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Squared Circle Subreddit Closes for 12 Hours to Protest Racism

Posted on by Chad McMahon


Squared Circle, the largest subreddit dedicated to pro wrestling, announced Wednesday that they would close the subreddit for all new posts and comments as a protest against racism, police brutality, and Reddit's complicity in spreading hate speech. The closure began at 8PM Wednesday night and Squared Circle is set to reopen at 8PM Thursday morning, Eastern time. The move was explained in a post which read:

/r/SquaredCircle is closing tonight from PM (ET) until AM tomorrow to protest racism, police brutality, and Reddit administrators providing a platform for hate speech.

For 12 hours, starting tonight at 8pm ET, we'll be shutting down /r/SquaredCircle (preventing new posts and comments) in protest of racism and police brutality, and specifically the lack of action by reddit administrators to curb hate speech on their platform. Although most other sites went dark on Tuesday 6/2, we see most traffic on Wednesday evenings and wanted to reach the broadest possible audience. Posts and comments will be allowed again starting at 8am ET on Thursday June 4th. Links and resources regarding racism and police brutality are included below.

The logo of Reddit, where wresting subreddit Squared Circle has closed in protest.

The post went on to detail why Reddit itself was named amongst the subjects being protested. The moderators I'd Squared Circle accuser Reddit administrators and company policy of allowing racist and fascist behavior on the site.

Reddit has announced its alignment with anti-racist protesters. We demand to know: where are the actions to back up the words? The Reddit administrators' policies have made their site downright hospitable to exactly the kinds of racists and fascists against whom it claims to be protesting. Reddit has no blanket filter on hate speech, leaving it to their moderator volunteers to curb racism on each subreddit. Reddit allows accounts with racial slurs in their usernames to continue to exist. Disrespectful awards are handed out like candy, and moderators are left to react instead of being proactive because reddit doesn't want to stop profiting off of users inciting each other. Admins recently attempted to force an unmoderated chatroom on every community. Hollow platitudes are useless when real action is required. Once again, moderators will act while administrators sit on their hands.

The shutdown of the subreddit comes on what may be its busiest day of the week, with AEW Dynamite going head to head with WWE NXT. As such, it's likely to get the attention of the largest portion of the site's readers.

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Chad McMahon, otherwise known as The Chadster, is a lifelong professional wrestling fan and now journalist. Chad’s interests also include comic books, movies, netflix, and other sports including football, baseball and basketball, both college and professional. Chad drives a Miata and is married to Keighleyanne. He loves WWE with all his heart and soul.
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WCW was in a state of change in The heyday of the original Four Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes and other top stars was drawing to a close and it would be another year before Hulk Hogan would arrive and make Ted Turner’s promotion a true threat to WWE.

Still, there were many talented wrestlers on the roster engaged in heated rivalries, none more so than Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader. It made perfect sense that two of WCW’s hardest-hitting brawlers would eventually cross paths inside the squared circle, but the damage these two bruisers dished out during this Classic Rivalry was unimaginable. 

WCW was in a state of change in The heyday of the original Four Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes and other top stars was drawing to a close and it would be another year before Hulk Hogan would arrive and make Ted Turner’s promotion a true threat to WWE.

Still, there were many talented wrestlers on the roster engaged in heated rivalries, none more so than Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader. It made perfect sense that two of WCW’s hardest-hitting brawlers would eventually cross paths inside the squared circle, but the damage these two bruisers dished out during this Classic Rivalry was unimaginable. ( PHOTOS)

“I was a hard guy to feel sympathetic for.”

Mick Foley, then known as Cactus Jack, arrived in WCW in and immediately stamped out a place in the minds of fans. “The thing that stands out was how legitimately frightened some of the spectators were of me,” Foley told WWEClassics.com.

He gave them plenty to be afraid of as he teamed with the equally terrifying Abdullah the Butcher to make life hell for WCW’s top star, Sting. After The Stinger defeated Cactus in a thrilling Falls Count Anywhere Match at Beach Blast , the fans began to see the man billed from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in a new light.

“They understood that I was going way above and beyond the call of duty to entertain them,” Foley explained. “A lot of the things that seemed frightening now seemed kind of endearing or entertaining.”

Though he was beginning to earn the adulation of WCW fans, Cactus Jack still had a hard time making the major connection that combatants like Sting and Ricky Steamboat had. “I had taken so much punishment on TV and people had it in their mind, through constant repetition by the announcers that I loved it,” he said.  “I was a hard guy to feel really sympathetic for,” he said.

It was during a January Street Fight against Paul Orndorff that Foley’s fortunes took a turn for the best, or worst, depending on how you look at it. Throughout the match, Orndorff's manager, Harley Race, coached Jack on how to inflict more damage on his foe. Fed up, Cactus Jack laid Race out with a big right hand. When he came to, Harley called in the heavy artillery.

The pound tank called Vader came to the ring and steamrolled Cactus Jack, joining "Mr. Wonderful" and Race in a vicious attack that proved to be the starting point of one of WCW’s most brutal rivalries. ( WATCH)

In reality, Foley knew Vader was the perfect foil for him, based on a previous encounter.

“We had a match. Not a high profile one, but a match on WCW Main Event,” he said. “It was like night and day. Because he’s so much bigger than me, I was able to get the sympathy [from the fans] that I was lacking.”

Cactus Jack was about to become a fan favorite, but he was going to have to do it the hard way.

“It was so brutal.”

The first bout between Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader took place on WCW’s flagship show at the time, WCW Saturday Night. On April 17, , neither the fans packed into Atlanta’s Center Stage Theater nor the viewers at home could have been prepared for the carnage that was about to happen.

“It was so brutal,” Foley said of his first encounter with the monster from the Rocky Mountains.

From the opening bell, Vader pounced on Foley, throwing wild punches with his massive hands and pawing at his victim’s face, much like a bear would attack its prey. ( WATCH)

“He split the top of my eyebrow open, split me underneath my eye and broke my nose,” Foley told WWEClassics.com. “I have a small nose. It doesn’t break easily.”

And if a busted face wasn’t enough, there was also the looming presence of Harley Race. Often said to be one of the toughest men in sports-entertainment history, Vader’s manager stood on the outside, waiting to get his shots in.

“Harley Race is the master of splitting an eyebrow,” Foley explained. “He was so dejected when he saw it had already been done.”

When the brawl spilled to the arena floor, Race grabbed Jack, trying to give Vader a few more open shots. That backfired, as Cactus ducked out of the way, leaving Race to take a clothesline straight on from his charge.

Though he looked like he had been through war, Cactus Jack was able to mount enough of a counter attack to survive. He evaded a diving attack from Big Van Vader, which sent the pounder crashing through a guardrail at ringside. That gave Jack the time to get back into the ring before the referee counted to Cactus was declared the winner, but the battering Vader inflicted left him looking like anything but that.

The worst part? This war was just getting started.

“Everything seemed darker that day.”

One week after the vicious match, on April 24, , Cactus Jack emerged to speak with Tony Schiavone on WCW Saturday Night. He addressed the previous week’s thrashing, as well as a challenge the champion had laid out for that night.

With his face covered in bandages, Jack explained to Big Van Vader how tough that task would be.

“You want to destroy Cactus Jack? Understand something and understand it very well, I’ve been trying to do the same thing for most of my 27 years and couldn’t get the job done. Neither will you. Neither will you. Bang! Bang!” ( WATCH)

Still, Foley knew that he might be in for a rougher night than the one he experienced seven days prior. “I had such an ominous feeling,” he said. “Everything seemed darker that day, even the halls at Center Stage seemed dark. I even went to the extent of writing my wife a letter in case things didn’t go so well.”

His premonitions ended up being right. The second encounter between Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader was much crueler than the first. Vader took to the air early, knocking the wind out of his foe with several of his trademark Vader Bombs. The monster then taunted Jack, slapping him and asking, “Who’s the man?”

Cactus evaded another aerial attack and saw an opportunity to take the fight to the arena floor, where he had an advantage. He clotheslined Vader over the top rope with the momentum taking them both to the floor. With the WCW Champion lying prone, Cactus Jack took a risk, climbing back up to the ring apron and then leaping into a front flip toward his opponent.

Unfortunately for him, The Mastodon moved out of the way, and he crashed into the mats at ringside. Seeing an opening to do some major damage, Race lifted up another section of the mats, exposing the cold, hard concrete. What happened next was unimaginable.

Big Van Vader grabbed Cactus Jack and lifted him high in the air over the exposed concrete and hurled him toward the arena floor. The impact of Jack’s skull hitting the ground made a sickening thud that reverberated throughout Center Stage. Schiavone and color commentator Jesse “The Body” Ventura went silent as medics rushed to take care of a motionless Foley. ( WATCH)

“As soon as I hit, I thought, ‘Oh, that wasn’t so bad,’ ” Foley recalled. “Then it was, ‘Now I’m having trouble feeling my foot and one of my hands.’ ” He was diagnosed with a very serious concussion. When he returned to his hotel room after the hospital released him, Foley found support from an unlikely source.

“I wasn’t supposed to sleep, so Harley Race was calling to check on me,” he said. The legendary competitor was blown away by Foley’s fortitude. “He told me that I was the new Harley Race. As far as compliments go, they don’t get much bigger and better than that.”

Compliments aside, Foley was thankful he wasn’t more seriously injured. “It was the biggest, toughest, most aggressive guy in the business doing one of the most dangerous moves on concrete,” he said. “In retrospect, I’m lucky it turned out as well as it did.”

Though he would be out of action, the rivalry between Cactus Jack and Vader was far from over, but it would take a temporary detour from the serious to the foolish.

“They had taken a surreal, goofy take on a very serious situation…”

Foley used the time after the powerbomb-induced injury to have some needed surgery done. “That’s my vacation, knee surgery,” he joked.

To explain his absence, WCW created a series of vignettes based around the idea that Cactus Jack had amnesia following the powerbomb by Big Van Vader. Jack was placed in a mental institution, but had escaped somewhere in Cleveland. WCW then sent a reporter out to find him.

“I remember talking to the director after they shot the first segment, which did not involve me,” Foley recalled. “I said, ‘How’d it go?’ and he said, ‘There’s some things in there I would have done differently. Maybe you ought to just come over and watch it.’”

Foley watched the video of WCW’s intrepid reporter Catherine White interviewing patients at the institution where Cactus Jack had been. One acted eerily similar to Dustin Hoffman’s character from the movie “Rain Man.” Another seemed to be the worst Jack Nicholson impersonator in history. One eventually revealed Cactus Jack ran off to Cleveland. Foley was floored by the turn his big break was taking. “I was shocked that they had taken a surreal, goofy take on a very serious situation.”

Still, Foley went along with the plan, where the amnesiac Cactus Jack would be found in a homeless community.

“I went so far as to shave my eyebrows and shave completely to create an alternate look,” Foley told WWEClassics.com. “It’s tough for a guy to create a homeless look when you’ve had long hair and a beard for your entire tenure with the company.”

By the time Cactus Jack was “discovered” in Cleveland, WCW decided to pull the plug on the amnesia story, to Foley’s relief. When he got ready to come back, he discovered these vignettes really didn’t resonate with the fans.

“I think people just kind of willingly or subconsciously separated them from the rivalry.”

And when he returned to WCW, Cactus Jack’s next bout with Vader would erase any trace of the ridiculous clips from the fans' minds.

“I was wrestling that match like it was my last ever.”

Cactus Jack made his return to WCW at Clash of the Champions on August 18, If Foley had any trepidation about his return, his nerves were eased when one of the most infamous gaffes in sports-entertainment history occurred earlier that night.

“I was in my dressing room when I saw The Shockmaster fall,” he recalled. “It took me about 10 minutes to fully appreciate what I’d just seen and I burst out laughing by myself. It broke the tension and I was able to refocus.”

His return set up a bout at Halloween Havoc that October. The stipulation would be decided by a spin of a wheel. When the monster from the Rocky Mountains took his spin, the ominous wheel landed on Texas Death Match, ensuring this encounter would be extra vicious.

Contested under rules similar to that of a Last Man Standing Match, the ultimate goal of the bout was to incapacitate your opponent to the point where he could not answer the official’s count. This gave the hulking Vader and the unstable Cactus Jack plenty of opportunity to dish out damage.

Behind the scenes, though, Foley was considering what his next step in sports-entertainment would be, if he even decided to continue his in-ring career.

“This was my first main event as a good guy and I had reason to believe it would be my last,” Foley explained. “I didn’t think I was being portrayed as being very important leading into that match.”

Despite his misgivings about his career, Foley went all-out against Vader. The two clobbered each other with everything they had as they brawled throughout New Orleans’ Lakefront Arena. Still, the feeling that this was it crept into Foley’s mind.

“I remember thinking vividly, ‘This is the peak of my career and I’m never going to get this high again.’ I was wrestling that match like it was my last ever.” ( WATCH)

The high point of the match came when Cactus Jack was on the humongous back of Big Van Vader on the entrance ramp.  The Mastodon takes a few steps, then surprisingly leaps backwards, crushing Jack between his massive frame and the ramp.  “I really thought it was going to be the last move I ever did in wrestling,” Foley revealed. “I thought I would collect on the Lloyd's of London policy that would kick in after a pound man sandwiched me.”

Following a DDT onto a steel chair and a cattle prod shock from Race, Cactus Jack was unable to answer the 10 count. Vader emerged victorious from one of the most brutal bouts in history.

And though Foley felt like it was the end of his career, he could not have been more wrong.

“There was so much potential left on the table.”

The Halloween Havoc melee with Vader was obviously not Mick Foley’s final foray inside the squared circle. He went on to become a decorated champion in WWE, holding multiple championships, including the WWE Title.

WWE fans fondly remember his dust-ups with Superstars like The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Triple H rather than his encounters with mammoths like Vader. Foley has an explanation for that.

“There really wasn’t any closure,” he said. “I can honestly say the rivalries I had [in WWE] all lived up to their potential. I’m very proud of what Vader and I did in the ring together, but there was so much potential left on the table.”

Still, Foley recognized that his epic encounters with the titan were a very important milestone in his career. “It was a different rivalry in the sense that he was such a commanding, dominant figure and a monster in ways that the WWE Superstars were not,” he explained.

“They were amazing wrestlers, athletes and performers, but there was never the sense that you were going up against a monster,” he continued. “I think the Vader matches were ahead of their time in terms of physicality and brutality. [They] helped cement my reputation as a very physical performer.”

Sours: https://www.wwe.com/classics/classic-rivalries-vader-cactus-jack
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You&#;re reading Entrepreneur United States, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Don&#;t be fooled by Conrad Thompson&#;s genial Southern manner: The man is all business. Two decades ago, the year-old Alabama native ventured into real estate. By , he and several relatives opened shop at 1st Family Mortgage Company in Huntsville, where Thompson was born and raised and still lives with his wife Megan Fliehr, who also happens to be the daughter of pro-wrestling legend Ric Flair. But that fact alone doesn&#;t quite explain how Thompson wound up co-hosting and overseeing a series of hugely popular wrestling-themed podcasts alongside squared-circle icons like Kurt Angle and Arn Anderson. 


A child of the &#;80s and Hulkamania, Thompson renewed his wrestling fandom around the mid-aughts. In , he and some friends helped fund a documentary on s renegade wrestling promotion ECW via Kickstarter. Soon after, they paid provocative industry fixture Jim Cornette to do an unfiltered interview from Thompson&#;s living room. Before long, Thompson was introduced to and struck up a friendship with Flair, who invited Thompson onto his now-defunct podcast. Fast forward to , and Thompson joined forces with current World Wrestling Entertainment executive Bruce Prichard for a show called Something to Wrestle With that initially aired via WWE Network.

Today, Thompson&#;s AdFreeShows podcast network — anchored by Something to Wrestle With — boasts seven weekly shows that he co-hosts and curates (in addition to other periodic original content) while attending to 1st Family Mortgage. That is the point, as ads for 1st Family are baked into the podcasts, and both endeavors are promoted synergistically across his websites and social media channels. Given that AdFreeShows has amassed more than two million downloads in the U.S. alone, that&#;s the kind of referral business word of mouth alone can&#;t buy. 

Related: Tony Khan Helps Run an NFL Franchise, Premier League Football Team and All Elite Wrestling. And He Trusts Himself Now More Than Ever.

On a recent fall morning, following a late-night recording session with Prichard and amid daytime duties for 1st Family, Thompson talked with us by phone from his Huntsville office about wearing different hats, merging disparate passions and what makes quality podcasts click.

Do people still have a hard time understanding how your two businesses overlap?

I think a lot of people were probably scratching their heads when I explained here at the mortgage office that I was going to find a way to dovetail wrestling podcasts into it. But for years, we promoted our mortgage company through traditional advertising like radio, and we were spending pretty hefty sums for a small business — over a hundred grand a month. All of a sudden, I realized, &#;Wait a minute. Through these podcasts, our commercials can be heard nationwide, and it&#;s no money out of pocket for me. So, if there&#;s perhaps more penetration and less out of pocket, that&#;s a win-win.&#; So instead of borrowing someone else&#;s stick, as they say in the radio business, now we have our own sticks and create our own relationship with the audience. But man, it&#;s worked out tremendously because people do business with who they know, like and trust. A lot of folks are aware of our business because of the podcast. It&#;s working out.

Conrad Thompson Runs a Successful Mortgage Brokerage and Pro-Wrestling Podcast Empire. The Two Are Not Mutually Exclusive.

Thompson and his wife, Megan Fliehr, daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair.

Image credit: AdFreeShows.com

So there&#;s no point at which you&#;re going to feel forced to choose one gig over the other?

No. I mean, I started doing podcasts to sell mortgages. I know that that doesn&#;t make sense for people who first became aware of me through the podcast, but I saw it as an advertising opportunity to take my mortgage company nationwide, and it&#;s worked. I don&#;t think there&#;ll ever be a time where I say I just want to do mortgages, because I&#;m always going to need to advertise. And I don&#;t think there&#;ll be a time where I say I just want to do podcasts and forego the thing I&#;ve done now for more than 20 years. We&#;ve built a nice business here, and a bunch of folks are relying on me, and to me, they just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Just to illustrate your point, how much has business boomed for 1st Family since you started podcasting?

Overall, our company&#;s at 1,% [growth] in the last five years, so it&#;s been phenomenal. I can&#;t credit all that to the podcast, but as far as the wrestling-podcast piece, it has definitely grown exponentially beyond what we had originally imagined.

Have you noticed any similarities between how trends in the mortgage business and podcasting world ebb and flow?

Well, certainly, the more listeners we have on the podcast, the more opportunity we&#;re going to have to generate business on the mortgage side of things, and things went absolutely crazy during COVID when folks were stuck at home. And I do think they were listening to terrestrial radio less because there was less &#;windshield time,&#; but they were still working at their desks, so we did enjoy quite a bit of growth on the podcast side through the pandemic, specifically with our other arms of our business, like Patreon.

But in addition to that, we saw [mortgage] rates just become lower than ever. All of a sudden folks realize, &#;Hey, I don&#;t have to live in a high rise. I can get out of town and have a yard.&#; When people started to work from home and they realized that there might be tax benefits to that, they no longer had to think about a crazy commute. It really created a lot of opportunity on both the refinance side of our mortgage business and the purchase side.

So it&#;s kind of weird because most people would say the wrestling business is enjoying a resurgence, but when you take a look at fanfare and ratings and things like that, I don&#;t know that it was up through the pandemic. But it was on the mortgage side and, and certainly, podcasting has grown year-over-year. And I think that the wrestling fan base, while it may be diminished from what it was at its peak, is more passionate now. So there may be fewer fans, but they&#;re more loyal fans and are more apt to spend money.

You are ultimately spreading yourself pretty thin. What&#;s you&#;re coping strategy for burnout? 

I&#;ve been blessed to have really great support teams on both sides. We have a team that helps me with research, graphics, video, ad sales and merch on the podcast side of things. I&#;ve really got it drilled down to where I chart the course, but outside of that, all I have to be is on-air talent, and that just becomes a function of setting up a recording schedule. 

We&#;re really fortunate that if I have to be out of town for travel, I&#;ve got a great number two where I can just tag in [AdFreeShows fill-in host] Paul Bromwell, and he does a great job in my absence. As long as we&#;re delivering my ad reads for the advertisers, everyone seems to be OK. That&#;s not something I try to lean on too much, but I turned 40 over the summer and took a week off, and it was phenomenal. It gave me an opportunity to be away and not be feeling like, &#;Oh, I should be there,&#; because I knew Paul had my back. So I would expect that to happen at least once a year moving forward.

Related: Meet the Pro-Wrestling Pair That&#;s Building a Small-Business Empire

A lot of small-business owners have tried to launch podcasts, with mixed results. Yours are only tangentially related to your real estate operation, but what have you learned in general about the medium and when it resonates with audiences?

I&#;ve got a lot of friends in both the real-estate world and the finance world who have tried the podcast thing, but I think their mistake is they make the podcast about the business. And frankly, nobody cares about your business but you, and that took a long time for me to figure out, because I felt like that&#;s what everyone wanted me to do. But if I just did a mortgage podcast, I mean, gosh, I&#;d have hundreds of listeners, not hundreds of thousands of listeners. I&#;m sure some people will read that and think, &#;Hey, that would be great if I had hundreds of listeners.&#; Well, but what if you could have hundreds of thousands of listeners? What you&#;ve got to find is something that you&#;re passionate about, and it&#;s really a rifle shot and not a shotgun approach because, man, talking about old nostalgic wrestling from the &#;80s and &#;90s is about as niche as it gets, but we found a way to grow an avid fan base.

And now we&#;ve been fortunate enough that any time I spin off a new show, there&#;s going to be support there because the audience is already familiar with our style and our way of doing things; we&#;ve got a little bit of loyalty and some equity built up. If you can create an audience, then you can tell them about your business, but it shouldn&#;t be, &#;I&#;ll make it about my business, and the audience will come.&#; Everyone who listens to our podcasts knows they&#;re going to have to sit through a doggone mortgage commercial, but for the other 90 minutes, we&#;re going to give them what they want, which is all wrestling content. The challenge for anyone who wants to copycat what I&#;ve done is this: What&#;s your pro wrestling? What is your passion? What is your topic? If you figure that out and then find a way to plug your business as part of that show, now you&#;ve got something.

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FULL MATCH - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Roman Reigns - WWE 2K19 PC / PS4 Mods

&#;The Tribal Chief&#; is expected to remain at &#;The Head Of The Table&#; in the WWE Universe for a while longer.

According to a report with a source close to the situation, the word behind-the-scenes in the company right now is that Roman Reigns is expected to remain as the WWE Universal Champion for a while longer, with no plans for him to lose the title at any point this year.

The source claims WWE is pleased with Reigns&#; work as the top heel on the Friday Night SmackDown brand, pointing specifically to his merchandise records as he is among the company&#;s top all-time heel movers in that department, with sales reportedly at the level of John Cena in his day.

With all that in mind, the belief is Reigns will not be losing his title this month, meaning he is likely to get his hand raised &#; or at the very least leave the squared circle with his gold hardware in-tact following his highly-anticipated showdown against Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia later this month.

Adding to that expectation is the news that &#;The Beast Incarnate&#; is not expected to appear on any WWE programming after the aforementioned Crown Jewel show on 10/21 until the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view in St. Louis in January of next year.

Make sure to join us here at eWrestlingNews.com on Oct. 21 for live WWE Crown Jewel results coverage from Saudi Arabia.

(H/T: WrestlingNews.co)

Matt Boone

Sours: https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/possible-wwe-crown-jewel-spoiler-roman-reigns-brock-lesnar-updates

Circle reddit squared

Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3: Livestream, TV Channel and PPV Cost. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are just a few days away from meeting each other once again inside the squared circle.

Click To Watch Free Wilder vs Fury 3 Live Stream

This is a vital fight for both the men and they cannot wait to show the world what they’ve got. Their first two fights entertained the vast boxing masses, and this trilogy is expected to be even bigger than the previous contests.

Ever since its announcement, this bout has sent shock waves into the fight world. The fans are eager already and they’re even more interested in seeing a polished Deontay Wilder this time. This is because Wilder, over the past few months, has worked extremely hard to instill new skills like movements, defense, and more. That said, he himself is keen to show what he’s made of.

On the flip side, Tyson Fury will look to continue what he did against Wilder the last time. ‘The Gypsy King’ constantly pressed ‘The Bronze Bomber’ and administered a complete beating. But before the duo enters the ring to settle their rivalry, we look at some vital details on PPV and the overall details of this event.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder – Everything you need to know

Date, time, and place

This contest is set to go on floors on October 9, Saturday. The main card of this bout will begin at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. Also, the tentative time for the main event is 11 pm ET/9 pm PT. However, the actual time of Wilder and Fury’s ring walks cannot be predicted as it’ll depend on the length of previous fights.

This contest will get rolled out in a perfect setting at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.


The Fury vs Wilder bout’s main card will be broadcasted on ESPN or/FOX joint PPV. This fight can be live-streamed too with the FOX Sports app and ESPN+. The total cost of PPV for this fight is set at $

Wilder vs Fury: Fight card

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder (WBC and lineal Heavyweight titles)

Efe Ajagba vs. Frank Sanchez (Heavyweight)

Robert Helenius vs. Adam Kownacki (Heavyweight)

Jared Anderson vs. Vladimir Tereshkin (Heavyweight)

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder Engage in a Heated Back and Forth on Twitter

The trilogy between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury is slated for October 9. This contest is just a few days away and bigwigs of the game, as well as hardcore enthusiasts, are keeping their fingers crossed to see a fight bigger than the pair’s first two collisions.

It seems that Wilder and Fury are more than eager to enter the ring on October 9. That said, their excitement is visible in their workouts. Furthermore, the duo even trash-talked each other on social media. This contest has all the necessary attention around itself, but Wilder and Fury are taking extra efforts to promote their third war.

‘The Bronze Bomber’, in a response to the Brit, shared an image of his first fight with Fury. This image was captured when Fury was on the canvas after his first fight with Wilder.

Wilder and Fury are the fiercest rivals in boxing’s most elite division. Wilder, prior to facing Fury, was considered a deadly knockout artist. But, ‘The Gypsy King’ turned the tables when he locked horns with his foe in February

The WBC champ brutalized Wilder and shocked everyone. The Alabama native didn’t have any answers to Fury’s assault, and he ended up losing the fight in round 7.

Ever since then, he’s remained hungry to settle his scores with the Briton in a third meet.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 3 – An action-packed bout

Heavyweight battles are always worth the watch, and the world has seen Fury and Wilder’s dual high-voltage encounters.

Both these stars launched massive attacks against each other in both fights. However, Fury had the edge in those meets.

That said, Wilder will have probably his last chance to vanquish Fury and reclaim his titles. If he does so, he will again resurrect his spot at the top. But if he fails to do so, needless to say, Wilder’s career will be in jeopardy.

Regardless of anything, this scuffle will be one for the ages and it will be interesting to see who has the last laugh.

In less than ten days, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will head into battle for the third time. Initially scheduled for July 24, this fight was later pushed to October 9 as the current WBC champion reportedly tested positive for COVID However, now both fighters are all set to go head-to-head on October 9,

While the first fight ended in a draw, Tyson Fury one-upped his game in the second and won by round 7 TKO. With multiple ups and downs in the formation of this trilogy fight, fans are now on the edge of their seats.

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My history with wrestling:

s: World of Sport in the UK, mostly hoping for the occasional WWF programme that happened instead with Lord Alfred Hayes doing the explanations of who was who.

Long gap.

s: I am now obsessed with my first love, Rugby League, and after the Friday night match there was (what was still) WWF programming. Not RAW, and probably not Smackdown either. In those days I was too stoned to find the remote control and ultimately got into it. This was my attitude era. Drifted away again in the early s.

Long gap.

A few years ago: A friend invites me to a house show in the UK. I saw Neville, and I was amazed. I needed to see more and found that NXT was on, amusingly after another Rugby League programme. Sold.

But, because I am a nerd, what I also did was search around for a book to read up about wrestling and its history, and of course stumbled across /u/AKATheMaskedMan 's book. I read it before I was really back into the product, and did not know a lot of the names. But it seeded the path. I have re-read it recently after more time with the product and enjoyed it even more as a result.

And with that I really did gain a new obsession. Thanks for that. Sorry if this sounds like a borderline eulogy but with that book, the articles and the podcast you've been an important figure in my wrestling fandom and I very much appreciate it.

I look forward to what comes next. Best of luck.

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