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RSF Delta 2

Wood Fire RSF Delta 2 

Something like $4K but depends on the local dealer, eg Sutter Home, 14475 Woodinville-Redmond Road, Woodinville, WA 98072

Big bay window

Holds 24” logs

Tested by a certified EPA facility to burn as clean as an EPA Phase II wood heater at 3.8 grams per hour.  May not be good enough to meet WA state rules - need to check!!!!!!!!

The maximum chimney height is 40 feet which means it will not work for the mudroom !!!!!!!!!!!  It is ok for the living room fire.  Note that a joggle is required to get the chimney more than 10 feet from the edge of the cupola.

8" chimney 


























Stove for mudroom

The issue with the mudroom is that it needs a 50 foot chimney.  Most fires/stoves are speced at 40' max.


Drolet HT3000

On pedestal - High-Efficiency EPA Certified Wood Stove DB07300 (The HT3000 replaces the legendary HT2000)

It needs to be fitted with the outside burn air option.

Wood Stove Drolet Ht3000   $1,299        $1,349

22" logs

1.32 g/h average particulate emissions rate (Meets EPA 2020 standard)

Eligible for a $300 biomass stove tax credit ( )

Drolet ht2000 vs ht3000

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 015 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 016 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 017 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 018 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 019 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 020 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 021 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 022 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 023 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 024 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 025 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 026 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 027 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 028 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 029 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 030 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 031 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 032 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 033 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 034 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 035 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 036 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 037 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 038 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 039 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 040 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 041 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 042 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 043 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 044 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 045 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 046 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 047 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 048 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 049 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 050 

Drolet Ht3000 Manual 051 


Rejected other fires...

US Stove 3000 Extra Large Wood Stove

Us Stove 3000 Wood Stove   Us Stove 3000 Rear   Us Stove 3000 Open

Height 29", Width 27", Depth 35.5".

They said:  "40 feet is the max chimney height spec, but if you have a draft that goes up .04 to .06, you can have it checked by any certified chimney sweep, who can say if it will work.".

It says it is WA state approved.

21" log length

It is good value but not really as big as I would like.  The small diameter (6") chimney gives it more chance of working with the long chimney length as the gasses will move faster and cool less.  It is going to be a bit iffy as to how well it works with a 50 foot chimney but at least it is not too much money to waste if it does not work.   $1,221 + $30 WA + $80 delivery - 10% + tax  (385 lbs)   $1,221 + $30 WA + $80 delivery - 10% + tax  (385 lbs)     $1,324.51    $1,285.93  Free shipping    $1,249   $1,249.99 + $255.24 shipping     $1,859.00


Venting worksheet:






















Regency Pro-Series F5100 Extra Large Wood Stove

Regency F5100 Wood Stove

They say "For optimum performance, we recommend a chimney no higher than 40ft. ".

Seems to have a catalytic converter.  About 85% efficient.  Because of the high efficiency I guess it will probably not work with a 50' chimney.

22" logs


United States Stove Large Wood Stove    $700   $800   $1300


Equinox 8000

Equinox Wood Stove   $4,300



Sedore Wood Stove


Renaissance Rumford 1500

Rumford 1500 Wood Fire 

Like the Delta2 it is made by RSF.

Supports a 60 foot chimney

Not strictly a high efficiency unit, but it does well...

Wood Fire Rumford 1500 Emission Spec 

Needs a 12" chimney 

"We have 2 fireplaces that can be installed up to 60 feet.  They are the Rumford 1000B and the 1500B.  Although they are not high efficiency fireplaces they have a magnificent firebox. " 

Costs something like $8K.


Blaze King

Blaze King Wood Stove 

They say they cannot handle the 50' chimney height because "Not enough heat loss to handle your application.  Too efficient! ".

Made in WA state.

Blade King Ultra Dimensions 





With the climate crisis at the forefront of the news today, many Americans are trying to be more mindful and find ways to do their part in saving the planet. Because heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels, they have become especially attractive for homeowners looking to minimize their environmental footprint. 

Today, heat pumps can be an excellent energy-efficient solution to traditional furnaces and air conditioners. If you live in a milder climate, a heat pump could be an excellent way to save on heating and cooling costs while also helping to minimize harmful fossil fuels in the environment. 

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps are a type of heating and cooling system for your home that uses available resources, like water and air, to regulate the temperatures in your home. It is like an air conditioner, but it has a built-in heating system, as well. It is an outdoor system that is installed outside the exterior of your home.

Using electricity and refrigerant, a heat pump is able to turn cold air into hot air during the winter, and it can make hot air cold during the summer. It does this by redistributing the heat in the air or ground and heating it or cooling it with refrigerant as needed. 

The standard heat pump has several parts:

  • Outdoor unit: This is equipped with a coil that powers evaporation in heating mode and condensation in cooling mode.
  • Indoor unit: The unit has both a coil and fan to circulate air throughout your home. 
  • Refrigerant: This is a type of fluid that is needed to absorb and release heat as necessary in order to keep the system properly running and circulating.
  • Compressor: The compressor acts as a pressurizing agent to prepare the refrigerant for use.
  • Reversing valve: This valve controls the direction of the refrigerant in your system, thus enabling you to switch between heating and cooling modes.
  • Expansion valve: This valve controls the movement of refrigerant in the heat pump. 

The Department of Energy reports that a heat pump can save you approximately 50% in electric costs, compared to electric resistance heating systems, like furnaces and baseboard heaters.

Bring your home up to speed with the latest on automation, security, utilities, networking and more.

Types of heat pumps

Heat pumps are more environmentally friendly because they are powered by natural elements, like air, water and earth. There are three different types of heat pump systems: air-to-air, water-sourced and geothermal.

Air source

An air source heat pump system uses the air outside your home to transfer heat inside. They are specifically notable for dehumidifying spaces, more so than traditional central air conditioning systems, which can also save on energy and cooling costs. 

Popular today throughout the US, air source heat pumps were previously not an option for colder climates. However, technology has significantly evolved in recent years, and many systems are now able to keep up with the added demands of a Northern winter. If your home does not have any ducts, there is a ductless heat pump option known as a mini-split heat pump. 

Water source

Instead of using an outdoor fan and coil, a water source heat pump system instead uses a heat exchanger. These systems still utilize refrigerant, turning water into gas and then into water. With an ongoing flow of water, the system uses a water loop system to either cool or boil as needed to create the optimal temperature for your home. 


Ground-source systems, also known as geothermal heat pump systems, use either a ground or water source for power, transferring heat to your home. This can reduce your energy use by up to 60% with added humidity controls and have a flexible format that works across a variety of different homes based on things like your property's subsoil and landscape.

These are a more expensive option to buy upfront but have significant savings over the long-term in energy costs. 

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Where to buy heat pumps

You can buy a heat pump from a major retailer or through a professional installer.

Heat pumps are available from retailers like these:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Walmart
  • Sears
  • Tractor Supply

Pricing may vary, so it is always a good idea to shop multiple retailers to find the best deal for your new heat pump.

How to install a heat pump

Once you purchase your new heat pump, it comes time for installation. A heat pump comes with several parts that require exact precision during installation. Handling refrigerant can also prove unsafe for the average homeowner.

Instead, there are several options to help with professional installation. Most retailers offer installation for your purchase at an additional cost, although this may be contracted out to a third-party provider. 

You also have the option to hire an independent installation company. If you choose to hire someone for installation, be sure to find a licensed professional for the job. You can find a local installer by checking local ratings and reading reviews from past customers on sites like Google and Yelp.

How to maintain your heat pump

Although energy-efficient, heat pumps still require basic maintenance to ensure proper function. These are some basic ways to maintain your heat pump for extended use:

  • Clean filters regularly, changing as needed. 
  • Occasionally clean outdoor coils.
  • Perform basic maintenance, according to your manufacturer's instructions.
  • Remove items from around your system so it can function properly. 
  • Power down the fan to clean as needed. 

Many professional HVAC companies offer one-time or regular maintenance packages to assist with your heat pump. 

After all, a poorly maintained heat pump could cost you. According to the Department of Energy, it could cost up to 25% more in energy costs, so it is important to ensure that your heat pump is always in top working order.

Heat pump warranties

When you buy a new heat pump, most models come with a warranty. 

Heat pump warranties

Manufacturer Warranty types
Amana • Lifetime limited warranty with free replacement for compressor failure
American Standard • Base limited manufacturer's warranty • Registered limited manufacturer's warranty • Registered limited warranty transfer option • Optional extended warranty
Carrier • Limited warranty
Lennox • Basic • Extended limited warranty
Luxaire • 10-year parts limited warranty • Lifetime compressor limited warranty • Extended labor warranties • Extended warranties
TempStar • Standard • No Hassle Replacement limited warranty
Trane • Limited • Optional extended warranty
York • Standard • Extended warranty with factory-backed service

Be sure to ask your retailer or dealer about what warranty options exist for your heat pump so you can be sure your family is protected, no matter what.

Final takeaways

As the world continues to witness the growing effects of climate change, it has brought renewed attention to the reduction of harmful emissions in the US. Heat pumps are one way to reduce dangerous fossil fuels while also lowering energy costs. Improved technology today has even made it possible for homeowners in more extreme climates to enjoy the cost savings and environmental benefits that heat pumps have to offer. 

It's just a matter of which one is right for you.

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1000 gallon stock tank tractor supply

Fatal car accident tucson az today

Apr 27, 2021 · "We definitely recommend getting a small pump and filter or aerator," a Tractor Supply Company spokesperson tells "As they transfer and move the stock tank water, they keep the water from getting too hot, prevent algae and other buildup, and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

    1. Animals & Pet Supplies (3,348), Number of items available: 3,348 Apparel & Accessories (1,000), Number of items available: 1,000 Arts & Entertainment (209,180 ...

    2. See full list on

    3. Keep your outdoor area in ample supply of fresh water with this Rubbermaid FG424288BLA 100 gallon black structural foam stock tank with oversized drain plug. Perfect for busy farms, backyard spaces, or other agricultural areas, this multi-purpose item is sure to meet your unique needs! Use it to provide fresh drinking water for animals, or take advantage of its large size to bathe your pets ...

    4. Feb 3, 2020 - My hillbilly pool! 1,000 gallon blue poly stock tank. Got a pool pump at Walmart and drilled 2 holes for the input/output water hoses for the pump. Now, I&39;m ready for the hot summer weather. Next build a shade structure and it will be awesome!

    5. Thanks for watching :) Check out the links below! STOCK TANK HOT TUB DIY GUIDE: HEATER UNBOXING...

    6. Rubbermaid Structural Foam Stock Tanks, 100 gal. Capacity, 4242-88. Rubbermaid Structural Foam Stock Tanks, 50 gal. Capacity, 4243-00-GRAY. Neat Distributing 275 gal. FDA-Approved IBC Liquid Storage Tote, NB275. CountyLine Round Galvanized Stock Tank, 6 ft. W x 2 ft. H, 390 gal. Capacity, WTR62. Farm Innovators 16 gal.

    7. Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers from the ...

    8. Galvanized Stainless Steel Rainwater Tanks Dripping Springs 1000 Gallon Stock Tank. 24. Galvanized Stock Tanks Oval Tarter Farm Ranch Equipment Quality 1000 Gallon Tank. 25. Extra Large Galvanized Stock Tank 8 Ft 2 Tractor Supply 1000 Gallon. 26. Poly Stock Tank Country Gallon Farm Fleet 1000 Galvanized

    9. The Highest quality round stock tank on the market with an unmatched 5-year warranty. These galvanized steel livestock tanks are strong, easy to clean and include the drain plug. Great as a swimming pool or hot tub too, just be careful with the chlorine!

    Military Dump Truck with 16' Warren 17 Yard Body (D-300-107) M916 6X6 Tractor (TR-500-77) M923 6X6 Plow Truck With Salter (C-200-140) M929 6x6 Military Dump Truck (D-300-109) M927 XLWB Extra Long Wheel Base Cargo Truck. M929 6x6 Military Dump Truck D-300-105. M925 6X6 Cargo Truck with Winch (C-200-128)

    1. We carry a large selection of American-made Tamco ® industrial strength tanks. ... Save 5% 5+ $20.43/Pkg. of 1000 Save 10% 10+ $19.35 ... 5 Gallon Ultimate Pail for ...

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    3. Pipework needed for each size of tank: 500ltr and 2,000ltr needs 65 mm SWV pipe to join onto sump. 5,000 ltr and 9,000 ltr needs 100 mm SWV pipe to join onto sump. Optional Dual Drain type sump available (conditions apply) Contact the Polymaster team today for professional assistance with your requirements – call us today 1800 062 064.

    4. SKU: FG424288BLA. The 100 Gallon Stock Tank has a sleek appearance and smooth black color that features an over-sized drain plug for easy draining and cleaning. Constructed from molded polyethylene for superior performance and long-lasting durability in all types of weather. Traditionally used for providing drinking water to farm animals.

  • Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association (STI/SPFA) 944 Donata Court Lake Zurich, IL 60047 . Phone: 847-438-8265 | Fax: 847-438-8766. We use cookies ...


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