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The Home Depot announces temporary store hours effective Thursday, March 19

Wow, just read all these comments…. I have worked full time for Home Depot for 22 years. They do care for their employees and family life, to a certain point. Business is business, to make it work and keep doors open, there has to be limits. If you don’t take advantage, they will do all they can to help you in any situation. As far as this Coronavirus, after working full time all week, I have seen with the hours being open 6 to 6, has increased the foot traffic in the store, which is Exposing us more, and Crowding the isles. Customers are not come in for Essential items, they are coming in for projects to keep them busy. Sales are better then normal. Do you see where I’m going with this? Employees are more exposed then ever., customer who are out for non Essentials, really don’t follow the rules, so that means they don’t follow the 6 foot rule, bring in their children, and come right up in our face to show us what they have to have on their Contaminated phones. I understand the reasons why we can’t close for Economic reasons and home Essential emergencies. If I was the c e o of Home Depot, I would have left the hours as normal, reduce all full time to 6 hours a day and part timers in place. Full times would get their full time pay. This would mean… customers wouldn’t be flocking in, and if our states go to lock down, we could still go to work, if we really need to Financially as long as we stay healthy, with still having the option to stay home if we have to. 2 weeks pay sick, is great, however we are all struggling when we should Utilize it, due to the fact of the Uncertainty with this coronavirus. I think this would be a win win for everyone. That’s my Opinion! I will retire from Home Depot someday, not to soon though. Stay healthy!!!!!

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2,635 questions about working at The Home Depot

  • Depends on the management, they are all over the place. There seems to be a constant change in management. and with it comes" favoritism" ; bringing in outside people and promoting them over those who have remained "dutifully" behind. In my particular store.. they are dropping like flies. Personally I want to transfer and was told.. "no".. and since I have not received any response(s) to job openings I applied for in other area locations, I will assume that this latest manager has interfered with the process. ?? so it would be safe to say I'm looking." outside" HD. Despite excellent work reviews the pay "raise' doesn't come close to keeping up with the cost of living. I had been working a relatively "set" schedule..and the very first thing new mngr did was change.. one day this start time, then off, then new start time..for 3 days then off..then changes department.. You name it ??j It just seems as though this latest mgr. wants to "run me off"..done.

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Home Depot Hours: When Do Stores Open And Close

Everything You Need to Know About HomeDepot Hours

What Are HomeDepot HoursAre you wondering what time Home Depot stores open and close? When you plan some DIY projects, a trip to the largest home improvement retailer could be your first choice. But what are the HomeDepot hours?

You don’t want to take the journey to your nearest store, only to find that the doors are locked. Doing so would be especially disappointing if you are planning on renting a Home Depot moving truck. Timing with moving can be critical, so if you show up at the store expecting certain hours and they don’t come to pass, it’s probably going to create problems.

With moving, there are often deadlines, so don’t set yourself up for an unpleasant experience. Whether you are buying, selling, or moving, Home Depot can be a godsend but not when they’re closed.

People search all the time for what is Home Depot’s hours today, and with good reason – nobody wants to waste their time.

Let’s take a look at how you can find Home Depot’s opening hours quickly and easily so you avoid a wasted journey.

What Are Home Depot’s Business Hours?

Home Depot operates from a huge number of locations, and unfortunately, they don’t all open and close at the same time. Some stores open at 7 AM on weekdays, closing at 8 PM on Sundays.

Holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Memorial Day, can be different as well. You might want to call your local store if you are planning to shop at a time that could be outside of normal Home Depot business hours.

Calling ahead will be smart, so you are surprised by an opening and closing schedule you weren’t expecting.

General Home Depot Hours

The majority of Home Depot locations open at 6 in the morning, closing at 10 in the evening. These are their opening and closing times for 6 out of 7 days. The Home Depot hours on Sunday are reduced. They open at 8 AM, closing at 9 PM on Sunday.

While these are the typical opening times, you could get caught out if your local store opens for fewer hours. Some store locations do open later and close earlier, so if you need to take advantage of their longer opening hours, you should check first before planning a visit.

Home Depot Hours On Holidays

Some of the common searches for HomeDepot hours happen during the holidays. People search all the time for what is Home Depot’s hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Memorial Day. When searching for Home Depot hrs on holidays, it is best to call the local store. Sometimes the hours posted online are not accurate.

Finding Home Depot Hours For Your Location

There are easier ways to find out HomeDepot hours without calling them, however. You can find this out by visiting their website, and this is how:

  • Go to HomeDepot.com
  • At the top of the homepage, you should see “Store Finder,” click it.
  • You can search using your ZIP code, city, or state.
  • Click the store location link, and the opening HomeDepot hrs will be shown.

Other Home Depot Stores Close By

On the Home Depot site, you will also see a map that says other stores nearby. If you happen to miss the closing time, it’s possible you might make it to another store nearby. You will also see ratings and reviews. You may find that you want to choose another Home Depot location anyway.

If the website happens to be down or you’re having trouble navigating, you can always do an online search on your phone for Home Depot near me to see other locations. You could also do Home Depot hours near me as well.

Further Local Store Information

As well as the business hours, this store page will give you extra information about the services provided by the store. They could have links to moving truck services, home services, bathroom showroom, and their garden center if the store offers those things.

You can also find details of special offers available in store. There could be discounts available on items you want in your local store, with a limited time to buy. It will give you information about the products that are popular in your chosen store as well.

They also provide a map with links to other pages for stores close to the one you’ve searched for. So if you miss the HomeDepot hours for your first choice, you might find that another store stays open longer locally.

Home Services at Home Depot

Home Depot Truck Rental HoursYour store will likely have a home services department that will help you with various home improvement tasks. If you want some help with a DIY project, or you’d like a professional to upgrade something in your home, you could find it at your local store.

They offer many different home services, including the installation of kitchens, bathrooms, closets, countertops, and more. They can install flooring whether you want vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate, or carpet.

The home services department offers an in-home consultation as well as a virtual consultation. The virtual consultation allows you to take your own measurements and then have a video chat with a design consultant. This will give you a better understanding of what they can offer you, and they provide you with a free quote.

The opening hours for home services are also shown on the site, though they are likely to be the same as the store.

Renting a Home Depot Moving Truck

One of the more popular services at Home Depot is renting a moving truck. You can check out our resource at the top of the page that provides a detailed overview of everything you need to know about truck rentals, including pricing and the type of trucks available.

Renting your own moving truck from Home Depot is an excellent way to save money compared to hiring one of the top moving companies. You potentially could save yourself thousands of dollars by getting a truck for your move.

You might also want to check out Home Depot’s chief competitor for truck rentals which is U-Haul. Both are great companies for DIY moves.

What Are Lowe’s Business Hours?

When you need to get something important at a home improvement store, it is awful to pull into the parking lot and discover the store is not open. Having other options is always a good thing. Home Depot’s biggest competitor, of course, is Lowe’s, so it will be a great idea to have their store hours as well.

The vast majority of Lowe’s home improvement stores open at 6 a.m and close at 10 p.m. Like HomeDepot hours, it will be crucial to make sure the local store does not have differing hours. You can visit Lowe’s to get any needed information.

Conclusions on Home Depot Hrs

Whether you are looking for Home Depot hours tomorrow or today, finding them is fairly straightforward and quick. Home Depot’s business hours are similar to their competitors, Lowes and Walmart, though longer than Costco and many others.

While normal opening times can vary between stores, you should be safe if you stick to visiting between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening. If you need to visit a store outside of those hours, you should check first to avoid a wasted journey.

Hopefully, you have found our information on HomeDepot hours to be helpful.


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Home Depot Hours: When Do Stores Open And Close
Home Depot Hours: When Do Stores Open And Close
See the Home Depot Business hours near your location. Learn when Home Depot stores open and close including the holidays.
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The Home Depot hours: Opening and closing times explained

ANYONE looking to carry out some home improvements will know to head to The Home Depot for supplies.

The chain, famous for its bright orange signs, has around 2,200 stores across North America, Canada and Mexico.

The Home Depot has 2,200 stores across North America, Canada and Mexico


But when is it actually open? We explain all you need to know.

What are The Home Depot's opening hours?

The Home Depot runs different opening hours depending on the location and the day of the week.

But in general, stores are open from 6am and don't close until 10pm on Monday through to Saturday.

The retailer operates shorter hours on Sunday, typically opening from 8am until 8pm.

However, it's worth checking with your local exactly when they're open to avoid disappointment.

You can do this by typing in your zip code into the free locator tool.

Does The Home Depot do delivery?

Yes, The Home Depot offers a delivery service so you can get your online shopping to you without even leaving the house.

It offers a free two day delivery service across thousands of items and free delivery on over one million items.

It's trademark orange lettering can be seen from a mile away


You can choose the "delivery on your schedule" option but it will cost you. Fees vary, depending on your zipcode.

Alternatively, you can choose to pick up your online orders for free in-store or opt for free curbside pick up, where a member of staff will bring it out to your car.

What is The Home Depot?

The Home Depot is a one-stop shop for DIY fanatics, stocking everything from building materials to tools.

It also sells household gadgets, such as vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances.

You can even hire contractors to carry out the work you need doing from your local store.

The first store opened in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 22, 1979.

We've also revealed the opening hours of Post Offices and Walmart.

If you're craving Taco Bell, we round up its opening hours and menu.

Plus, we explain what you need to know about the McDonald's breakfast menu and when it's available.

Ben Shapiro shows off singular piece of wood from bought from Home Depot on Instagram


Sours: https://www.the-sun.com/money/3134773/the-home-depot-hours-opening-closing/

Hours home depot

If you’re looking for the home depot holiday hours 2021 guide, then you’re at the right spot.

Home Depot is one of the most reputed and enormous home enhancement retailers in the USA. It deals with offering a wide variety of products and services such as hardware, paint, plumbing, tools, furniture, heating, and cooling, etc.

Home improvement can’t be done without qualitative products and coherent services. Therefore, Home Depot assures customer satisfaction and delivers efficacious products to the customers like floor mats, home office, artificial greenery, luggage, candles, and much more.

However, visiting a place without knowing home depot holiday hours and working hours seems vague. You might spend most precious time doing nothing. Are you in search of its working operations and holidays?

Home Depot Holiday Hours 2021

Jan 1New Year’s DayFridayRegular Operating Hours
Jan 18Martin Luther King DayMondayRegular Operating Hours
Feb 15Presidents’ DayMondayRegular Operating Hours
April 2Good FridayFridayRegular Operating Hours
April 4EasterSundayOPEN
May 31Memorial DayMondayRegular Operating Hours
July 4Independence DaySundayRegular Operating Hours
Sep 6Labor DayMondayRegular Operating Hours
Oct 11Columbus DayMondayRegular Operating Hours
Nov 11Veteran’s DayThursdayRegular Operating Hours
Nov 24Day Before ThanksgivingWednesdayRegular Operating Hours
Nov 25ThanksgivingThursdayOPEN
Nov 26Black FridayFridayRegular Operating Hours
Dec 24Christmas EveFridayRegular Operating Hours
Dec 25Christmas DaySaturdayCLOSED
Dec 26Day After ChristmasSundayRegular Operating Hours
Dec 31New Year’s EveFridayRegular Operating Hours

The article hereby presents you the complete home depot holiday hours as well as regular hours of the Home Depot. During holidays, the hours of operation might defer from location to location.

The working hours of the Home Depot from Monday to Saturday are from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, on Sunday, it is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The working-class people are often free during the holidays. However, they might end up visiting the store during rush hours. Therefore, to plan properly and check the operating hours is always a better option.

A customer, before visiting, must check the operating hours and then plan. Also, the working hours might defer from store to store based on the location. It might vary by an hour or so.

Thereby, visiting the website and check the hours of operation will save time and effort efficiently. To help the customer plan whether to visit on holiday and at what time, here’s to the list of holidays and its operating hours.

Keep Reading:

Final Words

This home depot holiday hours guide will surely help you to manage shopping as well as save time at the same time. It will help you decide when to visit the store and at what hour.

Therefore, by following the schedule, plan your visit accordingly without any hesitation. The article will help you form your plan and make it worth visit.

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Home Depot Theme [Extended, 10 Hours]

Home Depot cutting store hours, giving workers more paid time due to coronavirus

Home Depot will close its stores at 6 p.m. during the coronavirus pandemic, following a slew of national chains that are paring their hours in response to COVID-19.

The home improvement retailer said the temporary adjustment will begin Thursday, March 19. Its stores, which are typically open until 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., won't change their opening hours.

"As an essential retailer to the communities it serves, The Home Depot is committed to keeping stores open just as it always does during times of crisis and natural disaster," the retailer said in a statement. 

The company said the reduced hours will provide time for staff to restock shelves and clean the stores.

Home Depot stores are paring back their hours due to the coronavirus.

"As many items across our store are in high demand, the company's merchants and supply-chain teams are prioritizing replenishment and restocking as quickly as possible," Home Depot said.

Coronavirus action:Target cutting store hours, dedicating weekly time for elderly and vulnerable shoppers

COVID-19 response:Stores designate shopping time for seniors, vulnerable amid coronavirus

The company's move comes after other national retailers announced similar plans to pare hours, including Walmart and Target.

Home Depot also said Wednesday that it is giving full-time hourly employees an additional 80 hours of paid sick time or personal time, while part-time hourly employees will get an additional 40 hours. That time can be used for a variety of reasons, including, for example, caring for children if their school is closed. Workers will also be paid if they're forced to self-quarantine because of the coronavirus.

Follow USA TODAY reporter Nathan Bomey on Twitter @NathanBomey.

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