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Monster Hunter World: What are Tempered Monsters? Tempered Investigations explained

Tempered Monsters are some of the most fearsome foes that Monster Hunter World has to offer, and form an integral part of the end game experience.

Essentially, Tempered Monsters are buffed versions of large monsters that hit much harder than their regular counterparts. They don’t have any more health than normal monsters, but their added punch really ups the challenge.

We’ve embedded a video from Arekkz below that explains everything you need to know.

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Tempered Monsters are divided into three categories: ones you can take on at Hunter Ranks 13-29, Hunter Ranks 30-49, and then Hunter Rank 50+.

When you’re going about your regular hunts, you can come across tracks and traces of Tempered Monsters which are marked in blue by your Scoutflies. Collect them, and you’ll eventually unlock a tempered Investigation.

We’re putting together a list of every large monster in Monster Hunter World along with their weaknesses and drops, so give it a look if you need some help taking things down.

We’ve also put together strategies for fighting some of the early game bosses, like Anjanath, Diablos and Nergigante.

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How To Track Tempered Monsters - Investigations Quests Guide

Check this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to track Tempered Monsters and how to get their Investigations Quests - including traces, threat levels, and rewards!!

Tempered Monster Quest - Overview

Currently Updating ICEBORNE Info!

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What Are Tempered Monsters?

More Powerful Versions Of Monsters

More Powerful Versions Of Monsters

Tempered monsters in Monster Hunter World are powered-up, more dangerous versions in the game. You can tell it is a tempered monster when their icon is outlined in "purple".

Activate Investigations Quests For Sure Encounters

Activate Investigations Quests For Sure Encounters

The only surefire way to encounter tempered monsters is to activate quests that need you to hunt them. Collect tempered tracks (traces) that you see in the field & check the Resource Center for investigation quests.

Threat Levels Identify Monster Strength

Threat Levels Identify Monster Strength

When you pick up any tracks (traces) of tempered monsters, it'll inform you of its threat level. The higher the threat level, the higher it is in the monster hierarchy, & definitely more dangerous.

Tempered Monster List By Threat Level

How To Get Tempered Monster Investigation Quests

Clear Main Story & Raise Hunter Rank

You must first clear the main story of Monster Hunter World and level up your Hunter Rank for you to gain access to tempered monsters. Complete the quests mentioned below to unlock access to higher threat levels of tempered monsters.

How To Unlock Tempered Monster Quest Walkthrough

1 Clear ★ 8 Mission "A Wound and a Thirst"
- Gather blue tracks to unlock access to Threat Level 1 tempered monsters
2 Clear ★ 9 Mission "Land of Convergence"
- Gather blue tracks to unlock access to Threat Level 2 tempered monsters
3 Increase Hunter Rank to 49
4 Clear ★ 9 Mission "Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands"
- Gather blue tracks to unlock access to Threat Level 2 tempered monsters

Gather Blue Tracks In Different Regions

Gather Blue Tracks In Different Regions

The best way to unlock tempered monster investigation quests is to gather monster tracks (traces). Normally, these are green, but you'll know it's a tempered monster if the tracks (traces) are "blue".

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Get Random Investigations When Gathering Tracks

Get Random Investigations When Gathering Tracks

You'll get random investigation quests even if you're gathering tempered monster tracks (traces). It's best to just keep picking up and collecting whenever you find one to up your chances of getting a tempered monster investigation.

Activate Tempered Monster Investigation At Resource Center

 Activate Tempered Monster Investigation At Resource Center

After gathering tracks, head back to Astera and go to the Resource Center. Activate the investigation quest with the monster that you want to hunt and then head to the quest board to accept the quest.

How To Track Tempered Elder Dragons

Collect Blue Tracks In Elder Dragon's Area

Collect Blue Tracks In Elder Dragon

In MHW, tempered Elder Dragons also exist and the best way to find them is to collect their tracks (traces) in regions where you can find them. Then, check your Resource Center if you have the corresponding investigation quest to hunt them.

Tempered Elder Dragon Tracks Location Chart

Tempered Monster Quest Benefits & Rewards

Receive More Decorations

Receive More Decorations

When you hunt tempered monsters, you'll receive more weapon & armor decorations or jewels. These items are important in making your loadout more powerful against certain monsters.

Get Streamstones For Melding & Augmentation

Get Streamstones For Melding & Augmentation

A random quest reward you can get for hunting tempered monsters are streamstones. These are valuable materials needed in melding high rarity decorations and augmenting weapons & armor.

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Get More Quest Reward Money

Get More Quest Reward Money

Tempered quest rewards you with more money than normal quests, this is due to the difficulty of defeating these powerful monsters.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Wiki Guide

Tempered Monsters Quick Details:

  • Their carves are the same as their high-rank counterparts
  • They must be unlocked with investigations
  • You can tell an investigation is for a Tempered monster by the purple outline
  • The extra investigation rewards, marked by the purple ? in the screenshot above, will always be Decorations or Streamstones, used for Augmentation.
Defeating Tempered Monsters is the best way to acquire Decorations, and is the only way to find Streamstones which can Augment your armor.

How to Unlock Tempered Monsters

Once you begin searching for Elder Dragon tracks, you may come across odd tracks that also turn your scoutflies blue. The monster in question will be outlined in purple. Collect enough of these tracks, and you will unlock an investigation for a Tempered monster at the Resource Center.  Breaking parts and hunting tempered monsters will also proc chances to unlock more investigations as well.

Collecting Tempered Rathian tracks does not gaurantee a Tempered Rathian Investigation. Each Tempered track has a threat level associated with it. You can receive investigations for any monster within that threat level from the tracks. See chart below.

There is one Assigned Quest against two Tempered Bazelgeuse unlocked at HR 29, and another Assigned Quest against a Tempered Kirin unlocked at HR 49. Once completed, you will then unlock and be able to join quests against Tempered Elder Dragons. 

Threat Levels

Each Tempered monster is allocated into Threat Level as seen here:

Threat LevelMonsters
1 Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Rathian, Paolumu, Radobaan
2 Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Diablos, Black Diablos, Bazelgeuse, Uragaan, Lavasioth, Legiana, Odogaron
3 Kirin, Teostra, Kushala Daora, Nergigante, Vaal Hazak

How to Find Tempered Monster Tracks

Some tempered monster tracks will always spawn in certain places, however, only half can spawn at a time. There are simple paths to follow in the Wildspire Waste to collect Threat Level 1 tracks, and a path to follow in the Coral Highlands for Threat Level 2.

Here's a video explaining the paths to follow for Threat Level 1 Tracks provided by Orsus Gaming:

Here's the map provided by Orsus Gaming to find Threat Level 1 Tracks:

Basically, head to the first red spot marked on the map. If it's there, continue along the red path. If that Tempered Rathian track isn't there, go north to the blue track, and follow that path instead.

Here's a final video by Orsus Gaming explaining the same method, but for Threat Level 2 monsters in the Coral Highlands:

How to Find Tempered Elder Dragon Tracks

Unlocking tempered elder dragon investigations is similar to unlocking other monsters, but these are more rare.

The easiest way to unlock many of these at a time is by taking advantage of your first assigned quest against a Tempered Kirin, unlocked at HR 49.

Because Kirin are docile, you can simply stalk the Kirin around the map and pick up the tempered tracks it leaves behind. These will provide you randomly with investigations for a random Elder Dragon, which includes:

Tempered Elder Dragon tracks will also spawn in set places around the different Locations as well, but these are much less numerous than Threat Level 1 and Threat Level 2 tempered monster tracks. On average you'll find one tempered elder dragon track each time you go to a map. 

You'll also unlock tempered elder dragon investigations when fighting tempered elder dragons. Each time you break a part, or pick up a track left behind by the monster you're hunting, you'll have a chance to unlock a new tempered investigation. 

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Monster Hunter World - Tempered Monsters Explained
Where do I find tempered and arch tempered monsters?
Do I have just to pick the blue tracks until it lv up?
What about the arch tempered?
Can I skip and go directly to arch tempered?
Also, what are the augments?
Are just extra jawel slots?

And how do I level up?
I want the rocksteady mantle..
By killing the multiple times the elder dragons for completing my sets I didn't level up one bit.
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Originally posted by Greb:
Tempered Monsters are found through certain quests, but by and large by collecting Tempered tracks (mostly from Tempered monsters you hunt, but can also spawn randomly in Expeditions) to randomly reward you with Tempered Investigations. They're divided into three tiers by threat level, T1 (low tier monsters) T2 (top tier monsters) and T3 (Elder Dragons). These monsters are marked with a purple outline, and the associated Investigations have purple reward boxes.

Arch Tempered monsters are fought through Event quests only, at the moment. High Rank specific quests for now, they tend to have a fairly badass name and the monster itself will have an orange outline on their symbol.

Levelling up is locked behind certain story assignment quests, until you complete them you will be capped. You can unlock the Rocksteady Mantle without uncapping yourself though, you just need to complete an Optional quest chain until you unlock the quest for it.

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Mhw tempered monsters

Tempered monsters in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are special creatures found in special quests. These monsters deal more damage and have more health than their High Rank versions. Arch-Tempered monsters deal more damage and have more health than their Tempered versions.

Players will find Tempered tracks while exploring, but will not see the associated monster until they go into their investigations. Scout Flies will show Tempered monster tracks the same color as if they were tracking an Elder Dragon.

  • Tempered monsters (purple Aura) still have the same attacks and movement paths as Low and High Rank versions in their respective areas.
  • Arch-Tempered Monsters (orange Aura) have the same attacks with usually one or more different attacks. Generally have more health and damage.
  • Tempered and Arch-Tempered monsters, Except Elder Dragons, can be captured
  • See the Event Quests List for Arch-Tempered Monster quests.
  • Special Equipment can be obtained from completing Arch-Temperedquests, such as unlocking Layered Armor or obtaining materials for crafting the "Gamma" version of some Armor Sets.


Tempered Monster Levels


Tempered Level 1



Tempered Level 2



Tempered Level 3



Non-Tempered Monsters



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