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Make A Pottery Barn inspired wood bead lamp with this easy DIY tutorial.


How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

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Hello and welcome to Our Crafty Mom! I’m obsessed with the beautiful wood bead chandeliers that you see in all the home decor stores and magazines like this one from Pottery Barn:



 How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom


 Or this one from World Market:


How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom



But I don’t really have a place for one right now. However, that didn’t stop me from picking up wood beads from the craft store whenever I saw them on sale or had a coupon.


You never know when you might need wood beads right? I used some to make a pretty farmhouse style wreath and beautiful wood blessing beads with an oyster shell.

But, I was determined to put those beads to good use and make a wood bead lamp inspired by all the beautiful chandeliers!

Here is an easy to follow tutorial:

Supplies Needed For Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

I found a lamp at the thrift store for $6. It was just the right size and shape that I needed:

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

The farmhouse look is perfect to go with the wood beads so I simply gave it a whitewash finish using my go to chalk paint-Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

I was so excited to start the beading that I neglected to take a before picture of the lamp shade.  But it had ivory floral fabric that was discolored.

I couldn’t tear the fabric off fast enough! I will admit that this lamp shade was a labor of love. It was very easy to make, but extremely time consuming.

I would just string a couple of rows after work each night. I tied the wire to the top of the lamp base added 14 beads and tied it off on the bottom of the base. 

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

Once all the beads were added I hot glued the rope along the top and bottom to cover the frame. I am so thrilled with how it turned out!

Some day I will have the chandelier, but for now I will enjoy my wood bead lampshade! 

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

I also used a Vintage Edison Light Bulb as you could see the bulb through the space and I liked the look of an Edison bulb more than a standard bulb.

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom


I hope you enjoyed this post How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp. You can see how I made the cotton ball wreath here. 

How To Make A Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Bead Lamp Our Crafty Mom

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How to Make a Seed Bead Lamp Shade

A do-it-yourself seed bead shade requires some time, but the investment is minimal and the results are beautiful. You'll need beads, a wire lamp shape frame, flexible wire or nylon thread and a basic set of jewelry tools for cutting and wrapping. Make sure that the beads you selected will fit through the wire or thread. Before beginning, sketch a design. You can create symbols or shapes by using contrasting colors of beads.


After deciding on a design, measure the distance between the panels in the frame and calculate how many beads are required to fill the space. If your shade doesn't have panels, use a tape measure to determine the circumference and calculate the number of beads. String a few strands using your calculations, making sure to leave an inch of wire or thread on both ends.

Beading and Wrapping

Use your strands to experiment with weaving and wrapping methods. You can try weaving over and under the panels or wrapping only on top. Once your method is established, create more strands of the same lengths and keep on going. Secure the strands by running a nylon thread from the top to bottom of the shade. Tie ends to the shade frame and tuck them out of view.



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Hannah Murphy Lamps & Lampshades


Our bead fringe supplier is out of business, and we haven't been able to find new supplier of quality bead fringe at reasonable prices.  We're still looking.



Glass Bead Fringe for Lampshades



LavenderGlassBeadFringe.jpg (36204 bytes)

GreenBugle.jpg (14133 bytes)BlackBronzeChevron.jpg (71463 bytes)3" Mauve/Lavender Glass    $35 yard



6" Gold & Clear Glass Icicles $40 yard


4" Glass Gold-Green  $35



6-1/2" Glass Black/Bronze 





Iridescent Glass



Black Flower Glass


GlassFlowerFringe.jpg (44810 bytes)

Gold Flower Glass

$40 yard,    6" long



4inchBugle.jpg (19878 bytes)

4" Glass/Silver $38


AntLoop.jpg (15359 bytes) 

4" Antique Loop Glass   $35


FlapperFringe.jpg (9349 bytes)

5" Flapper Beads & Tassels   Sold Out



 GlassPurplePink.jpg (37763 bytes)        Pink with Wine, Clear Bugles, Glass 

Click to enlarge pictures

Lavender with Pink,  Clear Bugles, Glass  GlassPinkPurple.jpg (26563 bytes)  

Purple with Pink,  Clear Bugles,  Glass 

(Same style - only slightly different lavender or purple - different dye lots)

$35 per yard



Click picture to see a larger photo.  Prices per yard shown.

Acrylic & Glass 

5" not including 1/2" header




(Green, Red, Yellow) 


5" not including 3/8" header


(Black, Ruby, Pink, Green)

$38 Yard


$25 Yard

4" not including 1/2" header


Only 3 yards left

(Black, Green, Red, Yellow)




 Acrylic & Glass   6"    $38

BluPrplBlk.jpg (200669 bytes)

Blue & Purple



Click on any picture to enlarge to full size



Excellent Quality Acrylic Bead Fringe



Translucent  Acrylic 

4"  $35yard

   6" Sold Out



RivSun.jpg (31557 bytes)


Sunrise  5"  $32


FrCafe.jpg (29037 bytes)


Cafe  5"  $32

DarkGoldFringe.jpg (58520 bytes)

5" Acrylic  Dark Gold  $30 yard 






3" Brown Teardrop

$25 per yard



Copper-Bronze Teardrop

$25 per yard




3" Ivory Gilt

$25 per yard


CrystalClearTeardrops.jpg (28220 bytes)


3" Crystal Clear ("Diamonds")Sold Out




3" Champagne

$25 per yard

GreenGoldTeardrops.jpg (64377 bytes)


3" Green & Gold  

 $25 per yard

Click on any picture to enlarge to full size




Acrylic - also comes in solid Champagne Beige (light gold color) or Amber  $18


RoseIvory.jpg (27516 bytes)EbonyClear.jpg (25573 bytes)TaupeRose.jpg (26928 bytes)FlowerTeardrops.jpg (71887 bytes)3" Ivory-Rose

$25  yard


3" Ebony-Gold 


3" Taupe-Rose  $25 yard3" Flower Teardrops $25 yd.


Click on any picture to enlarge to full size


Little Crystal  $29


Gypsy Acrylic  $32

ChicEbony.jpg (25834 bytes)


4" Chic Ebony Sold Out


Petite Pearl  $29 yard 

All bead fringes on this page can be sold by the inch if you don't need full yards.  Divide the yard price by 36, and multiply by the number of inches you need.



Bead Styles shown below are Discontinued - Sold Out


3-1/2" Amber Heavy Glass Bugles 



Rainbow Glass Bugle    SOLD OUT



ChicRuby.jpg (57975 bytes)

Chic Ruby       SOLD OUT



CocoaTeardrops.jpg (30235 bytes)  CocoaTeardrops2.jpg (56291 bytes)

3" Cocoa Teardrops  SOLD OUT



Paris.jpg (83375 bytes)  ParisAtNight_large.jpg (49038 bytes)

Paris at Night  5"        SOLD OUT



shortacrylic.jpg (24918 bytes)

3" Rose Teardrops  SOLD OUT



GlassButterscotch.jpg (38211 bytes)

3-1/2" Glass Butterscotch     Sold Out


DIY Beaded Lampshade ٍStep by Step/Tutorial Using Beads \u0026 Wire Only/Art and Craft/Handmade Lampshade

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beaded floral stemwedding cake toppercrystal glass teardrop

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Click on a Beaded Fringe Project/Craft name below for easy instructions on how to start your beaded trim project:
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General Tips When Using Beaded Fringe Trim On Your Projects

Create A Beaded Fringe Lamp Shade
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Adding beaded fringe to a lampshade is one of the easiest and most popular ways to use beaded fringe.
You can go with almost any type of fringe, in almost any length.


  • To really pull a room together, select a beaded fringe that has some of the colors in the rooms color scheme. When the lamp is on the light will filter through the beads and create a sensational accent.
  • Use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference (total length of the bottom edge) of the lampshade.
  • You may want to add some fringe to the top edge of the shade as well so that the fringe lies against the shade.

How To Instructions

  • Remove the shade from the lamp.
  • If you want to add beaded fringe to the bottom edge of the lampshade so that it dangles below it, measure the total length of the bottom edge of the shade with a cloth tape measure.
  • Cut the ribbon of the fringe 1" longer than your measurement.
  • Place the shade on its side. It is easiest to glue the fringe in phases, allowing a section to almost dry before turning the shade and gluing the next section of fringe. As the shade is on its side, you will work on the inside of the shade that is lying against the table. Divide the project up in sections - only gluing a manageable section at a time.
  • Apply a thin strip of glue to the inside of the shade in the approximate thickness of the ribbon of the fringe.
  • Fold over one end of the fringe about ½". Apply glue to the inside of the fold to secure it. With a straight pin, attached the folder end to the inside of the lampshade where you have applied the glue, making sure that the fringe is just on the edge, but without the ribbon of the fringe being visible on the outside of the shade.
  • Gently attach the fringe along the inside of the shade stopping at the end of the section where your glue stops. Secure the ribbon to the shade at the end of the first section of glue with a pin. Allow the glue to set up.
  • Turn the shade on the table top so that a new section is easily in view for gluing the next section of fringe. Repeat the steps above until you come to the section where you began.
  • Before gluing the last section of fringe, lay the fringe against the shade to determine how much extra fringe you will have. You should have about ½" extra, if you have more than that, cut the ribbon the length needed plus the ½" to fold under.
  • Fold under the extra ½" of ribbon and apply a small dab of glue to the inside of the fold. Apply the last section of glue to the inside edge of the lampshade, lay and then gently press the ribbon into the glue. The folded end of the ribbon should come just to the edge of the other end of the fringe. Secure the folded end of the ribbon with a pin until dry.

General Tips When Using Beaded Fringe Trim
On Your Projects

  • Some beaded fringe is made of acrylic and some of glass. The new acrylic beaded fringes have the sparkle of glass without the weight or the worry of breakage. Either is fine, however, some applications should definitely use acrylic beads due to the danger of breakage with glass beads. All of beaded fringe is made of a high quality, crystal clear acrylic.
  • Often, the stated length of beaded fringe will include the tape or ribbon at the top. If length is critical, double check to see if the ribbon is included in the length dimension or not. All of Decorating Studio's stated beaded fringe lengths include the top ribbon or tape in the dimension.
    There are no right sides or wrong sides as far as the beaded part of beaded fringe goes; however sometimes, one side of the ribbon or tape holding the beads, may show the threads that are holding the beads to the ribbon. If the ribbon or tape part of your fringe has threads showing on one side, you should attach it to your projects so that the threads are down, hidden from view.
  • If you are applying your beaded fringe to an object with glue, use a non-toxic, craft glue that dries clear and flexible. We recommend Aleene's Original Tacky Glue. You may want to secure the ribbon or tape to the item with straight pens until the glue dries to assure that the fringe doesn't slip out of place while drying.
  • When applying beaded fringe with glue, it is helpful to first lay the ribbon or tape trim of the fringe on the item on which you are gluing it, then take a pencil and lightly mark the width of the ribbon on the item. This will assure that you have covered the area where the ribbon or tape will be with enough glue to secure the ribbon or tapes edges.
  • When you are attaching beaded trim to an object that will get wet or requires washing, generally you will want to stitch the ribbon on instead of gluing, however, if you are attaching it to a glass or hard object that will get wet, use a suitable clear waterproof glue. These types of glues are often toxic, so use carefully and never on eating utensils.
  • If you are attaching your beaded trim with a sewing machine, make sure that the beads are clear of the foot pedal, to eliminate breakage.
  • Most beaded fringe has a decorative ribbon at the top, to which the beads are attached. In most cases, the ribbon is attractive enough to show. If you want another type of trim over the ribbon, you can easily attach a more decorative ribbon, braid or gimp over the beaded fringes' ribbon once you complete attaching the fringe.
  • Never leave the ribbon or tape edge of the fringe exposed. Always allow a little extra so that you can turn the edge into a fold and secure with glue or thread.
  • When measuring a round or oval object to determine how much fringe will be needed for a project (such as a lampshade edge), it is helpful to use a cloth tape measure and straight pins to secure it in place as you are measuring.
  • While working on your project, if you find that midway through your beaded fringe one of the fringes is missing, cut one beaded fringe from the edge (with the ribbon or tape at the top) and sew it to the fringe area that is missing the beads.

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Lampshades beads for

Crystal Beads and Trimmings

We offer crystal prisms that have been hand-crafted with care and precision by American artisans passionate about their craft. This passion shows in the stunning crystal ornamentations we proudly offer. We have many of the most popular designs in crystal lamp trimmings, such as star pendants, rosette beads, melon shaped prisms, and more.

An overwhelmingly popular design of lamps and chandeliers of the past included displaying crystal fruit trimmings. Fruit has long been associated with wealth since the beginning of civilization because only the wealthy could afford such luxuries as pears and grapes. It is no surprise that the elite of the early 20th century would choose to immortalize their wealth with crystal lamp trimmings in the shape of fruit. We offer many crystal fruit prisms, including pears, apples, and grapes, to add a touch of throwback to another era in classic antique lighting. Whether searching for a replacement of a broken trimming or looking to update an existing design to create a new spin on an old fixture, we have many options available to help you complete your repair or restoration project in no time. We are happy to assist you in any way on the road to beautiful antique lighting.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about any of these crystal lamp and chandelier trimmings, or any of our fine products, and we appreciate that you share our passion for antique lamps. Order today to make your lamp shine like new!

Wood Bead Chandelier - Boho Bathroom Decor - Sara Boulter Curated DIY


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