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Buying and Building Drones

Drones are autonomous vehicles based on stations or (some) M, L and XL ships. These drones perform specific functions for their commanders.

Drones are constructed from Drone components and from Smart chips using Energy Cells. When you dock a ship that can stock drones at a wharf or shipyard, you can order drones and the wharf or shipyard will instantly produce and then deliver them to your ship. These drones can then be used on the ship or transferred to player-owned stations. However, to supply player-owned stations, it is much more convenient to let the station manufacture its own drones. Right-click your station and select "Logical overview". There, you can set how many Cargo drones, Defence drones and Repair drones the station should keep in stock. The station will then order Drone components,Smart chips and Energy Cells and once the station is supplied with these wares, it will produce drones on its own and maintain their number in the case of losses. However, experience shows that it may take a very long time for stations to get supplied with these wares by NPCs, so send one of your own freighters if you want this to happen more quickly.

There are a number of drone types in X4 Foundations, and we will discuss them in turn:

Cargo Drones

Cargo drones are used by stations with piers and by L and XL ships to transfer wares. If an L or XL ship is docked to a station's pier, for example, you can watch the Cargo drones fly back and forth between the drone bay at the front of the ship and the pier. The time needed to transfer the wares is governed by the amount of drones the station and the ship own between them, and the drones will return to their original owners after all wares have been transferred.

Consequently, your L mining ships shouldn't be equipped solely with Gas collectors or Ore collectors - include at least one Cargo drone to be certain you're able to exchange resources with any station you encounter.

Construction drones

Building drones are used by XL Builder-type ships to construct stations. Construction speed of stations depends on the number of Construction drones the Builder ship has, so choose NPC builder ships carefully with this in mind, and pick one carrying the maximum number of Construction drones usable at the same time when building a station module (30).

Defense drones

Defense drones are auto-launched by stations and ships which come under attack (or launch an attack themselves) and can be set to attack or defend their bases. They are essentially small ships with a laser attached which they use to fight. After release it usually takes some time for them to return to docking storage on recall, therefore it can be prudent to disable their launch in the ship settings or via a configurable hotkey until you really need them in ships manned by yourself.

Gas collectors

Gas collectors are used on L gas mining ships to collect gases (HeliumHydrogenandMethane).

Ore collectors

Ore collectors are used on L mineral mining ships to collect minerals (IceOreSilicon and Nividium).

Repair drones

Repair drones are auto-launched by stations and ships which suffer damage. They fly to the damaged part of the ship and initiate repairs. They are essentially small ships with a repair laser attached, which they use to repair affected hull areas and surface fixtures such as drives, turrets, etc.

Sours: https://www.egosoft.com:8444/confluence/display/X4WIKI/Drones

Drone Components (ware)

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Much like weapon and turret components, drone components have been generalised and standardised across much of the Jump Gate network to be modularly used in all kinds of drone, making them a highly sought-after resource. Drone components are directly shipped to shipyards, equipment docks and stations to source drone-building, which is done on-demand as and when it is necessary.

Ware price685 to 1,142 credits (range: 457)
Ware typeContainer
Ware subtypeShiptech
Ware volume30
Ware ID (for devs)dronecomponents

Primary resources

60 x Energy Cells600600
20 x Engine Parts2,5602,560
20 x Hull Parts2,9202,920
20 x Microchips16,10016,100
40 x Scanning Arrays33,68033,680

Production cycle

Cycle time20 mins,
Batch size105 units
Products per hour315.0
Cycles per hour3.0

Profit per hour

Primary only48,195120,330192,150

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Sours: https://roguey.co.uk/x4/wares/dronecomponents/
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None of the settings seems to do anything, they don't deploy most of the time, unless I set to escort... then they never redock, they just stop moving.

Anyone have tips? Or is the drone system just that useless?

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X4 Foundations - Mining drones are so cool 32
Station defence drones not active
I have several defence stations (all of which I had forgotten to put turrets on, yay) but the defence drones (which each of them has at least 300 of confirmed built) seem to only respond to attacks at random.
Is that normal?

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Drones x4 foundations

Postby aard00 » Mon, 7. Sep 20, 11:19

leoriq wrote: ↑

Mon, 7. Sep 20, 09:41

I have a defence station that refuses to take drone components and smart chips for making drones.
It has 2000 energy cells stocked from NPCs, but that's it. Being a defence station it has no storage, and putting wares into Build Storage doesn't do the trick.

How do I solve that issue?
I've sunk a stupid number of hours into this game, and still don't know exactly what constitutes a Defense Platform - if that's what you mean by "defense station". My Defense Platforms, and I have quite a number of them, as classified by the game, are just connectors with defense discs, and nothing else, including no drones.

However, and I'm hoping this will help you, I do have many stations that produce wares with defense discs and drones. How I stock those with drones is, either:

1. Choose the drones I want in Logical Overview, and automagically they fill at a time that can be almost instantaneous or take many hours, or
2. I ship the required number of drone components, smart chips, and energy cells manually to the station - not to the build storage. When I do that, I get the drones just about instantaneously.

I'll add that all those stations have container storage, but I don't know if that's a requirement or not because I have seen at least 1 reddit that suggests it isn't.
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