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Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for almost 25 years, and he&#;s still popular! Chances are you played the videogames when you were a kid, and your kids probably play the newer versions now! And he&#;s not just in videogames anymore, either. He&#;s also got a brand new TV show, Sonic Boom!

Click here to see an awesome Sonic Boom party, designed by BirthdayExpress!

If your little guy is having a Sonic birthday party, check out our top ten list of amazing Sonic the Hedgehog cakes!


A tried and true idea is to get a cake in the shape of Sonic&#;s head.



This cake makes good use of the iconic checkerboard pattern from the original Sonic game.



The bright colors on this one really make it stand out.



The full size Sonic action figure cake topper really puts this cake over the top!

The top six cakes in our countdown all go back to where it all began!

They&#;re all faithful recreations of the first level of the very first Sonic game, going back to the Sega Genesis days!



See? Wow!


05 Cake

That trademark brown and yellow checkerboard design is back again, featured heavily in this 3-D design.


Three layers equals three times the fun!



This one has a spiral staircase feel to it, with Sonic on top, having found the one true golden ring!



This one is truly special, with so many rings, the nefarious robot piranha and the waterfall, and of course, an edible Sonic and Tails on top!




This one, we&#;re pretty sure, breaks the laws of physics! A gravity defying cake definitely take the #1 spot!

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Amazing Sonic Decorated Cakes

Sonic is a video game character who has conquered the world. The blue hedgehog with the ultrasonic power delights the youngest and the adults. Year after year it remains the preference of many

The Sonic themed birthday party is in high demand. There are many ideas for cakes decorated with this theme

Check out some ideas of cakes decorated with the Sonic theme.

Sonic Cake Decorating Ideas

Sonic lives on the power of special stones, the Chaos Emerald, they are the ones that give him the powers to destroy Dr. Robotnik&#;s robots.

You can choose a cake with the figure of Sonic or choose a cake with various characters, coins, emeralds and golden rings.

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This years birthday cake creation for Minion #1 was Sonic the Hedgehog for the Wii themed birthday party.  I like birthdays so I tend to put some extra effort into the cake, party, etc.  It's the one day you get that's all yours, so we might go a little overboard.  But only a little.

Sonic is actually pretty easy to do.  Make your cake.  I used (2) 8" cake pans.  One box of cake mix for you gluten devouring people, or two boxes for those of us who are gluten free.  I made strawberry cake (tossed a handful of strawberries in the food processor and splash of strawberry flavor).

Cut your cakes into some semblance of these shapes:
I used a Tupperware cupcake carrier for the base
Next you'll want to mix up your icing.  I used a butter cream recipe  (1 cup butter, 4 cups powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla, tablespoons milk.) and a lot of royal blue gel coloring.  When I was ready to start frosting the cake, with a toothpick I drew in the outline of the face, eyes, nose, etc. so I would know where to frost.  Then, attach the hair and ear to the round cake with a little frosting 'glue'.

Hair all 'glued' in place and frosted.
I didn't use a bag to frost the blue, just a small bent frosting knife.
Don't eat till you see the whites of his eyes!
The white icing I piped in with standard round #3 tip and smoothed it with a finger dipped in cold water.
Finally starting to look like a something
Using the same technique with piping and wet finger I whipped up some football brown into white icing for the face.
Sonic, in all his gooey glory
Finally, I used some store bought black gel to do the final touches.  If you keep your cake chilled or frozen before you decorate it, you don't typically get the little crumbs mixing into the icing as you go.  I also use gel colorant and not the liquid, it tends to make better colors and doesn't get the frosting as liquidy.

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