethany or Carver. And considering what can potentially happen to them throughout the game, including the inevitable death of one of them, it's no wonder. It's much more prominent with Bethany, however, such as when Ser Wesley identifies Bethany as being an apostate in the prologue, causing Hawke to immediately step in front of her and stare down the Templar with a Death Glare. This even happens if Hawke is a mage, putting themselves potentially in the line of fire to protect her. Should Bethany go to the Circle, Hawke similarly threatens to disembowel any Templar who touches her, only relenting when Bethany explains she's going peacefully and on her own accord.
  • Final Fantasy Dirge Of Cerberus messes with this. It's actually the little brother, Nero, who goes completely batshit when his big brother is threatened.
  • A possible sidequest in The Godfather 2 involves you being told to beat up or kill someone taking advantage of the quest-giver's sibling.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, CJ finds out that some construction workers have been calling his sister Kendl a hooker. Not only does he bust up the portables at the construction site, but he also traps the foreman in a porta-potty and uses a cement mixerto bury him alive. And all the while, the poor guy is screaming "OH GOD, WHY?!"
  • Elro in Iconoclasts was already protective of Robin from the start due to the passing of their father, but he takes it too far after his wife and daughter are killed and Robin decides to keep fighting One Concern against his wishes. His aggressiveness and refusal to do anything that would put Robin in danger (even though any idiot can see that Robin is clearly capable of handling herself) makes him the The Millstone of the party, resulting in him trying to take on The Dragon alone by locking himself in with her (this gets his arm ripped off and scatters the party across the world) and being very uncooperative in a plan that’s vital to saving the planet. The cruel irony is that, while he never admits it, Elro is the initial cause of all the dangers Robin goes through; before the game started, he performed a petty act of rebellion against One Concern (whom he blamed for his father’s death), which killed Agent Grey, which caused Agent Black (the aforementioned Dragon) to become hell-bent on getting revenge on Elro and his family, as Grey was the one person who treated Black with genuine kindness and it's strongly implied she was in love with Grey because of this. At the very end of the game, he grudgingly admits that he could probably stand to ease up a bit on his overprotectiveness. Note that Robin had to single-handedly kill the being worshipped as an all-powerful creator god by One Concern for this to happen. Granted, this "god" was really just some alien trucker's spaceship, but Elro doesn't know that.
  • Axel of Kingdom Hearts, towards Roxas. He raises the amnesiac keyblade-wielding Nobody... but he's also a reallyPoisonous Friend.
  • It's implied that Joel from The Last of Us was this for his younger brother, Tommy. Considering that they've spent the last twenty years living in a Zombie Apocalypse and Joel lost his daughter within the first hours of the outbreak, you can't blame him for being scared. However, it's implied that Joel did much more than kill people and Infected.
  • The plot of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is set in motion when Link's little sister Aryll is kidnapped by a massive bird. He then proceeds to journey through perilous dungeons, slay legions of monsters, a few of which are thirty times his size, smash the bird's skull in with a giant hammer, murder the man who sent it by stabbing him through the forehead and leave his petrified corpse at the bottom of the ocean, all over the course of several days. Also, the bird's master was the King of Evil who turned Hyrule into a desolate ruin ages ago. Good thing Link's an only child in all of the other games, especially since the Hero of Winds is one of the goofiest versions of Link to date.
  • Mega Man:
    • Mega Man and Proto Man are basically teaming up together in 10 to get the vaccines for Roboenza, to cure Roll. Hell Mega Man goes after Wily before he goes after the Robot Masters. Whoever created this virus better have good life insurance. Yeah, Wily's life insurance is up to date. Bastard's stillalive.
    • Blues in Mega Man Megamix fits the 'morally questionable actions' part of the trope (what separates it from Big Brother Instinct), up to and including threatening to kill Kalinka Cossack if anyone gets involved in the Mirror Match between Mega Man and Copy-Mega Man. Of course, not only was there the risk that they'd shoot the wrong one if they'd tried to help, but Dr. Wily had given Shadowman orders to take advantage of the chaos to kidnap Kalinka. Blues couldn't help Mega Man fight without letting Kalinka get snatched, and he needed some way to keep the other robot masters present from trying to help Rock and causing the Fog of War Wily was going for. If he hadn't threatened her, they would have tried to go through him, and Shadowman would have taken her while he was distracted. By the side of the one with the shield was the safest place for a human among a lot of robot masters with itchy trigger fingers, and he did succeed in saving everyone except Copy-Mega Man. There are plenty of other examples.
    • Consider that Wily based his own robot designs on Proto Man's specs. Bass would then be multiple inversions of the trope: he's on a constant mission to destroy Mega Man, and if Wily pisses him off he'll gladly take it out on the other Wily bots...who are also Proto Man ripoffs.
    • Any attempt to harm Mega Man X or Zero in the other's presence will result in the survivor of the pair bringing the Big Bad's fortress down on top of you. In later games, if you take out Axl, you now have to deal with TWO pissed-off Knight Templar Big Brothers.
  • The protagonist of the Japan-onlyNieR Replicant is The Unfettered when it comes to protecting his sister Yonah (in the Western version, he's instead a Papa Wolf).
  • In Persona 4, acting this way and throwing Namatame into the TV after Nanako's apparent death will get you the worst ending.
  • Played for Laughs in Persona 4: Arena, where Yu is given the Embarrassing Nickname "The Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel". Additionally, when Yosuke is forced to face a flanderized version of Yu based on this nickname, Yu gets pissed no matter what Yosuke says about Nanako, to the point where the fight between the two is initiated by Yosuke pretending to insult her.

    Yosuke:(to himself) Ahem… sorry, Nanako-chan. (to Yu) Haa haa! That Nanako-chan! What a dummy, right!?
    Yu: That's it… your life is forfeit!

    • Whatever happens, whoever you are, whatever the reason, never nevernever harm Dana Mercer in any way, because the consequences for doing so come in the form of her big brother, Alex. Alex is a shapeshifting, superstrong, superfast, superagile, incredibly resilient Humanoid Abomination with issues, and Dana is the one thing in the world he cares about. Alex once prevented Dana's capture by punching through the torso of a soldier wearing body armor. Alex ate a few dozen people who happened to be vaguely connected to Dana's location when kidnapped, and two monsters, and the mastermind herself. Alex is alreadynot wholly stable. Try something safer, like playing Chicken with the sun. And in a wholly depressing twist, Alex isn't even really Dana's brother, simply a virus wearing her brother's corpse like a suit. The real man cared so little about his younger sister that he knowingly condemned her to a hideous death with the rest of the world when he released the virus before he died and it consumed his remains. This was a man so devoid of love that a flesh-eating virus designed specifically to wipe out humanity cares for his sister more than he did. What a dick.
    • In the sequel, Alex appears to have dropped this trait, alongside almost any positive traits he had. Though it should be noted that despite Dana working against his evil plan, he chooses to capture her, rather than just kill her like he did Heller's other contact, Father Guerra.
  • Tales of Symphonia:
    • Zelos Wilder. Though Seles seems to hate him for being born since her mother tried to kill him so that Seles could be The Chosen One instead, but Zelos' mother saved him, and as a result, Seles' own mother was executed, he will "throw anyone who so much as looks at her wrong down the Palmacosta harbor". Whoa, dude, chill.
    • Mithos Yggdrasil from the same game. He split the world into two and caused everything that leads up to the main plot. His goal? To resurrect his sister Martel.
    • Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss — his older sister Mary may be dead, but he practically raised Luke. Guy's a pretty chill person normally, but if you so much as threaten one hair on Luke's head, you press his Berserk Button. Especially evident during the Summit, when Jade suggests Luke die in Asch's place, and Guy grabs Jade by his collar, actually yells, and calls Jade a bastard for it.
  • In Tales of Xillia 2, this ends up being inverted if you choose to see the bad ending by making Ludger refuse to kill his older brother Julius (Something the latter wants, as he's doomed, and it's the only way to extract a Soul Bridge from him, a key that the party needs to save the world). Gaius proceeds to state that he'll do the deed himself, then things get ugly from there. Really ugly.
  • Miguel Rojo of Tekken, a Spanish brawler who entered into the King of Iron Fist Tournament to have a chance to kill Jin Kazama after he ordered an air strike that claimed Miguel's sister's life. He was like this back when she was alive too, having almost murdered her fiance after he heard about their marraige plans.
  • In Until Dawn, Josh turns out to be this. Ever since his sisters' tragic deaths, he went into a great depression and was even went through a major Sanity Slippage. The whole reason for the return to Blackwood Pines lodge was just to get revenge against those whom he blamed for Hannah and Beth's deaths. Depending on the choices made by the player, he may succeed in getting his revenge.
  • Beat from The World Ends with You makes a Face–Heel Turn in reaction to Rhyme getting erased; he becomes a Reaper in the hopes of restoring her to life.
  • Gulcasa of Yggdra Union. Serious harm befalling his younger half-sister Emilia induces Berserk Button-level rage, and towards the end of the game — directly after he learns that she has been killed by the Royal Army — said rage causes him to reject Yggdra's repeated pleas for a cease-fire to the war that has effectively destroyed most of his country. Usually, he's a shrewd and reasonable ruler, but in this case...

    Visual Novels 

  • Ace Attorney:
    • Phoenix Wright is like this with Maya Fey, his assistant and the little sister of his dead mentor Mia. Since this can sometimes be thought to be a Ship Tease by some fans, it is noticeable that he would run across a burning bridge to save her from a cave, and break down a door that led to her after hearing a gunshot in the room. And Maya is also this way towards her cousin, Pearl, as she was enraged when Phoenix suspected her of any wrongdoings in the second game.
    • The Blackquill siblings from Dual Destinies. Younger brother Simon is this towards Athena Cykes (though again this can be seen as Ship Tease by some), as he went through death row for her sake when she was mistakenly accused of matricide, was willing to threaten Phoenix in court if he tried to prove her involvement in a case, and kept insisting that he killed Athena's mother even when he'd be executed for it, if that meant he'd keep protecting Athena. Same with older sister Aura, who held an entire building of people hostage to allow her brother to be acquitted from false murder charges. Guess this runs in the family.
  • Both Keiichi Maebara and later, Shion Sonozaki, from Higurashi: When They Cry fall prey to this syndrome when their non-blood-related "sister", little Satoko Houjou, is abusedby her uncle. Winds up leading to some of the most tragic endings of the games in Keiichi's case whereas when it happens to Shion she does get convinced that murder isn't the only solution, even if her friends initially also think there's no way to get rid of her uncle. Satoko ends up saved later on in that arc through the power of lawyers and nepotism, only for everyone to be murdered by the Big Bad. It is also shown that Satoko's actual brother, Satoshi did the same regarding the aunt.
  • Clover in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has a suspicion on who killed her older brother, Snake, in Door 3. In the Axe Ending, when she calculates who the murderers are, she acts on said misconception, killing both Santa, Seven (the suspected murderers) and June for defending them, before turning against the protagonist himself. Though depending on how well the game is played, the players can get the True Ending, where Junpei befriends her and inadvertently stumbles across a crucial clue that indicates her brother is still alive.
  • Kaoru "Sou-Banchou" Ichimonji from Tokimeki Memorial 2 is revealed to be this if you romance his younger sister, Akane. And this is the main character's own fault: Sou-Banchou witnessed first-hand how utterly heartbrokenthe poor girl was was when you-as-the-MC moved outta the city, so he swore to pretty much punch the HELL outta any guy who made her cry.

    Web Animation 


  • Johan of Anders Loves Maria has long been violently protective of his little sister, Maria. Leads to him committing acts of vandalism and assault in her name.
  • Mijuu of Juathuur is Dejoru's overprotective big sister.
  • Panthera has Jason, who threatens his best friend Fletcher (who finally got a date with Taylor) as such:

    Jason: If you do ANYTHING to her, in any way, shape or form, I will quite literally #%$&!$# EAT YOU. And you have NO idea just how DEEP I could BURY what'd be left of your sorry carcass. UNDERSTOOD?

  • In Pet Foolery's string of pet-related webcomics, we're frequently treated withBrutus the German Shepherd and Pixie the Bobcat(?). While Brutus keeps up the act of Aloof Ally, he frequently shows shades of this.

    Pixie: That's Randall the raccoon, he's a raccoon. He's also really grumpy. One time I asked if he wanted to play, and he told me to leave him alone or he'd bite me! So you should probably stay away from him...
    Brutus: Good idea Pixie, he'd probably rip myugly striped tailoff.
    Pixie: Yeah... Wait, you don't have any stripes on your tail...

  • Hayden in The Story of Anima is normally calm and sensible, but when his already badass sister Ada is even remotely threatened, he slices the attacker's arm off.

    Web Original 

  • In Brennus, Amy is very very protective of her younger brother Basil, although she doesn't tell him about everything she does. He still thinks some of the Hemogoblins got away. She tore them limb from limb.
  • In Dead West, Cedric, big time. His finer moments include burning several churches (only the first was warranted) and dropping a teenager into a huge, steam-powered meat grinder. Feet first. He kind of deserved it. And the way he killed his best friend for molesting his little brother belongs to the Nightmare Fuel page.

    Western Animation 

  • Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory may appear to be a flake, but you do NOT harm her little brother. Or she will kick your ass.
  • Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy is a horrible man, but when he finds out that his (presumed younger) sister's boyfriend is abusive towards her, he ends up running over said boyfriend, killing him.
  • Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls can be this. Though he and his sister Mabel are twins (and he's the younger one), he is perfectly willing to exact some revenge on those who wronged her... even if she doesn't want revenge herself.
  • While they're on separate sides, Protoman from Mega Man certainly fits. No one, save Protoman himself, is allowed to touch Mega Man — not even Wily. True, he states that wants to defeat Mega Man himself, but not really.
  • Rick and Morty sees the titular Morty gradually become this as he becomes a darker, more jaded character thanks to Rick's influence, though Morty is the younger brother. The best example is in "The Whirly-Dirly Conspiracy"; Summer develops issues with her self-esteem and body image after her boyfriend breaks up with her, and tries to change her body using an invention of Rick's, which goes horribly wrong and which Morty and Beth have to fix. Afterwards, Morty uses this same invention to horrifically disfigure Summer's now-ex-boyfriend as revenge for breaking her heart.
  • Kenny McCormick from South Park displays this in the episode "The Poor Kid". If you have the gall to mess with Karen McCormick, Kenny proves that he Would Hit a Girlquite viciously, as Jessica Pinkerton finds out. The rest of the school gets the hint that the girl is off-limits.

Alternative Title(s):Knight Templar Big Sister

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KnightTemplarBigBrother

Tropes older brother tv

Big Brother Bully


hugstyles: why couldn't i be born with an older brother who is my best friend and has hot friends that flirt with me and drives me places like mcdonalds when i'm sad and punches rude boys in the face for me.

secretlifeofageekygirl: My brother once sat on me and farted until I passed out

potato-tots: my brother duct taped me to a treadmill and turned it to the highest setting once

winxhesters:when I was four my brother locked me in a ferret cage for an hour on Christmas Eve


Older siblings as bullies towards their younger siblings as well as others. However, if the victim in question is an Annoying Younger Sibling towards them, the work may use this as an attempt to justify it. In some works, Maybe the older sibling was compared by their parents, or their parents care more about the younger siblings.

Related tropes: Kids Are Cruel, Teens Are Monsters (because the big brother/sister is often a teenager as compared to the younger more sympathetic protagonist). If one child is abusive to their parent, rather than sibling, it's Abusive Offspring. A Big Brother Bully who has been Promoted to Parent might, functionally, become an Abusive Parent.

Compare Aloof Big Brother, Sibling Rivalry, Cain and Abel. Contrast Big Brother Instinct; oftens mixes with it in the "The only one allowed tohurt my little brother is me!" sense.

Do not confuse it with Big Brother Is Watching, even though a totalitarian state, like a bully, can use physical force to intimidate its citizens into submission.

Unfortunately, veryTruth in Television... and even a big sister isn't exempt.


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    Anime and Manga 

  • Bakemonogatari: The protagonist, Koyomi Araragi, is this towards his sisters.
  • Black Clover: Noelle's older siblings, Nozel, Nebra, and Solid Silva, took their time tormenting her during their childhood, pushing the guilt for their mother's death on her and ridiculing her lack of magic competence. Nozel forbade her from taking the Magic Knights Entrance Exam and forced her into the Black Bulls so as to not shame the family publicly. Nebra mocked her for her failed training and broke her mirror as a "favor" for her to not look at herself. Solid would often destroy her things when they were kids. Nozel's actions are justified as not only did he not want to have Noelle disappear from his sight, but he kept her off the front lines all because he was concerned that Noelle wouldn't become powerful enough to defend herself.
  • In Boarding School Juliet, Airu beats Romeo bloody several times, ostensibly to make him a better person.
  • Ryousuke and his now-deceased sister Yui from Bokura no Hentai got along well for the most part however he mentions she would always beat him and make him cry.
  • Bokurano and Kodocha play it for drama, as both Jun Ushiro and Natsumi Hayama abuse their siblings Kana and Akito because each one blames their kid sibs for their moms falling victim to Death by Childbirth. And in Jun's case, Mrs. Ushiro wasn't even his mom, as he grew up believing that she was his birth mother but she only was his aunt or the wife of his birth mom's teacher (depending on whether you're watching the anime or reading the manga). In Jun's case, after his fellow pilots repeatedly point out where he's going wrong and how much stronger a person his younger sister Kana is than he is, he eventually sees the error of his ways, and essentially sacrifices himself to save Kana in the anime.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Touya Kinomoto is both this and an overprotective older brother: "No-one's allowed to bully my little sister but me!"
  • Gender Inverted by every big sister in Daily Lives of High School Boys. The only big brother in the series is just isn't that different from the main characters.
  • Raditz from Dragon Ball Z so very, very much. Upon finding his younger brother Kakarot he tries to force him to join the other Saiyans by kidnapping his son and then attempted to kill him when he refused. There's no love lost when Raditz is killed and Goku never thinks of him again.
  • Durarara!!:
    • Mairu and Kururi's more unusual... quirks probably stem from having one. Let's face, growing up with Izaya as an older brother can't be easy.
    • Ran Izumi constantly beats up his younger brother Aoba when the two were younger.
  • Inverted with the Kongo Bros in Eyeshield 21; the younger twin tends to pick on the older one.
  • Played for Laughs in Futari Ecchi, where male lead Makoto's older brother Akira keeps butting into his and Yura's sex life whether Makoto wants it or not.
  • In How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, Shera L. Greenwood's older brother, Keera, is incredibly abusive towards her and sees her as a sex slave, going so far as trying to force his little sister into having his children. When Shera runs away from her elf kingdom to get away from him, Keera attempts to get her back by hunting her down, threatening to start a war, and even puts out a bounty for Shera.
  • Inuyasha: Sesshomaru was a bully to Inuyasha when Inuyasha was growing up, mainly due to Inuyasha's half-human heritage which youkai view as a stain on their family reputation and Sesshomaru completely believing that he was The Un-Favourite. Once the brothers learn their father's Infinity +1 Sword Sesshomaru's spent years searching for is Inuyasha's, their Sibling Rivalry escalates into Cain and Abel territory. By the time the inheritance issue is resolved, Sesshomaru has morphed into the Aloof Big Brother who never protects his brother, he just happens to be passing through whenever his brother is in trouble...
  • In Komori-san Can't Decline!, Masako's elder sister loves to torment her in a Faux Affably Evil way, even going into a literal Big Sister Is Watching during their hiking trip.
  • Kaname Asagiri fits this trope all too well in Magical Girl Site. He appears like a kind, loving big brother, but the moment he's alone with his little sister, Aya, he becomes a violent, sadistic scumbag who ties up Aya and makes her his personal punching bag (as if the poor girl didn't have enough problems dealing with bullies at school). When Aya starts hanging out with Tsuyuno Yatsumura and other magical girls, Kaname becomes incredibly frustrated because he didn't have his sister to punch around anymore. He eventually steals Nijimi Anazawa's magic stick and uses it to brainwash Nijimi and subdue Aya and her friends (as well as resume beating on Aya). Nijimi eventually breaks free of Kaname's control and (at the cost of her life) slits Kaname's throat with a broken bottle. He is later captured (and raped) by a police officer. Can't say he didn't deserve his fate.
  • In Muhyo and Roji, a flashback shows Sophie's sister as secretly being this. The rest of the family left Sophie at home, which Sophie's sister said was for Sophie's own good, but once the sister was out of earshot, she said that the family's reputation would be ruined if they brought an ugly girl like Sophie along. In response, Sophie killed her sister, ripped her face off, and asked if she could go with them now. This led to Sophie becoming a haunt that killed at least 2,000 people, including two named characters, and served as the main Arc Villain of the Arcanum arc.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!:
    • In the original game timeline, Keith was bullied by his half brothers for his mother having been a prostitute. This continued when he was adopted into the Claes family, as his new older sister Catarina was jealous of him having taken away their father's undivided attention. Due to Catarina having thrown the game's plot Off the Rails in the story proper, she tries to be a Cool Big Sis for him almost immediately and the two of them would grow up with a healthy relationship.
    • Mary's three older half-sisters would often harass her due to her mother having a lower-ranking noble than their own. She started to grow out of her shell after she was complimented for her skill with growing flowers, either by Alan (in the original timeline) or Catarina (in the altered one).
  • From Nichijou, we have Mio's older sister Yoshino. She loves playing pranks on just about everyone, but her little sister is her favorite victim.
  • One Piece
    • When Ace first met his adoptive brother Luffy, he spat at him. When Luffy followed him through the mountains he attempted to kill him several times and outright contemplated murder when Luffy learned of Sabo and his treasure stash. Eventually, he graduated to Aloof Big Brother and finally Big Brother Mentor by the time of the main story.
    • Sanji is revealed to have had three (though one was technically a Little Brother Bully), in the form of his fellow quadruplets (Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji). His older sister Reiju was a downplayed version of a Big Sister Bully; she didn't directly participate, but she didn't help him when his brothers were picking on him, either, merely laughing at his misery.
  • Osomatsu-san:
    • Since Todomatsu is the youngest of the sextuplets, he's at the bottom of the family hierarchy and has to answer to all five of his older brothers (who can easily make life hell for him). This is best exemplified in "Pachinko Police", where his older brothers literally gun him down for hiding some money from them (with a supplementary article later explaining that this is something that only happens to Todomatsu), and "Kerosene", where all the brothers except Jyushimatsu (who was pretending to be sleeping) gang up on him by pinching his feet so that he'll be forced to leave the kotatsu they're all sitting at. However, Todomatsu's situation is downplayed in that he isn't exactly a saint, and Word of God maintains that his inability to overcome his brothers is essentially a form of karmic retribution.
    • In the same skit, Osomatsu sticks a tissue up Ichimatsu's nose (which goes all the way through and out his mouth) and rubs it in and out until Ichi goes up in flames.
    • Osomatsu is generally a very mild version of this, often teasing his siblings for the sake of getting a reaction, but "Letter" has him crossing a line by kicking and then threatening Jyushimatsu after the latter accidentally pisses him off during dinner. The situation is rectified by Karamatsu decking Oso and then dragging him out of the house, but the younger brothers are visibly shaken both during and after the outburst.
  • In Persona 5: The Day Breakers, it turns out that the Phantom Thieves' target isn't just the ringleader of a gang of thieves, but he's also physically abusive toward his younger brother. After defeating the incarnation of the evil within him, the Phantom Thieves sway him into apologizing for his behavior and turning himself in.
  • Pokémon: Misty's three older sisters often tease her about her looks.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets:
    • Ichika used to be one towards Yotsuba when they were children, often stealing her snacks, stickers, and even her friends. She grew out of it by the present time after their mother died.
    • Nino can also sometimes be one towards Miku, often teasing or bossing her around. Unlike most examples, though, Nino does sincerely apologize when she goes too far, especially when she ends up getting Miku near tears.
  • Sailor Moon: Downplayed with Usagi. While she's a Nice Girl, she does have her occasional moments of being one to both Chibiusa and Shingo (and it's not like they make it easy for her). That being said, she clearly loves them dearly.
  • Tamagotchi: Moriritchi remembers her older sister Anemoriritchi as one in episode 118, with Moriritchi's memories including Moriritchi swiping an ice cream cone from her, not letting her swim in a pool, and not letting her play outside, all for seemingly no reason. Moriritchi later discovers she didn't remember everything about those memories, and Anemoriritchi was trying to help her — Moriritchi had already eaten too many ice creams to the point she would have gotten a stomach ache before Anemoriritchi took the one she was about to eat; the pool incident was because Moriritchi was getting too cold; and Moriritchi had gotten sick, which is why Anemoriritchi didn't let her go outside.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter Mirai from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 isn't as much of a bully as other examples but still counts. She is at odds with her positive, friendly Cheerful Child younger brother, but still shows huge concern for his safety. When Yuuki dies after saving her, she breaks down and goes into heavy denial.
  • Maho from Wandering Son is often seen picking on her younger sibling Shuuichi. She also has a Big Sister Instinct though, but it only appears a few times in the series.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Kazuma Kuwabara's older sister Shizuru. While she's sometimes abusive towards her brother, she also has a Big Sister Instinct.

    Comic Books 

  • Etrigan was this to his brother Scapegoat.
  • Junior Braves of the Apocalypse: Most of Travis and Marvin's interactions involve Travis tossing insults at his younger brother or telling him to shut up. On one occasion, Travis even threatens to punch out all of Marvin's teeth, explaining that their mother will then yell at Marvin for not having any teeth.
  • Jason Todd makes for an absolutely brutal big brother, mostly to Tim Drake, constantly belittling him, attacking him, and refusing to use his actual name. After he snaps, he ends up nearly killing both Tim and Damian Wayne, and thought for a while he had killed Tim, for which he showed no remorse. He never messes with his little sister, though given that Cass could wipe the floor with him that may be out of a sense of self-preservation.
  • In the last arc of Runaways, Chase nearly becomes this towards Klara, because he resents the fact that she survived the accident that killed Old Lace. After realizing what he was turning into, he decides that he needs to get away from the others for a while.
  • Sabretooth was this to Saul, whom he terrorized constantly and gave annual birthday beatings to. Both Saul and his sister Clara hate Victor. After Saul's death, Sabretooth shows up on his birthday to beat him. Clara informs him that his little brother is dead. Victor is angry that Saul would be dead without his permission, and it's implied that this is where part of his hatred of Wolverine stems from (Logan is the one who killed Saul). When they were younger, he gave Saul a choice — get maimed by him or maim Clara. Saul chooses the latter and was very hurt at having to harm his sister, which Clara said was Victor's motivation. Clara brings up the last part when Victor tells her that he never hurt her.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic the Comic is this to Tails, though they're not blood-related. He's constantly calling him "Pixel Brain" and berating him, though it's shown he does care for him.
  • The Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do miniseries introduced a minor supervillain named Francis Klum, whose slide into evil began after his older brother started sexually abusing him and then forced him to use his low-level teleportation abilities to help create a criminal empire.
  • Spider-Man's villain Kraven the Hunter was technically like this towards his younger half-brother Dmitri. (Who would grow up to be the Chameleon, his occasional partner in crime.) "Technically" because Dmitri didn't know they were brothers at the time, Dmitri only learning this from Kraven's son Alyosha decades later.

    Comic Strips 

  • Calvin and Hobbes: Calvin once wanted to invoke this trope, asking his mom if she could have a baby brother so he could have "someone small [he] could beat up". The strip immediately cuts to Calvin's dad getting a call from her discussing an operation for one of them to get their tubes tied.
  • Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts is a female example; she yells at her younger brother, Linus, and punches him a lot.
  • Jeri Keene in PreTeena tries bull\ younger sister Teena, but her heart isn't really in it. Besides, Teena gives as good as she gets. Jeri does behave predictably abominably to Teena's best friend, the dorky Stick, though.
  • Baby Blues: Zoe is this to Hammie, especially when he was much younger. On more than one occasion, Zoe has told Hammie a story for the sole purpose of freaking him out. That being said, in more recent years, Hammie is much more capable of fighting back.

    Fan Works 

  • All Assorted Animorphs AUs: Played for Laughs in "What if they all went to college together post-war?", where Jake, Rachel, and Ax discuss how it's the oldest sibling's job to troll the others. Rachel told her sisters that peeing in the pool would dye it green, Tom told Jake that Santa Claus never visited their house because Jake was on the naughty listnote They're Jewish, and Elfangor told Ax that all creatures with mouths cannibalised their parents.
  • Inverted because of age in A Triangle in the Stars, but this is what Gabriel was implied in Chapter Thirty-Five to have become towards Bill when they were growing up. All the love and especially the hierarchy of their society went to his head.
  • Gender-inverted in Divided Rainbow, with Pinkie Pie starting out as a verbally abusive older sister to young Apple Bloom (It Makes Sense in Context). She gets better, though.
  • Invoked on Dungeon Keeper Ami. Once Tiger gets adopted by Dr. Mizuno, she starts using this as a justification to act in a more trollish and insubordinate way towards her boss and new little sister, KeeperMercury.
  • In Frozen Hearts, some of Prince Hans' brothers fall into this. Harald beats up Hans when two of his best men get dismissed over how they treated him. Harken is eager to punish Hans with a whipping, even though people have died from his whippings before, largely as a means of saving face. Both of them were participants in the "pretend Hans is invisible" game that Hans referenced in the film.
  • Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja fanfic "Killer Chimps In Norrisville" introduced the OC Robert Warburton as brother to other OC Niall Warburton who also debuted in KCIN. Robert didn't appear in person though until "The Good, the Bad and the Randy" where he was established to be physically abusive and even tried to strangle Niall with a scarf or sock. Needless to say, Robert is very much hated by readers.
  • Jonathan Crane in The CATverse is a horrible older brother to his sister Marilyn. He murders their mother before mutilating the body and driving Marilyn to insanity, then having her abducted years later to terrorize her again.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves. Checker Monarch is this Up to Eleven. She is systematically determined to destroy Trixie's chances at happiness.
  • Inverted in Sword Art Online Abridged. Suguha's a year younger than Kirito, but she mercilessly thrashes him during kendo practice even as he protests that he just got out of the hospital, and spends the rest of her time with him unleashing a constant stream of sarcasm, insults, and other verbal abuse.
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords:
    • Himetsuru Ichimonji, being an incredibly selfish Royal Brat, doesn't spare his younger brother Nansen the shitty treatment he dishes out at everyone else.
    • Ishida Sadamune who regularly abuses his brother Kiriha over his supposed betrayal of the Toyotomi clan. Hell, he even borders on Cain and Abel when he flat-out stabs his brothers when they try to stop him from murdering the saniwa for petty reasons. That and his just being a Jerkass in general makes Himetsuru look nice in comparison!
  • In Total Drama fanfic Big Brother Blues Jose to Alejandro and very mildly to Melisa some of the time.
  • In Peanuts fanfic Everybody's Gotta Leave Sometime, Lucy Van Pelt slugs her little brother Linus because she thinks he might be insulting her stealthily.

    Films — Animation 

  • 101 Dalmatians: Though it's never stated, Jasper is implied to be the older of the Badun brothers given that he clearly acts as the leader. He also frequently yells at and hits Horace. Horace never fights back.
  • Denahi from Brother Bear is a stereotypical big brother, who loves to tease his baby brother Kenai about everything from his “disappointing” spirit totem, age, and his lack to follow directions and orders properly. However, he does care for his brothers, becoming a Knight Templar Big Brother by hunting a bear he believes is responsible for the death of both of his brothers (in actuality, Kenai killed the first bear and received a Karmic Transformation into a bear). He changes however by the end of the movie, and acts more like the eldest brother, Sitka, does.
  • Hopper from A Bug's Life is this to Molt, his younger brother. He threatens Molt when the latter interrupts his conversation with Princess Atta with a story of how a bird nearly ate Hopper. He also makes it very clear to Molt that the only reason he won't kill him is that he promised their mother on her deathbed that he wouldn't.
  • Frozen: Prince Hans of the Southern Isles says three of his brothers pretended he was invisible for two years, and Word of God confirmed he grew up without love.
    • Further expanded upon in the Tie-In NovelA Frozen Heart, which retells the story of Frozen with an emphasis on Hans, including a backstory that gives a Freudian Excuse for his villainous actions. In it, his father is a corrupt man who encourages his sons to humiliate each other, especially on Hans. Hans ends up giving up fighting back out of fear that they'll just treat him even worse, yet it worsens the situation, as even this enables his brothers to humiliate him even further. One particularly cruel example was a "fake ransom note" prank, where Hans is tricked into believing that a "King Gotya" had "kidnapped" one of his brothers, but would only release him if he ran around the entire castle three times in nothing but his underwear. He was only four years at the time.
  • Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe: Super Super Big Doctor had her younger brothers locked in the dungeon just because everyone thought they were more special than she was. She also destroyed a ball that they made just to keep them from having fun.
  • Ben from Song of the Sea is introduced as being excited to be an older brother, but in the present day he bullies his younger sister Saoirse when he isn't acting aloof towards her, due to resenting and silently blaming her for their mother's disappearance. It doesn't help that their father Conor tends to dote on Saoirse more than him. He gradually starts to treat her better as the story progresses, eventually having a Jerkass Realization and admitting that their mother's disappearance wasn't her fault.
  • Sid Phillips from the first Toy Story movie is not nice to his younger sister, Hannah. He enjoys taking her dolls away and mutilating them. Once Sid gets a scare at the climax of the movie, Hannah exacts some unknowing revenge by showing him her latest doll.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • The titular character of Boy is this to his four-year-old younger brother Rocky, insulting him constantly and, according to Rocky, even blaming him for their mother's death, saying that his 'super-powers' killed her.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick, Rodrick, RODRICK. He frequently torments Greg and plays mean pranks on him. It's a plot point in the second movie where Rodrick has a major focus and his relationship with Greg slightly improves by the end.
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Elliot's bro normally. He improves.
  • Fanboys: Eric Bottler's older brother constantly belittling him and his friends for their love of Star Wars. At the end of the movie, he shows up while they're in line for The Phantom Menace and chases off two guys who were harshly criticizing Eric's new comic book.
  • Ben Grimm's brother in Fantastic Four (2015). One of the most detested changes to the source material is changing the Thing's catchphrase of "It's clobberin' time!" into what his brother says before beating him.
  • Home Alone:
    • Buzz to Kevin. The reason why the family gets mad at Kevin at the beginning of both movies is because of something Buzz did to pick on Kevin and make him mad; eating Kevin's cheese-only pizza in the first movie and pulling a prank on him at the school's Christmas concert in the second. Even after Kevin is accidentally left behind, everyone shows concern for him being alone at home. Everyone except Buzz, who is still entirely unsympathetic to him.
    • While Buzz gets more focus, Kevin has other older siblings and none of them are very nice to him. Linnie calls him "les incompetent", while Megan and Jeff call him "completely helpless" and "such a disease", respectively.
  • James Bond: In Spectre, Franz Oberhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld hated the attention an orphaned 007 got from Franz's own father, spiraling into a Cain and Abel situation where Franz committed Patricide and now wants to screw his foster brother's life in any way possible.
  • Judd for Billy in Kes.
  • Little Nicky: Both of Nicky's older brothers have spent most of their lives picking on him, from hitting him with a shovel (giving him a speech impediment) to psychically forcing him to crotch-punch himself. Their father steps in when this goes too far:

    Dad: Cassius, didn't I tell you to stay out of your brother's mind?
    Cassius: I forgot.
    Dad: Maybe this will help you remember. (Cassius punches himself so hard he goes flying)

  • Inverted by the film Little Sweetheart. The younger sister blackmails and bullies her older brother with the information that he's sleeping with an older woman in secret.
  • Michael Wormwood in the film version of Matilda. He acts very similar to their parents towards his younger sister Matilda, throwing food at her and calling her names when they're alone. Contrast with the book version, who's never mean to his sister and we know very little about him outside that he seems to be average.
  • SHAZAM! (2019): Dr. Sivana's big brother liked to beat him up. Sivana's father didn't step in because he felt Sivana needed to learn to solve his own problems. This, combined with being rejected by Shazam to receive magic, set Sivana on the path of vengeance.
  • Sex Drive: with the big brother constantly giving his brother crap about his supposed sexuality (or lack thereof). On the other hand, the brother does give him a ride to work in his Pontiac Judge and helps him out in the end.
  • It's mentioned several times by Loki that Thor wasn't exactly the easiest older brother to be around before his Character Development in the first film. This is likely what led to a lot of Loki's crippling self-worth issues, including a massive Inferiority Superiority Complex and obsession with being respected by his family. In Ragnarok, it's also implied that Loki's accustomed to using tricks and annoyance to express affection, which sheds a different light on his various betrayals against Thor.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Ragnarok by their older sister, Hela, who delights in belittling, mocking, and attempting to murder both of her younger brothers.
  • Scowler from Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie acts this way to Patchi just because Patchi is the runt of the litter, pestering him for not much reason. It gets worse when they become adults, where Scowler mauls Patchi when the latter just led the Pachyrhinosaurus herd off the frozen lake to safety.
  • Andrew from Rags not only bullies his stepbrother Charlie but is also quite mean and aggressive toward his actual brother Lloyd. He blames him for everything that goes wrong, outright physically attacks him at one point, and happily betrays him to fulfill his own goals.


  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer starts off with the suggestion of this, when Tom scraps with the local dandified boy; each boy swears he'll get his big brother to beat up the taunter, with Twain adding that both big brothers were imaginary.
  • Amelia Peabody: Amelia got this from pretty much all her brothers, but especially her oldest brother James:

    "Dear Amelia. You haven't changed since you were a little girl. Do you remember the time..."

    There he stuck, probably because he couldn't recall any fond memories of our childhood. I certainly had none that included him.

  • In Autobiography of Red, Geryon's older brother insults, undermines, and sexually abuses him.
  • A Brother's Price starts with Corelle bullying Jerin. Later, there is a moment where he mentions that it's the first time in some weeks that he felt love for Corelle. He gets along better with his eldest sister, though — it's a big family. There are also passing references to (the late) Princess Eldest using a riding crop to keep younger sisters in line.
  • In Stephen King's Literature/Christine, Roland Le Bay was this to his younger siblings: he badly injured his three-year-old brother George just because he got in his way.
  • Edmund Pevensie is this to Lucy at the beginning of The Chronicles of Narnia, despite not being the oldest. In fact, Peter harshly calls him out on it when he pretends to side with her and then humiliates her.
  • Played for Drama in When She Was Good by Norma Fox Mazer. Em's older sister Pamela brutally abuses her, physically and emotionally. In fact, she is suspected by psychologists to have some sort of mental illness. Em and Pamela end up moving out, and Em works while Pamela stays at home and forces her to have a very strict routine, cooking for her and cleaning for her. The book deals with what happens after Pamela unexpectedly dies of a stroke.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
    • Rodrick. Just like in the movies, he's a completeJerkass who just abuses Greg and gets away with it.
    • In one of the books, Greg explicitly says he had intended to become this to Manny and treat Manny the same way Rodrick treats him. But he could never really do it because he can't get away with a thing with Manny, due to his parents being extremely protective of him.
  • In Doctrine of Labyrinths, despite them being adults, Felix is often this to his half-brother Mildmay, bossing him around, mocking his facial scar and lack of education, embarrassing him publicly, and occasionally even hitting him for no good reason. Only in the final book in the series, after an almighty dose of Break the Haughty for Felix, combined with Mildmay finally standing up for himself more consistently, does their relationship take a turn for the better, with Felix finally apologising in a meaningful way and making a genuine effort to be more kind and supportive.
  • Ender's Game: Peter to Ender and Valentine.
  • Both of Cardan's older brothers in The Folk of the Air outdo him in cruelty. Dain, for reasons that are never explicitly clarified, has Cardan bared from the main house as a child, forcing him to turn to Balekin for shelter. Balekin, taking a shine to Cardan's own cruel streak, decides to nurture his cruelty by teaching him through example. Cardan subsequently grew up the subject of frequent beatings. The time Jude is privy to such an incident, Cardan is beaten with a lash for failing to put up a good fight during sword lessons, and is verbally put down for being born while their father was old, and for not having it in him to murder a human slave who is party to the torment.
  • Goosebumps has its fair share of these siblings along with the Annoying Younger Sibling stereotype. These are stand-out examples:
    • In The Barking Ghost, Cooper's brother Mickey is this to him big time, taking advantage of his fear every opportunity he gets.
    • Then there's Eddie's older brother Kevin in You Can't Scare Me, in which he often looks down on his brother and makes fun of him for being scared.
    • Followed by Don't Go To Sleep with Matt's older siblings Greg and Pam, who are seen as good siblings towards Matt according to their mother, even though they constantly torment Matt when their mother is away.
    • But the worst out of them all is Wade's older brother Micah in the 2000s series book Revenge R Us, who enjoys tormenting Wade for pleasure, and their parents do nothing about it!
  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry's cousin/adopted brother Dudley Dursley spent most of their childhood making Harry's life miserable. He improves, though.
    • The Weasley twins, while not as thuggish or mean-spirited as Dudley, could be hard to live with for Ron. They turned his teddy bear into a spider, used one of his pets as a bludger, nearly had him make an Unbreakable Vow, and didn't do much to help his Performance Anxiety on the Quidditch team.

    Hermione: I think Ron might do better without Fred and George around. They never exactly gave him a lot of confidence...

    • Morfin Gaunt was as horrible to his sister as Marvolo was, standing by and laughing as she was abused. He gleefully told their father about her crush on a Muggle, despite knowing what he would do to her if he knew.
  • Horrid Henry is this to his brother Perfect Peter
  • Jane Eyre: Jane Eyre's older step-brother John Reed has been bullying Jane with impunity her whole life when the book begins.

    Narrator (Jane): John had not much affection for his mother and sisters, and an antipathy to me. He bullied and punished me; not two or three times in the week, nor once or twice in the day, but continually: every nerve I had feared him, and every morsel of flesh on my bones shrank when he came near. There were moments when I was bewildered by the terror he inspired; because I had no appeal whatever against either his menaces or his infliction; the servants did not like to offend their young master by taking my part against him, and Mrs Reed was blind and deaf on the subject: she never saw him strike or heard him abuse me; though he did both now and then in her presence: more frequently, however, behind her back.

  • A Kestrel for a Knave has Billy's half-brother Jud.
  • Kindling Ashes: Huw taunts Corran, deliberately injures him during sparring, and later tries to kill him for being a firesoul.
  • Fisk claims that his older sister Judith in the Knight and Rogue Series was and perhaps still is one of these (he expresses a desire repeatedly for her to turn out to be the criminal they're tracking). While some of the past actions he claims sound rude at best, she does nothing worse than one-up him in arguments while present in the story.
  • Love Letters to the Dead: Hannah's older brother Jason is introduced as having a short temper and she is visibly scared of him. It is later revealed that he physically abuses her, being responsible for the bruise on her cheek.
  • Patricia AKA "The Troll" in Patrick McManus's humorous stories of his childhood.
  • 1984invokes a massively exaggerated version. The mythical ruler of Oceania is called "Big Brother", watching over us 24/7, who must be loved and feared. Their vision of humanity is to stomp on humanity and grind it into the ground forever after.
  • Paddy Clarke in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is this in the first half of the novel, letting his friends pick on and bully his younger brother Francis, making him pop a capsule of lighter fluid in his mouth only to then light it on fire to make it seem as though he's breathing fire. Later in the book, as it becomes obvious that his parents are going to get divorced he and his brother become extremely close.
  • Aun in The Shamer Chronicles beats his younger half-sister, Rose.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Gregor Clegane, towards Sandor and their unnamed baby sister. He kills the little girl and almost does the same to the little boy, leaving him badly scarred.
    • Viserys Targaryen is this towards his younger sister Daenerys. For 14 years he did the best he could before bitterness, paranoia, and possibly genetic madness turned him into what he was. Dany thought well enough of him to name one of her dragons, albeit the smallest one, after him after all.
    • Joffrey Baratheon to his brother Tommen. In the fourth book, Tommen says that he would "go away inside" whenever Joffrey... actually, we don't know what Joffrey did to Tommen because Cersei interrupted him, but whatever it was it clearly wasn't good.
    • Gender-inverted by Cersei Lannister, who hated Tyrion and blamed him for their mother's death, and never let him forget it. According to Oberyn, who visited the Lannisters as a child, Cersei has been hurting Tyrion physically and emotionally since he was a newborn.
    • Theon Greyjoy's memory of his brothers Rodrik and Maron are chiefly of "Rodrik's drucken cuff and Maron's cruel japes". It seems to run in the Greyjoy family. Theon's uncle Aeron still has nightmares about his older brother Euron Crow's Eye. It's strongly implied Euron actually raped Aeron.
    • Not quite as bad as some other examples in this series, but Sansa Stark was rather nasty to her little sister Arya: calling her names, mocking her appearance, her and her friends nicknaming her "horseface", calling her stupid, scoffing at her tomboyish behavior, telling her she was too ugly to marry anyone but their old stablehand, and at one point saying she wished she'd died. Even after they've been separated for years and suffered much worse situations, Arya still struggles with lingering insecurities caused by Sansa and thinks of herself as Arya Horseface. (While Sansa, even when thinking Arya is dead, muses on how "unsatisfactory" Arya had been as a sister and that she prefers her new ladylike friends).
    • Historically, King Aegon the Unworthy. He abused and raped his younger sister (and wife) Queen Naerys and accused his brother Aemon the Dragonknight of fathering Naerys' son to damage both their reputations, even after Aemon died saving his life.
  • In the novella A Taste of Honey, the Corporal, Aqib's older brother, has a very hands-on way of making Aqib do what is right and proper. He flat-out beats Aqib into marrying Femysade and attacks him and Lucrio at the fondac, meaning to drag Aqib back home. Unfortunately, Aqib sees the Corporal more as an Aloof Big Brother and refuses to believe Lucrio when the latter points out the truth of things.
  • Charlie Angelfield in The Thirteenth Tale intends to make a victim of his much younger sister. This doesn't work as planned, and they instead become more like partners in crime.
  • Delia from Tom Gates.
  • In the Warrior Cats book Thunder Rising, as soon as he sees Jagged Peak, Clear Sky drops the niceness and politeness he showed Gray Wing and acts ugly towards him, taunting him and accusing him of being lazy and selfish. Gray Wing stands up for Jagged Peak, and Clear Sky begins to apologize only to be rejected by Jagged Peak, calling him out for making him leave the forest just because of a broken leg. As of The Blazing Star, however, he's no longer this. In fact, he even apologizes to Jagged Peak for kicking him out of the forest.

    Live-Action TV 

  • Mary from 7th Heaven is this to Lucy, which the latter lampshaded when talking about two sisters who were close and said "She's much nicer to her than Mary is to me!" It's most telling that she's this way with just her and is comparatively more civil to her other younger siblings.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ward's older brother. It was his older brother's bullying of both Ward and his younger brother that convinced Ward to learn how to fight and made him the man he is today.
    • In Season 2, we actually meet Grant Ward's older brother, Senator Christian Ward who claims that Grant tortured their little brother and blamed him for it. It's not clear whose story is more trustworthy, the HYDRA mole who fooled a lie detector, or the politician.
    • In Season 3, we finally meet the youngest brother. He reveals both of his older brothers bullied him, but Grant apparently also tried to act as a protector and denied any responsibility for his bullying. This leads to the youngest brother begging S.H.I.E.L.D. to kill Grant, and outright tells him he is the worst person in a deeply screwed up family.
  • Inverted in Drake & Josh in which their little sister Megan is very much the bully to her two older brothers, and she also is often able to make it look like they are bullying her by being a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing that her parents don't see past.
  • The eponymous character from Frasier has elements of this towards his little brother Niles. However, Niles is far from a poor helpless victim of his brother's torment, and can usually give as good as he gets.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Viserys has browbeaten Daenerys emotionally and physically all her life.
    • Renly claims Robert and Stannis both bullied him for possessing zero aptitude for warfare. Robert was more passive but certainly no kinder to Stannis, never giving him credit for his many accomplishments and staunch loyalty. Robert admits to Ned that he never loved either of them and he's far closer to him than both of them.
    • Tommen reveals in Season 4 that his brother Joffrey threatened to have his pet cat Ser Pounce skinned and then the meat served to him in his food.
    • Gregor Clegane's response to his little brother playing with his toy was to push his face into a brazier.
    • Cersei has been cruel and hateful to her little brother since his birth. As related by Oberyn Martell, she considered him a monster and presented him as a freak to strangers, and openly abused him even as a baby.
    • Yara is introduced invoking Surprise Incest on Theon as a cruel prank when he returns home and the second season sees her treat him more or less as The Chew Toy.
    • Inverted with Arya and Sansa. While in the books, Sansa was usually the crueler one, in the series, Arya throws food on Sansa's gown she'd made herself in front of their house and her future in-laws for no good reason, calls her an idiot, mocks her interests of sewing and marrying a prince, and stuffs sheep crap in her bed when she's annoyed with her (which apparently was a lot).
  • Brad and Randy to Mark on Home Improvement, especially in the earlier episodes, when they were too young to really know better.
  • Life with Derek's eponymous Supporting Protagonist is this towards his younger brother Edwin. He also behaves this way towards his stepsister, Casey, though it's usually more of a case of Belligerent Sexual Tension.
  • Malcolm in the Middle plays this quite well. The real oldest brother, Francis was implied to be this before being sent to military school; however, he's more of a Big Brother Mentor during the series (though he can still have moments that fall under this trope). The next eldest brother, Reese fills this role for Malcolm & Dewey for the majority of the series, although Malcolm gives as much as he receives and joins in with bullying Dewey. Dewey, being the youngest for most of the series, doesn't fall under this but gets a few The Dog Bites Back episodes and after Jamie's born, complains that it's not fair that Reese and Malcolm got the Cool Big Bro Francis when they were kids, but Francis left for military school before Dewey form any memories of having a cool big brother — Francis then reveals that he treated Malcolm & Reese the same way they treat Dewey when he was younger. However, in the episode where Malcolm and Reese go out with some popular girls (they were trying to make their boyfriends jealous by going out with the biggest losers in school), they ditch Dewey and leave him alone with Jamie, and he tells a story whose moral is that Dewey will mistreat Jamie the same way his brothers mistreated him. At the end ofthe final episode, Dewey and Jamie are hiding from Lois to avoid punishment for something they did, when Dewey gets the idea to pin the whole thing on Jamie.
  • At her worst, Kelly from Married... with Children is this way to Bud. Examples range from her endlessly teasing his lack of a love life to allowing her friends to badmouth him as well to threatening to run him down in a car upon getting her license (and the latter example was in the early seasons!)
  • In The Middle, Axl is towards this with his little brother, Brick, and especially his younger sister, Sue.
  • In Scrubs, Dan Dorian is a selfish, irresponsible Manchild who goes out of his way to bully and annoy his brother J.D. and mooches off him constantly despite being well into adulthood. He does show some signs of maturing in later seasons though.
  • Sherlock perceives his brother, Mycroft, this way in his own mind. He sees himself as an inferior child in the presence of his brother who is always being admonished and demeaned by his brother's superior intellect. However, this may only be his perception, as Mycroft is often a loner and distant, showing concern for his brother as the only real positive human interaction he can sustain. He is, however, intellectually superior so there may be merit to Sherlock's perception.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Robert Picard to Jean-Luc, as shown in "Family".
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Zack is ten minutes older than Cody and often ventures into this territory when he picks on Cody, such as calling him nerd-related names, stealing his money, and locking him outside the hallway wearing only a towel.
    • Moseby's older brother Spencer, though much shorter, seemed to behaved this way towards Moseby back then, at one point even shaving his hair while he was sleeping, and it seems to continue on as he takes advantage of Moseby when he comes over at the Tipton hotel as his employee. It then ends in a Cain and Abel fashion when the two brothers end up fighting each other physically in the hotel.
  • In the Supernatural episode "Heart" (S02, Ep17), Dean tries to use his status as the older sibling to bully his way into staying with an attractive woman, but Sam gets him to rock paper scissors for it. Dean loses, even though they do two out of three.
  • That '70s Show: Female example, with older sister Laurie relentlessly teasing Eric and smugly rubbing in the fact their father favors her whenever she can. No wonder Eric and his friends call her "the witch".

    Eric: Last time I trusted you, I wound up in the dryer with a pillowcase full of bees, so…

  • Victorious: Trina is a "big sister bully" example, being very rude to Tori, even when the latter tries to be nice to her. She's at her worst in "The Birthweek Song", where Tori sings a song about how much she loves her sister, but Trina insults the song because it's not a real present, and the next day she sells the song to a recording studio for cash.
  • Charlie in Two and a Half Men was this towards Alan in childhood and hasn't completely grown out of this during adulthood.
  • As mentioned in the film section, Chett to Wyatt in Weird Science, probably due to his military formation. Due to the nature of the show, this turns him into both the Designated Villain and the Butt-Monkey.
  • In The Worst Year of My Life, Again, Alex's older sister Sam is a female example.
  • The Wonder Years: Kevin's big brother Wayne is probably the most perfect example of this trope.
  • It's revealed in Wynonna Earp that dead big sister Willa Earp was this big-time to Waverly, but Waverly isn't comfortable bringing it up since Willa's tragic death happened so long ago. Averted with middle child Wynonna, who was close to both her sisters.
  • Ian and Paul Branagh to Robin in Young Dracula.


  • The Book of Genesis has Ishmael. As a teenager, his younger half-brother Isaac was born, and when Isaac's mother Sarah caught Ishmael picking on Isaac, she saw to it that her husband Abraham banished Ishmael and his mother Hagar. Abraham became worried about this, but God told him to do as Sarah told him, for He will bless Ishmael and make him into a great nation.

    Stand-Up Comedy 

  • Denis Leary talks in his book Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Being Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid about how his brother Johnny was one of these. One section details how he got shot with an actual arrow from a bow fired by his brother, who got his attention by yelling "Hey, Faggot!"Johnny's preferred name for Denis at the time., while someone, presumably one of Johnny's friends, named Cliffy DeCoursey watched. Denis ran several flights of stairs with the arrow still firmly embedded in his forehead to his uncle, who pulled the arrow out and told him, "It's out, goddamn it, you're fine, so SHUT UP!" Meanwhile, Denis and Cliffy's fathers went on the hunt for their wayward sons and beat the shit out of them for doing such a stupid thing.

    John Leary: Hey, Dinzo.

    Denis: Yeah, dad?

    John: The next time your brother, or anyone else for that matter, points an arrow at your precious, pink, Irish noggin, know what I want you to do?

    Denis: What, dad?

    John: Duck, goddamn it! DUCK!


  • Enrico in Lucia Di Lammermoor provides a rare operatic example. When he finds out that his sister Lucia is in love with his enemy Edgardo, he intercepts Edgardo's love letters and forges another letter himself, first to convince Lucia that Edgardo is unfaithful, then to force Lucia to marry his little friend Arturo. Even after he finds out that she's gone mad, Enrico still denounces Lucia, until the tutor Raimondo points out that it was his, Enrico's, bullying ways that caused the whole tragedy in the first place.

    Video Games 

  • Aurelia from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is this towards her brother, Sir Alistair Hammerlock. Alistair won't let her stay with him on "vacation" because she'd kill the creatures he studies just for fun. Their rivalry eventually comes to a head in Borderlands 3 where Aurelia attempts a hostile takeover of the Jakobs corporation and allies with the Children of the Vault just to torment Alistair by killing his lover Wainwright.
  • In Fate/EXTRA CCC, Meltlilith acts this way towards Passionlip; Meltlilith is verbally abusive and callous to Lip as she only could only protest weakly at her.
  • Choice of the Dragon: Axilmeus, one of your dragon's elder clutchmates, who even as a hatchling always tormented others hoping to take what didn't belong to him. No matter what choice you make as a hatchling, he always succeeds in stealing your golden shield, but as an adult, you have an opportunity to teach him a lesson after he encroaches on your territory with designs on your treasure hoard.
  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Miklan was this to Sylvain growing up. He hated his younger brother out of jealousy because he was born with a Crest and sought to make his life miserable, even throwing him down a well and leaving him there for hours. By the time of the main story, their relationship has degenerated into Cain and Abel.
  • The Child's brother in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He locks him in his room, terrorizes him with a Foxy mask, repeatedly takes him to a pizzeria he knows he hates, and shoves him into a Fredbear animatronic's mouth, causing the child's head to be smashed in when it closes, killing him. The latter causes the brother to have a My God, What Have I Done? moment.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Mori Kibbutz plays this role towards his brother Brucie from the main game.
  • In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Guybrush Threepwood's creepy brother Chuckie is a tormentor. It's also the true identity of the villain LeChuck. Because the entire two games were just one big daydream by a young boy in an amusement park. This was thankfully retconned later.
  • Female example: Beldam from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door towards her little sister Vivian. Thankfully Vivian wises up and dumps her sister after accidentally befriending Mario.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3 and its assorted spinoffs have Elizabeth, one of the Velvet Room attendants.
      • She harasses and pulls off cruel pranks on her younger brother Theodore, which include things such as force-feeding him dog food and soybean powder. Gets taken Up to Eleven in Persona Q, where their mutual older sister Margaret also treats him poorly, and their treatment of him dips into outright abuse at times.
      • Elizabeth doesn't treat Caroline and Justine any better, and both claim to see her as an enemy rather than as a sister. The twins are also afraid of Margaret and are grateful to Theo for taking their sisters' attention away from them.
    • In Persona 5, one of the sidequests involves the Phantom Thieves taking down a petty burglar who's also been physically abusing his younger brother (if this sounds familiar, that's because this sidequest was the very one adapted into the Persona 5: The Day Breakers OVA).
  • Leon in Yggdra Union and its relatedgames. In Blaze Union it's pretty clear that this is just a part of his tsundere nature, but it's Played for Drama in Yggdra Union, where his being a jerk to his little sister Elena and everyone else is representative of the fact that he recently took a dive off the deep end.
  • Both of Raz' older siblings Psychonauts 2, although his brother Dion is significantly worse. While his sister Frazie uses her psychic powers to sneak around and chuck pinecones and rocks at him, they can still make reasonable conversation without Raz being visibly uncomfortable. Talking with Dion, on the other hand, is a never ending barrage of anti-psychic verbal abuse, which is implied to be typical of him. This is reflected in how they see Raz if you use clairvoyance on them - Frazie sees Raz as an annoying toddler, while Dion sees Raz as a literal punching bag.

    Visual Novels 

  • In the first season of Cause of Death, constant abuse from his sister eventually causes Brian Resler—better known as Eric Mills—to snap, kill her, and ultimately become the Serial Killer known as the Maskmaker.
  • Fate/stay night has Matou Shinji, who plays this very seriously. We find out right off the bat that he heavily beats his younger sister Sakura for spending any amount of time with Shirou, we repeatedly see the effects of the mental abuse he has put her through, and Heaven’s Feel takes it Up to Eleven by revealing Shinji rapes Sakura frequently, and showing the real effects of the mental abuse he has put her through. There’s a reason Shinji is almost unanimously called the biggest Hate Sink in the franchise.

    Web Animation 

  • In Homestar Runner, Strong Bad is very abusive and cruel to his younger brother, Strong Sad. To a lesser extent, so is the oldest of the brothers, Strong Mad, but he mostly just follows orders.
  • Bridget Tice in The Most Popular Girls in School is this to her sister Rachel; though to be fair, Rachel always ends up bringing it onto herself.

    Rachel Tice: Yeah, that's right, just walk away! ...Like a bitch.
    Bridget Tice:What. The fuck. Did you Say?!


  • In Clarissa, Sean might be the family member who's most overt in his disregard for Clarissa, and his antics get laughed off.
  • Mike to Angel in The Good Witch, but only in their original history; his memory of that has been erased. In the reality created after Angel is given the powers of the Good Witch, it's inverted into "Little Sister Bully" instead, since she's a sociopathicReality Warper who loves to turn him into a girl for what is ostensibly "punishment" for his behavior in their old timeline, but is really for her own amusement.
  • In Homestuck Bro is kind of this to Dave, though given that he's Dave's sole guardian he's really more of an abusive parent.
    • "uu"/Caliborn is this to "UU"/Calliope in the later acts; he takes it to the extreme, though, as later he sends someone to murder her. Double subverted because they're actually sharing a body, but still see each other as siblings.
  • Plume has Aricon and Corrick in the latter's backstory. The former literally forced his younger brother to take upon himself a dangerous and untested spell without consulting him or even informing him about it first, out of his own paranoia.
  • Princess Princess: Sadie's sister, Claire, who belittles and ridicules her and puts her away in a tower.
  • Matilda's older brother Gordon is this in Step Monster, with Gordon being such a Jerkass that he actively visits his sister for the sole purpose of taunting her about how she's an overweight loser with no real friends or family who most recently had a job as a Closet Monster, which is the monster equivalent of being a Burger Fool, whilst he's a top executive in a prestigious company and has an exotic foreign wife.
  • Heartstopper: After Nick comes out as bi, his brother David constantly belittles him with biphobic remarks even going as far as nearly outing him to their father. As patient as their mother is, she draws a line with David's verbal abuse, repeatedly telling him to stop. (He doesn't.)

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
    • Gumball sometimes can be this, like when he left Anais out of a party in "Halloween" by hanging her from a tree branch.
    • Rachel appeared to be this to Tobias in "The Party", but as she disappeared from the show entirely, and never ever made a single physical appearance after Season 1, this was never further explored.
  • Arthur: D.W. can be this towards baby Kate at times, such as when she threatened to pinch her just for playing with her toys. Naturally, she gets grounded by her parents for this. Depending on the Writer, she can be an Inverted example with Arthur, with her Lack of Empathy towards his problems she caused.
  • Inverted in Avatar: The Last Airbender, where the little sister, Azula, bullies her big brother Zuko. Eventually, this turns into a Cain and Abel relationship.
  • Bobby's older brother Derek in Bobby's World is like this. He often portrays the villain in Bobby's fantasies. His teen sister Kelly is sometimes, albeit most of the time she's just indifferent to Bobby.
  • Camp Lazlo: Edward's four older brothers are revealed to be this to Edward, which probably explains why Edward is in a perpetual bad mood in many episodes.
  • CatDog: Depending on the Writer, Cat may be one to Dog. He often abuses, yells at, and manipulates his brother for his own gain, and for the record, he's the older of the twins by five minutes.
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • Inverted with Lalavava and Mandark. Even though Lalavava had one appearance, she proved herself to be dominating and demanding towards her older brother. It had reached a point where she threatened to beat him up if he didn't help her, which had Mandark begging her not to hurt him.
    • In the episode "Oh, Brother", Dexter creates an alternate universe where he has an older brother instead of an older sister. Unfortunately, "Dudey" turns out to be a bullying Jerk Jock who's even more destructive than Dee Dee.
    • Dee Dee tends to be more of a Childish Older Sibling, breaking his stuff while running away when he tries to stop her, but sometimes is more directly confrontational and often mercilessly teases. She once stole Dexter's money right out of his hands to buy something, and when Dexter asks why she did so, she tells him point-blank, "You're so small and weak that I could!"
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, we finally meet Eddy's brother, and he's not as great a guy as Eddy said he was... in fact, he's a sadistic thug from whom Eddy has to be saved.
    • Lee and Marie Kanker to their younger sister May.
    • Inverted with little sister Sarah bullying big brother Ed.
  • In The Fairly OddParents, whenever she is not babysitting any children Vicky often tends to abuse her little sister Tootie to death.
  • Family Guy inverts this with Chris, Meg, and Stewie. Meg is the eldest sibling, but she is constantly abused and bullied by Chris, who is the middle child. Stewie, being the youngest (and a baby) of the three, also abuses Meg but not as much as Chris and has made attempts to stick up for Meg on a few occasions.
  • The trope image features Mac and his cruel older brother named Terrence from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Fortunately for Mac, Terrence is also really dumb, so he's pretty easy to outsmart.
  • Duncan Douglas, the older brother of Dexter Douglas alias Freakazoid!
  • In the U.S. Acres segments of Garfield and Friends, Orson is unlucky enough to have three big brothers who are like this. (And they don't limit their bullying to him; the whole farm is afraid of them).
  • Grojband: Trina Riffin to her Annoying Younger Sibling Corey. Not only is she is extremely rude to him and his band, she has tried to harm or even kill them in several episodes. However, some episodes suggest Trina wasn't always this to Corey and actually used to be his Cool Big Sis until she hit puberty and developed a crush on Nick Mallory.
  • Harvey Girls Forever!: Audrey's older sister Zoe is this to her, having her refer to Zoe as "Her Majesty Queen President For Life Zoe" for the first six years of Audrey's life and continuing to torment her and her friends well into her later youth. Zoe's friend Maria is also suggested to be this to Melvin.
  • Hey Arnold!: Gerald's older brother Jamie-o is this to Gerald.
  • Invader Zim inverts the trope with the Membrane siblings. Younger sister Gaz abuses her brother Dib both verbally and physically.
  • Kaeloo:
    • Mr. Cat had two of these, who often beat him up for no reason. He ended up running away from home to escape from their abuse. In one episode he mentions after being shot with Truth Serum that one of the main reasons they hated him was because their mother preferred him to them.
    • While they are twins, Pretty definitely comes off as this to Eugly — she treats her as a slave and constantly insults her.
  • Kick Buttowski's older brother Brad.
    • In one episode, Kick gets wrestling lessons from a former wrestler, whose wrestling school was taken over by his own Big Brother Bully, who in turn is teaching Brad as well.
  • One episode of Kim Possible shows that this is how Bonnie's sisters behave towards her.
  • It's mentioned in the backstory to The Legend of Korra that Tenzin was often beaten up by his older siblings as a child. It's implied this is because they were jealous of him being their father's favorite kid (being the only Airbender), and even as adults, their relationship is less-than-perfect.
  • The Loud House
    • Lori and Lynn Jr. can be this to Lincoln at times (or rarely possibly in Season 3). The former openly mocks Lincoln's hobbies and uses her stature as the eldest sibling to boss him around. The latter enjoys beating up Lincoln and giving him Dutch ovens.

      Lori: Beat it, twerp.
      Lincoln: Come on, Lori, no fair! I was here first!
      Lori: Well, I was born first.

    • In the episode "One of the Boys", Lincoln goes to an alternate universe where he has 10 brothers instead of sisters. At first, Lincoln has a heck of a time with his brothers, but they soon fall into this trope (even the younger ones) in ways the Sisters wouldn't do, such as mocking Lincoln's "boo-boos", making fun of his relationship with Ronnie Anne, and lacking the inherent sensitivity of his sisters. Yet again though, they do seem to be protective of Linka.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Downplayed with Candace. She constantly obsesses over "busting" Phineas and Ferb, but still cares deeply for them, and sometimes loves their inventions instead of trying to bust them for it.
    • Played straight with Irving's brother Albert, who is seen bullying Irving in pretty much all of his appearances.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • Although they're technically the same age, Buttercup sometimes veers into this territory towards Bubbles, like destroying her chalk in "All Chalked Up," but she shows that she cares for Bubbles. Occasionally, Buttercup merely teases her sisters a bit and sometimes, she doesn't intend to make them feel bad.
    • The "Forced Kin" episode features one who repeatedly calls his brother "stupid." Similarly, in the next scene, a military officer is also shown to call his subordinate "stupid."
  • Ready Jet Go!: Inverted with Face 9000's younger brother, Face 9001. In "A Kid's Guide to Mars", Face 9001, is mean to Face 9000, argues with him, and always try to show off, to the point of 9000 calling "MOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!" at least two times.
  • Recess: Averted with Vince's older brother Chad, subverted with T.J.'s older sister Becky, since she's nicer to him at the end of Recess: School's Out, but mostly just a Bratty Teenage Daughter, and as for Spinelli's older brother Joey, not much is known about him...except that he's in prison.
    • Played straight, however, with Paul Prickly, Principal Peter Prickly's brother, who always schemes to make Peter feel inferior, including having a fifty-foot flagpole. Peter, in turn, is eager to put the old blowhard in his place.
  • Gart DeFault from Robot and Monster is a rare example. Rather than physically threatening his younger brother Robot, he uses Alpha Bitch tricks to ruin his life.
    • Also, the DeFault family are also mean to him and the others. The only one (apparently) to have a kind heart of this "family" is Gizmo... even if he's schizophrenic.
  • Tommy Turnbull's older brother, Donnie, from Robotboy.
  • Rocket Power: Twister's older brother Lars often enjoys picking on Twister for the heck of it, playing simple pranks on him, tricking him into believing his lies, and is even a rival of him during the hockey games.
  • Zigzagged in Rick and Morty. Summer doesn't actively pick on Morty, mostly because neither one speaks to each other. At one point she groin kicks him for what at first seems like a very flippant reason — but it turns out she thought he went in her room. It still appears to be an overreaction ... until it is revealed a minute later in the episode that Morty masturbates in EVERY room in the house. Even so, they do care for each other.
  • In Rugrats, Drew was like this to Stu when they were kids and doesn't quite seem to have grown out of it. Played with since he's not nearly as bad as Stu's accounts, and at least one Flashback episode shown both brothers were equally abrasive towards each other.
  • This Scrappy cartoon called ''The Little Pest'', which featured the titular Scrappy being abusive towards his baby brother just because he wanted to tag along with him on a fishing trip, not only mercilessly beating him around but also trying to drown him.
  • South Park:
    • Kyle to Ike in the first season. "Kick the baby!" (This seems to be done more for his and everyone else's amusement. He is still very protective of his little brother.)
    • Scott Tenorman to Cartman, though they don't know they're half-brothers at the time. Incensed at being pushed around by Scott, Cartman eventually gets his own back.
    • Gender-Inverted with Stan's older sister Shelly, who beats him up and calls him "Turd".
  • The first few episodes of Stanley depicted Lionel as this, like in the episode "Watch Out for Lionels"; He turned into a Cool Big Brother after that.
  • The third season of Superjail! introduced "The Triplets", a group of older brothers to the Twins. Immediately in their introduction, they proceed to verbally intimidate the Twins. After they all meet face-to-face, the Triplets proceed to beat the Twins up and humiliate them. We then learn that sibling rivalry can escalate to the point of wars on their planet if the younger siblings don't properly respect their elders (that is, to hand over anything said elders demand from them).
  • Raphael in the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon was shown to bully Michelangelo when they were little, although he is a bit nicer to him when they're older he does smack him when he says something stupid.
    • The tradition continues in the new Nick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where Raphael's tendency to smack Mikey around a bit extends to Donatello and even Leonardo (the last of which, at least, will hit back). A lot of Raphael's humor involves various insults leveled at his brothers.
  • As the villain, Blackfire is the Big Sister Bully of Starfire in Teen Titans.
  • Total Drama:
    • In the finale of World Tour it's revealed that Alejandro despises being called Al due to the fact that his older brother José (who is apparently better than him at everything) has called him that all his life. It came to a head in an episode of All Stars when José made an appearance and the two had a boxing match (the challenge of the episode was a boxing match with everyone's worst fear). During that fight, José proceeded to call his brother Al the entire time and then insulted Heather by calling her personality unattractive. Alejandro snapped after that point, and needless to say, it didn't end well for José.
    • In Pakhitew Island, Amy is this to her twin sister Sammy, or Samey, as she calls her. Amy's the older twin by 17 minutes and constantly abuses Sammy both physically and verbally, often putting her down as nothing more than a poor man's version of herself.
  • Molly of Denali: Tooey's older brothers, Jay and John, often tease and belittle him. They first showed up on screen in "Puppy Palooza" after being shown in a photograph in the Christmas Episode.
  • Let's Go Luna!: Salami Strong, the Italian strongman of the traveling circus, has two older sisters named Capicola and Pancetta back home in Rome who have bullied him constantly throughout life, even when they were children, and even now as adults. Their crimes include planning a sneak attack, pulling his hair, taking his toy, eating his snack, giving him a wedgie, and mocking his strength.

Alternative Title(s):Big Sister Bully

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Aloof Big Brother


There seems to be a barrier between them.

'He gave me this note for you,' Josie took a half-torn binder sheet out of her pocket and handed it over. It read: Too busy with work. Sort it out yourself. You're fine—Trust me. F.
''Too busy?' Jim screwed up the note in his hand. 'Wonderful!' He shook his head in bitter frustration. 'Evavich is going to kill me and my brother doesn't care.'

Jim Springman and the Realm of Glory

He's smarter, stronger, faster, more talented, and more refined than The Hero, and — just to add insult to injury — he's probably sexier, too. His only problem seems to be moving his face out of that expression of bored, dignified disdain. And he just happens to be the elder brother of one of the main cast, which often gives them a raging inferiority complex.

Will most likely double as the Ineffectual Loner and Noble Demon, thereby running the risk of becoming an Ensemble Dark Horse. May or may not be evil, strictly speaking, but is almost guaranteed to fight against the protagonists at one point, and spout off Cryptic Conversation to prove how much better informed he is. May or may not be a Stealth Mentor and/or consider his younger siblings annoying. Often an integral part of a mysterious organisation, and may be the Enigmatic Minion or even a Hero Antagonist in that case.

Compare to Always Someone Better, who is also often an older brother, Big Brother Mentor, where the brother is more open as well as a leader, and Big Brother Bully, where the brother is mean towards younger siblings. Contrast Big Brother Instinct, where the older brother instead goes out of his way to look after his younger siblings. A Sub-Trope of The Stoic.

Contrast Cool Big Sis, who is often of the opposite gender and generally has a better relationship with their younger sibling, and Annoying Younger Sibling, a younger sibling who's annoying to their older siblings.


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    Comic Books 

  • Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy) has a distant relationship with his younger brother Pol partially because Rokk left their homeworld to look for work when he was fourteen. In the Pre-Boot continuity Pol followed Rokk to join the Legion of Super-Heroes and died in a Heroic Sacrifice that made his big brother regret the distance he'd enforced in their relationship.
  • Thor was portrayed this way in the Loki miniseries, in marked contrast to his Silver Age portrayal, wherein he couldn't see all of Loki's flaws through his Big Brother Instinct.
  • In Mother Panic, the titular character's brother is considerably older than her (he was in law school before she was in high school), so the two of them were never really close as siblings.
  • Darkdevil to Spider-Girl, his cousin-slash-genetic-half-sister. They have a complicated family tree.
  • When the tension between them is portrayed from Alex Summers/Havok's point of view, his brother, Scott, aka Cyclops, fits this role to a tee (and considering Scott's famous emotional reserve, isn't exactly surprising); however, since Cyclops is a much more prominent member of the X-Men, Havok usually comes off looking more like his Annoying Younger Sibling instead.

    Fan Works 

  • In the sequel to Child of the Storm it's revealed that Carol, despite her habit of playing Cool Big Sis to younger girls who look in need of it, is this to her younger brothers. The older of the two, Stevie, points this out when she admits that she hadn't noticed that the youngest of the three siblings, Joe junior, was having a bad time. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Carol tends to have a lot of problems of her own and has a difficult home life thanks to poor relationships with her parents (she patches things up with her mum. Her dad, not so much), and in the previous year has undergone several PTSD inspiring experiences. She admits that he has a point, and tries to better thereafter. It should also be said that even before that she's kind enough to both of them, albeit distant, and extremely (sometimes violently) protective.
  • In Frozen Hearts, most of Hans’ siblings are this, as per canon, with Hugo, Harald, and Helm being noted as the three who treated Hans like he was invisible. Some of them, such as Heins, are a little better than that, but a few, such as Harald, are worse. And this is before they find out what he's done and that he's a political liability.

    Horatio: (to Hans) Did the queen even look at you?

    Hugo: Doubtful. Why pay attention to the runt?

  • A Growing Affection in addition to Itachi, like canon, also has Minato's older brother Gouki. He has trouble answering to Minato as Hokage, and telling Minato how proud he is.
  • Averted in the Star Trek: The Original Series fanfic Once Upon a Farmhouse. Sam and Jim Kirk don't see one another often (thanks to Sam being away at a space school) but they are on very good terms.
  • When you have a adopted brother like Kerlongsj who as man, has earned the respect of several Infinite Stratos pilots, including the Brunhilde, you would think that Anaton has a lot of inferior problems. Strangely enough, in [Infinite Stratos: To the Other End of the World], he and Kerlongsj aren't like that. They have a good relationship and don't seem to be bothered by the huge gaps between them. Kerlongsj knows Anaton will get close to him.
  • Ann the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers: Shuriken Force to her younger sister, being distant at best and is implied to hate her at worst.
  • In Heimatfront, Marco Nitzschmann (a Gender Flip and name-changed version of Maho Nishizumi in Germany near the end of World War II) initially comes off as somewhat cold toward his younger sister Maria, particularly since he'd rather not have her risk her life on the front lines, where she has no business being.
  • In One Year, Hitomi hardly ever sees her older brother, who, as the eldest child and heir to their wealthy family, has his own responsibilities.
  • TRON: Endgame Scenario: Played with when it comes to Tron and Jet. Technically, they have the same father, which is why Jet considers Tron his older brother. Tron has zero idea what to make of Jet, however, as Programs do not have the same concept of family. This being post-TRON: Legacy there's also all the psychological damage from "Rinzler" to factor in. Furthermore, despite Jet hating his statusas a User and doing everything he can to downplay it, the fact he is one is a fact neither one can escape.
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords: Sasanoyuki is this to Izuminokami, being clearlysuperior on the battlefield and is the series' champion in terms of coldness and aloofness. Downplayed in the sequel after Sasanoyuki comes back from kiwame as he's become less stoic (for better or for worse) and the story focuses less on his relationship with his brothers, but the fic features an omake in which he still calmly beats Izuminokami at iai despite the latter's having trained himself in the art.
  • Forum of Thrones: Though they haven't been shown interacting with each other so far, the fact that Carvin just flat out left his little sister Ilish when she needed him the most paints him as this.
  • The exploited version of this trope is subverted in Fixing RWBY. Yang plans on becoming one of these because she wants Ruby to learn how to fend for herself in case something happens to Yang. Her mentor for the year, Yatsuhashi, questions this and says it'd be better if she tried to gain her sister's trust, and vice versa.
  • Having the most experience being independent of horde Prime's Hive Mind, Hordak in Purple unwittingly took on this role for Wrong Hordak/Kadroh and the dozens of clones Entrapta provided sanctuary for. Hordak being... well... Hordak, he is grouchy and reluctant in this role, but he behaves for Entrapta and basic decency for his new family.
  • The Bridge subverts it in the case of Godzilla III a.k.a Junior and his "older brother" SpaceGodzilla a.k.a Xenilla. At first they are extremely antagonistic, but later on it's revealed Xenilla was Good All Along and had been playing the villain role because he thought their relationship unmendable after Xenilla tried to kill their father. He's actually been extremely concerned for his little brother's wellbeing and remorseful for his acting.
  • Downplayed in Numberjacks Advanced; Six certainly loves his younger siblings very much, but is often too busy for them with his training to become a big Numberjack.

    Films — Animated 

  • Steve from Arthur Christmas is this, being much more of a pragmatic busybody than Arthur, and who spends a good part of the film annoyed with his younger brother's (increasingly drastic) antics.
  • Frozen:
    • Hans claims that three of his twelve brothers pretended he didn't exist for two years.
    • Gender-flipped, justified, and deconstructed with Elsa. Elsa acts distant and aloof to Anna because she's afraid of losing control of her Emotional Powers. Anna is unaware of this, and is left with self-esteem and relationship issues. In the end, Elsa becomes more open once she learns to control her power, which she achieves in no small part becauseshe loves Anna.
  • ParaNorman: At the beginning of the film, Courtney is at first uncaring and aloof to her brother Norman and is not above mocking him and trying to prove he's a liar. She still tries to search for him when he is missing and shows genuine concern when it looks like he is in danger. She finally drops being aloof when she realizes his ability to see the dead is real and realizes how much pain he is in for being an outcast, becoming kinder and more supportive to him.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Cries and Whispers: Karin is the eldest of three sisters and is as ice-cold to them as to anyone else. She is pretty blatantly ignoring Maria (the youngest sister) for the first hour of the film. She cares for Agnes (the middle sister) in her illness, but it would seem that this is more because she knows she is expected to rather than out of genuine affection. Granted, Karin has a lot of issues in her life, being possibly depressed and suicidal, and she seems to regret and be ashamed by her worst Jerkass moments towards her sisters.
  • Subverted in Gattaca with the character of Anton, the aloof little brother.
  • Pablo Ramirez in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly seems to be Tuco's older brother and certainly acts that way. When they reunite, Tuco is open and affectionate while Pablo is more distant and impassive.
  • Brand in The Goonies.
  • Joshua in Little Odessa.
  • The Earl of Moray in Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • The title character of Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro left his little brother behind for Argentina with a note saying he'd explain it later. When he shows up in Argentina, Tetro continues to be aloof to him. Then it turns out that he's not really his brother...


  • Tom to Jake in Animorphs. Of course, a lot of Tom's behavior can be explained by him having a Yeerk in his brain.
  • In Stephen King's novella The Body, Gordie LaChance's (now-deceased) older brother is depicted in these terms (although not so in The Film of the Book).
  • A Brother's PriceGender Flips this trope, and has Eldest as an unquestionableCool Big Sis. She's the leader of her generation of the family and wears authority like her Badass Longcoat, coolly unemotional in most cases and enforcing discipline on her younger sisters with less concern for how they feel about it than what is best for the family. Rebellious Corelle, in particular, is at the brunt of her calm displeasure. She's softer and kinder to her little brother Jerin, wanting him to be happy and becoming absolutely enraged when she believes he's been raped, and she becomes slightly less aloof over the course of the story, while always remaining level-headed and dignified.
  • Downplayed in Devils & Thieves. Crowe does love his younger sister, but also doesn't spend a lot of time with her or Jemmie, preferring to focus on leading the Devils' League instead.
  • Subverted in The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, Ginny views Byron as this, and her perfect image of him is being shattered throughout the book. But they are rebuilding their relationship as of The Universe Is Expanding And So Am I.
  • MattCastor in the Felix Castor novels tends to this. And then it all goes a bit Break the Haughty.
  • Murtagh of the Inheritance Cycle fits this. He is the older, much more powerful brother of Eragon, who is also on the opposite side of the war. The fandoms tend to treat him as an Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • In The Machineries of Empire, Berezan has an older sister who, like him, is a Kel, and a more successful and skilled one than him in pretty much every way. He notes that the only thing more annoying than her smugness about it is the fact that she doesn't seem to be aware that she's being snobbish in the first place.
  • Ponyboy from The Outsiders feels that his oldest brother, Darry, is this. Darry is the unofficial leader of their group, as well as one of the strongest and most mature. Darry's strict criticism leads Ponyboy to believe that Darry doesn't like him and that he is only another mouth to feed. However, he is proven wrong when Ponyboy finally realizes that Darry cares very much for him and is only strict on him because he wants the best for his youngest brother.
  • In Patience and Sarah, Patience's brother Edward has always been a distant and strict brother, but she does believe he loves her.
  • Pretty Little Liars Melissa to Spencer, also Jason.
  • Older Than Television: Mycroft in Sherlock Holmes, first appearing in The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter (1893). Not only is he Sherlock's older, richer, and more politically powerful brother, but he's also the only person in the Doyle canon that Sherlock acknowledges as his intellectual superior, and he even Out-SherlockScans Sherlock, though he is too lazy to do detective work like Sherlock does, simply setting him on the right track (sometimes solely with information from the newspaper) as a mental exercise. This trope could be alternately named "The Mycroft".
  • Fugil to main character Lux in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle. Fugil was the first prince while Lux was the seventh, yet unlike the rest of his family, he treated Lux kindly and encouraged him. Then they both rebelled against the family, with Lux defeating the army without killing any of them... only for Fugil to massacre the army, the nobles, and the rest of the royal family. He then called Lux's idealism foolish and disappeared. In the present of the series, he treats Lux (and everyone else) with disdain, and is arguably the strongest Drag-Knight. Played with, given later revelations that Fugil isn't actually part of the family and has actually been supporting Lux the entire time.
  • Galad to Gawyn Trakand in The Wheel of Time. His relationship to his younger half-sister Elayne has elements of this.

    Live Action TV 

  • The extended universe of Doctor Who gives us Irving Braxiatel, a brilliant, conniving, charming, and well-dressed Time Lord who also happens to be the Doctor's older brother. Given the number of complex manipulations and strategies he can juggle simultaneously, he is likely as intelligent or even more intelligent than the Doctor himself.
  • Elementary's version of Mycroft is the same and it pisses Sherlock off. Then it turns out Mycroft is an MI6 agent and it's later shown that Mycroft genuinely loves his brother and is extremely protective of him. The sole reason he resumed his espionage career was that if he didn't, Sherlock would have been arrested and tried for treason for unwittingly aiding a terrorist plot.
  • It is retroactively revealed in Frasier that the titular character seemed to have been one of these to Niles during Frasier's nine-year run on Cheers: although Niles wasn't actually mentioned until Frasier premiered, a flashback during Frasier's third season to the time gap between the finale of Cheers and the pilot of Frasier implies Niles was vaguely bitter that Frasier ran off to Boston and abandoned him for at least a decade, subjecting Frasier's presence on Cheers to a mild Cerebus Retcon. Admittedly, it's fairly easy to connect the dots and come to the same conclusion without the implicit support of that flashback — given Frasier and Niles' thick-as-thieves sibling relationship (which was not new Character Development; they were like that since toddler age) as opposed to a more typical friendly-but-separated sibling relationship, Frasier being removed enough to not even mention Niles' existence in front of the cameras for nine years seems bizarrely Out of Character in retrospect (on Frasier, Frasier would probably be hard-pressed to stay away from Niles for nine days).
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Robert Baratheon to Stannis and Renly. He points out to Ned Stark that he loves Ned like a brother, but doesn't love either of his actual brothers. Robert also seems to be the only man in the capital unaware of his brother Renly's Open Secret relationship with Loras Tyrell because he asks his youngest sibling, "Have you ever fucked a Riverlands girl?"
    • Stannis to Renly. However, Stannis has somewhat fond memories of the child Renly used to be. In the books, while their relationship was still strained, Stannis admits to loving Renly after Renly's death. Robert never got along with Stannis either, Stannis says in "The North Remembers" that "I didn't love him. He didn't love me." In the books, Stannis is a bit more ambiguous, stating, "He loved me no more than he had to, nor I him," and later, when Jon says that he loved his brother Robb, Stannis replies that he loved Robert, but the context of the exchange is harsh.
  • Nathan Petrelli in Heroes. It did help Peter become a better person for it, as Peter claimed that Nathan didn't bring him down, but rather built him up.
  • Monk's brother is smarter, better at spotting small details, and more eccentric.
    • Interestingly, Ambrose seems to think that Adrian is actually stronger and better than him.
  • As with his literary counterpart, Mycroft Holmes of Sherlock is a perfect example of this trope. It drives Sherlock up a wall. There's a reason why he'd prefer to work with John instead of his older brother. His older brother works for the British government and would most likely cause wars in countries. And he's emotionally distant.
  • Alexis/Alex Meade qualifies as such in Ugly Betty. Before her transition was established to be smarter, better looking, and more successful than her brother, Daniel, making him feel inferior. Also, she actively acted against her father and brother in season one.
  • Wilhelm Winter from the German World War IIMini SeriesUnsere Mütter, unsere Väter is frequently critical and even cold towards his younger brother Friedhelm. The fact that Wilhelm is his commanding officer doesn't really help.

    Tabletop Games 

  • Lion El'Johnson, primarch of the Dark Angels chapter of Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000, was very stoic and a bit of a paranoid and secretive loner to boot. Indeed, he was the oldest of the Primarchs, and was a real no-nonsense guy in contrast to his rival and later best friend, Leman Russ. Many of his character traits were inherited to his chapter, and the Dark Angels tend to work alone to maintain dark secrets spanning all the way to the Horus Heresy. Though this is subverted in that Lion wasn't older than Russ by more than a few days, if at all (since the Primarchs are all transhuman clones of the same guy).


  • Gabe is this to Natalie in Next to Normal — or at least, she perceives him as such based on their mother's favoritism.

    Natalie: Superboy and the invisible girl/Son of steel and daughter of air/He's a hero, a lover, a prince/She's not there.

    Video Games 

  • Backyard Sports has Sally Dobbs, the oldest backyard kid and Team Mom whose nickname is "The Boss". Most of her sayings in the player bios are either bossing her little brother Ronny around or making fun of him for being a little kid. Ronny's stats will decrease if he is put on the same team as Sally; he warns against doing that for a reason.
  • Sho from Battle Arena Toshinden. He was playing the mentor role on his younger brother but then left suddenly. Now he "Goes where the Wind Blows".
  • BlazBlue, plays with this trope a lot with the three main characters. Ragna was originally very close with both of his younger siblings Jin and Saya when they were children, but once Saya grew ill and Jin grew especially needy, he distanced himself from the latter to tend to the former. Naturally, Jin started to resent Saya because of this, making him this trope toward her. Fast forward to the present timeline where Ragna & Jin are adults and their relationship is especially estranged due to their sister being taken from them when they were children. Complicating things is how Noel looks very much like their sister due to being a clone of her, which causes all of their old issues to resurface.
  • Dauragon C. Mikado from The Bouncer.
  • Magus from Chrono Trigger, despite the fact that he is, ironically, a younger brother to an important character of the series.
  • Yuuya Kizami of Corpse Party has a bad relationship with his older sister, Haruna, particularly when he was a child. A flashback has him insist that if he had a younger sibling, he'd be much better than his sister and brother (who he's implied to not be very fond of, either). Haruna might have been a bit nicer had Yuuya not been so interested in torturing animals. And his entire encounter with Yuka is a good example of why he should never be allowed to have a younger sibling.
  • Dead or Alive's heroine, Kasumi, displays some of this towards her half-sister, Ayane, especially in Dimensions.
  • Vergil from the Devil May Cry series fits this trope to a tee despite being Dante's twin brother. He is, at least, the older twin.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series, this is technically the case for Alduin, the draconicBeast of the Apocalypse. He is the "firstborn" of Akatosh's (the draconic God of Time and Top God of the Nine Divines pantheon) which includes all other dragons and Dragonborn, and he's by no means a friend to any of them.
    • Alternatively, because of how Elder Scrolls canon works, this may be true for Akatosh re: Alduin and Auri-El re: Akatosh, as Auri-El, Akatosh and Alduin can be seen to represent Past, Present and Future, respectively. To clarify: Auri-El may or may not be dead, but ever since the Middle Dawnprobably isn't on speaking terms with Akatosh anymore, while Akatosh sent the Last Dragonborn to gently remind Alduin to tone it down until the end times.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Golbez of Final Fantasy IV is very aloof, mostly due to being Brainwashed and Crazy for most of the game. He's a more conventional example in Dissidia Final Fantasy, in which he's pretty much The Mole and so can't do much more than be a Stealth Mentor without breaking cover.
    • Sephiroth, at least in the Final Fantasy VII prequel Crisis Core, is arrogant and aloof, but still capable of being friendly and considerate, which explains why both Zack and Cloud looked up to Sephiroth and considered him a hero and role model. Unfortunately, this makes Sephiroth's Face–Heel Turn all the more traumatic for both Zack and Cloud during the infamous Nibelheim Incident.
    • Though she's the main character, Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII acts like this towards her younger sister after having a Promotion to Parent. She becomes a tough soldier to protect Serah, but along the way dropped things like friendliness and affection. This leads to some major Parting Words Regret when Serah says she's been indelibly cursed as a l'Cie.
    • Dycedarg Beoulve of Final Fantasy Tacticsinitially appears to be an extreme case of this toward his younger half-brother Ramza, while the middle brother, Zalbag, plays the more mild example of the trope. This gets subverted hard. Ultimately, Dycedarg shows himself to truly be a merciless and uncaring man who likely cares nothing for his family beyond what his name and lineage grant him. Zalbag plays the trope more straight, with it in part playing into his Fatal Flaw
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade:
      • Lord Uther of Ostia is slightly like this towards his Hot-Blooded brother, Hector.
      • From the same game, Karel is definitely like this to Karla, though he mellows out after she dies.
    • Also, Innes the Sniper and Tana the Pegasus Knight from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, although they have a moment in their A support that resolves it.
    • Xander from Fire Emblem Fates plays with this. While he does care about all of his siblings, best shown in his supports with Leo and Camilla, he also admits that he invokes this trope a bit in order to take care of all his princely duties.
      • In the Hoshidan side, Hinoka turns out to be this for Takumi and Sakura. She admits to Azura admits that despite loving both her and her younger siblings, she did not spend a lot of time with them because of her Sky Knight training in order to save the Avatar. In fact, the Supports of the game may quite possibly be the first real bonding time she's ever had with them, and she's genuinely stunned when finding out how angry Takumi is at her for it and how Sakura thinks they're nothing alike. Her love for them is not up to discussion, but she became so focused on training and on the Avatar that she heavily neglected Takumi and Sakura's emotional needs.
    • Saizo is this to his younger twin brother Kaze. In the brothers' supports, it's revealed that Saizo has kept many secrets from Kaze, including the fact that he lost an eye in a failed attempt to avenge their father, although the brothers do become closer. In Kaze's supports with Saizo's ex-girlfriend Kagero, he suggests that Kagero knows Saizo better than he does, lamenting that "I don't think my brother and I are as close as other siblings seem to be."
  • Riku from Kingdom Hearts can be seen as a more expressive example to Sora, though not actually being directly related.
  • Adelheid Bernstein from The King of Fighters, as a contrast to his little sister Rose, who does all the talking for him. Except... not really. When XIII kicks in, Adel is extremely distressed over Rose's well-being since she has started hiding things from him(like becoming the host of the KOF tournament) and deeply fears that something horrible is behind her change. Since Rose has been brainwashed by Botan from Those Of The Past, he's right.
  • Lloyd from The Legend of Dragoon.
  • Proto Man/Blues in his original Mega Man (Classic) incarnation.
    • Despite no longer being brothers, Blues/ProtoMan.EXE and his operator fill this role in the Mega Man Battle Network games, arguably more than the original.
  • Mother 3. Claus starts off as the energetic brother (while Lucas, the main character, is the shy and coddled one), but eventually becomes the Aloof Big Brother after he is killed by the Mecha-Drago trying to avenge their mother's death. His body is found by Pigmasks and (because of his ability to use PK Love) he is mechanically altered into becoming a silent, ruthless servant to the Pig King.
  • Persona:
    • The Persona 2 duology plays with this. In Innocent Sin, Tatsuya Suou's older brother Katsuya comes across as a cold-hearted jerk preoccupied with his job. However, Eternal Punishment shows things from Katsuya's point of view, revealing that while he does resent having to sacrifice his own ambitions in order to raise Tatsuya on his own, he still loves his brother dearly.
    • Persona 5 has Sae Niijima, who's been single-handedly raising her younger sister Makoto after their father's death. Sae cares for Makoto, but due to the pressures of her own job as a public prosecutor, is often fairly distant. Sae also harbors various issues of her own, such as blaming her father for getting himself killed and leaving her with the responsibility of raising Makoto, and secretly being jealous of Makoto, to the point where Sae's Shadow becomes the demon of Envy.
  • Alex Mercer of [PROTOTYPE]. Well, the real Alex, that is.
  • Elzam V. Branstein in Super Robot Wars Original Generation. This is a subversion: Elzam puts on an aloof facade as part of his whole Necessarily Evil facade his organization is portraying. After he drops it, he turns out to be quite kind and friendly, if a bit stoic.
    • Also, Folka Albark is like this towards Fernando Albark. And on the other hand, Altis Tarl is the Aloof Big Brother for Folka.
    • With how things goes, it is possible that this trope is now being subverted by Axel Almer towards Lamia Loveless. At one point, he mentioned that she never beat him in any sparring match, and is pretty much an all-around more efficient soldier in battle, having been around in the Shadow Mirror way longer than she ever did (thus more experience). Then he saved her from certain death, and as things goes, they're now the only remains from the Shadow Mirror. He may not be her brother, but he pretty much fills in the 'Aloof' part to a tee, thus Axel can be considered Lamia's Aloof Senior Captain.
  • Tales Series:
    • Asch and Van from Tales of the Abyss are both prime examples of this trope; Van is Tear's older brother and Asch is the template Luke was cloned from.
    • Hubert from Tales of Graces actually inverts this perfectly. He has every relevant characteristic: he's serious, aloof, practically emotionless when he's not frustrated with everyone around him, he beats up Asbel in a Duel Boss encounter, and mostly everyone recognizes that he rules Lhant much more efficiently than his brother. A certain bug and his Impossibly Cool Weapon made him a certified fandom badass. When Asbel tries to be nice or tries to repair their relationship, Hubert tends to shoot him icily down. When they do get closer, Hubert frequently gives Asbel advice, on everything from the party's next step to girl trouble. Why is this inverted? Because Hubert is Asbel's younger brother.
    • Kratos from Tales of Symphonia fits this trope to a tee in regards to Lloyd, despite not being his older brother — their relationship eventually evolves into a wholly different type of familial conflict as the truth comes out.
  • The protagonist, Sadwick, in The Whispered World has a big brother who is this combined with Big Brother Bully. He constantly reminds Sadwick of how much better he is at everything.
  • Jin Uzuki of Xenosaga is like this to Shion, though it turns out that he does care a lot about Shion — he just feels that he has to keep his distance.

    Visual Novels 

  • In the Ace Attorney series, Lana Skye is a female version towards her little sister Ema. However, it is revealed that she used to be warm and affectionate and only withdrew into herself and became cold after the SL-9 Incident, due to Gant blackmailing her. She was doing it all for Ema though, and after the truth of SL-9 is revealed, she eventually goes back to her old self.
    • Franziska von Karma also views her adoptive brother Miles Edgeworth as this, saying that he's always gone on ahead by himself while leaving her behind. Despite being exasperated by Franziska's incredibly competitive personality, Edgeworth does care for her, though.
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies has Aura Blackquill, the aloof science driven older sister of Simon Blackquill and one of two people who taught him everything he knows. She's also this to Apollo, her adopted little brother.
  • Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay night. She does not make it very obvious she cares for her younger sister and will retreat to her "we're just strangers" mask when around her. It turns out that Rin had hoped that Sakura, who'd been given up to the Matou family while both were young, was living a peaceful and easy life that Rin couldn't have as a magus, and this admission, combined with Rin nearly dying rather than kill Sakura, helps the sisters reconcile.
  • Sayuri in Kanon was an aloof elder sister to a brother, but meant well; she wanted her brother to grow up like their father, a man of high social standing. Her guilt over that treatment of her brother, plus his early death, caused her to become a Third-Person Person.
    • Kaori treats her Ill Girl sister Shiori as if she never existed, as a way to avoid the pain of her eventual death. She gets better.
  • In a sense, Shizune is this to her brother Hideaki in Katawa Shoujo. She is better than him in virtually every way possible (other than the obvious fact that she is deaf and he isn't), and it's rather obvious that relations between them are... tense, to say the least. This only adds more fuel to the conflagration that the utterly dysfunctional Hakamichi family already is.


  • Dominic Deegan's older brother, Jacob, is an excellent example.
    • Dominic can be this to his little brother, Gregory, as well.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Carol is an Aloof Big Sister to Sarah. She has never been shown interacting with Sarah and didn't even recognize her little sister's best friend when she interviewed Susan. She gives Sarah an inferiority complex and as Dan puts it:

    From Sarah's perspective, Carol is in many ways similar to an older, idealized version of herself who has one of her fantasy jobs.

  • Homestuck has Dave Strider's Bro. With his Flash Step, Unbreakable Katana, Cool Shades, and puppet fetish, Bro seems impossibly cool. However, the only way he seems to communicate with Dave is through cryptic notes, traps, ambushes, beat-downs, and his Demonic Dummy.
    • However, Dave later admits that while he tried to convince himself his Bro was just "stern" or "aloof", he was actually just an immature abusive asshole.
    • In the Post-Scratch world, Dirk Strider has a similar problem with his Bro. Alpha Dave truly is The Ace: a Hollywood celebrity zillionaire entrepreneur freedom fighter. Dirk admires him, but will never meet the man — due to Weird Time Shit, they live over a century apart.
    • Deconstructed in conversation when Dave and Dirk meet. Neither is the other's Bro, but they speak their feelings to one another in a way they could not before. Then they laugh until they cry.
  • In MYth, Hades is this to his brothers. He's on better terms with Poseidon while Zeus hates him with passion. In A Promise is revealed that Hades willingly made Zeus hate him because "He (Hades) was his (Zeus) weakness".

    Web Original 

  • DSBT InsaniT: Killer is very distant and rather cold towards his twin sister Killdra.
  • Lizzie Bennet is Aloof Big Sister in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries to Lydia. It becomes heartbreaking after a few Played for Laughs moments in episodes when you realize that Lydia is desperately trying to reach out to her, feels probably a bit alone, and doesn't have a close big sister like Lizzie has in Jane to help her deal with the stress.
  • In-universe, The Other Guy to The Nostalgia Critic. He has a couple of Pet the Dog moments, but mostly he's the "dark overlord that controls [him]" and doesn't care about his problems.

    Western Animation 

  • Norbert of The Angry Beavers started out as one, but as the show progressed, he became less aloof and more self-absorbed.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
  • In Ed Eddn Eddy, Eddy's brotheruntil The Movie.
  • Prince Daring Charming vs his younger brother Dexter Charming, in Ever After High. While Daring is confident, handsome, and has all students, male and female, fawning in awe of his greatness, Dexter is awkward, is a lot less perfectly chiseled and coiffured (though he still is good looking in his own right), and is implied to be almost as unpopular as Raven Queen — but not as feared, obviously.
  • The Legend of Korra has this too with Mako as the aloof brother to Bolin, and later it turns out Amon was this to Tarrlok as children, though he was much more openly affectionate before his father's abuse.
  • Dennis Lee of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is one of the fantasy role-playing and anime fanboy variety.
  • Optimatus in Loonatics Unleashed.
  • Rigby's muscular, cooler, taller, friendlier, smarter brother, Don, from Regular Show actually subverts this since Don is actually the younger brother.
  • Zigzagged in Rick and Morty. Summer goes back and forth on this. Earlier on, she was much closer to being actually aloof and uncaring about Morty. But as the show went on, she's become closer to Morty and cares about him, even if she doesn't always show it.
  • In Steven Universe, the older Diamonds were this to their youngest sister Pink Diamond, treating her as an annoyance and later reducing her to a Puppet King when they believed she couldn't manage her first and only colony on Earth. It got so bad that she faked her own death to become Rose Quartz for good, believing the other Diamonds would lose interest in Earth since she thought they didn't care about her. Then it turned out that her sisters did love her a lot and were heartbroken and enraged over her apparent assassination, with dire consequences for Earth and the Crystal Gems and Steven.
  • In ThunderCats (2011), Lion-O's older brother, Tygra, is introduced as this: haughty, distant, and Always Someone Better, even disdainful of Lion-O's Wide-Eyed Idealist and Lost Technology studying ways. When Lost Technology proves real and their kingdom falls to invaders, Tygra's mask slowly falls away to reveal a deeply conflicted, resentfulBroken Ace.

Alternative Title(s):Aloof Older Brother, Aloof Big Sister

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Disappointing Older Sibling

"You was my brother, Charley. You shoulda looked out for me a little bit. You shoulda taken care of me just a little bit so I wouldn't have to take them dives for the short-end money."

Terry Malloy, On the Waterfront

According to family dynamics, the oldest sibling is usually supposed to be the next one down in authority from the parents. In a worst-case scenario, this sibling might have to step into the parent's shoes. Thus, he or she is often expected to serve as a role model and look out for the welfare of the younger siblings. Yet, there are times when the older sibling proves unable to fulfill these tasks, leading to the younger siblings completely losing respect in him or her. This can happen for a number of reasons. The oldest sibling could be an emotionally and physically abusivejerk who regularly tyrannizes the younger brothers and sisters. Other times, it's because the older sibling is dull-witted, immature, irresponsible, self-centered, weak-willed, a doormat, ineffectual, or the Black Sheep of the family. Sometimes this opinion is actually unjustified, and comes from things like the younger sibling having unreasonable expectations or blindly parroting their parents' dislike. Whatever the cause, one result is the older sibling's attempts to exert authority being ignored by the others. Another result is that sometimes the older sibling's spot on the family leadership chain will be supplanted by a younger sibling (who, in some cases, will bully and humiliate the older sibling just to show who's boss). If things really get out of hand, a Cain and Abel scenario can occur.

The Disappointing Older Sibling trope may overlap with Broken Pedestal if the older sibling was initially held in high regard before doing something that led to the younger sibling's loss of respect. This is something that can occur when they are still children or after they've grown up. The Disappointing Older Sibling is often the Foolish sibling to their Responsible younger sibling.

Compare Spartan Sibling, Aloof Big Brother, Childish Older Sibling, and Sibling Rivalry. Contrast with Knight Templar Big Brother and Big Brother Worship.


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  • In an anti-marijuana PSA, a little girl comments at length that her older brother doesn't do anything bad... before finishing with "he doesn't do anything at all", and showing the brother getting high.

    Anime & Manga 

  • In Black Clover, Finral's comparably less impressive magic got him disowned by his father and Wicked Stepmother, while his younger half-brother Langris fulfills the "little brother bully" version of this trope. However, much of Langris' hatred actually stems from the fact that, outside of the family, people somehow prefer the "weaker" Finral for, you know, being a decent person. Finral, meanwhile, is the one who considers himself a failure as a brother, feeling that he should have stopped Langris' descent into murderous jealousy.
  • In Bloom Into You, Touko looked up to her older sister for much of her early childhood, and after Mio's death in a car accident, resolved to become the person Mio was and do everything she couldn't. She's unpleasantly surprised when Ichigaya, a friend of Mio's, said Mio tended to delegate her work to her fellow student council members and even had them copy her homework.
  • Cross Ange sees this deconstructed with Ange and her little sister Sylvia when the former is found out to be a Norma, and the latter turns against her.
  • Full Dive: Main character Hiroshi Yuuki was the star runner of his school's track team, which earned him his younger sister Kaede's admiration. However, after quitting the team due to pissing himself in public and becoming a VRMMO-playing NEET, she constantly looks at him with scorn and disparages him when she gets the chance. This clearly frustrates him, though his mother points out that shesimply wants him to be her "cool big brother" again.
  • In It's Tough Being Neeko, this is played with. Nemuko (aka Neeko) isn't necessarily viewed as a role model by her younger sister Imoko, since she's a neurotic NEET, while Imoko herself is a responsible high school student who works part-time. However, Imoko displays a surprising amount of Big Sister Worship in spite of this, believing that Neeko is far more capable than she appears and just needs the right encouragement to help get her life back in order.
  • Naruto: As a toddler, Hanabi adored her older sister Hinata and thought she was strong. When Hanabi herself is able to beat Hinata in a duel, Hinata gets put on a Broken Pedestal. By Shippuden Hanabi has come to recognize Hinata's improved strength and the pedestal gets repaired. They're shown to be good friends as teens and adults.
  • Doremi Harukaze of Ojamajo Doremi is almost never respected by her kindergarten-age little sister Pop for most of the first two seasons. Once Pop admits part of the reason was due to not getting piano lessons from their mom, she starts to respect her big sister and eventually admits she looks up to Doremi.
  • Zig-zagged in Pokémon with Paul's attitude towards his older brother, Reggie. While Paul doesn't hate his older brother Reggie, he sees Reggie’s "kindness to his Pokemon" part of his training style as a disappointment. However, Paul respects Reggie enough to leave his Pokémon with the latter for breeding.
  • Usagi from Sailor Moon gets no respect from her little brother Shingo because she's such a crybaby, a klutz, and a terrible student. After she gets locked out of the house for failing a test, he says he wishes he had a smarter sister.

    Comic Strips 

  • Peanuts:
    • Sally thinks her older sibling, Charlie Brown, is a flop as a big brother because of his wishy-washy nature and consistent record of failure in nearly everything.
    • Like his older sister Lucy, Rerun Van Pelt is embarrassed by his older brother Linus' habits, such as his Security Blanket, sucking his thumb, and waiting for The Great Pumpkin every October. Rerun has even admitted to Snoopy that he is unable to look up to Linus as a role model because of these habits.

    Fan Works 

  • Bequeathed from Pale Estates: Robert to Renly. Renly has more love for the dead Stannis than Robert, which is particularly notable because they too never managed to get along in life (something that Renly deeply regrets). Robert, by contrast, managed to drive Renly away after trying to arrange a marriage for their niece Shireen without Renly's input (as Renly is now her legal guardian with Stannis and Selyse's deaths during The Plague) and proving himself to be a far more incompetent ruler than Stannis.
  • Seen in Daria In Morrowind. Reputation matters a lot in Morrowind, and Quinn is frequently frustrated by her older sister's refusal (or inability) to network with their peers. Though Quinn's attitude is insensitive (and somewhat ignorant), it's not entirely unreasonable given the context.
  • one day at a time: Played for Laughs in the case of Damian Wayne and Tim Drake. Due to Tim being completely overwhelmed by Jason Todd's return, he's unable to speak coherently to anyone for a while, leading Damian to believe he's an idiot.

     Films — Animation 

  • Frozen (2013): Multiple:
    • Anna used to look up to her older sister Elsa mostly due to her ice powers and would often convince her sister to demonstrate her powers to her. Unfortunately after an accident where Elsa struck her sister in her head and Anna gets her memories of Elsa's powers wiped, Elsa becomes a reclusive girl and isolates herself from Anna for 13 years where, due to the latter not knowing why, she slowly starts losing her faith in her particularly due to never coming out even when she is in need of comfort when their parents die. What little faith she had in her older sister ends up getting completely shattered during Elsa's coronation where she, in no small order, gets her marriage to her true love denied, her attempt to reconnect with her sister in the Ice Castle ends up being completely rejected with the last straw being that she gets struck in the heart, gets kicked out and nearly dies by an ice monster that Elsa created. In the end, it’s subverted when Anna sacrifices her life for Elsa, which allows her to realize how to control her powers, and they reconcile.
    • Zig-Zagged with Caleb, Hans' oldest brother in A Frozen Heart. He's seen as the best out of the 13 sons while Hans is the youngest and treated like he's the disappointment rather than Caleb. On the other hand, Hans and Lars see him as an irresponsible Manchild due to how spoiled he's become due to being the favorite child.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • After Tina's pregnancy is revealed to her younger brother and sister in Fifteen And Pregnant, they express their annoyance/disgust with her. Whereas kid brother Adam soon forgives her and comes around to becoming an Uncle, it takes much longer for preteen sister Rachael to do so, especially since their relationship wasn't that great to begin with.
  • Fredo Corleone from The Godfather is older than his brother Michael but proves to be too weak, feckless, and incompetent to take over for the eldest brother Sonny after his murder. Thus, Michael has to usurp Fredo's place in the family hierarchy.
  • During the "I Coulda Been a Contender" scene in On the Waterfront, Terry Malloy calls out his big brother Charley for not protecting him and undermining his boxing career.
  • In Step Brothers, Brennan's younger brother, Derek, goes on to become a wealthy executive while Brennan becomes an unemployed outcast.


  • It's revealed later in Seeker Bears that Tobi is the older twin, not Toklo like it originally seemed. Toklo dislikes his brother for being so sick and weak all the time and because their mother ignores him in favor of Tobi. After Tobi's death early in the first book, Toklo slowly begins to realize what his brother meant to him and tries to atone for his actions.
  • In Tadgifauna, Haru and Marcy both have one. Haru is disappointed in his older brother Isamu because he works for Tadgicorp, the company behind the Tadgifauna Tournament. Marcy is disappointed in her old brother Denny because he's The Alcoholic.

    Live-Action TV 

  • As a child, Richard from Caroline in the City lost the respect of his younger sister when she saw him run away from a beach bully in cowardice.
  • Crash Landing on You: Both of Se-ri's older brothers are considered Inadequate Inheritors to the family corporation, and the patriarch wants her to inherit despite being (a) the youngest and (b) illegitimate.
  • Modern Family: Haley, despite being the eldest child, is also rather ditzy and superficial while looking down on her younger, yet much more intelligent sister Alex, who shows great annoyance towards her older sister's shallow demeanor. Of course, Alex herself isn't much better as an older sister, as Luke at one point even calls both Haley and Alex "bad big sisters."
  • In the early seasons of Party of Five, a recurring plot was oldest brother Charlie promising to do something for one of his siblings only to forget or be distracted by his own personal wants or needs. It's understandable as Charlie is in his early 20s and responsible for his four minor siblings, but it often leads to a disappointed younger sibling who was really counting on him only to be let down.
  • Arthur Shelby from Peaky Blinders is a moderate example. He's the designated 'head of the family' after their deadbeat dad abandons them, but sadly he's not very smart, organised, or authoritative and while his siblings seem fond of him he doesn't really command anyone's respect. It's left to his cunning and ambitious younger brother Tommy to take charge and raise the family's fortunes, while Arthur's Hair-Trigger Temper and fighting skills make him a useful menacing henchman but not much else. He chafes against Tommy's authority in early episodes but later accepts his place in the pecking order when Tommy's status as The Don becomes irrefutable.
  • Scrubs has J.D.'s older brother, Dan, who was a cool guy in high school, but became an underpaid bartender and attic dweller while J.D. went on to become a doctor. Subverted later when Dan gets his act together and J.D. is initially upset about it because he's gotten so used to defining himself as the "successful one" in comparison to his screw-up big brother.
  • In Supernatural, it is established that all the angels are related, but some are older than others. Castiel is a lower-tier angel, meaning the archangels are his older brothers. Castiel rebels against his older brothers' plan to bring about the end of the world believing they are disobeying God's command that they protect humanity. Castiel's disappointment in his older siblings is clear whenever he encounters one of his older brothers face to face, but is most noticeable when he's forced to interact with the youngest of his four older brothers, Lucifer.
  • Succession centers on the power struggles of a media tycoon's four adult children. The oldest, Connor, is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander who is so dimwitted, weird, and useless that a lot of people forget he factors into the family at all, and the eldest child / heir apparent responsibilities have thus been passed onto the second-oldest son, Kendall.
  • Victorious: Tori's older sister Trina is vain, egotistical, and is delusional about her level of talent. In one episode, Tori admits she can't spend extended periods of time with her. Their parents also seem to feel the same way towards Trina.


  • Zoe sees her brother Connor as this in Dear Evan Hansen thanks to his drug use and volatile behavior. His suicide early in Act I didn’t help much either.

    Video Games 

  • In Ensemble Stars!, Ritsu used to highly admire his older brother Rei, but became disillusioned after he travelled overseas to study, leaving Ritsu behind. Rei continually tries to win him back by doting on him but Ritsu resists.
  • Knights of the Old Republic: Mission Vao initially looks up to her older brother Griff growing up in the slums of Taris, teaching her how to slice computers and such until he leaves her behind. When the two reunite, it turns out that Griff was really a sleazy, craven loser who willingly ditched Mission to save his own hide. Safe to say that her pedestal was broken at this point.

    Web Comics 

  • Sticky Dilly Buns: This is Ruby's stated view of her older sister Amber. They seem to have been close when Ruby was very young, but the teenage Amber evidently found more mature interests and started keeping Ruby at a distance just when Ruby needed a friend — and when the teenage Ruby later discovered that Amber had become a porn actress, well, "disappointment" doesn't cover it. Ruby eventually admits that she was jealous of Amber's perceived sexiness (and presumably of her general social success), but Amber failing to be what Ruby wanted in an older sibling was clearly a big part of the problem.

    Western Animation 

  • American Dad!: Hayley is seen this way due to her rebellious nature and her extreme liberalism. It doesn't help that she shamelessly mooches off her parents and has no intention of ever supporting herself. In an episode where Hayley offers to babysit Steve after his regular babysitter is injured, her parents are initially reluctant to leave her in charge.
  • In American Dragon: Jake Long, Jake is viewed as this by his sister Haley due to his laziness and immaturity, while she's a responsible savant. Deconstructed in a season two episode where Haley temporarily takes his place as the American Dragon after Jake intentionally gets himself suspended from the role, and learns just how much work the role is and how little respect one even gets from doing it. Haley quickly gains more respect for her older brother, and wholeheartedly defends him when their grandfather discovers what Jake did.
  • D.W. Read from Arthur does not have a high opinion of her titular older brother. She views him as someone who makes so many mistakes, that whenever she wants to do something right, she does the exact opposite of whatever he does. This is despite the fact that most of the time, Arthur is more mature and level-headed than D.W. is, and most of the arguments between the two are D.W.'s fault in the first place. To sum up, she's just a spoiled brat.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula is of the "blindly parroting her father's dislike" type, though with her pleasure in tormenting and one-upping her older brother Zuko is just as motivated by her believing that their mother loved Zuko while having nothing but fear and hate for her.
    • Azula and Zuko's father, Firelord Ozai, seems to have a similar chip on his shoulder in regards to his older brother Iroh. It's heavily implied in "Zuko Alone" that Azula is parroting her father by calling her uncle lazy and disgraceful, and Ozai wastes no time in calling Iroh a failure and attempting to convince his father to renounce Iroh as heir in favor of him when Iroh's only child Lu Ten dies in battle.
    • In the Sequel SeriesThe Legend of Korra, Korra's uncle, Chief Unalaq of the Northern Water Tribe, disdained his older brother Tonraq for, among other reasons, the latter's lack of spirituality. It gets to the point that Unalaq enacts a plan to get Tonraq banished and removed from the line of succession because he thought he deserved to be Chief more.
    • The Book 3 episode "Old Wounds" shows that when they were young, rebellious wild-child Suyin resented her by-the-book older sister Lin. She grew out of this with time and after an extended period of estrangement from Lin. Lin, on the other hand, still holds her side of the grudge when they finally reunite.
  • Daria: The title character is seen this way by her shallow younger sister Quinn, mostly because Daria is plainly dressed and unpopular. For most of the show, Quinn claims she is an only child and denies the fact that she and Daria are sisters.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Despite being older than Dexter, Dee Dee acts more like an Annoying Younger Sibling and is mostly seen destroying or ruining Dexter's lab, although usually by accident. Dexter is endlessly annoyed by Dee Dee and sees her as a nuisance.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • A big deal is made about Eddy's older brother, though we never see him on screen. He's often treated as a "mythical" figure by the kids of the cul-de-sac. Come the movie, we finally do get to meet him, and he's a douchebag bully, and everyone gets disillusioned by him.
    • Sarah can't stand her older brother Ed even though he cares for her as his "baby sister" and does whatever she asks. Even when he's not around, she refers to him as "my stupid brother". In fact, even before the movie, she's the only one who doesn't idolize Eddy's Cool Big Bro because, in her own words, "all brothers are stupid". Though she does become a little nicer to him at the end of the movie.
  • Family Guy: The oldest child Meg is seen by everyone as the loser of the family and is often picked on and belittled not only by her younger siblings (especially Chris) but also her parents. Ironically, she's probably the most normal of the family.
  • In Hey Arnold!, Helga cannot stand her older sister Olga. Rather than looking down on her, Helga sees her as a nuisance because she's jealous of her big sister's accomplishments and parental attention.
  • Invader Zim: Gaz has no respect whatsoever for her older brother Dib. While they're the only two humans who see through Zim's terrible human disguise, Gaz still looks down on Dib for obsessing over an "invader" who's so horribly incompetent.
  • Despite having qualities of The Ace, Connie & Lonnie from Kim Possible are seen as this by their little sister Bonnie due to them being bullies towards her.
  • Pepper Ann: Moose has absolutely no respect for her Jerkass older sister and sees her as a total nuisance. Moose might as well be the big sister, compared to P.A.
  • Downplayed in Recess.Sporty Vince begins one episode talking about how cool his older brother Chad is when he's actually a huge Nerd, something Vince apparently hadn't realized until his friends point it out and Chad himself confirms it. He spends the rest of the episode trying to reconcile this information with the way that he's always thought of Chad before, but ends it happily idolizing his brother once again when he successfully threatens a bully and makes them back down.
  • On The Simpsons, Lisa Simpson sees her older brother Bart as an immature and poorly behaved underachiever, not helped by the constant pranks he pulls on her. Marge and Homer agree and even put her in charge of babysitting him one evening (which, unsurprisingly, does not go well).
  • Molly from Taz-Mania considers her older brother Taz a Downplayed version of this trope, while she loves him dearly and at times even does her best to make a connection with him (in her own way), she's the only one in the family who gets frustrated at best and sometimes even contemptuous at worst toward Taz's.... less-then-sophisticated antics.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DisappointingOlderSibling

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