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Many people have something about themselves they would like to change. It may be a nose that's a little too big or breasts that are a little too small. Cosmetic surgery is not just the domain of models and movie stars. More and more people are reaping its benefits, improving their self-esteem and their appearance in the process. If you're ready

for a change, Dr. Chao offer our patients a broad range of options using cutting-edge techniques. We can get rid of that stubborn area of fat, augment or reduce a certain part of your body, or diminish signs of aging.

Meet Our Team
The Chao Plastic Surgery team provides top rated patient experience

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Jerome D. Chao, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Many people have something about themselves they would like to change. It may be a nose that's a little too big or breasts that are a little too small. Cosmetic surgery is not just the domain of models and movie stars. More and more people are reaping its benefits, improving their self-esteem and their appearance in the process.



Is Plastic Surgery safe?

All surgical procedures are accompanied by a certain degree of risk, whether the procedures are for medical or cosmetic reasons.  Our expert team is dedicated to making your operation go smoothly.  We careful review your medical history and current health condition before deciding if it is safe for you to proceed with surgery.  It is important that you fully disclose all pertinent information so that we are able to make an accurate assessment of the risks involved.  We will take every precaution necessary to reduce the possibility of any complications.

How do I know if plastic surgery right for me?

There several important factors that come into play when deciding whether plastic surgery is the right option for you.  One of the most important factors is your health.  Being in good health greatly reduces the risk of complications occurring during surgery and leads to a speedy recovery.  Next, you need to ask yourself what your motivations are.  People who have plastic surgery generally find that the surgery enhances their overall appearance and self-esteem.  Thirdly, you should have realistic expectations.  Plastic surgery is both a science and an art, neither of which are perfect.  Set reasonable goals as to the result you wish to achieve and be prepared to thoroughly discuss these goals during your initial consultation.

Do you charge for your consultations?

No, our consultations are complimentary.

Can I have several procedures performed simultaneously?

​It is a relatively common practice for a plastic surgeon to perform multiple procedures during one operation.  This allows the surgeon to better “sculpt” your final appearance.  In addition, having several procedures done simultaneously saves you the expense of paying the operating room and anesthesia costs more than once.  However, having too much done at one time can lead to complications.  The decision to have multiple procedures done depends on which procedures are being done, the extent of surgery, the operating time, and your age/health.  Ultimately, the surgeon decides whether or not it is appropriate to include more than one procedure in your operation.

Does it matter how old I am?

Due to the variety of procedures available in plastic surgery, there can be no blanket rule on age although age will be taken into consideration when planning your operation.  People of all ages have taken advantage of the image-enhancement offered by plastic surgery.  There are even procedures appropriate for young children!  It is important to realize the limitations of plastic surgery.  Plastic surgery cannot “fix” every situation or reverse the aging process.  What is a good procedure for one person may not be an appropriate procedure for another.  We are committed to making your plastic surgery experience a successful one.

How long will it take to recover from my surgery?

Generally, post-operative instructions call for rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time.  The length of recovery varies with each procedure and is different for each individual.  Bruises usually disappear within a few days, and most swelling is gone in a matter of weeks.  If you follow our post-operative instructions carefully, you will be able to enjoy your normal activities within no time.   We take care to conceal any scars so that they are barely visible, if at all.  The image-enhancing effects of plastic surgery become more evident over time with certain procedures taking up to a year for your body to fully adjust and settle into its new look.  When you come in for your consultation we can discuss your expected recovery period and any post-operative instructions in detail.

Will my insurance cover my surgery?

Insurance providers generally cover costs for reconstructive surgery but not for cosmetic surgery.  For example, insurance providers will often pay for breast augmentation to reconstruct a breast following a mastectomy; breast reduction to remedy back pain caused by heavy breasts; eyelid surgery to remove sagging skin that blocks vision; nose surgery to allow for a patient to breathe better; or tummy tucks to remedy the vertical separation of abdomen muscles known as diastasis.  Insurance providers are required by law to cover breast reconstruction surgery and any cosmetic operations necessary to create symmetry in either breast. If your surgery is covered by insurance, pre-certification is required.  We will be happy to assist you with the process.

Are breast implants safe?

A: The issue of breast implant safety has been a hot topic throughout the last few decades.  As a result, more stringent standards have emerged in order to protect patients.  Current breast implant procedures primarily use silicone shell implants filled with a saline solution.  Occasionally, silicone-gel filler is used; but this is highly regulated by the FDA, and generally only acceptable in reconstructive surgery procedures.  Rarely, an implant will rupture or leak.  With saline implants, the saline is safely absorbed into the body.  The effect of silicone-gel leaking into the body is still being researched.  If rupture or leaking is detected early, the implant can be easily replaced.  Other possible complications from breast implant surgery may include blood clotting or pooling, overly sensitive breasts or loss of sensation in the breasts, and capsular contracture (a hardening of the tissues surrounding the implant).  Our expert team is dedicated to making your operation a smooth one.  We take every precaution necessary to reduce the possibility of any complications.

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LathamWilliams Center for Plastic Surgery

Latham, Albany, NY

The Williams Center for Plastic Surgery focuses solely on the needs of their patients and consistently provides each of their clients outstanding surgical and cosmetic services. Conveniently located in the Latham, Albany region of New York, the Williams Center is approved by the New York State Department of Health and is accredited by AAAHC.

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  • Latham, Albany, NY
    1072 Troy-Schenectady Rd
    Latham , NY 12110Get Directions
  • New York, NY
    110 E 60th St #908, New York, NY 10022Get Directions
  • St. Thomas Virgin, US Virgin Islands
    Palm Plaza 260-260A Estate Chocolate Hole, Suite 1D
    St John, VI 00802Get Directions
  • Saratoga Springs
    60 Railroad Place, Suite 102
    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866Get Directions
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“I am extremely happy with the results of my breast augmentation and nipple repair with Dr. Rockmore. He listened to exactly what I wanted and what I expected from the procedures, and I have to say they turned out just perfect for me. I am extremely pleased with my experience all around.”
- Real Patient

“I have had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Rockmore. I am very happy with the results from my Mommy Makeover. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease. His staff is excellent also. I will recommend him to my family and friends.”
- Real Patient

“I am pleased with my facelift and eyelid surgery by Dr. Rockmore. The process was done exactly as he described during the post surgery healing process, which included several office visits to track progress. I will return to Dr. Rockmore again.”
- Real Patient

“Dr. Rockmore and his staff were always very helpful, friendly, professional and respectful. Very nice results from my surgery. Very happy and would recommend to other folks seeking top surgery.”
- Real Patient

“I am so thankful to Dr. Rockmore for the beautiful work he did for my breast reduction. I feel and look great!”
- Real Patient

“My rhinoplasty was a comfortable and worthwhile operation, and I am impressed with quality of work, which I consider to be flawless.”
- Real Patient

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