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Come See the Cutest Photos of Doberman Puppies

Today we turn our attention to Doberman puppies, and those “young and innocent days” that the Kinks sang about so wistfully on one of my favorite albums, 1969’s Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). There is little doubt that the Doberman Pinscher — alongside the Pit Bull and the Rottweiler — is one of the most widely misunderstood of all dog breeds. If you don’t own one, chances are even seeing these names conjures associations of implacable strength and ferocity.

A cute Doberman puppy.

Like any breed of dog, Doberman puppies require a firm and steady hand from their owners, as well as consistent and positive training. Our impressions of certain dog breeds as particularly difficult usually arise from highly publicized and dramatic incidents. Doberman puppies can grow to be as gentle, loving, and loyal as any other infant canid, provided they’re well-trained and cared for.

Two Doberman puppies, just hanging out!

Doberman puppies are great

There are no dogs who are inherently dangerous or risky to own, not even Doberman puppies. To adopt a dog is a major commitment, and never one that should be entered into lightly. Like other misunderstood dog breeds, Doberman puppies only become disruptive dogs when they are mistreated or neglected. If you need a low-maintenance pet who will never eat the garbage or chew up your favorite shoe, allow me to recommend a fish.

A Doberman Puppy on a chair.

But we are not here for lectures on dog ownership, nor on puppy adoption; no, we are here to look at pictures of puppies! We want to look with unutterable joy at little wet noses and tiny pink paws, and to see baby puppies being generally adorable. Thankfully, I have culled many cute pictures of Doberman puppies; not so that we may bemoan unjust reputations, but rather celebrate untapped potential.

So many Doberman Puppies!

I wish my eyes could only see Doberman puppies

While Doberman puppies were, for many years, trained to serve as police or military dogs, it may surprise you to know that they are now just as heralded as great indoor dogs. Of course, I have rarely encountered a puppy who was content to spend all of its time inside. There is little in this world more charming or wonderful than seeing baby puppies playing outside, so let us join some Doberman puppies at play!

A Doberman Puppy hanging outside.

Every good baby puppy has his favorite toy. My own puppy is partial to her stuffed multi-legged squeak toy. She will bite down all over its fluffy body, ever eager to be rewarded for her effort with the chirping noise of the air-bladder within. Here’s a Doberman puppy who seems to have grown tired of his own toy. Doberman puppies are social creatures, though, who need attention and interactive relationships. Who wants to play?

A Doberman Puppy playing with a toy.

You may think that one toy is just as good as another, but it’s important to know a breed’s character before making an investment in accessories. The Doberman Pinscher was developed as a guard dog by a late-19th-century German tax collector, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, and has never really had a reputation as a digger. Perhaps a pail and shovel might not be the best choice of outdoor entertainment for Doberman puppies. Powerful jaws and strong teeth suggest one of those knotted ropes for endurance games.

A Doberman Puppy.

Doberman puppies are curious creatures, and, as working dogs, have earned a reputation as fine search-and-rescue dogs. This Doberman puppy is called Ace, and she likes nothing better than to explore every crevice of her backyard. We can only speculate what secrets she’s found in the garden today! I want nothing more than to hug each of these Doberman puppies, pat them on their heads, and tell them that they are good babies.

A Doberman Puppy.

“I look back at the way I used to look at life,” The Kinks once sang. What activity reminds us of the carefree days of childhood more than endless hours spent on that swing set in the park, or dangling from the tire swing your parents hung from that big tree in the yard? You may not readily associate swings and Doberman puppies, but they are adventurous animals,and will probably try anything once. Plus, cute puppy pictures only benefit from such unusual juxtapositions!

A Doberman Puppy on a swing.

Soft, sugar-coated dreams of Doberman puppies

After all the excitements of the great outdoors, even the most active Doberman puppies seek the sweet relief that only nap time can afford. Our last two Doberman puppies are tuckered out after long days during which their greatest concern was barking at the neighbor’s cat. Braeburn lives in Arizona, where the heat may be dry but is no less tiring for an energetic Doberman puppy. No need for the creature comforts of a pillow or dog bed, Braeburn is quite content to curl up on the floor for a snooze.

A Doberman Puppy all curled up.

One benefit of the Instagram age we live in is that these tender moments are never truly lost to us. “Nothing ever can replace those … young and innocent days,” but that doesn’t mean we need to forget them. Pictures of puppies remind us, not only of our furry friends’ early times, but also of our own youth. We too were once tiny, helpless creatures; the delight of all who saw us.

A Doberman Puppy sleeping.

Share your Doberman Pinscher stories with us!

Have you ever owned Doberman puppies? We’d love to hear your practical experiences with representatives of this breed! Whether you raised a Doberman puppy from birth or adopted a senior dog, share your memories and tips for living with Dobmeran Pinschers in the comments!

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Hailing from Germany, the Doberman Pinscher is an iconic dog breed known for having both the “brains and brawn.” And because they’re such loyal and fearless dogs, Dobermans make some of the world’s best police dogs. Few dog breeds live up to the hype.

However, in a family environment, they’re an equally great watchdog and protector of the home. You will always be able to count on a Doberman Pinscher to have your back. Plus, they’re a great second pair of eyes for your children and property.

But if you’re thinking about getting a Doberman Pinscher, then you have some options you may want to consider. Contrary to popular belief, Dobermans come in more than their signature tan and black. In fact, they come in at least 9 beautiful colors!

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Table of Contents

Colors of Doberman Pinschers

Whether a color is “standard” or not doesn’t really matter for most owners. That is, unless you plan to show your dog or have them participate in AKC competitions. Otherwise, color is really just a preference and choice among owners.

That being said, the Doberman Pinscher only has 4 official standard colors as set by the American Kennel Club. Even so, AKC recognizes 5 different Doberman colors – including the elusive yet majestic White Doberman Pinscher.

Black & RustStandard015
Blue & RustStandard042
Fawn & RustStandard316
Red & RustStandard145

Though some of these unique colors are extremely rare cases, we’ve managed to track them all down. Here are all nine possible colors of the Doberman Pinscher. Keep in mind, you may not be able to find all these colors despite your search.

1. Black and Rust Doberman

The black and rust (tan) color Doberman Pinscher is the most popular and common variation.

The “black and rust” Doberman Pinscher is by far the most common color for these dogs. In fact, they’re the ones you imagine when you think of these dogs – often depicted in movies, comic books and mainstream media. It’s hard to mistaken one for anything else.

These Doberman Pinschers will have a slick black coat with tan highlights or markings near and around their faces (muzzle), ears, eyebrows, legs, chest and sometimes below the tail. They are really the signature colors of this dog breed.

But due to the tan-like color, they’re sometimes referred to as the “black and tan” or “black and brown” Dobermans as well. With a healthy coat, the fur will be smooth and glossy with a deep contrast between the base color and marking highlights.

Of course, not all Doberman colors are officially recognized by the AKC. However, there’s not a single doubt that the black and rust is part of the standard, especially given their immense popularity among this breed. They’re also the easiest colors to find.

2. Solid Black Doberman

Solid black Dobermans are extremely rare and unethical to breed.

With how popular the black and rust Doberman is, you would think that a solid black Doberman is popular too, right? Not exactly. Rather, Black Doberman Pinschers are rare because they’re considered “unethical” to breed. But why is this the case?

These are also called “melanistic Dobermans” and refer specifically to solid black Doberman Pinschers without the traditional rust or tan markings. As you may have guessed, this color is not officially recognized mostly due to the potential health problems may arise.

Some careless and or unprofessional breeders will breed for these colors and market them as “exclusive” or “rarer” dogs for the sake of profit. Don’t buy into this lie! Many breeders that strive for rare coats often ignore breeding for good health. Appearance over health.

If you encounter a breeder that purposely breeds for this color, I would stay clear of the dealing with the breeder. Because they’re practicing unethical breeding procedures, you never know the quality or potential long-term health effects of their dogs.

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3. Blue and Rust Doberman

The Blue and Rust Doberman is a standard color of these dog breeds.

The blue and rust Doberman is truly a beautiful sight to see. Though they’re not as common as their black and rust counterpart, they are definitely highly sought after. The subtle blue makes them a unique Dobe while maintaining the standard AKC recognition.

The reason for the “blue-ish” color is because they’ve inherited copies of the dilute recessive gene. Yes, the blue and rust Dobermans also have the genes for a black and rust Doberman. However, when you dilute black, you get this blue-ish gray color.

Many people often mistake this blue color for a slate gray or silver. As a result, this color variety of the Dobe has been unofficially called the gray Doberman as well.

The rust markings on top of the slate blue will have a much lower contrast than with a normal black. In actuality, the color looks like a charcoal gray, silver with a hint of purple. Though, this shade and hue can vary among individual blue Dobermans.

4. Blue Doberman

A solid blue Doberman may be even more rare than a solid black Doberman. In fact, they may be the rarest among this breed. Likewise, they’re also unethical to breed due to the plethora of potential health issues. However that’s not to say all blue Dobes will be unhealthy.

Still, new owners should be aware. Health issues related to the blue color may include: Von Willebrand Disease (or VWD), Color Dilution Alopecia and Cardiomyopathy. Some of which, can be serious and lead to plenty of severe health problems in the future.

For example, Color Dilution Alopecia, can happen to all blue dogs and not just blue Dobermans. In fact, they’re quite common in blue French Bulldogs. This condition tends to lead to severe hair-loss, which will likely lead to infections of the skin or other nasty diseases.

Again, we don’t ever suggest keeping a blue Doberman, no matter how awesome they look. If you’re talking with a breeder that does breed these dogs, I would be very cautious doing business with them. But like I mentioned they’re super rare and it’s possible to find a healthy one.

5. Red and Rust Doberman

Red and rust is the second most popular color of the Doberman Pinscher.

According to the AKC, the red and rust Doberman Pinscher is the second most popular color choice for this dog breed. However, they’re still much less popular than the black and rust. Plus, a red and rust coat gives off an aura of mystery that tends to attract new owners.

Though they’re called “red” Dobes, they’re really a dark reddish-brown. Even so, many other people call them as they see it – referring to them as brown Dobermans. But no matter what you call them, you can deny that they’re gorgeous dogs!

The red and rust Dobermans will also have tan (rust) markings on the eyebrows, muzzle, ear, chest, legs, bottom and beneath the tail. Because the tan looks like a light brown, the contrast isn’t as “nice” and deep as with the black and rust.

Still, they’re very popular color choices and there are many owners that actually prefer this to the traditional black and rust Doberman. Personally, we think this color is more unique. And of course, this is a standard color that has been officially recognized by the AKC.

6. Red Doberman

Just like with other solid colored Dobermans, a solid red Doberman isn’t very common even among enthusiasts. A red Doberman Pinscher is also not ethical to breed, as they can develop health issues just like with any of the other melanistic Dobermans.

Although we don’t agree with the breeding of this color, they still exist in some rare cases. We had a real difficult time finding even a single picture of the solid Red Doberman. And some will consider red and rust with light markings as solid red.

Another name for the red Doberman is the chocolate Doberman. Because they’re pretty much a solid, all-around brown, this name makes a lot of sense. If anyone has more pictures of these dogs, feel free to send us a message!

7. Fawn and Rust Doberman

The fawn and rust Doberman is the last color variation to be officially recognized by the AKC.

While few have heard of this color, the fawn and rust Doberman is another color coat officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. Much like the blue and fawn, these special-colored dogs carry the recessive dilute genes that create this special Doberman color.

But instead of having the genes for a black coat, the fawns have the genes for a red coat. In other words, the fawn color is the result of diluting the red coat. In my opinion, fawn and rust Dobermans look a bit funny (but they’re still very beautiful dogs!).

The coat color still looks brown, but much less of the reddish undertone seen in the true reds. However with fawn, I like to compare them to a light milk chocolate.

Like many Dobermans, they’ll have tan markings around the ears, muzzle, chest, legs, bottom, eyebrows and under the tail. But we’ll admit – it’s a little difficult to see because the two colors are very similar and the contrast is very minimal.

8. Fawn Doberman

I think by now you know the problems and concerns with Dobermans that do not have a typical tan or rust marking. The solid fawn Doberman is no exception to the others. Health concerns are very real when it comes to a solid fawn Doberman Pinscher.

In terms of rarity, they’re even more uncommon than the solid blue Doberman. But if we have learned anything, we know that unethical breeders will still attempt to breed these dogs to try to sell at a premium for this “exotic” look.

Don’t buy into the hype and fall for this tactic. Stay clear of breeders that tell you they breed these colors for their Dobermans. It’s one thing to unintentionally get one in a litter, but another to specifically breed for them. If a breeder is selling multiple fawns, they’re likely neglecting health.

9. White Doberman

The White Doberman is exotic and exquisite, but not completely ethical to breed.

And finally, we have the white Doberman – perhaps the most unique of them all. Though some are pure solid white, others have a cream white color instead. Either way, they’re classified as white Doberman Pinschers. But there are problems associated with this color.

The white Doberman isn’t all they’re made out to be. In fact, it’s from the result of inbreeding, whether intentional or not. As a result, this practice has caused these dogs to come in albino – though not exactly. The correct term for this is actually “partial albino.”

This color is still very new. The first documented case of an albino Doberman appeared in 1976, when a Doberman named Sheba was born. Because of Sheba and a lot of inbreeding, we now have many other partial albino Dobes in the world today.

Yes, they may look very cool, but you don’t really want a white Doberman. Not only can they develop many health issues, but they’ve been known to develop behavioral issues.

Health issues can include skin and eye problems. In addition, photosensitivity is a common problem with these dogs. And because many white Dobermans have poor eyesight, this can lead to behavioral issues.

When these dogs can’t really see the surrounding environment, they tend to develop anxiety easier, which may lead to aggressive behaviors and tendencies, such as biting. Because of all the issues, white colored Dobermans have been banned in several countries.

As a result, you can guess these dogs aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club. And while this color hasn’t been officially banned in the United States, the AKC is doing what it can to discourage breeding white Dobermans.

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So, which is your favorite color for the Doberman Pinscher? Let us know in the comments section below. If you already own a Doberman, feel free to let potential owners know what color Doberman you have and why you picked that color!

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What do we do? 

Doberman Pictures is the Storyteller Studio. Specializing in pre production for animated series, we do boards, animatics and design and we work closely with amazing partner studios who execute on the heavy lifting of layout and animation.  



By focusing on the storytelling side of animation in this way, we keep our team sizes small.  This has created an environment where everyone knows one another and everyone has a voice - An atmosphere where the studio partners are able to stay focused on what matters - crafting amazing work with great people. 


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Doberman is a true artist Driven studio. Over the last twenty odd years, prior to Doberman, partners Jim Corbett, Dallas Parker, Craig Robertsand Rob Simmons have produced, directed and financed more animation than you can shake a stick at!  

We started Doberman Pictures in August of 2018.  Since then our team has completed production on 26 half hours of a wonderful preschool series for DreamWorks titled Rhyme Time Town, helped create designs for the hilarious series Archibald’s Next Big Thing and creating storyboards and animatics for the DreamWorks/Netflix series Gabby’s Dollhouse.


Currently Doberman is mid production on our first CG series which we can't name yet but it's BEAUTIFUL!

What's Next!?

Doberman is actively hiring a number of art and production positions for  a new CG series and a new 2D series!  Interested in joining the pack?  Check out our Jobs page!

8 Things Only Doberman Pinscher Dog Owners Understand

Who can resist the sweet, cute, dark eyes of a doberman. This list of adorable doberman pictures includes adult Dobermans as well as little puppy Dobermans. Doberman Pinscher are a particularly sought after breed due to their their intelligence, loyalty, and companionship. Whenever you are feeling down you can simply look at picture of a Doberman and it will make you smile.

Dobermans were originally bred in Germany and can be outdoor or indoor dogs. Originally bred to be protective dogs, the Doberman is characterized as ferocious, although very smart. These dogs are often aggressive towards strangers, but are very loving toward their owners and are almost too cute to handle. Doberman puppies are adorable and this list includes some of the cutest Doberman puppies around.

These cute Doberman Pinschers are typically known for their long tails, and can be found typically in just two colors. Dobermans in this photo gallery all share an instinctive and stately demeanor, a characteristic of a Doberman puppy found all over. Dobermans are easy to train and make excellent companion and watch dogs.

Vote up the absolute cutest, sweetest Doberman pictures below.



Pictures doberman

Doberman Pinscher Pictures

A black and tan Doberman Pinscher dog with croped ears that stand up to a point sitting on the ground in front of an iron pool gate that is around an in-ground swimming pool looking to the right.

Titan the black and tan Doberman Pinscher 3 1/2 years old

A black and tan Doberman Pinscher dog with croped ears that stand up to a point sitting on a mossy ground in front of a swimming pool fence looking to the left. The dog is wearing a black leather collar with spikes on it.

Titan the black and tan Doberman Pinscher 3 1/2 years old

Shania and Argyle the Doberman Pinschers are sitting on the sides of a toddler named Michaela in a house. There is a double sided dog food dish rack behind them.

This is Shania and Argyle with their friend Michaela. Photo courtesy of O’Sullivan Dobermans

A white Doberman Pinscher is standing outside on top of a large rock with woods and a picnic table behind him.

A white Doberman Pinscher on a rock—Photo courtesy of Jody Franklin

Ms. Moet the fawn Doberman Pinscher is standing in a yard in front of a house

"This is Ms. Moet. She is an example of the fawn variety of Doberman. What a beautiful dog!"

Left Profile - Wild Thing Bambi the Doberman Pinscher is posing on a rock slab with a person standing in front of him

This is Nagler's Wild Thing Bambi. She has a healthy fawn coat. Photo courtesy of Nagler’s Dobermans

A light brown Doberman Pinscher has snow on its face while standing in front of a chainlink fence with snow on the ground.

Photo courtesy of Jody Franklin

Cochise the brown and tan Doberman Pinscher is sitting on a wooden chair outside. Its mouth is open. It looks like he is smiling. There is a dog crate and a white lawn chair behind him.

Cochise the Dobe

Boomer the Doberman Pinscher is sitting in a lawn outside. Boomers mouth is open and tongue is out and he is wearing a shock collar.


Three White Doberman Pinschers are playing in a yard and there is a smaller dog running under one of there legs

White Dobermans playing in the yard, owned by Jim and Dawn Smith

Boomer the brown and tan Doberman Pinscher is sitting in a field next to a bald man wearing sunglasses named Joe, who is smiling at the dog. The dog is wearing a black bandana with polka dots all over it.

Boomer and Joe

Boomer the Doberman Pinscher is standing on its hind legs with his front paws on the man named Joe who is embracing the dog.

Boomer and Joe



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