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@tunicaslot wrote:

Hey Tracy - I don't think you can hide listings anymore. It just puts up a banner that the seller is away and to put the item on your watch list with an estinated day of return if you put that in.


I always put the store on vacation and not allow sales. Being we drive - 2 days down to Alabama and 2 days back and are gone for a total of 10 days - I don't want the situation happening that you had. Plus being we drive - I don't want to not be covered in case there is a problem that delays us - accidnt, car repair ect


Best to you and have a nice vacation!

They did remove the hide button, but they replaced it with "keep people from buying your fixed priced items while you're on vacation" .    So it sounds like buyers will still be able to view items and watch them, just not buy them.  Either way it's always a good idea to extend the handling time or just end all listings and relist upon one's return. 

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Sours: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-Selling/Vacation-mode-to-hide-listings-or-not-That-is-the-question/td-p/

@zander wrote:

Ebay is hiding our listings and we are letting them. 


Did anyone see this?


eBay announced through an Announcement Board post on September 11 changes to its User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Buyer Protection Policy, explaining they take effect immediately for new users and would take effect for all users on October 26, (The updated Buyer Protection Policy is effective for all users on October 26, )


The provision that is most shocking and has sellers not entirely certain of its meaning is the updates to the User Agreement called "listing conditions":


"To further create a marketplace where buyers find what they want and drive positive user experience, we updated the provision regarding listing conditions to recognize that the appearance and placement of listings in search and browse results will depend on a variety of factors. So, in some situations a listing may not appear in some search and browse results regardless of sort order."


In other words, ebay can hide any listing at any time for any reason. 


See complete article below. 



That part is there not for the direct way you are looking at it.  Obviously eBay would like to show all items to all buyers all the time but there are reasons why an item might not show up in a search result. 


By the way search engines do not hide anything, they find things based on a formula.


When you do a search and look at the result page, if you look at the left side bar there are over 30+ refinement filters from the original search term,  No one item will ever be able to qualify for all those search filters and that is why eBay has language in the UA that says something like this


"not all items will show in all search results for this item"


eBay also does email blast marketing that is basically items from a search result that a potential buyer will click on.  Many items might not meet the standards that this is set up for.  An example might be Ladies purses priced under with free shipping.  Although you have a ladies purse you might not meet the other qualifiers for the promotion so you will not show in search.


Lots of reasons you may not show up in a search result

  1. Listing not optimized for the search term
  2. listing might have policy violations like banned words or picture issues
  3. Seller might have account issues (feedback DSR defects)
  4. Seller might have mis spelled the keywords used for the search
  5. Seller is listing in the wrong categories
  6. Seller might be late paying there monthly fees

Buyers can use a number of different sort options that you listing does not qualify for

  1. distance form the buyer
  2. free shipping only
  3. 30 day return availability
  4. priced between these amount
  5. Condition
  6. product identifiers
  7. see other items like this promotion boxes

Also what you have to keep in mind is that just because you are not showing in the preferred search result you are wanting to show in does not mean you are not showing in a number of other search results.


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A few months back, I probably would have disagreed with you on the need for a blocked seller list, and I would have disagreed with you as a buyer.  That's all I am here.  I've changed my mind on that position.


Like you, I've had searches overwhelmed with stuff I simply don't want to see.  The exclude function fails, because there are simply too many sellers to exclude.  Adding excluded keywords to that helps somewhat, but is risky as it may exclude someone with legitimate goods who just happens to use those keywords.


Before anyone jumps on me saying I'm being unreasonable, I'd like to relate my experience with the last search I did in this specific niche in a specific sub-category. 


I have my search set to display 50 items per page.  On the first 3 pages, there were 13 legitimate items.  All of the rest were not legitimate items.  From page 3 to page 33, for 30 pages, there were no legitimate items.  The next legitimate item appeared on page 34; it and pages 35 and 36 had another 12 or 13 items scattered among them.  I stopped somewhere in the low 40s, 42 or 43 I think, when I'd encountered no further legitimate items.


I've got an index card in a stack somewhere here listing all the seller IDs I'd have to exclude to get those non-legitimate items out of my search results.  There were around 17 or 18 when I stopped, too many for the exclude function, and in any case, I've noted that when the exclusions get up to around 7 or 8, that the searches start failing.


So, yes, I'd be happy to see a permanent exclude seller function, and my use for it would be to exclude sellers of non-legitimate goods.

Sours: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-Bidding-Buying/Hide-listings-of-undesirable-sellers/td-p/

Hello everyone,


I hope someone will be able to shed a light on the problem I'm having.

I have been on eBay for about 14 years now as a buyer, but about a few months ago I decided to start selling. So I opened a second account (this one) just for selling.

I started out with smaller, less valuable items just to learn the ins and outs of eBay.

And anytime I make a sale, I try to ship that same day when I can, next business day at the latest.

Even though I have 2 business days specified in my listings, just to be on the safe side. As I read that's the more smart thing to do.


Anyway, very quickly I noticed something peculiar  happening. Everytime I would reach a certain number of sales in a month, all sales would stop. Lately this number has been 5.

So because this happened twice already, I started reading up on these forums and I came across a lot of other sellers mentioning that eBay is hiding their listings. Something they would only discover when they'd search for their own listings on a new device/IP address.

After reading that I decided to do the same thing. I looked for my own listings.

On my own computer they all appeared.

But then when I looked for my exact listings from a different device and IP address, I couldn't find single one of my listings. 

Regardless whether I would type the exact title or not, they just aren't there. 

I would then focus on my listings with more unique titles (like "Purple Flash Labradorite Pendant" or "Chipmunk Hand Painted Rock") and while they'd appear just fine (and usually on the top of the page) when I search for them on my computer, they simply do not exist when I look for them from a different device and IP address.


Like I said, I'm not new to eBay, but I am new to selling. Is this normal? Is this what eBay does to all new sellers?

How long does it last? Because I feel like I'm wasting my valuable time on a selling platform that's going to control and block my sales each and every month for who knows how long.


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my post and reply.


Sours: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Selling/Ebay-is-controlling-my-sales-and-hiding-my-listings/td-p/

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