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What is a Vidal Sassoon haircut?

Vidal Sassoon was the celebrity crimper who revolutionised women's hairstyles in the Swinging 60s and turned cutting hair into an art form. He is credited with bringing Modernism to hairdressing - and helped make hair products into a multi-million pound industry. Vidal Sassoon cutting Mia Farrow's iconic pixie crop.

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Hereof, what is a Sassoon haircut?

Vidal Sassoon, the legendary hairstylist whose "wash-and-wear" cuts revolutionized women's hair care and fashion in the s, died Wednesday at "My idea was to cut shape into the hair, to use it like fabric and take away everything that was superfluous," Sassoon told the Los Angeles Times in

Also, did Vidal Sassoon do the queen's hair? Vidal Sassoon, the celebrated hairdresser, collected his CBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace and praised the monarch's hair for its ''beautiful colour''. The man who revolutionised hairdressing in the s said his life so far has been ''an extraordinary adventure''. (The Queen) couldn't have been nicer.

Beside this, what did Vidal Sassoon do?

Vidal Sassoon CBE (17 January – 9 May ) was a British-American hairstylist, businessman, and philanthropist. Vidal Sassoon: The Movie, a documentary film about his life, was released in In , Sassoon was appointed CBE by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

Who cut Twiggy's hair?

That beauty moment: Audrey Hepburn's new browLeonard took eight hours, first dying the teenager's hair blonde and then cutting the crop into Twiggy's hair. It made her doe eyes bigger, her doll face more heart shaped - it also made her career.


Vidal Sassoon: 10 of your cuts

1When I was 19 or 20, in college and feeling blue, I took what felt like a large sum of money out of the bank and headed to the salon - LaCoupe on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal was as modern and chic as you could get in My grandmother was the head designer for Canadian Hat. Italian Vogue and Paris Match lay around our house the way Woman's Day and People littered other living-rooms. I wanted to feel fresh and pretty and not like the unsure student that I was. I had a beautiful Vidal-style pageboy, plumb line straight. Sleek, with no bangs. I looked modelesque. It flipped and moved and went right back, not a hair out of place. I stopped hiding - my summer dress with my old jacket and worn boots looked kicky now instead of undecided. I looked cared for. It was one of the best cuts I've ever had. I still ask for that sometimes, and it still suits me. Thank you LaCoupe and Thank you Mr Sassoon. Here is a picture of the cut a week later with curls. Very NOT Sassoon. Bridget Quigley, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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There are haircuts and styles, and there are game-changing haircuts and styles. A change in hair can not only make your day or boost your confidence — but, as shown by these five examples, it can launch a career or start a fashion trend that crosses continents. Here are five hairstyles that not only transformed the women who wore them, but the society they lived in.

1. Louise Brooks’ A-Line Bob

When this stunning silent-film star debuted her severe angular bob in the 20s, it popularized the “flapper look” that would come to embody the modern female. Women everywhere followed her lead: chopped their hair, shortened their skirts, and declared their independence.

Who’s Rocked It Since: Linda Evangelista, Katie Holmes, Audrey Tautou

Get The Look With: Flat iron, Aveda Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpturing Gel, Firmata Firm Hold Hair Spray



2. Marilyn Monroe’s Platinum Pin-Curls

Norma Jeane Baker Dougherty never would have become Marilyn Monroe in the 50s had it not been for her radical change in hairstyle: dying her long brown locks white-blonde and cutting them into short, bobbed pin-curls. Created by stylist/ colorist Sylvia Barnhart, Marilyn’s seductive hair helped propel her from a run-of-the-mill advertising model to one of the most glamorous sex symbols of all time.

Who’s Rocked It Since: Katherine Heigl, Scarlett Johanssen, Gwen Stefani

Get The Look With: Curling iron, Aveda Be Curly Style-Prep, Brilliant Humectant Pomade, Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss



3. Mary Quant’s 5-Point Bob

British fashion designer Mary Quant may have invented the miniskirt and popularized the mod style in the 60s, but it was her friend Vidal Sassoon who created her revolutionary 5-point wedge bob (below). Sassoon became world-famous for his precise, geometric, architectural hairstyles that drew attention to the neck, and Quant was an early, fabulous muse.

Who’s Rocked It Since: Victoria Beckham, Rihanna

Get The Look With: Flat iron, Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray



4. Farrah Fawcett’s Flip

In , celebrity hair stylist Allen Edwards created Farrah’s signature “banana curls.” The look, which merged lots of layers and highlights with a blow dryer and round brush, had both women and men flooding into salons for face-framing feathered waves. It has even had a song written for it (“Farrah Fawcett Hair” by Capital Cities).

Who’s Rocked It Since: Carrie Underwood, Tyra Banks, Beyoncé

Get The Look With: Blow dryer, Aveda round brush, Pure Abundance Style-Prep, Phomollient Styling Foam, Air Control Hair Spray



5. Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel”

When the bouncy, square-layered “Rachel” cut burst onto the set of Friends in , Jennifer Aniston originally hated the look: “It was the ugliest haircut I’d ever seen!” she told Allure magazine. Regardless, she stuck with its creator, stylist Chris McMillan, through the years. He’s taken her past “The Rachel” and kept her front and center as the actress with some of Hollywood’s most on-trend hair.

Who’s Rocked It Since: Rachel McAdams, Miley Cyrus

Get The Look With: Aveda round brush, Pure Abundance Hair Potion, Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray



Are you ready to change your world with a new style? Book a consultation today and let’s create your signature look.

And stay tuned for Part 2 of our journey through hairstyle history!


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2020.2 Sassoon Collection - Ewa step by step Cut and Colour

It's Called the ‘Wedge’ and It Goes to Their Heads

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What do a champion figure skater, a modern dance choreographer and any number of women from a high school student to a middleaged beauty salon patron have in common these days? A short hairdo that falls over the forehead, bares the ear lobe and becomes a triangle in back.

For want of a better name, hairdressers have been calling it the “wedge” cut. And then a wholesome‐looking 19‐year‐old, skating across millions of television screens from the winter Olympics, settled it once and for all. It's the “Dorothy Hamill,” and most ‘Women pronounce it “cute,” “comfortable,” “easy to manage.” “It moves so well,” they say, shaking their heads to show what they mean.

Indeed it does move, and if Miss Hamill, the Olympic figure skating champion, hadn't proven it, Twyla Tharp, the current darling of modern dance, has. Miss Tharp's bouncy hairdo originated at Vidal Sassoon, Miss Hamill's at Suga, but virtually every fashion‐conscious salon is turning out the neat little head, Which promises to sweep the country in the same way Jacqueline Kennedy's bouffant did in the 's.

“I love it,” said Averil Moskow, of Wayne, N. J., who had brought 13‐year‐old Jodie to Vidal Sassoon's for a hairdo similar to her own. “It's my second cut like this. People stop me on the street and ask about it.”

The Sassoon shop in the General Motors building was turning out the hairdos the other day with almost assembly‐line” precision — the freshly coiffeured women seemed delighted to have gotten rid of cumbersome longer hair.

“It's neat,” said red‐haired Janet Huntington, a waitress “So easy to take care of,” remarked Brenda Wildy, an airline stewardess. “I'm glad I cut my long hair,” contributed Carolyn Oliner, a high school student, who said she was “almost ”

Pia Lindstrom, the television•newscaster, was going into the Xavier salon on West 57th Street, to have her new hairdo curled—she liked it short, but preferred it curlier. “It makes her look younger,” buzzed several other clients. Looking younger is not one of Miss Lindstrom's problems, but for Debbie Abraham, a middleaged West Sider, it was.

“My hair was too long for a woman my age,” she said. “This is much more becoming.”

There were more “I love its” from shoppers on 57th Street, who had been Dorothy Hamilled at various salons.

Big salon chains, such as Glemby, report that they are getting requests for “Dorothy Hamills” in shops all over the country. The most delighted hairdresser of all is Suga, who is moving his salon to Bergdorf Goodman next week and who was responsible for the real Dorothy Hamill.

Suga—who also started a flurry a few years back with his Japanese‐inspired “washwoman” hairdo—had no idea what was to happen when Miss Hamill came in for a haircut before she left for the Olympics.

“I used to do Melissa Militano [an Olympic skater recently turned professional],” he explained. “Then I had a lot of skaters. They like hair that's easy.”

The little‐boy hairdo—similar to the early Sassoon geometric cut—had been considered avant‐garde and only for the young and pretty. Dorothy Hamill skated it into a national fad.


Haircut vidal sassoon wedge

Pioneer of cuts and styling techniques such as The Wedge The Chop and The Scrunch Trevor Sorbie has won the coveted British Hairdresser of the Year title an unrivalled four times. The Wedge was also a very prolific haircut because it worked for most hair types except for really wavy or curly hair.

V3 The First Concave Hair By Darryll Benson Stylish Hair Beautiful Haircuts Beautiful Hair

The wedge Trevor Sorbie My big break came when I created a haircut called The Wedge.

Trevor sorbie wedge haircut. Article by Kimberly Ricardo. The wedge hair cut has finally completed an about turn. Okay wedge haircuts arent really for everyone.

Sorbie creator of the wedge haircut and a four-time British Hairdresser of the Year winner was awarded an MBE in Have you ever had the Wedge the Scrunch or the Chop. As editors of artistic taste our Art Team lead the way in creating beautiful avant-garde work that is shown and revered throughout the world and industry.

Our team are often sort after for shows and editorial shoots with big players in the fashion and beauty worlds whilst also maintaining a busy. Wedge Haircut Trevor Sorbie is recognised for having three excellent signature looks which have labelled and innovated contemporary cutting techniques.

Working in London at one of Vidal Sassoons hottest salons Trevor created the wedge shape to brand himself as an original in the industry amongst a salon floor filled with creative hairdressers. Origins of the Wedge. One famous wearer of a wedge was American figure skater Dorothy Hamill.

Originally designed to set himself aside from all of the other hairdressers of the time. Olympic champion figure skater Dorothy Hamill first wore the short and shingled clip performing worldwide on the ice. The classic wedge hairstyle was created by master hairstylist Trevor Sorbie in

Trevor Sorbie images have won HJs British Hairdressing Awards sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional an impressive four timesHe created the iconic wedge haircut while working with Vidal Sassoon and he was the first hairdresser to receive an MBE from the Queen. The wedge hairstyles first originated in when hairstylist to the stars. The Wedge by Trevor Sorbie for Vidal Sassoon the first haircut with a brushed back approach was don by Darrill Benson in August if you cut it forward it will go back on a model called Jacky at a soirée in Bond street.

However Trevor Sorbie a celebrity hairstylist is accredited with inventing the classic wedge haircut in a Vidal Sassoon salon in The angular-looking wedge haircut was created by Vidal Sassoon protégé Trevor Sorbie in The wedge was created by Vidal Sassoon protege Trevor Sorbie in

This was the first hairdressing picture to be published as a double page spread in Vogue Magazine. Trevor Sorbie first created the look in a Vidal Sassoon salon in London. This is what Trevor Sorbie is all about.

The Hamill wedge however is much more well-known than its creator. This wedge style haircut represents something fresh and new for many women back in the day. Trevor Sorbie reveals the key to beautiful hair Great hair is an attitude Hairdresser to the stars Trevor Sorbie MBE reveals the key to beautiful hair guarding against the harsh desert elements and the charity thats close to his heart.

Edgy Short Hair Short Hair Styles Wedge Hairstyles Braided Hairstyles Hair Inspo Hair Inspiration Fashion Inspiration Design Inspiration Hj History. WEDGE HAIRCUT This refreshing cut designed by Vidal Sassoons protégé Trevor Sorbie became a trend back in the mid to late 70s. Geometric cut characterised by the peculiarity of being able to carry it both backwards and forwards normally with shorter sides and longer lengths toward the top Mauro Galzignato.

Vidal Sassoons protégé Trevor Sorbie designed the wedge cut. But it took Hamills popularity to make the haircut as ubiquitous as Farrah Fawcetts shaggy style or Bo Dereks cornrows. Getty Images Photo by Tony Duffy.

Consisting of short hair with steep-angled layers cut all around the sides and back it created a triangular shape that was smooth on top. In she won a gold medal at the. 4 Sorbie has appeared in several television programmes and documentaries including The Wright Stuff GMTV This Morning The Afternoon Show The Salon Mary Queen of Shops Watchdog and Faking It 5 He always.

Trevor Sorbie Wedge Haircut 70s Hairstyles Groovy Hairstyles From The 70 S You Should Try Get Creative With These 50 Wedge Haircut Ideas For Women Dorothy Hamill Wedge Haircut From The s Pictures Of Womens Short Haircuts For At Beautiful. He is the only hairdresser to have become so well known that his vocation has been a question on TV quiz shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire and The. This is a popular cut for women with fine and thin hair that needs a bulky twist or simply someone wanting to have a taste of the short hair lifestyle.

The Real Wedge Haircuts We Want. The wedge haircut is a voluminous retro-style short layered bob for women with fine straight hair that became popular in the s. Best hairdresser stratford upon Avon top hairdresser stratford upon Avon latest hair new hair new hairstyles haircut hairstyle inspiration.

Asymmetric Wave Hairstyle Hairstyle Gallery Artistic Hair Hairstyle Hair Waves

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The Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team Short Hair Styles Hair Photo Hair Styles

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In London Trevor Sorbie Created The Wedge Ps I Do Hope That All My Vs Friends Who Have More Knowledge Than Me In Th Beautiful Hair Vidal Sassoon Vidal

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Trevor Sorbie On Instagram Flower Power One Of My Favourite Photographers Is Mark Havriliak One Day He Suggeste Flower Power Instagram My Favorite Things

The Wedge Haircut Wedge Hairstyles Wedge Haircut 80s Short Hair


2020.2 Sassoon Collection - Ewa step by step Cut and Colour

Vidal Sassoon Wedge Haircut

Vidal Sassoon Wedge Haircut

What is the Sassoon haircut?

Sassoon didn’t invent the idea of ​​short hair for women, but he did bring some short haircuts into the mainstream. He is perhaps best known for his he Mary Quant cut, a geometric five-pointed bob used by the designer that contrasted sharply with the romantic, curly look of the s.

With that in mind, what is a Sassoon haircut?

Vidal Sassoon, the legendary hairdresser who revolutionized hair care and women’s fashion in the s, died on Wednesday at the age of in

Also, who will cut Twiggy’s hair?

Beauty Moment: Audrey Hepburn Leonard’s new forehead lasted eight hours, first the teenager’s blonde hair died, then they cut Twiggy’s hair. She made her eyes bigger than her, her doll face more heart-shaped, she also made her her career.

Second, what is a Sassoon?

Sassoon in British English (sæˈsuːn) 1. Siegfried (Lorraine). , British poet and novelist, best known for his poems on the horrors of war, collected in Counterattacks () and Satirical Poems (). He also wrote a semi-romance autobiographical trilogy, The Memoirs of George Sherston ().

Did Vidal Sassoon designate the queens?

Famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon brought the queen’s CBE to Buckingham Palace and praised the monarch’s hair for its beautiful color. The man who revolutionized hairdressing in the s said his life has so far been an extraordinary adventure. (The queen) could not have been better.

What is a wedge-shaped haircut?

The Wedge Haircut is a voluminous retro short layered hairstyle for women with thin, straight hair that became popular in the s. It is a popular cut for women with fine to fine hair who need a bobble touch, or just for someone who wants to try the short hair lifestyle.

What are the different types of bobs?

The different types explained. There are many names for the different types of bob haircuts. Including, but not limited to, Inverted, Graduated, Inverted, Aline, Stacked, Praise, Pob. Structured, mixed, asymmetrical, broken, sideboy, overlaid, shoulder, angular, lock.

Who invented the wedge clip?

Trevor Sorbie

What’s the difference between a bob and a lob?

What is the difference between Lob and Bob?

Simply that praise is longer than a bob, hence the name Long Bob or Lob. The lobs are a tour de force with a high elegance factor. The lob gives you the perfect balance of short and long and flatters all hair types.

What does a bob cut look like?

A bob cut, bob is a short or medium haircut for women (and sometimes men) in which the hair is usually cut straight around the head at roughly jaw height, often with bangs (or bangs) . ) Front.

When did Vidal Sassoon die?

9 May

What is Vidal Sassoon known for?

Vidal Sassoon, who died of leukemia at the age of 84, became the most famous hairstylist of the s, creating styles that captured and subsequently enhanced women’s new sense of personal freedom. In doing so, he changed the hairdressing profession forever.

How much is Vidal Sassoon worth?

Vidal Sassoon Fortune: Vidal Sassoon is a British writer, entrepreneur and hairdresser with a net worth of $ million. Vidal Sassoon was born in Hammersmith, London, England, grew up primarily in an orphanage and has since started working as an apprentice hairdresser.

What was Siegfried Sassoon famous for?

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, CBE, MC (8 September - 1 September ) was an English poet, writer and soldier. Rewarded for his courage on the Western Front, he became one of the greatest poets of the First World War.

Where does the name Sassoon come from?

The surname Sassoon derives from the Old French Sarrazin, which means buckwheat. It is believed that in medieval England it was a nickname for someone who seems obscure or who was returning from the Crusades before becoming a surname.

Has Vidal Sassoon been liquidated?

The line is named after world famous hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, who passed away earlier this year. This launch is indeed a revival of the brand (not to be confused with Sassoon Salon products) that was interrupted by P&G in during a lawsuit.

Who Owns Vidal Sassoon?

Procter & Gamble

Are David and Vidal Sassoon related?

They had three biological children and an adopted son: daughter Catya (), an actress who died of a drug-induced heart ■■■■■■, son Elan BenVidal (January 17, ), son David (born ) and his daughter Eden Sassoon.

Vidal Sassoon is related to Siegfried Sassoon?

No, he is not. Vidal was a Greek / Ukrainian Jew and not a descendant of the Sassoon family to which Siegfried belonged.

Vidal Sassoon Wedge Haircut


Now discussing:

Wedge Haircuts for a Total Modern and Retro Glow-Up

Wedge haircuts are the go-to styles for women who prefer wash-and-wear haircuts but want a soft and feminine touch. Most stylists use the wedge cut in tandem with the classic bob, giving a very angular weight line to the look.  Also, women with fine hair will usually wear the haircut because of the volumizing effect.

But do you know that the wedge cut has a very distinguished history?

An Olympic Style

When Dorothy Hamill won the Women&#;s Figure Skating Single gold medal at the Olympics in Austria, she will inspire countless girls and women to flock the salon to get the &#;Hamill Wedge.&#; The night before she was set to leave the U.S. for her competition, renowned Japanese hairstylist Yusuke Suga cut her thick straight hair to complement the flow of her skating, adding a graceful touch to the Olympian&#;s silhouette.

Fashionistas and the general public dubbed Hamill&#;s style as the short and sassy style and women wanted the no-fuss haircut. Hamill&#;s hair made her even more famous. So famous that during the 70s, she was the most popular shampoo and hair care endorser. The sassy and short attribute got stuck with Hamill&#;s image, and true wedge haircuts may be very retro nowadays, but the image and vibe of the cut remain.

However, Trevor Sorbie, a celebrity hairstylist, is accredited with inventing the classic wedge haircut in a Vidal Sassoon salon in But it took Hamill&#;s popularity to make the haircut as ubiquitous as Farrah Fawcett&#;s shaggy style or Bo Derek&#;s cornrows.

The Real Wedge Haircuts We Want

Okay, wedge haircuts aren&#;t really for everyone. But there&#;s a style tweak out there that can make any hair, curly, straight, thin, or thick, adapt to the wedge. What we love about the wedge is that you get all the low-maintenance comfort of a short bob, but less of the growing-out hassle.

A wedge bob is shorter at the back and with longer layers all around, especially the top and front. The cut gives a voluminous silhouette similar to a bowl cut but with more inversions and layers. It&#;s a short haircut that gives an airy flow to the hair, one reason why it&#;s popular with women who have thicker and thinner hair.

However, with the modern taste, the wedge has evolved to incorporate more stacking, inverted wedges, and the play of color and lights to the total look.

The Classic Wedge Haircuts

Similar to the bowl cut, you know it&#;s a classic wedge cut when the back is shorter than the front. There are also layers, but minimal increase unlike that of the typical stacked bob.

The Modern Reverse Wedge

You still have the wedge cut with the graduated length. However, the front section of the hair is longer than the back—a reverse of the classic wedge haircut. This is your retro look glowed-up for the modern taste but retains the best of the wedge. We love the ease of maintenance bt with the urban vibe.

The New Wedge

Hamill&#;s style isn&#;t as popular as the new style where a wedge traverses the ears. If you go to a modern salon now, this is the wedge haircut. You probably will end up explaining what you want and whipping out your smartphone to show what the classic wedge looks like.

The Modern Wedge

Unlike the retro wedge which is one continuous line going from short to long as you move forward the hairline, the V-wedge makes a V-shaped line as it exposes the ear. It&#;s the modern take to a very popular cut and which we love. After all, one must show off those beautiful danglies once in a while.

The Allure of A-Line Wedge Haircuts

The A-line bob angles to the front, but the wedge softens the look with its softer take on layers. What we love about the wedge cut is how it adds depth to a look and hair volume especially around the crown. It can also be a sleek cut as shown here and &#;slims down&#; thicker hair without being bogged down by too many layers.

An A-line wedge bob with the rounded edges giving the visual line a softer vibe. In a true wedge haircut, the rounded edges are achieved not by undercutting but by layering with very minute difference between the length of each layer. Also, in the classic wedge, layers are kept to a minimum.

The Age of the Asymmetrical Edge

The wedge cut lends itself magnificently to the asymmetrical bob, making it ultra-modern and stylish. The bob in itself is very versatile and even with the formulaic parameters of the wedge haircut, we still get to play around with the lengths and layers.

You can have undercut layers all-around and then a chic A-line on one side while your punky bad chick gets to rule the other. The asymmetrical cut wherein one side or one section or several sections altogether are cut in varying and drastic lengths is softened by the wedge&#;s rounded vibe.

Razor Sharp Edges

Getting a buzzcut can be a beautiful experience.

With highlight, it can be a real glow-up.

A wedge haircut is now more known for the v-shaped hairline that angles around the ear. Get the semi-mohawk treatment for a very urban vibe.

Such a lovely way to show-off an undercut—flirty bangs.

Or something with a real attitude.

The Undercut Wedge Haircuts

If you have thicker hair and want some respite from the constant upkeep AND you are on the adventurous side of style, then an undercut wedge cut can be a great look. The cut is a wash-and-wear style that we love. If you want to dress up the cut, a little hair product can hold any look. From the tousled look to alluring bedhead, check out the buzzcut that will not be a buzzkill.

Chic Modern Curls for Wedge Haircuts

When Sorbie created the wedge, he wanted a streamlined horizontal weight line that will solve the weighty problems of too thick hair. Who knew that fast forward a few decades, the wedge would come back as a chic hair trend for curly hair. Modern touches in the wedge cut nowadays include bangs that can sweep and frame the face and lovely tousled curls. However, the horizontal weight line of the cut remains and continues to be its signature look.


A side view of a curly wedge cut. The cutting techniques are great in taming thick curly hair, so the wedge can be a cut you might want to try.

Celebrity Fashion

Michelle Obama&#;s curly take on the wedge is cool and elegant, very much like the lady herself.

Buzzy Curls

A buzzcut plus curls equal a very 70s retro look. Highlights and razor-sharp hairline can make the retro look a little more modern.

Gorgeous Curls for Wedge Haircuts

Oh my! Who wouldn&#;t love to tousle these gorgeous curls. The short wedge style just amplifies the pretty factor in these curls, and we are so tempted to touch.

Retro Wedge Haircuts

Here&#;s a new look at how the wedge haircut evolved through the decades, starting with the Hamill Wedge. However, from the rounded bowlish cut, the wedge has undergone several iterations. From taming thick hair to a cut for someone with fine hair, the style only proves that it is all in the proper handling. The new wedge cut isn&#;t for everybody, especially with the short and sassy style. But with curls and the medium-length looks, the wedge is becoming a very flexible hairstyle.

A Round of Applause for the Beautifully-Cut Classic Wedge

The initial wedge cut was more akin to the bowl cut and even back there, the visual effect is much softer than what the new wedge looks like.

When a Wedge Pretends to Be a Mullet aka That 80s Style

Fly-Away Curls for a Happy TV Experience

A beautiful rendering of the wedge cut for curls. The fly-away edges, of course, dates the style to the 70s. However, this only proves the evolving flexibility of the wedge haircut and why people with fine hair prefer the cut.

The 80s Wedge

Nearly akin to the new style of wedge haircuts, we prefer the new angular take that stylists are currently using. The feathered layers are a great way to lighten up thick hair.

The Wedge Haircut&#;s Evolution

Nearly in the style which we currently know, the deep side part and the flipped bangs give this look a very 90s and early feel. We, however, love the highlights and the beautiful smile that goes with the look.

Top of The Retro Curls

You probably have seen these styles more on nostalgia story pieces and your mother&#;s photo album.

Beautiful Wedged Bowls

The wedge haircut turns true to itself with these beautiful wedge bowl cuts that traverse both styles. Rounded and soft edges, but with the wedge, you can easily spot where the horizontal weight line of the hair breaks.

The Modern Wedge Haircuts in Bowl Form

How to turn a bowl cut into a wedge cut? Create a little more angular line to the hair and these styles are a little more obvious about the wedge. It&#;s a more visually dramatic cut than the bowl, and definitely more stylish. However, if you are looking for hipster cred, both the wedge and the bowl get full retro points.


Wedgy Stacked Bobs

The classic bob is fun, fashionable, and always in style. When you add the cutting techniques associated with the wedge, the style becomes a bit softer and more feminine. It doesn&#;t lose its flirty and fun side however.

You get the full style points if you style your classic wedge bob in pink.

Let&#;s give the wedge cut a new kind of wedge.

Beautiful Layers

Depending on how you cut and style the cut, you can add volume to fine hair or you can tame thicker hair so the style doesn&#;t get weighed down.  Add this flexibility to the bob and you are maximizing your style points and you didn&#;t even have to try too hard. May we also remind you how easier it is to maintain the upkeep of the wedge bob. However, if you&#;re wedge is on the shorter side and you don&#;t want to grow out the length, regular visits to the salon are important.

And here&#;s a back view of a wedge bob for your reference.

The wedge bob gets a very stylish A-line style. The silver lilac and blonde highlights are optional.


Bang It On with Wedge Haircuts

Bangs give the wedge either a very retro feel or a toral modern chic vibe. Maybe we can also have both with the way stylists and fashionistas play with their wedge haircuts.

Hipster Chopped Bangs

A Flirty Fringe

Asymmetrical Are Fun

And if you wear a deep side part, those asymmetrical bangs will get extra style mileage. Wear with highlights, either permanent or semi-permanent, and you get full fashion points.

Retro Bangs

Choppy Bang for the Trendy Wedge Cut

Short Bangs for The Wedge Bob

A side parting, even with bangs, can draw the eye towards the face and help give visual depth. A look that is quite good for those with fine or thin hair.


High With Highlights

You have the cut, why not amp up the style factor with color? We love the play of highlights on the layers of the wedge cut, and regardless of length, the wedge lends itself beautifully to fashionable dyeing. Victoria Beckham has worn the wedge cut for quite some time now and has been credited to ushering the cut back to our fashion consciousness. whether you go for highlights or low lights or just the most subtle of babylights, color will always add impact to your wedge cut.

Wedge Haircuts With Blonde Highlights

Gold or warm brown tot he lightest touch, blonde highlights will always dress up a look.

Subtle Lowlights


Blonde Wedge Haircuts

If you have had your fill of the different kinds of wedge cuts, feast on these colors that give different effects and vibe. From fiery red to cool platinum, we have a beautiful collection of the trendiest colors for your wedge cut.


Blonde Pink

What this platinum blonde with summery highlights?

Summery Blonde With Butter Blonde Highlights


Cool as Icy Platinum

Platinum, metallic gray, and silver are the coolest colors to get. With the new styles of wedge haircuts around, you have your choice of platinum and all its iterations. If you are on the senior side of age, go with the flow and turn your graying hair to something trendy and hip.

A Platinum Balayage

What Gray?

These are ashy blonde highlights! Embrace the gray and turn age to trend.

Perfect Age for Platinum

Whether you are 15 or 50 or 70, platinum is always icy cool.

Fiery Wedge Haircuts

Red is the color of passion and we are so ready to embrace it. Together with a wedge haircut, fashion-sense and practicality are perfectly melded together.

The Allure of Auburn

Beautiful Burgundies for Your Wedge Haircuts

Sensuous Scarlets


Pretty Wedge Brunettes

Brown colors on hair evoke not only warmth and chocolatey deliciousness, but it&#;s also the feel of deep and dark lusciousness that we associate with the forest and the earth.

Magical Mahogany

We love our deep browns that are so unique to the colors of the forest. Dark and rich, they play with the sun while keeping the attention to a minimum.

A Taste of Honey


Wedge Haircuts for the Modern Senior Woman

Wedge haircuts may be popular now among the younger set, but it&#;s also popular among our ladies of a certain age especially with its easy maintenance. Real cuts and real looks for real women who relish their age and celebrate their lives with style.

Ageless Short Style

Celebrate the Grays


The Medium Wedge Haircuts

The wedge haircuts fit any length and the trend nowadays goes for longer lengths rather than the usual short hair. Coupled with bangs, center or side partings, or anything else that a stylist can think of, wedge haircuts remain very versatile.

Bangs Can Make a Visual Impact on Wedge Haircuts

Wedge Haircuts FAQ

Is the wedge haircut only for those with fine hair?

Nope. Dorothy Hamill, the Olympic skater that popularized the cut, had very thick hair. And the wedge&#;s gentle layering style softened Hamill&#;s hair while letting it flow which made for great visuals when Hamill was skating and making those graceful and athletic jumps. You can also opt for the A-line bob if you are planning to get a wedge haircut or check with your stylist about getting a stacked bob.

Okay, I thought the wedge haircut was a stacked cut. Are they different?

Yes, they are and it&#;s a very fine style line especially as both hairstyles have similar cutting techniques. A stacked haircut bears a very dramatic difference in layer length, usually at an inch. This length difference also gives the hair a dramatic and angular weight line which is usually associated with the stacked. Meanwhile, a wedge cut has a very minimal increase between the layers so the hairline gives a more gentle and rounded effect much akin to the bowl cut. Ultimately, you would now it&#;s a true wedge if it adds visual volume to your look.

How do wedge haircuts differ from bowl cuts?

Both cuts have a rounded effect, however, the wedge haircut has an angled line that the bowl doesn&#;t have.

I love my wedge cut, but can I go back to a stacked bob?

First, it really depends on the current state of your wedge cut right now. Since a stacked bob is usually more dramatic because of the sharp angular and vertical weight line of the hair, it is possible. However, if your wedge is on the pixie side and you want a stacked bob, you will probably need to grow out your hair. Finally, we suggest going to your stylist who can give you interim cuts and styles that can be a bob or not.

The stylist recommended the wedge cut for me and now I&#;m not sure how to style it?

First, congratulations on getting a very stylish albeit easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Second, since the wedge haircut is usually longer on the front than on the back, all you would really need is style the front sections of your hair. You can do the usual ubiquitous brush-up, However, if you want something more casual, a tousled look will also look good. If your wedge cut is on the longer side as what is currently trending now, get some messy waves in there. Create diagonal curls with your curling iron and then finger-comb your hair. If you want a fuss-free cut but want maximum style mileage, we suggest coloring your hair as highlights are wonderful coupled with a wedge.


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